Independence monitor. (Independence, Or.) 1912-19??, July 20, 1917, Image 1

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NO. 49
Man wants but little here below
But he wants that little long,
He'll eat bis pickles with a smile
If someone sings a song;
He'll swear he likes whatever comes
Tho it chokes him up with pain,
And today
- He'd even pray
For a good old soaking rain.
Sometime soon we all will go,
Even the good must die, -We
know Saint Peter will hold us up
When we get to the gate on high;
But if we can boldly speak and say,
Not the least afraid,
"All and I
When it was dry,
We didn't cuss, we prayed."
This will please him ver) much,
The way we went about it,
He may pass us thru the stile,
Tho we muchly doubt it;
(The reason we are prone to doubt ii because
According to Scripture while prayer helps
A good deal it won't get
Us into heaven unless it's
Backed up with A No. 1 recommendations.)
Old Man Grunt sits in the shade
Keeping cool by fanning,
Mrs. Grunt is in the kitchen place
Boiling out and canning;
Dear Sadie watches all the time
T he army. draft and numbers,
If five-o-one
Gets a gun,
The tears will spoil her slumbers.
JOHNNIE, get your gun. get your gun, get your gun!
Take it on the run, on the run, on the runt
Hear them calling rou and ma,
Every ton of liberty.
Hurry right away; no delay; fo today!
Make your daddy (lad to have had such a tad.
TeD your sweetheart not to pine.
To be proud her boy's in line.
Over there, over there -
Send the word, tend the word over there
That the Yank are coming, the Yank are coming
Tho drunu rumtununing everywhere.
So prepare, M a prayer;
Send the word, aend the word to beware.
We'll bo over, we're coming over.
And we won't come back till it's over, over there.
JOHNNIE, get your gun, get your gun, get your gun!
Johnnv ahow the Hun you're a ton-of-a-f un!
Hoist the flag and let her fly,
Yankee Doodle do or die.
Pack your little kit ahow your grit, do your bit;
Yankee to the rank from the town and the tank.
Make your mother proud of you
And th old Ked. White and Blue.
..i --
The dry spell continues and
has commenced to put a crimp
in the crops.
All farmers who have any
facilitief for irrigating are using
them. There are quite a num
ber who can put a limited
amount of water on their
Owing to the non-arrival of
thf body of Goldie Irvine Hark
ins, the funeral which was to
have taken place yesterday, will
be held tomorrow afternoon at
one o'clock.
Goldie Irvine was raised to
womanhood in Independence and
was. very popular. Besides a
number of relatives, she had a
large number of friends here
who are much grieved by her
The obituary follows:
Goldie Lillian Irvine was born
in Independence, Oregon, April
23, 1885, and resided here until
1907, when she removed to Win
lock, Wash. She was married
May 5, 1906, to Carl Harkins,
and remaining in Winlock until
December, 1916, w hen she moved
to Bellefourche, So. Dakota,
where she has since resided.
Stricken suddenly, she passed
away following an operation, on
Frioay, July 13, 1917. She leaves
a mother, Mrs. Ella Hart of In
dependence; and two brothers,
Roy C, of Lacrosse, Wash., and
Ted M., of Portland, Oregon.
The body was brought to In
dependence this morning and
funeral services will be held to
morrow afternoon in th Presby
terian church. Dr. H. Chas.
Dunsmore officiating, and the
remains laid to rest in thp Odd
Fellows cemetery. She was a
member of the Rebekah lodge of
Independence, which order will
have a part in the funeral ser
vices. She was also a member of
the Woodman Circle of Winlock,
Despite the warm weather the
Independence Red Cross Auxili
ary met at the Moose Hall last
evening. Routine business was
transacted with B. E. Smith pre
siding. Miss Florence Gebo re
ported from the amusement com
mittee that $61.85 was realized
from the recent Red Cross dance.
The basement of th M. E.
church was generously offered
as a meeting place, but as the
Moose Hall is more centrally lo
cated the Auxiliary voted to con
tinue meeting there.
The next meeting will be held
next Thursday. July 2G. All
members are urged to come.
Gust J. Papatheodorokounnounduris Tomich
sclakopulos of Chicago has bought a United
States bond and says be is an American citizen.
J he heat of last Saturday was
too much for Dave Boydston and
he was obliged to "lay off" for
the day. His absence from the
job is so infrequent that to see
someone else on the wagon
caused much comment. Fot
nearly twenty-five years, Dave
has carried the mail to ar d from
the depot dunnr which time he
has missed lees than a dozn
One of the three large horses
used to haul the Standard Oil
wagon around this section
dropped dead in the harness
Saturday afternoon. The beast
could ot stand the heat.
Several farmers were obliged
to quit work in the fields Satur
day afternoon because it got too
hot for both man and beast.
