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The News
Leading 0fthe
Paper., county
While It Is News
NO. 4.
What Has Happened in the
CJyilized World.
A fumi'let Itovlew of the Nitwa of the
runt Seven Daye In Tlil and
All Foreign Land.
M'llions of foot of fine timbor liavo
uuuii dt'Htroy oj by forest firos along the
lowor Columbia.
Thomas II. Whooler, son of General
Tosoph Wlieolor, ami Socond Limitcn-
. Newton D. Kirkpatrick, First cav
, wore drowned wliilo bathing nour
ip at Jlontnuk Point.
Hawaiian advices niiiiounce tlio death
of Sorgoont Ormond Flotchor, o( the
Pcoond Oregon voluntoer engineer
corps. He was formerly county sur
veyor of Multnomah county, Oregon.
A cablo from Hong Kong announces
that a coiniuitteo of tlireo Filippinos,
appointed by Agulnaldo, has left Hong
Kong to confer with President MoKIn-
ley upon tlio futuro of the Philippines.
Several sultnon, avcruglng 28 pounds
In woight, have recently boon caught
in the Sucrumonto liver. From the
fact that "the adiposo fin hnd been re
moved from each they wore identified
bs marked fish liberated from the butch
eiies on the Cluckatuus river, in Ore
gon, In 1807.
The president of the Cretan executive
committee lias notified tho foreign ad
mlriils that in view of tlio massacre at
Candia it is impossible to continue tho
effort to organize tho administration
until tho Turkish functionaries and
troops are withdrawn. Ho demands
tho convocation of the Cretan assembly,
and proposes to place a force of Crotuns
at the disposal of tho international ad
ministration. Joseph Chamborlain says nn Anglo
Gormun understanding has been per
fected, and a treaty has been signed.
England is to support the Kaiser's pro
tonsious in Egypt. Chamboilnln also
gave it out officially that England
favors Amerloan retention of the Phil
ippines. Ono thing tho Continental
powers most fear is that tlio Unitod
Statos and Great Britain may enter
into an International understanding.
' A roport is published In London of a
daring plot to assassinato the czar at
Moscow last week. Tho plan of tho
conspirators was to allow gas to esuape
Into a house on tho routo of the czar's
procession until tho atmosphere In every
room was saturated. Ono of their
number was to remain In tho bouse
and striko a light when tho czar was
passing in tho expectation that the
Iiouso would bo blown to pieces and
the ozar killed. The conspirator
would porlsh hlmsolf as a eacritlco to
tho cause. The explosion was mis
timed and a stuff ofllcor and his vi!o
wore killed, togothor with tho conspif
Btor. Thirty people wero injured.
In a large flro at Madulonl, near
Casera, Italy, sovon men, two women
and two ohildren wero killed.
The international onoampment of
tho Grand Army met In Cincinnati, O.
Every section of the Union was repre
lented. It baa boon doclded that tho govern
ment ressols which won fumo in tho
war will not be sold. Tho Gloucester,
formerly Morgan's yaohj; Corsair, ono
of tho Auxiliaries, will bo retained,
because of her prominent part In the
destruction of Cervera's floot.
Tho official rooord of tho war depart
ment, as completod, shows that there
were 83 officers anL231 enlisted mon
of tho army, 204 in all, killed in battlo
during the war with Spain. Those
casualties includo all the lives lost by
the array in tho battles in the Philip
pines, as well as those in Cuba and
Porto Rico.
General Miles and part of bis com
mand have reached homo. Tho general
confirms sensational roports regarding
hlmsolf and Alger, and rotors to two
pointed snubs. The war department
refused the roquosts of Miles that his
for oo be allowed to parado In Now
York, and that the Wisconsin roglmont
be allowed afow doys in Now York
before return Ing to its home stato.
A riot oocurred in" tho Colorudo
Springs opera-house between 23 men
representing State Chairman Blood and
the Tellor faotion of tho Silver Repub
lican party, and Shoriff Boynton and
Chief of Police Gustright, with about
75 men representing the 'Wolcott-Ste-venB
faction. Charles nairis, of Den
ver, was killed, and an unkuown man
wos seriously injured. The opera
house was then takon possession of by
the police, deputy sheriffs and support
ers oi ex-unairnian uroao.
