Independence monitor. (Independence, Or.) 1912-19??, September 28, 1917, Image 4

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Bros, will buy
The pheasant
season . opens
B. F. Swop. Lawyer Cooper Bldg.
Nice flannel shirt $2.50 to $6.00
at Kreamer's.
C. B. Smith was in Portland
this week on business.
W. A. Sloper rode tke red cars
to Corvallis yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hibbs re
turned from Salem Monday.
Dress shoes $3.50 to $7.75 at
Go to Dickson Bros.
thing in the meat line.
Kyle French of
home this week.
Co. L was
Arthur Black is now on the
battleship Frederick.
Mrs. John Walker has moved
from Independence to Salem.
Mrs. J. W. Kirkland returned
horn from Portland Wednesday.
Farmers who have silos are
busy these days filling them up.
Billy Pickens of the Coast
Artillery was here last Saturday.
Black Cat Hosiery
is guaranteed to give
Absolute Satisfaction.
We leave it to your fair judgment.
Conkey & Walker,
"The RrPflkpr" at tha Ta.'a
I mm w s S V
nr. K. IB. Duganne, dentist, tomorrow oaght to attract a
large crowd.
Mrs. John Nelson was
from Corvallis this week.
Wm. Quartier, Jr., and family X
hit VP mnwoA fn Pmtln.J I
Army shoes wear good. Easy
on the feet Get thom tmm
K reamer.
f Yamore? Collection Affencv !
o ,
McMIaovlll, Oregon
Mrs. W. A. Patton and daugh
ter returned to Portland yester
Miss Helen Prov of Suver was
married at Corvallis last Satur-
day to Noel Baker.
Almost everybody in Independ-
Friend of Lenine Betrayed Revo
lutionists to Police For
Weekly Pay.
ence and vicinity attended theo
National Bank Building.
Miss Vale Hiltebrand began
teaching near Airlie last Monday.
Dallas women will Dut ud
150 quarts of blackberry jam for
Co. L.
Miss Ora Clark went to Port
land last week where she will
remain indefinitely.
state fair this week.
Frank and Jack Dickson have
been Visiting with their ruranfa
near Toledo this week.
Men, we will save you good
money on men's and bovs'
heavy work shoes. Come in and
ook them over at Conkey &
William Strong, a Monmouth
former government nhovr that for two
years tbere oat In the duma ax re
spected, Influential member, a burelar
police spy, Informer and organizer of
crime. Tills member was the proml
Dent Socialist. Roman Mnllnou-atr
friend and proteire of the notorloun
Lenliie. whose attempts to overthrow
me proviHional government are mak
lug such a atlr.
SlallnoWBlty'a carver, according to
the commission, bean with pocket
picking and burglary, for which In
Moscow be was many times convicted.
Fifteen years ago Maltnowskv decided
to enter iwlltlcs and became associated
with the seml-revolutlonarv KoHnllaf
For Sale 2 horse power Fair- young man, has been sent to the party, to whom hi criminal record was
Danx Morse engine. Kuns like a nospitai lor the Insane.
tOD. nauir Monitor afTice
Mr. ana Mrs. u. x. f eterson of
Mm. F. M XXaAavunrth Astoria Were visitinor their rlanrrV,
- - F XU42 VT Ul I, At I " w - VJUUfU
Portland was the guest of her ter Mr8- Dean Walker this week.
sister, Mrs. s. E. Owen, th s
Rev. T. D. Yarnes is attend
ing Methodist conference
Springfield this week.
Mrs. Sarah C. Young returned
to Independence Saturday from
California where she has been
Miss Madaline Kreamer will
attend O. A. C. this year. Miss
Gretchen is again teaching at
for several months.
Mrs. W. D. Miller went to
Eastern Oregon yesterday where
she will make an extended visit
with relatives.
A farm
A marriage license was issued
vesterdav t.t fllnro P Qtromn
i a vmm. v Vktunil
Aea b. TflVlor hflfl niiPrVinuH I nnH RprmVa M WaIIo
I a VI i l - 14 If llO
fll a .1 . I
ouaus custom tailored ail woo oi ms motner a good farm tract
suns are superior fitting and I or land in Benton county and
wearing quality. Drop in and will try being a land owner for
see them, for men and boys, at I a while
Conkey & Walker's.
Mrs. R. H Prtt.
