Independence monitor. (Independence, Or.) 1912-19??, July 06, 1918, Image 4

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I AVill Clodfi-ltiT i visiting in
tJie city this Veck.
Miss IVari IVivival w visiting
friends in4. Independence thi
C. V. Bar-rick and Clu-t ITcnkle
made a business trip to Portland
j (trover Mattisi-.n hikI; T ."W.
Jlart made a business trip to IV
dee Tuesday. '
? Mr and Mrs. 0. L. lostiT of
Albany, were Iiutependwe vis
ors Wednesday ' I :
; o. A. Wclverton ha UfP Mee
ted to sueceed II. c Ostein as
mayor of Monmwith. I I A -f
Black berrying is qifiteSt diTrf
iion and some arc out with the
early birds every morning.
Mark Ilanna left flr fwrtfiin.i
the first of the weelj whtr-he;
will be with bis fatlu-r, L.Uan-
na. i I
Ray Laey, m ho ha charge of
the electric power station it Sti
ver, was in Inik'pi'udt-m-e 'cd
fiesday. i !
E d Paulson who is in 1h pnit
Scrvic. of the 1'. S. arniy, was in
Independence Tuesday visiting
friends. . i
! Everybody celelrHte( July 4
. fcudi Independence tlepopulated
Itself to attend the King Valley
Ilobart Dickson was visiting in
Independence the first of the
week. He is leaving to join the
Jiavy again. ,
! Alex Montgomery, brother-in-jitw
of (!. H. Smith, was up from
Kelso, Washington, Tuesday for
k visit here,
! Kay bonsinorc was in Indepen
dence ' Sunday, "coming down,
from the timber above Kails City
where he is working.
A. Fleischman, a promint-nt
farmer living near Suver pur
chased a Peering hinder of Cra
ven & I luff this week.
" Mr. and Mrs. Olen Whiteakef
moved from Monmouth to Black
Rock Wednesday where they
will make their home.
The Business Mens' Associa
tion met Tuesday evening at the
Beaver hoteT for their regular bi
monthly business meeting.
; People gather in Independence
m Saturday nights bs thick as
gnat gather around the street
lights on a ,warm sultry night.
II. II. Brinkley who h us been in
Portland for a few days' visit
with, relative returned to Inde
pendence Wednesday evening.
John Feagles, who has heer. in
Southern Oregon for cvt-ral
months, was in the city the lirst
of the week for a few days visit.
Willard Phillips, who has been
in Kentucky for some time, is
home this week visiting his moth
er, Mrs. Ida R. Phillips, in tbi
Editor Clark and son hurried
out their issue of the Enterprise
and went to Portland for a week's
vacation. ITow can .a printer do
Craven & Iluff have just re
ceived a shipment of gasoline en
gines that can be operated with
either distillate, gasoline or ker
osene. Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Farrier
of Yakima, Washington, stayed
over night in Independence on a
trip through the state on an auto
Iler.ry Ford writes from Fort
Lee, Va., that lie has been ad
vanced from Corporal to Top
Sargent. He exp. cts to sail for
i France any day now. ,
Automobiles were a continu
ous parade through' Main street
.Inlv 4, passinsr north and south
for the celebration at King Val
Uv jind ''kreall.
The) Independence postoffice
went out of the Civil Serriee
class July 1, and Mrs. II. S.
Wood has taken the pos-'tion of
deputy post mistress. ,
Mr. nl Ms. F,J Striecfr and
Mr. , f'haso Stringer a tit. ted to
SVio the first of the week to visit
Sidney Stringer ,who will leave
in a few days to join the colors.
, O. At Maey was in Indepen
dence5 Sunday to- close pome busi
tipi matters be f coin? into
tn service nf TTncb Sam. TTe has
joined the Snrnee division of the
C. W. Barriclv, E. D. Stidd. Mr.
and Mrs. L. A. Sorer, Mr. and Mrs.
Chester Sloper and Ovarii Me
Ianchlin antoed to Salem "STnn
dav evening to see the State
Ouard of Salem in drill.
TTomer Mills who-has been at
Vancouver,,. Washington, for sev
eral hi'ths.' rftfrnedlto Inde
pendiWe this He expects
to fro i"to the mills . in; Portland
after the fourth.
The Ma Hon -Polk bridge at Sa
lem will be finished by the rr id
die ff Julv is a report from Sa
lem The county will do some
, paving to connect to the bridge,
states the Capital Journal.
Mr. McOrath, Mr. and; Mr?.
Chas. Richardson of Portland
ami Mrs. Farley of Oegon City,
have been visiting Mrs. Martha
Piehardson and other relatives
in Independence this week.
Alvin Smith left for Newport
Tuesday where he will open a
shooting gallery. All seaport
visitors are invited to shoot clay
birds, iron pigeons and - bri".k
China pheasants with Alvin.
July" 4 was a picnic day for
Normal teachers and several
parties from the "High Dome"
at the end of Monmouth street
- were down picking blackberries
and wading in the Willamette.
Mr. and Mrs. Williams in an
auto collided with a traveling
salesman's auto at the intersec
tion of B and Main streets. Mon
day and both cars wer; damaged
considerably. - No one was hurt.
J. W. Kiehardson who has been
chief elerk in the postoffice since
Independence was a baby, has re
signed and will go to work in
one of I.'iule Sam's war indus
tries. John has two boys on the
lighting line and will help make
material so that they will be able
to get the "fodder" to fight
l, ' . " "A ''"J"' "--V
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