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NO. 40
Story of Organization
One of the best known pioneer
parties coining to Uregou was
that emigration of 1S45, whie
became lost in the Central Ore
gon territory in the Harney, Mai
heur and Lake county sections,
This party was being piloted
through what w as supposed to be
a shorter route to the Willamette
valley by a man by the name of
"Meek" and their route is now
known as the "Meek's" cut-oft
Mr. S. Tetherow was one of
the party and among his record
were found the record of some of
the events and proceedings of
this party of pioneers. The rec
ords are as follows:
Oregon Society Constitution, &
At a meeting of a number of
persons wishing to emigrate to
Oregon, held at Eluabothtown
on the fifth day of April, 184.J
the Rev. William Helm hem;
called to the chair and the le
Lewis Thompson being eleete-I
secretary, the following eousti
tution was adopted:
A committee that had been
previously appointed, upotted ;i
"WHEREAS, in order to Ik I
ter prepare the way for and ac
complish our journey to Oregon
with greater harmony, it was
deemed advisable to adopt cer
tain rules and regulations.
Itesolved, therefore
All. iilflk. Llkli OMUl loimu
shall be kniwn by the name and
style if the Savannah-Oregon Km
igrating Society.
Art. Second: Any male over
the age of sixteen may become a
member of the company by sub
scribing to the constitution and
paying into the treasury the in
itiation fee of one dollar.
Art. Third: No minors shall
be received into this company
without the consent of their le
gal guardians. (Note: A nota
tion is made before this para
graph as fillows: "Rescinded.")
Art. Fourth: No person shall
be admitted whose obvious in
tention is to avoid the payment
of his honest debts.
Art. Fifth: A majority of the
members may expel anyone for
good cause.
Art. Sixth : The officers if the
company shall consist of a pres
ident, commandant captain, lieu
tenant, secretary, treasurer and
executive council of twelve; the
commandant being chairman of
the council, exoffieio, and such
other inferior military officers
as the executive council shall de
termine. Art. Seventh: The president
shall be elected on the adoption
of this constitution and shall con
tinue in office until the com
mandant captain shall have been
chosen when hia functions as pre
siding officer shall cease.
Art. Eighth: The secretary
shall be elected on the adoption
of this constitution and shall con
tinue in office until the comple
tion of the objects of this com
pany. He shall keep a record of
the transactions of the company
and perform such other duties as
usually appertain to his office.
Art. Ninth: The treasurer
shall be elected on the adoption
of this constitution and he
shall collect, safely keep and
at the direction of the exe
cutive council shall disburse all
the monies in the treasury.
Art. Tenth: The commandant
captain, lieutenant and sui h oth
er military officers as the coun
cil shall determine, shall be eleet
ed when the company shall have
assembled at the plaee of renda
vouz. preparatory to a final start
. . . 1 '1 1... it- nf f
HIM IllrJ snail ii'mm in'"
until thp completion of
iil'CS I
journey and shall perform such
duties as usually appertain
military offices of their respect
ive grades.
Art. Eleventh: The executive
council shall be elected when the i
company shall be assembled at j
the place of rendevouz. Theyt
shall have the general snperin'.eu-
tlenee of affairs of the company
and shall perform all duties as-j
signed them.
Art. Twelfth: After the cent- j
pany shall have been assembled
at t lie place of rendevouz. tl ey
shall appoint six persons to in
spect the outfit of the company,
who being sworn, shall faith
fully perform their duties and re
port to the executive council who
shall determine upon their t re
port. Art. Thirteenth: The funds of
the company shall be faithfully
apropriated for contingent ex
penses in furthering the objects
of the association.
Art. Fourteenth: The neces
sary outfit shall consist of 150
pounds of flour or 100 pounds of
flour and "5 pounds of meal, 50
pounds of bacon for every person
in the company, excepting in
fants. (Continued next week)
Writes of Being Trans
ferred to Bremerton,
Likes to Get Letters and
Paper From People
At Home
Bremerton, Wash. ,May 9.
Independence Monitor
Dear Sir :
I have: received
several copies of your paper and
I am glad to get them and en joy
reading them very much. I notice
that you still address them to the
Presidio, Cal., and I have been
here at Bremerton, Washington,
for more than a month, so if you
will change the address 1 will get
the paper about a week sooner
ami will thank you very kindly
I am serving in Co. A of the U.
S. Guards, 6 Bn., and it is com
posed of a fine lot of men, all old
soldiers from 35 to 60 years old,
and many of them have been in
the U. S. service for 25 years.
All branches of the service are
represented here. Infantry. Cuv
nlry. Artillery, Machine gun, Sig
nal corps and the Hospital corps.
