Independence monitor. (Independence, Or.) 1912-19??, March 02, 1917, Image 4

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Shoes for the
The demand of the fashionable woman it
for more than just "good" style:
She require! something in the looks of the ahoea she
buyi which is diatinctire and individual. That ia the
reason why woman who select their ahoai on this basis
invariably prefer
6tjm Shoes of Quality
There is that something "different" about these shoes
which sets them apart -distinguishes them from the
ordinary shoe. They have dainty lines which accentuate
the gra-e of the foot and emphasize its original beauty.
At for satisfactory service, they save
no superior.
Have been built and actually delivered to retail buyers since
August 1, 1916.
These figures 320,817 represent the actual number of cars
manufactured by us since August 1, 1916, and delivered by our
agents to retail buyers.
This unusual fall and winter demand for Ford cars makes it neces
sary for us to confine the distribution of cars only to those agents
who have orders for immediate delivery to retail customers, rather
than to permit any agent to stock cars in anticipation of later
spring sales.
We are issuing this notice to Intending buyers that they may pro
tect themselves against delay or disappointment in securing Ford
cars. If, therefore, you are planning to pu chase a Ford car, we
advise you to place your order and take delivery now.
Immediate orders will have prompt attention.
Delay in buying at this time may cause you to wait several months.
Enter your order today for immediate delivery with our authorized
Ford agent listed below and don't be disappointed later on.
Rnnsbont $345, lourlng'cSfsaeo, Coupelet$505 Ffinj Mflf Of COIUDSDY
Town Csr $595, Sedan $845, f. o. b. Detroit ,w,u mw,u, wg,l,r"J
Phone Main 382 1 Independence, Ore
Dr. It. K. Duganne, dentist,
National Bank Building.
Ill Woods waa a passenger to
Corvallia this morning.
Just arrived, the latest styles
! n Cordon hats at Kreamera.
Mrs. Crosby Dalton is teaching
in the Independence Behools.
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Weatherbee
of Eugene were here yeBterday.
Supt. Crowley addressed the
Civic League Tuesday afternoon.
Ross Nelson was a business
truect of the city of Portland
this week.
Mrs. C. E. Frazier returned
home this weak from a visit at
Hood River.
Larry Fitzgerald put on his
best clothes and went to Port
land today.
Mrs. Alvah Eames of Cordova,
Alaska, was the week-end guest
of Mrs. O. D. Butler.
The Wells hop yard near
Bueaa Vista has bean grubbed
and sown to grain.
C. A. Lochridge ia showing
some excellent samples of spring
and summer suitings.
A few work Kloves at old prices
at Kreamer's, a saving of 25c to
f)0c a pair to you.
Mrs. Robertson is here from
Seattle the guest of her daughter,
Mrs. W. U. Craven.
Mesdames O. D. and Maurice
Butler attended a banquet of the
Woman's Club ia Corvallis yes
terday. "Ernest" failed to receive the
congratulations of his grand
mother upon his birthday be
cause n-,t) ru'nU'Cteil to write his
hddn.s on the postal card she
mailed last week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Nelson of
Corvallis visited relatives here
this week.
John Hostetter, after a two
months' visit in Iowa, returned
to his home at Suver last Fri
day. A good pair of reading
glasses 'or $1.00 at O. A.
The annual library benefit tea
will beheld this year on March
17. Refreshments will be served
from two to six.
Mrs. W. Brown returned home
from San Francisco this week
where she has been in a hos
pital for the past month.
Eyes scientifically examined
and glasses fitted. Dr. F. G.
Hew ett. Cooper Bldg. 32
County Commissioners Beskett
and Manston and Roadmaster
Finn were in Independence
Tuesday on official business.
The attention of the house
wife is called to the sugar cured
hams and silver leaf lard now
being sold by Max Goldman.
Ralph Msrks and wife of
Milicent, Canada, were visitors
last weak at the home of his
sister, Mrs. F. C. Boderihamer.
Charles Huntley has been ap
pointed assessor for Independ
ence, Monmouth and Bjena
Vista. J. Bagley for Stver,
Airlie and Pedee.
Claude Skinner, who has the
contract to operate the ferry at
Salem, today towed a large barge
to the Capital City which will be
used for ferry purposes.
