The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, September 12, 1901, Image 1

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An Advertisement
Which brtag returut U proof ttial
tt k la Ih figU plaot, TH WEST
HIDE brag Ml r - .
The Bes'
It tli on
f readiest bwi.
SIDE vitb any paper
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Five Cents Per Copy.
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The Independence
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ft. BBMoaaina. aikaiam nttjon.
Frj.lint Vtoa-rraalAwt
II Hinchtwm I W sear I r Basils
A K ) It W Stewart
4 MM) Baattaa imA MMkMM htehu.
TUMMd ; IMM atad, Mlla laeiiat4,
rilr4litrnt4: 4imIu rewired
ureal mhii auh)Ni K oktak. Uleraat u
Paid Capital . .$30,000.00
J. H. Hawley, P. L, Campbell, I. M
Bimpton, J. B. V. Butler, Joliu
a Btuuip, v. a r.wu,
J. A. Withrow.
Transacts a Ceneral Banking
and Exchange Business.
Offlo ad Residence Corner Railroad
Mud mouth B tree's,
For Draying
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executed promptly
and at reasonable
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family use to
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Main St.
Independence, Ore
Shasta Route.
Train leave Independence for Portland and
way Hatloni at 2:06 p. in.
lare for Corvalll at IU a. m.
Lv Portland
I Albauy
Ar Asolaud
" Ban Franoliwo..
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" kaneuritjr",'!
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Nw York 12:10 p.m. 110 p. m
Pullman and Tourist can on both tralm
CI air cart HaoramenU) to Ogdcn and El Inn
and tourl.t our. to Chicago, Ht. Louis, New
t Orleana and Wasblnguin.
Connecting at Han Preuel'co with severe
ttamshlp llnna for Hmioluln, .In pun, Chlim
Pblllpplnei, Central and Houth America,
HeaMa.O. A. Wilcox at Independence ata.
General Paimenner Agent foi timid. Or.
Corrected to date.
Leave. Independ
Leave. Alrlle for
Monmouth and
9 00 a. m.
6 00 p. ni.
Leave. Dnlla. for
Monmouth and In
dependence, 1:00 p. m.
8:30 "
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lor lalla.
1 1 M a. m.
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for Inilepi'iidenee.
9:4B. m
liilO p. ui.
9:40 p, m,
Si4A m.
OlOC p, III.
Leave. Independ
ence for Monmouth'
9:0ft p. m.
Foley's Honey and Tar
cures colds, prevents pneumont.
Tbe Doctor
By Hesba
A-X AAA at. JJ Jtafcafcafc A all A A A ifc afc A ai ill afcill afc A A AaaSafc afc A afc A AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA AAA
CHAPTER Vl.-(tntlnHl.
' walked Iiiiiii to.vilier, Wa hail
th ilettl to talk of during tl ttlg,
an I ant up lata. It u tuliliita'ht before
I found Hiy.elf alone In uy uwu roam.
I had half forgotten the crumpled paper
tit uw walatrottt pocket, but HU I
mwthisl It out brforv uie and pututered
over every worj. No, there rould not be
a doubt that It rvfiTivd to MUa Ollivler,
Why ih.mlil eh havev atrayed from
Imaiet That wa the queatlott, What
poulbla reaanji wulil there have been,
atroag entmgh to Imiiei t jrouog anil deli
cately tmrturwd girl to rut all (ho rl.kt
and ttaugvn of (light lion aud ttupro
tei'trd? What ought t to do with thlt tdrer-tlnenu-nt,
thrum, aa it would eeem, pur
pueidjr ttuilpr ny notlret What waa I to
do with the clue? I il;lit cumuiuiilt'Ote
at oui-o with Meeara. aud Ilrtiwu,
giving tlH'in the Informal luti they had ad-
vertleed for all monih before. I might
aril my knowledge uf Mia ttlllvler for
Hrty poutiita. In dolug ao I might render
her a great eervlre, by reetortug her to
her proper aphent In aoclety. Wut the
recollection of Tarilif'a denfriptli'ti of her
a hwkiug ttTrittttl and hunted recurred
vividly to me. The adnr(leniput put
her age aa twenty one. I aliould not
have Judged her o old myaetf, eaptvlally
mce her hair had been rut abort. I waa
not prepared to deliver her uu until 1
knew aouiethiug more of both (Idea of
the que.thm.
Mettled that If I could aet Mciar.
Scott and ilrowa and team aotuetbing
about Mia. Ollivier'a friruda, t might be
thro able to deride whether I would be
tray her to them; but t would not write.
Alao, that I mint ace hei' again Brat, aud
once mora urge her to have coundrnce
In me. If ah would truat ma with ber
aecret, I would be aa into to her aa l
friend a I meant to be true to Julia.
II nving come to theae rottclualone, 1
cut the advertlaement carefully out Of
the crumpled paper, and placed It In my
pockethook with portralta of my mother
and Julia. Here were mcmcntoea of the
Ihree women I cared meet tor In th
world my mother Arat, Julia aecond, aud
my myaterioue patient third.