Following herewith are the
names and serial numbers of
all the registered men from
Independence, Buena Vista,
Suver and East and West
Luckiamute precincts.
; Bear in mind that it would
be well for all the registered to
watch the papers for the num
bers drawn, especially those
who are not in the county where
registered. While the exemp
tion board will notify everyone
whose number is drawn, the
government will not be respon
sible if the notice does not reach
those to whom it is sent, and the
failure of any "called" man to
not appear on time thru ignor
ance will not save him from be
ing punished.
There seems to be a misunder
standing of how the draft will
be made. The drawing will take
place in Washington. For ex
ample, if the number 13 is
among those drawn, every regis
tered man in every county or
division in the country (unless
bis county has been exempted)
whose serial number is 13 must
appear for examination on a
date desigiated by the county
exemption board. All should
familiarize themselves with the
rules governing exemption if
they intend to apply for the
The serial number appears
after the name in the list below:
Kloyd Travis 17G, Leon Lester 177,
Ernest Tice 178, Russell Clarke 179,
Earl Ruef 180, Winfield Huff 181,
Albert Wilaon 182, George Hartnaan
183, Elmer Purdom 184, Elmer Davis
S6, Fred Young 186, Arch Barnard
187, Oscar Agee 188, Joel Patterson
189, Edgar Seeley 190, Emerson Shaf
er 191, Frank Kirk land 192, Jesse
Morgan 193, Walker Martin 194, Dona
Pomeroy 195, Ralph Cornelius 1,
Harrison Brant 197, Walter Stewart
198, Theodore Ellestad 199, Pliny
Buttz 200, Everitt Cook 201, Hollo
McKinney 202, Charles McComaa 203,
Edwin Bowmarj 204, James Garber 205,
Harold Fitchard 2o6, William Olaon
207, Robert McLay 208, Chauncey
Plessiniter 209, Horace Fear 210, Nor
val Staple ton 211, Elmer Addison 212,
Ralph Travis 113, Hirao Tamiyusu 214,
Charles Stidd 216, Adolph Siebers 216,
Charles Bennett 217, Harry Rows 218,
Charles Anderson 219, Carl Kingman
220, Gerald Howard 221, Levi Oletnan
222, Lewis Grant 223, Forest Brown
224, Marcus Cooper 225, Orien Macy
226. George Gardner 227, William
Brown 228, Harry Heth 229, Amos
Kealiker 230, Armine Cooper 21,
Abraham Becker 232, Wright Huber
233, George Stapleton 234, Louis Van
Gal Zil, William Mizner 236, Howard
Buckner237, Charles Brown490, Harry
HefTley 491, Laweretce Purdom 492,
Raodolph Deerfield 493, Harry MorKan
494, Chester Thomas 495, Henry Leh
man 496, James C'hsmberlin 497, Ve
nier Howard 4'.'8, Marion Butler 499,
illism Stalnakttr BOO, Clarence Pease
501, Glen Newton 502, Hubert Baker
503, Lewie Haaelton 604, Charles Whit-
The drawing of numbers for army service com
menced in Washington this morning and will be
completed before night. The number ot every
registered man will be drawn. After, the list is
completed, everyone subject to draft will know
exactly the rotation in which the men will be
called for service.
By watching tonight's papers and making use
of the numbers presented on this page, it is pos
sible to tell where any particular individual will
be on the list. Tlius if No. U gets the 1000th
place on the Polk county roll, it may be several
years before No. 13 must report for examination.
It has been unoflieially stated that Polk .county
will be exempted from furnishing a man for the
first arm'. The second army will be called in
from three to six modths after the first one.
ney 605, Claude South 606. Benjamin
Ennes 507, Franklin ButTum 508, Frank
Miller 609, Leon Barrick 510, Ralph
Craber 611, Walter Heltley 512, Fran
cis Craber 613, Orval Cook 614, Charlte
Lochridgo r15, Henry McKinsey 616,
Thomas Fej-fcuaoii 517, John Mason 618,
Levi Lehman 519, leroy Stalnaker 620,
Wilbert Flood 621, Ernest Brundridge
522, Cuss BulTum 623, Fred liuckncr
624, Thomas McClencn 626, Larry Fitz
gera Id 626, Joseph South 627, Glen
Whiteaker 628. Chester BulTum 629,
Walter Harris 630, GeoiRe Haas 631,
Gideon Newton 1120, Cecil Swope 921,
Ellia Ireland 922, Leon Sawyer 923,
Kumao Komatsuliard 924, Masanobu
Kobayshi 925, J. Nunmto 926, James
Oberson 927, Joseph Ol erson 928, Oli
ver Strong 9U9. Arthur CWster 930,
Walter Hooker 931, Frank Dickson 932
Samuel Cox 933, Adrian Dickson 934,
John Whitehead 936. Bert Hilke 936,
Elmer Post 937, Roy Hall 938, Otto
Hilke 939, Irwin Huntley 940, Roy
Carmack 941, Albert Qusrlier 942, Ed
ward Carmack 943, Willard Ingerman
son 944, Grant McLaunhlin 945, Glen
Plessinger 946, Clement Hsrt 947, Lyn
Seeley 948, Lawereiice Martin 949.
