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    Weak Stomach
Sensitive to every little Indiscretion In
eating, even to exposure to draughts and
to over-perspiration this Condition Is
pleasantly, 'positively and permanently
overcome by the magic tonic touch of
Hood's Sarsaparillo, which literally
"makes weak stomachs strong." It also
creates an appetite makes you feel real
hungry, and drives away all symptoms of
dyspepsia. Be sure to get
Hood's Sarsaparilla
America's Greatest Medicine, All Druggists.
Hood's Pills cure all Liver Ills. 2o cents.
A Strange Nervous Disease.
Among the natives of the Philippines,
ccuruing to a correspondent of the
Medical News, New York, "there is
occasionally found a poculiar nervous
disease called mali-mali, the victims of
which seem to be Impelled by an un
controllable Impulse to imitate the
movemonta of any one they sea before
them. Sometimes the disease will lie
dormant while the viotim goes quietly
about bis work, bnt If frlghtoned or
excited in any way lie Will Immediately
begin to Imitate every motion of any
poreon who attracts bis attention. If a
person suffering from this disease be
comes angry he shrieks and raves like
a manias, at the somo tlmo oontlnulng
his mimicking performances. Old
women are the most common victims of
mali-mali, though men are sometimes
attacked. Somo people believe that
the imitation mania, as it Is sometimes
tailed, Is always assumed and that the
pretonded victims can control their
antics If thoy try, as they are often at
tacked tn the preeonoo of Europeans
from whom they hone to obtain alms;
but there Is no doubt that the symp
toms of this disease are gonurally real,
and that such a disease exists Is cer
Jijr local applications, as thoy cannot reach ths
diseased portion of the ear. TherO Is oulr ono
War to onro deafness, anil that IS br constitu
tional rcroeillos. Deafness is caused by an In
flamed condition of tin mucous lining of the
Kustaelilan Tube. When this till gots In
flamed jon have a rumbling sound or Imper
fect hearing, and nhon It Is entirely closed
rii.HfnciM Is the result, and miles tho Inflamma
tion can bo taken ont and this Intra restored to
Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed
fnrttvur; nine casks out oi i
raiarrh. which Is nothing
are caused by
condition of the mucous surfaces.
U'a will Dive One Hundred
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that call
not be cured by lull's Catarrh Cure. Bund for
circulars, freo. , ,
r. J. C1IKNEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
told by DruirglstB, 7fw.
Hall's Family I'll Is are tlio best.
Our Sunday Victories.
' The old saying, "The hotter the
day, the bettor the deed," seems to find
substantial support In onr war with
Spain. Dewey's great victory at Manila
was fought on Sunday, May 1 ; Schloy
discovered Corveru's ships hidden in
the harbor of Santiago on Sunday, Muy
20; Cervora's fleot was smashed by
Schley on Sunday, July 8; the Spanish
flag on Morro castle, Santiago, was
hauled down on Sunday, July 17; and
the first battle botweon our land forces
and the Spaniards at Manila begun on
the night of Sunday, Julv 81, ending
in a victory for tho American troops.
Tho new Improved Btonghton wngons
stand the racket. Three more car loads nro
on the way. It pnvs to havo the best.
Write for free catalogiio. JOHN l'OOLIC,
sole agent, foot of Morrison street, Port
land, Or.
Perverted Ideas or lleautr.
Some of the natives of Australia
hnvo a quoer idea of beauty. They cut
thoniselvca with sholls, keep the wounds
opon for a long tlmo, and when tliey
lieal huge scars aio tho romilt. Tlioso
Bears are doomed highly ornamontul.
l'lso'a Cure lor Consumption hns saved
me largo doctor bills. 0. t. linker, 4?&
Regent Sq., Philadelphia, Pa., Deo. 8, 'US.
A postago stump Boven-oighths of an
inch Ioiik anil thioo-fourths of an inoh
wido would onrry 500,000,003 of tho
typhoid fuvor bacillus, and if tho lnyor
weio mado a tontli of an inch deep, tlioio
would be 2,000,000,000,000.
Try Schilling's Dost tea and baklug powdor,
People of St. Thomas, Canada, wore
bo BiiperBtltious that they wantod a su
pervisor to rovlso tho lists when tliey
were told that their town had Increased
but 18 inhabitants during tho your.
