The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, April 12, 1901, Image 1

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Opinion of Transvaal x-Preldnt on
tno situation.
NEW YORK. April 8. A dispatch
to the HeraUl from Pari attya:
e aii r i i it ki . uuu ! Ao Interview with Mr. Kruger P-
From All PrU Of the New World lwara In the Matin. The cx-presldent
i.i r i of tha Tranavaal waa seen In a. mod-
and tne UIO. jest tittle Inn at Utrecht where ho t
! staying fur the moment His eye
have been very much improved by
OP INTEREST TO OUR MANY READERS recent operation, and ho can now dla-
pense with spectacles. 8lttlnR in
i front of a table with a Bible under
- L . u m.. ! hi I1 lan,, Mr- Kruger delivered
rnprehtmlv Review of the Im-ertant Kp ! Mnwlt of an lraportant atnteroent.
ptnlnji of th Put Wk In a I to which further algnlflcanro was
CKWnd Form. ' lvnJ ?.th PC ot "li?!"
; Free State doloKiito, Iterr FUcher.
; Mr. KriiRer bean by announelng
Admiral Sampaon receives $M30 i thnt Saturday next ho proposes retlr
prlio money. ; InR into the country for complete
reat. The little vuinuo ot Hiioersum,
J. P. MorRan organltea
ment atoro trust
a depart-
The American claim for Chinese In
demnity amounts to 125,000.000.
, Lord Kitchener renorts the capture
of PletersburR, the Doer capital.
The Russian fleet "eturned to tho
French coast and saluted Loubet.
Four large Atuaka tranaportatlon
companies have been merged into
Hems of Interest From All Parts
of the State.
A Brltt RtvUw of ihs Orowth and Improve.
mtnU of ihs Many Induttrlt TKroujh.
out Our Thrlvlni CommenwMlth.
Forest Grove Six Inches of anow
fell near Forest Orovo on April 6.
Tha Dallas The Dallea council baa
ordered six more tire plug to bo In
stalled Immedlatley.
not far from "Utrecht has been, se
lected for his abode. NothlnR haa
yet been decided regarding hla trip to
America. Mr. Kruifer will undertake
the Journey If bla etrength permlta a dc,,ot tt that polut
ana u mere is any mi ot amuiua
advantage for tho Boer cause.
Pointing to Ilorr Ftucher. the aged "J 1Zm lt.
president declared that the two re-, ....
publlca are Indlaaolubly united. I Weaton This town will lasue 15000
"Herr Fischer," ho aald, "la fight- worth of bonds to ralae money to lm
Ing for the same cause as my heroic prove Its water supply,
friend l'reatdent Steyn. Tho two eun.n.nnv tramoa are reoorted
The Negroa governor tried to atart , presidents and the two commanding M buln nior1 nWProua in Eugene
' ... n . . . . tl. mn,t will ahnrfl . " . i
Nvaaa The cltlaena of Nyaaa de
mand that the railroad company build
Calls Creek Operations bavo been
reBumed at Kubll & Co.'a quarts mine,
Shipwrecked Man on Raft Forty Days
Two Out of Twelve Survive.
LONDON. April The Singapore
correapondent ot tho Dally Express
wires a story ot cannibalism at aea
brought to Singapore by two survivors
of tho Novo Bcotlan bark Angola,
wbloh was wrecked tlx uaya after
ailing from Manila, October 23 last.
The correspondent says:
"The survivors joiinaon. a Bweae,
and Martlcornu, a Spaniard aaaert
that tho Angola at ruck a reef. Two
rafta were built Tho amaller. bear
ing five men, disappeared. The other,
with 11 men, drifted for 43 days. The
aallors ate barnacles, seaweed, and
finally thoVr boots, and on the J&ttt
day two became inaane and killed
themselves. On me sum a rrencnmnn
killed the mate with an ax, drank his
blood and tried to ent his brains, but
was prevented by the others. Next
dsv tha Frenchman waa killed while
attempting to murder the captain. The
survivors, all of whom were now in
sane, ate the Frenchman'! body. Can
nlhallam continued until only Johnaon
and Martlcornu remained. On the 43d
day tho raft stranded on Bum, or rial
Island, in the Natuna group, north
west ot Borneo. Johnaon and Mar
tlcornu were awfully emariaiea.
Friendly Malays sent them by Junk to
a rebellion, out could noi secure a
Fear of punishment ot Chinese of
ficials caused the rebellion in north
ern provinces.
The anniversary of the surrender
of Appomattox was celebrated by the
Hamilton Club of Chicago.
Agulnaldo haa signed the peace
manifesto, advising his followers to
accept American so erelgnty.
Q. W. Colvlg. of Oranta Pass. Or.,
baa been appointed United States con
sul at Barranqullta, Colombia.
Washington democratic official's ac
tion in discharging O. A. R. men Is
aald to be violation ot state law.
P. C. Knox, of Philadelphia, was
sworn in as United States attorney
general to succeed Attorney General
One insurgent colonel. 13 officers,
83 men and 92 rlflea surrendered to
Lieutenant Colonel M. C. Goodsell In
Zambalea province.
A magnificent equestrian atatue ot
General John A. Logan was unveiled
la Washington In the presence of an
Immense assemblage.
The war department will cease to
operate transports to Cuban ports, and
haa advertised for bids from private
concerns tor performing the service.
It Is officially stated that since the
rebellion in the Philippines began
50,000 natives have been killed, 7667
rifles captured or aurrendered and
65.143 rounds of ammunition selxed.
The Dean of Canterbury la aerlously
Sandleo. the Filipino general, sur
rendered. Agulnaldo will be removed to an
other prison. "
Chinese troops In Mongolia and Shin
SI have rebelled.
The Chinese court Is preparing for
a removal from Pekln.
The Indemnity negotiations are like
ly to be long drawn out.
A naval school will be established
at Newport for petty officers
A plot to assassinate the president
of France has been discovered.