Miss, Ida M. Tarbell was in
Independence between trains
Tuesday on her way to Corvallis.
Mrs. 0. I). Butler met her and
had a delightful chat with her.
The KIos Tilieums were grand
ly en tertained by Mr. and Mrs.
G. G. Walker last night. As this
club meets on lhursday nights,
it is rather difficult for an early
Friday morning paper to do u
B. F. Swope, Lawyer Coopar Bldg.
Glen Green of Cottaga Grove
is visiting his grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. Andy Wilson. Mrs.
Wilson has recovered from a
severe illness.
Mr. G. M. Hoysier, a promin
ent farmer from East Independ
ence, was in the city this week
and purchased a P. & O. spring
tooth harrow from Craven &
The Independence Planing
Mill is now ready for business.
All work promptly attended to. 32
We have Hart Schaffner &
Marx, M. Boran, and Interna
tional Tailoring Co. samples to
select from three of Chicago's
best tailoring houses. 0. A.
H. L. Fitchard has taken the
agency for the Tracford, a trac
tor attachment that fits on any
Ford. It will pull two 12-ineh
bottoms and can also be used for
hauling and road work. Price
Dr. J. B. Grlder, dentist, suc
cessor to Dr. Allen, Cooper
Building, Phone Main 1021.
Plans are being made for an
Easter Jubilee to be given in
Dallas and Independence by the
combined choruses of the two
towns, which are being directed
by D. V. Poling.
An interesting program ia be
ing arranged for the Parent
Teachers meeting to be held in
the Highland school house March
16. The meeting is for every
one and parents are especially
J. W. Powell, aged 80, died at
his home at Airlie last Satur
day. The death of her husband
causad Mrs. Powell to become
mentally unbalanced and she was
taken to Salem by Sheriff Orr
this week.
Walnut Under Which Settlere Mat to
Thank King to Be Cut Down.
Gloucester, X. J. Tli' idil W'iilimt tree
on lliu bunks of the Iieiawnre nt tills
iuliit under wiiicij the went Jersey pro.
IX'IHim'h meet uiiutUilly in coiitliiumice
of mi it ix -lw)i t custom of their forefa
ther, who assembled there to praise
King George for the land comprising
Newton colony, Is about to lie destroyed.
The land, owned by the Charles
Ilnliics estate, Is to he sold, and the
proprietors me making efforts to save
the tree. Clmrles II. HiiinlHi, a direct
descendant of I'cto und U miliar Itaui
bo, the Swedish guides and Interpreters
who paved the way for the Quakers to
settle along the Delaware, and who is
a prominent member of several patrt
otic organizations, bus taken an Inter
est In Having the true. According to
the Ideas of those Interested lu the
tree, It should le fenced In and a tab
tut suitably inscribed placed there to
mark the spot
Detroit Mother Finds One Enlisted,
Other Ready.
Detroit, Mich. Last May, when Colo
nel Uoosevelt was making a patriotic
war talk In tho Detroit Opera House,
Mrs. Anna Ncuer arose lu her seat and
said: "I have two sons. I offer them to
the country."
lleceiitly the mother, father, a daugh
ter and the two sons sat down to sup
per mid talked on the ono big subject
a possible war.
Claude's silence wai noticed by his
"I'ld you?" she asked blui quietly.
"Yes, this aftenuwn," Claude admit
ted. Immediately after reading of bis
country' break with Germany the boy
hurried to the uavnl recruiting station
aud made good his mother's pledge.
"Earl will he rvudy when needed,"
aald the mother, "and Pauline la anx
ton to fight as a nurse."
Norman Eeoaped Close Quarantine In
Order to Sit In.
Wllkeslmrre, l'u.--A '.-coiding to testi
mony offered in the mayor's court, Jo
seph Normal!, a leper, w ho is supposed
to be under strict quarantine ulght and
day, left bis home at night and went
to the home of a neighbor, whera he
engaged in a mker game.
A fight occurred, according to the tes
timony, while the game was ou and
effort were made on the part of some
of the poker players to steal a W pot.
