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M. E. Reed, of the firm of Reed & J’VILLE WALLOPS CENTRAL PT.
legislature in abolishing district fairs. COMMERCIAL CLUB MEETING
Chenery, engineers of this city, re- | i
The first fair on the Southern Ore­
turned from Medford yesterday, says j
gon circuit will be held at Medford <n
Organized by Pupils of Jackson­ the Portland Journal, after having1 Takes Firs! Ball Game of Sea- At City Hall Tuesday Evening September 10, 11, 12 and 13, followed
Held at Citv Hall Wednesd. y
completed the survey of which he has
I bv Roseburg’B fair on September 17,
ville High School.
been in charge.
son by Score of 15 to 0
New Officers Installed.
It is said that the engineers in mak­
be held at Eugene September 24, 25, '
ing the survey found a pass over the
26 and 27. From Eugene most of the 1
Much interest is being taken ip a Siskiyou mountains that offers less
The opening game of the season in
City council held a meeting for the
literary society recently organized by obstacles than any yet surveyed through Southern Oregon »ook place last Sun­ j transaction of business at the city hall stock and exhibits will be shipped to ' Preliminary steps for the reorganiza­
members of the Jacksonville High that rugged country, the route of the , day between Jacksonville and Central Tuesday evening. Present, Mayor 1 Salem for the State fair, which will be I tion of the Jacksonville Commercial
club were taken at a meeting held at
School. It is planned to hold meetings proposed line showing a maximum Point on the latters’ ground and re- Britt; Councilmen McIntyre, Ulrich , held the following week.
the city hall Wednesday evening. The
and present entertainments at regular grade of 2 per cent or about 100 feet suited in a very decisive victory for I and Fick; Recorder Dox.
I Southern Oregon fairs are as near uni­ meeting was not as well attended as
intervals. As there is considerable to the mile. This passed is described the home town by a score of 15 to 0.
After the reading of minutes of the
musical and elocutionary talent in our as being between the Smith and Illi-1 The fine battery work of McIntyre pcevious meeting and sundry routine form as it was possible to make them. it should have been, but what was
schools, these meetings will be well nois rivers. The greatest obstruction, | and Wilson was the feature of the! business had been transacted the claim ! They include the usual trotting, pacing | lacking in numbers was more than
worth attending. Following is the the crest of the divide, it is said, can game, McIntyre allowing only one hit. • of C. C. Beekman against the city was and running events. The purses for made up by the enthusiasm of those
program of the first entertainment to be surmounted by a 2000-foot tunnel. ! The present intentions is to merge discussed at some length but pending each of the three fair aggregate $3775. i present. A committee appointed Wed-
As far as financing their respective j nesday night is preparing a constitu-
be given Friday, March 21:
The survey runs through Jackson, the two teams under the leadership of ■ the securing of more information, ac­ fairs, the three counties included in , tion and by-laws for the organization
Instrumental Solo, Mary Bagshaw. I Josephine and Del Norte counties and l “Curley” Wilson and give Central tion was deferred until a future meet-
the organization will be distinct, their J and another meeting will be held at
Recitation, Albert Mitchell and Loyd will tap the rich Illinois river, Smith ! Point a strong club which will be able I ing.
affiliations being chiefly tor the pur­ | the same place Tuesday evening,
river and Applegate valleys. It is | to cope with any team in Southern
Chauncey Florey, councilman-elect pose of arranging race cards and dates 1 March 18.
Coon Song, Mabel Reeves, Mary asserted there will be au abundance of Oregon. The game tomorrow will be for a term of two years, Leslie W.
---------- e.
Bagshaw, Etta Morcom, Irene Regar. tonnage offered the moment the line is j Central Point vs. Choosen Friends of Stansell, the new city recorder and which will not conflict.—Tribune.
of 1850 Dies.
Recitation, Louis Baker.
completed, the timber alone being suf- | Medford, at Central Point,
Jas. M. Cronemiller, re-elected city
School Paper, Marion Harrington.
ficient to support the line for years if I Wilson, McIntyre, Harper and Cole- treasurer were present and took oaths
Sheriff’s Office Busy.
