Independence monitor. (Independence, Or.) 1912-19??, June 22, 1917, Image 2

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WHEN men are drawn together in the army, you
find out a lot about their likes and dislikes. It's
alvvayt been a great place (or the spread of W-B
CUT popularity. They show each other why you
shouldn't take more than a littU chew of W-L CUT.
Every shred is chock full of sap; a big chew is too rich.
They take to W-B CUT, strong; nothing is too good
(or our soldiers.
HU, ky WETMAN-BRUTON COMPANY. 1107 Br..dwiT. New York Ci'r
Published Weekly at Independence, Polk County,
Oregon, on Friday.
entered as Second Class Matter Augnst 1, 1912 at tbc Poat Office at Inde
pendence, Polk County, Oregon, Under the Act of March 3, 1879.
NINA B. ECKER, Associate
SuDscrlptlon Rates: One Tear $1.50 Strictly In Advance
ADVERTISING SATIS: 15c. per Inch for one Insertion. 12 1-Zc for two or
more Insertions, 10c. on monthly contracts. leaders, S and 10c. per line
Independence, Oregon, Friday, June 22, 1917
A Liberty Bond was presented to many Tune
brides as a wedding gift which leads an Eastern
paper to remark that the act is of unusual merit
inasmuch as it finances two wars at the same time.
One hundred million dollars is to be raised for
the Red Cross this week. We predict that when
the count is made next Monday night, there will
be nearer one hundred and twenty five millions.
This is the Week
for You
and You
and You
to do your bit for the
fled Cross.
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Uhen The Monitor
Prints It
VDU are assured of a good
job as a skilled man does
the work.
Our Cash System enables us
to beat city prices.
There is hardly anything we
cannot do.
Established 1889
A Successful Business Career of Twenty rive Years
H. Hlrschberg, Pres. D. W. Sears, V. P.
R. R. DeArmond, Cashier
W. H. Walker, I. A. Allen, 0. D. Butler
fTT WW 1
The full amount of the Liberty Loan has been
subscribed. The American people have made a
splendid showing. We now have the men and
money. The stage is ready for the Kaiser's
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On Sale via California
Many dates in June, July, August and September.
Liberal Stopoveri. Limit 3 months.
Enjoy a Beach Outing Trip
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Round Trip Fares
On Sale Every Day. Return October 31.
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For information ask your local sgent
JOHN M. SCOTT, General Passenger Agent
Portland, Oregon
It is true that we are facing more than a night
mare. We may be up against it proper, especially
if Russia lays down. But whether we are or not
whether Russia sticks or gets cold feet, we can
not help matters by getting excited and running
around in circles.
The movement to recruit farm labor from the
ranks of the idlers or other branches of the Sons
of Rest is ridiculous. A small injection of this
class of men into the farm labor supply might be
profitably assimilated, but to depend upon ' them
to any great extent would be foil'. Brains and
experience must be mixed with brawn and energy
to accomplish anything on a farm.
President Wilson's draft proclamation contains
this sentence: It is in no sense a conscription of
the unwilling." This statement is so broad in
character as to leave many to believe that those
who have conscientious objections to being forced
into the army will be excused, altho the an-
nounced plans of those having the draft in charge
do not in any way confirm it.
A certain gentleman, living in Washington by
the name of Woodrow Wilson, can add further
laurels and fame by insisting upon government
control of prices as soon as possible. With Mr.
Wilson s power for making drives" so effective,
it is time for rejoicing and the giving of thanks
that he has so forcibly notified Congress of his
desires in the matter. More grease to his elbow.
According to government officials, the country
will have a tremendous crop this year which will
be needed if we must feed several nations of
Europe. Even if the war should stop tomorrow,
a portion of Europe would starve next winter if it
wasn t for America. Peculiar, too, but prices in
England are cheaper than they are in America
today, rood speculators are not allowed to trraft
Home Cookery
8trawb.rry Msringu Pi.
Prepare a paste shell aud bake over
an Inverted grease pan rather deep.
When cold rill with lurge berries and
sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar.
Arrange the fruit in symmetrical cir
cles. Cover ever the top with a me
ringue made from the stiffly whipped
whites of two eggs, blended with two
tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar. Aft
er sprinkling with grnnuluted sugar
set in a moderate oven until delicately
Ch.rry Pudding.
Two cupful) stale cake crumbs, one
juart milk, one unci one-half cupfula
red cherries, canned or fresh; one-half
cupful sugar. Soak the crumbs in the
milk for thirty minutes and then add
the sugar and cherries. If the cake is
not well flavored udd a few drops of
vauilln or almond extract Turn into
a buttered baking dish and hake about
an hour in a moderate oven. Serve hot
with bard sauce containing a little of
the cherry Juice.
In recent months so many have wished to ioin
the Quaker church that this sect has had to bar
its doors and refuse to admit to membership any
more "converts" until after the war is over. It is
suspected that these late "conversions" are not
genuine, but are made for the purpose of escap
ing the draft, Quakers being exempt from active
military service. The Quakers have only taken
the firm stand that should have been taken by all
other churches years ago. If all other sects had
been as zealous tor peace as the Quakers, all war
would be eliminated.
On Egg Chocolate Cak.
