The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, February 22, 1901, Image 3

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,, Talaphona, No. 141, .
FlilDAY, FK.nia AHV ' iU, w v
KMoiirs or win r
HO M Kit lntlHiR Nil. i M KKVS KVKUV
tVHhitilay vwninit. Momlwr ulll iAi
1il Itiitu-v ami iiiiumi thi-m-i'lv,' a.Yiitdiitiily.
V IkI 1 1 tin Klllulilitan lnvil.'.t to Mttii.t u ki.-ti
Ciinvi'iiliMil, K. X. W II SON .'. O. '
J. W. KK'rt AKISiN, K
Couit Imlcm-iuli'iu'tt N NO. KVIh!
n of AuutIoh, niti evory l'u"il;iv
evening at 8 o'olook.
W, It Allln, diiitit, Cooper l.l.H'k.
Buy your mill fil at th Collins null
Mran, $17 por Ion; dlmri flS pur ton.
Palmer Hrua. liavo a Imv nttt iiicm of
Kiiarnntetul pure Plymouth Kink ecits,
(or hatching pnrpue,
Mary Imil it little eaK -it wns no verv
lean, that everywhere tlmt Maty went it
himlly couM he noon; but Mdiy tl
pair of pints which Im put wit hiu net
hose, am now the ol i to ii.inlv Keen
wherever Mary kh.
When you want a phykthi,i I mlM
awl centU eaav t tnkt hii'I ilisuii(
lu efloet, m ('liiuiilnrlii,nV NoiiihWi
and Liver Tahleta VtUv I'm Sniiipl
tVw. Kvery hnx gonrnnteetl. 'For an I e
by Kirklatnl In-tnr Civ
lVtttliiina inoiilihtors iue the U't.
Cull and nee them, F. K. 'hnnt)Miei.
Annull baud of Uuirimjjlihnsl Cuts
wold sheep for le. Entitle ol 0. VV.
Leonard, Monniumh,
Newhn.'a .Heipi.'i.lo, iltunlrult
cure, K. TMralllf j,.?, bbor; keoiw u
lXm't forget to clean hoime this spring,
And when you do so, go to J. I., Stuck
ton' and get your luoe curtains and cur
pets. He h the lineal lino iu I'olk
Iook up tt. M. Vad A Co 'a reduction
stove ale,
At Uolinfiou 'a -school hooks and
chool supplies.
West Side and Weekly (Statesman,
on year, $2.
Granulated hone and ovstcr she!!
for your chickens. F. K. Chambers.
Oriler a nice dressed chicken, from
Palmer Bros, for your Sunday dinner, i
Oh lay! Wiieu you want to unite
that baby of yours look irettv. t;o to J. i
L. Stovknm'a and mt onw o( t'h.u... .t...,.lv I
white dresses for it.
An exchange remarks, in laine type,
that Philip Armour left tifty millions.
That's nothing remarkable. A man died
in Salem one day luet week iud led the
Kirkland, the druii-ir, will refund
you your money If you re not siiiMted
after using Chauitn'rlniu's Stomach and
Liver Taole's. They eure disorder f
the stomach, lilllonnc-.s, (Hmstipailoii
and headache. Price i cents. Samples
For school supplies rtiid school hooks,
go to KohuiifouV.
t.'..- :.. I .. . . v .... i ...
ror npeciai rate u l.ipincou s
Maijajtllie to suhaerihera of tlie WksI
Hum, call at the oillce.
Full line of poultry supplies at F. K.
Fresh oysters, clams, crabs, tih, etc.,
at Palmer Bros.
New laces and embroideries by tin
cart load just received at J. I-. Stock
ta'$. Mann's green laine mill at F. E.
!'s"livitr Bros, pay cash for etfgH, poul
try, etCi Call and see us.
Grass seed of sli kinds at F. K. Cham
bers. Try Moore, the Imrla-r, north fide of
"C" street, ophite Knox'a growry
store, for a hair cut or shave.
More wheat is destroyed in the fields
by too much water than from msad.
Every wheat field should be thoroughly
drained, for if not there s a liability of
theplantsl.cinglhrownoutofthegro,indlU ,tmuy Bll. ,.,,, ,lllWll ,, rjVl., on
whenever a freezing ami tiiawimroccuis. I t(l(, ji , , 1 1
J. L. Stockton has just received a lot j T(m Hpeend services at the I'nited
Of dress goods including silk flannels. .... o,,...,,,. ,.. .,,
henriettas fancy snitingH, silks, f i I k
muslins, and anvthiiikt else von want to i
niako you look pretty.
; iug.
II ,.M. Wade. v Co. will be in the le:,d
on bicycles tins season, the:r stock lias I
begun to arrive. j
Newbro's Ileipicide, the .daudrulT
cure, at E. T. Hcnkle's barber shop, 10
When In Salem and you want a good
meal don't forget to go to Strong's
Jtestaurant, whwe everything the mar
ket affords can be hud.
Lee's Lice Killer will destroy the ver
min on your poultry; it works while
they sleep. Get a can at F. K, Chain
Iters. CORDWOOP taken on subscription
at the WEST HIDE office.
This signature Is on every ho of tho ftennino
Laxative Bromc-Quininc Tawcts
the remedy that rnre a col.I In one day
You would he surprised to see the
great varietv of air tight heater displayed
on the floor'at It. M. Wa le k. CoV If
you need anything in that hue don't
overlook them.
J. H. Moore, the barber on (' street,
now bundles Newbro's terioe;.e, tbe
famous diiridruft' i tire', eiiil.irsed by' it'l
the leadif))? biirhers'of Ponhiod and all
cities in the eint. (jive it h trial ami
save your hair.
