The Polk County post. (Independence, Or.) 1918-19??, April 16, 1920, Image 6

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Dr. Mendelsohn
C. E. Davis left Monday for Cali­
Our school playground equipment
is rapidly under construction.
Can be seen at his office 211-212 Oregon Building (formerly the
Hubbard building). One third of a century practical experience—
9 years practice in Salem. My years of experience and the satis­
factory service I have rendered to thousands of Marion and Polk
county people assures you competent and lasting relief in all your
eyesight troubles.
In every trade, profession or branch of work there are found
a few men who, from special fitness or education, or both, are bet­
ter prepared to serve you in their line than the multitude of oth­
ers in the same field.
Since optometry requires especial ability in both professional
and mechanical work, men that are fitted to do both equally well
are scarce
Therefore, you cannot be too particular about the selection of
the man to whom you entrust your eyes.
The professional work, the examining and measuring of your
eye defects, must be skillfully done The mechanical part, the
making and adjusting of your glasses, is no less important.
I am making a specialty of correcting children's eyes. MY
PRICES ARE VERY REASONABLE for the material and ser­
vice you will receive and I guarantee satisfaction in every re­
spect. Office hours from 9 to 12 a. m.—1 to 5 p. m. Sundays
and evenings by special appointment
\ \ / H ETHER Judged as a whole or tn detail
* * of separate units, the
G. A. Conn left Monday morning
for Dallas where he will serve on
the jury.
Jimmie Peterson of Parker has
been visiting his relatives here for
a few days.
Mrs. Seymour, principal of the
high school, spent the week end
with her friends in Salem.
AA i * a A aa A ì ì a I i A i 4 a L A Ì i 4 a I , 1 a A iéa L iA s iU t.i»
Miss Hulda Wienert, who is at­
tending school in Salem, spent an
enjoyable week end with her folks
and friends here.
Misses Dorothy Gross, Bertha En-
gelhorn and Louisa Wienert were(
guests at the home of Miss Mattie
Crook Sunday afternoon.
The Airlie high school is prepar­
ing a debate for Friday night on
“Resolved, that a two mill state tax
should be levied for the support of
the schools."
The winners of the composition
“Armenia's Need” were Orlena Ray
from the primary room, Verna En-
gelhorn from the intermediate, Ber­
nice Ulrich from the seventh grade
and Allen Caughey from the high
Fordson T r a c t o r
Is a proven, clean-cut, high-class piece of
It has been tried and tested by the tens of
It is years past the age of uncertainty.
Its re-sale value, like the Ford car’s, is a
proven quantity.
Order Your Fordson at once
There Are Many Reasons
Our school has gone “over the
top" in the Armenian drive. They
have reached the 100 per cent mark r
and a total of $32.25. The primary
room $3,80; intermediate $7.83;
and married by the leader of the
grammar grades $8.37; high school
Vigilantes to save her from deporta­
‘Ta, what’s a dud?”
tion. An amazing account pf mis­
real sacrifice to many of the pupils
“ ‘Dud,’ my son, was a term used taken identity and the queer tricks
and this spirit is commendable.
Phone 443
Salem, Oregon
during the recent war to signify a played on the mind by asphasia.
The picture par excellence, one of
shell that failed to explode.”
400,000 Maxwells In Use
supreme offerings of filmdom is
“Yes, pa.”
Today nearly 400,000 Maxwells
“And I dare say it will be applied “The Whip,” the attraction for Tues­
may be seen on the world’s high­ quite often this year to statesmen day and Wednesday nights. The
ways. 100,000 more are in process whose presidential hopes fail to ma­ story is of the race track and the
I intrigue revolving around a famous
of construction.
terialize.”—Birmingham Age-Her­ race horse named “The Whip." This
B nddhlst p rie sts o f B urm a, a fte r Ig­ a re ta x in g th e ab ility t e m eet them .
intrigue involves an impecunious
Wells Farm Brings $30,000
noring th e pro g ress of C h ristian mis­ In th e ir stru g g le to re sto re th e p re s­
“gentleman” and his adventurous
sions In th a t cou n try fo r m ore th a n a tige o f B uddha th e O ccident h as f u r ­
partner, a handsome young man in
Wells—The C. M. Vanderpool
century, a re m aking a vigorous effort nished B u d d h ist lea d e rs w ith an Idea.
love with the charming daughter of
to re sto re B uddhism to Its old place. One of th e ir m ost activ e agencies Is th e farm, near Wells, consisting of 240
T his Is th e rep o rt m ade by B a p tist m is­ Toung M en's B a d d h lst A ssociation, acres, which has been in the pos­
“The west that was” with its the horse-loving judge who owns
sionaries in that field. T he outcom e of w hich drew its Insp iratio n from th e T. session of the present owner for picturesque lawlessness, its daily “The Whip," the jockey who rides
the strugg le is of vital Im portance, as M. C. A.
