Independence monitor. (Independence, Or.) 1912-19??, July 20, 1917, Image 3

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Shabby Walls
Yuu can etcure a lustreless, oil painted
finish on your walls and ceilings by using
Acme Quality No Lustre Finish forme an
artistic dull finish suiface that combines the
durability of an enamel or an oil paint with
the restful tone and velvety beauty of fresco.
Can be applied over plaster, metal, canvas, wood, wall
board or any surface upon which paint can be used.
It ii an ideal wall coating more durable tha i Kalso
mine, more artistic than paint or enamel and more sanitary
than wall coverings Btuck on with germ breeding pastes.
Ask for a free copy of the Acme Quality Painting
Guide Book it tells all about paint and painting.
Miss Lillian Kau visited at the
M. N. Prather home the week.
Mrs. Van Avery is enjoying a
visit from her mother, Mrs. M.
Winnerling of Portland.
Mrs. Jesse Wells accompanied
her aunt, Mrs. Bevens, home
Saturday evening returning Sun
day evening.
Mrs. Berry of Portland visited
the last week at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J A. Reynolds.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Prather ard
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Harmon and
daughter Blanche, Mr. and Mrs.
N. C Anderson, Mrs. E. J.
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Grounds and son were out on a
picnic by the river Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Lichty,
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Chown and
son, Ernest, motored to Suver
and Monmouth, Sunday, return
ing by way of Independence.
Lester Murphy, W. S. McClain
and son, Raymond, and Mrs. M.
N. Prather were in Salem Thurs
day on business.
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Olacoat Issue a Prdort"-Scene from -awn of Nation" Which Win
Be at the His Sunday Afternoon mi lTenlng July 22.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Bevens,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Elkins
motored to Corvallis Sunday.
Mrs. Hall returned home with
them. She is a sister of Mrs.
Bevens and Mr. Elkins.
Mrs. E. J. Anderson returned
home Friday from a ten-days'
stay in McMinnville, where she
visited relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hall are
enjoying . a - visit from their
daughter-in-law, Mrs. Dr. Hall
of Spokane, Wash.
J here will be services at the
M. E. church Sunday morning
and evening. Piease don't for
get, the morning service is at 11
and the evening service is at 8.
Everybody turn out. The ser
mons are fine. -
The Ladies Club met July 12
at the home of Mrs. G. A. Wells.
A nice time was enjoyed by
those present, Tne next meet
ing is at Mrs. W. R. Bevens' on
July 26. Business meeting and
all members are requested to be
present as that day we take up
Red Cross work. Visitors are
alwaj s welcome.
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(Correspondence in Salem Journal)
The Monmouth branch of the
Girls' National Honor Guard ia
planning to give an entertain
ment on July 24 in the normal
chapel for the purpose of secur-.
ing money to help in the pur
chase of a Red Cross ambulance.
The performers for the evening
are David Campbell, Miss Amy
Lorence and Miss Katherine
Members of the state highway
commission passed thru town
Wednesday on their way thru
Polk county. The purpose of
the trip being to settle the con
troversy over the location of the
route from Independence to Cor-
valis and from Dallas to McMinn
ville. The extremely dry weather is
causing a scarcity of water for
domestic use and irrigation. The
city fathers are thinking serious
ly of another well so that an
abundance may be available for
all purposes.
W. J. Miller and O. A. Wolver
ton are going into the bee busi
ness quite extensively, having
recently received 55 Golden
Italian queens from San Jose,
I 'al and have secured new and
modern equipment for their local
The concert given by the Mon
mouth-Independence band on the
normal campus Friday evening
was a very enjoyable affair arid
much appreciated by students
and citizens of the viciaity.
In spite of the unfavorable
conditions, the dry weather of
last fall and the lack of rain thru
the bearing season this summer,
E. R. Ostrom cleared $105 from
a trifle over one-fourth acre of
strawberries on his farm one
half mile south of here. The
plants are only a year old and
are of the Oregon variety. The
most of the berries were sold at
$1.50 per crate.
W offer On Hundred rr R
ward for any can of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall Catarrh Cure.
Hall'a Catarrh Cure hai been taken
by catarrh eufferera for the paat
thirty-five yeare, and has become
known as the mot reliable remedy for
Catarrh. Hall'n Catarrh Cure acta thru
the Mood on the Muooue urfaoea, ex
pelling the Polaon from the Blood and
Sealing the diseased portions.