I wa neither In goou aplrtt nor lu
good temper during the neit few daya.
My mother and Julia appeared aatonleh
ed at thia. for I waa nut ordinarily aa
touchy and fractioua aa t allowed myaelf
immediately after my aojouro In Hark.
I waa a.hamcd uf It myaelf, Th new
houne, which occupied their time and
tboiubla ao agreeably, worried me aa
it bad not done before. I made every
poa.ible exeuae nut to lie aeut to it, or
takes to it, acveral ttmea t day.
It waa po.itlvely uereamary that I
ahould run over to Sara thia week-1 bad
given my word to .MUa Ollivler that I
would do ao-but I dared not meutlon
auch a project at home. My mother and
Julia would be up In arm at the Brat
jyllahle I uttered.
What if I could do two patleiita good
at one etnke kill two blrda with on
atone? Captain Carey had a pretty little
yacht lying idle In Hi. Hamtou'a bar
bor, aud a day'i crulaiug would do hint
all the good in the world. Why ahould
he not carry me orer to Bark, when 1
could vlnit my other patient, and nobody
be made mlarrable by :! trip?
"I will make yoo up aome of your old
medicine," I aald, "but I atrongly rec
ommend yoo to hare a day out on the
water; aeven or eight houra tt any rote.
If the weather keep aa Due aa lt ia now,
it will do you i world of good,"
"It la o dreary alone," lie objected.
"If I could mnniige it," I aniil, ib'lib-
eratlng, "I ahould be glad to hare a day
with you.
"Ah! If you could do that!" he replied
Til ace about It," I anid. "Should yon
mlml where you Halted to?"
"Not at all, not at all, my boy," be
anawered, "ao thnt I get your company.
Yon ahali be akippcr or belm.niau, or
both, If you like."
"Well, then, I replied, "you might take
me over to the Havre Oo.aeliti, to aee
how my patient'a broken arm la going on.
It a a bore there being no realdent med
ical man there at tht moment."
The run over waa ail thut wa could
wihIi. The rockle-ahell of a boat be
longing to the yacht bore me to tbe foot
of the ladder hanging down the rock at
Havre Ooaaelin. A very few tnlnutea
took me to the top of the cliff, and there
lay tbe III tie thatched net like home of
my patient. I haateued forward eagerly.
All wa allent aa I croaeed the atony
cauaewny of the yard. Not a face looked
out from door or window. Mam'acile'a
casement stood a little way open, and
the breeze played with the curtain, flut
tering them like batinvra In a proccaaion.
I dared not try to look in. The house
door waa ajar, and I approached It cau
tlouily. "Thank heaven!" I cried within
myaelf aa I gmed eagerly Into the cot
Hlie waa lying there upon the fern-bed,
half anlccp, her head fallen buck upon
the pillow, and the book aim bud been
reading dropped from her hand, The
whole Interior of the cottage formed a
picture. Tho old furniture of oak, the
neutral tint of the wall and ceiling, and
the deep tone of her green dreaa threw
out Into strong relief tbe graceful shin
ing head and pale face.
I auppose alio became subtly conscloua,
as women always are, that somebody's
eyes were Bxcd upon her, for aha awoka
fully and looked up aa I lingered on the
door aill.
"Oh, Dr. Martini" she cried, "I am ao
"I am come to ace how my work le go
ing on," I aald. "How la the rra, lirat
of all?"
I almost wished that mother Renouf or
Biuanne Ttrdif had been at hand. But
Miss Ollivler seemed perfectly composed,
as much so as a child. Hho looked like
one with her cropped head of hair, and
frank, open face, My own momentary
embarrassment passed away. Tho arm
was going on all right, and ao was moth
er Itenouf's charge, the sprained ankle,
"We must take care you are not lame,"
I said. "You must promise m not to
set your foot on tbe ground, or In any
way rest your weight upon It, till I give
you leave."
"That means that you will hare to
come to ace me nguln," she aald; "ia it
not very difficult to come over from
"Not at all," I answered, "It it quite
a treat to me."
Her face grew rery grave, os If she
was thinking of some nupleasant topic,
Hhc looked! at me earnestly and quea
tlonlugly. "May I apeak to you with great plain
Bess, Dr, Martin?" iho asked.
"Kpeik precisely what la In your mind
at thia nwiuiut," I replied.
"You are eery, very good to Me," she
aald. holding out her hand to uie, "but
I do not want yon to com more eflrn
than ta quite netvaaary, bet-anae I am
very poor. If I were rich," ehe went
OR hurriedly, "I ahould Ilk you to com.
every day it I an ph-aaot but I ran
never pay you auftleleully for that luug
week you went here, Ho please do not
vlalt tne oftrtier than la quite n'ery."
.My face felt hot, but I scarcely kuew
what to say. I bungled out an answer,
"I would ot take any money from
you. and I that) com to p you a
of tea aa I can."