It is said that Mr. Lines w iii open up
next week in his new store a line of wall
paper, window curlixiiiH anil shades ami
poles, also all kinks of moldings for
picture frames and do general furniture
Decidedly one of the greatest acquisi
tions to Salem's business institutions
during recent years is that of the Flor
ence Sanatorium, projected and estab
lished by Dr. It. Cartwrigbt, one ol
Salem's most successful physicians and
surgeons. In all of its appointments
the Sanatorium is a nioded of modern
methods. Its equipment in of tho latest
Aiid best and the architectural design ol
ittse building is such that comfort and
and convenience blend with beauty, so
that the structure is as well an orna
iment to the city
A Family Library
The" Best In Current Literature
12 Completi Novels Yearly
$2.60 PER YEAR ; 25 CTS. A COP
jUppluUOl,!,'), .Mug.lAlUe uii lUo Whsa
felPB, one vewr 3.!i5,
Washington V lint Inlay.
Totrtorrow en-la the U'ihIhIivo regular
F. A. Dun'.y in conlluml to his home
wiili the grip, ' ' '
II. M. Lillet spent a few days In Tort-
Inn. I on liimines the past week;
Martha Waidilnuloii social toiiiulit at
Odd Fi-llotts' hall.
Frank Whiteaker i eouttnej to Ida
'), iK'illjJ ipiile ill.
The river stopped rising on Monday
and went down faaler than it came up.
M. L, iKiriia came down from iOn'ene
on fucud.iy lor a short visit.
Tho doit pidnoner ijot 0. K, Fddriile'i
do last Satuiday lilnht.
Mr. and .Mrs. J. V,. Ilubhard went to
S.len on Wednesday.
Mrs. i, L, Hawkins and sou Heriuauii
spent Vivilnesdsy at Salem.
Mr. Kinit and sister Miss Kdiih t.iues
visiiett in ralein tliiruiti a part of tlie
past -week, retiiiiiinn Saturday eveuini!.
Kov Irvine, who slatted tha Mitchell
County news, is in the eity having ar
rived her Saturday.
The Folk County Teaehem' Assoeia
Won will meet at Independence tuinur
rviw. " '
t apt. Skinner eontemplates luosint;
his family to l.ehanon, tiivuiK up the old
home to Rift sou Friiuk.
Mayor Siooktou vient to Salem on
Wednesday for a katk in on the leuisla
W. F. Coiuiiay, hnvtutf tiuished his
receivership of the Moscow hank, was
expected home last evening.
Mrs. S. K, Uaen, on Satunlay hint
i:ave a birthday party for her daughter
Mildred, and Miss VI Iveed.
Mrs. (i. V. Kutch went to Corvallis
on Wednesday intending to visit with
Mrs, Frank Lilly tho balance of the
Claude Skinner came up from Tort
laud on Tuesiiy to attend the marriage
of his brother Flank and returned on
Mrs. Kiiiiua SI;iickleford
Wolnccdav from lii'idas
arrived on
Mrs. J. U,
' ''H Mr. Hlld
CU-land, old time Irn-mls.
There is a hklthood of a liumhe'r of
people going down to Salem tomorrow
to see the end of the legislature, as the
jO. C. T. company's lonl will, if desired,
wait at Salem until midnight. Waldtiian, thu genial traveling
man, was a visitor in Independence on
Tuesday, tie sitttivs makes it ft oiiit to
hunt np old fneihls anl this tune he
didn't miss the Writ Sum.
Mr. K. It. Jamison, of Monmouth, ar
rived I'ruin Carringtoii, Missouri, on
Tuesday. He spent the winter there
and says the weather was tine, still he
was glud to gel home again.
Owen lU'aiu, representing the Albany
Athletic Club, wa in this city Saturday
ami made airingvmeiits for our team of
basket bail players to go to Albany to
meet a team there at an early date,
Mr. iiitdiop, president of the Oratori
cal Society of Monmouth, was in town
last Sat onlay to see atamt arranging (or
a eeial car from here to Corvallii at
the lime ol the oratorical contests on
the SU of Match.
I. II. Murphy lias closet! his shoe
shop mid expects to leave here some
time next month for tytass Valley, Sher
man county. Tlie family will remain
here am' Mr. Murphy will return in
the summer.
Mr. ami Mrs. A. ,1. titshniin arrived
j from California on Wednesday morning
! looking fren and happy after their six
' weeks vacal on. Thev not off the train
present on account of sickness of the
, pastor.
Keguinr service Sunday even-
Af .r rv f ,u
, ,
s','t'in, Mr, Slia Kton feels that lie is do-
UU ni.-eiy lor iieiepenuence. in mci
the West Side store is equal to any and
superior to many Salem houses in the
quality of its goods,
Zed lioseudorf had a very attractive
display in his show windows during the
week. Mrs.-Nation was there with her
famous hatchet ; a pair of Aguinaldo's
running shoes, and other articles, aji
eicMt and modern. The window was the
center of attraction and was viewed with
much interest.
The school board of district No. -1) has
called a meeting for Monday at 7 :'!() p.
in. for the purpose of electing a director
lor tlie three year term and a clerk for
one year. If it were not for the ptibli
cufiou of this by the newspapers very
few people would know il as people
don't stop to rend posted notices as they
used to. The board ought to be up to
date and print, their notices so patrons
of the school would know what, was go
ing on. ,
The names of thirty-out) utatcs
have ht.'on bestowed upon Uncle
Sum's fighting shipH. Thin state
his no reason to complain, with a
ii rut-class battlc-liif named Ore
lake LuxtUlve Itromo Quinine Tablets
All dnixgtsts refund the money if II
fails to cure. E.W. drove's signature
la on each box. Hoc.
West Side -tl
Weekly Oregonian
i)ne Year, (In advance) - - $a.oo
kittled boer for
family uso to
be had at
Hi kid Beer
CUy OmieM. .
Council nnttln regular session onTues
day evening with the mayor, the mar
shal, the rucorder and all thu council
men present.
The lluaiice commutes reported haV'
lug Investigated the imilter in regard to
bonding (he eity to the amount of MH
for the purpimn of redeeming outstand
lug warrants. The commutes recom
mended that bids be advertised for lu
the Oregonlau, bonds to be lu amount ol
fliHI each and to become due m a cer
tain date iu till I, on or before.
