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    O"cg >n H storical Society
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out. no obe was hurt. The mare was
HUERTA FORCES DEFEATED ness. Commercial and booster clubs
all over the Northwest are enthusias­
soon caught and was taken back to the
tically stirring up interest in the event
Cameron ranch. The family went on
To Francis Bowes Sayre, Tues­ in to town, and the remains of the bug- Ball Players Arrested in Raid By Rebels in Week’s Fighting full special car parties are promised Sold Siskiyou
, : . . t .
.1 I } U J I*:’ J-
from a number of the cities of Eastern
, gy is still'at Ruch.
and Central Oregon and it is expected
day, Couple to Visit Eur-
as Farms.
Will S and
by Came Wardens.
Wholesale Killing.
William Gray, Ed Smith and Mathew
that many people all over the country
Ray took dinner at J. Goldsbys first of
will take advantag*e of the reduced
the week.
A raid conducted jointly Monday by
E1 Paso, Nov 25 The federal fore- railroad rates.
George Pursell was busy deliveiing ( game wardens of California and Oregon es which engaged Villa’s rebels near
The report of the Junction City
Washington, Nov. 25—Miss Jessie lumber this week.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 21—The mpst
j on a deserted mining cabin on Dutch Tierra Blanca the last two days, have j | Creamery juBt published proves that
important trial that United States At­
Woodrow Wilson, second daughter of
C. R. Pursell is working on the Tay­ creek, near Hutton on the California been defeated and routed according to
! the industry has been a success in eve­
of the President and Mrs. Wilson, was i lor ranch.
side of theborder, yielded six San Fran­ official messages sent tonight fyy Gen­ I ry way. This creamery was organized torney Clarence Retimes has had sines
married today to Francis Bowes Sayre , | Arthur Hall is delivering wood for cisco Coast League players as prisoners eral Villa to the rebel chiefs at Juarez.
he took office last June will begin next
( eleven months ago and during that time
of New York.
for violations of the game law. Car­ Villa’s message said the federal troops 84,000 pounds of butter has been made Monday afternoon when the cans of Jv •
Frank Preston of Medford.
The ceremony was performed at the
were in "disgraceful retreat” to the about 5,000 pounds of which has been T. Conway ¿nd. Frank. Riehet. Portland
John ('antral was in town this week.
White House in the presence of close
and his forces had captured all used by the farmers themselves. The I promoters, charged with usq of , ths
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Taylor were in
friends, a few high officials of the gov­
fiscated. The prisoners are Jerry | the federal artillery and three of the remainder sold for $25.094, buttermilk mails to defraud, will come on for hear­
ing before Judge Bean.
ernment and members of the diploma­ Medford Monday.
Downs, Harry Hughes, J. Clark, H. seven trains on which the federals came
for #273 and cream for $487, making a
tic corps. While the bride’s desire for
Conwav and Riehet were indicted in
W. T. Bostwick is still moving to ¡ Mundorf, Wm. (Happy) Hogan, Louis co battle.
total of $26,095. Of this amount the
simplicity was the ruling note the scene Jacksonville.
Fierce fighting was in progress late farmers received $22,240, less than 1 March of 1912, but* the continued ill
health of Riehet has kept the ease from
was one of rare brilliancy.
Ottis Buck who has been on little | The ball players established them­ tonight on the right and the west flank
Mr. and Mrs. Sayre left tonight for Applegate for severs! weeks has re- selves in winter quarters several weeks of the rebel troops south of Juarez cent per pound for running expenses. coming up for trial until this time. As , >
The average price paid for butter dur­ the principal members of the Oregon1 ■
their honeymoon in Europe, the itiner-1
ago. The wives of three of them where General Caraveo is commanding
turned to his home at Ashland.
the last 11 months was34cems per Inland Develpprpent company they are
ary of which is unannounced.
Downs, Clark and Hogan, recently the federal column. It is reported he
Walter Creg of Sterling Was at Ruch joined them. Hogan was left with the is making a desperate attempt to break pound, and the farmers received $1,200 charged with the ovprexplpitatipn ct
Upon returning in January, Sayre
more than if they had sold their pro­ the Hyde-Benson-Veason school lands.
will beome assistant to President Gar­ last week.
women and the other players taken to through to Juarez. One hundred and
ducts to private creameries.
Witnesses from nearly every slatq i
field of Williams college.
sixteen rebels are cared for ac Juarez.