"You ar not offended with in, Ir,
Martin?" ah asked, in a pleading tone,
"No," I answered; "but you ar ml.
taken In auppoalug a medical man has no
love tor bis profe.aloa apart from it
protlia. To see that your arm geta prop
erly well la part of my duty, and I ahali
fulfill It without any thought or whether
t ahali got paid for It or no,"
"Now," she aald, "I mint let you know
how poor t am. Will you plea tofetch
ni my bog out of my ruout?"
I wa only too glad to obey' her. Thia
seemed to b an opening to a complete
eonttdeuc between tie. Now I cam to
think of It, fortune had favored m In
thus throwing ua together alone.
I lifted th small, light bog very eaaily
- ther could not b many treasure In
It and carried It back to her, ttb took
a key out ef her pocket aud unlocked It
with atime difficulty, but b could not
rai.e the, lid without my help. I took
car ant to offer any aasiatauc until h
asked It. ,
Yea. there were very few poe.lon
In that light trunk, but th Drat glancej
showed me a blue .Ilk dreaa and aealaklu
jacket aud bat. I lifted them out fr
her, and after them a pir of velvet slip
pen, aoilcil, aa If they bad been through
muddy mods. I did not utter a remark.
Iteneath these lay a handsome watch and
chain, a Bo diamond ring and live sover
eign lying Ions In Ibe bog.
"That la all the money I bav lu lb
world," ah aald sadly.
1 laid tbe five sovereign In her wit) nil
white hand, and ahe turned them over,
one after another, with a pitiful look on
her face. I felt fooltab euougb to cry
over them myaelf.
"Dr. Martin," was her unexpected
question after a luug pause, "do you
know what became of my hair?"
"Why?" I asked, looking at her lin
gers running through tbe abort eurla we
bad left her.
"Because that ought to be sold for
somethiug," the said, "I am almost glad
you bad it cut off. My hairdresser told
m one be would give five guineas for a
head of hair like mine, It waa ao loug,
and tha color waa uncommon. Klv
guinea would not be half enough to pay
y .ni. though, I know."
Hlie spoke to simply and quietly that I
did not attempt to remonstrate with her
about her anxiety to pay me,
"Tardif baa It," I aaid; "but of course
he will give It you back agnlu. Hhall 1
aell It for you, luam'ielle?"
"Oh, thnt I just what I could not aak
you!" ah exclaimed, "You see ther i
no one to buy It here, and I hope it may
be a long time before I go away. 1 don't
know, though; that depend upon wbeth
er I can dispose of my things. There la
my sealskin, It cost twenty tlv guinea
last year, and It ought t b worth some
thing. Aud my watch art what a tile
one it la. I should Ilk to aell them all,
every on. Then 1 could atay bcr a
long a the money lasted."
"How much do you pay here?" I inquir
ed, for ahe had taken tne to far Into
counsel thut I felt Ju. tilled In asking
that question.
"A pound a week," ah answered,
"A pound a week I" I repented, In
amaaement. "Loes Tardif know that?"
"I don't think ho does," ah said.
"When I had been here a week I gave
Mrs. Tardif a sovereign, thinking per
haps alio would give me a little out of It,
I am not used to being poor, mill I did
not know how much 1 ought to pay. Hut
she kept It all, yid came to mo every
week for more. Was It too much to
pay?" -
"Too much I" I said. "You ahould have
spoken to Tardif about it, my poor child,"
"1 could not talk to Tardif about hit
mother," she answered. "Besides, It
would not hove been too much, If I had
only had plenty. Hut it has niiido me ao
anxloua. I did not know whatever 1
ahould do when It was ull gono. I do not
know now."
Hero wa a capital opening for a quet
tlon about her friends.
"You will be compelled to communi
cate with your family," I aald. "You
have told mo-how poo. you are; cannot
you trust mo about your friends?"
"I have uo friends," alio answered sor
rowfully. "If I had any, do you auppose
I ahould be here?"
"I am one," I said, "and Tardif la an
other." "Ah, now friends," sho replied; "but I
mean real old friends who bav known
you all your lifo, like your mother, Dr.
Martin, or your cousin Jullu. 1 want
somebody to go to who knows all about
me, and aay to them, after telling them
everything, keeping nothing back at all,
'Hare I done right? What cine ought 1
to have done?' No new friend could an
swer questions Ilka those."
Was there any reason I could bring
forward to Increase her coniiilcuca lu
me? I thought there was, and her friend-
1 ' , i ii
teaeneet aud belpleasnee touched m H
th cor of my heart, let It was with aa
Indrunabl relm-lauc that I brought to
ward my argument.
miaa Ollivler," I aald, "I hava M
claim of old aiHiualnianc or friendship,
yet It la poaalblo I might answer thos
qiteatlotta. If you could prevail upuaj your
self to tell nte th circumstance of your
former life. In a few weeks I shall be In
t lou to show you umre friendship
than I ran do nuw, I shall bav a bom
of my own, and a wire, who will tw your
friend tuor Bttlngly, perbupa, than my
"I knew It," ahe answered, half akyty,
"Tardif told m you were going to mar
ry your cousin Julia,
Just then w heard the foldyard gala
awiiig to behind aom unv who waa com
lug to th bouse,
It wa an Imiio ne relief to a, o'y
Tardif tull Mgur crossing tb yard
alowly, I balled him, ami he uulckened
hi pace, hi hoticat features lighting up
at th alght of uie.
