Independence monitor. (Independence, Or.) 1912-19??, September 07, 1917, Image 4

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    Warner and Red Fern CorteU Fully
The New
Styles Are
The new aeafton hai brought out
nw beauties in ihoea. There are
atunnlng effect! never before thought
of color harmonica to pleaae the eye
and artlatic linea to make more charming the choicest frocki.
Utz & Dunn designers eem to have vied with nature heraelf,
in the use of faeinatinf ahadea. There are little myatenou. touches
of the ahoe artist' handiwork in theie Style Shoea of Quality which
will help you to be more modiahly attired.
Step in and aak ua to ahow you what ia in vogue.
j Butterlck Fattema
Dickson BroB. will buy jrourj
veal. v 7
Cleve Robinson is here from
Lebanon this week.
M. W. Mix was a passenger to
Corvallis Tuesday.
Mrs. Bertha King was here
from Corvallis Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Owen were
Portland visitors last week.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Whiteuker
moved to Monmouth this week,
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Thomas
returned from Newport Tuesday.
Mrs. W. A. Patton and daugh
ter are here from Portland this
M. Merwin spent tie week
end with Mrs. Merwin in Port
land. Miss Frances Hodge of Salem
is a guest at the O. A. K reamer
Mrs. L L Hewitt and family
returned Saturday from Bar
View. ,1
A good pair of reading
glasses lor $1.00 at O. A.
Misses Luc lie Craven and
Lavilla Cooper were in Portland
this week.
Mrs. J. S. Cooper, Jr., and
children are at the J. S. Cooper,
Sr., home.
M. O. Pickett of Waitsburg.
Waak., is a guest at tke Judge
Butler home,
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Walker re
turned Sunday from their sum
mer vacation.
Mrs. Lon llenkle of Philomath
was a visitor this week at the
home of VV. H. Walker.
Mrs. Clara Taylor was an over
, Sunday visitor at the home of
her daughter in Portland.
Mrs. b A. Spurr left on Sat
urday for Oakland, Cal., where
she will spend the winter.
Mrs. Lucy W and
brother, J. F. Titus, went to
Newport Saturday, returning
Guaranteed to Give Service
Black Cat Hoaiery
B. F. Swope, Lawyer Cooper Bid 3.
Miss Vivian Whiteaker was a
Portland visitor this week.
Theodore Ellestad, former In
dependence teacher, has enlisted.
Harry Mix was a visitor at the
home of his parents over Sunday.
Adah Chapter of the Eastern
Star meets Tuesday evening,
Sept. 10.
Go to Dickson Bros, for any
thing in the meat line. 7
M. H. Kendall will preach at
the Christian church Sunday
evenlng'at 7:30.
Mrs. B. H. Potts and daugh
ters of Portland are visiting
friends in Independence.
Mrs. Mabel Williams of Cen-
tralia, Wash., has been visitinK
ker parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S.
Mrs. Alpha Bascue returned
Sunday night from Missouri
where she has spent the summer
with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bewley
and Mr. and Mrs.O. J. Whiteaker
autoed to Bay Ocean Saturday,
returning Sunday.
A fire, set by some careless
person, across the river burned
several cords of wood belonging
to Vance Butler.
Orville Stage Co. meets eight
trains daily. Nifcht trips after 8
p. m. Phone .Main 8121.
4-6 Lou Sorg.
Mr. and Mrs. Hedergren of
Corvallis were visitors at the
home of her sister, Mrs. J. W.
Richardson, Saturday.
Miss Avon Leitch, who spent
the summer with her aunt, Mrs.
G. W. Conkey, has gone to Cor
vallis to pass the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ground
of Modesto, Cal., have been vis
iting at the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Ground.
0. S. Solie was here the first
of tke week from his Lane
county ranch. Mr. Solie may
conclude to live in Indepeadence
this winter.
Why suffer with headache and
eyestrain when properly fitted'
Klasaes will relieve this while if!
you neglect them yor eyes may j
kret beyond the help of glasses?;
Dr. Lowe can refer you to nun-1
dreds he has relieved of head
achesand with glasses. Consult
him at Hotel Beaver, Saturday,
Sept. 15 to 4 o'clock only.
