Independence monitor. (Independence, Or.) 1912-19??, April 06, 1917, Image 3

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Shabby House
Sha Whine i i .is (Utor'oraMun and clt-cav.
Uuoti h! ji t . v :il inm-ase t he value of VI
property i.n.i add many years to its life tiv
ptotectiug it Iroin rain, enow, sunshine ami
(lib ir.fl.ience of ihe elements.
protects 3 vii-ji:;perty better, because it lasts
lunu'T. t costs Inss becaiiSH euch gallon of
the Acme Qiclitv Kind covers more euifane.
Ask at our store for a free copy of our Acme Quality
Painting Guide Book. It tells u about paint anl painting,
what to use, how much will be required and how it should
be applied.
Mrs. A. J. Richardson is laid
up with a cold.
Mrs. G. W. McLaughlin re
turned home on Sunday from a
two week's vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Je3se 'fan spent
Monday evening at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Chown.
Services at the M. E. church
will start at 7:45 p. m. There
ought to be a big turnout.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Richardson j
' were in Dallas Wednesday on i
business, returning the same
Ihos. McCaity returned home
from a Portland hospital Thurs
day evening. He i3 much im
proved in health.
There was a party Saturday
night at the gym with a good
crowd present. A pood time
was enjoyed by all.
Mrs. Moe, formerly of McMinn
ville, has received the sad news
of the death of her uncle, John
T. Gowdy, a pioneer of Yamhill
M. J. Cryderman went to Sea
side the first of the week on a
bus ness trip. He returned on
Saturday and expects to movi
! there soon.
i Miss Ruby Elkin returned to
'her home in Dallas last Wi-dnps-i
day. She has been staying with
i her sister, Mrs. W. R. Bevin,
who has been sick but is out
The patriotic services at the
1 M. K. church on Sundav eveninsz
were well attended in spite of
the rainy weather and the pro
j gram prepared for the . occasion
1 was fine.
A pleasant afternoon w as spent
' at the home of Mrs. M. N,
Prather by the ladies of the
Rural Club in honor of Mrs.
Myrtle B. Wall who whs visiting
friends here. She was the firtt
president of the club.
There were quite a few of the
members of the Ladies' Rural
Ciub attended the Pioneer Day
entertainment given by the club
of Independence at Mrs. J. S.
Cooper's and all report a very
nice time. It is a treat enjoy
ment to see the old pioneers en
joy themselves.
Ami if Fanners of this sec
tion have organized a farm loan
association and will apply for a
Dallas-C. R. Canfield will
act as county surveyor while
Homer A. Robb is gone with the
Airlie Miss V. M. Turner of
Airiie will have charge of Red
Cross recruiting in Polk county.
BALLSTON-C. E. Motfet of
Suver has been here buying hay
for a Corvallis firm.
Sunny Slope - The cieam
average of George Heck's cows
was $14 per head the past month.
Oakdale This is probably the
latest spring since 1867.
Kiru-nvAt l. A meeting was
held here last week for the pur
pose of completing the organiza
tion of a cheese factory company.
Eola -The stormy weather of
the last, few days has stopped all
kinds of farm work and is put
ting the farmers behind in their
spring work.
- Dallas The first request for
Q under the state's rural
credit amendment can.e from
Puik county, Mrs. Florence M.
Dunlop of Airlie making there
quest thru Walter L. Tooze, the
land board attorney in tout
Eola The severe wind storm
of last Friday didn't seem to
bother the old bridge a bit.
There are lots of people who
would take as much chance to
travel over it as ten years ago.
Monmouth Monmouth will
celebrate the Fourth of July this
Airlie The fluma- is now fin
ished to the end of the railroad
Dr. J. B. Grider. dentist, suc
cessor to Dr. Allen, Cooper
Uuilunig. Phone Main 1C21.
, trc-v "
Fil! In Picture Fur: Is No, 18
a i .ii
43. '24
I ' ' . . rS.