"How do you Hod niam'selle, doctor?"
were hia Hrxt eager worda.
"AIT right, I aald; "going on famnualy,
Dark I enough to cure auy one and any1
tiling of Itself, Tardif, There Ik no alt
lik It. 1 sli i ni id not mind being a litil
ill her myiwlf,
"Captain Carey ia Impatient to ba
gone," be uitiilnurd, "It sent wont by
m that you might Im visiting every
house In the tahtud, you bad been away
ao lung."
"Not ao very long.' I aald, testily; "but
I will Ju.t run in and ey good by. and
then I want yon to walk with me to tha
1 turned back for a last look and a Isat
word. No chance) of leamiug her aecret
now. The picture wua aa perfect aa
when I had had tbe first gllmpv of It,
only her far hud grown, if poaaibl.
more charming after my renewed scru
tiny of it,
"Shall I ead you th hair?" asked Miaa
"To be aunt," I answered. "I shall
dispose of It to advantage, but I hat
nut time to wait for It now."
"Aud may i writ a letter to yoT"
"Yea," waa my reply, I wa too pleat
ed t'i tupreaa myaelf more eloqtlcully,
"Uoml by," ah aaid; "you ar a rry
good doctor to uie,"
"And friend r I added.
"And friend," ah repeated.
For tb neit few days I wli, with
aome Impatience for Miss Ollivier'a prom
ised ktter. It ram at last, and I put it
into my pocket tu read when I waa alon
why, t could careely bav explained
to myself. It run thusi
"Dear Dr. Martin-1 bav no Hid
eoiouilasioii to trouble you with, Tardif
tolls mi. It waa quite a mistake, his moth
er tnkiuij a eoverelgn from me each week.
She does not iiudcraland ICugllah money;
till it says I bav paid quit aurticliut
to stay .with them a whole year longer
without paying any more. I am quilt
content about that now. Tardif aaya, too,
that Im hue a friend In Southampton who
will buy my hnlr, and give more than
anybody in Cucrtiaey, Mo 1 need Rot
troti iiin you about it, though I am aura
you would have done It for me,
"Uood by, my good doctor. I am try
ing to do everything you told me exact
ly; and I am getting well again fast 1
do not believe I shall lie lame; you art
too clevti for that. Your palient,
Olivia! I looked at the word aguln to
in nke sure of it. Then It waa uot her
surname that waa Ollivler, and I was still
Iguorunl of that. I aaw In a moment
how the uilatak had arisen, and how
Innocent she waa of any deception In th
matter. Hlie would tell Tardif I lint her
name waa Olivia, and he thought only
of th Ollivler he knew. It wua a ml
take that had been of use in checking
curiosity, and I did not feel bound to put
It right. My mother and Julia appeared
to hare forgotten my palient iu Hark al
together. Olivia! I thought It a very pretty
name, and repeated It to myaelf with lit
abbreviation. Olive, Llvy, It waa diffi
cult to abbreviate Julia; Jit, I had called
her In my rudest achoojboy tin. vs. I won
dered how high, Olivia would aland bo-
side me; for 1 had never seen her on her
feet. Julia waa not two liichc ahorler
than myself; a tall, stliT nguro, neit Iter
slender enough to be lissome, uor well
proportioned enough to be tniijenllc, Hut
the wut very good, utid her price waa fur
above rublea.
, I visited Hark nguln In nbout ten days,
to act Olivia free from my embargo tipoii
her walking. 1 allowed her to walk a lit
tle way along a smooth meadow path,
leaning on my arm; and 1 found that ah
waa a head lower than myself-a licuit'
liful height for a woman. Thai tlmo
Captain Carey had set me down at th
Havre Uoasclln, uppoluilug to nice! at
the Cretig harbor, which was exactly on
tho opposite side of Hie Island. In cross
lug over tu If a ilistmicc of rather mint
than a mile I encouuleroil Julia's
friends, Emma and Muila Ilrouurd.
"You here again, Martin!" exclulined
"Yes," I answered; "Cnptnln Carey act
me down at th Huvra fiosselln, and It
gone round to meet me at tho Oreux."
"You have been to ace that young par
son?" asked Marin,
"Yea," I replied. ,
"Shu In a very singular young woman,"
sh contluuud; "we think her stupid. Wt
cannot make anything of her. Hut there
la no doubt poor Tardif means to marry
"Nonsense!" I ejaculated hotly; "I beg
your pardon, Maria, but I give Tardif
credit for senxu enough tu know bin own
' I hud half an hour tn wait In the llttl
harbor, its great clIITs rising all about
me, with only a tunnel bored through
them to form an entrance to tho green
island within, My rage had partly fum
ed Itself away before tho yacht came In'
(To be rnntlnned.l
The enrly - clrt'ti catubc tho
boy'i quarter.