At Cincinnati, O., the middle-of-the-road
Populists reorganized the People's
party, renewed its former declaration
of prinaiples, and nominated its nation
al ticket two years and two months in
advance of the date of election. The
object of this early action was to head
off any such fusion as that of 1800.
The Western and Southern delegates
nominated Wharton Barker and Igna
tius Donnelly for president and vice-
president, and declared the principles
of the re-organized party. The EuBtern
states were not represented.
Minor Sewn Item..
. When tho trans-Siberian railroad
Is oompleted it will be easy for a per
son to go from London to Japan in 13
At a meeting of the executive com
mittee of Tammany Hull it was de
cided not to recognize the new state
election law.
: The amount of gold coin in actual
circulation in the world is estimated
by the Bank of England officials to b
about 865 tons.
Fearing a yellow fever epidemic
half the population of Jackson, Miss,
liuvo fled from the town.
The bitter passenger rute war is tor
minuted. All western roads liavo agreed
to a restoration of passenger rattw, to
be effective September 21.
Captain James O. Blaine, assistant
adiutunt-genoral. U. fl. V., has been
discharged from tho army for his rocen
flagrant osoapades at San Francisco and
Spain has lost another Pacific posses,
slon. Native forces captured tho gar
rison of Ponape and took full posses
sion of the Carolines, which this conn
try hail contemplated seizing had tho
wur been prolonged.
Governor Lord, of Oregon, has com
pletod his investigation of tho condition
of the 830 recruits of the Second Ore
eon volunteers enoumpod at San Finn
Cisco, and has tolegraphed to tho eccro,
tary of war that ho bus found every
thing satisfactory.
Gonoral Kios, governor of tho Vi-
sayas islands, and ud intorlm governor
genorul of the Spanish territory In the
Philippines, lias wired the Madrid gov
eminent that he has arrived at 'nn
understanding with tho American
authorities respecting tho island of
Thore Is reason to believe that tho
navy department bus selected the Texus
na the future flagship of tho Asiatic
elation. Tlio understanding Is that
Bhu will replace tho protected cruisor
Olympia, which is to be ordeied to the
United States as soon as her relict ar
lives on the Asiatic station.
A Madrid dispatch says Spain Is
ready to concedo our every demand
and the impossibility of resuming the
struggle is fully recognized. Tho gov'
ernmont iB evidently of theoplnlon that
with a strong navy there might have
beon a different story to toll of tho out
come of tho wur with tho United
States, nnd deplores tho fact thut she
has but few ships left.
A Cu':an patriot writes that ralsory
among the Cubans is on the increase,
nnd that conditions in Havana City
and province uro worso now than dur
ing tho war, with no relief in Bight
The Spaniards, he says, nro roveng
ing themselves for the loss of Cuba by
robbing, maltreating and oppressing in
every possible way tho unfortunato
peoplo of the island.. Chaos reigns
and the public seivico has beon com
pletely abandoned In all departments.
Undor peremptory orders from Gon
oral Miles, preparations are being made
to broak up Cump ikoll at once, by
sending home all the soldiers. The
now onlor conflicts with one Irom the
war department. Preparations are be
ing made, bowover, to abandon the
camp in accord with the commanding
general's order and in direot disregard
of that of the socretsry. Alger, when
questioned, passed tho matter over by
Baying Milos' order was issued in fur
thcranco of tho department's plans.
The naval station at Nowport, R. 1.,
is to bo discontinued.
Fifty Spanish prisoners oapturod at
the naval buttle July 8, off Santiago,
have sailed from Jorsoy City on tho
steamer City of Rome for home. The
men had been held prisoners at Nor
folk, Vo.
Illinois has secured the commnndor
in-chief of the G. A. R., in Colonel
James A. Sexton, of Chicago; and
Pennsylvania has secured the location
of !!!)'! annual onoampment at Phila
delphia noxt year.
A dispatch from Manila says: The
attitude of the Philippine insurgent
leaders is daily bocoming more danger
ous. So open is their opposition to tno
American authorities that tho situation
is strained and reconciliation may be
Toxarkana, Ark., Is ovorrrun with
idlo negroes, who are said to have oome
from the Northern distnots of Texus,
whencoythey were driven by white-
cups, who are allogod to have made
several murderous attackB on the
At the Washington stato convention
held at Ellonsburg, Wash., tho Demo
crats renominated James Hamilton
Lewis for congress by acclamation,
and tho silver Republican convention
renominated Congressman W. G. Jones
by acclamation.
