The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, November 01, 1875, Page 6, Image 6

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In order to enable immiifrants arming in thii
State to vblaiu suitable lamia and farma for settle
ment immediately after their arrival in Oregon,
the publisher of Tint West Shobb caused the fol
lowing advertisement to be inserted in ail the
leading country (Miners :
Important Nolle.
" Farmers and others having improved or unim
proved taima to let or for sale can have them ad
vertiswl free of charge in The Whi Shobk, an
eight-page monthly illustrated paper published at
l'ortlnii J. State location of farm, what improve
menta, price asked, name of owner, awl whero to
itujuini. Address ' Publisher West Snows, Port
land, Oregon."
Below will be found the answers received to the
advertisement. The publisher of the Webt Shorb
it not a real estate or land agent, and therefore
in no way undertakes the iale or negotiation for
aale of any of those lands, nor does lie verify the
accuracy f the statements made therein, but refers
purciiaiera to ine owner or npenn 01 Mime.
Bi All Loita fide owners of lands, who wish to
sell or rent the same, cun hare them advertised
tree of charge in these columns. a
Railroad Lauds In Oregon
The Oregon & California 11, H. Compiiny hare
a largo grunt of hind from the United Mates Uor
eminent, which they sell on very libera) conditions
at the low prices ot l.lh to fti jior acre, payable
in 1'nited States currenry. The purchaser can
pay cash, iu which case he will lie allowed a dis
count of ten per cent, ou the purchase price, or ho
enn Imvo ten years' time iu which to make un the
the sumo by small minimi payment, with interest
ai seven per cent, per uiimnn. in uhscaiic tlie pur
chaser mya down one-tenth of the price. One
year from the sale he pays seven per cent, interest
on the remiuuiiig ninu-teutha of the priuripal. At
the end of the aecond year he pays one-tenth of the
pnni'iiiui ami one years imcreat on mo remainder,
ami iiiu same at the etui of each successive year
uiuii an uaa uecu pam in urn end ei utu ten yeasr.
Government Lands,
Although aurveya have been carried on for ma
ny years, vast tracts of publio luuds still remain
imnurveyed. More government land is, however,
now in tho liiarkvl than is likely to bo titkou up
for a long time to oimu. There are three land
iitlieos iu tho State, located respectively at Oregon
City,lt.isebiirg,und Ui Grande (in Kastern Oregon),
which iilfunl tliu UNinil facilities to settlers wishing
to avail tliutinelve ol the homestead and pre-emption
luwa. I'nilcr the "Homestead Liw," every
head of a finally, mule or le male, or aiugle nuin
over twenty-olio years, a citizen of tho United
Mutes or having declared his intention to become
audi, ran enter, on payment of the registry feea,
ranging from seven to tweiity.twu dollars, eighty
acres ot any ol the litmls reserved by the govern
ment within the limits of the railroad grunt, ex
cepting lands iHMriiig gold, silver, ciuualxir or cop.
er, and one hundred and siity acres if the claim
is it tmtcd outside of I ha latter. After tivo yeura
kma-fiih residenco upon and improvement of tho
html, the Uoverument will give the claimant u reg
ular title. Under the " pre-emption laws," persona
poMCMiug the same iiialiiici(tiou iu claimants un
der the homestead law, may "enter" at a limd-
olhVe, on pay ut of a lee ol r.Mlci, establish n iire-
euilitioii rm III. that ii. a rinlit t Ink,. ...
eighty acres, if within Ihu limit of a milirvul
pruiil, or one hundred ami sixty acres, if without,
wlimiuvcr the laud shtill bu ottered for nulu by the
government, at LM per acre in tho former, and
al II. Jo per acre in the latter case.