Vi'e went to the Presidio at Cali
fornia, and organized, was fitted
out with equipment all in good
shape, then we were sent here to
do guard duty at the Navy yard,
and no,w we are guarding'the big
lectrie power plant, the water
thp pumping plantand the Brem
crtoii docks, where all the traffit
comes and goes, as there are no
railroads in Bremerton.
Co. A is camped in tents in the
town of Bremerton on 5th street,
near the High School.
Our luty is a pretty stecdy
thing, only one and two nights
in, that is, we are on guard duty
every other day. Many things
happen, but we cannot say any
thing about them.
Kindly remernler me to Homer
-odge. No. 45, of Independence
K. of P.
Frank Parker
Bremerton, Wash.,
Co. A., U. S. Guards, 6 Bn.
Attorney Fletcher was ordered
to go to Hoskins the latter part
f the week to talk Red Cros
inscriptions at a big meeting
Mrs. Dr. S. D. Taylor of En
rprise and Mrs. Olen Whit-
j'ker of Monmouth, visited at
! ! e Monitor office the first of
tr.e week. The ladies are sitert
e.f the better half of the editor
of this paper.
ti . y. pL..
I ir6B-ACt Hlgll OCllOOl
n, , . - . .
nay ai isis rnaay
"At the End of the Rainbow."
a three act play, put on at the
Isis theatre Friday evening by
the High School students, was a
great success and each of the dif
ferent actors showed in exeelleut
form in the rendition if their sev
eral parts. Lavelle llewett as
Robert Preston, Dell Alexander
as Douglas Drown, Otis Scott as
Dick Preston, Charles Calbreath
as Stanley Palmer, Uriel- King as
Ted Whitney, Glenn Hurright as
Jack Austin and Francis Town
send as Marion Dayton were
each and all at home in every
part of the play and showed ex
cellent training in the rendition
of the play. Norma- Calbreath.
Dorothy Paddock, Eula Dickin
son, Helen and Babe Dutlcr, Opal
llewett. Vera Johnson and Leona
Ilanna, with leading parts, did
excellent, whilts Ruth (Jirard,
Laurine Miller, Faye Johnson,
Leona Sloper and Hessie Stillwell
of theTheta Phi adtled pleasure
and spice to the play.
Much of the success of the play
should be credited to Hiss Holt,
one of the teachers in the Inde
pendence High School, who had
charge of the play antl was in
strumental in making it so suc
cessful. The Monitor regrets to
state that Miss Holt, who has
proven very suceesful as one of
I he instructors in the school here,
has decided not to be in Indepen
dence another year.
Those Putting il Over
Get Acquainted
A big meeting of all thoi.)
who took part as committeemen
in putting over the Third Lib;
erty Loan in the eastern part oi
Polk county met Friday evening,
May 10, at the Beaver bote'
whre a program and supper was
given. The orchestra furnishel
the music and played during the
whole of the evening. Special
musical numbers were rendered,
Miss Gladys Irvine rendering
several patriotic soIok, and ih'1
assemblage singing America.
The autos from the different
districts commenced to arric.
about 7:45 and by 8 :.-J0 the dis
tricts were all we!! 1 cltrcseljled
f.nd all met in the lobby of the
hotel where they becams siuaiiit
ed. From there they all repaired
to the dining room for their sup
per. 1
C. W. Irvine acted as chairman
of the meeting and Claude W.
Barriek delivered the address oi
welcome. Short speeches were
In order to
j Clubbing Offer: Two for Price of One
tern, we have decided to club our two papen tor a
of one. Two weekly papers for $1 .50
The Monitor
A home paper with
Regular Pi
made by E. J. Adams, late of the
Highway Commission, D. E,
Fletcher, Kobert-Bakor,Il. Hirseh
berg, Mayor Moore and B. E.
Smith of Independence.
Those making addresses from
outside points were R. "V. Hogg,
F. C: Ewing, J. C. Ferguson,
Chas. Hazelton and F. I. Wood,
all of whom told of the work
and enthusiasm shown in their
respective districts.
Among those present from the
outlying sections were l T. Pet
erson and J. Akers of Parker;
( has. Hazelton and S. L. Stew
rrt of Bethel; Thad Stevens and
Web Lewis of Oak drove; A. K.
Chase and Ed Rex of Oak
Point; F. C. Ewing ami W .1).
(arsline of Brush College; R. W.
Hogg, Chas. S. Huge, and F. L
Wood of AVest Salem; It. South
wick, C. M. McDowell, J. W.
Edgar of Popcorn; J. ('. Fer
guson, L. Grice, F. A. Koehn of
Mountain View.
