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NO. 42
Warm breezes now breeze the air
To begin this story,
Old Summer has arrived at last,
So it seems by glory;
Soon we'll be hunting tor the shade,
And find it, too, we're betting.
Gee! What a smell!
It does beat -,
Word Butler's feet are sweating.
We're kind of feeling lazy like,
Want to cut the labor,
So the verse that follows this
Was borrowed from a neighbor;
Sunny days and moony nights -Invite
much auto riding,
But public need
Is a little less speed
For the otherwise law abiding.
"We long to get the mower out
From winter-long reel using,
And run a spade and roust the worms
That peacefully are snoozing;
And watch the little rosebuds which
Will soon be busy blooming,
At least we hope
We have the dope
And are not too presuming."
How to get a bathing suit
Is much concerning Sadie, '
She tried on Willard Craven's underwear
Which did not fit the lady;
She only has a bath towel now,
And for want of something better,
She'll make that do
And use it, too,
If Mayor Moore will let 'er.
Decoration Day was more One handred thirty eight mem
elaborately observed in Inde- bers were added to the Red Cross
pendence this year than it has Saturday by the individual wor
U I a: r-l - l .L - I i .
ueen lor b lung iime. inai ine ui ten young women, this is a
country is engaged in a great war record which has probably not
no doubt stimulated interest been duplicated by any town of
The program was in charge ef this size in the country
the Woman's Relief Corps. Af Dallas has given up the Red
ter exercises at the public schools J Crass. Objection to being made
in which the children took a an auxiliary of the Salem Chap
prominent part and Rev. W. S. ter is the reason. Independence
btewart delivered a stirring ad- is also an auxiliary of Salem
dress on "True Patriotism", a which is not satisfactory and
i i i i I . .
paraae , was iormea wnicn enorts are being made to secure
marched to the river where the its independence. There is
impressive ritualistic services for chance of success, especially if
the sailor dead were given. The membership of three hundred
parade, especially, stirred all to can be obtained. But, whether
For countless ages seven has
been considered the luckiest
number. It occurs frequently
through the Bible, and Shakes
pear's characters more than
once swore by the seven stars.
In the Bible the Creator ended
Hii work on the Seventh Day.
The clean beasts and fowls
went into the ark by sevens.
The ark rested on the seventh
day of the seventh month.
Seven days were appointed for
the eating of unleavened bread;
seven for the feasts of the Tab
ernacle; seven for the purification
Joseph, interpreting Pharaoh's
dream, saw seven fat kine, seven
fat years.
Zacharias wrote of the golden
candlestick with its seven lamps.
Miriam was healed of her
leprosy after seven days.
David sang seven Penitential
Men were told to forgive their
enemies seven times seven.
Joshua bade seven priests blow
seven trumpets on the seventh
day and to compass Jericho's
walls seven times.
St. John, in his prophecy to
the seven churches of Asia,
writes of seven spirits and of
seven lamps before the throne;
of a book sealed with seven seals,
or seven stars ana oi seven
angels with seven trumpets.
There are seven wonders of
the world, Greece had seven
wise men, the arts number
seven. There were seven sleep
ers, seven great hymns, seven
ages of man.
In the seventh inning of the
ball game, fortune is supposed to
come to the home team and the
tailors say the newest waist
coats are to wear seven buttons,
Believing that luck attaches to
the lucky number seven, Manag
ers Nelson &HenkIe of the Isis
theatre, have booked the "Seven
Deadly Sins", a Beries of seven
five-reel features. There are
seven stars in the series Ann
Murdock, Holtrook Blinn, Shir
ley Mason, Nance O'Neil,
Charlotte Walker, H. B. Warner
and George Le Guerre. The
series will run for seven weeks.
The date of the first play will be
Monday, June 4. In addition
Ford Weekly and a comedy. A
7 reel show. 10 and 15c.
A The Poor Victim
TOOR William Blnks, hm stsrted out
To build m modern residence.
A bungalow, six rooms or so.
At ver moderate expense.
But ere the Job vis hsjfwajr done
They sdded extras here and there. ,
Black vainut doors and Inlaid floors aslored wla4owpUM to spare.
rpHET built In shelving by the mils:
-- They plmntd the altlo and the
In mural tints and gol len glints
They decorated every frail.
