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Published Weekly at Independence, Polk County,
Oregon, on Friday.
Entered w Second Class Matter August 1, 191Z at the Post Office at Inde
pendence, Polk County, Oregon, Under the Act of March 3, 1879.
NINA B. ECKER. Associate
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Independence, Oregon, Friday, January 11, 1918
The Independence Monitor insists that Bryan wa3 mere
ly ahead of his time and intimates that all that he advo
cated will come to pass in due course of time. As we re
m mber it each time Bryan made hia three trials for the
presidency he had a paramount i-sue In 18 it was free
silver; in 1900 it was anti-imperialism and in 1908 it was
enforced insurance of bank deposits; no one of which was
ever adopted. Monmouth Herald.
The Monitor did not "intimate" what the
Herald says it did. During the course of an edi
torial concerning" a matter of which Bryan was
not the subject we incidently mentioned that all
the principles advocated by Bryan in 1896 except
bimetalism had been adopted by the American
people which is true. Nothing" was said about
what he advocated at another time.
Deposits are indirectly guaranteed by national
and state control of banks and today a number of
states have bank guarantee laws.
The Insurance Federation of Oregon is to fight
the "Non-Partisan League menace." When the
League comes to Oregon if it ever does and be
holds the character of the forces marshaled to
oppose it heavy artillery may be left in the rear
and pop guns used. Meanwhile, the people of
Oregon are more concerned about the unfair in
surance laws of the state.
Many patriotic folks have placed the charges
of "treason" and "pro-Hun" against the famous
Mr. Roosevelt for his constant fault finding with
the conduct of the war. While believing that
Roosevelt is just as loyal an American as the
most of us, one cannot help but smile broad Iv for
it is a matter of history that whenever the hero of
Oyster Bay goes on a rampage and works himself
into a frenzy he spurts verbal charges of "traitor"
and "Hun" in every direction. Getting a few
doses of his own medicine will never cure but it
supplies some aniusement for the onlooker.
Show-Your-Ticket System Fails
to Balk Crafty Brighton
Brltlnh railroad officials have had so
many rune of pBusenjrera beating their
way Htnce the railroads were taken
over by the government that the rail
road executive Instituted a rule that
every passenger, whether commuter or
otherwise, should produce his ticket on
all ocraalona when passing the barrier.
This action presented a great deal of
legal business and stopped practically
all fare Jumping. Persons falling to i
produce their tickets had to pay wheth-
er they were the owners of a ticket or
not, and the courts have maintained
the action of the railroads even when
the ticket had been produced In eourt
This system has up to the last few
weeks worked satisfactorily, bat the
exodus of the foreign element from
London to Brighton to avoid alr-rald
dangers has uncovered a system by
wmcn it could be beaten.
The London and Brighton railroad
has a system by which It Issues plat SACRIFICES CF ARMY DOCTOR
rorm tickets to passengers wishing to
see their friends off by train at a
churge of two cents, and these charges
being applicable to both the London
and Brighton stations, the refugees
from London hnve been working a
scheme of buying a platform ticket.
geiung into me tram and having a
friend meet them on the platform of
the station of their destination with a
platform ticket bought at that end of
the line.
In this Way they have been traveling
50 miles by train for a total expendi
ture of four cents for platform tick
ets, while the single fare works out at
To cope with this evasion of fare the
railroad company has now Instituted a
ticket collection at a station en route
and the local court funds have been
Increased by an enormous sum In fines,
penalties averaging $10 being inflicted
lu all cases coming before the court
MM f
mm cm
-r" I
Before tn Invention
ef eur Ptmt if P Pue"
Mint DmUmrt Could Not Ko
tit Flow Fh""
Mow U.t Potont Powell Kttpt It
Lmi,CH of 0o E"k"
is Ltttt Longtrttitu M shew
f Md ntnr Dim.
Many Mtn Sent There Are Forced to
Fourscore men are sitting In a long
wime-piasierea room, working as
muny of them never expected to work.
On their broad striped black-and-white
knees each mun holds some unaccus
tomed Instruments. They are In the
Stark county workhouse at Canton, O.
Among the men In stripes are chick.
en thieves, wife deserters, habitual
drunks, carriers of concealed weapons,
assaulters and batterers of their fel
low men (and women), and many other
sorts of petty criminals. All of them
are busy.
Kay, bo," Inquires Shifty Sara
.Smith, as he handles one of his bone
needles as though he were harpooning
a Hhii, ow In the 'ell do y'u purl?"
"Arsk me. aumptln' easy, like crack
In a crib, or frlskiu' a rube or some
other light work," replies Alabama
UuH. "Wot I want to know la, does
the Constitution of these here United
States say a man can be sentenced to
Home Practice and Other Advantage
Relinquished to Serve Country
During the War.
One-fifth of tile total number of
physicians in the United States will
huve to enroll for military duty If tills
war continues for another year, ob
serves Leslie's Weekly. All but a
small percentage of them must enroll
voluntarily. All but n small percent
age of them have families to support
and these and others axe wholly de
pendent on the Income of the head of
the house for this support. The phy
sician from 35 to 4."i yenrH of uge, the
age or greatest useruiness lor mili
tary service. Is at that critical period
of his professional and financial de
velopment that two years of forced ab
sence is liable to affect disastrously
his whole career.