A Coaapeihaailvi Rsvlew i h lexpwtaiu
r1ep4iilnp of tht Pari Waal Prwwtst
a CoadanMd Ttm Which Ii Moat
Uktly tt Provt tf lata rut to Our Many
H. 0. Armour, tht Chicago packer,
died tt Saratoga,
An attempt wa mailt to murdtr
family uf hopple k era.
A lant highway wan tried to hold up
tht Atrr-lAkavlw ttaga. '
'Thlovea ar rubbing; alulctboiei In
tha Dawaon.
Th Vonetuelan flfot It bombarding
Rio Hacha, Coliuulila,
'A' X ray apparatu ha bon nt
from New York to Uiiffulo,
BhtKitlng of ('rvaUlout McKlnley dla
cuaaod hy miniature tn their aermotia.
Two bom ba worn dlactivertul under
th Haymarkot monumunt In Chi
cago, Tht atwdworkera' eeutlv commit
to tinier) Hhaffor to aettl tht
Praycti for lb Prealdotifa iwoir
try wr offered lu diuretic through
out the land,
New York nolle are looking for
Ktiinia floldman. Htepa art being
taken tor the aupprealoit of auunli
lata. Prealilent McKlnlcy'a chance of
recovery huv Improved, r'or th
present no attempt will bo made to
remove th bulUn,
Mcaaage of cundolcncf) wer re
ceived front all part of tho worjd.
Dr. Vun Mlquol, I'rutalan ex Minis
ter of finance, died at Prnkfurton-
the Mnln,
Th Ti'iaranla train robber ar still
at lrg.
The ecumenical conferenc opnd
In Loudon.
Fighting, i expected at Dora del
Toro and at Colon.
Th New York conferenc did not
acttle lb trl atrlk.
Itnmarably quiet year reported In
the KnglUh wheat market.
Columbia tieat Communion 17 aeo-
onda over a ao-mll court.
Hrldgo of the Qod aacondnd by th
Rogulator tixplorlng expedition.
Prlnc Chun dollverod Chin" letter
of apology to Bmporor William.
Harveat Carnival of th Modern
MoudwjM of A morion opened at Al
bany, Now Intornntlonnl boundary line
may put much of Illain. Waah.. In
CrilKii Office Issue a bulletin on tho
nativity and color of the popula
tion of Oregon,
T- ctnlnuiakar ait atrlklng for
mor pay.
Vcncjitcla lasuea an explanation of
th trouble.
A Cotton Ibdl train wa robbed
near Toxarkana.
Tit" Japiiiieno urea la excited ovor
the Honolulu Incident.
Visible grain aupply August Slat
howa general Inrreaa.
Late development wore not favor
able to the tlcel atrlkcra.
Governor Hchrocdor rtiportt pro-
pci una ronmtloiia lu Quuui.
Summary of crop condition report
generally favorable weulher.
Tbe Cnltod Btntoa offorod to medi
ate between Vonexiiola and Colombia,.
The Cnraen and Hogota govern
menu replied tt Secretary Huy'a note.
Engllth and Pittsburg ayndlcatca
bet itUO.OOO on the coming yacht race.
Men employed to take the alrlkor'
place at the le Hot amellor walked
Hoot a threaten to hoot all Htltlah
aoldler captured after (September
Court will be naked to cot aald
the aale of a Bknglt County, Waah-
ington, road to the Ureal Northern
Lon highwayman waa captured
near Aabland,
Inuurgcnta of Colombia have liealo;.
ed Boca Del Toro,
France requeuta the Turkish Ambaa
aatlor to leave Parla.
Oregon' Pan-American exhibit ha
been of much benefit
llrltlah bark Colloaele wrecked on
weat const of South America.
Official trlit! race of Columbia nod
Const I tut Ion wa without reault
Luhor Day waa quite generally ob
served throughout the United Btnte.
Philadelphia woman wa arrested In
London for th forgery of nearly ir.O0,
000. United State Consular agent re
quests that t gunboat be tent to th
Hurdette Wolf, who murdered a girl
In Portland 10 yeuw ngo, I In hiding
lu Peru.
The Hteel striker wore unable to
get the men nt the DuquoBtiu milla to
wttlk out.
Hoosevelt, In nn addreaa, suld th
cry HRitluat the men of wealth la not
In Hong Kong there are only 400
women, and In Hawaii 632 women, to
evoi-y louo men.
Tha number of retail liquor dealer
In the United Htiitcs at the clone of
luat year was 206,000. The total vote
of the prohibition party In tho elec
tion of the same year was 209,000.
The bee and honoy-riilBor of North
Germany are having a hard time. They
foel the competition of the nrtlnclaJ
honey factories very much, The arti
ficial product contains often no more
than 10 per cent of natural honey.
