Independence monitor. (Independence, Or.) 1912-19??, July 13, 1917, Image 4

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Uiiti, mtti i A five-year-old son of Dane
Battreall Shoes for
Men ana Bojrs
Conqueror Hats
for Men
Furvine was taken to a Salem
hospital yesterday. The little
fellow ig in a critical condition
caused by blood poisoning.
Youngatara Art Making a Splen
did Showing In tha Pialda.
to Fit
One of tlie
notice when
pair of
mgt a woman
placing her foot into
! No collections, no expense. We
! want your slow accounts. We
assume all responsibility and
; take all the blame. Yamorep;
Collection Agency, McMinnville,
jOreg. J. I. Knight, manager. 48tf
Style Shoes of Quality
it thair nicatjr of fit and the pleading way In which they
heighten tha beauty of the feet.
Such elegant appearance ia difficult to obtain in many other
hoea. The aacrat of thia graceful fit in In the fact that Utz
ft Dunn Co. Shoei are modeled with unuaual rare and precision.
And thia trim, neat look li unimpaired by long wearing be
cause, due to the quality and strength of the material which
enter Into them, theae ahoes hold their ahapa until discarded.
Washington According to reports
reaching the depart men t of labor, tbe
dty boy la making good on tbe farm.
More tban 20,000 boya already have
gone Into tbe country to do their bit
These boys are enrolled in tbe United
State boys' working reserve. To join
tbe reserve a boy must I sixteen and
I . prove himself i)liyslcally flt Thev
All the real and personal prop- have enlisted for a minimum period
erty 01 me isiortnern Idaho and 01 lwo mourns. m most or tuem are
Montana Power Co. now oper- r u lue """" w'
latedbythe Oregon Power Co., Next to agriculture tbe canning In-
Which includes the Polk COUnty iUBirr " making tbe heaviest demand
system, will be sold to the high- ,?
est biddfT at Albany on Aug. 16 1,000, and those in New York and otb-
to satisfy a decree of foreclosure. er "tate Dv indicated that tbey win
sena in similar calls.
w 1 tw t , I "onioinui mitrinij tiuumnu vi iuv
Mrs. I. H. Ingram was much agriculture department has written offl-
surprised Wednesday afternoon 0,ul8 of the Hy scouts of America,
when a number of neighbors UK;e,,tm being "one
nOWing that it Wa8 her birth- nalen miliht be rendered evsn more
day entered her home and took ibie by organization of a boy pa
possession. Mrs. Ingram was lJ?!?'11 ?" J'Mif-..
equal to the occasion and proved perhaps tbe greatest single factor tend.
L. ; a royal entertainer.
lug to discourage borne gardening in
and alwut cities," Mr. Vrooinau wrote.
Warner aad Red fern Corsets
In tha late style
All Wool Oregon Caaslraere
suit ror Men 6 boys
Tf .1 iv 1
it mere are a eumcient num
iber of children interested, a I
IT. R. K. Duganne, dentist,
National Bank Building,
next September by Miss Mary
- ( Hoham, the director of music of
ithe Oregon normal school.
Parents who wish their children
j to take part in this activity will
do well to provide their children
, . , . 1 with instruments and lessons
Mni. wDy uavis was nosiess , thig suramer in order to insure
10 me iNeeaiecraii weanesnay more ranifl nrnfrroBO T. . ,
r-v r ' vb -um( sit; ivi
B. T, Swope, Lawyer Cooper BldP.
D. H. Phillips, jeweler, sue
cessor to II. J. Rowe. 41tf
French Gunner Smashes Tunnel,
Killing Half of Men Inside .
and Blockading Exit.
Fred Neely
has returned to
Mrs. J. R. Collins was a Cor
vallis visitor over Sunday.
For Sale two bred sows, also
a fine young boar. S. W
H. J. Rowe Is building a bun
galow on his fruit ranch near
Saturday is Bargain Day at
Max Goldman's store.
Miss Emma Henkle is attend
ing the N. E. A. in Portland this
"The Birth of a Nation" at
the Isis Sunday afternoon and
evening, July 22.
Roy Thomas of Monmouth,
with the Canadian troops in the
trenches, has been wounded.
A flood pair of reading
(lasses :or Jl.OO at O. A.