J. F. Crump took a load of apples to
President W. J. Kerr, of the Oregon west of the Mississippi river have been
The wedding ceremony, the double Sterling last Tuesday.
thought they were so far out of the
A wounded rebel officer brought to
ring service was performed by the Rev.
world that hunting was safe and admit Juarez for medical treatment says a Agricultural College, has recently been summoned by the government and they
Dr. Sylvester Beach, of Princeton, as­
securing an abundance of game. They number of Salazar’s federal volunteers in conference with the Secretary of A- have begun to arrive. Between 50 and
sisted by the Rev. John Sayre, broth­ Redmen Will Hold Pow Wow
take their arrest good naturedly.
captured in the fighting this morning gricultural and other officials at Wash­ 60 witnesses on hand today were ped-
er of the bridegroom. The service was
The retreat was located several days were brought before Villa who ordered I ington regarding larger co-operation hy pie from Kansas, Oklahoma,'New Mex­
a blending of the Episcopalian and Pres­
ago by Wardens Sandry, Hubbard and them executed in a filed order which the Government with the state in its ico, Minnesota. Iowa and Cd!ifo*nia. 1
State organizer S. W. Canning of the Merrill of Oregon, who notified Deputy
agricultural work, and has been assur­
Some of the land involved is in Jack-'
byterian forms.
was carried out immediately.
improved order of Redmen is in our
Commissioners J. S. White of Redding
The officer thought 30 or 40 men were ed that the department of farm man­ son county—snow clad mountain peaks
city in the interest of the Redmens pow and John Harris of Yreka.
executed under the order. As far as agement will contribute money for the sold as farms.
Buncom Reports.
wow and class adoption in Medford to
The Orindale Addition to Klamath I
known only two federal officers captur­ promotion of boys’ and girls’ clubs
be held cn Saturday evening December
was promoted by the defendants.'
ed since the fighting began have been
6 Pocohontas Tribe No. lof Jackson­
miles from Klamath Falls, by-
spared. Many rebel soldiers are wear­
A1 Loomus has gone to Klamath Falls
ville is the oldest Tribe in the state of
to buy a bunch of slock cattle.
ing uniforms taken from the executed the extension of agricultural education the present road, and four or five mile i
Oregon, and Papa Adam Schmidt the
President Kerr was much interested ir, in an air course. This was platted i -
San Diego, Cal., Nov. 25—Standing prisoners. The prisoners were fpreed the bureau of marketing and has asked
Mrs. Mabie Strand was in town last only charter member, therefore the old­
more than a year ago and accepted by 11
to strip before being shot so the cloth­
est member of the organization in Ore­ ankle deep in water on the submerged
that the department send experts to the county court and tiled as ail addition
Mr. and Mrs. John Cantral were vis- gon. The local Tribe boasts of some surface of a “sneak” boat only three
Oregon to show how to get better mar­ to Klamath.
itng Mrs. Dora Saltmarsh Friday.
of our best citizens. Judge Hanna was feet wide and six feet long, Ad Pear­
kets and better prices for farm pro­
Minnie Walters who has been visit- a prominent Redman, also a good ma­ son, a hunter, fought off for more than rebel soldiers were searching the des- ducts.
ng at the Taylor ranch went to her ny of our old settlers. The Redman
eet south of Juarez Wednesday for the
At a recent meeting, in Portland, of Secretary Lane Rattling “Barns’
home on Williams creek last Friday.
Organization dates back to the year go bay early today and drifted within victims of their battle with the representatives of the Willamette Val­
,,i »
.... ■ <.............• ■
Hollis Parks made a trip to Ashland 1765. The Boston Tea Party were a few yards of shore just as his frail federals Monday and Tuesday, in ley Exposition Association, it was de­
Secretary Lape of the , Interior De­
members of this Organization. It is craft capsized. Pearson was picked which the latter were decisively dé­ termined to make the San Francisco
last week.
partment has been driving it home to
up exhausted at daybreak on a spit of
exhibit in the nature uf a diversitieu Washington that tl;e cause of the com­
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Crump and fami­ the oldest American Order of American lani known as Curlew Point. The feateri.