How to set to Oregon
KaiigrnuU Imm the Kastern States and Canada
Will do bent tu piiichaMi through tlcketi to Tort
laud, tlregi.ii, at the price named Mow. On
emigrant tiaius to San Francisco, and thi-ncti by
steerage on steamer to 1'oillaiid, will he as followi: 1
Frvni lltltuuoie, ;; trom Ihuion, f7ii : fnnn '
Chicago, ;(t 'itl; Iroiti (lalvestoti, aim ; Montreal, '
T'ai New Yoik, 7.i; Umaha, ii(; Portland
(M- ; lluntMi-, ;,'i; M. Lihus, ;tl, United
Males ruireiicv. K.inigrunta ftoni Kurope can 1
reach Olegoii either Via I'tiiuuiirt or New Yolk.
The steeraue fare by KngMi or lie learners
from llttnl-iirg or Soutliamptoii to Colon, thence ;
by railroad lo I'mmum, and tl.eiice l.v leitimr to
Portland, Mtegmi, n !l.'.,,U, gol.l. iuc'luding
ror Hie New otk route, emigrauls can obtain
through irket from lihisgow or l.tveri,oo to1
orlland, ( hegun, ir 9M, gold, by applying to Mr. :
. Heiiiing. Ilutrilimeiil KmiHa1iou Agent. 41.
Ilelerm Sin-el. Dundee, Scoihtml, tin iirnving m :
roillitud, immigtaiits should call at the Itoouis of .
Hoard o limnigralinn, where all iiiturniatnui re-
ganling hints will l,,! lw of charge.
Ibey will iiU receive Immigrant t'erlilicates,
Which nihil.-, them o halt lure rate, oil all the
leading line of Iruvel in Ihii State.
Urn ten Com II I)-.
:t'tl Acre; ttfteeu mile, from (VvalliMwo
and otie-hatf from King's Vallev. Ml ,., , vn.
tivi.twii. liiti acres .,t (ill ihl.. hi'ud, tin acres tvueed
W Itr lunlH-r, plenty of waler. An outside rang.'
fur stH-k. A house mid Uirn, out building, and
other fair improvements. .nrt II.ihW
cash, on lime. Addres.
W W MAltl.tiAl.UtVrvalli..
3:t Acivs dv miles north of Corvallis. Wrt
of he pUe i. hay laud, tun w it land. I lie rest
brush ami 1..., laud Vnce 1J pPr acie, terms
reasomihl. Addreu,
J. 1'. FUlKNDI.KY.Corralli..
ITl Acres ciir-fonrth mile s..uth of Monroe
ll.mse, Ihuii ami c.rvhard. nmrlv all feuee.1 loo
Ktfm ol it umler ciihivation, Also hi acres tiiuWr
l.tid three mil,, ra., Mo.m. Terms re.u
aid, hmiam of tt m. Tt on Ibe tartn.
YiM Aci Hf. m,iM fr,m Monmc. 400 of it
Ml All Icncwl. lime hour's and two Urnl
OMianl ith vnr,l t,ull. vPl w,pmi -mJ
lr.U .aw ..I it can U irrig.t. r-a l
l-era.-re. lur-talfcah.lwl,,w,,mt, AddwL.
M Acre, seventeen trnU MllK of Corvallia
ami one mile iioilh of Mom,, ,ht L "t "
All of the laud under fue; i 'al of , , S d.
Isad. with new lwo..i;,y um hom ,wo "r,.h.
att. and .m.ll vi..e,d. IVutv of "
walar ami ttrvai ,h, l'n 1.
aci ; terms wmv Impun. th pretm- w L..
dre-, SAM I t.l SI AN kv, vSmU.
AM A,ml W farming land; Wof it m Rrain
10 acre, meadow lsl nM,,, water, and
orehaM ol v.nous fn,H. Hon- wilh Ml .aia.
Urn. granarv, blacdmuith shop, wo.l huse lti
4t, and other building. IW M.m, including
r.v Apply to Win. lUrns on premise, i;
oulh of Corvallis, i, utile uotth wi 4if Mouiv.
