Independence monitor. (Independence, Or.) 1912-19??, March 15, 1918, Image 3

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j of Liberty motor for ir
planes is now being built, it
Society Plans to be Self
The Perrydale progressive
rook party given in the audi
torium for the beiefit of the
Red Cross was a decided sue
cess both socially and ftnanc
iilly. The sum of $25 above
expenses was taken in. The
Perrydale auxiliary has plan-
Bed to be aelf supporting and
hopes to give these socials
every two or three weeks
They now have 161 members
and the lint is constantly
growing. The following ar
tides h?ve been sent in to
the Willamette chapter at
Donation quilt 4
Operating box 70
Bed sox 203
Fracture pillows 12
Napkins 32
Handkerchiefs 4G9
Four tail binders 133
Many tail hinders 44
Abdominal binders 59
Towels 23
Pillow cases 2
Gun wipers 1800
Straight baudages 26
Pieces of old linen 185
Bed shirts 2
Dish towels- 26
Dallas Observer.
fallYcityTed CROSS
Makes Fine Showing and
The Falls City News re
ports that the Falls City Ked
Cross has received from all
sources about $351 39 and
have expended $63.09, leav
ing $288.30 in the treasury
for labor. This is a fine
showing for the "timber city"
sine- Nov. 3, 1917.
Maters Patriotic Readers
Will Read
India leads all countries
in the importation of cotton
Enlistments in the regu
lar army since April 1, 1917,
have been more thn 379,000.
The period during which
rye flour may be used as a
wheat flour substitute in Vic
tory bread h(is been exttnd
ed to March 31, as in some
sections of the country other
substitutes are not yet availa
ble. The campaign to raise a
second $1,000,000 has been
announced by the American
Red Cross for the week be
ginning May 6. To date al
most 90.000,000 has been ap
propriated for war relief
It is reported from Ger
many that wood is being
largely used in place of cel
luloid, ivory and other sab
stances for the manufacture
of combs Excelleut toilet
combs are made from thinly
cut birch and beech wood.
having been thought best In
vie of the developments
abroad to concentrate on the
high-powered engine instead
of the eight-cylinder.
Massachusetts and Michi
gan chapters of the Daugh
ters of the Revolution are es
tablishing "mending rooms"
in cantonments. These de
partments ore opened for
hospitals, where hundreds of
garments are mended each
A navy base hospital with
a capacity of 500 bsds has
reached the war zone. It
will take care of navy per
sonnel, both ashore and
afloat, and if accommoda
tions exist, will also be avail
able for army and allied sick
and wounded.
All persons or firms en
gaged in importing, menu-
acturing, storing, or distrib
uting fertilizers or fsrtilixer
ingredients must secure li
censes on or before Maroh '10.
Applications must be made
to the Law Department, Li
cense Division, United States
Food Administration, Wash-
ngton, D. C.
At the last meeting of the
National Educational Asso
ciation a program was pro
posed to better rural sohools
and asking Federal aid to the
extent of $140,000. The
plan would be carried out in
ten years, one-tenth of the
money being spent each year,
the government to coopera e
with the 6tates and counties.
A Canadian order in coun
cil provides for the free ad-
mi-eion into Canada of meat
cattle until February 7, 1919,
when imported by bona fide
residents of Canada under
regulations by the minister
of customs. Cattle, except
or breeding purposes, are
ordinarily dutiable at 32 1-2
per cent.
The Ladies Club meets
every second and fourth
Thursdays of each month in
the Red Cross rooms. Every
body is invited. The officers
are: Mrs T. D. McClain,
president; Mrs. J. A. Rey
nolds, vice president; Mrs.
J. R. Loy, secretary; Mrs. V.
S. McClain, correspondent
Miss Nina Porterfield had
the misfortune to cut her
thumb quite badly one day
ltst week while chopping
some wood.
Grants Pass Trainloadof
sugar factory shipped to Top-
penish, Wash.
Enterprise --Mountain
Meat Co. has added large
cold storage, plant.
Red Cross Working-Ladies
Club invites Friends.
Mrs. Harry Slratton com
bined business with pleasure
n Albany several days last
Mrs. F. P. Ground is con
fined to her home on account
of sickness.
The Red Cross society at
Wigrich met on Wednesday
afternoon at the home of
Mrs. F. L. Chown and a very
pleaeant afternoon was spent
and much good work done.
Mr. and Mr?. Eaton Bev-
"iis and Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Turner attended the Rt-d
Cross dance at McMinnville
Friday evening, March 1.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Lichty
and Mrs. E. J. Anderso:
were Sunday guests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs M N.
Established 1889
A Successful Buslneu Creer of Twenty Five Tears
H. Hirschberg, Pres. D. W. Sears, V. P.
R. R. DeArmond, Cashier
.. .. .r-.i.- t a ai1pti O. D. Bntler
a iftr u utri. x - -
-T- WW- 111
Bsrt Crosa of Iniepen
deuce is visiting friends here
this week. Mr. Cross is
quite a Bible student and
marvels greatly that minis
ters claiming to be rilled
with the spirit and called of
God to preach the glad tid
ings, and yet find so muoh
time to mingle with things
of the flesh, Fuoh as, "acting
as a judge at a baby show or
leg lace." We are inclined
to believe that Brother Cross
is just a little cross with the
preachers. The notion that
preachers are in any degree
superior in gracs and good
ness than the average man
has almost ceased to exist
and in fact are generally re
garded as being very, very
human.-Falls City News.