Cecil Rhodes has entirely recov
ered and Is now In good health.
A MisslsslDDt woman shot and killed
her husband during a family quarrel.
Over 1500 arrests have been made
at Odessa during the past few days.
It is rumored in Brussels that Oen
eral Botha will renew peace negotla
Seth Javnes. a Klondike miner,
made the trip from Dawson to Seattle
in 19 days
Agulnaldo Is living high while In
prison, and will soon remove to a iaa
lonable residence,
The Portland torpedoboat destroyer
Goldsborough broke record for speed
of vessels In her class.
Miscreants attempted to wreck an
O. R. & N. train at Malad bridge,
Idaho, but did little damage
Two students of Havana were se
verely injured while being initiated
into secret society ot tne students.
Admiral Remey has been author
ized by the secretary of the navy to
enllBt 500 Filipinos in the American
A voting machine was used In re-
rent Maine elections. Tne result was
known two minutes after the polls
Court dissolved injunction against
Chicago Gas Company and holds that
they can charge whatever they like
for gas
Bubonic plague has made its ap
pearance in Alexandria, Egypt, ana
six new cases are also reported In
Cape Town.
Twentv-one Russian students have
been arrested at Kharhoff for rioting
In consequence of the expulsion oi sev
eral of their number.
Snecial committee finds that school
land funds of Oregon are short
$20i446 since Napoleon Davjs' admin
istration or scnooi iana ooaru
The "Edinburgh Castle" public
house, situated in the Strand, London,
Is to be hauled down, and the London
county council has to pay 22,500 as
Probably the smallest monarch in
the world reigns over the Hindu vas
sal state of Bhopaul, and governs a
people of more than a million souls.
This dwarf is a woman, DJlhan-Be-gum
by name, but although she is
about 50 years old, she does not ap
pear larger than a child of 10.
Many varieties of colored marbles
are found on the mountains surround
ing Carrara, in Italy, Two varieties
ot blue, dove-colored marble, known
jis "Bardigllo" and "Pavonazro," are
well known In the United States, the
latter especially being largely used,
end commanding a high price.
Street trees, properly planted and
cared for, work a remarkable change
in the value of residential property.
Any one with doubts on this subject
should look into the history or wasn
ineton. Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Buf
falo and other cities where a compre
hensive system ot street planting nas
been carried into eneci.
generals, Botha and Dewet, will aharo than ew war known
tne aame rate. . ...w, ,-
On being questioned regarding tho u wu" "V: ' ...'". .
reliance he placed on the Boer of- " "X2.w 7 Hinhih.r
tlclai telegrams and statement! in " outbreak of diphtheria,
narllnment. Mr. Kroner, half rising Lincoln County The Lincoln County
from his arm chair, declared: Farmers' Asmoclatlon has decided to
"The British government British hold a county fair next fall.
telegraph and the British press fl- rants Pa.s Work has commenced
ways try to make mil mucn ana no on tho 0l.ftnU V(kM William telephone
measured ni mue nnger hk . ltle Bni, wlll ioon be ln operation,
this mueh"-nd he extended both ( ur n roy
I am persuaded everything la go- "X.'" '""" " " ' , " V.
n w.ll thr nri-l.l Wanna our I y at Uie Ollico oi mo cmimj com.
nnomlea continue to dissimulate and Baker Cltv Negotiations are now
travesty facta. As regards General pending at lluker City for sale of the
Botha's negotiation, the public Knows Pacific brewery to an isaaiorn uuyer
from the blue book and by reading for 140.000
General Botha last flispnicn mat it Tha board of director of
waa the British general who nrst mauo Ru du,rll.t httvo accepted
proposals, never luii ms ,,ur,r ""J pinna for a new school building, to
era I reiuee 10 imien. v uu am uim C0(lt num,j $13,000.
except tur inrnrp. p iw n"- -.,-,
..r. h,.f .ithm..h r.nnnrnl ltotha 1 Wndllna Smallpox Is very prova-
listened to me untmn propolis, ne ' "' i" ....,..,
never uttered a word of equivocation Mea hav been appealed to. So far
on the subject of Independence, in- " " ""
dependence la the only treasure we Cervallia Benton county has Issued
cherish, even If we have to sacrifice cn for all warranta outstanding
alt others. It Is for this reason our Up to August 10. 1900, and same will
cltlxens forsook tneir wrm anu sue- be paid upon presentation. .
rinced tneir lives, anu our women .. . , Browntv,,Tht,r ttrp now two
children now suaer lemporary .err.- . g bft(J(U ,n rownlv,no, A Mw
tude In the enemy s camp. i . , , , nriiiied. known
TO PREVENT ARMY FRAUDS. ! lh Indi'Pendeat band.
Qlendale There have been 41 cuses
Regulation Concernlno tho Trent- of smallpox in and about this place.
e..ii.. i but no death a yet. Heverttl raao
""'"'""-' T . " 'are now In a very critical condition.
WAbtuxuiua. April .-ioo r, .. ,, . ,
. . . . ! QODie ine uome at nuimimn nan-
car" into effect in art, way Company Is operating six donkey.
t ZZe colLum amend- t t. Goble camps and expect to In,
Ing a lection of the provisional cus-tal four additional donkey, about
toms regulations, wnicn or interesi, .
In v ew of tho recently reported Lebanon The Eiocme l.ignt ano
frauda In the commissary department j Water Company of Lebanon has let
In the Inlands. It shows the precau-, the contract fur construction or a new
lions ordered to be taken to guard water tower. The tower will be tnirty-
aralnst any misappropriation or gov- rjv feet high
ernment snppilea. These regulations man arrived at Athena
provide briefly mat wnere upp"j0n , nvw bicycle and waa Immediately
AQHCtU TO IT WArAU. Tn. potrt nM gi,ou, ,ne numu,,r u,111HI. .nlll.,nir tha anrav hlirh
Unlud Btattt. Htan are better drilled and better t,,. n mi th. hi.t.t tm.