Acres, 3 MiIn wt of AlUny, near forks of
Ituena tsta and AlUtir lloaj. 4U A-re of it
under femv and in cultivation. All of it bottom
land and nrain. eicpt m littl uaber on the
creek. The orchard ia a good selection, buildings
good, and a splendid well walled with atone.
Plenty of running water for stock on the place all
the year. Price 11,100; 9400 down, the balance
in two equal aunual installments. Inquire at the
Democrat office, Corvallis, or of A. B. Brown,
Buena Vista, Polk County.
600 A-:res, T 13 8, H5 W, Including frame
house of 10 rooms and all necessary outbuildings.
Barn and implement and tool house. There is a
small lake of living water on the premises. It
aituated 'l miles south of Corvallis, in a flourish
ing settlement, with a good school of a mile dis
tant. There ia also a good and substantial gran
ary at the steamboat landing on the premises. In
quire of owner, JAMbS BltUCE.
Claokamae County.
30 Acres at Damascus, 14 miles from Portland;
I. acrea iu cultivation all good tillable laud. A
house and orchard with other improvements.
Price IBOO; reasonable terms.
N. DAltLIN'O, Damascus.
IfiO Acres near Damascus, 14 miles from Port
land. T.fvel improved liwUr land; soil is very
good. Price 91,000 ; reasonable terms.
H. 8. JOHNSON, Damascus,
80 Acres near Damascus, 14 miles from Portland.
Oood house and orchard, with other improvements.
Price 1,000; terms reasonable.
SAMUEL HINK, Damascus.
240 Acrea near Damascus. 40 acres in cultiva
tion, most all good tillable land, and well watered,
with good house and barn and fair improvements.
Price 2,100; terms eusv.
S.'B. JOHNSON, Damascus.
640 Acres nlout nine miles from Portland. 100
acres cleared, ready for cultivation divided iuto
three fields, tho balance heavy timber, and 'AM
acres fenced, '20 acres of good orchard; barn 50x60,
house will bu built. Bent, tint rear, 9100.
A. Y(' ATI'S, Portland.
400 Acres on Clackamas River, VI milea from
Mounttield, 200 acres of it under fence, 7ft in culti
ration, the rest brush and timber land; a small
house and good orchard, with other improvements.
92,000 currency; 1,200 down, balance ou time.
II. W. LAKH, Kuglu Creek.
320 Acres on Eagle Creek, near Foster'a, 20 miles
from Portland. 100 acres untie fence, 4o acrea of
it iiuder cultivation ; the greater part of it bottom
land with scattering timber; a good house and
bum. Price 92,000; U cash, luihiuce on timo.
W. II. M1NNEU, agl0 Creek.
IfiO Acres on Eagle Creek, near Foster'a, 20
milea from Portland, 20 acres under fence, 6 under
cultivation ; house and other improvements. Price
9-'00 cash. FltKD. NE1DMAHK, Eagle Creek.
250 Acres, 2 milea from Oswego, 10 iniloe from
Portland, HO acres under fence, 20 in cultivation,
balance bottom timbered laud, well watered ;
Price, 910 00 per acre, H ensh, balaneo on time.
A. It. SHIPLEY, Oswego.
300 Acrea 14 miles from Portland. 7 miles north
east of Oregon City, 4 miles south-east of Clack-
amas oiaiion on tue u. & j. it. u. inu acrea of it
under cultivation, there is also u small orchard,
house, barn, stock-shed and a good fence enclosing
2.rri) acres with cross fences. Priuu 9-,U00, 92,000
down, balance in one and three years. This pluce
was first settled on iu iHUi.
J. T. APPEHSON, Oregon City.
100 Acres, under fence, good house, bum,
orchard, kv., I mile from school house, miles from
raiiroau, rnce j,uuu. J. W. otheul, Cauby
HHl Acres, B mile north of Oregon City ; .10 of
it in cultivation, tho rest timber land with good
soil. House and orchurd, with other improve
ments. Well wutered. Prico 91,200; one-half
cnsli, balance time. S. H. Smith, New Tucotna,
YV. T.