After you have taken Hall's Catarrh
Cure for a short time you will see a
great Improvement In your general
health. 8tart taking Hall's Catarrh
Cure at once and get rid of catarrh.
Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo Ohio.
Sold by all Druggists. 76c.
It is suggested that to conserve
clothing and give the factories a
chance to make such things as
are needed for war purposes,
that women wear their dresses
as long as they are decent.
While this would not be very
long under the present style
whifh is somewhat of the kill
variety, it ia still a good and sen
sible suggestion. However it
will not be folloved, for a
woman out of style is a woman
out of the world. The American
women can be depended upon to
make any sacrifice necessary to
the winning of the war except
standing for any interference
with their dress. Hunger and
deprivation will be borne cheer
fully but if the American women
must eat little and not very
often, she can be depended on to
have that little served with
some kind of color scheme and
flowers on the table along with
napkins. She draws the line at
being out of style. She may
wear cheap stuffs in her gown,
but they will have to be rut
rirht and draped as Dame
Fashion directs. Salem Capital
Leaves Pupit for Vaudeville.
.wurKt iil". O.Th IJT. K. V. Gor
iniiii. lor of the 0iii.r-iratliiial
i liup li. Inl'l his onjrrera!liti the oilier
ni 'lil tluit lie liml sit'iiiil a nitrl
fur a seen tvpi-kn" amievtlle tnur.
lie was tranied a leave of linen'
Tlie luv. Mr Guruian's icialtv r
inline. He was on the stave before
entering the uiiuUtrjr.
A kind of artistic achievement
easy for the film, but impossible
for the "indoor drama" is illus
trated by the Ford's theatre
scene in "The Birth of a Na
tion" The old fashioned drama has
long attempted to represent a
stage within a stage, and some
of such representations have
been rather realistic.
But in the film scene showing
the assassination of PresidentLin-
coin, one sees not only the com
plete stage of Ford's theatre in
April 1865 but also the auditorium
of the theatre, the audience and
the historical figures in the boxes.
Laura Keene is playing "Our
American Cousin", assisted by
E. A. Sothern in the role of
Lord Dundreary. They are
startled out of their mimic parts
by the shot that Wilkes Booth
fire J. The auaience has risen to
its feet as the shot is heard and
cranes forward in a semi-panic
to gaze at the great statesman
whose head has fallen back in
the stage box and at the assassin
Booth who is leaping from the
box to the stage and whose spur
catches in the box drapery as he
jumps, causing him to break his
leg. This sort of historical real
ism has never been achieved be
fore. It is part of what ia meant
by the so-called "new art" for
which D. W. Griffith is respon
Spectators gaze at the scene
with fascinated horror. It is too
terrible, too awesome for ap
plause, yet not a spectator but
feels that in this impressive ren
dition Mr. Griffith has surpassed
the greatest previous art achieve
ments of the film drama.
This is but one of the 50OO
scenes of this world s iamous
spectacle, which will be shown
matinee at 2:30 and evening at 8,
at the Isis on Sunday, July 22.
A splendid three hour, special
ly adapted musical score, played
by the organization's own direc
tor accompanies the production.
The matinee prices are 50 cents
for adults and 25 cents for chil
dren. Evening: 75 cents for
adults and 50 cents for children.
Ballston R. L. Walker lost
several head of hogs last week.
They were ready for the market
aid evidently got overheated.
Monmouth Mark Williams, a
former resident of this place, has
left England for America with a
number of blooded horses.
Eola Ferguson '8 cherries
were picked last week. The
quality was good but the quan
tity short.
West Salem West Salem's
constable has resigned rather
than enforce the new dog tax
Ballston-Prunes are in fine
Worts Than U Bouts, Says Lagislstar,
but Striata 8ays No.
KrinidiM. III. W unii'ii's IiIkIi IiwIb
are safe.
Itrulul (li'illi vm U'lniiluMernl to
JaiurM If. Kirliy'x I i 1 1 by 1 1 wuale.
It sought to limit t In- liciKl't of lid-1:.
Oil Wlllili'll'S hlllK-H to li ilK-lliH. Tli-
(iisrtliiK l iiiiiH' .is Kt rU'k- ii out, sik),
to iniikt t lit- iiwuHiiiulliii till I be more
uilicrutix, the m tiult ri'wviil llw-lf
into ciiuuuiltit- of lli- ttlinU- and Kve
live uilnuti-H to tin- Mt-iiunl fount
farmer to talk for the mraxure.