Representative William P, Hepburn,
of Iowa, is tho great grandson of the
famous Martin Lyons, who ropresentod
thrco different states in oongross and
cast tho vote which elected Thoiuus
Jefferson provident..
Buffered four years with female trou
bles. She now writes to Mrs. rtnkham
of her complete recovery. Read her
DkarMiis. I'inkham: I wish you to
publish what Lydla K. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, Bnnatlvo Wash
and Liver Pills
have done for
I suffered,
for four years
with womb
trouble My
doctor said I
had falling of
the womb. I
also suffered
with ticrvous
S ' nmglrnMnn futnt.
all gono feelings, palpita
tion of the heart, bcarlng-dowa sensa
tion and painful menstruation. I could
not stand but a few minutes at a time.
When I commenced taklug your med
icine I could not Bit up half a day, but
before I had used half a bottle I was
up and helped about my work.
I have taken three bottles of Lydta
E. Plukham's Vegetable Compound and
used one package of Sanative Wash,
end am cured of all my troubles. I feel
like a new woman. I can do all kinds
of housowork and feel stronger than I
ever did In my life. 1 now weigh 131
pounds. Before using your medicine I
weighed only 108 pounds.
Surely It Is tho grandest medicine for
weak woman that ever was, and my
advice to all who are suffering from
eny female trouble Is to try It at once
and be well. Your medicine has
proven a blessing to mo. and I cannot
praise itenongh. Mrs. Luct Goodwin,'
Holly, W. Va.
1 Bom Conch syrup, 1
Kellcs of the Flrat Capital and Con
stitutional Klin 61111 Stundlnsf,
At Corrdon, tho first capital of In-
dlunn, ore the relies still BtundliiR of
tho flrst government of tho Stato. Ouo
Is tho old Stato hiniso, built hi 1SU for
the Territorial Leglsliituro and offices.
The bulldlug was not completed until
1815. The State was admitted Into tho
Union In 1810 nnd tho Stato oUU-iiUs
used tho building until 1823. The build
ing Is still a solid structure
The second relic Is tho coustltuttoanl
elm. The constitutional convention
met at tho Stato house In Juno, 1810,
but tlio weather was so hot that ad
journment was taken to tho shado of
tho old elm. The treo hns wide-spreading
branches nnd covers a sp.aco 121
foot In diameter.
The Vehicle Which Carried Florence
Nightingale on Her Mlaslon.
Florence N'lghtlngalo receatly passed
her severtty-olghth blrthdny. This Is
tho cnrrlngo which sho hnd built for her
wen cAitntAOH
uso during vho Crlnienu war when
transportation was so bud somo vehicle
became a necessity. It was a very light
four-wheeled vehicle, being composed
of wood battens and basket work, Its
interior lined with water-proof canvas.
A canopy run tho full length, and there
were curtains nt Wio sides, so that It
might be Inclosed at will. Tho sides
were padded, and It was fitted with
patent brakes, so as to allow It to go
gently down tho steep Turkish roads.
All through the campaign sho worked
with well-nigh Incredible courage and
putlcmco, almost succumbing at ono
period to the terrible. Crimean fover,
but recovering nnd taking np her work
again, In splto of naturally fragile
constitution, still further weakened by
hardships Innumerable nnd overwork.
Tho national gratitude know no
bounds, nml England sulweribed $2M,
000, which sum was devoted to the
founding of tho Nightingale borne,
where nnrses nro trained for tiro splen
did work of which Florence N'lghtln
galo may be called the pioneer. The
Queen, who hnd followed her career
with lntcuso Interest and sympathy,
presented her with a costly nnd beauti
ful decoration.
One of the Greatest Navnl Duels.
Henceforward to use Nelson's words
about his owu most desperate action
"thero was no maneuvering, there whs
only downright fighting;" and great as
was Jones' unquestionable merit as a
handler of ships, It was downright
fighting endurance, of tho most cxtremo
and Individual character, that won this
battle. When thns In contact, tho su
periority of the British clghteens over
the American twelves, though less than
at ft distance, was still great; but ft far
heavier disparity lay In the fabrics of
tho two enemies. That Richard wng a
vory old ship, rotten, never meant for
naval use; tho Serapls was how, on her
flint commission. Tho fight hitherto
having engaged the port guns of tho
latter, tho Btarboard lower gun-ports
were still closed, and from tho Ships'
touching could Dot bo opened. They
were thereforo blown off, and tho fight
went on. "A novelty in naval combats
was now presented to ninny witnesses,
but to few admirers," quaintly wroto
Lieut Dulo, who wns in tho midst of
the sceho below decks. "Tho rammers
were run Into tho respective ships to
ennblo tho men to load;" that Is, tho
staves of tho rammers of ono ship en
tered tho ports of tho other as the guns
wore being loaded. "Wo beenmo so
closo fore and aft," reported Pearson,
"that tho muzzles of our guns touched
each other's sides;" nnd oven so, by
tho testimony of tho lieutenant on tho
lower gun-deck of the Serapis, her guns
could hot be fully run out, owing to the
nearness of tho vessels. Scribner's.