80 Acre, near Damascus, 11 miles from Port,
land ; 7 acres ot it in cultivation, the rest part tim
ber part open laud. No improvements, except 20
acres lciiced, Price 4IHJ ; yuc-lmlf cash, balance
time. Address,
K. 11. CLEMENS, Oregon City.
200 Acres, rolling hill land, a small stream of
waler rm g through Ihu center, 40 acrea of it
timber, nil acres open ; could be divided in two
farms. Improvements 2.) acrea under culti
vation, loO iiuder fence, log barn 24 x 2'.), granary
Hi x 21, story and half hewed log house 20 x 2t,
work-shop iti x 30, milk cellar, dry home, halt
uci e picketed for garden, 1000 fruit trees. Also
I span horsca and wagon, plow, harrow, garden
tools, milch cows, 1 yearling heifer, ;i itunds of
Wrs, Ac. Price 2,.'HKl ; 91. alKI down, balance in I
year. Impure of H. It, May, ou premises, a miles
south-east of trcgoii Citv, . miles cast of Cunby
Station, ou Upper Molucut Uoud.
Columbia Counly,
Acres of gv.l land at Scuppose, in Columbia
t'oimly. 2."i miles Irom I'orlland, down the Colum
luu liiver. All fenced, lot acres under cultivation,
ideuly ol timber and good running water 912 per
acre, for particulars euquiro ot the owner, on
the place, '1 HOS. Mi't'llKltHI.V,
:I20 Acres, schind land. Prico 9't jkt acre
Inquire of EDWIN UTfSEL, at rluiik ol Urttish
lltfutflaa aunt .
2U0 acrea, (en miles north-west of Roseburg,
00 acres under fence. HO iw res, good level laud.
l'riee-9l,2iM. Inquire of
8. V. CHANE, lloscburg.
218 acres, eight miles north-west ot ltoaehurg.
'Ml of it fenced, ami all of it good plow laud,
wall good slock range, and orchard. Terms
reasonable. Inquire of
V. 8. CUANE, Roseburtr.
For rent or sale. Half section ot laud, seven
miles north of Oakland. 200 acres under fence.
HW iu cultivation. A good dwelliug houo. Two
slock tmrna, with puvilege of mountain range
0.d water and lot of timber. Price 9S00 uer
ItSO Acre. Ave miles from Drain Station on the
0. A l". H. U., and seven milea iroin Yoncalla; 'HI
acres of good faun laud, outside range tor stock,
a water power sawmill on the p!c Pleutv of
umtier and water. Price, 910 per am; terms
J. V. lUtADLtY, Draiu.
VM Acrte, four milea east of Oakland, all
under teiice, 41V ot it good plow land. Plenty ol
limber tor fuel. House, turn, orchard, at 914 per
acre; one-third down, balance time.
L L- KELLVtUl. Oakland.
"40 Acres, on south side of the CaUponia moun
Umt, kuown as Esles Station. Place u well itn
iimynl. HmmI lwo-lorv house, costing 9t,lHKl;
bam cl4t 9.Ua; orchard and meadows. The
entire farm ran l bought lor 912 wr acre, or ItW
aciea of it for 910 per acre.
E A. KsTKS, Comttock Mill.
Qwmmi Ct Or
ItW Acres, Stock Ranch, W wiles from the
IH lee. on the Canyon City lUMd; 30 a! il under
'U .l,T?lh' VV"" veuient. il
mile from Post Offu-e, a Imly in,ng camp,
ing ready market for vegetables, butter, Ac. Price,
91.500 ; part cash, balance in one year.