It Is officially announced that Senator
George Gray, of Delaware, has been
selocted as tho fifth member of the
Pans peace commission. This com
pletes the personnel of the commission,
which Btands coniposod as follows: Ex
Sooretary of State Day, Sonators Frye
and Gray and W'hitelaw Roid.
Two million dollars, for the purchase
of the Centoi Star mine, in Rousland,
B. 0.,- has been depositod with the
oashior of the Stato Savings bank, In
Butte, Mont. The purchasers are an
English syndioate, of which Sir Charles
Ross, now in Now York, is the head.
The stockholders who sell out are prin
cipally Butte peoplo.
A dispatch to the New York Herald
from Ponce, Porto Rioo. says that ill
ness among the United States troops is
increasing. Thore are now more than
25 per cent of the men unfit for duty
within a radius of a few miles of Ponce.
Thore are 1,000 soldiers in the hos
pitals. In some commands there are
j 80 per con t of the men down with fever,'
principally typhoid.
The Manitou & Pike's Peak cog rail
way signed a contract for a largo ob
servatory to be built at the top of
Pike's Peak, with a tower which can be
geen forty miles.
Mrs. Nancy Wellman, wbo died at
hei homo near Louisa, Ky., at tho ago
of 05 years, was the mother of 10 chil
dren, 11 of whom were married. She
had 88 grandchi'dren, 102 great grand
children and 81 great-great-grandchildren.
She also raised nine orphan
The Business Portion of New
Westminster Destroyed.
Several rernone rerlnhed Arlr.one
Mining Town Horned, With Lou
or 1. 1 re-T I re st lied 11 lu IT.
Tancouver, B. O., 6ept. 13. Th
business portion of Now Westminster
was totally destroyed by fire tins morn
ing. The property loss will exceed
Despair and suffering are the lot of
hundreds of homoloss peoplo. Food
clothing and aid of all kinds Is boing
hurriedly dspatclied from Vancouver to
the ill-fated "Royal" city.
It is not known how many people
lost tholr lives, but it is fearod several
have been burnod to death. Campbell
a fireman, fell off the rooi of a burning
building and was killod. A woman
dropped dead from fright. One woman
who bad been confined two weeks ago,
died wliilo they wore moving her from
a burning house, while another, sutler
ing from typhoid fevor, who had beon
twioo removed from residences which
were in the burning zone, did iiot sur
vive the shock.
So extremely florco wero the flames
that apples on the trees on sides of the
street opposite the burning houses were
Throe river steamers wore destroyed,
the Edgar, Gladys and Bonaccord.
Every industry savo the big Royal
City planing mills and the Cleve Can'
nine Company has been wiped out.
The Canadian Pacific ruilway station
and bridge across Fraser rivor wore
also burned.
The fire started about midnight on
the river front, and was caused by
spark from a stoamor. Fanned by a
florco galo, tho flames leaped with such
rapidity that within throe hours 10
streets were abalazo. The fire was
first noticed at Brackman & Kerr's
wharf, on Front street. From thore it
spread down to the Canadian Pualflo
railway depot and crossed the streeet
at that point. From thore it went up
the streot, taking in tho other side of
Front street, and Columlm street, the
ohief business thorough hire of the city.
Blook aftor block caught fire, and in a
fow hours there was nothing left of
what had beon the business portion of
Row WostmlnBter.
The wind was blowing luriously down
Eraser rivor towards the mouth. If it
bad been blowing tlio other way the
whole of the Catholio church buildings,
convent and hospital and other struo'
tures, would have been burned.
This morning there was no wator sup
ply for the uso of the burnod-out citi
cons. There was not a single butcher,
baker or provision shop that was not
destroyed, and there was only ono small
hotel snved.
Some of the burnori-out people re
tired in the early hours this morning
In the open air in front of the school
house. They covered thomselvos with
blaukots nnd luy down to sloop undor
the sky.
The loss is roughly estimated at
13,500,000, and tho insurunoo at f 1,
Bunk vaults withstood the fire. One
Insurance company's vault was blown
up by gunpowder.
A citizen s commlttoe has been
formed in Vancouver to give relief to
the sufferers.
Mining- Camp Wiped Out.