Ho Commanded the Utah Artillery In
the Glorious Fight Near Manila.
In tho fight at Mnlate, In tho Philip
pines, lu which tiro American soldiers
fought so gnllnutly and repulsed the
Spaniards with great loss, ono of tho
interesting figures who took part In the
cngugoment was Capt. Rlchnrd W.
Voting, commander of tho Utah Light
Artillery, who Is a grandson of Itrlg
ham Young, tho Into Mormon leader.
Tho Utnh Artillery drew forth tho Com
mendation of Gen. Oreone for their
brnvo work In repelling the Spanish at
tack. Cnjt. Yonng is a West Tolnt
graduate nnd wns connected with tho
artillery branch of tho army. He re-
Thls sketch Is made from a reproduction of a recent photograph, which
shows the wild nature of tho country over which General Miles' forces had to
march to reach the Porto Rlcau capital.
f '
signed from tlto army to practice law
in Salt Luko City, having been gradu
ated from the Columbia University
Low School. When the war broke out
he voluutcered bis services and was
placed In command of two batteries of
capt. nitnAitn w. vouso.
artillery from Utnh. He Is nn nblo
lawyer ns well as a good Dghler, and Is
the author of a standard pnmphlot on
the uso of the mllltnry power In tho
suppression of mobs.
Hens Hatch FUh Ebbs Which Are
1'luced In Esaahelle.
In China hens hatch fish eggs. The
eggs nro placed In nn eggshell and tho
unsuspecting hen sots on It for a few
days. Then the contents are slipped
Into a shallow pool, whero they can
bask In the sunlight until they nre
Strong enough to bo turned Into n lake
or river.
No miin Is so nervy that ho does not
enjoy It when ho culls nt a dentist's,
and Is told to cull to-morrow.
Cut the amount of money you expect
to get square lu two.
the Great Hogalmans Coming to tho
Portland, Or., Sept. 13. (To the
Editor.) This is a most beautiful and
attractive city, and its live peoplo uro
op nnd doing lu tho march of progress.
Tho Ilegolmnns aro coming to tho
Oregon Industrial Exposition, and they
are an attraction that will be long ro
mom bored, for they are the greatest
aerial gymnasts in the world. They
command princely salaries, and people
who have seen them in San Francisco,
where they aie now playing, say that
they alone are worth ten times the price
of admission. They limit their per
formances this season to three placos
in the Unltod States San Francisco,
Portland and New York, then they re
turn to Europe. The exposition man
agement was bound to have star attrac
tions, and certainly secured a big one
in the Iiegelmutis.
Other attractions are boing arranged
foi, and people who come to tho expo
lition this year will havo plonty of
amusement in connection with Instruc
tion and sight-seeing and promenading
throogli the big building.
Tho full military band which has
boon engaged to give concerts day and
Bvonlng during tlio exposition is now
giving daily concerts at a big fair In
San Francisco, and is delighting thou
sands of people, duch raoslo will bo
appreciated in tho Northwest, and
those who attond the exposition will
be given every opportunity to enjoy it.
