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T he P olk C ounty P ost
« U E O 11 FU M E
There is to be a gold star up­
on the Independence service
flag in memory of Jason Arrell.
Perhaps there will be others for
it will tako at least six weeks
more to comply the casualty
list, but, thank God, no more
enemy bullets and shells are
falling among the men of
World Independence
Day Gaily Celebrated
(Monmouth Herald.)
With peace at hand the atten­
tion of Oregon is bound to be
diverted once more to highwuy
work. While on this topic, why
could not the abandoned road
bed of the I. &. M. be paved and
constitute a through route be­
tween Monmouth and Inde­
An Independence boy has made
The “lid” was raised in Independ­
the supreme sacrifice, and one of
yesterday and once more the
our homes is now in sorrow and
back to normal. The schools
mourning, consoled only by the
‘World Independence Day came into existence on Mon­
will open Monday, the churches Sun­
knowledge that the son and brother
day, Nov. 11, 1918, and it will hereafter be the Day of all
day, the Isis theater Saturday night
died for his country, died in the
and clubs and social bodies will re­
cause of humanity.
days as long as Man dwells on earth. On November 1
sume their meetings on their regu­
Mr. and Frank R. Arrell were noti­
11918, ended the greatest war of all times and most prob HORST CO. EVAPORATOR
lar dates.
fied by the War Department by tele­ “ e n o u g h w ir e to t r e l l is
While there are a few cases of the
a l l O r e g o n h o p y a r d s “ | ably the last one. Germany autocracy beaten to its knees
gram Tuesday nighk that their son,
epidemic remaining, danger from
Jason A., had died on Sept. 24 from
™e* 7 sn<1 a ch" itabIe wori«l Sranted the re
shock and'Collapse following ampu­ P rivate G eorg, e . b „ w „ of i „ d , . | beKBed
The Horst Co. evaporator plant infection is very slight. It can be ac­
tation. He had evidently been pendence w rites of life in France as quest. With the Hun autocrats crushed by the vast will resume work sometime during curately estimated that fully fifty
wounded in battle.
he sees it. He is u m em ber of the armies of the Allies, the German people have won their the coming week, presumably on percent of our people had the disease
Jason A. Arrell, who was 28 years
Monday. As it employs u large in some form. This includes all
freedom and are losing no time m driving every despot number of people, the news that It those who had the “grip” which may
old at the time of his death, went to to his sisters, he w rites:
or may not of been the influenza. In
“i took part in the Septem ber at- from power and authority.
Camp Lewis from Coos county June
is to start again is very welcome.
proportion to the number sick, it is
25, 1918, and was quickly transferr­
To the hundreds of relati™ of the
over there, it WEST SIDE HIGHWAY MAP
remarkable that the death rate was
ed to Camp Kearney, California, and S d r t w t u L lo n g X i u E
then to Camp Mills, New York, from sound like when they come otir way meant so much, this news that there was to be no more
LEAVES ^DALLAS OUT not higher. This no doubt was due
to the skill, caro and precaution of
where he was sent overseas. He and light neur us. The United war. No wonder thev were happy — their boys will be
„ *
landed in France on August 26, noti­ States and French m ade good prog-
In a map issued by the State High­ Dr. O. D. Butler, local health officer.
fying hig mother of his safe arrival, ress and sent back a lot of H uns coining home’ now. b or a tew there will be no home com way Commission, the West Sido Likewise the Williams Drug Co. did
and was assigned to Co. G. 157th past our company.
ing. Their loved ones paid the great price, but the woric highway is shown running from Mc­ its part well in the crisis. The only
Infantry. It was evident that Jason
Minnville thru Ilickreall and Mon­ two who died here of the disease
o’clock in file wiU n e v e r f o r S e t t h i s S r e a t sacrifice.
People of all future mouth to Independence. Dallas is (directly or indirectly) were Fred
was considered one of the best Amer­ around us about
Oberson and Alfred Spratley.
ican fighters for he was sent to the morning and night was turned into ages will honor. Could there be a better way, a more hon­ left high und dry.