Now is a good time to wear
sport shirts. Buy them at
K reamer's.
Mrs. M. W. Kay of Portland is
the guest of her sister, Mrs. F.
C. Stephens, this week.
Second hand binder for sale.
See Craven & Huff.
Sam Damon, son of Mr. and
Mrs. L. Damon, has been given
a commission as a first lieuten
Mrs. F. G. Hewitt and children
returned from a visit in the
southern part of the state Mon
day. Eyes scientifically examined
and glasses fitted. Dr. F. fl.
Ilewett, Cooper Bldg. 2tf
1M summer normal girl went
to Portland last Sunday morning
via Independence to atund the
the N. E. A.
For Sale Cood
or perambulater.
baby carriage
Will sell rea-
Phone Main 4321. 43
afternoon and entertained in her
usual charming manner.
Albert Hilke has won a prize
in the industrial club work with
potatoes. He raised 45 bushels
and made a profit of $33 on
If you are going to have a
wedding or t swell dinner, don't
forget to complete the menu with
Pugh's Loganberry Juice. Sold
everywhere. 22tf
The Red Cross will meet at the
Moose hall next Thursday even
ing. Members are urged to be
present as there is important
The Camp Fire Girls have en
joyed an outing in the foothills
this week. Mesdames George
Carbray and C. D. Cslbreath
accompanied them.
Bramberg, Johnson and Coquil
lette have been awarded the
contract for building a number
of cement walks in Monmouth,
their bid being $1159.89.
Mrs. Mabel Ground Johnson
has returned from Chicago where
she has been attending the
American Conservatory of Music,
having graduated from the same.
A watch repaired by D. 11.
Phillips will keep time, and you
can depend on it, 41tf
At the time last year, Inde
pendence and vicinity were well
represented at the beaches. For
some reason or other, the repre
sentation has been small this
All but a few of our suits were
bought before the rise in wool,
consequently we can sell you a
good suit for $16.50 to $26.00 at
O. A. K reamer's.
Mrs. D. II. Phillips received a
telegram Monday informing her
of the death of her father, T. P.
Taylor, aged 82, at his home in
Carrollton, Mo. Mrs. Phillips
was unable to attend the funeral.
London. This story of modern war-
far is related by an official authority
wbo has been on tbe front in Cham
On May 20 the French prepared to
.4 , .; p!-;r
!. . ... V -f ;;', .-"X ' ' 1 J .A .771 1 I
x i - r;; 1 to j J
Photo by American Press Association.
Captain Bunnell (on loft), the American aviator who downed the famous
Boelke, is now reorultliii; f"r the British air service In America. Lieutenant
A. Miller Thomas f CniiHiln Is w ith him.
towing instruments can be used rush tbe lmpregnahie positions on
and are not ton Hiffi..,lt- fn, Mount Cornillet and Mount Teton.
. ,, , . , Photographs taken by their aviators
children: viohon. violoncello. k .i .. i,..,..., .,.nfm t .n..i.
w I nuun cu tau tiuuiniov rj ovc tu a.uuavaw
which apparently concealed German
reserves. A single entrance was lo
cated, and tbe operator of a French
fifteen inch gun ten miles away was
told to put a shell in the entrance,
Tbe gun started filing thousand
.....1 .t,.ir n.aa
-. i...mI1( Btiiuui urcueoira a dered to advance at a certuln minute.
bass viol, cornet, circular horn,
trombone, baritone, flute, clari
net, drums and bells. How
many will co-operate with Miss
Hoham in making the Independ-
Two hours before the time set for the
advance a half ton shell pluuted Itself
squarely In the mouth of the tunnel,
killing half of the men Inside, blockad
ing the exit and wrecking tbe trans
verse corridors. Tbe French advanced
and took several hundred prisoners
without suffering loss.
Two months ago a French attack
on Moronvlllers failed because this lni
pregnable tunnel coulu not be cap-
Feeding and Gymnastic Exercises t"1
Aided This Private In Reach
There will be an open air con
cert by the Independence-Monmouth
band on the campus at
Monmouth tonight.
Wanted housekeeper on farm.
Address Box 61, Monmouth,
Ore. 60
Chester Henkle, who under
went a Eerious operation in a
Portland hospital several weeks
ago, returned home Tuesday
night. He looks well and after
regaining his strength will be '
all right again.
ing Minimum Weight.