' M ON M ot'TH J ess Johnson will
build a new barn on his farm
south of town.
i Dallas A man named Dick
was discharged by the street
commissioner because he called
the soldier boys "cowards."
! West Salem 150 men look
the law in their own hands Wed
i npsuinv rnorninir. Thev tore a
railing which prevented the pub
lic from using a plank road
which leads to the free ferry.
A guard, stationed to protect
the railing, did not interfere.
Dallas -At the city election
'Monday, Claude B. Stone was
chosen mayor, John T. rord,
auditor, arid P. S. Greenwood,
.1. M. Card and W. S. Muir,
Falls City Former Judge
Teal is very much improved in
Attorney General Brown has
rendered an opinion that it is
logal to ship liquor out of the
state, but does not presume to
ruis udoii the mental condition
uf any one who would do it
Aurora Observer.
Rumors thicken and confirm
the assertion that Independence
is to have a daily and we shall
look forward to its advent with
interest. Monmourh Herald.
j y-r
r Txl .V.VVI M.S. I
m mm mi
4 ' " '
2 . 2J&J
A 3
F. Claude Stephens, Pastor
Important Services, Lord'
April 8.
Bible School at 10 a. m.
Divine service 11 a. m.
Theme: "A Great Demonstration. "
Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m.
Divine service 7:30 p. m.
May Easter Joys be many to our
A welcome awaits the many
may attend.
'Our fathers' God! to lliee,
Author of Liberty,
To Thee we sing.
Lontt may our land be bright
With freedom's holy light;
Protect us by thy mifcht
Great Goo1 our King."
N. S. STEWART, Pastor.
All welcome.
Easter Sunday will be fittingly ob
served nxt Sunday.
Sunday school at 10.
Preaching at 11.
"The Glory of the Resurrection.'
A ft..r the sermon the oldinance of be
lieverl' baptism will be administered.
Friendly Entertainers meeting at .
ii v p it nt fi-:to.
i-i,.. 7: ai! Morvice will be an Easter
program by the Sunday achool.
"Easter Stry by Keatrire nram
Music by th choir.
"Easter Proeesaional" by Girls'
"Easter Flowers" by Verna Fater-
Solo by I.auts Raker.
Rending by Vera Brunk and Arletha
KecitHtion by Y'elma Alexander.
Song by Light Bearers.
Tablaau, "Tha Resurrection"
Don't forgst tha Baptist Ladies'
Easter Haznar and Cooked Food Sala
--a-ts-s-c s---:?L?LZl
A Pradkal Js'ier
He Got
t T
rTX- -Z. (aayo- o ,
ft! k iJmm
VERY villus In the wnrld alniuft lnia iis pnicllcal Joker. M"st
,.f tl...m linvt. a town fool us well. Very often tho town fool Is
. i ,.,t tin.l virf Vt'l'HIl
I lit ' o ai u- ii i j - . . , A , .
In the villas of Moinlon Kiini rSleUumn was ino pimucai
, ., . ,1 1I. iw lint without Ill'lllllM. but he
i.l-i v. l t'.c f""l " hen he plnyml liU pra, tirul Joki-H. lie wai
'..1,1 i..,. i,..l,,i- find kei.t house by himself mid had llllle to do
but thin up s, homos and know thai V, ton,, ,nHi,U.,vd hliu more of a fool
nM jokes consist! In e,.Ml..R off cows' tall, removing planks
fl,m, ' . .walk. Htivb hi..,- .opes noios, the road and other ..,I.,,m e,,,,,, y
M, an S ,m was u rvsideul f the villa, for live years, and during .i.o-e a
het eivod more kh ks I 1, than .!,,. were 0i.,rers .,,,1 toes In the to. .
(11 Mr Hovt was the v,.!a,o io.,,,-. and he was nvc.lil' 1.. some things.