I ----- vv uu uaun
I n Mm wft AWMfASl nn a a W l a.
w iiiucjwuuciac utcuni iers, returned to their home uui uuuoe ai jewi
Laundry has added a Studebaker in Portland Monday after having occuPied by Frank Ray,
.c.ivc. spent tnree weeks in Indenend
... . . -
miss Mabel Williamson of
tl 11 A 1 . .
w 011a vi air An aa m w i
- l'VVU UC1 BUI1V. IVltB. I Ma aIIa: tit
m.... m , i . r wuiiwuuiib, no expense, we
Clara Taylor, this week. want vnilp ,ln' 0r,to '
aaanma mII ! L ?
ii:. i- n . '"uu" " rcapunsi unity ana
nriisw miry r. irvine 01 a iDanv u.i,- .n u- ui lurnet
is arranging to give piano les- rviii, a-.. h .,:... 8 week.
. , , , - wimvuuu nielli,, CiU III n VlllC.
sons to a class in Independence. Qrea. J. L Kn.Vhf m.n.,
I - 0---1 --j,. -iuh
house at Lewisville,
unknown. He showed such reolu
tlonary ferver that he rapidly advanc
d and became a friend of Nikolai Le
nine. who was theu living In exile
In 1910. the commission discovered.
Mallnowaky began to co-operate with
the okhrana, or police security de
partment. Ulng his Doxltlun with the
revolutionaries In order to obtain facts.
His plan waa to sdj and eirc on his
comrades into demonstrations and po
lltlcul crimes and then betray them.
lie was taken on at first at $25 a
month, but soon so distinguished him
self as spy and Informer that he was
promoted and was sent abroad by tbo
police to watch and incite emigrant
revolutionaries. He still kept Lenlne's
confidence, and this enabled him to
carry out bis police work efficiently.
for two years Mulliiowsky steadilv
rose In favor both of the revolution
aries and of the police. In May, 1912,
he was elected duma member. Both
revolutionaries and police, unknown to
one another, rejoiced. Mallnowsky be
came so valuable that bis salary from
the police was raised to $251) a month
burned Monday night, including I Tnl". wltn n uiry duma member.
in oi t oi me iurmture. I v "vy",,D v -
nc arew cuiuiuueu praise ior oia aa-
MISS Mabel Stevens, who has member and reported everything to the
spent the jjreater part of her,ecur,ty department. - His speeches
; n .i j I were carefully prepared Ui advance.
Summer Vacation in Portland, re- Some were written by Lenine. and all
were submitted before delivery to the
police. The inquiry commission found
corrected drafts of the speeches In the
police offices.
turned to Independence last
ine nen cross meets next a-.j:
n, i , . .... -v.uiuinj4 w mars uraves, an
- - j w..i.iibl nv hun i.i vkjow auaia nr liui i ! I
l.ii i .. , , w aw auiumoDiies an
AirKe atienaanceis ae- hour rrosspd t.h f
' I - IMIJ 111.1 c
;coiujr anu louay on meir
i a n l
p r.nA .. W w Miem.
v. . vuim icih vuia nfet ior
n t 1 1 1 n . .
vain . irn i-oi m.i.ama ; ! i I
voi. . micro lie win i A. u:.a.ii t .
- vi . j- . r. . ui. uiuuie, gr,, a prominent
resume his studies at Stanford 1 , . .
ITn! 1. Mimer ot ftjonmoutn, is using a
university. fmir.hottnm P M, n
plow, with his new tractor.
Perfect fit brings
perfect comfort
Cooper'a, Benningtoa
Spring needle-knit
You may get them
at Conkey & Walker's.