Dr. R. E. Duganne, dentist,
National Bank Building.
Buy your Mackinaw coats of
A son was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Cox this week.
Mrs. R. W. Baker and children
are visiting in Sherwood this
The Christian Endeavor will
hold a county convention in
Dallas Monday night
Dorothy Paddock returned
home Saturday from Summit
where she has been the guest of
Mrs. thas. Irvine for the past
ten days.
After its summer vacation,
the Civic League will resume its
twice a month meetings on next
Tuesday afternoon at the Moose
After spending the summer at
her home in Independence, Miss
Maud Patterson retarned to Van
couver Monday. She is a teacher
in the schools of that city.
Albert Kuhlander writes from
"Somewhere in France" that he
is pining for some P. A. tobacco.
He will receive a liberal supply
on the first boat going back.
Mrs. C. 0. Lee, who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. E. E.
Paddock, for the past week went
to S lem Tuesday for a few
days' stay before returning to
her home at Culver.
Miss Emma Henkle returned
Tuesday from Roseburg where
she has spent a month of her!
summer vacation. A week of
the time was very pleasantly en
joyed at Crater Lake.
Homer Lodge K. of P. has
elected Sherman Hays and W. S.
Kurre as its representatives at
the Grand Lodge which meets
next month. E. N. Johnson and
P. W. Hickley are the alternates.
No collections, no expense. We
want your slow accounts. We
assume all responsibility and
take all the blame. Yamoreg
Collection Agency, AcAflnnville,
Oreg. J. I. Knight, manager.48tf
Francis Brown is somecanner.
He has put up 107 quarts of corn.
Not very many women will equal
tkat record. Busy time for the
Dast week in Francis' "bachelor
Lost A three link pin with a
ring around the link, on Satur
day night in Independence be
tween Dickson Bros.' market
and Dickinson's livery barn.
Any one finding it return to
owner and receive reward. Mrs.
F. L Chown, Buena Vista.
Citizens of- North Independ
ence are planning on petitioning
the city courcil for sidewalks in
which the city would build the
walks and assess it against the
propsrty payable in annual in
stallments. Altho it was announced that
Rev. W. S. Stewart was to
preach his farewell sermon last
Sunday night, he learned that
h was to be hce another week
so postponed saying his "obitu
ary" until next Sunday night
The W. E. Craven and M. C.
Williams families returned last
Friday from the Yachats country
where they have been for the
past two weeks. Mr. Craven
brought home with him a
moustache and goatee of which
he is very proud.
Asa Taylor hai fifty acres of
clover this year. Taking the ad
vice of experts he cut twenty
acres of it for hay. The other
thirty he threshed and it aver
aged six bushels to the acre. As
clover is worth its weighti n
gold. Asa feels pretty good about
it but says he has kicked him
self all over the back lot for not
threshing it all.
t Elizabeth Levy $
nf : 11 :. lna in TnrinnHpnce
0 for beginaere and advanced etu-
:denta. Beet of methode. Price
reaaonable. Inquire at the Moni- fc
a. " 111 KIVC I"""""" " - " t -
tor or write m. ivy, o wu
v at., saicm, wiegvu.
. . - e
Safety razors 10c, blades 3 for
10c at Kreamer's.
The old school building at Air
lie has been torn down.
Comrade ('-has. Bascue has
been quite sick this week.
The Grant Lands Locating
Co., Box 610, Portland, is a fake.
The rain today is looked upon
with much curiosity.
There is no charge for testing
cows under the new tuberculin
A daughter was born to Mr.
and Mrs. Will Bush of Pedee
on Aug. 27.
Nice selection of wool shirts
at Kreamer's.
The Isis is now showing two
"Bluebirds" a week. "Blue
birds" are always good.
H. Hirschberg and Mrs. J. S.
Cooper have been re-appointed
as members of the library board.
C. P. Hembree has shipped
eighteen head of Jerseya to
Sacramento for exhibition at the
California state fair. -
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cockle are
in the eastern Dart of the state
this week. They made the jour
ney by automobile.