George C. Dunham, for
merly of Independence, and
a clerk in the harness busi
ness in this city, is now in
the medical service of the
U. S. A., as commanding of
ficer of. the army hospital,
Baltimore, Maryland. About
two years ago he was in tho
transport service, later going
to the Panama canal zona.
He will be well remembered
by the old timers.
Story of Development
All Oregon.
Eugene $2106 contract let
for building to bouse tools
for road use. '
North Bend Joy theatre
rebuilt and comfortably seat
Heppner to spend $19,000
on street improvements.
Bend saw mills , pay roll
for 1917 waa fcl,38,',000.
Ilermiston gets $10,000
Roseburg fruit union will
build by-products plant.
Milton dedicates new $31,
000 church.
Alicel to have 100,000 bu
shel grain storage lavator.
lone and Jordan Siding to
have new grain elevators.
S ell w ood $10,000 was
raised to save worsted mill
from being moved.
Portland expending anoth
er $30,000 on an "expert"
telephone probe.
La Grande 1 ome guard is
armed to drive out I. W. Ws.
Portland city laborers get
ting $3.25 a day will aek for
$3 5', for eight hoars.
Wool etill a;ling around
55 cents a pound "in the
Toledo quarry opened four
miles from here for work on
Elavator to be built at
Missouri Flat, Baker county.
Newport Contract let for
$9,970 to build sea wall.
Pilot IVck farmers will
build elevator.
Glendale O. fc C. timber
oa grant lands offered for
Toledo Railroad surveys
oa to Siletz and Waldport
spruce belt.
Marshfield County builds
highway for shipyards at
Bunker Hill.
Foxglo-e, (digitalis) need
sd for hospitals, being sup
plied in this atate.
Oregon City Crown-Willamette
Paper Co. will build
bungalows for employes.
Prepared Oregon moss to
take the place of absorbent
cut ton on a large scalp.
Portland Chamber of Com
merce to form security com
pany to build factories.
Klatskanie Traet of tim
ber sold to barrel company
that la building logging road.
Marshfield Chamber of
Commerce shows payroll of
$141,000 per month on Coos
Chairman Hurley an
nounces Oregon will be al
lowed to build ships for Nor
way and Sweden.
Pendleton wheat land sells
for $200 per acre. There
never was a tioaewhen wheat
growers had so litile to com
plain of.
Salem Horst Bros. Co. of
California, who own large
tracts near here, have secur
ed a $1,000,000 order for dri
ed vegetables.
Albany Farmers enjoy
war prosperity. Phil Swank
got $490.18 for 174 sacks of
oats. Clever hay brings $18,
vetch bay $20 and cheat hay
$19 per ton.
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m ):
The Monitor
Lack of ships prevents de-1 Oregon City -Crown Wil
livery of what, Hour and lamotte and Hawley paper
canned milk to the allies and I mill rained wages three cents
here is where farmers are in-j hour for their 800 e in
terested in speeding up ship-' l,lo3'e8- qual t0 5-7G Pe
Lskeview gets new bank
for purpose of assisting in
developing farming intereMs
and etock industry and en
courage upbuilding of man
ufacturing industries. This
bank is not to be merely par-asitioal.
day of 24 hours.
La Grands Obnerver: In
spite of all sabotage and de
struction by German hire
lings on the coast the Emer
gency Fleet Corporation
comes to Oregon for lir lum
ber to take the plaoe of south
ern pine.
Swif t & Company
At a recent bearing of the Federal Trade Commission there
was introduced correspondence taken from the private tiles of
Swift & Company,which showed that the Company had been con
sidering for some time an educational advertising campaign.
The need ferthis publicity has been apparent to us for sevk
eral years. Tho gross misrepresentation to which we have
recently been subjected has convinced us that we should no longer
delay in putting before the public the basic facts of our business,
relying on the fair-mindedness of the American people.
The feeling against the American packer is based largely on
the belief that tbe income and well-being of the producer and
consumer are adrersely affected by tha packers' operations,
resulting in unreasonably large profits.
Swift & Company's net profit is reasonable, an represents
an insignificant factor in the cost of living.
For the fiscal year 1917 the total sales and net profit of Swift
& Company wer at follows:
$875,000,000. 1 " I
$34,650,000. D
This is equivsdbssoa $3,465. profit on a bufe- of $87,500.
V 8-ariS) & Company had made no prefit at all, the cattle raiser
wedd have received only one-eighth of a sent per pound more for hie
cattle, or the consumer would have saved euly one -quarter of a cent per
POUQ0Q dressed beef.
Saturday, Mar. 16
Tea Served from 2:00 to
5:00 p. m. at Library
Rooms. Silver Offering.
Help Support
City Library
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Tbe Willamette University
Glee Glob
March 1C
At the Methodist Church