WASHINGTON. Aurll 9. A a W Urmcd. It 1 believed that tho Mon-! llh,.! etrrtlnc around, ahu eroaaad
suit ot negotiation between Secretary ' gollan rebellion wa brought about ! U,n on tb course Just traversed,
ot Agriculture Wilson and tho Cana-i through the agent of Prince Tuaniflila was repeated four complot
dlan minister ot agriculture, an agree- and General Tung Fu Blan. U Hung lr. Arriving back at Alkl Point I Jlnlr? so horses and T the
ment has been reached between tho j Chang think thre are about 6000 Pugt nound ,team.r. mak"''4 tf; JZ. h .7 uoshman's
two administration by which Canada i regular troop In Mongolia and ! their run to the city from Tacoraa,' i' ! rir Lonv
I to have a nrsl-cias veterinarian sia-j cone o ino iwuei mat mjj ,im paused, as if to catch ber breath, """i . V"t ihs eon
for the army or navy In the Philip
pines come on other than government
vessels they shall be accompanied by
certificate from the chief or depart
ment charged with their custody cer
tifying that the goods are exclusively
for the army or the navy or me in
sular government, and that no other
disposition of them will be permuted.!
The regulations sIho set forth, that
prompt notice must be given me col
lector of customs for the Island In
case of the nonacceptance of nny con
signment of goods or cancellation of
sale. Goods purchased In the Philip
pine after Importation must be ac
companied by an affidavit of the seller
affirming that an absolute sale has
been made by him and that "he re
tains no Interest of any kind or char
acter ln such goods."
More of the Kitchener-Botha Corre
spondence Made Public.
LONDON, April 8. The letter of
General Botha, the Boer Commander-in-Chief,
to Lord Kitchener, command
ing the British forces In South Africa,
riellmlnary to the recent peace meet
ing, casually referred to In Lieutenant
General Kitchener's report of the ne
gotiations and from which the oppo
nent of Colonial-Secretary Chamber
lain hoped to obtain some clew of the
reason of the failure of the conference,
wa published as a preliminary pnpcr
this morning. This letter Is dated at
tho Commandant-General's camp, Feb
ruary 13, and commences with a refer
nncn to "the verbal message from yrur
excellency." Continuing, the letter
'I have the honor to Inform your
excellency that no one desire more
than I to brlnir this bloody strife to an
end, I would also very much liko to
meet your excellency for the purpose
of mutual discussion to see If it Is
not possible to discover terms under
which this can be done.
arrested by request of Pendleton au
thorltle. He had stolen tha wheel
from a store at that place.
Medford A pioneer butcher ot this
place ha been convicted of selling
diseased meat. Hi employe temi
fled that they had orders to kill any
sick animal that was likely to die.
Klamath Captain O. C. Applegate.
agent at Klumath Indian agency, Is
making arrangement for extensive
Improvements at the agency, for which
provision was made at the last ses
sion of congress.
lone A well la being sunk nt lone
near the depot for the Oregon Rullroml
ft Navigation Company. The roaii
will have Its windmill above town
moved to the new well, the old being
Insufficient to supply tho engines with
water during the summer.
Boer Seat cf Government I Again
LONDON, April 8. Lord Kitchener
reports a follows to the war office:
"Colonel Plumer has advanced 20
mile beyond Nylstroam, unopposed on
the way, toward Pleterslmrg."
According to the Pretoria corre
spondent of the Dally Telegraph, the
Boers have shifted their seat of gov
ernment from Pletersburg to a point
35 miles northeast.
All the Guns Accounted For.
London, April 8. Lord Kitchener,
Wheat Walla Walla, 57c: Valley
nominal: bluestem. 69c per bushel,
Flour Best grades, $2 70 3 40 per
barrel: graham, $2 60.
Oats White, 11 25 per cental
gray. SI 201 22 per cental.
Barley Feed. $16 G0 17; brewing
$16 G0W17 per ton.
MlllHtuffs Bran, $16 per ton; mid
dllnga, $21 50; shorts, $17 50; clior
Hay Timothy, $12f?12 GO; clover
$79 GO; Oregon wild hay, $fi(f7 per
Hops 1214c per pound; 189D crop,
I 7c.
Wool Valley, 13 14c; Enntern Ore
gon, 912c; mohair, 20210 po
Butter Fancy creamery, 20W22'jC
dairy, 1518c; store, 1012'c per
Kggs Oregnn ranch, 13(fJ134c per
Poultry Chickens, mixed. $3 GO-Jr
6; hens, $5'6; dressed, ll12c pe:
pound; springs, $4ff05 per doxon
ducks. $56; geese, $fi8 per dozen
turkeys, live, 11 12c; dressed, 13014c
oer bound.
ClieeBO Full cream, twins, 13
13'4c; Young America, 13Vi14c per
Potatoes 4555c per sack.
Mutton La nilm, 12M.C per pound
groBs; heat sheep, wethers, $5; ewes
14 50: dressed, 71a71Ac per pound.
Hogs Gross, heavy, $5 756; light,
$4 755; dressod. 7c per pound.
Veal Large, 77V4c per pound;
small, 89c per pound.
Beef Grows, top steers, $5'35 2R;
cows and heifers, $4 504 75; dressod
beef, 78',4c per pound.
Serious Uprising In the Interior
Gtatnl Tung N SUn, Cemmaadtr of thi
' Nrthra Armlu, U si Dm Hud
j , of the Movtnwnt,
1 PEKIN, April 10,-Tho rumor
which have been current during the
putt few day of tho outbreak of a
rt kelllon, headed by General Tung Fu
Sign, tho ex-commander of tbo North
era army, in tho province of Mon
golia and Hhen-HI, have been abso
lutely authenticated.