Milwaukee. Wis. Roman Jagodzln-
ski recently tendered his services to
this country ih a private Id Company
K, First Wisconsin Infantry. He weigh
ed 115 pounds. One hundred and twen
ty pounds Is the minimum weight un
der the re-ulrtiiiiiM. lint they passed
him on to (lie- innu with the tape meas
ure ami ho registered exactly live feet
threw mid tlifi e-uuniter Inches. Here
lie was shy uuiiin, three-quarters of an
Oim wee!; was allowed him In which
to make gmxl, and there's no um in
withholding the ytory any longer ha
made good
l'rlvnto JaK.nh'.iilskl was accepted
week lifter his indication. Ho weigh
ed M pounds, mni lie measured five
feet four and a ipi;irdr inches. During
the wwk lie )u! on live iouiids in
weight, and he xnvtclied exactly an
"Ilu h as II ilum V" t'nrKral J. Be
hog of ('nm.iiti.Y K wasi sskinl.
"FeiMiiig and gyuiUHStlc exerclsee,"
was the roptj .
No further luijuiry was made with
regm-d to the riTiling, liecatiso then.
Isn't anything heroic alnnit gastronomic
endurance contests, hut some Informs-1
Albart Thornton of Rosolla, N. J., Leaas
Whan Bioyola Tira Bursts.
Newark, N. J. "I've won I I go to
war!" panted Victor Thornton of Ro
aelle, N. J., as he hurst Into the army
recruiting station at 250 Market street
Fifteen minuted later his brother, Ai
bert, perspiring and out of breath, sank
Into a chair.
The boys explained that they had
asked permission of their father, Al
fred Thornton, to go to war and that
he had told them only one might en
list, lie told them he would decide the
matter by a bicycle race and started
them off on a three mile trip to the
recruiting station. The winner was to
One of Albert's tires was punctured,
He threw the wheel Into a clump of
bushes and ran the rest of tbe way to
the station, hoping that a similar acci
dent might overtake his brother. Tie
returned home to tell his father that
Victor had enlisted.
U. 8. M. C. (I'ittsburgli, I'a., It. 8.)
LER. U. 8. M. C. (Marine Barracks.
Philadelphia, Pa.)
Pittsburgh. I had always wanted to
see a bullfight, and when the opportu
nity came at Colon, ranania, I was
quick to seize it. I bud gone ashore
on liberty, looking for excitement, and
if you can call bullfighting excitement
I had It.
I picked up a handbill in the street.
It was printed in Spanish, but I finally
made out that Benor Don Porando,
primer toreudor from Barcelona, would
that very afternoon, with skill and
neatness, dispatch the tierce and fiery
tore for two 'dobe dollars per admis
sion. Ob, que grandiosol There enters the
arena now a troupe of picadors wear-
aud let fly their darts, the entire lotf
striking the bull's side In tbe region of j
the flank. EI toro switches his tall
nervously. "Those blamed canal lone,
mosquitoes again," be Is doubtless
thlnkuig. Soon the picadors make
way for the stevedores er I mean the
matadors, who succeed in worrying I
the bull a great deal by their mece'
presence and appearance. But now
comes the real thing. There is a fan
fare of trumpets, a shout from the mul
titude, and Seuor Don Porando, primer
toreador from Barcelona,
- the
uon Poinmlu loi.l.s the part all right,
and when the n w t'rmv. lily worried
- -' "
Mark 8ii of Dims on Man's Ho Was Hit
Sharon, V. 1. P. Itelmold of
Charleston, near here, bad a singular
xnerlonce (lurliiii a storm, which will
was enrncstly ...llcited ahout the k(H,, tliiii Nil fast for several day
When the tlmntlerstorm came up
Retinoid was In a wagon slied. Light
ning struck the shed, luirmsl a hole
through his clothing it the hack, went
down his right log and out of his right
shoe, tiHiriiu s bole In the leather. He
was rendered uncoiiseltxis. hut uulckly
An examinati hi slmwisl a mark th
site of a dime on Ms buck, where the
bolt hit, and a red siren k was fixed on
his skill, the mlh it traveled until It
left his foot. Neighbors extinguished
the tire which followed U'fore seilous
damage resulted.
stretching process. All the corporal
woulil vouchsafe In that regard was
that "Roman whs 10IU1I around on ths
armory flmtr until tlM additional Inch
was teased out of hiiu.'
