Independence monitor. (Independence, Or.) 1912-19??, May 11, 1917, Image 3

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Shabby Woodwork
Varniihei urfaoe will get shabby. Win
dow sills become rough, floors show worn
spots, furniture ad woodwork become
scuffed, scratched and worn. Thee shahby
surfaces can be easily made i Ice new by Usicg
There's a special Acme Quality Varnish for every
surface. Floors, window sills, furniture, woodwork, doors
etc., each require varnishes made to meet their peculiar
Ask for a free copy of the Acme Quality Painting
Guide Book which tells what to use, how much and how it
should be applied.
SPAULDIN6 LOGGING GO. independence
Mrs. Catching who has been !
visiting her Bister and brother
here started to her hoe on I
Tuesday, Mrs. McCarthy and
Mrs. Simsions accompanying j
her to Salem. j
Mrs. Alice Nash came over
from Salem Thursday to visit at j
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jake
Nash and other relatives and
friends. I
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Lichty
went to Independence Thursday
and returned with a new Over
land car. They are flying around
Mrs. Tyler, a daughter-in-law
of Mrs. N. E. Tyler, arrived at
the Tyler home Friday for a visit
Mr. Miller, a son-in-law ef
Mis. A. H. Holman, is here on a
F. L. Chown rented the place
belonging to W. I. Reynold and
moved in on Thursday.
W. R. Bevens is numbered
among the sick. He has a very
bad cold.
Fred Dickson went to the
Fill In Picture
Ark vnu nuw using Uie nousenoiu at .-
rui. you nuw mo "
I 38. 2i. .23
52.51 5 y 20
6 ? w a n
lt you drew a table ana cnair, uiuu i j -
at horn without them, could we Now here . another article wh Ich , Is
used on the farm. It also la u.ed by many p.rsuiii a ho have nice homes In the
unZj. There Isn't much call for It in the croaded, ili W 1.
Sera would UKe to have a chance to use 1L Start your pencil at .So. i. tot
run to 1 . 4. and so on. and cote what you will et-
J5jjif ... .
northern part of Idaho, leaving
on Thursday. He will work at
the carpenter trade.
John Sutton bflilt a tent house
on the Knighton place and moved
into it on Thursday.
G. A. Wells and W. S. McClain
were business visitors In Albany
on Monday.
Mr. Olmatead, the Watkins
man, is working in this vicinity,
being at the E. M. Lichty home
on Monday night
8tate of Ohio. City of Toledo,
Lucas County. ss.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that ha
is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney ft Co.. doing business In the
City of Tolfdo, County and 8tate afore
said, and that said firm will pay the
each and every case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured hy the use of HAI.1V8
Sworn to before me and subscribed
In my presence, this 6th day of Decem
ber. A. D. 1SS6. A. W. GLEASON.
(Seal) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken intern
ally and acts throuKh the Blood on the
Mucous Surfaces of the System. Send
for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all DruKKlsts, "6c.
Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
When you get married, don't
forget to have the Monitor print
your wedding stationery.
Puzzle No. 23
ihe iat picture?
- -
,-hii.irn w .-ouldn't do much
Rickreall A hjme has been
purchased for the local minister.
Monmouth All the vacant
lots are being plowed up and
will bi planted to vegetables.
D u LAS L. H. McBee of this
city has been recommended by
the State Farmers' Union as a
member of the state lime board.
Gooseneck J. J. Finn is
plowing up his hop yard, which
leaves only the McLean hop
yard on Gooseneck, all the rest
having been plowed up.
Monmouth H. S. Fortwood
has traded his town property to
C. Ntlson for his farm and will
become a f aimer.
Dallas Judge Belt has set
aside the verdict in the Hatch-
Black damage case and it will be
tried over.
Suver Charles Voss will build
a modern house on his farm west
of Suver.
Eola -Potato will be the lead
ing crop here this year.
Dallas An offer of 65 cents
per pound was made for the
Dallas mohair pool but was not
Greenwood Johnnie Walker
has 100 hens that have brought
an income of over $26 per month
since early last fall. Mr. Walker
also has Jersey cows that are
bringing an income of $60 per
month. Prospects for a big crop
of all kinds oj fruit in this vicin
ity are good altho six week late.
Last Friday the Baptists ob-
sprved their Annual Roll Call. It
was a time of great rejoicing by
the church. The day was not
observed last year due t the
torn up condition of the building.