U Hung Chang and Prince Chlng
have received Information on tho
subject which, though Indefinite, still
prove that tho court 1 erlouly
General Fu Siao was, according to
last account, about 150 mile from
the court with 11,000 regular troops,
all supposed to bo devoted to himself,
Mak.a Good Sp.d In Two Trial on
Puo.t Sound.
81CATTLE. April 10. Tb torpedo-
boat destroyer Goldsborough, built by
Wolff & Z wicker, of Portland, wa
given two of tb first of ber official
trial run In Puget Sound, off Alkl
Point Saturday; 0110 In tho morning
and tho other In tho afternoon, Tbo
ultli lul trial board, comprised of Lieu
tenant Commanders G. fl. Peter and
lltiliner, Lieutenant A. B. Wilson and
C. Oilier; Assistant Naval Constructor
Adams, all of tho battleship Iowa;
Freltrlck Ballln, representing the
building firm, and aevoral Invited
tiuest ot th builder, and tbo cor
respondent ot tbo Telegram, wr
uboard during the trial trip.
It wa o'clock ln tbo morning
when tho order wa given to caat
iway tho shore lino, and soon tb lit
tle steal flyer iwung from her moor
iik and beaded down tb harbor for
Alkl Point. She made tbo trip over
A a comparatively low speed. Thou
sand ot spectators lined tho wharves
ihe entire dlstanco of tho long water
front, and watched tho pretty maneu
ver ot tbo destroyer, and tbey wit'
nessed a fine sight seldom seen la
these water.
Arrived at Alkl Point orders were
clven to let ber go full .peed ahead.
Plumer Occupied Pletersburg
With Slight Opposition.
Big Supply of Ammunition round In tht
Dutch Msjaxla SklnnWi RtporUd
at Sothnus'i Kop.
LONDON, April 11. Lord Kitche
ner, reporting to tho war office, under
date of Pretoria. April I, ay:
"Plumer ha occupied Plotereburg
with llcbt opposition. Ha captured
two locomotive and 49 truck. Ho
took 60 orUoner. capturing a seven
pounder and destroying 210,000 car
tridge wiin louo rouna 01 seven
bounder ammunition, and a consld
erablo amount of powder and dyna
Tbo capture of Pleteraburg I re
garded ber a Important Tbo place
la tho terminus of the railway, and
tmoke poured from bor two ! J"" J;"" "frL ZT
largo stack In dene column, aj bo j VivJ T vnrth- r.ilw.v
tVI MO OHW " ' - -" '
it dow In the band ot tho British.
According to Lord Kltctiener oi-
one omcer ana one man
wa killed. Tbo Boers evacuated tho
fairly flew through, tbo blue water
town during the night prior to Plu
mer'a arrival, after blowing up two
truck laden with ammunition.
Lord Kitchener report me capture
tloaed In England to test for tuber- ( not Joined In tho rebellion. Ho does j when lba Fy()r th0 fttteat ateamer
mii.Mia all Hi It lull cattle shipped to 1 not think the court I In any danger, nn tha Hound, armoured. Hull tha
this countrv V I Canada. THO uamv anq minus uso oojeci 01 rnnco man fl,, , Uhorniiiih waltml. Tha Flvnr rim.
dlan administration wanted cattle to (who waa last reported at Nlng lUu j i,ingoido, then passed on. Th fulli '"i , .rrt!
bo admitted from Canada without tests! Blan with 10.000 men prepared t ire-; H,moa ,httll Bn.i w gfln tnA j J""
at the border by American experts. 5 ai arrmn am. wt.iTi ...i r u nnu ln,m a ril. tu,.n (s was never before
As an offset the commander In
chief report that 100 men of tho
British lancer and imperial yeomanry
were attacked by 400 Boer to the
northward of Aberdeen, Cape Colony,
and that after several hour' fighting
at me border uy American i. j w .. ru men a race aucn a w never oorore( ,,T,uh .n.mrt.i .d can-
Tho department at Waal.lngton would j I to create a diversion of Intere.t In wltne.sed on Puget Sound, began, tho ""''i'fA Thl'.Son of 25 who
not agreo w hup, e" i'"" mi. r----' . oisianco to ine ciiy being tnreo mnes.i - m.Vin ihlr aarans
aid. however, that If Canada would Mon of themse ve. rMt and faster through the waters i mltln tMiT
inomciai yninaroen or inieiiigenro ,,,, th0 nttlo acatroyer, and It! TO NOM,
regrd tho rlalng a most unfortunate I ,emea thBt the Flyer bad .uddenlyl RUSH TO noma.
". stoppea. so aiow wa ner peea com- . Th.t A Pr.w,oui R,cord
x.uin. ana as m u.o red 0 that of tho Goldsborough. -
. . i 1 1 d Auan Rii KBiann.
aond to KiiBlnnd au agent who should
havo sufficient expert knowledge of
thu ubject, tho I'nlted Btate would
admit cattle upon hi rertlneal that
tho cattle had been tested and found
free of tuberculosl. This wa agreed
to bv the Canadian mlulater. It la
officially explained mat await m per
use of foreign troop to protect even
the court Itself. The minister of the
powers do not think that provided
foreign Interest do not suffer, any
cent of the livestock In the I'nlted I present Interference 1 likely. If tha
State and about 40 per cent In Great dynasty should be overthrown. It
llrltaln havo tuberculosl. The caitlef would, to a certain extent, delay the
on the continent of Europe are so dls-1 peace negotiations, but they consider
eaBed that this government wlll not? that a regime not bound by tradition
permit the admission of any animate, into moae or tne present court pro
from there, j 'ly would be much easier to deal
witn eventually, a ine ceremon:ai
: could bo mtK-h curtailed.