Estimates of the number of killed farm display. It is expected this wil> plaints that have been coming from
ly were visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. Golds- origin, admits only American and is sharks attempted to wreck his small
very patriotic in ite principles. It has
varied from 300 on both sides to a require a space not less than 20 x 100 the people of the west in tremendoi « ,1
by Suuday.
a membership of over half a million in Í
total of 1500. The first figure seemed feet and that suffident ma’erial will be
Felix Cimborski spent several days
the United States. The local Tribe clam beds near Pacific Beach, and fol­ certainly too low. The latter was per­ provided to occupy a similar area in the volume during the past years must he
in the city last week.
alleviated. He takes issue-against the
lowed him, rocking his boat, until he
j here was organized in 1868.
haps an exaggeration. The wounded Oregon state building.
policy based on the theory that the
managed to get to shore.
Mrs. Kate Stephenson and son Hom- I
however, were fully twice as numer-
government ot today must fightbattles
e- were in town Monday.
---------- »-aia-----------
rus as those who perished outright,
Booze Fighters Unkind
to extend over future generations, and
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Taylor were via- j
a id of the wounded it was evident
Klamath Railroad Fails
Electric Sparks
also exact toll for the treasury before
iting Mr. and Mrs. A. Throckmorton i
that a frightful proportion would suc­
the interests of the living generation
| Mrs. Virgil Davia and Mrs. Mona
come in for even scant consideration.
The Klamath Lake Railroad, extend­ cumb.
Mrs. John Cantral was the guest of ! Mason, two well known ladiea of Har- ing about twenty-seven miles from
The Secretary is not patient with the
I risburg,
risburg, were
were ir.
in town
town this
this morning.
El Paso, Tex, Nox. 26.—Arriving now.
Mrs. William Arthurs Sunday.
idea entertained by a branch of the na­
I Thrall, on the main line of the Sonth-
from the front at Juarez at noon Wed­
It may be the “same old Tammany” tional government which has been ap­
Mrs. R. Jennings and sons took din­ Mrs. Davis, while renewing her sub­ | ein Pacific, to Pokegama, filed appli-
scription to the Democrat, stated that | cation with the State Railroad Commis-
but it will never look the Bame.
parent to a disagreeable extent tn tliu
ner with Mrs. Ancel Gilson Sunday.
before the election in that place she j sion today for permission to abandon lowing statement through the United
Chrysanthemums and ultimatams land office, where homesteaders lire
Miss Alice Palmer was a recent visi­ was never troubled by men drinking,
nearly always treated as though they
operation of its road. This is the road
tor at A. S. Kleinhammers.
“Nothing I could say would make have never been finer than they are
as they then drank in the saloons. But i which E. T. Abbot of Ashland former­
were »peculators in disguise, and are
I this season.
matters better. It is what my valiant
Dr. W. Cameron and family had an now they are forced to drink in the ly had supervision.—Klamath Herald
frequently held up for years before
soldiers did that speaks loudly and con­
exciting runaway last week while on streets, and Mrs. Davis says a result
coming into the long restricted posses­
their way to town near Ruch, the shafs I she picks up two or three empty bot-
Don’t post unsightly, scrawled notic­ vincingly. They fought for a just are marching.”
sion of the little ground which they
to the buggy broke so did the lines the ties in her front yard every morning.— es when you can have them neatly cause and they triumphed.
have struggled to possess." The Secre­
Here is another doctor with courage.
“Madero’s death is avenged, Soon
rig tipped over and family was thrown * Albany Democrat
printed at this office fora small charge.
tary is a practical man of the west who
constitutional government, just as our He says that the vertnuform appendix
knows the problems before, and there
is not one of nature’s mistakes. No
great martyr, Madero would wish.
is growing confidence that he is “get­
“Tell your country thot I will
its a doctoi's blessing'.
ting away” with his job.
ways protect Americans. Should
Though the Carranzists may control
federals aim another attack at a bord­ two-thirds of Mexico, Huerta’s one
Rural Credits Next Winter
er point I shall go to meet it within third seems to have all the telegraph
our own country, as I met the enemy lines.
at Tierra Bianca.
So far nobody’s slumber has beendis'
When the regular session of Congress
“1 want your friendship and I tried turbed by the noise of the high cost of
convenes is December, and assuming
to show it. No bullets will fai) on living falling down.
thut the currency legislation will by
American soil while I am in cura­
If you don’t believe it give us a trial. We have
The Tammany lead“r evidently feel that time take its place on the statute
satisfied that liars have their victory books alongside of the tariff law, one
the finest and best stock of staple merchandise in
of the gieat problems of Congress will
no less renowned than war.