Proscott, Ariz., Sept. 18. The town
of Jeromo, near hero, was completely
wiped out this morning by fire, entail-
ng a loss of over 1, 000,000 in prop
erty. Eleven bodies have so far been
recovered, while a soore or more are
said to be in the ruins or missing.
The fire originated from a gasoline
Btove in a cabin, and spread so rapidly
and fiercely that It was impossible to
save even clothing.
'' Fire at Red muff.
Red Bluff, Cal., Sept. 18. Fire
broke out early this morning on Main
street, and beforo it was extinguished
destroyed an entire block of tho finest
buildings in the town. The loss to
property-owners will bo more than
100,000, on whioh the Insurance is
probably half that sum. The origin of
the fire Is unknown. Tho prinolpal
Sufferers from the conflagration are
Darrough & Fickert, Bank of Tehama,
A. L. Hoffman, P. R. Kettner, and D.
8. Prince.
Gatollne Explosion.
Philadelphia, Sopt, 18. By tho ex
plosion of 60'gallons of gasoline In tho
cellar of a grocery store at 1444 South
street, tonight four and possibly a
dozen lives were lost. As an immed
iate consequence of the explosion, the
building where it occurred and those
djoining it on eithor side collupsod,
and up to 10 o'clock, four hours after
the occurrence, four bodies have boen
recovered from the ruins, and three of
these identified as follows:
Samuel Schattonstein, keoper of the
grocery store; lils 10-year-old son,
Abraham; A 10-months-old child,
named Max Goldberg. The fouith
body was that of a girl about 10 years
of age. 'i
A Kentucky Fire.
Princeton, Ky., Sept. 18. The block
of buildings on Main street, here,
nown as Bank hotel, were destroyed
by fire today. Total loss, about f 50,-
Newport. R. I., Sept. 13. The
Ocean house, one of tho largest and
most popular hotels on the Atlantio
coast, was destroyed by fire this after
noon. The building was valued at
100,000. Many of the guests lost
Entpreu of Anatrla the Victim of an
Italian Anarchlit.
Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 18. Th
empress of Austria was assassinated
near tho Hotel Buaurivnge this after
noon by an anarchist, who was arrostod
It appears that her mnlesty was
walking from her hotel to the landin
place of the steamer at about 1 o'clock,
when an Italian anarchist suddenly ap
nenred and stabbed her to the heart,
The empress fell, and was carried
tho Ilotol Bcaurivago, where she ox
The stretcher upon which tho em
press was carried to tlio hotel was bast
ily improvised with oars and sail cloth
Doctors and priests wero Immediately
summoned, and a telegram was sent to
Emperor Francis Joseph.
All efforts to revive her majesty
wore unavailing, and she expired at 8
o'clock. The medical examination
shows that tho assassin must have used
a small triangular file. After striking
the blow he ran along the line Det
Alpes, with the evident Intention
entering the squaro Los Alpes, but be'
fore reaching it ho was seized by two
cabmon, who hail witnessed the crime,
They banded him over to a boatman
and a gondarmo, who conveyed bim to
the polico station.
The prisoner mudo no resistance,
Ho even sang as he walked along, say
ing "I did it," and "She must be
At the police station he declared that
he was a "starving anarchist, with nc
hatred for the poor, but only for the
Later, wlion takon to the oourtliouso
and interrogated by a magistrate in the
presonco of three mom hers of the local
government and the police officials, he
protended not to know Fronch and re'
fused to answer questions. The police,
on searching him, found a document
showing liia name to bo Luigi Loa
chini, born in Paris in 1874, and an
Italian soldier.
A groat' crowd quickly assombled
around the Ilotol Bounrivago, where
the officials proceedad aftor interrogat
ing the prisoner. Tho police searchod
the Rcono of the crime for the weapon,
and the accomplices of tho assassin.
It appears that a boatman notlcxl
three persons closely following the em
press, who was making purchases In
the shops.
The local government. Immediately
on receiving the news of hor majesty's
death, hulf-muBted tho flag on tho hotel
devilln (the municipal office), and pro,
ceeded in a body to the Ilotol BeauriV'
age, as a token of roepect.
The excitement incrensod, and many
of the shops on the Kursanl weie closed.
The empress wound was just over
the left breast. There was hardly any
bleeding. A priest Was secured in time
to administer the extreme unction.