Wl, .e no . 'h deaf nor duu.h. it was ,-h.on, that, ho held any eo,,va,ln
" . . .... . ... I., w hs never known to nt-k a
Willi 1UI1 "O" . , . , , . .
Thoa. D. Yarnei, Pastor.
10 A M. Sunday School.
11 A. M. Divine worship.
3 P. M. Loyal Temperanca legion,
6:30 P. M. Kpworth League.
7:30 P. M. Evening service.
Dr. H. C. Dunsmore, Pastor
Next Sunday (Easter) at Calvary
Presbyterian, tha Sunday School wil'
present an Easter program, beginning
at 11 o'clock. Thia program will con
sist of aongs, recitation, ate, by
members of the Sunday School, and
also several aoloa by some of cur mast
popular singers. Dr. Dunsmore will
give a Bhort talk on his personal re
minisencea at the tomb of our Savior.
The public is cordially invited to this
interesting service.
gold ;l,:c:t'? in kansas.
Vears Ago a M-n Thrsw a Pouch of
Thtm Away.
Oneida, Kan. As u further episode
111 the 1iioh.1 ilevelopnient of Onel-(lu-M
"gold I'leM," il Is l.ow reralled
llial liKiny ya;s ur," !eor;;e Williams
round a leather poach tilled will, the
same kind of nuc-tot which have been
found lately in the craws of din ks kill
ed here.
Williams did not know that the pouch
onlahicil anything of value and threw
it uwiiy.
The poiii h Is supposed to he one of
liose heiicin;: (o the Colorado miner
ivho lost his life while eruxsing a creek
in nr here.
The mil ,r was lotuniinn to his home
in the caM and can led ninny thou
sands of ih.'lars' worth of Riild dust
with him. Thioe per ns here have
found mi;." i :." dnrinif the iast two
Monitor alwas
direct ouesiion of anyl ' mil nis wu
pet ex. lied, lie never- stopped work f
a hiillot.
One day Sam took a walk to a vi.
half a doven (' lire. ra. kers. He
about t l.ein upon his return. For 'bl
uest 'hr.-e -lays he .ased M-v.-ral
i,,..j ,,f his time in the cooper simp.
lloyt was never known to
see the circus come in and never cast
a,e Mx miles invay, and there bought
H ither allowed them nor said a word
Mr. ':
he ci.tor.
tl 1 1:1 HO
th.1t tit :
the oi(.u
t -l 1 . : 1 1 1 fcl
With Olio o
poel.el. to::
the f ic.
f a.-,- w.:s I!
Ik-! we. t!
bun Ii ii'sl whenever
a-hle from that, gave
e, .11. m whalevc-r. ram saw
.e, Piiii point In his work
;:e ,.1 f.if ll'M IlllllllteS Oil 8
.( ii'i his h:e k to the door.
r. ; l.i- i-i npis-iiritl
,f the l.i lire ra' Uers in his
;.-tii. r v. it!i a malt h to light
,l the erit). al no. no lit tho
-hi, .1 niel the cracker pl.e-ed
r ,:f t! ' 1 l.n-v ! 1 iii-i.i.
will If
to w
.nftly stepped ouuslde
. Iv-in. It ciuue In a
fairly lifted old Mr-
,. i.,l,..r 1
the ' na
feiv m- on, Is. It
II.A t a f iot higli.
'-I-v toii:" he yell.-d In his aiarm,
hut u' few M-. later 1 lo re was
,.,.,! , f otiier ex. iai.o.l There
Mas a gr. iid lot of slur, lugs heaped
up In the f hop. nnd the-- ' u light lire
m t'. e eiploMoii. ami "e '"M
. e was iil-aze in less than u minule.
f f.,!lu ,.,1 .V I 111 "KIT. ICI.I d
lite :is no water supply iianui, hum
. i.. i..,a tlo.n half mi hour. dm-. i by
iihd Inn lis In Meielon were
nr.-l u ept ti ml t!
In t wo hot!