The marshal was directed to put new
sidewalk lu front of oily hull to cones
pond with Jrtiei son's walk now done.
The street connnlilee was sulhoiised
to receive bids to repair Jail. f
Committee on Hie and water grunted
further time to make a report,
The whisi club met at the residence
of Ir, snd Mrs, lluller last Friday eve.
liiug as the guests of Mr II. lliischbetg,
who did the honors lu a graceful and
appropriate manner.
The evening was enjoyable, ami much
skill displayed in an endeavor to w in
the and escape the Isiohy prise.
The tortuiihte and unfortunate ones
weie; Mr, and Mrs. J. K. kirkland;
Mrs Connawav and Mr. Uaniou.
This week the club meets with Mr.
ami Mis. J Iv. Kirkland,
Ihe Tax i.ey,
The tax levy for Folk couti'y this year
amounts to U mills and U segregated
as follows:
Stjite lax,,,,,. , , 6.7 mills
Scalp bulimy I "
County I -1.8 "
Schtail 5 "
fit v Independence 8 "
Special, school dial. No. 2V, , . , IU "
Total il mills
Tins county's tax is A mills higher
than last year hut as the valuation is I'D
per cent loer the taxpayeri will pay no
mote; iu fact they will pay alsiiit IO,lssi
less to the state than thev did in I
nesday, February i'D, nt the residence ol
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James
Hiltibraud, bU'UI ten miles south of
Independence, Mr, Frank M. Skinner
and Miss Pauline lliliihraud, Th
young folks will live iu Independence
and ke,.p house.
The Itiiiliiikfion koute is carrying
many tourists just now, A lew days ago
the road brought inio Molilalia II) cars
containing "u passengers Ismnd for
Washington and Oregon jHiiuts, These
came from various points in I'.uilingtou
territory, as far east ast 'hicno.
Matiatfcr Lines ol tue telephone svs
tern expects to move the nlli;o into ilui
risiin lately used by P. II Murphy,
This w ill make a much more convenient
) place as there is more room and the
force won't la crowded.
The Dallas Iteutiger savsthat Senators
Simon and .Mcllride and Congressman
Tongue have rceoin mended C O Cosd
as the nest Dallaa postmaiiter. The'e is
not among us a more capable or worthy
man for the position. He will give uni
versal satisfaction.
On lat Friday an amendment to the
city charter was minsluced in the legis
lature by Representative Hawkins al
lowing the city lo make its own sscs
tneiit and collect the city tax instead of
the present wsv whereby the eollecljng
is done by the couuty sheriff.
M. (i. Flyiin has a tine timber claim
near Falls City, lie tells the Wrar Sinn
that he is about to arrange for the build
ing of a saw- mill on this property which
is at the head of lireay creek. The mill j
will cut :tb,0RI feet daily. There is an j
abundance of yellow lir and some cedar, j
Mr Fly nn expects to find a nnirket for
his lumber along the lines of the
ern Pacific,
Fph Young has been trniiiiug for u
pom ion iu a circus tine day lasl week,
while Mrs. Young was away from home,
Kih got his pruning saw and started to
trim up the big trees about the houne,
Through some miscalculation he sawed
off the limb on w hich he was standing
and took a tumble, lo fulling, he
changed ends and dropped head tirst
until near the ground when one foot
caught iu u crotch and held him un.cii
ded. How to get out of Ibis fix wus a
conundrum. Finally a bright ides
stl lick Kph J if he could sw ing until be
reached the trunk ol the tree ho could
get free. He made a long swing itud
landed on his buck at the loot of the
tree, ilia trousers were nearly stripped
off and he was badly shaken up. It is a
safe bet that Mrs Young will not leave
Fph at home alone again any mote.
One of the beauties and charms of an
editor's lile is in his deaddieadiug il on
all occasions. No one wdio has never
tasted the sweets of that, bliss can be.' n
to hike in its glory and Its hapiiinem-.
He does worth of iiilverliaing lor a
railroad, gets a "pass" for n year, rides
fi.'i worth ami it looked upon, us a dead
head or a half-blow n (lend beat. He
puffs a concei t troupe $1(1 woiih and getw
$1 in "complliiientiiiies" nnil is ''pu-scd
free." ' If the hnJI is crowded he is be
grudged the room he occupies, for if his
coinpliiiiunliii ics were paying tickets I he
troupe would he so much iu poeket. lie
blows and puffs a church festival free to
any extent, ami does ihe poster limiting
at half ralH, and rarely gets a "thank
you" for it. It goes us part of his duty
as an editor. Ho does more work for the
town and community than all thr rest
of thu population put together mid gets
cussed for it while the iniin w ho donates
il few dollars to a 4lh of July, a baseball
club or a church, is gratefully remem
bered. Oh, it's a sweet tiling to be an
editor; ho "pusses free" you know I
A few young men of this place, tiring
of loullng around town, last week decided
to do some prospecting and accordingly
mined with u shovel and a gold pun de
cided to tackle it bur mil more than a
mile from the river bridge, The II rat
pun brought several colors to light and
alter going a little deeper they found
plenty of coitus and a few coarse pieces
of gold, one weighing 2i grains, Tlie
hoys feel sure they have found a rich bar
and us soon us the water subsides a little
will prepare to work it out, Lebanon
Tho beat Prescription tor Malaria
Chills and Ki-ver, wit bottle of Orovc's
TiiNloleHs CTTT11 Toole, f 1 1 simply Iron
and quinine, in a tu-neleis form, Mo
cure,, uo pay. Price, 6()o,
I.mlgn Jftiles,
Homer Lodge ,JSo. i1, Kiilght of I'y
thnis, inet Wednesday evening and con
fci red (dm Mint rank. -The woik was
elk and Impressively done and next
Wcdinwdsv svenjilg the joilge will give
thu second rank on the sums candidate,
The Sah'in trip h Independence K, of
P'a was declared off Its fhe bovg didn't
feel like buying one of Ihe O. It. tit N,
company's slitiinhouti. The company
only wanted $75 to make Dim sped'
tut trip, . ,
Secret societies ought not to complain
if ibev see no mention In the Wmr Hina
of their doings, A Hiinter as to what Is
going on will always find an attentive
ear. So when you have auvthinu of
Interest don't k p it to yourself, but
tell the Wgsr Sttm.
tin Monday evrtilug Prof, John 1.