Cninnilialon Selected to Investigate War
Washington, Sept. 18. The pnsl
dent has nrgod the followlng-nainod,
among others, to accept places on the
committee to investigate tho conduct
of the war department:
Lieutenant Genoral John M. Sclio
field, Genorul John B. Gordon, General
Granville M. Dodge, Presldont D. 0.
Gillman, Gonorui Charles F. Mandor
eon, Robert T. Lincoln, Dunlol S. La
mont, Dr. W. W. Keone and Colonol
Jumcs A. Sexton.
The message wbloh President Mo-
Kinley addressod to each follows:
"Will you ronder to the country a
great service by accepting my appoint
ment as a member of the committee to
examine into the conduct of the com
missary, quartermaster and medical
bureaus of tho war department during
tho war, nnd to tho cxtontof the causes
and treatment of sickness In field and
camps? It is my dosiro thut the full
and exaor. truth shall be ascertained
and mudo known. I cannot too strongly
impress upon you myearnost wish that
this commission shall be of such high
oliaracter as will command the confi
dence of the oountry, and 1 trust yon
will consent to serve."
ie FUlpplnni Still Waging War
agiilnat the Rpanlnrd.
London, Sopt. 13. The Manila cor
respondent of the Times, telegraphing
September 9, Bays: The insurgent oon
quest of the island of Luzon is rapidly
approaching completion. Recent au
thentic roports announce the captnre oi
successive Spanish positions, and at
present the rebols control every foot oi
the island except Manila, Cavite, and a
small portion of the provlnoe of Albnin.
They hold over 9,000 Spanish prisoners,
and have recently captured several
thousand rifles, some Cannon, a large
quantity of ammunition, and several
armed stands. The Spaniards held out
vulorously, but were fighting against
the Inevitable.
It is undeniable that the action of
the insurgents in pursuing the cam-
aign after an armistice was doclarcd
us caused much useless suffering and i
destruction of property, and has anni
hilated their every claim to bo consid
ered in any respect as the allies of the
Typhoon In Japan.
Yokohama, Sept. 13. The "central
provinces of Japan have been swept by
terrible typhoon, which has caused
leavy floods, doing much damage and
destroying 800 lives.
Race War In Georgia.
Borok Station, Ga., Sept. 18. The
body of George Burton, a negro, who
assaulted Mrs. CogginB, was found this
morning in the Flint rivor abont thtee
miles below Digby, riddled with bul
lets. A rock weighing several hun
dred pounds was tied to It. The news
as reached here that 200 or 800 ne
groes are murclilng to uiguy, armed
ith guns and rides, swearing ven
geance. Every white man in town H
doing armed.
Official Designation of
New Possession.
Form of Government Decided Upon by
the Congreinlonnl Committee
the Pacific Cable.
San Francisco, Sopt. 12. The stoam
er Coptio arrived from Yokohama and
Hong Kong, vln Honolulu, bringing
the following advices from tho latter
city under dato of Soptombcr 6:
The territory of "Hawaii" is the
name whioh the annexation commission
has deolded to recommend to congress
Thus will bo preserved In the president
nomenclature from the United States
the distinctive origin of this part of the
United States. The history and tradi
tion of the islands and the associations
that now residents hero want forgotten
will go on in unbroken union with the
name. The form of government will
bo modeled on that of existing torrl
tories. Thore will be no further de
parture from this foim than locul con
ditions and national political consider
ations make necessary. It is possible
that in working out the details the form
of government will not approximate bo
closely to that of stato govorument as
the ordinary form oi territorial govern
meut does. But the cl'imete possibil
ity of statehood will not be barred.
Still, there will bo no District of
Columbia or Alaska form of government
proposed. Local solf-govornmcnt will
be given through tho extension of the
municipal Idea. The islands will be
divided into municipal districts, having
control, under restrictions, of purely
local affairs. Honolulu, for instance,
will be a municipal district, embracing
the whole of the island of Oalio. Ha
wall may bo divided into two districts,
and Molokul, Maul and Nithau may bo
attachod to some other municipal dis
The question of a torritorlnl loglsla
ture has not boen fully Bottled. There
will probably bo ono, but with limited
powers. All tho attributes of sover
olgnty, however, will bo exorcised by
the national government ol the United
States. The peoplo of Hawaii will be
called on to consider thcniRolvea Amor
leans, looking to the uutionul govern
ment as a source of nationnl power.' In
internal affairs they will . have the op
portunity of exorcising tho high attrib
ute of Amerloan oitlzensbip, local self
government. ,
The form of government tho commie
slon will rocommend will bo one calcu
lated to do away with tho associations
of national independence and to create
associations arid a feeling of union with
the Unitod States. It is pretty clour,
from what has been said by members of
tho commission from time to tiino,
that in framing a form of government
for these islands they have also been
charged by the administration at Wash-
ngton with forming a model which can
be adapted to Porto Kiooand other now
possessions the war has brought the
United States.