Home Service Work of the Red
A very active department of the
Red Cross is thnt of Home Ser
vice which is designed to be
generally helpful to the families
of enlisted men.
The Home Service Depart
ment of Willamette Chapter, is
finding a constantly widening
field and is developing a num
ber of trained helpers in reach
ing the homes of enlisted men
with the Red Cross message of
r assurance and mutual assist
,ii ce.
It is apparent that in certain
localities the people did not
know of such a department and
dependents of enlisted men had
undergone hardships that could
have been greatly lessend had it
been known that such a depart
ment was in operation.
The Home Service Depart mem
is not in any sense an alms giv
ing agency, but is designed to
1 remote helpful association and
mutual protection among those
whose former helpers have gone
to Herve the Nation. It is jnst
such an emergency as is neces
sary to prevent many who are
suddenly placed under now and
increased responsibilities from
becoming overburdened and de
pendent. To reach this department in
behalf of soldiers' families who
may be in need of such advice or
assistance, telephone to fso. .i.w,
Salem, Oregon, or address Home
Service Department, Willamette
Chapter, Red Cross, Salem, Ore
gon. Dickson's market is well eu m
ped in its new location, ami
wit h a first class refrigerating
. , -n i. ii
room, independence win oe wen
supplied with good meats during
the summer.
Attorney Barriek and G. II.
Wood made a trip to Astoria
Sunday on business,, returning
Tuesday evening.
place the Monitor on a welly
The Western Youth
County News
A strictly boys' and girls' newspaper
Regular Price
Galls oo Citizens lo Set
Aside May 20-27
Red Cross Week
State if Oregon, Executive De
partnient, Salem, May 15, 1918. ,
Citizens of Oregon,
Greet ings ! WIIKR HAS, Wood
row Wilson ', President of the
Cnited States, and President of
the American Bed Cross, again
has called upon the people of the
Cnited States to support the in
stitution of Red Cross, and
W11K1JEAS, he has proclaimed
the week of May 20 to May 27
tor the purpose of soliciting
Withycinihe, Governor if goner
ous Oregon, call upon all itizens
of this state to set aside thii week
to the holy purpose of soliciting
this humane cause ; and 1 uige
all private citizens, if called up
upon to serve as vorkers and let
no private occupation hc'.d them
back. '
When citizens of Oregon are
asked for their gifts let them re
member they are helping suffer
ing humanity.
Oregon never fails. Let her
lead again!
Given under my hand this 15th
day of May, 1918.
Signed, James Withycombe,
Governor of Oregon.
BOYS "iisT
Those Coming Twenty-
One Next Galled
Registration of the young men
of Oregon and other states who
have reached the age of 21 years
since last June will be called on
en a day soon to be set by pro
clamatiori of President "Wilson.
This day will be fixed by the
President as soon as Congress
enacts necessary legislation now
I lending. That is expected to be
ery soou.
In the meantime, the task ol
organizing Oregon for this new
registration of men for military
service has already begun under
instructions from the War De
partment. These instructions em
emphasize the need for perfect
ing beforehand a complete work
ing organization so that on the
i lay set the registration will be
100 per eent strong.
On last June 5 all men between
the ages of 21 and 30 years, in
clusive were called on to register
for military service. As the lium-
"er oi men
e . : .,
the 21-year-
Id class is estimated to be ap-
Cash in Advance sys-
limited timeai uiep
proximately only one tenth of
those registered then, the task
this year will not be so great.
However, it will be heavy
enough to need the most alert
eo-operatiiu on the part of every
local board, and f state, cuuty
nnd city officials, to cary it
The responsibility for conduct
ing the registration will fall on
local boards in all districts ex
cept those of ;U,tUH) populatiin or
more, where the Mayor is respon
sible. The local boards have been
notified to prepare immediately
lists of the registration places
for the new registration to have
these lists posted, and to take all
other necessary preliminary steps.
In the city of Portland, which
alone comes under the 110,000
classification, Mayor Baker will
have the responsibility for these
Regulations will shortly be
issued by the War Department
providing for the registration of
men who are unable by reason of
illness to present themselves for
registration in person, and for
the registration of absentees.
As was the ease last June !, the
registration is to be completed
in a single day.
Every young man who has at
tained his 21st birthday sincelast
June 5, for his own protection,
should keep well posted as to the
tiny fixed by the President for
the registration, for ignorance of
the registration elate will not be
accepted as an excuse for failing
to register.
Polk County Farmers Will Try
Sorghum Cane
Dallas, Oregon, May 11 The
Polk County Fair Association ami
the Dallas Commercial Club are
oo-oporatnig in an endeavor to in
terest farmers of Polk county in
the' raising of sugar cane. A lim
ited amount of sorghum seed has
ben secured and will be distri
buted free to any one who will
agree to plant it and cultivate the
If sufficient acreage can be se
cured a community press and
cooking vat will be erected. J. O.