A. M. McLaughlin's home at I
liuena Vuta caught fire one day
I will sell to the highest bidder at my Place One
and One half miles West of Buena Vista on fe
what is known as the A. J. Richardson Farm on
Saturday, September 29f 1917 1
f Vi A llsAriiH ifasvtkAil nmndWv tA.uHt wr
ins ivuunuis uvowiiiau piupvii, iu-hii
1 grey mara, aged 15, wt. 1600
2 yearling colts
1 ba
10 me
10 hoes, weight about 125
bav mar mara. aire IK. wL 1250
i sow ana iu pigs
2 0. 1. C. sows and pigs
I ae i narness
1 3-Bain wagon
X Endgate seeder
1 pair scales
1 F.t O. 12 in. plow
I Olivar 11 in nlnw
Singletrees ana doubletrees
1 J. 1. Case 14 in. atee) plow
1 2-section spike tooth harrow
1 2-horse reversible disc
1 l.roadcaat Van Brunt seeder
1 garden cultivator
1 14-in. plow
1 3-section iron harrow
1 Acme harrow
1 Riverside cook stove
Sale Commences at 10 O'clock. Free Lunch at Noon
1L STEYENS01, Auctioneer
R. R. Delrmond, Clerk
Flags .... jo.oo
Repairs of schoolhouaea,
outbuildings or fences 1,00(1.00
Imr roving grounds . 500.00
Playground equipment . 50.00
Transportation of pupils 00.00
Tuition of "pupils . 00.00
Janitor's wages, 990.00
Janitor's supplies - 60.00
Fuel .... 600.00
Light and Power - 100.00
WaUr .... 100.00
Clerk's salary - 100 00
Postage and stationary 15.00
For the payment of
bonded debt and inter
est thereon, issued un
der Sections 117, 144 to
148 and 422 of the School
Laws of Oregon 1917 2,125.00
Warrants, ate - - 2,650.00
Pving . . - 140.00
All other purposes - 200.00
Graduate Albany College Conservatory
Pupils will be given H, S. credits
Call 6112 if interested. i
24. Total estisjated amount
of money to be expend
ed for all purposes dur
ing the year - $16,490.00
Fresa county school fund dur
ing the coming school year S4.290.00
From state school fund dur
ing the coming school year 1.016.00
Cash now in the hands of the
district clerk - - 1.890.00
Cash now in the hands of the
county treasurer, belong
ing to the district
A Hood nair of readlnd IT' w,t? ftl8. new. tractor- wlTt. ?
RlSBSeS 4 Or SI, UU at U. A. U.,flP iu... n- ne o-hhnra KfnM i. w
Thoae going to Salem tomorrow
had better croea the river at
Independence and avoid a long
wait at Weat Salem.
Misa June Seeley went to Cor-
vallli bunda morning where
he commenced her duties &a an
Initructor at the 0. A. C.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mixer of
Tarker have rented the Presby
tenan parsonage and will move
to Independence next week.
Go to Conkey & Walker's for
your good heavy cotton and wool
K. F. Black's sale takes place
tomorrow. A hat of the horses,
hogs and machinery he will sell
Is found in an advertisement on
this page.
Ask to see the New Subflame
Heater that saves about 40 per
cent of your fuel bill, at Craven
& Huff.
Huff Hdw. Co,
Mrs. A. E. Johnson denartpd
Wednesday for her old home at
Moravia, Iowa, where she wi
visit ior six months with rela.
Al 1 1 r
uvea ana inenas. She was ac-
companied by Mr. and Mrs. Will
Ray of Iowa, who have been in
Oregon for several weeks.
Orville Stage Co. meets eieht
trsina daily. Night trips after 8
p. m. Phone Main 8421.
7tf Lou Soro
before doing much
Dr. H. C Dunsmore, Pastor
10 a. m. Sunday school.
11 a. m. Public Worship with
7-30 p. m. j Sermon.
We invite you to all our services.
Strangers cordially welcomed.
The Northwestern Tuberculosis
Conference will be held in Port-
land Oct 15 and 16. Those in
terested in the good work of the
association are invited to attend.
Comrade Chas. Bascue has re.
ceived a lanre photo of the oldJ
soldiers present at the Forest
Grove encampment. Mr. Bascue,
witn nis drum, is a consnicuous
Taos. D. Yarnes, pastor.
10 A. M. Sunday School
11 A. M. Morning service.
S.-O0P. M. Loyal Temperance Legion
8:00 P. M. Evening service.
Total estimated receipts, not
meludiag the money to be
received from the tax which
it is proposed to vote - $8,095.00
Total estimated expenses for
the year - - - $16,490.00
Total estimated receipts not
including the tax to be voted 8,095.00
Eliznbeth Levy j
Will eive lessons in InripnnnHenoA i
for beginners and advanced stu
dents. Best of methods. Prices
reasonable. Inquire at the Moni
tor or wrue a.. Levy, 900 bonn
St., Salemt Oregon.
: Max Goldman i
Balance, amount to ba raised
by district tax - $8395.00
Dated this 26 day of September
1917. A. L. Thomas '
Chairman Board of Directors .