Some authorities on dyeing say that
silk receives and holds a dye better
than any other fabric,
; Justice Brewer, of the United States
Suprome Court, has the reputation of
being tha best raconteur In Washing
ton, , Ills fund of Btorleg is endless,
and he seem to add to it dally.
Mis Id's) May Jackson, pf Milwau
kee, hus been appointed, under a new
law of Wisconsin, Woman Factory In
spector, nud will be the first woman
In the state tn take up official work
of this kln.'l. Her grandfather was an
editor. Ltd she has been doing nowg-
papr-wevk fur a dozen year past,
Kauurln Nawl from tht Milbura Rtildina
at bulfalo.
Iluffulo, Sept. .Through a qulL
peaceful Sunday every word that cam
from th big vin-cld nous In Dela
ware avenue, In which th stricken
Chief Magistral of th Nation He
battling for life, w raurlng and
tonight th chance of hi recovery
ar ao greatly Improved that all of
those who bav kept th patient vigil
at hi bedside feel strongly that hi
II fo will be a pared.
The development of last night and
today were dreaded, but hour after
hour passed and the dlatlngulehed P
liuut, struggling there beneath Ui
watchful eyea of physician and train
ed nuiaei, howd no unfavorably
algna. Hve lime during tn nay
th doctor and lurgeoti assembled
lor consultation, and each timet th
verdict was unanimous that what
change had oct urrd wa for th bet'
toe ,
Not th slightest premonitory symp
tom ot peritonitis appeared and the
frh hope, horn with th morning,
grew stronger and stronger a the
day advanced, until, toward evening,
the confl deuce expressed in tbe I'resl
dent's recovery seemed almost too
Mllburn House, Buffalo, Sept. 8,
1:30 a, m.-No additional bulletin has
been Issued by th President's pby
slrlntia. The condition of tha Pre!
dent is reported as unchanged.
S 3ii a, m, Harry Hamlin has Just
left the Mllburn House. II said:
"There has been no change."
:4Et a. tii.Cp to this time the ex
pected morning bulletin from the phy-
sli'liit.a of the President haa not been
Issued, Th President I reported to
lie resting well, His coudltlou re
main unchanged.
Kldiunim of aa American Woman la Mac,
dealt It ConllmKd.
Washington, Bcpt, 9. Th State
Department ha received Information
from the United Htate legation at
Constantinople confirming the press
report of th capture of an American
missionary by brigands. The dis
patch from Minister Leisbmann re
port that brigand captured Mlts
Hume, n American missionary, who
was traveling with a woman compsn
lon, In the vilayet of Baloulca. The
department adds that th matter has
received the Immediate and earnest
attention of Minister Lelshmaun.
Boston, Sept. . Th American
Hoard of Foreign Missions ha re
ceived cable message from lie v. J
H. House, on of the missionaries at
Salonlca, In Macedonia, saying:
"Brigands took Mies Htoue and
compsnlon between Bansko and
These plarea ar situated about 100
mile nurtheast of Baloulca In a conn
try long familiar to the missionaries
of the American Board. Miss Ellon
II. Stone Is one of the tried mission
aries of th American Hoard, having
been in thia mission sine 187. Mis-alonark-s
now In Boston from Bul
garia ar confident that no Ill-treat
ment will be given the ladles, but
think It Is simply a case In which ran
som is sought for by the robbers.
Constantinople, Sept. I The Sul
tan, Immediately upon hearing of the
abduction of Mis Stone and her com
panion, peremptorily ordered tbe Vail
of Salonlca to secure their release
and to exercise every care for their
comfort and safety.
Mr. Schalftr Hal t Tcltphont Confmnci
With PrMidtst Sahwab.
New York, Sept 9.-The World, tn
an article on the steel strike to ap
pear tomorrow morning, will say that
there Is strong hope for settlement of
the strike. It says:
"Hope for a favorable outcome waa
Increased when, early thia afternoon,
President Schwab received a 'phone
call from Mr, Shaffer, who said he de
sired to speak with him personally.
Details ot what passed between the
men havo not been learned, but it
waa reported that Mr. Shaffer had
asked tor another conference between
the steel trust officers and Amalga
mated board and that the board would
come here today for that purpose. Im
mediately after Mr. Scantier
telephoned Mr, Schwab went to
Mr. Morgan's office and remained
closeted with him for some time. The
nature of the news he carried seemed
to be highly satisfactory to both hlra
and Mr. Morgan."
Northwtit Ptniiont,
Washington, Sept 9. Pensions
have been granted as follows:
Oregon Original, Oeorge Bentley,
Portland, $13: Kra Human, Elgin. $$;
Benjamin F, Nicholson, Eugene, IS.
Washington Original, Silas M.
White, Walla Walla, $12; Henry W.
Davis, Lincoln, 10; Increase, restora
tion, reissue, etc., John S. McMlne
mee, Port Orchard, 110; original wid
ows, etc., Grace 8. Wallace, Cowlltt,
$12. , ,. '
Famous RacthorM Dud.