Instrumental Solo, Marion Harring­ developed. In addition to this will j man are the local stars who will help of office. Emil Britt, who has been
A pioneer of 1850 passes awav at the
age of 82 years and 2 days.
come business from developments in the Pointers take the Choosen Friends acting as temporary presiding officer
Reading, Maude Raypholtz.
A large force of deputies and clerks
Nathan B. Nye was born March 1,
the mining sections of the big district. i [ *nto camp tomorrow. Jacksonville has was elected mayor to fill the unexpired
Debate: Resolved; Thatim.migration The road will be approximately 120 i plenty of players with which to organ- term of Dr. T. T. Shaw. This necs- employed in the tax collection depart­ 1831, in Oakland, Macon county, Michi­
should be further restricted by law. miles in length.—Portland Journal.
I | ize a winning team but the boys are sitates the council choosing another ment of the sheriff’s office are kept gan, and died suddenly March 3rd, 1913
Affirmative—Mabie Reeve and Etta
I handicapped by the lack of suitable cour.cilmen, which will be done at a busy these days attending the wants at the home of his son, living near
of a constant stream of property own­ Gold Hill, Ore.
Morcom. Negative—Pauline Grieves
grounds. To be on the baseball map future meeting.
Horse Drowned, Boy Saved | • is
and Emma Martin.
a good advertisement for any town
M. D. Jones was re-appointed mar­ ers wishing to pay taxes. Although
In 1850 he and two brothepff (crossed
and the game is a clean, healthful shal and Chris Ulrich again received the circuit court room, where taxes the plains with an oxen team "to .Cali­
are payable, is fitted up with every fornia and engaged in mining at Scutl’s
A valuable horse was lost and Wil­ sport. Arrangements should be Wnade his appointment as street commission­
Chief Recovers Silveware.
facility for the rapid handling q { busi­ Bar. In the spring of 1851 thev pass­
liam Writers, 16, had a very narrow to have the home boys play ball at er. These officers have both perform­
ed their duties in an acceptable man­ ness, there is usually a crowd of citi­ ed through the Rogue river valley to
escape from drowning when he at­ home this season.
Acting on the complaint of the hotels tempted to ford Rogue river a short
ner and there were no other names zens waiting there turns at the win­ Salem and for a time owned and con­
and restaurants men that they were distance below Gold Ray Sunday after­
proposed for the positions.
ducted a bakery, one of the first tn>
Tuesday was the busiest day of the Salem.
losing considerable silverware in the noon. The horse stepped into a hole
gaibage being hauled away daily from and, caught by the enrrent, was swept
tnat some seven months ago he resign­ tax paying period, the office of Shei- i. Later in the same year they return­
their premises, Chief of Police Hittson away, while young Walters succeeded
ed his position as sexton of the cem­ iff Singler being packed most of th« ed to the Roi^ue river valley, -engaging
visited the several garbage men in the in swimming out. Walters, when the
etery and has since been holding the day with property holders waiting foi in mining at Jacksonville, at flPal lime
city apd recovered over 75 pieces of horse first fell, grabbed the animal by Eleven Weather Stations Now position pending the appointment of a a ceance to give their money to the the population numbering nine men.
new officer. Mr. Lewis was informed county. Of the >700,000 assessed in In the fail of 1852 they returned to
the neck and it is believed that this the
in Jackson County.