Prince Chlng, who, aa a relative,
Collltr Merrlmao Is Belna Blown Out may be considered to take the court
Of tho Way. 1 view or me anuaiion, in.uss inn rw
SANTIAGO DH CUBA. April 9,-Flf- j m I. a storm In a teapot He
.,... I. nt rivnani lie were i I'iv- ii' .. . - -
mac. ,mJ '", iHtlnc dynasty. Tha empress dow-
LUri Slaiilf In Th. cuy Ave the Jdviser of the emperor,
was beard plain ly In tl 0 lty. nve ,rf0rtlons of the people, not
. 1 1 ...1 tiin rt ttor1 of n,,t "O'l-rstood by fw
ZwitotoAtirt Rl-n of the! lner. Her slightest wl.h 1. tho em
ZZl ? r. I In tni will b 4 " hftl,h D no l0wn,
St iiWm figurehead, as the foreign powers
gin tomorrow to place mines art wnicn - Th emoeror rec
The latter was at her dock and tied
up before tho Flyer bad blown her
city whistle, Probably never again
wlll so grand and majestic a sight
be seen a that race, and tho Immense
crowd on the docks seemed to ap
preciate it for as tha Goldsborough
drew near to her wharf, she was greet
ed with tremendous shouts from a
thousand and more throats. At noon
the party went to tho Butler cafe,
where they were given a banquet by
Mr. Ballln.
ho expect, to explode In a week, thus
completely clcarlug th naruor entrance.
Yesterday's Incident was highly
spectacular. Residents on Smith Key,
adjacent to tho wreck, lert mo isiann.
fearing that their houses would be
demolished. Tho overlooking hills
were lined with people, and large
numbers of pleasure seekers encircled
the wreck at a safe distance. When
tho electric button waa touchd a pyr
amid of water arose 40 feet, and the
surface was Immediately covered with
wreckage and ton of dead fish. The
launches and yacht returned to the
city, laden with souvenir of tht
frequently suppose. The emperor reo
ognlxea her ability, Invaluable aid
and advice.
Tho remaining bodl of Americans
were shipped homeward thla morn
ing. They now number 64, and will
leave on board the transport Egbert
tomorrow. The Egbert wlll also take
27 military prisoners, a number of
sick men. th discharged soldiers, the
teamsters and other clvlllana employed.
According to expert opinion, i nina
Destroyer Built by Union
Works Falls.
WASHINGTON, April 10. Secre
tary Long was Informed today that
the torpedo-boat destroyer Perry, built
by the Union Iron Worka, ot San Fran
cisco, failed to meet contract speed
requirements on her official trial.
Under tho contract the veasel wa re
quired to develop a speed of 29 knot!
an hour, but th best she could do on
her trial run was 28.2 kna an boor.
Th action of the department haa not
yet been determined, but tha veskel
probably will be accepted, subject to
a slight deduction from the contract
Much Mail From Nome.
Seattle. April 10. United State,
mall from Teller City, within the
circle of the Arctic, Slnrock, Nome,
St. Michael and all of the principal
point along the Yukon, from it.
mouth to White Horse, arrived In this
v tniiuv An IvtArii Iha atikAmAr f!ttv
would be able to pay from 20.000.000 ,.. u..i,.' it 1. ihirri Mnm. mail
to 30.000,000 without crippling herj rrl,vea ;inoe C0M ot Behrlng
financial resources, whllo the amount i(l navtRatlun. There were probably
which the power at present demand m,n wnm. winr. nt rft aa late a.
range from 80.00(VOOO to 100,00.. Jnn(iary J5, rrora th damping the
In 1800 Sweden had a population of
2,350,000, and nt tne present time, In
reporting to the war office the finding ho
ia tnr oil th enemv'H fi-iins known l),Vlv,
But one perse . auve wno sat in
the house of commons when Queen
Cape Town, April 8.-GcneralfVtzI';Gmtow;f throw , U I.
French cont
at vrineia, iransvaui coiony. 1110 7-r,miir.. iv nioH At tha nia-
S" .11 .a- PTiT' vWi'lh. mond Jubileo there i ere St
to be in the southern district."
the British found ln a small shod at
the bottom of a precipice.
Ultimatum From Japan.
London, April 8. "IlusHla'B reply
concerning Manchuria bolng unsatis
factory, the Japanese government has
tleclded," say the Yokohama corre
spondent of the Dally Mall, wiring
Thursday, "after a conference with
the head of the army and navy, with
the departments of finance and for
eign affairs, to address a second and
more peremptory remonstrance, de
manding a reply within a stated pe
riod. This remonstrance, communi
cated through the Japanese minister
In St. Petersburg, almost amounts to
an ultimatum." ,.- .
vlvors of pre-Vlctorlan parliaments
London consumes eleven tons of salt
At a small village near Nnmur a
discovery has been made of 960 pieces
of Roman money in a perfect state of
preservation, belonging to tha third
and fourth centuries, and bearing ef
figes of no fewer than fifteen different
emperors and empresses.
The government has created some
large forest reserves In Northern Ari
zona, and promulgated rules for their
regulation, with a view to prevent
their spoliation and to preserve them
from Are. The principal lumber mills
of Arizona are situated at Flagstaff
and Williams, ln Coconino county.
Reduction of Money Order Rates.
Washington. April 8. In addition to
tho arrangement with Canada. It I
expected that a reduction of postal
money order rutos between the unitea
States and both the Philippine and
Cuba wlll bo put In operation on July
15, next. The arrangement Just signed
between the postal administrations ol
the United States and Canada wlll
take effect on that (hiy. and negotia
tions are now In progress with the
Islands mentioned which are expected
to bo consummated In time for all
three arrangement to be effective
simultaneously. Thla menns a reduc
tion on all money order business be
tween the United States, Canada, cu
ba and the Philippines of from 1 pet
cent, the International rate which now
applies, to three-fourth of 1 per cent,
which Is the domestic- rate.
Fatal Train Wreck.
Kansas City, Mo., April 9. By the
derailing of tho engine and a numuer
of empty freight car bolng brought
Into tho city this evening on me Kan
sas City Suburban Bolt Lino railroad
lino .four member of the crew were
Injured. William Prime, brakoman,
had his Bknll broken and eyes scalded.