He liK li:ri bli;h Imi'Ih ar uuiiit
"mure tluiniiiil ion than llii" (ifrmiiu sub
marine" ASKS 5837.50 FOR SHAVE.
Contractor 8uos Accident Compsny
Ovsr s Skin In'L.tton.
Kuiihiis 4 'it;,-. Mo. Kii-'l.l hniiilri-d slid
tiiiny w-vi-n ilnlliim nml lilt flits for
a shave in asl:i-l hy William Kwiefb'k.
a iiitra tir. In a suit broiih'M in the
i lrcii t court re -eiitly.
The suit, illif It-il aiidlnxt an anldcut
it, -u r i - iiii iiny. Is tbe r-ull f an
infii lion of the sWIn lii'li Mr Kfiic
f k nn be a iilcliliilly i-ontrai tl In
New York r ity w (j 1 1- u barber
sliavinir blui Up ' Ibeicfoie trjlng to
col lei t on bis a i bli-nt xilb ) . and tbe
Mniii refu.- to iay.
r If t r lirsaTxsTtjSiiviiiV.e-aW.&HiL..a
Important Services, Lord's Day,
July !.
Bible School at 10 a. m.
Communion 11 a. m.
Union C. E. services with Bautist
Young 1'eople.
Preaching aoryice 8 p. m. by titter
Kendall, L, L. D., of McMinnville.
All cordially invited.
W. S. STEWART, Pastor.
Sunday school at 10.
Preaching at 11.
B. Y. P. U. at 7:00.
Preaching at 8:00.
Rev. E. Burton of Corvallis will
preach both morning and evening.
He Cannot Read His Tombstone When He's Dead
If with pleasure you are viewing Hny work a man ia doing;
If you like him or you love him, tell him now;
Don't withhold your approbation till the parson makes oration,
And he liea with snowy lilies o'er his brow;
lor no matter how you shout it, he won't really care about it;
lie won't know how many teardrops you have shed;
If you think some praise is due him, now'B the time to slip it to him,
For he cannot read his tombstone when he'i dead.
More than fame and more than money is the comment kind and sunny
And the hearty, warm approval of a friend;
For it gives to life a savor, and it makes you atronger, braver,
And it givce you heart and spirit to the end;
If he earns your praise -bestow it; if you like him, let him know it;
Let the words of true encourageaicnt be said;
Do not wait till life is over and he's underneath the clover.
For he cannot read his tombstone when he'a dead.
The Yeoman Shield.
Many Bloisoms on Twig.
ToiH-ka, Kim.- If all Ibe lwl on an
apple tree on llie farm of (i e II.
Kreiiler, near Lyndon, bail us nmny
IiliiBNiiiiiH as one t a bad, nml. If every
blossom became nil apple, the tree
would have aupplied an apple a day for
aovcral thouwuid persons. The "freak
twig" has put fnilh half a down bloa
somi Instead of tbe customary one.
Krelder declares It a "ficnk of nature"
and state that In all bis experience aa
a fruit miser be never before saw ao
many blossoms on a lulu.
$1 per 100
War Can't Stop Us j
It makes no difference in our
appetites for good eats. But the
question of the hour is, "where to
get good, satisfying eats at
medium prices."
It is plainly in evidence in every
part of our store. It consists of
Fresh, Pure,
And the smiles of many satisfied customers ia the
best of proof that we make good on every claim.
Thos. D. Yarnes, Pastor.
10 A. M. Sunday School.
11 A. M. Morning service.
2:30 P. M. Loyal Temperance Legion.
7:1)0 P. M. Kpworth League.
8:00 P. M. Evening aervice.
Dr. H. C. Dunsmore, Pastor
10 a. m. Sunday school.
Theie will be no services in this
church until further notice. Dr.
Dunsmore is enjoying his summer va
cation. For Spring
Mere surface dusting or brushing
is not cleaning. Thorough clsan
lntf draws out both outside"
and "inside" dirt without scatter
ing it in the air you breathe. It
is cleaning such as can only be
had with an
Vacuum Cleantr
An Klectric Vacuum Cleaner will
keep your home apotlessly clesn
all year long with very little
Ifort on your part, at small ex
pense and with no wear or tear
on rugs, draperies, mattresses,
bedding, etc.
Oregon Power Co.
Phone 5011
Practice in all Co
Clean Groceries 1
8 Jones