For a long time the garbage men in reason the animal failed to regain its
that he would be relieved from that this county, it is estimated thut one- Michigan with a few thousand dollars
the elty made a practice of returning feet.
duty within the next thirty days, until third has been collected to date, and it in gold dust, among which was a nug­
the silverware found in the garbage
which time he will continue to fill the is thought that two-thirds of the total get weighing $900. Mr. Nye carried
The accident was witnessed by Leon
amount was in the hands of the county this gold dust on to Philadelphia and
but recently none has been coming I Field of this city, who assisted Walters
With the fitting of a new weather office.
night, when the three pel had it coined. Fot a number of years
back; the collectors saying they had ashore. The horse was washed down station at Central Point Wednesday
No other business coming before the
cent rebate ended. The delinquent list thereafter he followed watch-making
failed to find any. Complaint was, stream several hundred yards. Wal­ Jackson county jumps into the fore­ council, the meeting then adjourned.
will be smaller than last year.
made to the chief who investigated.— ters resides in the Sams valley district. most rank of counties having estab­
and repairing. Sun.
lished stations under government sup­
ervision. There are now 11 stations in No More Ragging at Grants Pass
Raised Check, Gets into Trouble
the county, more than Rhode Island,
Presbyterian Church.
Ashland After Public Market.
No more the bunny hug or the tur­
District of Columbia has, and more
Charged with having raised a check
key trot or the grizzly bear or the
Palm Sunday will be observed at the
than any other county in the United
him by H. F. Meader, superin­
Railroad Io The Coast Seems Among the most important sugges­ States.
Preshyterian Church at 11 o’clock to-
tendent of the Suncrest orchard, for
tions made at a council meeting in re­
The stations now established are at
M.25 to $42.15, John Walker, a laborer
cent years was that of Mayor Johnson Ashland, Talent (Smith’s), Talent out the ban on these terphischorean na will sing “The Palms,” and Dr. was today bound over to aw ait action
W. W. Howard of Medford will sing
at the meeting Tuesday evening, when (Gardner’s),
Medford, Hollywood,
ed to the junk pile.
“The Holy City, ” the chorus choir will py the grand jury following a hearing
The projected railroad from Medford he urged the necessity of the city Hillcrest, Jacksonville, Woodlawn,
in the court of Justice of the Peace
render the prelude and give the res­
to Crescent City, on the coast of establishing a public market whereby Table Rock, Prospect and Siskiyou.
Glenn O. Taylor.
Medford is the key station and from
northern California, appears now quite the producer may sell direct to the
The check was given Walker for
and beauty of this metropolis, but as a
certain. The survey has been com­ consumer. Mayor Johnson cited the this office a line of work will be carried matter of protection against the pos­ the special hymns. The sermon will wages recently. When he presented it
pleted and it is understood that much Medford public market, which he on so that the greatest possible care , sible bringing in of the tuneful con­ be drawn from the lessons found in at the bank the atttmpt to raise it
of the right of way has been procured. stated had made good.—Ashland Tid­ can be exercised during the frost sea­ tagion from Medford and other near-by the Gospel account of the Triumphal was apparent, the work being very
Entry of Christ into Jerusalem.
The road will furnish an outlet for ings.
crude. The bank notified Meader,
Samlets did the city dads taken action,
The chorus will render special music
Professor O'Gara completed the in­
about l,000,0®0 tons of high grade cop­
and by the passage of ordinance No. at the evening service and the sermon who informed Constable Johnson of
per ore and about 2,000,000,000 feet of
Blue Stone and Seed wheat and oats stallation of instruments Wednesday.— 675 they have put the stopper in good
Talent, who took Walker into custody.
will be a further consideration of the
fine timber.
Taylor-Williams Co.
Walker had no explanation to make
and tight.—Grants Pass Courier.
Lenten Fast.
was bound over.—Tribune.
A cordial invitation is extended to
these sermons.
Young Akin Out on Probation.
----------- »a»
Delass Akin, the boy who was charg­
ed with criminal assault upon the
Savage sisters, aged 14 and 18 years,
was put on probation Monday by Judge
Tou Velle, and ordered to report to
the court once each week.
The testimony in the case was ex­
tremely hazy and contradicting. The
younger of the two girls told a different
story in court than the one she told at
first to the officers.
Owing to the character of the testi­
mony Judge Ton Velle concluded to
deal leniently with the boy and so
placed him on pro', .tion.