Everybody co-operated heartily
front line trenches at once, meeting day by their red flashes. United orable way, a more Godly way in passing from this earth­
Now it is presumed that we will
his death but thirty two days after States machine-gun men were out
have a ’season of-controversy again. in keeping the epidemic from
spreading as much as possible. The
arriving in France. He has one near the trenches that night after a ly sphere? NO!
entire state “got" it about the same
brother, Oscar L., with the Ameri­ truck that was loaded with telephon
The news broke in Independence Monday morning anc
cans in France, a member of the wire and our way back we were just
NOW THEY ARE RETURNING time and “recovered ” in the same
bfleide the first gun to fire and start in a few moments the glad news was being heralded by
20th Engineers.
When the bell rings Monday
He was born August 22, 1890 in the big drive. A u d it w as sure ra in - 1 whistles, bells and horns. A large body of girls from the
A few weeks people were leaving.
St. Paul, Minnesota, and came with
Now the flow has commenced the morning, school will be resumed
his parents t Oregon in 1904, and mgWo were living in the dugouts Normal soon made tlieir appearance. They marched up other way. Independence has add­ after a month’s vacation. While a
was a member of the W. O. W. camp the G erm ans had evacuated and and down the streets and thru the business houses singing ed fifty to its population within the number of the small boys enjoyed it
immensely, it was detrimental to
of Independence.
there were a lot of them for miles such SOngs as would best give emphasis to their feelings past week.
the interests of the school inasmuch
Jason was a hard working, indus­ and miles w ith electric lights but I
Welcome “home.”
as the course of study has been re­
trious young man of good habits o u r heavy guns laid m ost of the w ire Comrades Bingman and Bascue were soon out with their
tarded and it will acquire extra
and had a large number of friends. down. There is enough sm all w ire drums and pounding them like they did in ’65. Shouting THE WIND BLEW SOME
i •
. • ,
For quite a long time he worked for around here to trellis all the hop
AND CLOUDS ROARED work to “catch up" in order to com­
plete the course in the current year.
Abe Nelson as a farm hand an<|. Mr. yards in Oregon and enough barb an (1 making a noise with such instruments as were avail-
w ire to fence the Northwest. There able, the great peace promenade proceeded. After dinner
Nelson speaks very highly of him.
A rather bad storm visited this The "vacation" cost the district ap­
To mourn his death and loss, there are miles umi m iles of trenches and a iarge number went to the Normal where patriotic ad- section last night. The wind blew a proximately $700 as teachers' sal­
is besides, his father and mother, tu n n els under the ground and ce-
gale and there was some lightning aries and some other expenses have
to be paid just the same.
five brothers and two sisters, all of m ent houses all th ru the woods with dresses were made by members of the faculty. About und thunder.
whom have the sympathy of the little narrow -gauge railroad tracks I three o ’clock, Buena Vista put in an appearance. The
stream of flag covered autoipobiles was led by Major Rose
in the full uniform of a British officer. As the Buena Vis­
ta procession passed down the streets, it was cheered to
The Isis will be open tomor-. the echo.
Hi Buffum and Mrs. Malissa Buf­
row (Saturday) night and show
fimi were re united in marriage at
Buena Vista brought with them “ Kaiser Wilhelm” who
a good picture.
the Buffum residence in Independ­
was apprehended somewhere on the Wigrich ranch. To
Now that the ban has been re­
ence on Tuesday night, Dr. H. C.
moved, the Isis will resume and
Dunsmore pronouncing the import­
protect the prisoner from mob violence, the local state
already a number of first class
ant words.
guards were called out. The world’s most miserable
attractions have been booked.
wretch was taken to the public square and given a fair
in Portland will be shown here.
and his fate was left in the hands of a jury of Ameri
“Crashing Through to Berlin”
j I can citizens. No evidence was given or could be offered in
coming soon.
John Dalrymple of Monmouth is
reported killed in France.
the prisoner’s behalf and the jury, after a moment’s con­
sultation, brought in the following verdict:
“ We, the jury in the case of Bill Hohenzollen, beast
.of Berlin, find him guilty of every crime known to
husband met his fate on Feb. 12,1554
(By Mildred Fryer CampbelL)
mankind and decree that the thing be burned this day
Brighton, England, Sept. 23, 1918. On the prison walls are many en­
as quickly as possible.”