Mrs. H. A. Childs and daugh
ters returned from Iowa this
week. Miss Gladys has gone to
Clatskanie to teach.
s Roy McFadden and Miss Lila
Merges of Portland were visitors
this week at the home of his
mother, Mrs. Sherman Hays.
The store building next to the
Monitor office Is being filled with
baled straw, purchased by Port
land parties.
Much to the regret of their
many friends, Mr. and Mrs.
Crosby Dalton left for Eugene
last Saturday where they will
Mr. and Mrs. John Olthoff and
children of Suver have returned
home after having spent three
months in Iowa. They made the
journey by auto.
Mrs. Alice Skinner is in Port
land this week attending a meet
ing of the library association
Mrs. Ed Owen is substituting for
her at the Independence library.
Monmouth Herald: Mrs. Macy
spent Monday and Tuesday at
the Normal assisting her suc
cessor. Miss Allie F. Bramberg,
in the mysteries of the Regis
trar's office.
Having taken over the law
business of Walter L, Tooie, Jr.,
we, the undersigned, have
formed a partnership for the
practice of law. We will occupy
rooms 6 and 9, National Bank
Building, formerly occupied by
Walter Tooze, Jr.
We therefore kindly ask that
those of you who desire the
services of a lawyer favor us
with a share of your patronage.
We are the Polk county agents
for the State School Fund and
Rural Credits Fund.
Sincerely yours.
Ed. F. Coad.
Chas. Gregory.
Wlk to E-i'it.
McA letter. 0'U. -J ::t ! use he
mistrusted e John K. Dunham
walked thirty-live n.ilos to reach an
other line on u' Hr,iey to eutlst.
Wbeu Ihinhani rea. bed here be was
e--kles ami umile. He wade hU
J"By tn three dT
It Has Been Found Difficult to
Supply War Need.
Trained Women Aro Wanted, end a
National Conaut of Nurstt Haa Baan
Undertaken to Get en Idea of Who'e
Who Inducemanta Being Made to
Collage Woman.
vow Vnrfe Mpptlnir what, even In
peace time, would Ik n shortage In the
number of trained uuiscs and public
health nurses needed in tills country at
a time when the lied Cross hud en-
milixl 12XH nurses for aerv res abroad
la the gigantic task which the commit-
tee bn nursing: of the general uieuiai
board of the Council of National De
fense la undertaking. Thousands of
other nurses must go.
Miss Adelaide M. Nuttinjr. formerly
Mimoriiitpiideiit of nurses am! princi
pal of the Johns Hopkins Hospital
Training; school, now director of
nursiiiK and health at Teachers col
lege, la chairman of this committee.
Acting; with her are Jane A. Pelano,
chairman of the uatioual com.iiittee on
Red Cross nursing service; Julia C.
Lathrop, director of the federal chil
dren's bureau? Miss Lillian D. Wald of
Henry street settlement. Dr. Winford
s Smith, superintendent of Johns Hop
kins hospital; llr. S. S. Uoldwater, au-
perintendent of Mount Sinai hospital;
Dr. Hermann I'.lggs -tate commission
rof health: Dr. C. li A. Wlnslow and
Mfcs Kila I". Crandall, secretary of the Oriranlzatlon tor I'UbllC
Health Nursing, who U acting as secre
tary of the emergency organization.
The committee already has under
taken a nationul census of nurses to
learn the number of trained and un
trained ones and those with special ex-
perience In administration, teaching,
public health and preventive work, in
dustrial nursing, etc. It is thought
that there are about ioo.UUO trained
nnraii in the. pnunti'T. of wliniti per
haps four-fifths are enpmed in private
nursing. So far the muses going
abroad have contained a high proior
ti,,i. nt those skilled in administrative
work, and it is hoped to draw in the
future largely upon tne private nurses
of whom the mintlier. relatively meak
Inn is plentiful.
Til most Import hi it work of the
committee will le to Increase the sup
ply of nurses greatly mui promptly.
u!f& r : tit
Craven & Huff Hardware Co.