Murlnn, Ind., Sept. 9. Glonmoyne,
the running horse, which on the Chi
cago tracks cleared $120,000 for the
owner, Harry Goldstein, In 1893-4, is
Will Sljn Protocol.
Pekln, Sept. 9. The Foreign Min
isters have accepted the Imperial
edicts and have arranged to slgu the
peuce protocol tomorrow.
Harvest Handl Killed In a Collision
Jamestown, N. D., Sept. 10. Five
men were killed and six others seri
ously Injured, two of whom have since
dlod, In a collision enrly today, A
mixed tralrt on the Northern Pacific
came In from Onkes, carrying 17 men
on a flutcar. As the train passed the
station a road engine was struck, and
the force-of the collision caused the
flatcar to collapse. The name of the
dead and Injured could not be learn
ed. They were harvest hands who
had boarded the car at Lamoure.
Herman 0. Armour Dead.
Saratoga, N. Y Sept, 10. Herman
O. Armour, of Kansas City, died sud
denly of apoplexy today at his sum
mer cottage here. Mr. Armour, who
had been in comparatively frail health
for some time, was able to ride out
once or twice a day and appeared to
be gaining strength. This forenoon,
accompanied by a coachman, he took
his regular drive, and on his return
stated that he felt much refreshed.
Shortly afterwards, while seated on
the porch cf his cottage with friends.
he suddenly cessed talking and Im
mediately expired.
', ) .... ? (j
The President is Shot
By An Anarchist.
Well DrtiMd Strtnjtr Approached Him Ai II
To Shake Hands, tad ttni Twkt With
a Revolver Concealed Under l Handker-chiel-AiuiUnt
Waa Immediately Placed
Under Arrtit
Buffalo, N. V.. Sept 7, President
McKlnley wa shot and seriously
wounded by a would be assassin while
holding a reception in the Temple ot
Music at tbe Pan-American groMnd
a few minute after 4 o'clock yester
day afternoon. On shot took effect
in th right breast, the other In the
abdomen. The first Is not of a seri
ous nature and the bullet has boon
extracted. The latter pierced the ab
dominal wall and baa not been lo
cated. The President was approached by
a man with a dark mustache and with
one hand covered with a handker
chief. As tbe man extended his hand
to the President, apparently with th
Intention of shaking hands with him,
he Bred a shot which entered th
President' right b react, lodging
against the breast bone. Another shot
was Bred at once, which entered Uie
President's abdomen.
The assailant waa Immediately ar
rested and was thrown to the ground,
aud quick as a flush 20 men weie
upon him. When rescued he was cov
ered with blood from a gash in his
fiic. Cries of lynching were heard
on every hand, but the police man
aged to get the man out of the
grounds and locked him up In a sta
tion house a short distance from tbe
grounds, letter be was removed to
the police headquarter.
Detective Geary was near the Pres
ident and he fell Into his arms.
"Am I shot?" asked the President.
The officer opened the President's
vest and, teeing blood, replied: "Yes,
I am afraid you are, Mr. President."
Tbe President wa at once taken to
the emergency hospital, where a bul
let which had lodged against the
Many Killed and Wounded, and Several Im
portant Officers Taken.
MJddelburg, Cape Colony, Sept. 9. "
Lotter'a entire commando has been
taken by Major Bcholl of Pletersbttrg.
One hundred and three prisoners were
captured, IS Boera were killed and 46
wounded. Two hundred horses also
were captured.
London, Sept. 9. Lord Kitchener's
report from Pretoria to the War Of
fice covering the capture of Lotter'a
commando gives the figures as 19 kill
ed, 42 wounded and 62 captured un-
wcttndod. The prisoner Include Com
mandants Lotter and Breedt, Field
Cornets J. Kruger and W. Kruger, and
Lieutenant Shoeman. Among the kill
ed were the two Vaslers, notable reb
els. Tbe casualties were 10 killed
and eight wounded.
Burned to Death,
Topekn. Kan., Sept 9. Miss Eotah
Hounsom was burned to death today
In her home at 132 Kline street. The
origin of the fire la unknown. Mur
der, with robbery in view, Is suspect
ed by the police, as she wa known to
have had Borne money.
Death Llit Ii Now Sixteen.
Newark. N. J., Sept. 9. The death
Hat of the North Central train wreck,
which occurred last week near Falr-i
ville, has been Increased to 16 by the
death today ot Mrs. William Lee
Munyon, of Port Gibson.
Girrlioni at Shanghai.
Hhanirhni. Sent, 9. The Rajputs
have left hore. reducing the British
garrison In Shnnghal to one native
regiment The German garrison is
800 Btrong and Is showing great ac
tivity. The Germans have leased for
three years, with the option of six,
a large tract inside tne general set
tlement. They are fencing It and
hntldW barracks and storehouses.
The British community strongly ob
jects. ' .
Bishop Charged With Murdtr.