John Quivey 9W, Willie Walker S61.
Raleiuh Coffey 962. William Quartier
963, Emerson Groves 964, Harry Covey
955, Crosbie Dslton 966, Flobert Moore
957, Grin Dadman 958, Edwin Oberson
969, John Walker 960, Harold Herren
961, Willis Small 962, Dean Walker
963, Clinton Haun 914, Clifford Held
965. Sei.kicki Kamar W, Uaniu Inau
907. Fred Kopufu 968, Jesse Ford 969,
James Robbi 970, Arthur Smith 971,
Carl Percival 972.
Elmer Chapin 263, Oscar Peterson
264, George Snyder 265, Martin Prattl
er 266, William Bevens 267, Arthui
Elkins 268, Jsy McCarty 269, Harley
Pralher 270, Elmer Fredrickson 271,
Ernest Buell 272. Gail Alexander 273,
Henry Dickinson 274, Jese Wells 271,
Jess Walker 270, Nelson Ander
son 277, Hoy Knighton 278,
William Murphey 27!, Orville
Wells 280, William Godwin 281,
James Powers 282, Jesse Tann
28.'5, Loyd Ilunnicutt 284, Clare
Strawn 285, Perry Wells 286,
Wayne Moe 287, Zeb Millhouaer
288, William Caaaidy 28!), Arthur
Seymour 2'M, Leonard Todd 201,
Jess Lucie 'SL, Harold Gaaio 29.J.
Orrin Nixon 21)4, Samuel McKee
21)5. Harold Ingalls 2. Hoyal
Kreutz 297.
Edwin Larsen 298, Fred Torgrson
299, Ross Chamberlin 300, Walter Kerr
301, I awrence German 312, Janus
l.arscn 303, George Kendoll 304, Hil
mar Olson 306, Fred Towns 306, Ellis
Wilson 307. Fred Wood 308, Neil Cur
rie 309, Willism Wood 810, Donald
Bolter 811, Wellington Krster 812,
Edward Hagley 313, Gustav Fleisch
mann 814, Nelson Cates8)6. Wilier
Lembke 316, Mai ion Thompson 317,
Edgar McCready 318, Philip Thurston
319, William Green 320, Roy Clark 321. ;
Robert Butts 322, Wilford Whiting
ton HM, Lee Hulls 31(4. Vern Williams
326, Erie Brown 826. Hsrlin Powell 327
Frank Story 328, (Inner Cooper 329,
Herbert Kyerley 330. I,oren Coor
331, Charles Osborn 332, Henry Nen
del 33S, Owen Thompson 834, lxta
Scott 836. Willism Weaver &!6, Scott
Gibbons 337, Lester George 348, Wes
ley Rsy 889, Philipp Srhweizer 840,
Arshie Pollock 341, John M cites 842,
Glen Byerley 843, Willism Staatl 844,
Charles Powell 845, George Duren 846,
John Atwater 847, Henry Yost 848,
William Holiiigton349, William Ridge
way 350, Clarence Whiteaker 861, Gor
don Parker 362, Frank Smith 3H,
Thomas Smith 854, Chsrlea Rsy 366,
Edgar George 166, Adin Packard 867,
rioyd Crowley 897, Edwin Crook K8,
Wesley Osborn 899, Frank Oalxirn 900,
William Toedtemeler 901, Kay Allen
902, Frank Aebi 908, Ksnne'h Williams
904, Benjamin Aebi 905, Harry Aebl
906, Helmer Gangaln 907, Milton Leh
man !X)8, Clarence Hiltibrand
909, Albert Paddock 910, John
Wienert 911, Karl Seufert 112,
Arthur Gillespie 013, Cecil
Embree 914. Charles Polinjr 915,
Edvin Fleischrnann 916, Kdward
Lehman 917, Uoger Lee 918,
Ivan Loutchary 919.
Burglars entered the Southern
Pacific depot last Friday niht
and the total proceeds vere $1.98,
not much of a haul for that kind
of work.
"The liirth of a Nation" at
Isis Sunday afternoon and evening.
rrTTr , dnLl ruciV-w!?
L 'Jjii -i -i mmHtmtuumti Trii.ii -im.Jm,4-?4 ' ', ! 1 I -
Recruits for coast usrd at Fort Trumbull, New Loudon, (Co., trying Ibel tuuul at leapfrog and tu of war,