Old Man to Graduate.
Hmitlugtmi. V. Ya. Jhiuc William
Samples, sevetit thnv. Is shout to com
plete the olreMiu of a lifetime lu his
graduation from Marshal college. One
of a family of ten children. Samples
had a bard t line oomph tin the educa
tion he always coveted, tmt he managed
four years) ago to grt the fumls that
would pimbie him to o through the
Back on the Job
After being closed on account
of sickness, the Western Junk
Shop is again open and ready to
buy all kinds of old iron, metals
of all kinds, rags, and old paper.
rieasantvilie. N. J. "Collar,
collar, who's g.t my" Is
the cry those days all lecus
Charles Slug, a Chinese laundry
man, left town and turned over
his uuwashctl linen to another
ChliiMUiau to do up. IVmdlrs le
t'Miiie mixed, and the shirts, col
lars and cuffs have ltn handed
over to Chief of Police Krvvvsou.
who Is exptM-ted to find their
o uers.
Ing Bi uilvt clonks and carrying luucea
and durts. They open the gates at one
side of the nrcuu mill let loose the
fierce aud liery toro. The entrance of
said toro was pretty much of a flivver.
Tlu vast crowd evidently hud him
buffaloed. lie nervously looked around,
pawed the dirt under Ids foci. Jumped
up into the uir. cracked las heels to
gether and then rolled over on the
grouud, kittenish I'.te. I'iciu my scut
In tbe arena 1 could see tlio murks of
tbe yoke about las iio!:.
Now verv cauti i. tin- t ' :id'ir np
proii. !'i' ' '
bull gets a slant at Don be bellows
forth something that sounds strangely
like a frightened laugh. Dun Porando
stalls around for a few minutes In the
hope that the movie people tire on the
Job aud theu rides stmiuht ac the hull.
El toro perceives the maneuver, slicks
his tall between his leva and heats !t
around the arcua. Hut the bull Is a
sucker for setting tbe pace, it appears.
Soon Don wears hiin down, there is n
flash of Toledo stool, he bull .sinks
slowly to his haunches, casts h s dying
eyes about hi w udcrlng pain, slicks
out his toncuc ns if to 11 k the hand
that slow him, then curu tubal all Is
over. Never iignin fir luy money!
When I want to see n lin t class buU
flght I'll go ty one given under the au
spices of the Humane society, out in
the Clil( i!o sto- U.vards.
Craven & Huff Hardware Co
Sell the Champion Cream Saver
ALMOST any separator will do fairly good work when it li
brand new, perfectly adjusted and skimming; warm milk
from freshened cows.
E'.it a separator can't always be new, cows cant always be
fresh, nor can you always separate your milk while it is at 85
or 90 derrees. In other words, your separating 13 done under
practical conditions, and the sensible thing to i!o is to get a prac
tical sof ; rjtor.
The NEW De Laval is the most
practical separator you can buy
because it is the only separator that you can dcpen l upon to ski
clcn t t ndir any and all conditions of rink and tenmerature. an
to deliver cream of uniform thickness
nui ( ,vb a srnaratitr that win d
: thiol uity utl,i-r. uj lu It
it tii.xr'-nff a-: al.u-rtnent,
! 1 aai i the niti..jn to
Its work be
without cifi
tho the Xi:
W h:!e this tr?r.'mrnt Yan
tf i a vii n r.. i.tnn. it U tme
r tt.e many liuproTfi.itmu ia I
artat-Line '.i: :, tlx -i .k
whK-h sl o woutl be w.t h ;tl
yesr to a cow owbt, t i i.s
mafic cilin: re-0 t;i ie -r
pMifnifau .i n i i ti- .
l.u can hay a NKW 1 4 L frtri ns rn
literal trri'iB i'zi ia auj ti.Munt tut
t bpn tr'ia
tiwiny to a
rifi.itic ffl.
i in "Ttt'.r,
V U'i'ars ft
1 tm-
f v fit r tl.a
ifs..- a 11 4