The Pad do cablo may go around
Honolulu. A shorter routo by way of
Alaska has been figured on. Gonornl
A. 8. Hurtwell said this morning:
By the last mail I received some
communications irom tli company
concerning the cable. General Schrym
sor writes me that his company Is An
noyed at the delay required by the
clause in the Hawaiian contract which
gives tho secrotniy of state six months
In which to signify his approval or dis
approval of the contract. Ho states
that ho has had sotno correspondence
with Socrotary Dny on tho mattor, and
has askod him to come to a final con
clusion at as early a date as convenient.
'If the company shall not avail itself
of tbo Hawaiian contiact, it con torn
plates adopting tlio ehortor Alaska
routo. Goneral Sclnymscr writes me
that a cable, with a landing in Alaska,
thence to Japan, connecting with the
establishod lines to Cliina, Manila and
Australia could be built for less than
15,000,000, as against 112,000,000 via
the Hawaiian islands."
It is the present calculation to sond
the United Statos ship Philadelphia
baok to San Francisco very soon, as
Admiral Millor, having oomplotod the
mission on which he was sont by the
Unitod States government, is author
ized to return. The transport Sc.mdia
arrived from San Francisco this morn
ing. Largest In History.
New York, Sept. 12. R. G. Dun &
Co.'s weokly review of trade says: Tne
volume of businoss is larger 'than it
ever has been. Investors across tlio
water have caught the cue, and their
purchases of American bonds and
stockB have been heavy for soveru!
weeks. Whoat has been about 1 cent
higher for spot, with Western receipts
only about as large as those of last
year for the week.
Failure) for the first week in Sep
tember have been, in amount of lia
bilities, 1,111,593; manufacturing
failures aggregated 224,002, and trad
ing $703,991. Failures for the week
have been 164 in the United States,
against 210 last year and 10 in Canada,
against 85 last year.
No Friction, Bays Shatter.
Mlddletown, Pa., Sopt. 12. Socro
tary Alger and General Shatter were at
Camp Meade today, and witnessed a
review of troops and Inspected the
camp. Alger left at noon for Detroit,
and Shatter departed for Washington.
Speaking of his controversy with Miles,
Shatter said:
"It is all poppycock. There is no
friction between Milos and mysolf, at
least there was not when he left San
tiago. ' 7
Complete Fuelon IFu Effected at
Kllenibarg, IVaeb.
Ellonsburg, Wash., Sept 12. The
Populist, Democratioand Silver Repub
lican stato conventions, representing Kio
silvot forces of the state of Washing
ton, formod a fusion today, and nomi
nated the following tickett
Representatives James Hamilton
Lewis, Democrat, of Seattle, and W. O.
Jones, Silver Republican, of Spokane.
Supreme judges B. F. Houston, Pop
nllst, of Taoouia, and M. M. Godman,
Democrat, of Dayton.
Fusion was accomplished by tho Pop
ulists conceding to tlie Democrats ono
of the nominees for supreme judge.
Joint Platform.
The joint platform committee report
ed the following union platform, which
was adopted by the Populists, Demo
crats and Silvor Republicans:
"We demand the re-establlshmont
of blmotalism by a return to the fiee
and unlimited oolnngo of both gold and
silvor Into money at the prosont legal
ratio of 16 to 1, without waiting for the
aotion of any other nation.
"We demand that our money shall
be Issued by the government only,
without the intervontlon of banks of
issuo, as full legal-tender for all dobts,
publlo and private; that the volume of
tho circulating medium shall be e effi
cient to meet the requirements of the
business of tbo country, for the purpose
of restoring and maintaining a just
lovel of pricos for labor and commodi
ties, to a realization of all of which we
pledge our representatives in congress.