The roll call this year was, there
fore, made a season of special
rejoicing. Supper was servea
bv the ladies at which the major
ity of the members was present.
When each one's name was
called the person answered in a
pleasing vein, all expressing
gratitude to God for the blessing
of the enlarged edifice, and for
the spiritual growth of the last
two years. Many of the mem
bers who are out of town sent a
proxy thru the mail, or else a
special letter of love and pray
ers for the church. The even
ing closed with an address by
Prof. F. G. Boughton of Mc
Minnville college. He spoke on
"Loyalty to Jesus". He said
that the great thotof the coming
revival would be just that "The
Lordship of Jesus".
With the Help of a Rope Ha Cam Out
All Right.
South Bethlehem, Pa. The Rethle
hem Rteel works recently forged the
Unit Blxteeii-lneh inn for the United
States navy, the fpf"til mode In this
country. The Bret one, also rant here,
guards the A t Ih rule entrance to the
I'auaiua canal and ran. fire a flint al
most sixteen mile.
A Klender apprentice wanted to have
the honor of buvlne crawled through
the sixteen Inch naval gun. It wasn't
an easy Job to work himself along, and
halfway through he got stuck and
yelled for help. Some of the men want
ed to pull him cut backward, hut one
of the mechanics sympathized with the
boy and pushed In a ro)ie from the
front. lie managed to get It around
his shoulder and eventually landi-d
head foremost
Premier of Australia's Plea Given Dra
matie Effect.
London, Dlspatchea from Australia
deaerll a scene that occurred In 8yd
ney while Premier Hughes was ad
dressing a crowd of 20,j0 peuple and
appealing for recruit. As be waa
speaking some trooperg of the light
horse led Into the square fifty riderless
hones carrying white cloths Inscribed,
"Who will fill an empty saddle?"
"You are living." Mr. Hughes plead
ed. "You are Australians. Your coun
try is In danger, iod w ill I with you."
Within twenty minute every horse
bail a ridiT. and the Jangling hit a ami
the clattering lis I roused the
crowd f'j a Hare if intense p, iti inciit
It U cx-Tnl that thl draiimtic lncl
deiit will help In stimulating the. re
cruiting csmpaijf'i.
By Our News Correspondents
W. T. Hoffman purchased a
new Ford last wtek.
Miss Bessie Graham spent Sat
urday and Sunday in Portland.
Marvin Richardson, and Art
Warner have enlisted in the
Mrs. Childs and daughter,
Gladys, were Salem visitors Sat
urday. Mrs. W. H. Patton and daugh
ter were here from Portland over
Mrs. Hazel McNames left In
dependence Sunday for Alberta,
Mrs. E. Dunkle was visiting
her mother at Airlie the first of
the week.
Miss Marie Myers spent the
week end with her parents in
Miss Ora Clark was visiting
friends in Portland and Van
couver Sunday.
The Baptist Light Bearers will
give an entertainment in the
near future.
Independence K. of P's. sent a
case of eggs to the soldier boys
at Vancouver.
Mrs. John Riddell will leave
this week for Shasta, Cat., to
visit her mother.
Miss Pearl Smith, now teach
ing at Corvallis, spent Sunday
in Independence.
Mrs. M. L. Baldwin and son,
Tom, have been visiting relatives
in Independence.
Robert Clark is in the artillery
service and Hyman Bear has
joined the regular army,
Mrs. J. W. Richardson return
ed last Friday from Salem where
she has been in a hospital.
Mrs. O. E. Martin was called
back to Lacombe Monday by the
serious illness of her mother.
Mrs. J. Dornsife left Saturday
for Sawtell, Cal., where she will
visit her husband for two weeks.
Earl Peterson, a member of
Co. F was visiting relatives and
friends here the first of the week
The G. A. R. and W. R. C.
will observe Decoration Day by
having the water service for the
sailor dead.
Mrs. Dane Purvine and child
ren of Salem were visiting at the
home of her sister, Mrs. Garfield
Byers, last week.
J. A. Compton and family
motored to Albany Sunday to
see Mrs. Compton's mother who
has been quite sick,
W. - J. Patterson of Portland
was an over Sunday visitor at
the home of his parents. Mr. and
Mrs. F. A. Patterson.
Mrs. Wm. Stiger, after a weeks
visit with her sister, Mrs. E. E.
Paddock, returned to her home
in Portland Saturday.
Shaler Eldridge has success
fully passed the examination for
admission to the navy and will
leave for San Francisco May 21.