Advlcos from all parts of the North
wost ludioate that many peoplo nro
Doming to the exposition who have
not been In Portland for yoars. Thoy
will find that many improvements have
beon made bore and that tho city has
grown. And thoy can seo all these
Improvements at a cost of almost noth
ing in time and money, for Portland
has one of the best street-car systems
In the world. Electric cars vibrate to
all parts of the city and its suburbs,
and you cun tako a car every fow min
utos. Excursions to the beautiful city
park, the hoights, Willamette fulls and
other attractive points are thus quickly
and chooply mado. At tho city park
visitors not only see a vary protty
place, but also seo a largo collection of
bearB, cougars, wolvos, alligators and
other wild animals, besides eaglos,
owls and all kinds of foathored fam
The great Exposition building Is bo-
ina rearranged and mado attractive
and evory evening during the exposi
tion it Will bo Illuminated with count
less electric lights, and the display
along that line will bo the grandest
ever soon In tlio Northwest
The farmers and fruit-growers of the
Northwest are taking a very laudable
Interest in tho exposition, and tho dis
play of their products will bo large and
creditablo, and many spcoinl foaturos
are boinc arraneod for their benefit and
odillontion, and the furmors' wives and
duughtors will find In the exposition
many exhibits and attractions that will
be specially interesting to them, not
tho least of which will be tlio free
cooking locturos by Miss Suzy Trncoy,
who is an ncknowledged scientific ex
port in that lino.
Tho solid and enterprising business
mon of Portland aro all behind the ex
position, and are pushing It along.
Thoy know that It is a good thing for
the whole Northwest, and tholr com
mittees nro mooting ovory night to nr-
range for nnd engage new attractions
ami mnko tho exposition bonellolul to
all, nnd the railroad and steamboat
oom panics aro going to givo low special
rates, so that all may come and enjoy
themselves and be edified, Instructed
and amused. H.
Tho Australian aborigines nre now
ranked br nthnoernnheis ns ntth or
sixth in the list of so-oallod natural
races, the Vcdduhs of Ceylon being tho
lowest In tbo scnlo of savage culturo.
CHINES. Inventors are plenty who can mako a ma
chine that will rise and float In air, bnt tho
one improvement which nono has succeeded
III making Is an apparatus Hint will guide tho
machine through the many treacherous cur
rents of air. In this respect humanity Is
fortunate In having Ilostottcr's Stomnch Hit
ters, which acts as a sale gnhlo by curing
treacherous stomach, llvcr anil blood diseases,
giving a good sppotlte, a strong constitution
and nerves like steel.
It has beon proved, as the result of
experiments, that tlio ciroulntion of
the blood is affeotod by music.
riTO Fermaueiitly Cored. Nofiiiornervousncs
fllo alter tlrsi day's uso of Dr. Kline's Oreut
Nerve ltestorcr. Bend for Fit KB os.oo trial
bottle and treatise. DR. B. II. KLLNJ4, lid., IU0
Arch street, rulladclpula. fa.
Tho Poruivan Central railroad oovers
a distance of ton miles at an elevation
o ly about 8,000 feet lower than the
summit of the highest mountain in
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of tho combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to tho California Fio Syrup
Co. only, and wo wish to Impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by the CalIpoknia Fio Svkpp Co.
only, a knowledge of thnt fact will
assist ono in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The high standing of the Cali
fornia Fid Srnur Co. with the medi
cal profession, and the satisfaction
which the genulno Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Comp&ay a guaranty
of the excellence of Its remedy. It Is
far ia advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them, ond it docs not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name ot
the Company
LeraviLLt, new tokk k. t.
i You might
in your tea-drinking, and enjoy
it more besides.
Try Schilling's Best your
money back if you don't like it.
Crown and nrliljo Work.
If yon nre in nood of artificial tooth
Km aura thuv are modern and strictly up
to dnto. If you have n fow teeth do
not have thom cxtrnctod, but hnvo
bridges mado. Tho L. L. White sys
tem of crowns and bridges is ncknowl
edged to bo tlto latest and best. All
persons who ore fortnnato enough to
have orowns and bridges mado accord
ing to this system are delighted, and
never oease in tholr praises of tlio com-fort-thcy
dorlvo from tholr now teeth.
It also more perfectly rostores the fea
tured of tho foae thnn nnvothor method.
This system of artificial tooth is more
easily kept clean than any othor. A
large number of Portland peoplo are
wearing our mako of artificial tooth and
crowns, and several of thom had worn
crowns and bridgos of other systems,
and thoy assort that for comfort, clean
liness and artistic appearance nothing
can oquul the Whito system. Dr.
White also uses all tho latuet electrical
appliance, for painless filling and ox
traction of tooth.
9 i
&ll it
UoS IJ ha
UO 5
From the well-known
Portland Business College
eorves as a llfo long testimonial of thorough
preparation lor an illlce position. Tho Intro
duction of "Armstrong's Conblnod Theory
and Practice of Bookkeeping" enables us So
do better work now than ever before. Investi
gate. Call, or wrlto. A. P. AuSiatuoNO, Prin
cipal, Portland, Oregon.