Meaklu, head camp lecturer of the
Woislinen of the World, gave his lecture
"1'iail prints, Onward null I'liwanl."
The hull was well llllsd by an apprecia
live audience and the sneaker held their
attention foV over three hours. The In-
lependi'lice lodge of Wtssliueil ought to
hit iMiigtstulaied r having brought
such a Hue speaker and geutleiuaii here.
The stale ininp, Modern WtSHluien,
which met at Salem urgauh.vd by elect
iug ihe-follnw ing regular olllceut State
venetable consul, li l! llurckhart, Al
bany ; hsuki-r, II llolviu, Ashland; clerk
U McMurphy, Kugeiie; escort, C W
Meadows, I'oillanii; watchinan, 1 K
Kenton, AUi-a ; dulegates lu head camp,
J W Simmons, Oswald West, M A Mil
ler and S A lliilin. The. next meeting
of the stale camp will U held at The
Dalles. '
A seciet order In West Virginia broke
the neck uf a hew memlsr dining the
initiation ceremony Thank to modem
science, the man is said to 1st "doing
well," Vet it might bit proper to sub
stitute a broken leg or even a fractured
skull for the present reitiireiiteul, w hicli
is apt to Ih fatal. Here III Independence
not i long ago, during "drgiee Work"
in one ol the lodges, one ol the "team"
itot his pitol (loaded with blank carl
ridges) loo chaie to h candidates anat
omy and Ihe wad in the gun torn a hole
in the piMir fellow's fleshiest pari so that
he was unable to sit sitarely on a chair
for many weeks,
Iiupi'ioliig Stock.
Along the line ol suggestion that the
t sr Suns has la-en making In regard
lo the advisahiMty of the limner here
lu impiove their herds of slock by Intro
ducing tlie better clusses uf animals
from the eastern stales, we learn that
Mr Ilnschlterg, who i heavily interest
ed in slot k and lauds iu this coiinlT, has
alioiit decided to have a couple of tine
blooded bulls sent here Iroiii the I.sdd
farm ' in Wanhington county. . Mr,
Iliisi'liberg's i'lea Is lo encourage the
farmers and to that end he will have the
animals brought to this point. He
thinks jimt now of bringing in stin k of
the Hereford and Jerey bleed.
Drew in d.
Ira Del!, sou of Captain llell, of the
steamer Kulh, watchman on the Isist,
was drowned shout 10 utiles above In
dependence, alstut f) o'cha-k Saturday
morning. On the way up alter leaving
independence thu boat struck a susg. It
was thought that arhaps a hole hud
been made iu the bow, and Watchman
Jloll, taking a Janteru, went dow n into
the hold to examine the bout. Finding
a li-nk he went alsiv and not i lied two
hands w ho Immediately dressed. They
found Hell's lantern on the Moor of the
holt), but Hell was not to he found. Thu
indications were thai on his way back to
the hold in the dark he stum hied against
a pile of wood, falling off into the river,
probably lie'ug pulled at once under the
boat, lie could not swim. Il Was t
datk lo hunt for him at the time, Cell
was it young mini alaml 2H years of ago j
and resided with bis lather In Portland.
He wan unmarried.
VYIuil i would you do If taken with
colic or cholera nimbus when your j
phyHleiaii s away from home ami the
drug stores are closed? After one such
emergency you will always keep Cham
berlalu's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Iteniedy In your home; but why wait
until the horse Is stolen before locking
tho stable? For sale by tlie Kirkland
Drug Co.
Semi Me Their Names,
ThoiiMiimU of Kuatcru tcoplo will
take advantage of the cheap rates tolbt)
Northwest lu e fleet every Tuesday from
February I- to April !10
They are ihe lowest In years.
If you have nny friends w lioare talk
ing Uf coining West, send inn their
iiiniies mid I will have our representa
tives look them up IiiiiiIhIi tlieui with
advertising mutter reserve berths- see
that they have a ipiick ami comfortable
trip. A. C. Siua.noN,
(ieueriil Agent,
H t l-;i() Ilui llngton Konle, Portland'
Inquiry is often made as lo how to re
move warts from cows and horses. It is
said that a mixture of salt and castor oil
rubbed frehly on warts every oilier day
for a short tune, will eniiiely remove
theui without sores or pain. Don't net
discouraged, but Keep putting iljm from
10 to .'10 days. Warts will disappear,
imd you will wonder when.
Iu Oregon.
Millions of acres of the best lands left
iu thu gift of the government are In
Oregon. Soil that yitdds from three to
live harvests of wheat (or onu seeding
iu Oregon. Over 2(1,000,000 acres ol for
ests, that produce Irom 25,000 to 250,000
feet of timber to the acre in Oregon.
Pastures that turn out tjoO-poiind sheep
anil 2200 pound cuttle iu Oregon. More
than 11,01)0 , square miles of mineral
lands, rich as the richest in Colorado,
California or the Klondike in Oregon,
A cliinnte thul, is unsurpassed -no win
ter cold, no summer heat, no blizzards,
no drouths and no crop failures in
(begun. '
Oregon is reached directly and quickly
by t he New York Central lines and their
immediate connections,
A copv of "Hound the World via New
York and Niagara KiiIIh," will he sent
free, post-paid, on receipt of a postage
stamp by Oeorgo II. Daniels, O. P. A.,
New Yoik Central Railroad, Grand Cen
tral Station, Nuw York.