Alas, they came. I Bui away
When first lh Liiln -Tm r.litnv ua'
His mle4.t stone says this alone: X
"Ha bunded better tnan he knew.". T
-Feorta Journal. J
patriotic emotions. Led by two
drummer boys, first came the
school children carrying small
flags. The little folks marched
with great dignity and showed
the results of careful training by
the teachers. Each teacher
marched with her flock. Follow
ing the children came the mem
bers of the G. A. R. with their
fife and drum corps.
Time was when they marched
with a swing and lilt,
With their heads erect and their
hats a-tut,
When each man shouldered his
pack and gun
And fought the fight that made
us one.
Today their gait is a trifle slow
And their ranks are thin, but
their old eyes glow
With a light that is both
and true
As they march under the banner
of red. white and blue."
Marching with the G. A. R
were Spanish-American war
veterans, sons of veterans, a
representative of the navy, the
clergy and citizens. Next came
the members of the W. R. C.
Many of these women are veter
ans of a war fought in our own
land. They clearly remember
the agony, suffering and suspense
of their sex when father, hus.
band and brother were absent
upon the battlefield. Banded
together they have been doing
great work for humanity, arous
ing patriotism and caring for the
wants of the needy. Following
them came the Honor Guard
girls, the flower and beauty of gn(j
me cuy. iney looKea neat ana
nifty in their costumes of white.
During the afternoon the
graves of all veterans in the
local cemetery were generously
covered with flowers.
Independence becomes an Inde
l . t
penaent cnapter or remains an
auxiliary, the same interest will
oe taken and the same amount
of work done.
Since the above was written, a
conference has been held be
tween Dallas and Salem Red
Lrossers and it is believed that
an understanding has been
reached and Dallas will again
Clackamas, May 29-The Inde
pendence boys are all well. We
lost one of our best men when
top Sergeant EJake died. Ie is
well known over Polk countv.
Captain Stafrin and 48 soldiers
attended the funeral in Dallas.
We are ow at Clackmas where
we are practicing shooting. Co.
L attended the funeral of Senator
Lane, going by special tram.
Misses Ora Stapleton, Vivian
Whiteaker, Lavilla Cooper and
Velma Whiteaker, Word Butler
and John Hiltibrand were at
Vancouver last Friday and Satur
Don't miss sending one of the
Monitor's. The boys sure like to
read it Roy Whiteaker.
Monday the voters of Oregon
will either adopt or reject the
seven measures enumerated below;
Constitutional amendment au
thorizing ports to create limited
clear indebtedness to encourage water
transportation. Affects Port
land only. 300 yes, 301 no.
Nos. 302 and 303 have been
rled off the ballot by the
supreme court
Constitutional amendment lim
iting numbor of bills introduced
and increasing pay of the legis
lators. 304 yes. 305 no.
Constitutional amendment-de-
claratiou against implied repeal
of constitutional provisions by
amendments thereto. 306 yes,
307 no. A vicious measure. Even
the Oregonian recommends a
vote of "no".
Constitutional amendment for
uniform tax classification. 308
yes, 309 no.
Constitutional amendment re
quiring the election of city, town
state officers at the same
time. 310 yes, 311 no.
Four hundred thousand dollar
tax levy for a new penitentiary.
312 yes, 313 no.
Six million dollar state road
bond issue and highway bill.
314 yes, 315 no.
All males over 21 years and under 31 years of
acfe are required to register on Tuesday, Tune 5.
No exemptions from registration.
Register at your regular voting place. Hours
from 7 a. m. to 9 p. m.
Imprisonment is the penalty for failure to
To correct a general impres
ion, the Monitor will Bay that
he Independence public school
s not yet a training school of the
Normal. The Indeoendence
chool board has not officially
signed the agreement mskinc
he transfer.
There are those who would
ketosee it pul up to the people
for a vote at the next school
Service at the Methodist church
June 3. 1917, 8 p. m.:
Organ Prelude, Irene Eddy;
Hymn No. 1, Congregation;
Prayer, Rev. Dunsmore; Anthem
"Be Thou Exalted", Choir;
Scripture reading, Rev. Stephens;
Solo, J. G. Mcintosh; Announce
ments; Offerings for the Army
Y. M. C. A. work; Voluntary,
Mrs. Small; Duet, Mrs. C. W.