I lunnietit, a farmer living sout of
Independence, has ben raising sor
ghum cane for several years and
has made enough syrup for family
use ami to sell to bis neighbors.
Soldiers Should Have Their Home
Overseas, where American sol
diers are facing the enemy, a let
ter from home is most welcome.
It is the strongest home-tie. It
helps keep the morale of the
American soldier at the topmost
point. Next in point of impor
tance is the old home newspaper.
Yom this be learns what is hap-)i-iiing
among his friends. It is
most important that the home
newspaper should follow him
across the seas.
Persons who wish to get this
work of cheer to the boys from
this community may do so by sub-
seribing to this newspaper and
laving it addressed to the Amer
ean V. M. C A., 12 Hue d'Ag
icHseau, Paris, France., The Na
iotial War Work Council of the
. M. C. A. will see that the paper
s forwarded to the soldier at the
,. nt. It will be sent lo a camp
where boys from this state are
War work secretaries in Y. M.
''. A. huts overseas state that the
hardest thing they have to' com
bat is homesickness. The lads
are yearning for news of their
' ved ones. The letter is first in
importance, the old home news
paper fills in the void in the ab
s nee of the letter. You can help
to maintain the morale of the
American troops in France by
sending him this paper. Think
it over.
State and County Elec
tion Surprises Many.
Practically no interest was evi
denced in the election in Polk
cuuty and the vote was the light
est for years.
In the four Independence pre
cincts the votes east on all eon
tested offices are as follows, the
figures being for the first, sec
oud , third and fourth precincts;
For National CouuniUecman
Uaiph E. Williams 24-H-oo-l.".
Bruce Deuuis ll-5-1.7-ll
For U. S. Senator (short term)
Chas. J. Sehuabel 2 G-G-2
A. 11. llurtou il-12-19-8
Fred W. Mulkey 21-21-24-14
for U. S. Senator (long term)
K. N. Staufield 10-14-18 6
Chas. h. McNary Ud-J7-3S-22
For Justice Supreme Ciurt
Percy It. Kelley 16-27-31-11
John S. Coke ti-2-10
For Commissioner of Labor
John 11. llolstou 6-7-13-1
John O. Nickum 4-13-6-J
Win. A. Dalziel 4-11-6-1J
0. II. Oram 13-7-16-7
For Service Commissioner
Fred A. Williams 11-7-17-2.
Frank A. Miller 22-26-27-14
For Supt. Water Division
J. 11. Schefer 2-12-16
II. K. Abry 4-0-:-i
Percy A. Cupper 16-22-20-0
For County Judge
Frank (Jibsoa 15-17-21-15
H. C. Kirlipatriek 23-34-32- M
For County Clerk
John C. Uglow 7-22-10-7
(Jorge W. Conner 5-8-14-b
Floyd 1). Moore 25-l!)-2J-l 4
For Commissioner
Thoa. J. Graves 11-20-35-11
C. W. Ucckett " " 20-17-16-14
J. II. Morau was nominated
eonstablu and E. E. Paddock, '
1. II. Ingram and Andy Wilson
Kepublieau Central Committee
For National Committeeman
Joint Morrow 4-15-6-18
Will II. llornibrook 0-12-11-12
Fir-U. S. Senator
Oswold West 11-12-18-16
Will It. King 4-6-1-5
For Governor
Harvey (1. Starkweather 3-9-14 8
Walter M. Pierce 12-9-5-11
I'nofl'ie.ial returns from all
prcciucts in Polk county, except
Douglas, Jackson, Pedee, Itoeca,
iiiul Monmouth give the returns
iti this county as follows:
For Senator
Staufield 388
Me.Xary 106."
For Governor
Withycombe 502
Olcott 467
Simpson 242
Aloser 94
llarley 71
Anderson 4i
For County Judge
Kirkpatriek 850
(libson 578
For Commissioner
Craves 800
Beckett 417
For County Clerk
Moore 790
irglow 481
Conner 177
Late Republican telegraphic:
reports indicate that McNary has
been nominated for senator.
Withycombe for governor, with
Olcott in second place, Percy
Kelley leading for supreme judge,
Kyan for treasurer, Pat MeAr
thur for congressman in the Port
land district and Williams for
national coram it teeman.
The Democratic reports give
West the nomination for senator
The race is close between Pierce
anil Starkweather for povernor.
As we go to press we are in
formed that it is conceded by the
t pponents of McNary and Withy
combe that they have been elected.