Mackerel, Codfiish,
Salmon Bellies
Water Served i t White House
Portland, Ore., March 10. —Hard on
the heels of Wasb.ngton dispatches to
the effect that ‘.ne White House din­
ners will be ‘dry” hereafter comes
the information that the salmon day
banquet, March 14, at the Commercial
club will be a “dry” affair also.
“If President Wilson intends to have
nothing stronger than water, at the
White House banquets, then water is
good enough for us in Portland,” said
one of the promoters of the dinner.
Seattle und Portland salmon enthu­
siasts are cooperating in an endeavor
to have salmon day observed nation­
Canned Fish of All Kinds
Ul rich B roth e r s
Leading Merchants
three Counties to be on Same
Fair Circuit This Year.
A. K. Ware has returned from at­
tending a meeting of the fair officials
of Lane, Jackson and Douglas counties
who organized what will be known as
the Southern Oregon Fair Circuit.
Tnis step was taken as the result of
ti e recent procedure of the Oregon
M. E. Church Notes.
Interest to Jackson Coun’y
Tax Payors
Rev. Smith of Ashland had charge
of the church services last Sunday.
J. Harrison Haight and Ada Saunich-
Miss Pearl Gillette is the leader of sen.
next Sunday’s League service.
Loren L. Damon and Luzella Brown.
V. E. Zermivait and Maude M. Curl.
The monthly business meeting of
J. F. Bogart and Hazd Wood.
the Epworth League was held at the
home of Mrs. Rummell Wednesday
evening nearly forty young people be­
Estate of Sarah C. Woody, deceas-
ing present. The names of several new M. Order appointing administrator
members were proposed and accepted. and appraisers.
After the business session refreshments
Estate of N. B. Nye, deceased. Or­
of cocoa and cake were served by the der appointing administrator and ap­
hostess. The next meeting will be praisers.
held the second Wednesday in April at
the home of Mi»s Ora Stout.
The usual weekly prayer meeting
was held Thursday night, Mrs. u. d .
DaviB having charge.
When Well Known Jacksonville
There will be Sunday school but no I
People Tell it so Plainly.
morning service Palm Sunday, In the
evening Presiding Elder R. E. Dunlap
will preach.
When public endorsement is made by
A rehearsal for the Easter song ser­ a representative citizen <>, Jacksonville
vice will be held Monday night at 7:30 the proof is positive,
You must be-
at the church. All the young people lieve it. Read this testimony, Every
backache sufferer, every man, woman
or child with any kidney trouble will
profit in the reading.
Ladies’ Aid Officers Elected. find Frank
Kasshafer, ripplegate Road,
Jacksonville, Ore., says: “For years
At a well-attended meeting of the 1 was a miner and n; doubt this work
Ladies’ Aid Society of this city held al caused mv kidney and bladder trouble.
the home of Mrs. J. C. F. Harrington The first symptom was pain and stiff-
Thursday afternoon the following ol- i ness in the .small of my back, especial­
ficers were elected to serve for the ly severe when 1 first »rose in the
ensuing term; Mrs. M. E. Abbott, morning. I also had mu''h trouble
President; Mrs. D. Davis, Vice-presi­ from the kidneys but it did not take
dent; Mrs. J. C F. Harrington, secre­ I Doan’s Kidney Pills long to bring mu
Wnenever I catch cold ami
tary; Mrs. Stewart Epperson, Treas­ : relief.
feel any slight recurrence of my old
A special meeting to finish up work complaint, I take Doan’s KiJney Pills
in hand will be held at Mrs. M. E. and they relieve me.”
Abbott’s home. Thursday, March 20.
For sale by al) dealers. Price 50
All members of the Ladies’ Aid and cents, Foster- Millburn Co., Buffalo,
ladies interested in the work are in- New York, sole agents for the United
vited to prepare lunch and as.-enible at States.
the Dlace of meeting at 10 a. m..
Remember the name —Doan’s—and
1 Thursday, prepared to spend the nay’ ( take no other.