My Dear Father: You have no gravings, crests and names cut in
The populace cried, “ Aye! A ye!” in thunderous unison
doubt received my numerous post the walls by the prisoners kept there
cards, an occasional letter and the The name “Jane” being very clearly and the sentence was promptly carried out.
cut and thought to have been meant
heather sent to you while we were
spending our leave in Scotland, but
perhaps you would like to hear more
of the details of our trip which we
so thoroughly enjoyed.
To begin with we started our sight
seeing in London by visiting the
Tower of London. This building
was first erected by William the
Conqueror about 1000. It covers an
area of 18 acres and in turn has serv­
ed as a fortress, a palace and a pris-
cn. A high stone wall surrounds it,
flanked by inner walls and it has
thirteen towers. Perhaps the most
interesting one to us was the
Bloody Tower where the two little
princes were murdered so that Rich­
ard II. could occupy the throne.
Their bed room was a tiny little
room about 10x12 where the deed
was committed. Their bodies were
found in a small room under the
stairway some three weeks later.
We were in both of these rooms and
the cold grey stone walls and floors
with-their centuries of time seemed
to speak of tragedy. The old execu­
tion block is still there and among
the many prominent personages of
history who were beheaded there
were Lord Hastings in 1483, Queen
Anne Boleyn in 1536, Queen Kathe­
rine, Lady Jane Grey, Vicountess
Rockford, all were beheaded except
Queen Anne whose head was cut off
with a sword by a special execution­
er brougljf from St, Omar for that
purpose. From Lady Jane Grey’s
prison she saw thru the windows not
more than 30 feet away, her husband
tnken to the execution block, his
headless body brought back to the
chapel, and also witnessed the erec­
tion of her own scaffold where she
was executed the same day that her
for Lady Jape Grey and carved by
her husband who was interned there FORMER INDEPENDENCE LADY
There is a beautiful old chapel in
the grounds and one also in the
White Tower, off of which is the
Mrs. Margaret A. Richardson,
prison room where Sir Walter Ral­ widow of the late Wm. Claiborne
eigh was confined until his death. Richardson, formerly of this city,
There are also many interesting his­ died at the home of her daughter in
toric hits relative to (he Great Tower, San Diego, California, on October 31,
Tower Hill, Lion Tower, The Trait­ 1918, at the age of 79 years and eight
or’s Gate and other points, but my months. She was buried at San
letter would be a budget, so I must Diego on November 2, Rev. T. T.
wait to tell you more of it. However, Handsaker officiating.
one interesting item to us is that
She is survived by her daughters,
Lotz, the German spy, who posed as Mrs. Lyman L. Reeves of Newport,
an American, was shot here since Mrs. Maye Farley of Portland and
the beginning of the war, which of Mrs. Joseph R. Campbell of San Die­
course served him right.
go, Cal., and one son, Frank J. Rich
On Fridny we left London for F.din ardson of Florence, Arizona. J. W.
burgh. It is a distance, of about 430 Richardson of Independence is a
miles. The entire disancc was like
a beautiful panorama, in fact it re­ nephew.
sembled more than anything a
crazy quilt pattern with its small ir­ OFFICIAL VOTE OF POLK
regular fields each because of its
COUNTY ON NOV. 5, 1918
particulaivproduction being a differ­
ent color, while the hedges and
U. S. Senator—McNary 2214, West
stone fences seemed like a fancy 1531.
stitch connecting each small plot, . Justice Supreme Court to fill va-
and altogether it was a charmntg cancy_Bennett 435, Coke 270, Olson
rural scene. In Edinburgh there is 12o6> Campbell
much to see as it is one of the most
Governor-Withycombc 1990, Pierce
beautiful cities of the world. The 1757.
charm of the old world connected by
County Judge—Robinson 1918,
the beauty of the present day in gar Kirkpatrick 1810.
dening and beautifying make it a
Sheriff—Orr 2556, Grnnt 1186.
veritable fairyland. One can see
Clerk—Moore 2291, Staats 1417.
visions of the past as well as hopes
Surveyor—Sammons 1904, Silver
0 / the future in every way you turn. 1602.