V. O. KERNS, Camp Wataon.
Jackson County,
Sheep Ranch of 100 acres on Little Applegate,
10 milea south of Jacksonville, 10 acres of it under
cultivation, good log house and out buildings, orch-
.-i t n.. 1 InnuirA nn thfl Tilace.
! or address, F. M.' SMITH, Jacksonville.
Lane County.
2,600 Acres ten mites northwest of Eugene City,
eight miles west of Junction City, and four miles
from the O. A. C. B. Ii. I'M) acrea in cultivation ;
2,000 acrea good grain growing land. Plenty o.
wood and water, and all the land under feuce.
Price of tho whole property, 910 per acre; or 98 to
914 per acre for tracts of 400 1,400 acrea, two
thirds cash, balance four to six yenrs time.
WM. OREEN, Eugene City.
320 Acres twelve milea from Junction City. A
good atock range for cattle and sheep. There is
also & saw mill and sash factory, run bv water
power, h to 8,000 feet of Inmlwr per rlny, and is
capable 01 culling U,wvper uuy, navingoneui
the beat dams, millraces and water power in the
State. The land has on it some very tine timber
while adjoining there are thousands of acres of
good timber. Price for the land, mill, etc. 9H,000;
part cash, part time.
1,700 Acres, Stock ranch, 100 of good farming
land in Willamette precinct, seven mites from
Eugene. On the place ia a two year old barn 48x52,
utso a good house nearly now 20x20, youug orchard,
abundance of water and timber. Price Sa.oO per
acre ; half down, or will sell U20 acrea of the unim
proved land at 4.00 per acre.
JOHN DIAMOND, Willamette Forki.
480 Acres, nine miles west of Eugeno; $10 per
acre in a body, or in 100 acre lota.
H. C. PERKINS, Eugene City.
200 Acrer, in Mohnwk Valley, 10 milea coat of
Eugene. Price 92,700 ; one-half down.
THOMAS WALKER, Mohawk Valley.
Linn County,
314 Acres, one aud one-half miles northwest
of Halacy. 54 acres in fall grain All good im
proved laud. Price 90,000 ; one-half cash, balance
on time. JOSEPH LAME, Halsey.
349 Acrea, three miles west of Halacy; 40 acres
in cultivation. All good open prairie land, with
plenty of water, house and farm, with other im
movements, For Rent. Price per year 9425.
English or Scotch farmers prefered.
HOLEltT JOHNS, Halsey.
400 Acres, 300 of it under fence and orchard
living water; good timber; 87 per acre 9800
down, bulance 2 years. Situated 8 miles north of
Albany, 2s miles west of Jefferson.
J. J. DAVIS, Miller's Station.
Marfan County.
313 acres, 7 miles south of Salem, of a mile west
of Turner'a station; 250 acrea under cultivotion ;
new well-finished house, and orchard of 1,100
trees. HOD acrea of tho alwvo is Reaver dam, and
a nice stream runs through the entire length of
the farm. Price, 912,000. Inquire of
E. M. LAtWRE, Salem.
33 Acrea, fl miles east of 8alem, all under fence.
A good house and barn and young orchard of as
sorted fruit trees, one-half acre in atrawberries,
one-half acre in other smnll fruits. For terms ad
dress, E. F. CAD WELL, Salem.
120 Acres, four and one-half miles south of
Salem, on the road to Buena Vista, 50 acres in
cultivation, well watered. A good house and barn,
ami orchard, with other improvement. Price
92..MM ; terms easy. W. HOOV EU, Salem.
131 Acres, a milo east ot Buena Vista. 60
acres in cultivation. Fine bottom land for hop
culture; all wnder fence. Price 9l,00; terms
"My. B. CCNN1NOKAM A CO., Salem.
llfi'j Acrea, near Sheridan, l.i acres in culti
vation, uUmt 120 acres timber land. 9700 worth
of finished rock ou hand, together with all the
machinery, tools, household furniture, with other
improvements belonging to the ufuce. Price 92
o00 ; terms reasonable.