Sell the Champion Cream Saver
ALMOST any separator will da fairly good work when it ia
bra-id new, perfectly adjusted and skimming warm milk
from freshened cows. T""
But a separator can't always be new, cows can't always be
fresh, nor can you al vays separate your milk while it is at 85
or 90 (,.ocre"s. In other words, your separating is done under
practical cuttions, and the sensible thing to do is to get a prac
tical separator.
The NEW De Laval i3 the most
practical separator you can buy
because it is the only separator that you can depend upon to skitta
clean under any and all conditions of miU and temperature, and
to deliver cream of uniform thickness.
If yo-i aui to s:-ir.t.r that will da
9 It work beucr than nr olber. nd do It
try art oeiug areo to offer P
courses to women graduates of college
and universities t fit them for special
work. In uiau.v crises credit for an
academic vear Is given f'.xomen who
have had scWdiflc .-onrses in universi
ties and colleses.
The plans of the committee for an
educational campaign to Induce edu
cated women to enter the nursing pro
fession have leeii aided materially by
a contribution of $.--.iHX from Mrs. Fe
lix W arburg. While no general appeal
is being made, It is hoped that several
other generous persons may aid the
spread of the committee's work by
other donations.
Italian Now Great Because He
Cut Off Peace Deputy's Fa
cial Adornment.
Rome, Tho DusMoiiali c crowd at the
cafe In the Corso I'mbei lo . ere gazing
up at the huge screen on the building
opposite, where pictures of celebrities
Sonulno, JolTre. Wilson, Lloyd George
were being thrown on the screen. It
Is the chief diversion these hot after
noons. JofTre was popular, and Wil
son had his admirers. Then came a
picture of a man with a great beard.
This caused tremendous laughter. But
the climax of approval came when the
picture of a thin faced man with a
workman's capon his head was thrown
on the screen. There was a huge ova
tion for this strange face.
"And who is the man with the
beard?" asked the American visitor.
"Why, that is Marlle. Is it possible
you don't know Maule?"
"And who is the niau In the work
man's cap?"
"That is the carpenter Tordelli. You
don't mean to say you haven't heard of
Tordelli! They are the great Italian
characters of the day."
Ma llle la a member of the Italian
chamber of deputies who made a
speech in favor of peace, saying it was
really not to Italy's interest to carry
on the war. Tordelli was for war and
felt that the peace speech must be re
buked. He accordingly waylaid Maflle
on the tramway as he came from the
chamber. Maflle bad an enormous
beard, which was bis pride and best
known characteristic. As .Maine step
ped on the car Tordelli deftly operated
a pair of scissors before the surprised
deputy knew what was happening.
Then, with a shock of beard in his
hand, Tordelli disappeared, while Maf
fle was left beardless.
Tordelli was arrested, and his trial
soon began. All Home became inter
ested. The question of peace and war
divided sentiment Into two. camps. All
Italy awaited the fate of the cariK-uter.
He produced the beard at the trial, and
it was duly eutered by the court as an
exhibit. Thereupon M allie applied for
the return of the beard, but the court
held it bad been separated from him
and was now in possession of the state.
Tordelli suddenly became a popular
hero as defender of the war.
Butter Wraps
$1.00 per 100
Monitor Office
rlcnoot nt -nt ttntrrinj im! ilrifinnit.
thro tli ..V 1 Laval ia Uit tuai-hlno to
Wh!! this Jtatpinmt ha lwy hn tro
of I I t'l lrai Linn. i tru today to
n s"rtr Jjr than ver bffr hriiiM
of th many nnj.roTunmU In th NEW !
Th iew ntlf-ctntrtinf bowl wh.-h firm th
tt-hlae r-eu'ir rap, itr and akimrnme ffl-cim-
r. ! 1 l-l fcll i-t-lll.llrat,4v,
whk-a al.-n wualj b w.rth ir.anjr ilollir
year to a cow ownr. th tn,;.roTl uto
nvalK oiling- Talm and (h many othfr tm
prniit foiin.t )n no ..tlir n i of
Bia. hm. make n NKW l a laval It ftr th)
i' atlrn -orv '-partcr ! ,.rar ad
th aot prrta!'l t-
Too o bur a NKW I tl from on at
tlral krint Cid la i,J xuiji Lii
bhIum aaJ. Laii it otu,