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Home of General John J. Pershing
P I C K W I C K ’S
By H E L E N A . H O LD E N
Gon. John J. Pershing hns purchased the above home ¡it 174 s it street,
T/Incoln, Neb., and has anuuunced his Intention to make Lincoln and Nebraska
his permanent place o f residence. In announcing the purchase o f the home,
the general said: “ As soon as I retire from the service, I Intend to make Lin­
coln my permanent home, and, as far as I know now, will enter business in
Nebraska. I hope to see my son, Warren, graduate from the University of
Nebraska, as I did nearly 30 years ago."
Lights in Ocean Depths
Afforded by Multitudes
of Sea’s Minute Animals
On still nights In tropical waters the
sea ofttlmes is illuminated as if by
fires o f its own. Every breaking wave
Records show Yankee army
crest looks like a flame. An oar dis­
better physically than
turbing the surface seems to dip Into
any ether army.
molten metal. Swimming fishes leave
wakes of brilliant brightness.
The phenomenon is due to the pres­
Every now and then somebody comes
along with something like this which ence in the water o f multitudes o f mi­
is taken from the columns o f -one of nute animals, each o f which holds up
the best-known American newspapers: Its tiny torch, so to speak, to contrib­
“ Because the American girl doesn’t ute to the illumination.
Marine creatures o f many tribes—
eat enough, because she doesn’ t guard
her health, because she doesn’t get crustaceans, Jelly fishes, cephalopods
sufficient exercise, because she is be­ and fishes of various species carry
Some fishes have luminous
low the physical standard, she is to lights.
blame, when she becomes the Ameri­ disks on their heads, others have lum­
can mother, for the faulty rearing o f inous spots along their sides.
The "angler” fish has a regular
the babies o f the nation; she is to
blnme for the lack of strength and torch for a back fin, enabling It to see
vitality o f the youth of the nation; while looking out for victims which its
the generation which preceded her is light Is expected to attract. Another
to blame fo r the bodily unfitness of finny species, found only at great
one o f every four men called for serv­ depths, carries what looks like an elec­
tric light bulb, which serves an equiva­
ice in the nation’s armies.”
It may be true, observes a writer In lent purpose.
the Charleston News and Courier,
It is in the depths o f the ocean that
that one out o f every four men called the really remarkable light bearing
fo r service In the war was rejected be­ fishes dwell. Theirs Is a realm of
cause o f bodily unfitness but that was Inky darkness, into which no ray of
because America, having an almost un­ daylight penetrates. I f they are to
limited number of men, was able to set have light, they must furnish it them­
the military physical standards very selves; and, to catch every possible
high and still get more soldiers than glimmer, most of them are provided
she needed. The American army was with huge eyes.
fa r away better physically than any
other arm y; and after what America
did in the war, it would be very hard
to persuade any European, especially
any German who served on the west­
ern front, that the physique o f this
As the strata of perfume, heliotrope, rose.
nation is Inferior.
“Appian W ay” W as Ancient
Rome’s Main Thoroughfare
and Fashionable Promenade
The Broadway o f ancient Rome was
in its time not less famous than the
principal thoroughfare o f New York.
It was called the “ Applan Way,” and
along It flowed all that was most in­
teresting and picturesque in the life
o f the Imperial city.
Thronged by
chariots and the vehicles o f fashion, It
was the favorite promenade o f the
idle rich. Over its smooth pavement
successful generals, to whom had been
granted the proud privilege of a tri­
umph, led their returning armies, with
hosts o f unhappy prisoners of war.
The Via Appia, however, was much
more than a city street. It was the
metropolitan terminus of one o f the
great Roman military roads. Begun In
812 B. C., it ran through one o f the
great city gates outward to Lower
Italy— to
beyonfi. One mile beyond the gate
was the magnificent Temple of Mars.
Along the thoroughfare today are
ruins o f once beautiful buildings that
resemble those o f Northern France
and Belgium. And no wonder, inas­
much as their destruction was wrought
by barbarians who were the ancestors
o f the present day Germans. But the
great road, like others o f Roman ori­
gin, extending over most o f Europe,
remains a wonderful monument to a
bygone civilization.
Mulberry Bark Is Used to
Make Paper for Clothing
“ Kamiko,” as paper clothing is call­
ed In Japan, is made of real Japanese
paper manufactured from mulberry
bark. The paper has little “ size” In
It. and, though soft and warm, a thin
layer o f silk wadding Is placed be­
tween two sheet» o f paper and the
whole Is quilted.
Velvet shirts and
drawer» made in thl* way are more
Float in the garden when no wind blows,
Come to us, go from us, whence no one
So the old tunes float, In my mind.
