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Notice of Sheriff’s Sale.
I L. Niidermeycr, Plaintiff,
I David H. Palmer, Administrator of the
The up-Stete fruit grower« of New , Estate of John V. Palmer, deceased;
York appear to have enthuaed amar. David H. Palmer, Minerva (Palmer)
ingly over the auggeation of H. A. Hunter former widow of John V. Pal­
^meraon, of the New York State mer, deceased, J. C. Hunter, her hus­
Marketing ('onimiBaion, that a groat band, Ella Lenora Rogers heir at law
State auction be established at Roches­ of John V. Palmer Deceased, Fred
To quote the words of the | Rogers her husband, Fannie K. Soren-
, son heir at law of John V. Palmer De-
Rochester ‘ ‘ Democrat-Chronicle ’
ceased, Frank Sorenson her husband
"The bait ia one that the apple
Dicn fairly jumped at. They have been 1 and Harry A. Palmer, heir at law of
discussing it by twos and threes and John V. Palmer deceased, and Scott F.
dozens ever since its promulgation, Hodge, Defendants.
By virtue of an Execution and Order
and favorably.
"A big auction market would ■o of Sale duly issued out of and under
inoculate Rochester with the germ of the seal of the circuit court of the
growth that Buffalo would soon hs State of Oregon in and for the County
jealous," said one grower.
of Jackson, to me directed and dated
“Theso State auctions have resulted the 24th day of February 1916, in a
in raising the prices received by the
certain suit therein wherein the Plain­
producer and lowering the cost to the
consumer by their elimination of many tiff L. Neidermeyer recovered a judg­
At their initiation, all ment against the defendants David H.
growers were opposed to the plan and Palmer and the Estate of John V.
talked about tho danger of sending Palmer, deceased or either of them for
fruit to be sold at auction whore it the sum of $5841.15 with interest there-
might go for a mere trifle, but auction i on from said 15th day of Januarv, 1916,
sales have proved their worth."—Jour­ at the rate of 6 per cent per annum
nal of Commerce.
! and ($500.00) attorney’s fees and the
| further sum of $48.30 costs.
And whereas the above named judg­
4 ment has been satisfied in the sum of
♦ FOB BUYERS ARE BARRED. 4 j $4000 a deficiency of $2408.25 to be
4 | satisfied, I have therefore levied upon
"Ths private bu I os systom of 4 the following described property, to-
♦ handling box apples in great 4 wit:-
♦ cities like New York is an 4
Commencing at the Southeast corner
♦ obsta«de to f. o. b. buying," 4
♦ aay« H. B. liegeman, Secretary 4 of D. L. C. 84 in Township 37 South
♦ and Trenaurer of tho American 4 of Range 2 West of the Willamette
Fruit and Produce Auction 4 Meridian and running thence West 20
"There are u 4 chains for the Place of beginning,
«4 AsHoeiation.
♦ great many men who cannot 4 thence North 5 chains, thence West
♦ afford to buy box-iipploH f. o. b. 4 20, chains; thence South 5 chains,
» and hold them, who would be 4 thence East 20 chains to the place of
» glad to buy cars in the North* 4 beginmg containing 10 acres.
♦ went if the* apple* wore being 4
Public notice is hereby given that in
*• sold regularly on tho grout 4
♦ aiictior.H.
4 compliance with the commands of
"Now that Sicilian lemons 4 said execution and order of sale, I will
•4 have temporarily coated coming 4 on
♦ to tho United States, three 4
Monday the 27th day of March, 1916
♦ firins of Italian importers are 4 at the hour of 10 o’clock A. M. at the
♦ operating in Florida. Zito and 4
front door of the Court House in Jack­
♦ Company, G. Caaeaa, and S. 4
♦ Meglia havo been buying cars 4 sonville, Jackson County Oregon offer
♦ of Florida oranges, f. o. b., and 4 for sale and will sell all of the right
4 Belling them on the Now York 4 title and interest of the Estate of John
♦ auction. These firm« could not 4 V. Palmer in and to the above describ­
♦ enter the Northwestern field 4 ed lands, to satisfy the deficiency judg­
4 beeauRe they had no way of 4 ment of $2408.25.
♦ turning over their money quirk* 4
Dated this 25th day of February,
♦ l.v-
4 1916.
"When tho auction is the 4
W. H. S ingler , Sheriff.
4 regular market, with two nr 4
By E. W. Wilson, Deputy.
