The Polk County post. (Independence, Or.) 1918-19??, April 08, 1921, Image 1

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T he P olk C ounty P ost
: n
Sunday Noon Blaze Totally
Destroys Residence-Con­
tents Saved,
Mr. Clifford Sustains Two
Severed Fingers While
Matting Butter.
Misfortune seems to be cling­
ing closely to Tom Clifiord and
he is beginning to think he was
born under an unlucky star.
Sunday noon the residence he
and his family were occupying
was entirely destroyed by fire.
The following Tuesday while en­
gaged in his regular occupation
at the Independence Creamery
he had the second and third fing
ers severed from his left hand
by the machinery.
The fire Sunday originated in
a defective flue bu wis discov­
ered in time for the neighbors to
form a rescuing party and all the
household goods were removed
from the house. The greatest
damage was the breakage on a
quantity of Haviland. The resi­
dence was located between 5th
aad 6th on E street and was pur­
chased by Wm. McKinney about
a month ago.
At a meeting of Company K.
Oregon National Guard, held at
the Armory last Tuesday even
ing, Emerson Groves was elected
captain to fill the vacancy caused
by the resignation of L. W. Seg
gel. Mr. Groves is an Independ­
ence boy and is well liked by ev­
eryone. The choice is considered
a wise one and it is believed tha
he will add strength to the or
ganization. Captain Groves is a
man of military experience and
was among the first of Polk
county boys o answer the call to
the colors. He was in the serv­
ice about two years, one year of
which was spent overseas. Hi
went over with the 20th Engin
eers Corps but was luter trans­
ferred to the Motor Transport
Corps where he .declares he re
ceived “ bumps enough for a life­
K boys regret losing Mr. Seg-
gel who resigned to take up his
duties with the Union Savings
and Loan Association of Port
land, being assigned to the As­
toria district.
Baby Homo Tag
Day a Success
The Tag Day conducted by tht
High School girls last Saturday
for the Albertina Kerr Baby
Home in Portland netted $47 for
the institution.
With the $35
cleared by the Civic Club at the
silver tea given for the Home
this makes a splendid showing
for Independence.
At the Creamery Tuesday,
Mr. Clifford was making butter
when the accident occurred.
Fortanately he had a wrench in
his hand which is thought to
have prevented the entire hand
from being severed.
same place, who *as giving first
aid grew weak at the continuous
flow of blood, fainted and fell
against a can sustaining an ugly
gash in his forehead.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford are tem­
porarily located with Mrs. M. E.
This was not the exte it of the Stansberry while Mr. C takes a
list of accidents for Wm. De vaertion wearing his left arm in
Seim, another employee at the a sling.
Better Clothes
for Less Money
Economy is the watchword
of the day. We save you money
on clothes. We buy direct from
the maker and give you the
benefit. Prices range from
$25.00 to $75.00
and your m oney’s worth with
each suit, both boys’ and m en’s.
O. A. Kreamer
Monster Gala Night Will Be Aug­
mented by Dokkies from Every
City in the Stale.
From six to twelve p. rn. Saturday will be
Dokkie night in independence and every sign in­
dicates that it will be some night. .Our streets
will be a solid mass of the elect who will come
from every city and village of consequence in the
state and finding "welcome” on Independence’s
doormat, there’s no telling what it will amount to
While primarily the visit is for the purpose
of pushing fifty or more innocents over the hill
into the D. O. K. K. there w 11 be plenty of time
to put on numerous side degrees on the street be­
fore the big show opens and do not be surprised
if there are parades, street dances, minstrels,
clowns, ’n everything.
Be around early and get a place on the side­
walk as the “standing room only1’ sign - will be
i hung out any time after six o’clock.
---------- —
T T T *
A. L. Kuhlander moved hib
jewelry store from the 0. A.
Kreamer establishment to the
Max Goldman building Wednes­
The building has been repair­
ed and a partition built which
makes roomy quarters for both
stocks. New fixtures have been
installed on the jewelry side.
Roomy cases for displays and
art panels around the work
bench all lend attractiveness to
the general appearance.
changes_aiso makes cozy quar­
ters for Mr. Goldman’s stork.
0. A. Kreamer now has his
entire building for his large
stock of clothing and optical
supplies. Plenty of show win
dow room and display cases also
add to Mr. Kreamer’s conveni­
Manager Williams Says Tliat
Iryouts WiM Soon 8e
h àrder.