The I'li'sl. Niitlniiiil Hank of Ind penitence,
Oi'i'uoli, Uiealeil ill liulupimileniai In Ihe HI. tie
oi l ll'ivon, In elnsilis; lip Us lllb'lM. All mile
linlili'i'M unit orlicrn, 'ereilllorn ol tin, iisMiieie
Hon, aie Inci'tiliii'ii lit-riiliy lnitllleil to present
the inii h am! other eiaiins iikuIuhI, l.lio usi
elation I'ur p.iyai' iil . J. b. Oooi'KH,
lat4 UeoeuilwriM,tXk . fissiilont,
Mrs Harriet Hintletl died hu Thursday
afternoon at the home of her daughter,
Mrs; Adams, nt thy .ago ojKIl years au;
l mouths, IM'iwuhI had Iwhjii lli for i
long lime, She was the mother of , Mr.
J, B, Mouib. Thu funeral look place on
rridity, iniermeut being lu the Odd
Fellow's ccmeteiy, Despite ihs storm
of wind and lain, a giaslly number of
friends attended.
Airs. Ituiilett was born near Savannah
(iu,, and came to Oregon in 1875, having
conte here from Iowa, and had lived in
I'olk county for lbs past 7 years. Shu
was' pensioner of thu government, her
husband having been in the lllackliawk
war,' lit sides Mrs. Mary V. Adams and
Mr, Joint N, Moore, two oilier children
survive deceased) they are Owen M
lUrtlett, of this clly, and Mrs. Klla M
Kelly, a resident of Ml. Ayr, Ringgold
county, Iowa
llulhii (.mil Muiw n' Smci'i ss.
The goal show at I'allus last Thursday
was a great viieeess, iKilwillistiiuding the
disiigieeahle weather, Cain Kill more
oi less all dav, bin a huge ciowd til visit
or and evluhiiois lliionged the building
from IrtoVlock uiiiil night The exhibit
was fa I in advance of that of any fonuer
show, In the (jiniliu of the stock ns well
Ms ill MUliiheis, A considerable Uitinlier
ol the goitta w hich took,, premiuni.) were
sold, minium in price liom (II to lt)().
Twenty-five thoiouj-libieds were on
exhibition end colilcriiiig t( i gener
ally lrevd that next jest's shoW: uilisl
have larger buildings, and lu all roha
tnliiy rlieep, poultry, tmg, and Mii.ib'y
laltluand hoists, will lm made a part of
tint show,
The coiiimiiiee on premiums were!
Albeit Voiikuio, of SneridallJ lieorge
llouk, ol l'iugenc, and J. W. Uraig, of
hcliiHd Itcpurl.
The following Is the roll of honor if
the Monmouth public school for the
mouth beginning Jan. II, Phi), ami end
ing Febiiluiy X, p.KII j
Third grade, - Alien Ilvdwoll, Itrena
Fourth grade, -Delia layers, Lester
Murphy, Douglas Crow ley, Clelus lluller,
Fifth griVle. David Campbell, Ilertha
Ohms, Clay horn Taylor, tiliylord thai
frey, Warieti Aflen, Marie Sinalf, llerths
Sixth grade. Catherine Campbell,
Lthel Mack, Ralph Lucas,
Seventh grade,-llessie Overholliter.
.F.lghth grade,-Holds Allen, Llsie
Pitney, Norma Daniel, Daisy Davis.
Ninth grade, Fannin Zicgler, Clara
Ireland, '
I'sttTiH I.r.Msstiliia, Secretary.
l-'orly'su 11, Ti itudn weie sold at utic
lion ai the stock yards at Kansas City,
Mo., at an average of $170 a hi ad. The
highest price paid was f.ilH), for cow,
Perfection Maid, which was bought by
the Kansas Stale Agricultural college at
Manhattan, Leonora, a heifer, also
owned by Steele Hroa., sold 'or $SSI
between aSX
H,ir: ami nKKVFU. w
Tim lneieae iu trainw-oiitlnental
truvel by way of Halt Lake City It) win.
settieuce of the scenic ami other attratv
lions of (he route bus recently Justified
the Hio (irandrt Western lUllway In
connection with tho Denver ami lilo
tiiaude and Colorado Mbllaiid rail
roads says the Salt Lake Tribune, In
elablUhtig a triple dally fast passen-
ger service between Ogdeii an iVnver
All of I hew trains are equipped with
lljo latest applbuices, liuprovetiieiits
and cam. This road now oierate
throtigli sttvpera la-lweeu Chlcngo, Og
deii and Sun l''ranescn, also a perfect
dining car service. Send c ponWigf for
literature, rat-s or other luforiimtloti.
Vot pamphlets descriptive of the
"OreabSult Lake Koine" apply toJ.D.
Manstield, tfeneiai Agent, i's'I Wash-
inglon, Portland.' or lieo. W, Ileiiita,
A. ti. J
A., Salt Lake City
Orchestra Ihincc.
A delightful time was had at ihcojiera
house Saturday evening ihe occasion be-
iug a dance by the orchestra club. The
music war. goisl and everyone enjoyed a
good lime. The next dance will be given
on Saturday evening, March 2d.
Tlie Florence Sanatorium,
Stile iu, Oregon.
A llrat-oli"H private bospllnl for the
treatment of chronic and surgical.
Itiilli during the past year l-Hpeclallv
for the purpoxu for which It Is tiseil.
Conveniently located within four
blocks of the business part of the clly.
The moat modem rui'iilxbings and . lut
eal apiilluii' i's throughout the building
Heated by hot water; lighted by gas
mid electricity. Here the sick can have
the comforts of an elegant private
home, with all the advantages of a
general, hospital. Outside physicians
bringing 111 pullcuU treated will) tlie
greatest courtesy, and assisted In opera
tions if iviilesled,
For let on iiiul further Information
write or apply personally lo
j, it. CAItl WUK1HT, M, I),
Vldtois welcomed from 2 to 4 1. M.