J. W. CARPENTER, Sheridan.
W Acres, near Silverton. 8 acres in cultiva
Hon, and all good tillable land. A good bam.
house, and orcliuid.
O. F. HI BOARD, Silverton.
110 Acres, near Sublimity, on the Countv
Ittwid, near school house, 00 acres in cultivation, lo
in timber, all good land. A good house and barn
with a tine young orchard, and other fair improve
incuts, well watered, and u desirable home. Price
9l,ti0ll; 91.000 rail, balance on time.
Ill) Acres, near Sublimity. 70 acres cleared
... ., ..I., .ir gnwug mini, noiise, tmrn and
orchard in toleruhle repair, good fences. Price
91,o00; terms easy.
O. W. HUNT, Sublimity.
Ittll A,.-,. ...... n...i Ii.. .,
... , ". "untune, iwo mnes irom
v illaiiictte river, at (traham's ferry. About 40
,.lH, mi oi timise aim small
S"'ow Mid the very best soil for wheat. Price
200 Acres, near the Willamette river; W acres
open for cultivation, goo! house and barn, and
J. D. CRAWFORD, BulteTtlle.
412 Acres, 200 under fence, 130 in cultivation
now house and barn, and good saw mill in running
order with water power nud plenty of timber, and
Hue young orebanl. Price 9-.500 or 94,000 for the
farm alone after harvestl.SOOdowu, balance time.
If not sold w ill rent for 9t00 per aunum half, down,
balance at cud of year. Inquire on the premises
Iur till Mat r.1 i.lvutn 1 I :l .1
.. . ....... i , im iik soain esst ol
Uervaia,oraddre E. J. THUUMON. Silverton
2S3 acm of land, one mile and a-half from Jef. rouiujr. iw acres praina, the
......m umorr. urge orcnaM. Uuildmn need
repairs. Nearly all under fence. Hood well of
ii i n i V lerms-9-1,000 cash, or
uunu, uwsiiis va anon or long time. In
terest 12 r cent., to be paid anuuallr. secured
oy mortgage on the premises. Inquire of the
in, enersun, or ol theowuer,
at the Court House, Salem. '
its, near aunnmur. 40 arret in cultiva
tion, with a fair boue and barn, and choice young
O. W. HUNT, Sublimity.
Half block in Halern with tine orchard 0f grafted
, "" i raver, Port
land, for further particulars,
W0 Acres foer milea southeast of Salem 600
acres of it in cultivation, pasture and timber land.
iV V ' son. iwo nouses and
ltiai- ' r? ml'vementa. rnce
i-h kis, vw Mil vmma, natanct on tim.
tnuM.a I. UOod, Salttt
400 Acres within one mile of Salem
J. A. JOHNS, Salem
147 Acrea three miles from Hubbard's Station,,
good new house all fenced and on publio road.
Prico 1,8.0. J. W. OFFIELD, Cauby Station.-
Mnltnomah County
20 acres, 2 miles west of the city; suitable for
gardening and fruit raising, House and stable on
premises. Price, 91,800. Inquire of
10 Acres one and one-fourth miles from East -Portland.
House, barn, water, etc., one acre in
strawberries and small fruits, six acres arable, baU -ance
in clover. TO RENT.
Smalt Farm four and one-half miles from Port
land, on Ames' Chapel Road near 2nd Section
house, 0. A C. R. R. Two acres In orchard, 20
acres cleared, about 10 acres swale land partially
cleared, balance timber. A good house and shea.
TO RENT. GEO. GOOD, Portland..
1C0 Acres five miles east East of Portland, on base
line road, small house, all fenced. Price 92,000.
F. B. GRAY, Portland.
80 Acres on Taylor Ferry Road, four and one
half miles from Portland, suitable for raisina vcir.
atables. Price 910.00 per acre.