And go from me. leaving no trace behind,
Like perfume borne on the hush of the
But In the Instant the airs remalh
I know the laughter and the pain
Of times that will not come again;
I try to catch at many a tune
Like petals of light fallen from the moon,
Broken and bright on a dark lagoon.
But they float away—for who can hold
Youth, or perfume, or the moon’s gold?
—Sara Teasdale, in Scribner’s.
Maine’s Indian Named Rivers
Are Numerous— Hard to Spell
The nomenclature of Maine prob­
ably outdoes that of any other state
In furnishing memorv tests in spell­
ing. Among its Indian named rivers
are the Penobscot, Rennebec, Andros­
coggin, Allagash and Saco, and among
the lakes and ponds Mooselucmegun-
tic, Sysladadohsis, Sehago, Schoodlc,
katnock, Baskehegnn, Cobbosseeocu-
chunkatnunk, Pennessewasee, Maran-
acook, Amariscoggin, Chesuncook and
Felicity eats up clrcumspec-
| i tion.
A good fellow lights his c«n-
:|; die at both ends.
Full vessels give the least
; sound.—German proverb.
W hatever is fortified will be
:{) attneked, and whatever is nt-
| tacked will be destroyed.—Glb-
I bon.
When a man finds 20 good
; reasons fo r staying away from
home you may be sure he has
at least one bad one.
It was a busy time of the day. The
crowd, hurrying to and fro, was too
Intent on minding Its own affairs to
bother about the erratic behavior of
any particular Individual.
Carlotta Smith was one o f the throng
surging past the Stanwix building.
When she came opposite the wide-open
door she hesitated, walked toward the
entrance, but again turned and passed
on down the street.
Coming back, she paused once more,
then hurried on.
The third time there was no hesita­
W ith grim determination she
approached the entrance and walked
boldly In.
There were three or four men who
left the elevator at the thirteenth floor
with Miss Smith. She envied them
their knowledge o f where they wanted
to go.
Opening off the hall, there were no
less than five doors, each with the
name o f “ Bolton Company” in gold
“ My mother told me to take this
one,” counted Carlotta.
Inside, Carlotta found a girl seated
behind a desk. She Invited Carlotta
to wait while she went in search of
Mr. Thomas Doyle.
“ This Isn’t so bad," mused Carlotta.
“ I ’m beginning to think I ’ll like It.”
"M r. Doyle?" she Inquired, as a
young man appeared with her card In
his hand. “ I am Miss Carlotta Smith.”
“ Glad to meet you, Miss Smith.”
Her tones had convinced him that there
was much behind the name.
“ I beg pardon, Mr. Doyle,” Interrupt­
ed the girl from behind the desk. “ I
forgot to deliver a message this morn­
ing. Mr. Bolton wished you to call him
“ Did he say when?” nsked Doyle.
“ No,” the girl admitted reluctantly.
“ Then he can wait,” which was hard­
ly respectful to the president o f the
“ Please be seated. Miss
“ I came to see you— ” began Carlot­
“ I say, Tom, I ’ve been hunting every­
where fo r you.” Like a hurricane a
young man burst In with this announce­
ment. “ I beg pardon. I didn’t know
you were busy, but you forgot to tell
me where that guaranty would most
likely to be found.”
Explanations were brief, fo r In a few
moments Doyle returned.
“ I won’t take you to my room, for
I’ ve been moved upstairs. A number
o f us have been changed about lately.
W e can go Into Miss Glyn’s room.
There Is no one there, so I trust we
can continue uninterrupted.”
“ Did you say ‘Miss’ Glyn?” Inquired
Doyle’s glance followed Carlotta’s to
the hat-rack, on which hung a man’s
“ Oh, that might mean the general
mixed-up state we’re In just now. Pos­
sibly n caller fo r Miss Glyn. That’s
probably It.” Doyle spoke confidently.
“ She hns Just taken him somewhere to
meet some one. Take this chair. Miss
Sm ith; you’ll find it more comforta­
“ But,” protested Carlotta, “ I know
from the way It looks— ”
“ You mean the way It’s worn,” sug­
gested Doyle.
"Anyway,” continued Carlotta. “ It’s
Miss Glyn's pet, particular chair. It
would never do to have her find me us­
ing It.”
“ Even her shoes are distinguished
looking,” he told himself. “ It seems as
If I have heard her name before. Un­
doubtedly, a society g ir l; It probably
figures daily In the papers.”
“ I think,” said Carlotta, “ that what
people say about odious agents and the
way they are treated Is all nonsense."