58 years, was sold recently to A1 shooting scrapes, its gaudy dance and idolizes the horse, and the un­
B a n n a h as th e m ost advanced civ ilisa­
B efore 1924 It Is hoped to be able te
halls, its scarlet doves and the fierce sophisticated and pretty sister of
tion of any p a rt of B ritish India, and send 55 new m issionary fam ilies, a s Senders, Maurice Senders and Wil­
untamed passions of its red-blood­ the jockey. Big race scenes, won­
well as 34 new women m issio n aries and
Its Influence Is growing.
W ith th is In view, th e G eneral B oard fo u r doctors to supplem ent the (it) m is­ $30,000. The land is planted prin­ ed men and women, is depicted in derful hunting scenes, the best train
“Sundown Trail," Monroe Salis­ wreck and the most thrilling auto­
s f Prom otion o f th e N orth ern B a p tist sio n ary fam ilies, 52 single women and cipally in grain and clover.
bury’s newest Universal starring mobile accident ever seen in pic­
Convention believes th a t th e w orking fo u r doctors and tw o n u rse s now In th e
forces of C h ristian ity should be dou­ field.
“Exclusive” Assures Better Service vehicle, which comes on Sunday tures—all these combined with a
bled. E specially Is th is so since, u n d er
E specially Is th e re need for g re a te r
and Monday. Salisbury is seen as powerful and attention-riveting
direction o f th e B ritish au th o ritie s, th e m edical service, a s th e p resen t force
“Quiet” Carter, an easy-going story, make this one of the world’s
m issionaries sen t ou t by th e N orth ern gives m edical a tte n tio n to m ore than
biggest screen plays.
B ap tists a re conducting 55 p e r cen t of 10,000 p erso n s a year. Most o f flies? Garage will hereafter be an an ex­ Southerner who goes to a wild min­
Rex Beach’s “The ■ Spoilers” on
th e educational w ork o f th e country. a re n o t In th e c ities and c e n te rs of pop­
An indication o f governm ental co-oper­ ulation. T h e B ritish G overnm ent p ro­ shop is greatly to the interests of counts for more than blue and that Thursday and Friday nights. This
atio n is found In th e offer o f th s a u ­ vides fo r w ork In such centers. Mis­ the owners of Fords and Fordsons. “the survival of the fittest" in that thrilling romance of the gold fields
th o ritie s to pay h a lf th e cost of con­ sio n aries In th e field estim a te th a t Mechanics are sure to become more quick trigger-finger. Two spectacu- of our great Northwest, if strong in
stru ctio n of a new p la n t fo r Judson som e 90 p e r cent o f those w ho d ie In skilled if they specialize, assuring community is largely a matter of a , sentiment, is steeped in fierce prim­
College. T he governm ent, too, has se­ th e non-O hrlstlan field suffer to the
better workmanship, accuracy and lar incidents in the production are itive passions inspired by insidious
cured a b eau tifu l new cam pus outside close w ith o u t th e a tte n tio n of a doctor
the hurling of Clyde Fillmore, the evils that invest the closing coils
tho city of R angoon. Schools o f every o r nurse.
into a rapids, and a hand of a great conspiracy for robbing
grade, from k in d e rg a rte n thro u g h col­
P la n s favored by th e G eneral B oard
battle between Salis­ honest toil of its golden fruits, and
Seeks Legislative Seat
lege and sem inary, a re conducted by of Prom otion fa v o r th e use of 25 a u ­
bury and Fillmore. The glittering it has braved privations with death
m issionaries, and educational w ork Is tom obiles In th is region, estim atin g
p a rtic u la rly stro n g am ong women and th a t th e a c tiv itie s o f th e m issionary
George T. Gerlinger of Dallas an­ and gaudy dance halls of the early ever imminent, day by day or
can be trip led by th is equipm ent.
nounces his candidacy for joint duys are vividly pictured in the pro­ through the long night of the Mid
Some Idea o f th e ta sk of expansion
C o nstruction o f 25 new school b u ild ­ representative on the republican duction. Alice Elliot, who played night Sun. It has the better and
Is shown by th e fa c t th a t th e re a re 40 ings to replace outgrow n p la n ts and re ­
the role of his Italian sweetheart in brighter things in cont/asting fig­
races In an a re a as g ro at as T ex as and lieve congestion, th e estab lish m en t of ticket. Mr. Gerlinger is connected
ures to the rugged miners, is sweet
w ith a population g re a te r th a n th a t of a school in tra d e s and a rts and the with the Willamette Lumber Co. in “The Sleeping Lion," is Salisbury’s
leading woman in "Sundown and refreshing as well as reliant
Now T ork S tate. In sp ite of th e w ork founding of new schools fo r g irls are an executive capacity.