Grace Swops. District Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership of t . E. Dickson and
A. J. Dickson, doing- business
under the name of Dickson Bros.,
is hereby dissolved. All per
sons indebted to the said firm
are requested to pay their ac
counts before Oct. 5 and all
creditors are requested to render
their bills before the above
named date. F. E. Dickson.
6-7 A. J, Dickson.
Bible School at 10 a. m.
Sunday school at 10.
B. Y. P. U. at 7:00.
The law firm of Swooe. Dwver
and Swope will have an office in
the Odd Fallows hWW fin r
TV'l i t-i . t A A
Din uiocn s team cook a run
up C street Tueiday morning.
Alter Hoinr ior two r uka nna
Of the horses fell and after slid- Th? have the Push. voters of School District No. 29 of
Nofici of School Meeting
Notice is hereby given to the legal
ing for forty yards stopned
against a curb. It was auite
badly hurt Bill's dosr in the
wajron enjoyed the fast ride
A Monitor reporter had the
pleasure of viewing little Thelma
Williams' handwork which she
recently had on exhibition at the
county fair. The committee in
charire of th textile Hpnartman
The Ked Cross aewinir room I instead of placing- the work of
will be moved next week from ! the little Miss with that rr tK
Its present location on C street
to a room in the Cooper block
just across the street.
Misses Pearl Smith, Emma
Henkle and Bessie Graham went
to Corvallis Saturday. They all
teach in the Corvallis schools
which commeaced last Monday.
otner school children, showed it
with the grown pple's handi
craft, and the fact that the little
girl won one first prize and three
second, alonu with the grown
ups is exceedingly creditable.
The work is beautiful and unnM
please the most fastidious in the Sam's service, beinir
art of needle work. ' the aviation corps.
.ki j i
aunuy nu urains to fjuild up a
successful practice and business.
Monmouth Herald: C. E.
Herren has one of the finest
fields of corn in this section.
Many of the ears are from ten to
twelve inches lone. Th hnt
summer was favorable to corn
where it was able to withstand
the dry weather.
A letter received from Dr. F.
B, Saton, formerly of IndeDend.
tnce, informs his friends that he
is now connected with the mmii.
cal department of the University
of California, his special work
being to test the eyesight of
candidates for the aviation ser
vice. Joe Eaton is in I!nL
junior in
Polk county. State of Oreoon.
that a School Meeting of
said District will be held at
Public School Building on the 13Ui day
of October, 1917, at 7:80 o'clock in the
evening to vote on the proposition of
levying a special district tax and elect
a clerk to aerre the remainder of
school year.
The total amount of mono? needed
by the district duri ir the fiscal vear
beginning on June 18th, 1917. and end
ing on June 30,1918, is estimsted in
the following tgdget and includes the
amounts to be received from the county
school fund, state school fund, soecial
district tax, and all other moneys of
the district:
1. Tesehera' salaries - $7,000.00
t. Furniture ... S50.00
i. Apparatus and supplies,
such aa maps, chalk,
erasers, stoves, sur-
taina, eta. - - 600.0
4. Library books 100.00
Craven & Huff Hardware Co
Sell the Champion Cream Saver
THE worth of a separator depends very largely upon its bowL
A separator bowl must be scientifically designed, properly
constructed and perfectly balanced or it will not only lose
soma cream to begin with, but will soon get out of balance and
lose a great deal more cream, besides wearing out the bearings
and gwars in short time. That is why the average life of a
cheap separator is only two or three years.
Hi bowl of the NEW De Laval
is self -centering
TYm Stw Do Laval bowl is so constructed and so balanced upon
Ha detached spindle that it will run true and do perfect work even
after the machine has been in use for a long time.
The D Laval bowl has always been noted for Its close skim
ming unaer au con am or. s, out me new
De Laval patented nulk-distributtng de
vice, together with the larger discs,
makes the new De Laval bowl an even
closer akimmer than the old on and
gives considerably greater capacity Into
th bargain.
Th new De Laval bowl has been call
ad by people who ought to know, "the
greatest improvement in cream separator
construction in th last thirty years."
Com in and ae one of the new ma
chine. Well be glad to explain it to
you ia all its details, and we know you
will b interested in xamining the new
bowl, th bell speed-indicator, and the
many ether lmprovementa.
-" t! on of urn bowL
inowtnf aw Rrthvi or
duwUiUii tc'.k bnnu