While the police were getting to the
aceue to make a raid Norman left by
the back way, cltiuUtl over several
fence and entered the house which
lias been hi prison for the last eight
een mouth. It Is costing the city aud
I the central poor tx'avd M.iMO anuually
for the care of Norman and hi family
and for guarding but home.
Militia of Mercy Epect to Enlist
Five Millions.
Took Part In Combating Infantile Pa
ralysis Scourge by Furniehing Ambu
lances Sent Comforts to Militiamen
on Mexican Border Well Known
Names on Executive Committee.
New York. When the break with
Germany came the Militia of Mercy, of
which Mrs. John Hays Hammond U
president, offered to the government the
services of many thousands of women.
Mrs, Hammond sent a telegram to
Secretary of State Lansing as follows:
"On behalf of our executive council
and the mnny thousands of women
throughout the United States whose
names are on our membership lists and
who stand ready to respond to our na-
lo by American Pre Association.
tlon'a call wtth their concerted strength
we beg through you to offer to our pres.
ldent and our country such service as
women can render toward national
In New York state the mtlltia received
tha official promise of co-operation, of
the New Y'ork KUte Federation of Wo
men's Clubs, Mii' h represents tUXVXiO
women. Throughout tho country the
Mllltla of Mercy expects to enlist the
services of 5,Hi,Ot0 women.
Anions; those on the executive coun
cil of the Militia of Mercy are Mr.
Champ Clark, Mrs. Harry Payne Whit
ney. Mra. Kolert Lansinc, Mrs. Wil
liam Randolph Hearst, Mrs. James
Sieyer. Mrs. Isaac tSusrgeuhelui. Mrs.
Kelli Warburg and Mrs. Ogden t;oelet
The militia took part In combating
the Infantile paralysis scourge last
summer by funiUhlig three ambu
lance as well s i'ftor nsre for many
of the stricken. The Miii;la of Mercy
also was Interested in sending comforts
Furnished rooms for rent.
29 Mrs. Ward.
Wanted a housekeeper.
T. J. Fryer. . 29tf
Baled hay and straw for sale.
S. Muhleman. Phone Farm
5113. " 32tf
For Sale
120 egg incubator. Good mar
chine at a bargain.
31 Crissie Bramberg.
8 room hotise, furnished or un
furnished. Phone Main 4322.
28tf L- Crane.
Wagner of Chicago Fear Hie Large
Feet May Bar Him.
Chicago reter J. Wagner, recruit at
the Great Lakes naval training sta
tion, feared tht tie niUht hava to
leave the Tnited Suites navy because,
of the slie of his feet. Wagner ia
eighteen yean old, wejgln 176 pounds.
Is six feet one and one-half Inches tall,
and his feet rni'ilr- a sluv sized 15S-
When he. applied for shoes It wa
di overcd that the iartest sire dis
tributed by the navy department is 11
Officers st the station are attempting
to And footgear that Wagner can wear.
HP HERE is more than
$1.00 per 100
Niliit.a, liiia.LAiLl.kltUa.VlAI,lilAltA.IiiUaa iiltAialL
J sr
sugar cured Hams
free from all liquid imoke
25c a pound.
Pure Leaf Lard
10 lb. pall $2.25.
to the nillitiauieu on The' Mexican border.
Up on the roof of the Hotel Majestic
women volunteers or toe Woman
Military Iteserve of the United States
bean their drills. The "rookies" are
uniformed. At the same time an exhi
bition drill wan given In the armory of
the Sixty-ninth regiment by the Ameri
can Woman's League For Self Defense.
On 125,000 Miles Acro.e, Naval Ob
servatory Estimates.
Washington. It waa said at tha
Naval observatory that exceptionally
large spots on the sun'a surface had
been noticed recently. At ita maxi
mum dimension the largest waa esti
mated at 15,000 'miles across. One
Iot in 1S51 was 140,WO miles across,
but they seldom are larger than thla.
The appearance of large sun spot a.
according to acleutlsts here, generally
la followed by magnetic disturbance
In the earth's atmosphere. That It ha
any connection with the weather is a
theory not credited by professors at
the observatory.
'jpHERE 13 more than
physical comfort in
a good fitting suit.
There's the comfort of
knowing it is stylishly
cut and expertly de
signed. C. A. Lochridge
& Co.
Butter Wraps