WASTHilt.l'apalilH, relmiiln prrociu in
every tu. mi t.v to represeel laran eiimpan.v oi
Bull, I rliiuin-lai I'l'intiulton; Slim Mihiry pi t.M'iil',
paynlile weakly; S.I per ilny uliMiliiiely 'moc
anil a lupi'ii-i'.; M i iiIkIi!, ImiiiiUIiIh, iletlnlli.
Nullity, nn comitilN.inii' Hillary puttl en li
Miiiiniliiy nnil tupt'iinc lie Hie. ...i vioireil t-iielt
wnli. : KI'.VNIiAKLt lltiPHIi;, il.: lieailmrn
Kt,, CIlieiIKO,
! ; To (he Dour.
A rich lady cured of her deafness
and noises in tho head by Dr. Nichol
son's Artillchd Kur Di'inns, gave $10,000
to his Institute, so that deaf people un
able lo procure tho eardrums may have
them free. Address No. Ii51!)4-c, The
Nicholson Institute, ,780, Eighth
Avenue, New York, U. 8, A.
acler to ilsllvar anil cnlleiiUa (iremui for old
eKtalillnlliit inaiiiiliuiliii'liiK wIioIuhhIii Iiou.hii
f.KHia year, Hurn pay. Honesty mora lliant-x.
perluiiiia ri'iiilreti. Our reference, uny honk
in any clly. KiicIimu afU'-aihlruHHctt staitipeil
etivelnps. Maniilaeliirtii's, Tliltil floor, Hill
Dcarliorn Ht., Clilcax".
'J'hrl .Vmk KiliUon
Tho , prcHlilniitltd cumimlgii In over
lint tint world goes on Just the same
and it Is full of tiews. To learn this
news, just us it Is promptly and lm
partially all that you have' to do in to
look in the columns of the Thrlce ii-
VVeek edition of the New York World
N hicli comes to the subscriber 15(1 times
a year.
The Thrice-u-Weck World's diligence
lot a publisher of tlrst news hii given
It circulation wherever the Kngllsli
hiiigmige Is spoken and you want it,
'I'lm Thrice n-Week World's regular
subscription price is only $1 per .y ear.
We 'oiler tins inieiiiuTed newspaper
and the 'Ww rfnm together one yeur
for W..,- , . '
Tho iegulur subscription price of the
two papers Is $2,60,
How's This t '
Wtoiriu1 tine leiSrsi Hoi ma llwsol for
aiitr .(; I iu. ,M uiut ciiioioi tin eurril liy
llall'a t S a ih I on,. '
V J.I lie.MCV CO., I'ni., ToIimIo, (. .
Wn, tiis uh.. .. m i) nuvKkiiowil I-, h Diaa
Iti'yfiar iiR la i l fiti ,'iiiel liivu lili r.
(.ol iv k,i,,, j ,.. i rt all imkIsji 4sita Ion
nil lluaueliiliy nlile hi our imh olitiK.
Ih.ti. mail.i hy nn'trfflliT.
IVbitCIou, jMjU..a-b utisi i, Toleitii, 0.
W ail Ml Mit. KlN t MOIV , ttliole.ullltliUS
tjmln.Tnb'ila,, II.
Hull uin.i 0 Cum u 1 1W01 Itilv as'ly, tel.,
Inn ill'1'.'ll y iiiil it,,) Iiliio,) a .nl iiiiieiiini iii--
fnei-11 nl Hip ftvtum, i 7.S- H-r iul In. fiolt
li all ilriiumia, I i.ii,,iil.o. Ion.
llall'a l-i. inl'v till r ilia U .l.
It Is a Very coininoii error among far
innia to keep hens until they become, too
old for profit. Many am kept much be
yond the profitable stsge, Mo.t hens
will lay as many eggs the second sum
mer as at any tliutt but after that they
are doubtful layers and should twills-
Kised of, In many Instances whole
flocks are allowed to run without killing
off the old ones" the result of which Is
few eggs lu proportion to tint number of
hens and nnue disease in tlie thick, Old
hun usually become buy and fat, A
good pin ii Is to keep enough pullets for
laying and sell the old fal hens.
Mitsui Cutarrli pii"iily yields to treat
ment ly J'.ly s ( ream imlui, which is ugre.
uUy sroiniitli). It in roocivud through tho
liosli'ils, cleanses mi l heals tlm whole stir.
fact over which it diffuse itm.lf. Druggists
II tho fUc. si.": Jtml si.o by mini, jo
cents. Tst it and you are sure to coiitiuus
thu treatment.
To socoiiiino'liiUi thorn who are partial
to tin um of nU'tu).i-r In iipplyinu liiiuiils
into Ihs unanl ii.hi.'iis for cit'iri)utl truu-
tiln, thn proprieliirs prepars Crmuii liahn kt
liuiiiil lonn. whirl! will ixi Uiuwtt as's
1 .i. i ti 1.1 Ci.-iun i;,iltn. Piicn including tho
Spraying tulw I 7Sesnfs, lrttf;f;ist or by
iiisii. net liquid form emmiin tne iiina-
iclual jirupurties of the solid preparation.
.Medio, rl (,'alus it IS.
So much disHatisfaction was rtianlfect
ed wllh Jhn census returns for Medford,
as given by the government cintineralor
that a new census was taken by the
Med lord Mail, with the result that
gain nf ti)H in the jMipulatiou of the city
was made. The June census gave 17111,
while the new census gives the city 2I(M)
which sntiiles it(u a place in the '.IXsl
and over list.
Danger of Colds ami Latirlppe.
The greatest danger from colds and
la grippe Is their resulting In pneumo
nia, If resonnhlM care Is lined however
and Chainberluiii's Cough Remedy t.
ken, all danger will Is- avoided. A lifting
the tens of thousand who have used
this ren edy for them' djseaaea we have
yet to learn of a sliigleen iculUlig iu
pneumonia, w hich show coiicluaively
that It Is a certain preventive of that
dangerous malady. It will cure a cold
or an attack of lu grlpta in les time
than any other treatment. It Is safe
and pleasant to take. For sale by the
Kirkland Drug Co.