Trail," the story of a Virginia wid­ and imperious womanhood, to give
alread y done, th e Illiteracy of B urm a rep o rted as im m ediate n ecessities to
Is estim ated a t «2 p a r coat. T he needs fo restall B u ddhist efforts.
ow who went to a California gold it interest in unusual ways—sober­
Cheap Price on Thermoid Tires
camp to ransom her stolen baby; ing and surprising as it touches
Halladay & Justin, agents for how she was mistaken for a Harpy the hearts and actions of rugged
Congressman Hawley is back with his old chestnut, Thermoid tires, have a number on
hand which they can sell at prices
“ No interests to serve but the public interests.”
below present day quotations.
Buddhism Seeks to Regain Grip
Northern Baptists Have New Paper
T h e r m o i d Grolide Compound T l r e 3
The most costly built casing in America at a reason­
able price-
6000 miles guarantee.
7500 miles Ford Sixes
Tires have raised 15 to 20 per cent in the last »lonth.
We have some left at the old price.
Come in and look at the Thermoid tires before buy­
ing a new tire.
H A L L A D A Y <Sfc J U S T I IN
Independenca Vulcanizing Shop
Repairing of Tires and Tubes and Adona Tread
Work Our Specialty. All work Guaranteed.
M. J. O’DONNELL, Prop.
F e o ru a ry saw th e a p p e aran ce of Vol­
ume I, N um ber 1, of "T h e B a p tist,”
th e new official or tu n o f th e N orthern
B a p tist C onvention. Issued In C hica­
go, th e w eekly h ad a first p rin tin g of
Dr. L atk a n A. C randall, form erly of
M inneapolis, la editor-in-chief.
C lifton D. G ray, e d ito r o f “T h e S ta n d ­
a rd ,” which "T h e B a p tia t” h as ab so rb ­
ed, la m an ag in g ed ito r. “T h e S ta n d ­
a rd " had been a household w ord In
B a p tist hom es since 1853.
Among th e co n trib u tin g ed ito rs of
"T h e B a p tist" a re G overnor C arl Milll-
ken of Maine, P ro fesso r W illiam Lyon
P h elp s o f T ale and H elen B a rre tt
M ontgomery. T he p u rp o se of th e new
p a p er is "to p o rtra y from week to week
th e fo rw ard step s of the denom ination
la th e gen eral ad v an cem ent of C hris­
tian ity ."
and buttling men. These strong
elements in the melting pot of this
romance, fuse to make a great work
intense, picturesque and potential
beyond compare, as far as current
production of motion pictures is
Everyone likes stories that are
full of action and thrills. That is
shown by the large sale of books of
ttiat description, which are read
with avidity by persons of every
class. Such a story is that of the
Pathc Play, “The Girl from Bo­
hemia,” starring the churming
Irene Castle, which will be here
Saturday night. It is tremendously
exciting and there is a mystery in
it which lias you guessing from
start to finish. There is a strong
patriotic denouement that will grip
you and make you glad you are
an American.
To Whom It May Concern:
Notice is hereby given that the
firm of Moore & Walker Furniture
Company, of Independence, Oregon,
has this day been dissolved by mu­
tual consent and with the best of
feeling—Mr. Dean H. Walker retir­
Mr. A. C. Moore has acquired tho
assets of the company and assumed
all its obligations and will continue
the business in its present location
under the name of Moore & Addison
Furniture Co.
Dated April 1st, 1920.
Have yourself and auto insured
Help some hustling neighboi win
the automobile.
A Complete Line
Which leaves nothing to be desired.
Kmplo.vment by m any A m erican
com m unities of visitin g n u rses has In­
spired foreign m ission societies to plan
sim ila r w ork, and a tra in in g school In
being developed a t M oulmein (B urm a)
H osp ital fo r W omen, so th a t B urm ese
villages m ay have sim ila r w orkers.
Good Used Cars
8lxty-eeven languagea a re spoken in
a a a re a a little la rg e r th an M ichigan,
according lo the rep o rt of B ap tist mis­
sio n aries In Assam, B ritish India, a
province w hich lies close to the border
o f T ibet. Assam la a g re a t tea pro­
ducing cen te r. Its ex p o rts being 1,700,-
000 c h ests In 1917.
Tires, Tubes and Accessories at very reasonable prices.
The Are sent two men to Port­
land yesterday to drive back Fort!
We have one NEW FORD SEDAN
T h e A u t o U t i l i t i e s Co.