4 three thousand dollars capital, 4
4 s man may become an f. o. b. 4
-------♦(£>♦---------- -
dersigned has been apouinted by the p-ayeri fOr in h.r com|lunt. to-wit,
County Court of Jackson Cotnfy
Cotnly for a decree of divor.'e
____ dissolving
¿1__ 1...... the
Oregon, as administrator with the wi>! bTnds of matrimony heretofore an I
annexed of the estate of Lottie J. C. 1 now existing between plaintiff ml
Johnson, deceased, and has qualified. I defendant,
. ...... and .........................
for the care a id custo-
All persona having claims against said dy*of"the’minor child of plaintiff and
estate are hereby notified to present defendant.
he same with proper vouchers and
This summons is served upon you by
duly verified to M. Purdin, attorney publication once a week for six con
for said estate at Medford, Oregon, secutive weeks in the Jacksonville
within six months from the date of | Post, a weekly newspaper of general
this notice.
I circu ation published in Jacksonville in
Dated and first published the 19th I Jackson County, Oregon, by order of
day of February, 1916.
jjulgeF. M. Calkins, Judge of said
V. H. V awter ,
Court, said order having been m ide or.
Administrator with the will annexed j the 18th day of February, 1916. Date
of the estate of Lottie J. C. Johnson, I of the first publication ia February 19,
Gus N ewbury ,
------------------ -----------------------------
Attorney for Plaintiff.
?» ?(’S
C'tr, Town and
• sketch of
• • .-iking point;
.’Had by
In the matter of the estate
of Joseph Walter, deceased.
Notice is hereby given all parties
interested in the above entitled matter
that the undersigned has filed his final
account therein and that in pursuance
of an order made and entered by the
County Judge in said matter, the hear­
ing upon said account has been set for
Monday, March 20th, 1916, at 10 o’clock
in the forenoon, at the County Court
room in Jacksonville, Oregon, when
and where all said parties may appear
and show cause, if any, why said ac­
count should not be allowed and the
application therein granted.
Date of the first publication of this
notice is February 19th 1916.
G. C. M c A llister ,
Administrator, with the Will annexed,
of the estate of Joseph Walter, de-
I n the
’• • X
in need of
Änvono rending a sketch and description may
quickly as' t.Ti.iiii our opinion froe whether an
invention is prohnMy pitent.iblo. Communie»,
tionsstrictly« ■ uihlcntl.il. HAiiDEOCX on F’atcnts
sentf.ee. <»i 'est ntrenev for r.ccurnig patents.
Clients taken through Munn A Co. receive
snccial notiez, without charge. In the
Scientific flfflcrican.
R. B. Bryant, Plaintiff,
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest clr-
ciil.ui«i:i of nnv Foientlflc journal. Terms. f3 a
Dana E. Bryant, Defendant.
• •• ir; i’tir months,
Sold by ell newsdealers.
To Dana E. Bryant, the above nam­ M Ä C1364 B,oadwa^,'nW
ed defendant:
Brauch OiBce, 625 F St.. Washington. D. C.
In the name of the State of Oregon,
you are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint of the plaintiff Change in Southern Pacific Time i
filed against you in the above entitled
court and cause, on or before the last
day of the time prescribed in the order
17, 1915.
for publication of the summons herein, I !
to-wit: on or before the 8th day of
April 1916, said date being the date of
the expiration of six weeks from the
8:20 A.M.
Portland Passenger
date of the first publication of this '
.5:20 P.M.
16 Oregon Express...
summons, and if you fail to appear and
.2:17 A.M
Shasta Limited ...
answer, for want thereof the plaintiff
will apply to the Court for the relief ;
Extra fare train.
prayed for in said complaint, to-wit: |
for a decree of divorce of this Court j
forever dissolving the bonds of matri­ 13 California Express ........ 10:45 A.M.
mony existing between the plaintiff
and the defendant, and for such other 15 San Francisco Express.. .4:00 P.M
and further relief as to the Court may | 11 Shasta Limited.............. 3:20 A.M
seem equitable.
Extra fare train
This summons is served upon you by
publication thereof in the Jacksonville
Post a weekly newspaper published in
•Jacksonville, Oregon, in accordance
with an order of the Hon. F. M. Calk­
ins Circuit Judge of the First Judicial
District of Oregon, which order was
dated and signed February 24, 1916,
and requiring said summons to be oub-
lished once a week for six consecutive
weeks The date hereof and the date
of the first publication hereof is Febru­
ary 26, 1916.
J. A. L emery ,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In the matter of the Estate of Daniel
Whetstone, an insane person.
To Daniel Whetstone. Eunice Almira
Whetstone and Hazel Whetstone, ard
t > all persons interested in said estate.