“ Have you had the good fortune to
meet any un-odlous ones?” Inquired
Doyle lightly.
" I mean the way you have treated
me,” went on Carlotta.
“ I don’t quite follow.”
Doyle sat
down suddenly. In case he had under­
stood. he would need support.
“ From what I'v e heard. I always
thought agents had doors slammed In
their faces, and were sometimes— of
In extreme enses— thrown
downstairs,” continued Miss Smith.
“ Now, I consider I ’ve been treated roy­
Carlotta waved majestically toward
the footstool.
While she was speaking a man had
quietly entered the room. As Doyle’s
attention was not again claimed, Car­
lotta did not mind.
Doyle was so stunned at what he had
Jnst heard that he forgot completely
his previous threats o f vengeance
against the next Intruder.
“ I am an agent,” continued Carlotta,
“ fo r Pickwick’s Superior Typewriting
“ I never would have guessed It." The
Irony In Tom Doyle’s voice was lost
on Carlotta, who continued volubly:
“ You probably use Tryon’s, don’t
you. Mr. Doyle? Really, a very Inferi­
or grade. I f you would once try Pick­
wick’s, I am sure you would never use
anything else.
Its advantages over
others In ordinary use are legion. Dc
you use Tryon’s or Black’s Mr. Doyle?”
“ I don’t know.”
Doyle felt as If he had been knocked
down, and now was being walked on.
This girl did not want him to lead the
german at the coming charity bail—
she did not even want a subscription
to something else, anything— she was
Dogs Talented in Comedy
only a plain, ordinary agent.
" I hoped you would be able to help
and They Provide Many
me," continued Carlotta. " I so much
Good Laughs for Owners
want to make a success o f It.
don’t know what It means to me."
It is not generally known, but dogs
“ ‘I ’ve a sick husband and five chil­
are in many instances real comedians.
dren to support,’ ” quoted Doyle absent-
Those who have made a close study
o f canines long ago came to this con­
“ It’s not as bad as that," replied Car
clusion. The gift Is not confined to
lotta. “ Rut If I could make my poor
any one breed. Some o f the stunts
mother comfortable— ”
done by fox terriers are not only
" I ’ll do what I can for you,” broke
laughable, but they show the dog to
In Doyle hastily. “ Mr. Cruikshank Is
be a natural born comedian.
the man you ought to see.”
A woman recently owned a valuable
“ But I don't want to see him,” said
Carlotta. “ He Is sure to be cross. Even fox terrier which was so much o f a
comedian that he kept the household
his name sounds so.”
in a state o f constant good humor.
" I don’t know about that. I don’t
even know the man. I mean, he's The dog never had been taught the
tricks he performed, and the most in­
hend of that department.”
“ I shouldn’t like to see him,” Carlot­ teresting part o f it was, he liked to
ta spoke decidedly. “ I thought you show off when the house was filled
could help me. I forgot to tell you with guests. The terrier seemed to
that Mr. Smith gave me your name— know that he was creating laughs. One
Mr. Morton Smith. He Is a distant rel­ tiling he did was a trick that would
ative, and Is Interested In helping me.” be hard for the average person to be­
“ You are related to Morton Smith?” lieve unless he witnessed it. It was
T o himself Doyle added:
"H ow In a performance he went through to
thunder does he let you do a thing like avoid having his coat put on in the
winter months, when a maid took him
“ Y es; he Is most anxious to see me for a walk.
When the dog saw the maid ap­
succeed,” replied Carlotta.
proaching with the coat he would hang
“ I ’ll do what I can."
Ills head. One evening when a party
Doyle felt like a criminal. To aid
o f guests were Present the dog con­
and abet a girl o f Miss Smith’s stamp
ceived a new scheme o f trying to
make of herself a successful agent o f
arouse sympathy, so he could get out
Pickwick’s Superior Paper, was unpar-
o f having his coat put on. When the
donahle. Yet, considering the poor old
maid called to him he looked around
mother, he must do what he could.
the room, and then, quick as a flash,
“ I ’ll see the cranky Cruikshank, as
he started to run to the different cor­
you call him. I f I can’t urge him. I ’ll
ners ns if looking for m t«. He was as
beat him into accepting your paper.
serious as a judge sitting on a bench.
In one way or another, you see, I am
Once or twice ho stopped to see what
sure to succeed.”
effect his performance wns having,
“ When shall I call again?” Inquired then he looked at the maid, wagging
his tall with an expression on his face
“ What part o f the city do you can­ which seemed to sa y: "N ow you won’t
vass tomorrow?” asked Doyle.
make me put on the coat after that.”