The F; ie Was LigMH.
ii ran this v :t v nnd that
,, v.,,., (L.Med from Use
; a i.i
i) Mi
llie, str-.tig b
lli Ihlines. 1,11(1 Hie Woll-ell II
h- hushaioJs uhd faihei-s p'nashe.1 ta.-ir to
ruin as complete' and the I n I ' d '
camped on vieant lots, ilwlng to the ,-,,(:., i. .
fore any one f.oirid out bow the lire miiiu-.i. j ...o .
cue to the solution. He said that fain m.-.iii.ii-. ... .
(.'...! when there wits un expl.'sl-li He cui in t :..v
. . . , ........ i .1 .. e ...... . , , p
ui.i l,H I UL H ,1. I-' ' '
i , a: I the Iioiimsi
,1 c hihlreu si I by
! h la itnpo'eiit rage,
it inhabitants ere
i nl.ont three hours
nici llo.'. t gave them
be .-a loaiuig around
what in:-' d it- h'll
been CMdodcd.
Practice in all Courts
$1 p. r 100
County Court House
Dallas, Oregon.
Joseph A. Flnlcy
Vocal Teacher
Thursdays from 4-8:10 p.m
Can take only five pupils
600 Koyal
UWMUItl IttMt III " 1 " ' """
a t
Business Is Good
3?-!!- 34
P course, ct.ilii:.-':. v. .11 !-!
-.;e t-.'J -.- i"'-'- ';r-1
I ,. --. - -j-1 f.-' i :n v ;r I.H f-l 'ure when
a t-.'-i f.- t ar.l tVtt It v. t!. nr..:-
.-. - . -l yn.jr 't pen. t r'I
.' , t ., -. - . - I- a ii : 1 !'i h-'Ior.-
and r.a- f ': l----ir. cyca It W on
' J l,"-'r''- !- " . t ,h picture ai.i si wtat ytt hVi
Held ujil and rti ioc-i- - l-t
i .!!.! it' Sum did it '. It win
a dozen men when the story had been t
Three days Inter as a ty win he
W.,..,N t ,-.( n.l'es ii vi ay he ' a'a'i a- I'
ll,- s.. !!i,;.-u an a h'u in. Kiel men
,i Hodman. To this flay It Is nn
1 1.! h h.n been rebuilt. J'.--t how
. t. , l...ll,.v thi.t 1,1- l!Ot Mll.le Sill
I lr
f ir.s pi
,1.1. 1 .!
itin,' f..r S
u no. a s 1.
a me ai;'l h
, en i;.!.- ti
,d !!
s 1 1 1 1 I
are I
ed half
to II
a in i a I. e
ken M h'-ll h
( la I. pi
toll I
1 I!..- loly i
vi i.i.e
cl.aih. '1!
.-Ii I :t
f Mi li
re n re
I,.- had
(!.!. e n
us St-,'
1 f' .iiid u r-pc B.i'l '"'
,'lt'? 1" lieie that he w as
ill tl.i in. ar.a-l-O't they p
u i . r. i.e. however, the t.
OV.-l tl.i.
Ill l ( I u
All l.ll-
-ui. i
o by
Il looi.s ' f
II t Mt.S
te !i- I -ii..
.:' US to
. m e. 1
.. I... ,'e I !
.-r s'
, I' t"
I lie n ' . I .-' r
iie-i,l part in
,: tl III J.,, I
tit I y a
e oti.e
, who
I l.e h
1 r
e he I
I. - P
V, ho Ju.-t
-id a rope
i.:Im'. As
o-,l. Uiee
I joke , i
, i. . i , 1
- -- heme.
1 o-.l
, 1.
Our steady increase in patron-
t ajre and our faith in the future of
Independence means much to our
customers, new and old. We are
tfointf to make greater efforts
than ever before to please those
who patronize us and to give
them every discount that the
grocery business will allow.
Calbreath & Jones
SI .
Is .,
t :
r it
c- '