He wlll die. Tho engine was demol
ished and 10 car wcro reduced to
kindling wood.
Ten Fresh Cases of Plagu.
Cane Town. April 9. In the last 48
hours 10 fresh cases of bubonic plague
lfave boon ofllclally reported. Of those
four are Europeans, and tho others col
ored persons. Tho corpso of a colored
person who died of the disease wa.
found today. ,
America Must Pay Higher Duties.
London, April 9. According to the
St. Petersburg correspondent of the
Dally Mall, Import duties for Vlndl
voBtock have been ralsod on all Amer
ican Iron, Bteel and machinery.
No Verdict in Jolnlst Cass.
Sallna, Kan., April 9. The first trial
of a Jolnlst under the new Hurrell
law, paBBcd by the last legislature,
which makes it a .misdemeanor to be
found ln possession of spirituous
liquor, resulted In no verdict here late
hiBt night, and the Jury was dis
charged. It was tho case of Henry
Stevens and wife, wIiobo place was
raided bv the sheriff recently. The
passago of the law was a result of the
temperance crusade started Dy mrs.
Carrie Nation.
Only British Isle's Stock Admitted.
Washington, April 9. The officials
of the agricultural department are
watching closely all reports from
abroad regarding the extent of the
foot and mouth disease, a fatal malady
that Is raging among the livestock In
dlmoRt every country throughout Eu
rope). For the lust three years the
outbreak has boon general on the Eu
ropcan continent, and recent rcportP
from various foreiirn pons no nni in
dlcate any diminution In Its extent
This government, fl It has done slucf
the epidemic reached such ainrmuu
dimensions, Is refusing to admit anj
cattle, sheep or swine except froir
the British Isles.
carriers did not leave St. Michael
,,.. -.,. until eight days subsequent to their
WOMEN TO OO TO SOUTH AFRICA, Hepnrture from Nome. Numerqus St
""TT J . . 1 Michael letter were stamped Janu
English Girls Apply by Hundred for 8ry 23 Tne Nome mali Whlch wa.
tho Opportunity, j rftrr!c-d In a slnglo pouch, contained
NEW YOltK, April 10. A rather un-! U tter posted for every principal city
expected reault ha followed Mr.! In tho United State and Canada,
Chamberlain's recent speech In aup- j whllo not a few are addressed to Eu
port of the scheme for sending women ropcan cities.
out to South Africa, at the conclusion!
of the war, saya the London corre-i An Incendiary Fir.
.,i.,t nt 1 h Trunin. An enor-; St. Louis. April 10, It Is believed
mous number of letters ha been re- that tho fire yesterday which caused
celved from women eager to emigrate the destruction of a grain elevator
and reluctant to wait until hostilities owned by the St. Louis Elevator ft
are ended. One woman who wrote 8torngo Company, waa of Incendiary
direct to I,ord Salisbury snld she was origin. Several boys whom tho watch
prepared to go out at onco with her man Just prevlou to hi discovery oi
,...v.. ,i .itra hut h inrllrntns the fire had ordered from the premise.
no particular sphere of usefulness, are thought to bo guilty. Tho fir
Another wrote to mo coioniai omco siauea in mo on mum.
In behalf of herself and a few other ; ; -
1. ,.in. in,iv tinrhora." Nntnrillv. Malor Taylor In Parla,
iini nnirn aiithnritina am di Tarls. Aorll 10. Major Taylor, the
mo iui"i. ..... - - - . - - - - , . a. mora 01 L1H ii.cocuw ,, .
Ing their utmost to discourage appll- American cyclist, will make hla first i orchards will be in full
catlona from women oinor man mose uppoiuu.ico u i. .. bloom Last year prune orcnaras in
who are self-dependent and girls of afternoon, when he starts In a mile "' erfl n bloom three
tho servant typo are urgently advised open event Taylors Europenn tour ' Fruitgrower pre-
not to go at all. It I. very Is under he largest prune crop In the
whether mere win 00 any opuiinisa v.uuur.., l""'VV r.ri H history of the county
.. j ... ....1.11- ...,.. rtna nt h at nitlntlnna In thn colored nmiu. u v"
lor tnem, nun ma pumiu uiuud mmmv wo n. -- -
be uaed for the purpose of granting mu contract is mai no ui ..uv o
free pnssagea to the Cape. ; required to ride 8uiidaya.
Boston, April 10. The flood care
Will B Broken Thl Season
SEATTLE, April ll.-Tho ruh to
Nome thl season will bo the largest
yet Even st thla early date hundred
of Intending Nomeltes are buying
Hi kcia bo aa to be sure of a berth
when th tlmo comes to go. Tbo ear
liest sailing for that place from thl.
rit la ADril 26. that being the date
the steamer Jeanlo Is scheduled to
sail. Most all of tho Perms nave oeen
sold already, uoxens 01 steam,
schooners and barges will make tht
trip thla year, and the prospects are
that every one 01 mem win u iuuu
to tbo gunwales with pawengers and
lto news from Nome points to s
mai aAaaon there. There has been
1. rinh atrika on the headwaters of
the Kuskokwln river, sna wax naa
caused a great sensation among those
who propose to go there this summer.
a ractrnt letter received In this city
from Nome give an Interesting ac
count ot lit In ttw t-r v-
country. Tbo writer says 1 r
has been Very wild this season. -
bo bas been going around with very
little more underwear and other cloth
ing than be wore when in this city,
snd bo ssys ho never wesrs sn over
cost Prices on produce, bo ssys.
were very low at the time of the
writing, which waa the 16th of Jan
uary. He aald the best hay was sell
ing for $260 per ton. Coal waa down
to $69 per ton. but last winter was
up to $t0. Best beefsteak Is selling
for 75 cents per pound, snd turkey
for 60 cent. He says Nome is m
place to make a fortune In a smal
tlmo. and advlaed the man to whom
ho mum writlna- hero to sell all of hi.