In the name of the State of Oregon,
You are hereby called and required to
appear in the County Court of the
State of Oregon, for the County of
Jackson, at the Court Room thereof,
at Jacksonville, in the County of Jack-
son, on the 13th day of March, 1916, at
10 o'clock in the forenoon of that, day,
then and there to show cause, if any
you have, why Nick Kime should not
be appointed guardian of the estate of
4 buyer. Under the private sale 4
Daniel Whetstone, situate in Jackson Notice of Sheriff’s Sale Under
4 system, unless a firm has an 4
Notice of Sheriff’s Sale
Execution in Foreclosure.
County, State of Oregon as prayed for
4 established store and consider 4
in his petition on file in the above en-
First State Bank of Rogue River,
4 able capital, it is Impossible 4 Delia Nunan, Plaintiff,
titled court: It is ordered by the Plaintiff
4 for it to speculate satisfactorily 4
4 in box apples. This «ituntion 4 F. R. Neil Administrator of the estate Court that service of this citation be
John E. Day, Eudora A. Day.
4 narrows the field to a few. ♦ of J. A. Krewson, deceased and the made upon the above named persons by
4 Because tho majority of the 4 unknown heirs of said Decedent,
publication in the Jacksonville Post, a Frederick Lincoln Kneeland, William
4 jobbing firms prefer to insist 4
Defendants. newspaper of general circulation, L. Finley, The Albany Nursery, W. E.
4 upon consignment, the field is 4
Hy virtue of an Execution and Or­ printed and published in Jackson Buchanan, R. L. Sabin, and_______
4 narrowed still further."
Sale duly issued out of and under County, Oregon, four weeks prior to Kneeland, wife of Fredeiick Lincoln
the 13th day of March, 1916.
Kneeland, Defendants.
4 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 4 the seal of the Circuit Court of the
By virtue of an Execution and Order
State of Oregon, in and for the County W itness , the Hon. F. L. Tou V elle ,
Sale duly issued out of and under
of Jackson, to me directed and dated
State of Oregon, for the County of the seal of the Circuit Court of the
the 28th day of February, 1916, in a
Jackson, with the Seal of said Court State of Oregon in and for the County
certain suit therein, wherein Delia Nn-
affixed, this 7th day of February, of Jackson, dated the 18th day of
nan bb Plaintiff on the 25th day of Feb­
Reports from Fresno indicate that ruary, 1916, recovered a judgment
February, 1916, and to me directed in
the steps for organizing a big peach
a certain suit therein, wherein the
[ seal ]
pool on lines parallel with tho "raisin
First State Bank of Rogue River, as
G. A. G ardner , Clerk.
trust” sre progressing favorably. The the estate of J. A. Krewson, deceased-
on the 16th day of February
growers have contributed freely, and for the sum of Fifteen Hundred ($1500.
1916, recovered a judgment against
now business men are coming forward 00) Dollars, with interest thereon from
the defendant John E. Day, Eudora
to show their desire to have the peach the 28th day of November, 1914, at the Notice of Final Account.
A. Day and Frederick Lincoln Knee­
industry placed on the same high plane rate of 8% per annum, and $163.00 at
land, and each of them for the sum of
of prosperity as the raisin trade.
torney’s fee, and the further sum of
One Thousand ($1003.0Ji Dollars with
The five Fresno banks, acting $30.00 costs, which judgment was en­
through their clearing house, have rolled and docketed in the Clerk's office In the matter of the estate of
interest thereon from 1st day of I
subscribed $1,000 each for the stock of
Mary Geiger, deceased.
March, 1915, at the rate of 8 per cent i I
the new pool and several business men of said Court in said County, on the 25,
Notice is hereby given that the un­ p.T annum and One Hundred Ten I
have subscribed $500 each.
In compliance with the commands dersigned administrator of the estate (5110.00) Dollars attorney’s fees, and j
Harris Weinstock, Director of tho
the further sum of Twenty-three and
Department of Markets for California of said execution and order of sale, I of Mary Geiger, deceased, has render­
ed and filed for settlement in the above 65-'.(yi ($23.65) Dollars, costs which
is back of the movement. While in will on Monday, the
entitled Court, the final account of his judgment was enrolle 1 and docketed in j
New York, he investigated market
3rd day of April 1916,
administration of said estate and the the Clerk’s office of said CoJrt in said I
conditions anil sent the following wire
to tho California growers:
at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M. at the said Court has ordered that Monday the Count}’ on the 16th day of February I
’ ’ Investigation develops that only a front door of the Court House in Jack­ 6th day of March, 1916, at the hour of 1916. and is of record in Volume 21 of
limited number of Eastern jobbing sonville, Jackson County, Oregon, offer 10 o’clock A. M. of said day, at the the Circuit Court Journal at pages 41
houses buy California dried poaches for for sale and will sell at public auction court room of said Court in the County and 42 thereof.