Last Saturday the river was i ver ten
feet altove low water, having risen ball
that amount the previous night. The
Jones ferry was unable to cross and was
tied Up will of the way of the flood.
The Irl It. Hicks IU01 Almanac.
Whatever may be said of the aclen
title causes upon which tho Hev. Irl K
iiicks itaa nis yearly lorecasisor storm
and weather, It U a reiuarkablu fact
I lia t SH'ltlo waiulngs of every great
storm, ins nl, coui wave and drouth
liavo been plainly printed lu his now
fwiiouf Almanac for many years. The
latest ktartliug proof of this fact was
tlie ileal nrel loo or (iulveston, Texas, ou
the very day named by Prof. Hicks lu
hi lissi Almanac, as one of illas(er by
storm along the gulf coasU. The l'Hll
Almanac, by far the finest, nuwl com
plela ami beautiful vet published, Is
now retoly. This remarkable book of
near 200 pages, splendidly illuatraled
wllh charts mid half-lonea, goes aa a
premium to every subscriber who pays
one dollar a year for Hicks' Journal,
Word and Works. The Ainmuac alone
la sent prepaid for only 2 ic Order from
Wont and Works Puhllihlug c iinpany
22111 laoeiint street. St Louis, Mo.
Notice to Waler ('utiitiiiicrs.
It is neither honest nor honorable for
water consumers to allow their bibbs to
run in weather, and hereafter
any party or parlies allow ing or permit
ting such waste upon their premises
will have the same charged up at meter
rules. Tinted your pipes at your own
expense not ours.
IndeH-ntlence A Monmouth
tf Water and Klecuio Light Co.
I"re Ut liivriiiin a.
Tiivxpcrti.-Mi-e ef ", A. MnowtkCo. In obtain
ing morn Hunt ;si,ihk pnii nn for Inventora itaa
I'liiililmt Hum lo lu-lptiitly answer iiiatty ipiea
lion, relalliiii to liie pnili uliuu of Inlelleeliinl
properly. 'I Int. tliuy have done la a pamphlet
IrcitlltiK tirtt-lly tit bulled Hlalea aunt loreifln
pali'til-, wllh cost ul -aine ami Imw io pro-urn
lln'iii; I rail,' ma-ln, ilesitiiH, eairnla, I nl rl line
iiieiilM, ilenlalona in li-a,llu( paleiu eaarn, eUi.
'I" li 1 w in i I I ot w ill lie imi I I ree lit auvoitc
wrtiliui to (J. A. Snow i Co., Wtulilnglon, i.C
Sunlliein Cullforiilii. '
Notable among the pleasure n Horded
by ihe Shasta Route, is the winter trip
to Soul hern California ami Arlouu
Renewed acipmlriteuce with this sec.
lion will ever develop fresli points of
liilereti and ttdded sources of enjoy
ment, under its sunny skies, in the
variety of Its Industries, In its prolific
vegetal ion aud among Iih uumbeiless
resorts of inoiintiilu, shore, vullry and
plain. '
The two ibiilv Sliasiu trains from
Porilufid to ' 'iili'foi ni.'i hnvtt been re
cently cipiliped with the inoit npprov-.
etl pattern of nt-itnl-ird '.'ntid loiirist
sleeping ciiia, but the low fules of fare
wlU slill continue In fleet.
Illustrated guides to thy winter re
sorls of Ciillfoi'tihi Hi-id Al i.onu may lie
had on application to
C. 11. .MARK HAM, O. P. A.,
JVrllnml, Oregon.
W. 0. Shannan,
Main Street, Independence
Buy Watches of
Jewelers aad Opticians, '
"'' '-. ..'"Sii.n-. ' ,
Thurston Lumber Company,
Dallas, Oregon. -
... i''';;.t',"";',-"i;,MANUyACTU(lgpit or;;
' Dry tftock alwnyn on Hand, also Cedar Shingles. '
' N OTIC: -We hv a first-class dry kiln which ensblea us Ut !
otighly dry iuuits-r. j
Cbangcablo weather between iwo seasons encour
age your chronic troubles and inflicts upon you
much petty nick new. JJetter ward it off. 10 cents
might prevent it when $10 wouldn't euro it.
('oiiio to us to have your prencriptions filled, and
for everything kept in r, well regulated drug store.
! J'b
Davidson & Hedges, Props.
Cigars, Cjgarm, Tebaecoa
first Class Soda Fountain In con
nection. The Castle
Keep tntiNlitutTy on lmtnl a Hue
assortnuufc of
Also the famous Hop Gold Beer.
EI). GALl;, Proprietor.
Kutch's Barber Shop.
Iiidi'jH'iiih'ni'tt Oregon
Onh ami lUnhletice Corner feullroad
Motimouth Htret'ta,
Dun P. Stouffer.
.Miiin SlriM't IktMitH, Oregon
. TO
By the commodious
Leavca Portlnnd dally excent Bun-
day at 7 a. iu. ;
i I hla Id the Great 8ceulo Route. All
tourmtH admit that the soouery on the
M Uhl 1c Cohnuhln la not excelled for
ta'uuty and grandeur In the United
Siatca. Full Information by aihlreaa
lug or enllliiK on '
0. U. THAYER, Agt.,
Tel. 014. Portland, Or
anvllilng von Invent ortniprorej alao erl ADE-M ARK, COPYRIGHT or DESIGN
PH01ECTI0N. Hvnil modol, nki'U'h, or photo,
for (Yea eiaminniinn and sdvire.
BOOK ON PATENTS fi-e before patent.
ft M ORIafwMur O afwaA
to VlHf 0111 WW OX 11
rattrnt Lawyers. Washington, D.C.