“ Around State and Pearl, I think.”
The guests caught the idea, and a
Carlotta spoke with some hesitation.
wave o f hearty laughs came from all
“ I get my luncheon near there,” said
Doyle. “ I could meet you at Lincoln
park, and It would save your coming
’way up here.”
“ Very well,” said Carlotta.
“ You
see. I've never been an agent before, so
I hardly know what Is customary.”
As Doyle bade Carlotta good-by, he
Thoughts are real forces—living messen­
fe lt a deep thrill o f sympathy.
gers of power. Love thoughts, even when
Matter of Much Importance That
Smaller Proportion Than Ever
Be Injured in Transit.
(Prepared by the United States Depart­
ment of Agriculture.)
An egg broken accidentally before it
leaves the farm usually goes on the
farm table, and nothing is lost. Eggs
broken nt the grocery many be dis­
posed of at reduced prices as cracked
eggs and little actual food loss results.
But the egg broken a fter It Is packed
for shipment Is likely to be a thor­
oughly had egg before It arrives at Its
destination nnd become a total loss.
With eggs selling at record prices, it
is a matter o f Importance that a
Mother’s Cook Book
brought to bear upon our pains and trials,
transform them and make them educa­
“ Ten minutes late,” was Mr. Doyle’s tional.—Henry Wood.
greeting when he met Miss Smith the
next day. “ I hope that means you have
T h e F avorite S h ell Fish.
had a successful morning.”
The edible Crustacea, as shrimp or
E g g s S h ou ld Be Gathered C arefu lly.
Carlotta slowly shook her head.
prawns, crawfish, lobster and crabs,
“ I ’m so sorry.” There was a world mussels, are classed under the head­ smaller proportion o f eggs than ever
o f sympathy In Doyle’s voice. “ And I ing o f shell fish. Oysters, because of before are broken In transit. This re­
have bad news, too.”
their flavor, are ranked as favorite sult was brought about by the co-opera­
How he hated to make Carlotta look food, but as for nourishment, they are tive efforts of the United States de­
less happy than she did when she came not valued. A t the price they have partment o f agriculture and the United
to meet him across the pork 1
been this season In most markets, States rnllroad administration. Em­
“ Did Mr. Cruikshank live up to the they are an expensive luxury, only to ployees of the railroad administration
reputation o f his name?”
Carlotta be used in case o f Illness or con­ were detailed to the bureau of chem­
smiled bravely as she asked the ques­ valescence.
istry, where they received Instruction
in proper methods o f loading and
“ Taking time by the forelock," an­
stowing eggs In freight cars. Wher­
O y ste r C ocktail.
swered Doyle, “ I Inquired for Cruik­
Cut a grape fruit Into halves, re­ ever cars were received at terminals
shank as soon as you left yesterday. I move the fiber, leaving the sections In a badly damaged condition, these
was directed to the room that used to unbroken as possible. Add six small employees o f the railroad administra­
be Miss Glyn's. There, sitting at his oysters seasoned with salt and tabas­ tion paid personal visits to the ship­
own desk, and with his feet on his own co sauce.
pers fo r the purpose o f Instructing
footstool, was Hon. James Gordon
them how properly to load cars to
Cruikshank 1”
avoid (lntnngc in future shipments.
O y ste r Bouillon.
“ Oh 1" gasped Carlotta. “ He was the
The result, according to the report of
Wash and chop fifty good-sized
man who came In while we were talk­
the chief of the bureau o f chemistry,
ing. He must have heard me say he
a material diminution in the break­
was a crank, and you said you would er, cover and cook slowly for one age o f eggs during transportation.
beat him. Is there anything left of
spoonful o f celery seed, strain, reheat.
you, Mr. Doyle?”
“ I am old Crulkshank’s firm friend Add a tablespoor.ful o f butter, salt te GOOD QUALITIES OF GUINEAS
for life,” replied Doyle. "You bet I taste and serve In hot cups.
i H a v e Large, P lu m p B re a sts and G am y
didn’t think It -was funny, hut he
F la v o r T h a t ia E njoyed by M a n y
O y ste rs s la M artin.
seemed to get a lot o f enjoyment out
Toast a round piece of bread and
o f it. H e was such a brick in over­
looking the names we called him. VVe set on an earthen dish fitted with a
Guineas have large, plump breasts
Spread the bread with
actually parted friends, even though glass bell.
he refused to take the Pickwick paper. anchovy paste. Above the paste set and a gamy flavor that is much en­
They are
Says he has nothing against what we six or eight oysters, enough to cover joyed by some farmers.
are now using.”