Chicago, Sopt. 9. Sensational
charges against Bishop Anthony Kos-
lowski and attendants at the St. An
thony Independent Catholic Hospital
were testified to today by witnesses
for the defense In the conspiracy case
started on the complaint of the head
of the Independent Catholto Churcn
before Justice Martin. Dr. Stanis
laus Slomlnukl, one of the defendants,
again accused Bishop Kozlowskt with
being responsible for the death ot cer
tain patients, at St. Anthony's, and
charged that these people were poiB
oned and their money kept.
breast bone wa removed. Later th.
President waa reported a resting
easily, '
At 6 o'clock Dr, Hoswell Park, the
well-known urgeon, arrived at th
hospital, and after putting tho Presl-,
dent under an anesthetic, began prob
ing tor the ball In the abdomen.
The prisoner declares that he Is
Fred Nlernan, of Detroit When ar
rested he waa asked why be had bot
the President, and replied;
"I am an anarchist and have don
my duty,"
Later he denied to a police official
that he was an anarchist.
Mrs. McKlnley received the news
of the attempted assassination with
the utmost courage.
On Bullet Rtmoved Woundi Drtoed Imme
diately and Palient Dolaf Well
Buffalo, 8ept 7. Secretary Cor
tolyou gave out the following state
ment last evening at 7 p. to.:
"The President waa shot about 4
o'clock. One bullet struck him on
th upper portion of the breastbone,
glancing and not penetrating; the
second bullet penetrated the abdo
men Ave Inches below the left nip
ple and 'one and one-half Inches to
the left of the tnadian line. The ab
domen was opened through th line
ot tho bullet wound. It waa found
that the bullet had penetrated the
stomach. The opening In tbe front
wall of the stomach waa carefully
closed with silk sUtchea, after which
a aearch waa made for a hole in the
back wall of the stomach. Thia was
found and also closed by the same
"The further course of the bullet
could not be discovered, although
careful search wa made. The ab
dominal wound waa closed Wr
drainage. No Injury to the
or other abdominal organ
aUou well; puli of good quality, rate
of MO; condition at the conclusion
of tht operation wa gratifying. The
result cannot be foretold. Ills con
dition at present Justifies hope ot re
covery. .,-
"Secretary to the President."
Buffalo. 8ept.7. The following
bulletin waa Issued by the President's
physician at 10:40 p. m. last night:
"The President is rallying satisfac
torily and ia resting comfortably.
"10: DO p. m. Temperature, 100.4
degrees; pulse, 124; respiration, 24."
Buffalo, 8ept, 7, At S a.m. the fol
lowing bulletin was Issued:
"The President continue to rest
well. Temperature 101.6; pulse, 110;
respiration, 24."
Buffalo, 8eptTAT4:30 the Pres
ident waa stilt resting easily.
Cloudburst in Kansas.
Kansas City, Sept 9. A special to
the Star from Ness City, Kan., says:
A cloudburst struck Ness City lust
night and it Is estimated that over
eight Inches of water fell. Bridget
and sidewalks were washed out, cel
lars were flooded and several small
business houses were undermined and
ruined. No lives are reported lost.
Ness City is a town of 1000 people,
situated on the Santa Fe railroad in
Ness County, 55 miles east of the Col
orado State line.
Ptomaine Polioninj.
Cleveland, Sept. 9. Ninety people
who ate clams at a lunch at the open
ing of a new public building a few
days ago have been 111 since, suffer
ing, it Is alleged, from ptomaine -pots-onlug,
No person has died, but many
are still In bed. , . '
Clyclisl loses Leg.
New York. Sept 9. Gangrene hav
ing set In, the surgeons at Betlevue
nuspiiRi nave decided that Jotuv.iW--
son, the cyclist, must hRve hfSleg
amputated In an effort to save his
Snowstorm In Montana.' -
Butte, Mont, Sept. 9. The western
portion Ot Montana ia frmleht i,a
grasp of a storm that began before
daylight this morning. The weather
Is Intensely cold and considerable
snow has fallen. More is now coming
and lt Is feared crops will suffer.
Ugh house It Too Low.
London, Sept. 9. According to re
ports from Ottawa, an engineer of the
Canadian Marine Department has vis
ited Cape Race, N. F where several
wrecks have occurred this year. He
reports that the lighthouse is In good
order, but that the light Is 55 feet
lower than it Is advertised as being,
which reduces the horizon by two
miles. He also suggests that the du
ration of the fog whistles be changed
to two blasts of five seconds each.
Invitation to Prince Chun.
Berlin, Sopt. 9, A special to the
Lokslanxelger, from Dnntzlc, Says Em
peror William has invited Prince Chun
to witness the autumn maneuvers.
"Jockey" Killed--Ca:bondnle,
111., Sept. 9. Frank Mc
Clathy, jockey, was killed late today
In the last race of the Jacksonville
County fair at Murphysboro. He waa
one ot the five that were riding In a
bunch. His mount fell aud two other
horses fell upon the boy and the horse.
McClathy waa burled beneath two
horses, and sustained Injuries from
which ho died two hours later.