"We demand that tliero shall be no
further issue of United States interest
bearing bonds.
"We denonnce government by in
junction. "Wo demand the election of Unitod
States senators by a direct voto of the
peoplo, and pledgo oar members of con
gross to use evory means in tholi power
to secure the submission of a constitu
tional amendment providing thorefor.
"We take pride io commending tho
admirable record of 8onator George
Turner and W. O. Joooa and James
Hamilton Lewis, our loprosontativcs
in congross, and congratulate members
of our party on the high station at
tained by them in tire councils of the
"We bollove that the majority
should rule, and upon all grave puollo
questions the voice of the people should
be heard diroctly; and for' the purpose
of securing this most essential reform,
we pledge the legislature of the stato
of Washington to beeleotod at the com
ing election to the submission of suoli
constitutional amendments as shall
effoctunlly secure to tho people the
power to Initiate, enaot and repeal laws,
"We domand adequate protection for
the people of this state against railroad
monopoly by the passngo of just laws
governing freight ami passenger rates;
and wo specifically domand a 8-oont
per-mllo passenger rate and a material
reduction from prosont frolght rates.
We domand that no public fran
chise be granted without adoqnato com
pensation to the people, and favor the
adoption of such legislation as shall se-
ouro that rosulL
"We are in favor of liberal exemp
tions from taxation and declare our-
solves in favor of a constitutional
amendment to secure that end.
"We demand that tho rato of intorost
on state warrants be reduoed from 8 to
6 per cent."
Itecrultlng Agentt Impreulng Employee
of Foreign Keildenti.
Manila, Sept. 12. Recruiting agents
of the Insurgonts are causing further
trouble. They have been impressing
omployes of foreign residents, includ
ing thoso of tho British consul, and
sovoral foreigners have complained that
native grooms are taking their employ
ers' horses and joining tho insurgents.
Amcilcnn army chaplains huvo insti
tuted ProtoBtant sorvices in prlvuto
buildings. Suoh Borvices were nevor
previously held in the history of the
In conformity with the new regula
tions, most of tho Spanish steamers are
taking Amerioaii registry. The native
orows refuse to sorve undor Spanisn
officers, and the insurgonts demand
that tno American authorities employ
no Spaniards In any capacity whatever.
Tho insurgonts continue divided bo-
tweon thoso who advoonte absolnto in
dopondenco and those who favor an
American protectorate.
Tho British cruiser Powerful arrivod
today and saluted Admiral Dewey.
Gonoral Otis responded from the Utah
battery in the oltadol. It was the first
salute since the surrender.
Hoard of Inquiry.
Wushlngton, Sept. 12. President
McKlnley has tendered places on tho
proposed commission to invostlgato the
war department in relation to the con
duct of the Hispuno-Americun war to
Major-General Schofield, ex-command-
ng general of the army, and to ex-Sen
ator John B. Gordon, of Georgia.
Hurled br a C'aTe-Io.
Butto, Mont., Sept 12. A cave-in
of ground in the Ruby mine, just out
side of the city, this morning, burled
Joseph Kufma and Harry Andrews.
Tho men were working in the stope on
the 160-foot level. Men have been
working on the (all ever since, but up
to midnight had not recovered the
bodies. Both men were nnnwrled.
A l)nr Tragedy.
Donver, Colo., Sept. 12. W. II.
Lawrence, of Cleveland, O., was shot
and probably mortally wounded in a
room at the Oxford hotel this afternoon
by a woman who Is known here only as
Florence Richardson. The woman
then shot herself in the heart, dying
almost instantly. Mr. Lawronce was
taken to St. Luke's hospital. The doc
tors in attendance glvo no hope of his
recovering. The bull entered bis back
and passed clear through th body,
coming out at the left nipple.
Investigation May Be Ordered
by the President.
Aad Ie Joined by Adjiitant-Oeneral
Corliln The Treildent llai Hot
Yet Made a Deeiilon.
Washington, 6ept. 10. Socrotary
Algor has requested the presldont to
order a thorough and searching investi
gation of tho war department. In this
request, the seorotary hud beon joined
by Adjutunt-Gcuoral Corbin. No do
clBion has beon roached yet by the pros
Idont as to what course he will pursno.