“I.ove All” and “ Love 1”
Will Soon Be Heard
on Courts.
Baseball tans have not only
been ‘making hay while the sun
shone” but they have been do­
ing some valuable work getting
the diamond at the Hi School
ready for the approaching sea­
Tuesday each busi­
ness house provided a man to
assist the Hi School fans in mak­
ing the grounds ready for 'he
games that are to be matched.
Manager A. G. " llliapis says
The P.-T. association held a
he cannot, tell
very profitable meeting at the
when the season will open but
Training School last Tur day.
the diamond will be A No. 1.
Miss Brenton of the Normal was
The first, tryout for places on the
the principal speaker, her sub­
team is scheduled for next Sun­
ject being Art.
day afternoon.
* *
Lovers of the racquet are also
taking advantage of the fuvor-
i able weather; Tennis courts are
being turfed and soen “ Love
all” will be heard from some of
the courts while from others the
B. R. Wolfe has purchased the players will not display such
Dave Duvall property on 7th generosity and the score of
street. Mr. Wolfe is having the “ Love 1, etc , ” may be a more
familiar sound.
residence modernized in every
way and when changes are com­
John Dee Stevens, who with plete will have an attractive
his brother has operated a second home.
hand store in Independence for
the past three years, died in
Mrs. F. A. Spurr, who has
Portland at the age of 67.
The Odd Fellows awning is to
Mr. Stevens was taken to a beer, spending the winter in be torn away and a new one
Portland hospital for treatment California, is expected home erected the full length of the
about three weeks ago and after with’n a few days.
building on C street.
a diagnosis no hope was held
for his recovery.
Before coming fo Independ­
ence, Mr. Stevens lived-in Mon­
mouth for many years and was
well known to nearly everyone
in Polk county.
He is survived by five sons.
l«’oy K. and John D. Jr., of In-
depend* nee. Robert N. of the U.
S. Marines, Lee of Bend and
My beady Made Dresses will be sold at a sac
Louis of Vancouver, Wash.
P.-T. Association
Meeting Tuesday
MRS. BUTLER J. D. STEVENS 8. R, Wolfe Purchases
PASSES ON ANSWERS CALL Dave Duvall Residence
Mrs. Elizabeth Butler Died In independence Merchant Dies
Portland April 5.
In Portland Hospital.
The funeral services of Mrs.
Elizabeth Butler who passed at
Sellwood hospital in Portland
April 5th. were held at the Bap­
tist church Thursday afternoon
at 2 o’clock. Adah Chapter O.
E. S, had c1 large of the services,
Rev. H. L. Proppe reading the
funeral rites. This makes the
third funeral Rev. Proppe has
conducted for the Butler family
i within one year.
Mrs. Butler was formerly Eliz­
abeth Pettit and grew to worn
anhood near Monmouth where
she has a wide circle of friends
She is survived by her husband
and three children.
Odd Fellows to Put
Up New Awning
Closing Out
Press Sale
City Council Names
Chatman Marshal Mrs, Holllngshead
Dead 'at LaPine
At a regular meeting of the
city council last Wednesday ev­
ening Mr. Chatman was appoint­
ed city marshal to succeed J. H.
Morgan. Chatman was former­
ly watchman at the S. P. ware­
house and is familiar with such
An ordinance which provides
for bonding the city for $4000
for fire equipment passed to the
second reauing.
Relatives here received a tele­
gram Tinsday rig h t conveying
the news of the death of Mrs.
Hollingshead of LaPine, eastern
Oregon, who formerly lived here.
She is a sister of the late Mrs.
M. A. Robinson. The funeral
services were held at the home
at 2 o’clock Thursday a fternoon.
Independence Chautauqua May
Word Butler ma le a business, 26-30. Forty g iaran tors. Forty
trip to Newport this week.
bo outers.
ri'Ice. The stock iucludes garments of Taffetta,
Georgette, Tricotine, French Serge and Jersey.
Straight line, Surplice and Novelty Cuts. Some
tr mm.’d with braids, buttons, etc. At™ some
with pretty embroidered designs and headings
All go at a Sacrifice Price.
You will he pleased with my slam ing
o f Spring lints .
Alpha Bascue’s
Millinery Store