Irvine and J. G. Mcintosh;
Address, Rev. C. P. Gates of
Corvallis; Closing Hymn No.
Interest is very keen in Red
Cross work here now. Last
Saturday was Red Cross day ad
a committee costumea in tvea
Cross nurse uniforms solicited
numbers in the business houses.
About one hundred and forty
new members were enrolled
which makes a membership of
nearly 200 in Independence.
At a meeting of the organiza
tion which was held lastevering,
it was decided that the first
meeting of the Surgical Supply
department would be next Tues
day afternoon. Other meetings
will be Tuesday evening, Thurs
day afternoon and evening. Mrs.
Duganne will have general super-
ision over the making of
Burflrical dressings. The First
Aid class will meet next Wednes
day evening to receive the lecture
n-iven bv Dr. C. F. Cropp. Chair
man is. li. smitn maue an en
thusiastic talk before the assem
blage, using patriotism and Red
Cross work as the keynote of
his adJress. The meeting then
adjourned until Thursday even
ing, June 14.
The Beacon Lights, a club com
posed of a number of boys under
the capable supervision of Miss
Lora Chute, met at the Miller
home last Thursday evening.
After several enjoyable games
the club boys surprised Miss
Chute with a beautiful Rebekah
pin and a handsome box of
candy, as a parting token of re
gard. Master Rider made the
presentation speech and the
boys clearly demonstrated their
esteem for their teacher. This
club also enjoyed a picnic at the
Rider home last Sunday afternoon.
While Mrs. W. II. Walker was
proceeding with domestic duties
last Tuesday afternoon, the S. S.
Club arrived en masse and re
minded her that the dawn of the
morrow would begin another
year in her happy life. The club
members were well supplied with
all the necessary paraphernalia
to make a surprise parly com
plete. After the luncheon was
informally arranged, the entire
party enjoyed the birthday feast.
Mr. Walker arrived from the
ranch just in time for the
luncheon and the ladies forced '
the ex-mayor to join them with
out giving him any time for his
usual Immaculate grooming.
As the season for recitals ap
proaches, everyone is becoming
interested in the Student Recital
to be given by the pupils of Mrs.
Lottie Hedges-Mclntosh at the
Methodist church next Monday
evening, June 4. Mrs. Mcin
tosh's class has mastered a very
ambitious program which they
will present at this time. The
numbers to be rendered are pub
lished elsewhere in this Monitor.
A LITTLE boy, usually quite Rood, cou.mlltcj a ry
naughty deed the other day. Ue got hatchet and chop
ped off the tall of the family cut. Ills mother punished
him severely for the barbarous art, and then she tried con
scientiously to make him comprehend Its enormity.
"Bernard," she said, "what Is the Golden Hole?"
"Do unto other what you would have others do onto
you," be quoted glibly.
"And did you follow the Golden Hula when you tortured
that poor cat by cutting off Its tall?" she asked.
"I sure did, mamma. If I bad a tall, wouldn't I want
somebody to cut it off?"
Bank and bank employees will
have a vacation next week.
When the banks close Saturday
afternoon, they will not be
opened until Wednesday morn
ing, Monday and Tuesday being
S. P. workmen here, who are
completing the electrification,
declare the "juice" will be
turned on before the end of this
month and that the "red cars"
will be running taru Independ
ence on regular schedule before
July 1.
! Might Have Been Worse J
HF farmer In moving a big basket of eggs from bit
wagon to carry Into a hotel kitchen bad the misfor
tune to lose bis bold on the banket, and there was a
great crash and a smash. Five or six people came
running, and one of them cried out:
"It Is too awful bad! You must have bad forty doien
eggs in that basket!"
"Just forty," replied the farmer without much excitement
In bis voice.
"And It looks as If thirty dozen of them are smashed."
-"I calculate that la about the number."
"And you don't feel bud about It?"
"Well, It could have been worse. The whole forty doten
could have been l-ong Uland fresh eggs As It was, the
thirty dozen broken ones would tig re hatched out ebb-kens Id
about Are days more, and I would bar? had some trouble wltb
the landlord to explain. And he also would hare some trouble
wltb bis guests. Tbey say that all things hapten for the beat,
and t guess Ibis U a case of It." M g(JAI.
Cupyrlslit, 1KU, McClurs Ntiir Syndics!.