Jacksonville, and strictly guarantee everything
His ability to slide out of any situa­ be legislation to better the condition < f
PORTLAND LETTER tion seems to stamp Huerta as a typi­ the American farmer. Senator Gore
of Oklahoma has been back to his state
we sell.
cal Greaser.
and has spoken specifically concerting
Yes they are busy explaining how
this questior on a number of occasion:.
Livestock Show Io be of Unusu- they knew the election would result It
will be recollected that during ti e
just as they did.
past two years there have been ma.iy
al Scope.
Creamery at
To be frank we have neither the excursions to many European countri« i
time nor the inclination to sympathize where they have gone for the purpo-.q
Junction City a Sue-
■ with those fellows who are worrying . of investigating conditions respeclii •'
i over the income tax law.
farm loans, with a view to more mod­
A Virginia court has decided that a ern methods of handling the matter in
wife in some cases may be the head of the United htates. Somehow or anoth­
Portland, Ore. Nov. 25, 1913(Speci»))- the family. One by one our rights are er Congress and the Administration
| From all over the West, and from some knocked out.
seem to feel that it is much more diffi­
! of the Middle Western states, come re-
Any plan that will eliminate Huerta cult for farmers to obtain loans than
■ ports of intending exhibitors at the In­ will be satisfactory provided Huerta ■ anyone el e, an I propose to take up the
Pure Food Groceries delivered by our own wagon
ternational Livestock Exposition to be will agree to it.
! subject.
I held at the Portland Union Stockyards,
any time you want them from 7 in the morning
Indianapolis adopted a striking meth­ I The next startling
film will be one
1 December 8-13. Guernseys from Wis- od of securing advertising free.
out of Murphy
to 6 at night.
Truih is stronger than fiction, and with Sulzer doing the talking.
, ford and Shorthorns from Montana will
NEW CROP RAISINS—3 Crown Muscatel, London Layer, Thompson
I ne seen on dress parade by the side of very often it is ugly, 'ihe truth about
Mexico’s citv Rumor fact ry leads
' fancy livestock from the agricultural New York politics for instance.
the worid in volun.e of output.
Bleached Seedless,
New Currants,
White Figs
Will anybody shed a tear for the fate
[colleges of California, Idaho, Washing-
Say what you will about foot ball it
[ ton and Oregon. Stump’» herd of Jer- that has overtaken Murphy or Tamma­ discourages the mollycoddle.
In Fact Everything is Fresh and New,
! seys from Monmouth, Oregon, from
This country has become so level
' which the vrand champion heifer for
Massachusetts mu'l be a dreadfully
DRIFTED SNOW FLOUR—The kind that makes
headed that the only lanusikies that
' the United States at the National show crowded state, where the meteois nar­ disturb it ur<- those in the Culebra cu .
iin Chicago was taken, will be entered, rowly m.ss people when they fall.
the housewife smile, makes better bread and more
Up to the hour of going to press Gov.
and the Blown, Minor and Dunn Short­
Will Murphy now send word to Sul­ Foxsuf Massachusetts had nut las. n
of it than any other flour. A full line of feed,
zer, that he is "the same old Charlie?” advantage of the oppol tunity toClianpe
i entries of sheep from the most promi-
Still it mult be remembered chut
i nent flocks of the Northwest will also Tammany Las always boasted of it» a- his politic» ..gam.
Baled Hay, Etc.
Electricity is a gres*. civilizer. Here
! be shown.
bdity to "come back.”
is China thr--atoning to discard its p.e-
We Want Your Business and Will Guarantee Satisfaction
The exposition officials have been
Now that Su z. r has been used to a turetq re decapitations tor the niv a
f rtunate in securing the services of
purpose, ,et him look uut for the urbane form ef elccilic cl,Uli exei r-
-ome of the most fam us livestock
’ lion.
judges in the Union to take care of the dumpeart man.
Certain rumors assert that down in
classes. Practically all the men selec­
3ood printn g c< sts no note tl.nn '
ted have been judges at the Internation­ Mexico (Jncle John Rockefeller h..s
al Livestock Exposition or the Nation­ been pulling some of the tali feathers poor Kino, Leave yuur oroera at It is
al Dairy Show at Chicago and all ure out of Uncle Andy Carnegie’s duvd *f office. We do g<»<> work st mkonuu'v
noted fur exceptional ability and tair- peace.
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