The change means. If there Is no in
dependent Income, sacrificing of in
surance, lapnlng of the mortgage,
withdrawing of children from school,
a complete change or metnou or liv
ing, uud greut rink of returning after
the war with a lucrative practice di
vided among the stay-at-homes. A
law has recently been introduced in
the senate by Senator Owen which
provides an increased rank for med
ical oflicers of the reserve corps, that
will in some way meet the financial
burden of the volunteer doctor and
will furnish hlni a rank equal to the
dignity of his civil position.
Measuring Time.
The refinements of modern time
keeping are Illustrated In an Investi
gation recently carried out by F. D.
L'rie, under the direction of the Unit
ed States naval observatory, to deter
mine the "lag" between the Arlington
and Qreat Lukes time signals, both of
which are received by wire from the
naval observatory and converted auto
matically into wireless signals. Be
tween Washington mid the Greut
Lakes station there are SIX) miles of
embroidery work if he only puts a man telegraph wire. Involving several make-
to sleep slid cops his roll?
I'la ana Luis MoComas, who
spent a Wft'k of their vacation
with their parents nt Wimrich,
returned to their school in Al
bany Saturday,
Art Elkins moved hia family
to Salem last week where he has
Arthur Halo and family and
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Franklin
spent Sunday at the F. L.
Grounds home.
C. P. Wells and wife have
moved to Salem for the winter
to be near Mr. Wells' doctor.
Ed llarman, wife and daugh
ter lilanchc, spent Sunday in Su
ver at the Emil Gobat home.
Gladys Reynolds and Alfred
Loy return ed to O. A. C after
spending the holidays with home
Alma and Clifford Wells came
home Saturday from Eastern
Oregon where they spent the
holidays with relatives and
Ernegt Moe returned to his
home in McMinnville after visit
ing his mother who is very low
at this writing.
Norman Tyler and W, J, Sim.
mons transacted business in In
depfndince Saturday.
Newt Pratker and wife and
Jim Prather of Corvallis, trans
acted business in Salem Wednes
The lied Cross auxiliary has so
far 80 members during the holi
day drive and have done nearly
800 pieces of lied Cross v ork.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Lichty
were Sunday guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. L. Chown.
Ruttiant Wrecked Railroad.
The gunge of the Kiim-iuii railroads
Is about one toot wider than that of
the (ieriiinn imlroiuls. Heme the Rus
sians diuiiiv; their retreat after the
battle of Ttinnenlwrg h Moved that the
(lemmas would be unable to use their
narrower g-iiiue locomotives and car
on the liu-sian Hues. The ticrinnus,
however, moved one of the rails a
foot Inside us former position. At the
same time, the) ruined the truck for
liusslau uc by saw leu orT the ties
Just outside the slut :cd lalK The
llusslans en'ue hiicU. and on their next
retreat exploded a cartridge at each
rail Joint, sina-hing the Joint and bend
ing In the iilnmln,; rail ends so that
curs could not pass. This Involved
for the Hermans the hiit;e task of
bringing up new steel and relaying the
entire track. The Job was completed.
lhelr time might Just as well bo
spent in knitting for the government
as In any other way," Superintendent
Hoyer said. "They cannot fight for
their country, but they can knit"
circuit relays. The lag between the
two radio stations was found hy a
series of tests to average 0.ON5 sec
ond, with a probable error of 0.002
second, says the Scientific American.
Travela All the Way From Birming
ham, Ala., to Chicago.
r.tneiyu aict'ord, nineteen years ot
age, "Countess of the Hond," has ar
rived in Chicago from Birmingham,
Ala., In an express tar. She said she
had worked as a newspaper reportet
on (iinlsden and liirmlnghuiu, Ala., pa
pers anu was loomug for newspapei
work in Chicago.
Miss Mct'ord managed to keep bet
presence unknown until 42 miles out,
when she simply "had to laugh" at a
funny story one of the messengers re
lated. When she told them how fat
she had "got away with It" they took
her to the dining ear for refreshments.
She said she had been very thirsty,
rut Kit especluny hungry and had
slept little because the floor was too
Lafayette Flying Corps.
Considerable confusion exists in the
minds of many persons about the dif
ference between the Lafayette Ksca
drtlle and the Lafayette Flying corps.
This famous aeronautic body was
the Section d'Avlatlon of the Legion
Etrnngere In the early days of the
war. To mark the number of Ameri
cans who were sharing the dangers and
victories the nume was changed to the
Franco-American Flying corps. Hut as
the I'nlted States whs not then at war
with Germany complaint was made
that this was it breach of neutrality.
To avoid giving offense the name
was cnaugeu to tne i.ninyette t-lying
corps, wmcn is tne present olllclal
ice in a
11 C
Denver Man Finds Use for Common
Wild Flower.