The old Castle which stands like a
Commissioner—Graves 2093, Simp­
sentinel, high against the sky line, son 1503.
overlooking with an air of protection
Except the one to abolish the pub­
the city below, is very impressive lication of the delinquent tax list,
and proves how well fortified, even Polk county voted in the negative
(Continued on Page 2.)
on every measure on the ballot.
Durrell C. Davis, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Crosby Davis of Independence,
was killed near Princville Tuesday
night in a very peculiar manner.
Accompanied by E. E* Evans,princi­
pal of the Crook county high school,
he was in a row Imat hunting ducks
and fell into the water. The gun he
was carrying was discharged under
water, the charge striking him in
the breast.
Durrell was well known in Inde­
pendence, being a frequent visitor
at the home of his parents. At the
time of his death he was musical
instructor in the Crook county high
school. Besides his parents of whom
he was the only child, he leaves a
wife nnd baby.
Mr. and Mrs. Davis have the sym­
pathy of all In their great bereav-
Asa B. Robinson received
1918 votes in 1918.
Independence friends have receiv­
ed the news that L. E. Chnse nnd
Mrs. Ella Shinn were recently mnr-
ried in Vancouver.
Victor Davis and Miss Ella Le-
fever were wed at Dallas Tuesday
and arc now happy.
(This is the kaiser’s reply to the crown prince’s
letter published in The Post on October 25.)
Bear Viliie—B o t’s right run, dot’s what your
poor old ladder lias done. All iss over for your
ladder und you. V e are no longer kaisers und
and crown princes. Ve is nothings but jack­
asses, und pray, Viliie, pray. All peoples even
the Germans vant to hang your poor old fadder
umi he never done nothings. 1 can prove it by
Hindenburg.’ He done it. The “ Me und Gott”
beezness is played out, too, Viliie. It vorked
for so long nud peoples what mine brave ¡soldiers
vas pointing a gun at. Ven dem Alleys took
the guns avay from mine brave soldiers, it fiz-
iled out. Even mine "brave soldiers being lick­
ed good could not be fooled no longer mid it. I
hear dat cry “ To hell mid the kaiser,” too, so
1 vent to Holland. 1 don’t vant to go to hell,
but, Viliie, pray, maybe 1 go anyhow. Bern
dunder blitsen Alleys say 1 started dis war, 1
know 1 did, but tell everybody what you see dat
it aint so, den pray. Ben, Viliie, look out goodt
yourselves. They accuse you of being mine son. .
Say you aint, say anydings but that, but come
to tiuk dat nose of yours. If you vas put in iuid
a den of monkeys everybodys could pick you
out. 1 fear for you, mine son. I am living in
Holland mid the Butch und the climate is goodt
but it iss getting warmer for me all the times.
Yesterday 1 meets up mid one of dem tarn
Americans. He says to your ladder, “ Bill, I vill
give you dirty dollars a veek to go to America; •
de boys vant to throw eggs at you.” The Butch
have disterned your poor old ladder. I can’t go
avay. Who vants to go avay ? Mine health is
not goodt lately. 1 see an ad in a Butch paper
about Lydia Pinkham’s Compound. Maybe dat
will cure me. Since going avay from Germany
so quickly 1 feel yellow from mine head to mine
toes. Sav, V iliie, 1 tink mine army vat I used to
have could lick these Butch vimmens worse den
they did the Belgian vimmens. The Dutch vim­
mens iss too fat to run any. Uer Fatherland iss
no longer Ber Fatherland. The Germans peo­
ples is talking like dem tarn Americans about
democracy und electing a president. 1 said,
‘Mine good peoples, 1 vill be your president”
und one swine spit on mine shoes und the others
cried, “ Beat it!” Take your fadder’s advice
und do the same.
P. S. Now Bill Hohenzollern, Holland.