Make money by succoatol
speculation lu Chicago. Wo
buy and sell wheat oh mar
tflns. Fortune have tMcn
mado on a small beginnliiK by trading lu fu
tures. rite for lull particulars. Dost of r
ere nee given. Several years' ex pertenoe on the
Chicago Board of Trade, and a thorough know
ledire of the bninets. Send for onr froo refer
ence, book. DOWNING, HOPKINS A Co.,
Chicago Board of Trade Brokers. Offices In
Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Wash.
Is It Wrong?
Oct It Right.
Keep It Right
Moore's Revealed Remedy will dolt Thrco
doses will make you fcol better. Oct It from
your druggist or any wholcsalo drug house, or
trom Stewart it Holmes Drag Co., Seattle.
I.AtlllA N1TIH
Utnnnail a.nn.A
Db. J.C. Hoffman, -tullsubolla Bldg, inilcago.IU.
A Beautiful Present
In order to further introduce ELASTIC STARCH (Flat Iron Brand),
the manufacturers, I. C. Hubinger Bros. Co., of Keokuk, Iowa, have
decided to QIVG AWAY a beautiful present with each package of
starch sold. These presents are in the form of
! Beautiful Pastel Pictures
They are 13x19 Inches In sire,
Lilacs and
These rarj pictures, four fh number, by the renowned pastel artist,
R. LeRoy. gt New Yorlt, have been chosen from the Very choicest subjects
in his studio and are now offered for the first time to the Public.
The pictures are accurately reproduced in all the colors used in the orig
inals, and are pronounced by competent critics, works of art.
Pastel pictures are the correct thing for the home, nothing surpassing
them in beauty, richness of color and artistic merit.
One of these pictures PB B jFbjL I
will be given away N 1 J1 CSs G Ssf'fJ B
with earn package of LllUiD blO VlCtl Oil
purchased of your grocer. It Is the
is soiu tor 10 tenia a wuc, ask
beautiful picture.
as well be safe
Opens In
OCTOBER 22, J 893.
Tho Flucst and Greatest Exposition Ever Held
lu tiio Korlhwcst.
Products of Oregon and Washington will bo
diaplarrd In vrourii'rful profusion, Includ
ing nioro varieties than crcr before
gathered together In one exhibit.
Marvelously Rich Specimens from Oui
Gold, Silver and Other Minos.
Bennett's Renowned Military Band
lias been engaged for the seasou.
Astoaodlns Aerial Feats and Acrobatic
Tory Low Rates on all Railroads.
Adnlta, S Cents. Children, 10 Cent
rjm imjrr tjlfltt, Me ftadir!1)Usi",
ht Itnffit Jfrdft riiiutlit&tiri 1m btimi tO 6IB
i)ti ntfl) nldyi BjiittiKnb brfanitt roar, fenbm
nlr f? opn IrM en olo jnm 1. Janunr 1890
tti en out Mijotlnm, tDt!d)t (lit bo9 uSdjpt
Jii)r nulcre sUoiincnttn twbtn unb bn
detract bnfilr. 2.00, J(()t elnlenbtii. Wan
lu(c fiJrj ipii)pf9tiiinmtvn fdjltfrn.
Germrin Publishing Oo., Portltind, Or.
Vw ntrr fnr onnatufnl
lnirinrpi. lnrlAfittiintliMii
Frrfrjiri(.si air hlij.i-i.tlrtn
of roneum rtirmbrui,9.
I'lttliloM. nfirt hut naLrlti
Qq, ffotit or pOltfOIlOUI.
t frot In plain wrapper.
'irouinr it'Dt on ruqiioii.
Plain or with Cutter. The host Oreille In tho mar.
ket. Used bv hII sack servers. For salo lv all
era! merchandise stores, or by
USD Market Street, Ban Francisco, C'ul.
B. P. N. C.
mo. ss, s.
Il&N writing to ndvertlnrs please
mention tins napsr.
Cawston & Co
Successors to H. P. Gregory & Co.
48 and 50 First St 304 First Ave., S,
Portland, Or. Seattle, Wash,
, -S
and are entitled as follows:
Lilacs and
best laundry starch on the market, and
your grocer tor mis siarcn ana gel
B-" I'rictnli (MiiitkiluiL
Dot to mrldiurv.
iT?tmEvkif8 0pEMipi