Interest and come up there In thej
uromer and go in witn mm in opt
ing up a large produce store. The
shortest day had three hours of sun
shine, but darkness did not come on
until S o'clock at night
Outlook In Clark County Orchard.
Are In Fin Condition.
VANCOUVER. Wash, April 11.
Clark county fruitgrower are much
gratified over the excellent prospect
for a big fruit crop. The orchards
ii avap tha county are In fine condi
tion; nothing haa so far occurred, as
far as can be ascertained, to injure
the trees. The climatic conditions
h... haan most favorable for prune
and other fruit trees. The buds hive
been kept back by the cold, frosty
nights which accompanied me war...
...n.hin rinva nf February and March
until now It Is believed the season Is
so far advanced that there Is scarcely
. ftirthr tinnier. With a week
more of the present warm sunshine.
Tho American Claim for Indemnity
.May Bo Cut In Half.
WASHINGTON, April 11. Tho
tat department baa heard further
from Mr. Rockhlll, our special com
missioner at Pekln, touching tbo ef
fort making there to roach an agree
ment respecting the Indemnity to bo
demanded from a Chines government
Mr. Rockhlll principal effort acting
under direct Instructions from Sec
retary Hay, is to Indues tb ministers
of other powers to keep down tho
total of their claims to tbo amount
which tho financial exports, heaoea
by Sir Robert Hart, havo decided to
be within tho ability of China to pay.
The United States government haa
felt that the total Indemnity claimed
should not exceed 40,000,000, and
has steadfastly sought to make that
figure the outside limit or too ciaim.
For Itself, tbo state department claim
$25,000,000 Indemnity, and It has sup
plied Mr. Rockhlll wiin aat xor xaa
nreaentatlon ot an Itemised account
showing tbo expenditures mads by th
eoveroment for transportation ox our
military contingent in unina, iu
maintenance there and tho lust
claims of th missionaries who were
Amerlcsn cltltens and suffered in
property and person from the Boxer
outbrea. ln Its anxiety to avoid op
pressing China and to secure a .peeay
settlement of tbo Chines question,
the United States government stands
wllllna- to make a heavy cut in it
claim, provided the other nations rep
resented st Pekln win also anaio xnoir
claims in proportion. It Is entirely
possible. If Mr. Rockhlll can inauc)
tho other minister to make a cut
of 60 per cent in tbelr Indemnity he
will do o, tbougn tne apparent reauiv
bo the loss to tho United States of
The administration Is satisfied that
the greatdangr of tho sltustlon at
Pekln lies In delay. Haa ino present
representations of Mr. Rockhlll boon
heeded, the officials are confident that
the formidable rebellion which haa
broken out under tho leadership of
General Tung Fu Slan In 8hen 81
province would never havo occurroa.
Mr. Rockhlll had aatlafled himself
that the Chinese government was ab
solutely sincere when It pleaded Ina-
blllty to punlsn mis freax general anu
Prince Tuan In the full measure de
manded by tbo powers. It Is thought
here thst modest demand could have
been met by the Chine governem
iwi tha rebellion averted. Th in
demnity question ha also consumed
an unusual lengtn or time, ana 11 n
had been settled several weeks or
even months ago. tho present diffi
culty. It Is believed, would bavo been
Negro. Governor Tried to Stsrt an
DUMGUATE. Island of Negros. P.
I.. April 11. Sine tbo United Bute
Philippine commission wa at Baco
lot the capital of this Island, March
21, th naUvo civil governor ot tho
Island, 8nor Bovefeno, has attempted
to start a alnsurroctlon against tbo
establishment of tho commlIon'B
bow system of civil rove t Ho
New Tan-Dollar Note,
Washington, April ll.-The secre
... nf thn treasury ha approved a
tnr tha nnw 110 legal tender
all over New England, duo to rising Southern Pacific Firemen Meet Detn. Unltei states note. Prominent ln the
water from five days of heavy rains,
has died out, and tonight tho reports
indicated that a change ror mo bet
ter would come before daylight. The
losses will be heavy, no doubt, but
nothing to be compared to the freBh
et of recent springs. Tho reason Is
obvious to peoplo ln Southern New
England, for tho early spring loft
tho ground open for a good soaking,
and this natural absorption of the
rain is taking cure of much of the
water, while tho groat surplus ot the
overflow, being unimpeded by ice, Is
rushing forward.
In Smaah-Up.
Utah, April
10. West-
In Charge of Colorado Fuel A 'Iron.
Denver, April 10. Tho statement
was made today on what la said to
be the highest authority that John
W. Gates, chairman of the American
Steel ft Wire Company; John Lam
bert, ex-president ot that company,
and I. L. Wood, ex-second vlee-preBl-dent,
have secured control of the Col
orado Fuel & Iron Company by recent
purchases of stock, and wlll at once
double tho capacity of tho Pueblo
plant, adding tin and wire mills and
additional blast furnaces.
Loomls Is Coming Horn.
Washington, April 10. The navy de
partment received a cablegram from
Commander Sargent, 01 me scorpion,
today, announcing the departure of
that vessel from La Guayra for San
Juan. Although no mention was made
In the dispatch of MIniBtor LoomlSj
It is understood that he Is aboard the
Scorpion, and wlll be transferred to a
merchant steamor at San Juan for
conveyance to the United States.