the toast. Over the oysters dispose good foragers and easy to raise and
“ What trials there are for agents. I two tablespoonfuls of curry sauce; set their clacking will frighten hawks or
nm glad I am not a real one," mur­ the bell in place and turn a little cur­ sound an alarm if other Intruders
mured Carlotta.
ry sauce around the bell where It come to the poultry range. Their dis­
“ Was that agent business a Joke?” joins the dish. Let cook in the oven advantages are not serious, but they
will fly Into the garden and sometimes
demanded Doyle wrathfuliy.
until the edges o f the oysters curl.
do a little damage and the old birds
“ Far from it,” replied Carlotta. “ I
are often quarrelsome with the young
was never more serious in my life. T o
C u r r y Sauce fo r Oyeters, M artin .
poultry. They can be allowed to roost
begin at the beginning— two nights ago,
Cook half a chopped onion In three In the house with the old birds and
at dinner, my father called me names.
tablespoonfuls o f fat until softened they will lay their eggs in the same
He said I was simply a butterfly—
and yellow. Add two tablespoonfuls nests.
without more serious thoughts o f the
o f flour, one teaspoonful o f curry
future than what frock I should wear
powder, or more if liked, one-fourth
to the next assembly.
teaspoonful each o f salt and paprika,
“ I replied that it was all the fault and stir until blended. Add a half
of circumstances. That I could even
cupful or more o f oyster broth and
earn my own living, i f It were neces­
enough rich milk to fill the cup, and
sary. O f course, my father hooted at
stir until boiling. Add a tcaspoonfnl
that. T o make a long story short, it
o f lemon Juice, strain and It is ready
ended in a wager. I was to prove to
Don’t figure why n black hen lays
to serve.
him that I could be self-supporting.
a white egg, but get the egg.
• • *
He bet I couldn’t.
E scallop ed Oysters.
“ I decided that becoming an agent
Root crops make excellent succulent
Put a layer o f oysters In the bot­ food for hens where plenty o f green
would be quicker than nnytlng else.
From my unsuspecting cousin I got the tom o f the baking dish, cover with grass or rye can not be had.
• • •
name o f Bolton company, as employ­ buttered crumbs, season with salt
ing large numbers o f typewriters. You and pepper and dot with butter. Add
The Emden Is probably the most
can guess how glad I was when he another layer of oysters and season­ beautiful o f all domestic water fowl,
casually mentioned you as a class­ ings, then the crumbs. Pour over milk it being a purs white, and, like the
Then I went to a store and and bake twenty minutes. A cupful Toulouse, very large.
• • •
asked the name o f the least used type- I each o f milk and crumbs Is a good
proportion. Never mnke three layers
writing pnper— ”
Keep the drinking vessels clean. Put
o f oysters ns the Inner one will not
“The least used?” broke In Doyle.
a little lime Into the bottom o f them
“ O f course,” said Carlotta, " I f I be cooked or the outer layers over twice a week. Don’t forget to give
had taken the most popular, the
the fowls a little salt. In some form,
chances were that you would already
every day.
he stocked up with i t ”
• • •
“ Thnt Is one way o f doing business,” I T l c U x *
If liens are crowded too closely, the
commented Doyle.
j bouse soon gets foul and the birds can-
“ When I reported my success last j
\ not obtain sufficient exercise because
night,” continued Carlotta, “ my father ! Present Automobile Shortage
i they have not sufficient space to move
was not at all pleased. In fact, he I
Is Placed at 1,000,000 Cars j around,
was quite—otherwise.
I was so dis­
e • •
appointed. fo r I was really very proud
New York.— A shortage o f automo­
Barred Plymouth Rocks are good
of myself.”
biles this year was predicted by mem­ general purpose fowls nnd will lay
"Then all that about your poor old bers o f the National chamber o f com­ well If bred fo r eggs and properly fed
mother was— ” began Doyle.
merce, although they estimated that and cared for. W hite Leghorns are
“ Purely fiction,” replied Carlotta. the passenger car output for the year excellent where eggs are all that Is
“ What must yon think o f me, Mr. would exceed 2,000,000. The shortage wanted.
at present was placed at 1,000,000 ears.
• • •
" I don't want you to cut my ac­ One of the most prominent manufac­
The China goose Is a variety that
quaintance by telling me It Is too sad­ turers, It was said, Is preparing to might well be called the Leghorn of
den,” said Tom ; “ but I will gladly double tbs factory capacity this year the goose family. They are small In
tell you as soon as you give me per­ because of the steadily increasing de­ size, o f a hardy nature, easy to raise
and mature quickly.