Brat halt a cupful of shortening to a
cream, gradually beat in a cupful of
sugtr and ao egg lightly beaten. Sift
together two cupfuls of flour, a Jea
sM)(inful of Moriu aud a pinch of salt
Add to the first mixture a teasoonful
of vanilla extract and two squures of
grated unsweetened chocolute that has
been melted over hot water and thin
ned by the addition of a little boiling
wuler. !V;it well and add the flour,
nlternat'.ii:,' with about three-quarters
of n cupful f well soured milk. Buke
In a t..iure shallow pun ami cover
with boiled frosting.
Biaqu of Clami and Gre.n Pa.
Cut nn ounce of suit Kuk into bits
i' lid cook III ii saucepan 11 1 1 1 i I Hie fat is
well tried out, but not In the least
brown. Add a small onion, two new
carrots ami a couple of stalks of celery
cut in bi!. noil stir nud cook until soft
ened a little: then add a piut of green
eas, two or three sprigs of imrslej
uiiil a pint of boiling water. Took until
the icns are tender and pr.-sx through
sieve. I'ook a pint of eiaius in a pint
of their liquor diluted with hot water
for live minute, drain the liquor into
the puree of peas, chop the cluuis and
add tliemalso. Melt a taliirspoonful of
butter, blend in a tuMesponnfu! of flour
aud add gradually a pint of bot milk.
Cook until the thickened milk boils,
mix with the other Ingredient and
serve immediately.
Mdld Aft.r Anti-alroraft Weapon
Usd by Z.pp.lln.
Washington. Teddy bears and mini,
ature anti-aircraft guns are by far tbe
most popular toys in Great Britain,
says Consul Wilson in a report from
London to the United States bureau of
foreign aud domestic oomiuerce. Ted
dy bears have always been more or
less popular, but recent events seem
to have created a greatly Increased de
mand for this toy.
The toy guns are modeled after the
anti-aircraft guns which were biought
into prominence by the visits of the
Toys that find the mosf ready sale
are those of a military character.
Two Inch., of Butt.r 8prad on Sand
Sold to Chicago Consumer.
Chicago, 111. A new form of confi
dence game has been practised with
success here during the last few days.
Several storekeepers aud hospitals have
reported to the police that they hare
purchased from agents tubs purport
ing to contain sixty pounds of butter,
but have fouud when cutting into the
tubs that the butter extended but one
or two inches from the surface and
that the rest of their purchase was
The tubs were sold for as high as
$19.50, making the price of the butter
In the neighborhood of $4 a pound.
Bciton Man Sayt Those Who Lay Up
Food Ar. Traitors.
Boston. Henry B. Kndlcott, execu
tive manager of the Massachusetts
committee on public safety, issued
M affluent asserting that the person
w ho hoarded money aud large quan
tities of provisions fur an indefinite
jieriod "should be oiiited out as
traitor to his country and to his fellow
-Certainly nothing could be further
from patriotism or helpfulness to other
jjcople,- he said, '"than for a set of men
who have money and credit to selfishly
pure time an unusual amount of sup
plies for themselves and by so doing
Inflict upon their less wealthy neigh
bors the burden of unnecessarily high
Pridnt, How.v.r, In Doubt a t
N.c.ary Legislation.
Washington. President Wilson ex
pressed his approval of tbe daylight
saving plan to a delegation headed by
Representative Borland of Missouri
and Marcus Marks of New York, presi
dent of the National Daylight Saving
The president told them the only
question In his mind about legislation
to carry It into operation was whether
eoogress leaders would look upon It as
war legislation, to which they have
tacitly agreed to limit tbe session's ac
tivities. The subject will lie taken up
with the leaders.
Any On May Ks.p Thr. On-Dollar
Bill if H Finds Thm. J
Wichita, Kan. The wind blew fret
fully the other day in Wichita. Mrs.
Sam Sanders of Whitewater, who bad
been snooping, did uot close her poek
etbook securely, and at the corner of
Main street and Douglas avenue a five
dollar bill aud three one-dollar bills,
were bkiwu out. They rose high in
the air, and John Young, a police cap
tain, and others went in pursuit.
A block away a negro overtook tbd
"Ave." The others had disappeared.
Taking the nveH to Mrs. Sanders,
he returned it, with a bow. "Thank
you, said she. "You can have the
other If you find 'em.
Food Grtwn Along Railroad.
Durbar, N. C. Vegetable gardens
bordering the railroaj tracks is a new
idea In North Carolina to sdd to Amer
ica ' fowl supply In the world war. Th.
Durham aud Southern railway, owned i
principally by the Duke, wealthy New
York tobacconist, has offered Its rtght
of way for planting. It has further
more offered free scd to encourage th
Father Plan Land Purchase t E
mpt Boy From Army.
Washington Casting about for ways
to keep their sons, who are a little over!
twenty-one, out of tbe army, two rich
men in uper New York state have
written to Representative Charles B.
Smith to know If they purchased
farms and put their boys on them
would not that exempt their sons from
the draft. They pr ixised to make
their sons superintendents of the farms
and thus entitled to exemption, they
thought, as "agriculturists."
At the war department It was said
that this ruse would not get very far,
as neighbors could be depended npo
t KWM U-