future delivery, thus minimizing the
I am commanded by said Execution
to the highest bidder for cash, subject court house in Jacksonville, Jackson
price received by the grower. If al)
and Order of sale to sell the real prop­
the doalera could be afforded an to redemption as is by law provided, County, Oregon, be fixed as the time
opportunity to bid on dried peaches, all of the right, title and interest that I and place for the hearing of objections erty hereinafter described, I win
the price to the grower would be • he defendant F. R. Neil, administra­ to said final account and for the settle­ therefore on
.Monday the 20th day of March, 1916
materially increased; therefore, believe tor of the Estate of J. A Krewson, de- ment thereof and of said estate.
that the system of selling at public ce raed had on November 28, 1910, in
All persons interested in said es­ at the hour of 10 o’clock A M at the
auction in Eastern markets would and to the following described real tate are hereby notified to make or file front door of the Court House in Jack­
make it possible for a dealer to supply property, to-wit:
their objections to ssid final account if sonville, Jackson County, Oregon,
bis needs in New York on trade terms,
Beginning at the Southeast corner any they have, on or before the time offer for sale an! will sell at public
whsre now he has to go to the few
of the Ballard Donation Claim in the aforesaid, fixed for the hearing and auction to the highest bidder for cash,
jobbers who can contract ahead of
subject to redemption as is by law
quarter of Section 4 Town­ ae’tlement thereof.
time, hr reason of their large capital
provided, all of the right, title an I in­
C harles PstM,
to pay for their purchases and thus ship 37 South, of Range 2 West, thence
absorb the profit which should go to West 9.43 chains; thence North 29.6»
Administrator. terest of the defendants, in and to the t
following described real property situ­
tho grower
My investigations to i chains; thence East 9.43 chains; thence
ated in Jackson County, Oregon,
date show that only the middle class South 29.68 chains to the place of be­
oonsumers are using California dried ginning, containing 28 acres, more or
peaches. Few if any of the wealthier less, in Jackson County, Oregon, Also IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF
The Northwest quarter of the
people, and owing to ezcemlve retail
Northeast quarter (NW1, NE',) of
a certain right of way as described in
prices, scarcely any of the great masses
Ethel Stiles, Plaintiff,
Section Numbered twenty two (¿2) in
living in the tenement districts of the deed records Volume 36 at page 453 of
Township Thirty-six (36) South, of
■rest cities know anything about Jack’on County, Oregon.
.Range Four (4) West, of Willamette
All of the above described real Roy Stiles, Defendant.
California dried peaches or nprieots.
To Roy Stiles, the above named de­ Meridian, according to U. S. Govern­
Sales at public auction will better property will be sold at said time and
ment Survey thereof with all the tene­
prices to the grower and enlarge the place in the manner provided by law fendant :
olunse of distribution and this together for the sale of real property under ex­
In the Name of the State of Oregon: ments and hereditaments thereunto
with n campaign of publicity, elucldat ecution, to satisfy the judment, costs You are hereby notified and required belonging.
Ug the consumer, will lead to very
to appear in the above entitled Court
All of the above property will be
and accruing costs of sale.
greatly increased consumption. With
and cause and answer the complaint of sold at said time an! place in the
California dried fruit products graded,
W. H. S ingler , Sheriff, plaintiff, now on file therein against 1 ' manner provided by law for the sa’e
standardised and labeled by the state’
E. W. W ilson , Deputy, i I you. within six weeks from the dats of of rest propertv un ier execution to
the product would at once Command
the first publication of this Summons satisfy tne ju ig neat, attorns,’a fe ■ .
the confidence of the auction buyer,
upon vou, which is the 19th day of costs and accruing costs of th s sale.
nad insure to growers «ompeneabl«’
prices and widest output.
To February, 1916: and if you fail to up-
Dated this 18th day of February,
•■(Stgaed) H arris W einstock ,
pear and answer within the time re­ 1916.
"State Market Director "
W. H. SINGLER, Sheriff.
quired. for want thereof the plaintiff
Notice is hereby given that the un- will apply to the Court for the relief
By E. W. Wilson, Deputy.
Good Printing
T rade M arks
D esign !)
C opyrights & c .
.... iMtkin, telo»
Notice of Final Settlement.
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