The minister will arrive at San Juan
Wednesday evening or Thursday
morning, and If he meets a steamer
there promptly ho should to In New
York the Thursday following, which
Is April 18.
center of the face cf the note is the
i.... t an Amnrlrnn buffalo, taken
bound Southern Pacific passenger No.JVm . nhntn-rrnnh of a fine mounted
1 waa wrecked at Moore's Hill, near j BDecmon ln the national museum. On
Wells, Nev last night Fireman;.!' , nt and )eft emj8 are the por
Hickman, of Ogdon, and Fireman Lo-; . .. . Lewig an(j ciark, the noted
rtnr. of Wells, wore killed, and En- i :,MM . th far Northwest. By
glneeis Warner, of Wells, and Bride, B,de of each jg a youthful figure
of Ogden, were seriously but not fa-1 Axtennmg a pttlm over the pictures,
tally injured. A broken truck caused , The ngurPS and letters donotlng the
half the train to leave the track, the denomtnation are quite large and con
two mall cars catching lire, cremating 1 gpCUOU8( The note is considered as
Hickman. Engineers Warner and 'UgUc any that haa been issued
rtrldn were bntlly scalded. Tho mall .
4I.1 ....n.j '
cars were enure.j vuhouuiou
Epworth League Tourists.
tndianannlls. Aurll 10. The In
dluna Epworth Lengue I tho first to c KnoXi 0f pittsburg, who succeeds
Knox 8worn In.
Washington. April lO.-Phllander
maim nfflrlul arrangements for the ' nna nrWa nt tha head
trip to San Francisco for tho Inter- j f the departmGnt of Justice, was
national convention In July. North-, . at 10.s-) yesterday morning
em Indiana wlll rendezvous at Chi- ln tne cnbnet room of the white house,
cago, loavlng there July - 9: Central , There were pref,ent President Mc
Indlana will meet at Bloomlngton, R , and Mr Knox.g youngest son,
III., and Southern Indiana at Bt Louis, p'der c Kn01ti jr,( ad Justice
all leaving tha same day n-meet,n..Bhlras of the supreme court, who ad
nt Knnsaa City. Sunday. July 14, ""lr,!' ' h Justice Shiras
wlll be spent at Bait Lake City. This - Yied of the new attorney
state will send a delegation of 600 to
tha convention. . ..
Smallpox 8care.
Roseburg, April 10. What is feared
to bo smallpox has made its appear
ance here, and several suspected
cases have boon Isolated, one of them
bolng that of a woman naved Slopor,
who has been frequenting the saloons
here of late, and the others who hang
around the same places. A railway
conductor is also said to bo develop
'ng a case of the disease, although It
s not established. The strictest mea.
ures are bolng taken to prevent s
spread of the malady here, and people
are being vaccinated ln large numbers.
Fault of Plana.
San Francisco, April 11. Tho fail
ure of the torpedo-boat destroyer
Perry to attain the contract speed
ot 29 knots an hour has led the Union
Iron Works to propose changes In the
design of the four similar vessels now
in tho rmii'HA of construction here.
The Perry was built on the plans of
the navy department, but her builders
believe that If her water line Is al
tered by straightening the plates,
which are now rounded at ner Btern
her speed will be considerably In
d. No changes will be neces-
nnrv In bunker room or In tho
favor of tho division of to fw4 of
$70,000 Mexican mrrency, now In '
bands of tho present govorhssont ot
Negros. between th proposed prov
inces of Occidental and Oriental No
gros. The bono of contention baa
been that the commission set apart
two-thirds of this fund for Occidental
and one-third for Oriental Negros.
the difference In tho amounts to be
offset by taxes still unpaid at Baco
Ito. A resolution in favor of tbo re
organltatlon of the two provlncea bas
been sdopted. Details bsvo been em
bodied providing for the obligations
of the present government Tbo
provinces will bo createa isier.
Cauae of tho Rebellion In Northern
prkiv Anrll 11. The Russian min
ister to China, M. do Glers. respond
ing to tho letter from Prince Chlng
and Li Hung Chang regarding Man
churia, merely refusea to hold further
communication with them upon tho
The Mongolian rnnco u.uu,
father-in-law of Prince Tuan, proves
to be an Important factor In the re
bellion now In progress. Ho urges
the rebellious troops to march on
Slogan Fu. Chinese knowing Gen
eral Tung Fu Slan say the emperor
brought the rebellion upon his own
head when he published the edict
threatening the general with future
punishment. On account of his pres
ent power and influence, General
Tung Fu Sian would not permit this, -and
naturally desired to prove that
power. He has the entire Moham
medan population with him. Prince
Tuan also has a large following, while
Prince Olaskan controls tho entire
province of Mongolia. v
From 25,000 to 50,000 Killed 81neo
tho War Began.
NEW YORK, April 11. According
to a Herald special from Washington,
since the rebellion In the Philippines
60 000 men is tho lowest estimate of
the war department of the caaualtioa
sustained by the Filipino forces; 7667
rifles have been captured or surren
dered, and 65,142 rounds of ammuni
tion have been aelxed. The number ot
Filipinos killed cannot be accurately
xdetermlned. as General MacArthur ln
his dispatches states mat 11 is im
possible to be accurate on mia poiui.
it nrnniit not aumriao officials should
the Filipino fatalities reach 25,000, and
some say mat ou.uuu is ciosor 10 m
real figures.
Reconsidered by Cubana.
Havana. April 11. The Cuban con
stitutional convention today formally
reconsidered tho vote against sending
a commission to Washington, the final
vote stand n 20 in ravor or recon-
sldorlng to eight opposed. The pro-
gramme is now to appoint a corama
teo of five, who shall, in the first in
stance, wait upon Governor General
Wood, discuss the situation with him.
and ask his advice regarding tho pro
cedure necessary in tho present case
at Washington. . . '
New Coaling Station.
Washington, April 11. Tho first
United State coaling station to be
located on foreign soil has Just been
completed at Plchallnqul, on the west
coast of Mexico, and the collier Alex
ander Is now taking on 6000 tons of
coal at Baltimore to stock this latest
acquisition of the navy. The station
Is on California bay. at the extreme
end ot Lower California. A footing
was secured there many years ago
through the assent of the local au
thorities, but It was desired that tho
Mexican government should give ita
full authortxatlon to tho wotk' CO
templated by the Untied States,