15 Acres two miles east of Portland. Price. 17fia
Address P. O. Box 40 Portland.
80 Acres nine miles east of Portland. Price 1800..
Address P. O. Box 49 Portland.
Polk County.
6C0 acres, 0 miles north of Dnllus, Polk county.
Price, 90,000. Said farm is situated on the head
waters of East Salt Creek, on the road leading
from Dallas to the Grande Ronde reservation ; is
well watered by a nice brook running through the
centre; also an irrigation ditch, running water
into the door yard ; 000 select fruit trees, together
with a fine assortment of email fruits ; good barn,,
etc. ; dwelling-house; plenty of fire-wood and rail
timber. If purchaser desires, lie can buy of the
proprietor horses, cuttle and hogs raised on the
farm, together with farm implements, wheat, oats,,
hay, etc. Inquire of
McMINN DODSON, Dallas, Oregon.
320 Acres seven north of Dallas, 60 acres o! it in
cultivation. Price, 94.00 per acre.
MARY H. BALL, Elk Horn.
Washington County.
iv Aura iu uoiiiiigiou t,oamv, a miles west
tion, half of it fenced, good orchard, comfortable
iiuubu, vam bhu oiner ouinouses, rnce, aj.ouu.
outhouses. Price, 93,a00.
writer m ruuna ana
Jetterson streets, Portland.
65 Acres seven miles south of Hillsboro, H railes
from Portland. Price, 95.00 per acre.
wn. DICKSON, Scholl's Ferry.
" nuuin. av acrea Donom lanrj, w
acres improved, balance open timber. Price, 910
per acre.
1nO l. an i.n ...
uv """ui uv acrea oouom mna ana o
acres beaver dam, in cultivation. Price, 92,000 ;
ivb, uuiiiniroveQ latin ; aoout 30 acre
bottom land and 7 acres beaver dam, balance
-t.ii vniiuui. i hub, 9u.uu per acre.
" ""-"""i i"cuui springs aim orancti water;
about 60 acres beaver dum, 0 acres in cultivation,
fair house and barn. Price. 8-2:1 ner u.m torm.
ww ...,., .jviiimK uia nuuve; bdoui w acres
beaver dnm land, 20 acrea in cultivation, splendid
. ..w, vi'.u mi uvia, lerms lair.
Hie above tracts of land are situated from ten to
twelve miles from Portland, on the road to Dayton.
D. t. HATCH, Tualatin., Washington County,
Yamhill County.
640 Acres, all under fence, I miles from North
lnmhill depot; lt0 acres of it under cultivation.
7 ?. , "'8 i'""u ianu, w ocros oaK and
ash timber. Terms, KM acres, 8U0 per acre cash
down; aJO acres, 8J0 per acre, half cash, balance
time. THOMAS BROWN, McMiuuville.
Washington Trtrrltnw.
91,200 A.ldress, G. W. Traver, Portland."
20 Acres, in Pnm,., vn nr m
91o0. Address, G. W. Traver. Portlnn'd '
II :i-
iimu mnn oienacoom.
9200, Address. G. W. Tmrar. PnFtinn,i
200 Acres, 4'(J miles north-east ot Vanconver;
18 acres in cultivation, liO fenced, with house aud
burn. Price, 82,000.
J. II. ALLYN, Vancouver.
Has Just opeued a Urge and Klegaut Htoek or
Fin Jewelry,
Watches, Clooka,
Helecttd personally during a recent trip.
8uperlor Inducements are offered to the Trade.
Apent tor the Diamond Spectacles,
Call and Examine the New Goods,
No Plated Jewelry. Only One Price.
EatabUshod in 1853.
Importer and drdrrs In
Hn.. FUhin, T.ckl F.,c7 Good.
J?""1'' Z""T Buk.U,, Bird
C. Cr.,.t O..M, B Bdh Bmt
Asenis for Graver 4 Baker's
107 Front Street,
Portland, Oregon.