He has the request of Secretary Algor
nndcr consideration, but has not yet de
termined whether ho will grant It or
not. Socretary Alger had a long con
ference with the uresldont tonight, be
fore he left the city, and impressed
upon him his earnest doslre that an in
vestigation, suoh as ho had requested,
be orderod.
It now seems not unlikely that the
Investigation will bo orderod, but it is
tho wish of the presldont further to
consider the matter before announolng
a definite polioy.
The question probably will receive
consideration at the cabinet meeting to
Eduein Paeha Believed to He the
London, Sept. 10. The correspond
ent of the London Standaid, telegraph
ing Thursday from the British battle
ship Ournpordown, off Cuudln, says:
Tho refugees tell ghastly stories of
massacres. Thoy report that no fowor
than TOO Christians aro missing. Sov
oral attompts wore made lat night to
sot on fire the offices of tho Eastern
Tolograph Componv. It hos beon as
certained that all tho houses overlook
ing tho British camp were loop-holod
for rifle fire and barricaded. This
shows eloarly that tho outbreak was
The behavior and attltudo of the
Turkish troops have beon and still are
inexplicable. Without going so far as
to asseit that they took part in the at
tack on our troops though many peo
plo are ready to affirm that thoy actual
ly saw tho sultan's soldiers firing on
our toldiors It Is impossible to con
tradict the positive faot that thoy made
no attempt to ronder assistance.
Every Christian survivor of the mas
laore swears that the butchery was
mostly the work of Turkiah soldiers,
who first robbed and then slow their
Edhom Pasha hi tiro man who ongn
to be hold primarily responsible. Had
he wished to provent bloodshod li
would moat certainly hove done so.
Not till tho British troops undor OM
onol Roid had beon fighting hard fov
four honrs did Edhom, with bis Turk,
lsli soldiors, arrive upon the aoene. H
then had the effroutry to say that h
had only just hoard that the British)
troops wore being attickml by thou
sands of bnshl-bazouks. It Is needless
to eommont on tholr brazon-fuood ex
cuse. It is onough to say that Edhom
Pasha muBt have known what was hup
enlng from the moment the first shot
was fired, if, indeed, he did not ar
range the plot himself.
To Further Our Trade.
Chicago, Sept. 10. At a mooting of
the directors of the Illinois Manufactur
ing Association, the plans for tho in
formal conference rogardlng the treaty
of penoe with Spain at the Union
Loaguo Club, Thursday ovonlng, Sep
tember 20, wore practioully comploted.
The pur who of tlio conforonce is to as
certain the fueling among representa
tive manufacturers and business mon
of Illinois on the question as to what
position this govornmont ought to take
for tho furtherance and dovolopmont ol
its trade nnd commorce in the forma
tion of the treaty of poace about to be
taken up by the peace commission. It
is said similar mootlngs Will follow in
other stutcs.
German Army Hoandal. 1
Berlin, Sopt. 10. A painful scandal
has Arisen In ono of tho regiments of
the dragoon guards, where the officers
liavo boon playing baccarat for high
stakos of late. Prince Albert of Saxe
Coburg lost 3,000 and Lieutenant
Goeta his entire fortnno at one sitting.
A quarrel arose between tlio latter and
anothor offlcor whioh led to a chal
lenge. The colonol of the roglmont re
ported the mattor to tho emperor. An
gered by the disregard of his prohibi
tion of gambling, Emperor William
summoned Prlnoe Albert to his pres
ence and ordored him to take leave of
absonce until September 80. The
other two officers wero oashlered.
Murdored by Thieve.
Cambrldgo, O., Sept. 10. John
Boyd, his daughter and son-in-law, liv
in a foor miles east of hero, wore mur
dered last night. Boyd's little grand
daughtor told the fact to neighbors to
duy. The houso was ransackod. Boyd
was wealthy. A drug was used by the
murderers. Police have goue to the
Fanneri rraylbg for Kaln.
Astoria, Sopt. 10. There Is one vory
romarkablo situation In Clatsop county
at the presont time. Tho farmers are
actually praying for rain. Usually the
prayors are for sunshine, but tne not
weather of the past week has dried np
the ground and Interfered sorlously
with tmsturasro. Forest fires bavo
caused much dnmnge, and unless thore
Is ruin within the next few days, they
may spread to dangerous proportions.
Indications tonight promise rain tax to.
morrow. ' y-