Misses Berl Holt and Hazel
Calbreath were in Salem Satur
day attending the Muy Day exer
cises at the Willamette Univer
sity. Clyde Hill was an arrival from
Salt Lake City Sunday. He will
spend the week here. Mrs. Hill
and the children are at Rose-
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Cooper
formed a fishing party and went
to Elk City last Saturday. They
returned , home Monday with a
number of Ish.
Thos. D. Yarnes, Pastor.
10 A. M. Sunday School.
11 A. M. Morning nervica.
Subject: "Our Methre".
Special music.
2:30 P. M. Loyal Temperance Legion.
7:00 P. M. Epworth League.
8:00 P. M. Evening: service.
Next Sunday ia to be observed at
"Mothar'a Day". What we are, if we
arc worth while, we owe in great
measure to our mothers, ll has been
said that God maile our mothers, and 1
think we are all pretty well ajtreed
that, in the main, he made a tretty
good job of it. We can hardly show
our respect more appropriately than by
joining in this service in their honor.
Dr. H. C. Dunsmore, Pastor I
10 a. m. Sunday achoul.
11 a. m. Public Worship with
t :(Hi p. m. Sermon.
We invite you to all our aervicea.
Strangers cordially welcomed.
Mambsrs to Deal With Supply of Brass
and Alum inum,
Wahliitrl"i'.-To ih'til all It problems
of limss and aluminum supply for tho
army mid navy the Council of National
DefenRe (Tented Iwn cutnmlttepN to act
In conjunct Inn with ttie raw tnuterliila
committee) of the Civilian Advisory
Commission. The tw o new committees
are expected to Iu'Iiik bliflily valuable
technical Information to the army ami
navy. Committee to deal with other
raw materials vlliil to the conduct of
the war are belux formed and will It
announced litter.
The two commltte" announced fol
low: Brass-Charles F, Itrooker and C. I).
Gohs, Waterbury, Conn,; Iwis II.
Jones, Petrolt; Hiirtnii Hiielton, Home,
N. Y., and K. J. KlnaTHhury, H rid Report,
Aluminum Arthur V. Iav!n, New
York; E. 10. All.vne, Cleveland, and Jo
seph A. Jimtiey, Philadelphia.
Wastchtstar Offtrs Marblt Baths, Etc,
but Can't Gat Convicts.
New York. V. Kveilt ,Mity. multi
millionaire ouiniIhsI. iner nf ci u recllou
of WentcheHter enmity, lias tnken over
the new penltetillHry tie luxe at Host
View, but ho eaniiut Ket any prisoners
to fill It
There ire plenty of Westchester men
serving sentences liX, In fact but
they were committed to Illnek well's la
land for their full terniH, and there
seems no IckiiI way to transfer them.
New York would llkn to let go of them,
but can't. Mr. Miicy neeils at least
forty at nnce or there will be no Har
den truck: In ths summer, there being
no ono to plant the frnrden.
The prlaoii baa iniiiiilfl shower hatha,
wrlthiK ileHkx, rial linen for the tables
snd pretty much all the com forts of
home except fn'iiloni.
Our steady increase in patron
age and our faith in the future of
Independence means much to our
customers, new and old. We are
going to make greater efforts
than ever before to please those
who patronize us and to give
them every discount that th
grocery buiiness will allow.
F. Claude Stephena, Pastor
Important Services, Lord's Day,
May 13.
Bible School at 10 a. m.
Divine service II a. m.
Divine service 8.-00 p. m.
Appropriate services for "Mothsr's
Christian Endeavor in convention at
Monmouth Sunday evening. "
A hearty invitation extended to all.
W. S. STEWART, rtor.
Next 'Sunday will be observed as
"Mother'a Day" all over the world.
This church will hold s special service
in the morning In honor of mother.
Sunday school at 10.
Preaching at 11.
Tl e autiject of the sermon will be
"Mother". There will be special
music by the choir. Let everyone
wear a white flower lor mother.
Friendly Entertainers meeting 1:3.
H. Y. P. U. at7:U0.
Preaching at 8:00.
Tho pastor will preach on thasubjest
"The Glory of Jesus Christ".
All are cordially Invited to attend
the services of our church.
(For Salo atj
j a Bargain )
52 acres of unim-
proved land on the
J county road between J
f Monmouth and Dallai. f
j Address, C. R, Box 97
Practice in all Courts
Is Good
& Jones