A wild flower, grown In practically
all sections of the country, will be the
means of supplying munitions manu
facturers with sufficient "guneottou
to kii'p I'nele Sam and his allies well
equipped with lighting materials, hc-
cording to Charles Coard. a lenver In
venter, and lieau Ilruminels need have
no fear of a shortage lu raw material
for the making of men's clothing.
tioard says he has discovered that
the wild flower known to youths all
over the land as "cat tails" has a bulb
containing nearly a pint of sllkllke
floss that can be substituted for gun-
cotton lu the manufacture of suuiiu-
aiiiiui, i a us allowing tne entire cottou
crop to be used In the manufacture
of clothing
Fewer Horses.
Despite th.' grow lit in population uud
Increased areas under cultivation, the
horse population of Los Angeles coun
ty, Cullforuia, is now less than one
half as much as la I'.HK). The auto
mobiles and motortrucks have In
creased from 6 to 7V.14rt. The 47,000
horses In the county In 11HH) were val
ued at ja.imo.OOO. lu 1010 the drop In
uumber was to Sl.otm, ami In the en
suing six years to .M,0"O. The pres
ent automobile valuation Is nearly
$imVkK).tkiO. Kxcellent road condi
tions are considered largely responsible
for the above figures.
East Through
Costs Little More
Scenic Shasta Route, Sacred Siskiyous,
Mt. Shasta. San Francisco, Los Angeles,
Southern California. Choice of routes.
Let us make an itinerary for your trip
howing train schedules, stopovers, etc.
Ask any agent or write
John M. Scott
General Passenger Agent
Portland, Oregon
Write for folder on the Apache Trail of Arizona
Established ifcfcg
A Successful Business Career of Twenty Five Years
H. Hirschberg, Pres. D. W. Sears, V. P.
R. R. DeArmond, Cashier
W. H. Walker, I. A. Allen, O. D. Butler
: Yamoreg Collection Agency Elizabeth uev
T iZ TEACHER nr umuu
McMinnville, Oregon
She His 18' Descendants.
sirs. m. A. est. eluhtv -six years
old. of Jviit Lake City. tecsme
Ktvnt KTOttdmother to her one-hundred
and eliihtv seventh descendant, when
her rsintnti. A. IViuiy. Jr., Nvatne
' hnl.T sud mother
are rviorlel Join
Amerlcane Train In Italy.
Near a umall town In Italy a handful
of Atnertemis are training for avia
tion avrvW,
The tttivrmile d'ltitlln nys they ai
red dj have ncnuired I prnetioiil knowl-
edne of pilotlm mid that they have
plveu I'Dvif of their perfect diselpllne
and aerlonsiiess of purpose. Their In
structors have etpre-wd the greatest
satisfaction with their work.
Tie InhaMtnnt of the town came
out In crowds on their arrival to wel
come the allies who hud crossed the
KVHti from the country to which so
tunny ItHiiiins had et'ilcrnte.l. They
displayed the prentest curiosity In
wHtehii.c the American In thetr
leisure hours platn tenuis gad hss
hi.ll. w hioh are unknown In that part
of Italy. 1
Al tienillii. population Is nnly S.nmi,.
mitt. In comparison to the St.inni.mH) of
Spain, hut her nmnhoo.1 Is developing
while Spain's Is nnythln hut nires
slve. Her ehrrncter Is made of cosmo
politan fores, the hest and hardest of
the ndvt'iitiirons races.
Y ill give lessons in Independence
for begir.r.ers and advanced etu
dentg. Best of method. Prices
reasonable. Inquire at the Moni
tor or write E, Levy, 563 Court
St., Salem, Oregon.
Expect New Comet.
A spectacle In the sidereal heavens
f sir;:i-..,. !.L-.H!::ncy may lie ex
;ectrd !!ie c. -iil.- fprtna If the pre-licM.'ii-
of cotnetiiry olwervera are
rer .tic .1. N it since the treat comet of
h' h arn.'d a vast deul of In
v' ' : n M'P ranee in the sky
!' ; ' ts .-.,1,11,1, ntly expected
I! ;v "! r, iurn of Halley's
" " ' '' "hi'h had anxiously
' : 'i'l not cuiue up to what
' " ; ' 'ed and evpei-ted, and
' ' ' -' ' has not been any
"' ' cotnet seen. The
' ' scribed as a jriiranttc
" -s la s(?,. and brilMan
ii in ..i...;. -rn titties. It
'- ' dory in the nofth-
STliif. ns
; '' ' r. m-.lnin; vis
. - ; 1.,-ins at its
! ; s.,.,!lK
-t . .. proximate
:f -'1 - W tuiies a day.
Dr. H. C. Dunsmore, Pastor
10 a. m. S.rnday school.
H a. m. M'ublic Worship with
7-3") p. m. I Sermon.
Sunday school at 10.
Services every Sunday mornii g ar.d
B. Y. P. U. at 7:00
W e invite you to all oi:r -erv . .
Strangers cordially welcom-
Thos. D. Tames, Pasioi.
10 A M. Sunday School
11 A. M. Mornir.(f servit-t
3."1.) P. M. Loyal Tempera:ce L
"So P. M. Everuog ervic.