Trade Marks
a,- M-f Uioiuno
Anrnno anndlng a akotoh end deaorlptlon mf'
quliiklr lumiriiihi our opltilou free wliniliar an
InvHiiiInn la prnlinlily pamitahla. Coninuinlra
tloiiaatrlctlymiiillilBiillal. lliuntboolton Cateuti
nl fniB. Oldnat airnimy fur aoi'iirlnn imtonta.
I'alniita iHkim tlmiuuh Miiini A to. reoelre
qwrlul nut it e, without olmrue. In tha
Scientific American.
A hnitaomlr lllwatmtod weakly.
l.anraat dr.
onliitlitn nf hut atiliuitltlo lonrtlAl.
'lurnia, fit a
roiir; rnur, f L. sum nyau newaui'inera.
36 1 Broadway. NoUl Yflflf
j. iiuir i via
Hrnnon omon. tra a' t.. WMninuinn. n. u.
Send your business direct to Wnahlngton,
saves lime, costs his, bettor servlvu,
- My oHra ck ta tj. I. ratant OlSoa. FREE praHmla
ary .lamlnntliin. naita. Atty'a tea not dna until patent
laarnnrad. l'BKBONAL ATTENTION llIVKN-.n Vtian
jAOTWAI.i;XPliKrr.N!K. Book "HovrtooMalnrl.nt.,"
J alo., aent fraa. P&tenta throoih B. 8. Bltinra
w.Miuu. Miiaa, u an.
utiuwtiKH mtmuiiy wcatn yarvenni, 91. yenr.
r m
Shasta Route. '
Train Imvm lntepeo1ono for Portland and
way aimiciiia ai i:m p. iu.
lor Curvallt at I ISO
I. Portland....;....
I.v A I lain r
Ar Aablaud ,
" Bu Kraucuwo....
" Onilen
" Denver
" LIjIohko
I SO a. m.
Vi m p. m.
, 12JHa.m.
, hiu p. m.
7:14 p. m.
,. S:4Sa.m.
. Mi m.
. 7ifta. m.
. 7:&a.m.
T-ff) p. m.
10:.'i0 p. in
4:&ia. m.
S;14a n
a. m
80 a. m
6:U0 p. m
6:SUa, m
V0 1. m
t-:a p. b
: a. m
lztap. m
!a AuKdliai.,.
Kl Paaaa
Karl Worth ,
Ity of Muxlco
Nuw Orlcaiu ,.
Stw Vurk
l:'p. m.
t it) p. m.
:sua. m.
f J a. m.
:2 p. m.
B:W a. m.
Pullman and Ton rial can on both train!
C lr c.raHinraiiienUiUiOKiliinand El faM
and Uaurlal car Ui Clilcao, Bt. IaOUia, JeT
urlcana and Waabloflon.
ConnwtlnK at Han Pnnielaoo with mam
t-umhi lintia tot lionululu, Japan, Ctilna
iM.lllt.t.l..... I'.,t.ul .n.l U.....U A ... ,
KeaMn.f. A. Wilcox at lndenandeiuw Hi.
Hon, oraddrvaa
General Paaaenft-er Aguul Portland, Or. ,
Corrected to data.
Vtmrmt Indrptinl- Uim Airlla tor
ence lor Munmnulh M saa o t h aad
ud Airlla.
7iW a. a.
3: SO a, an.
S:Oa a. m.
Loavaa Iadpad-
I.aya Uatlaa for
iaM fur Monmouth
loauaota aad la-
deaeaiiiMcai. .... .
and Dallam,
TitS p. m.
' 1.-0 p. aa.
Lr Maaaaala
Laavaa Moninoolh
tor laaaaaadaaea.
; tS a. aa. .
; liMaa.
' 1.4 aa...
. 0.aa a.
. .. p. at.
LaavM IndvMind-
for Airlla.
7:S0 a. m.
9:S0 f. m.
Lcavva Monmouth
for trallaa.
lt:0 a. m.
7:30 p.m.
noa rbr Honmoatk-
. ioa p. nu
or From Inaupeuaenoa from
Hwclal Kt- Worth. Omaha,
trOOam KanaM (';ty, St. 80p.m
vlllunu l'i'. Chicago and WPm
lngton tMV-
Mpm VSorlhOrnahaKan- gio am,
vlalfunt. "y. H- t"l.
HtPaul Walla Walla, Lewla-
Fast Malt ton, Hpokane, Mln- .
li.tH) a iu neapults. Hi, Pant, 7 a. m.
via lHiliitli.Mllwaiikee,
BtHikane Ohlcaito and Kant.
1 From Portland.
. a
all tailing datoa tub
a n m J0' to ohange .
pm Kor oanKrauciiVxi- P-m.
- Sails every 6dayi
JS Columbia Rlrar "
m ? Steamara. P-m.
SatKrdHy To Atria and Way-
111 p ni Laudiuns.
Ta m WlllameMo and
rne'xn'ur '"h' ltlvBr" jj"
audSaU Oregon City. Dayton, dftt
aud Way-Landlngg rrk ,
WUIametta Rlrar. 4:90 p.m.
TS' rtlajidtoCorvat...
aud W'ayUuidlngs ana in,
K'i't1'."' "8naka"RIer. Lv. LewU
5:,a.m. ton, daily
l' II' ttlparlato LewUton. 9 a. ni.
Siciamera to Portland from Indepeodanoa
MiUoi leaves Oorvallla for Portland Mondays
"tuinmnHiiiiii rnoHys noa m, paamna
IndeHiidvnpa at 9 a in. Keturniuc, leaves
Portland Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days, pausing, ludependenoeai 8am
Kuth leaves Independence for Portland Tuea-
unya, iniirsuni'8 aim Hainrdayt at Sam.
Humming leaves Portland lor Independence
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at S m
arriving at Indepeuduuoe at 8 p m.
Al HERREN, Agent,
independence, Ore.
Steamers Altona and Pomona
Will leave Independence
avMY Mr, Sunday
excepted, at 7:00 a. m., for ,
For Freight oi Passage ap
ply on boardtbe boat, or to
XndepQ(lenoe . OraQtk