The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, October 12, 1900, Image 2

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If. A.C. BRANT, Editor Mid Proprietor.
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Thrt won t h ...
Now that the Uormima have t
last reached China, the empress
will find that they take a long time
in getting away. That is one of
the characteristics Vhat have made
the Geruiatj aruie dreaded.
Senator llanna has discovered
that, although there are no trusts,
yet they reduce prices all along the
line. The senator has an agile
mind.. ,
The Republicans must bo hard
up for issues when they try to make
one out of the fact that Chairman
Jones owns an interest in the
manufacture of machinery for mak
ing the round cotton bale. This is
no more a trust than the ownership
of any patent machine is a trust.
Bourke Cochran, who triveled in
a private car and required as many
attentions as a prima donna at re
publican expense four years ago,
and who travels in a private car
and requires as many attentions as
a prima donna at Democratic ex
pense this year, is making speeches
in the campaign on account of his
fear that corporate wealth is ac
quiring too great power in the Unit
ed States.
. o
Thomas Jefferson seems to have
been a most prolific old gentleman
There are few orators on either side
of the fence, who cannot bolster
their arguments by a quotation
from Tom.
We should like to inquire how
the Hon. Sam Jones can expect to
carrv Ohio for Brvan, when he
couldn't carry it for himself.
it ft
The Honorable Jim Corbett e'e-
clares that his character ia so well
know that his trip across the Allan
tic in company with a personage
who shall be nameless, call for no
explanation. He is quite right.
It is.
ft ft ft
Senator llanna may not be much
of an orator but as a "debt raiser
he is a jim dandy. He takes up
the largest collections of any speak
er in the United States.
ft ft ft
The Jacksonville Times says that
Binger Hermann ranks with the
best speakers in the United States
in the opinion of the forest rangers
and his other appointees.
ft ft ft
The following local appeared in
the Albany Democrat Tuesday and
is the kind of an item ttiat knocks
all the consistency out of the Demo
crats editorials: "Idle men are
scarce and many of the farmers find
it difficult to gt men to help put
in their fall crop." This was not
the cry four short years ago.
ft ft ft
Says the Orange Judd Farmer:
"Good prices for hops again 1 A
short crop at fair values is more
satisfactory to all concerned than
an over-production at ruinous
prices. Orange Judd Farmer's com
pliments to our hop growers in
Wisconsin, Ohio, Washington, Ore
gon and California, Time they had
a little money again."
ft ft ft
Everything points to higher win
ter prices for dairy prodacts. East
ery farmers are contracting their
milk for shipment to market at an
advance of to yic per quart over
last winter's prices. No less ad
vance should be accepted by farm
ers who ship milk to Chicago, St.
Louis, Omaha, Denvty, San Frau
cisco or other western cities.
Orange Judd Farmer.
Has Mr. Carnegie's declaration
for McKinley anything to do with
the action of Secretary Long in de
cidine to reconsider the bids of
armor made by Mr. Carnegie's fact
ory, which were rejected sometime
back on the ground that they were
ft ft ft
Some politicians don't seem able
to know when they have reached
the enemy's country.
No one really believeB that Cro
ker has been promised a cabinet
post if Bryan if elected and nobody
believes he wants such a place. But
no one doubts that he will control
New York patronage if he carries
the state for Bryan, and the latter
ft ft ft
The attack on Roosevelt in Colo
rado was entirely indefensible. So
was that on Bryan at" Yale some
years ago and so was the throwing
' of rotten eggs at him in Chicago
about the same time.
Several hesitators have climbed
down off the fence of late." Ex-
President Harrison, ex-Secretary
Carlisle, and Andrew Carnegie are
the most conspicuous. Cleveland
and Reed w till doubtful.
Washington, D. C, Oct. 1.
It Is now up to Germany to make
another play in the Chinese gnme.
Having only got the positive sup
port of Austria and Italy in its first
play, which consequently counted
for nothing, Germany will probably
be certain of stronger support from
the powers before making another.
There have Iwen no new develop,
ments in Washington during the
past week, unless the talk of the
Chinese minister to the U. S. may
bo considered such. He wishes the
U. S. to assqine the role of media
tor between the jmwers and China,
and he is doing considerable talk
in r. atmut it. He is smart, too. He
is putting forth the argument of
dollars and cents in favor of the
idea. He says it is the only sure
way to prevent the dismemberment
of the Chinese Empire, and that if
dismemberment takes nlace the
open door to American trade will
bo speedily closed forever What
ever else they may be there it no
doubt that the Chinese are 'capable
diplomats. ,
Although it is little more than a
month to election day, the politi
eians have not succeeded in work
ing up anything like the usual ex
citement at this stage of the cam
puign. They claim everything, but-
are really up in the air, so to speak
themselves as to what the result
will ho, so far as heing able to pro
duce any tangible foundation for
their claims, and they fear that 1
the people are too busy to do the
ordinary campaign shouting, they
may also bo too busy to vote
From iho best obtainable evidence.
sifted without prejudice, it seems
almost certain that control of the
house will go with the presidency
if Mr. McKinley is re-elected, his
party will elect a majority of the
house, if Mr. Bryan is elected, his
parly will have the house. The
uncertainty about the presidency is
largely owing to the belief that the
vote is going to be much snialle
than it was in 1800, when the whole
country was wirked up to fever
Ex-Congressman Dungan of Ohio,
is one the expansionists who be
lieves like Senator Beveridge, that
America is destined to rule a big
portion of the world. He said, in
a speech in Washington: "George
Washington was the first American
expansionist, when he took by force
land that France had a title to. In
my opinion title is fixed only by
the survival of the fittest, and that
is why America is going to rule the
earth. There is just one American
people, whoBe h"arts beat for their
flag and their country, and they
will stand by the man who is fittest
to lead them."
Secretary Long, who has author
ity to contract for the armor ro
quired for war ships now in the
course of construction, at what he
considers a reasonable price, lie
lieves that ho can reach an agree
merit with the three companies
which submitted the bids that were
rejected because the price wa too
high. Ho has talked the matter
over with representatives of the bid
dersthe Carnegie, Bethlehem and
Midvale Steel companies and wil
hold further conferences with them
He doesn't wish to exercise the au
thority conferred updn him by con,
gross to establish a government
armor-making plant, unless com
pelled to do so.
The post office department
after the neglectful and insuflicient
postmasters with a sharp stick. In
a general order sent to every post
master in the U. 8., the following
lanuuaL'e is used: "The number of
postmasters who failed to send pro
per reports with Blubs of manifold
receipts for the quarter ending June
30, lust, is astonishing, when it is
considered that postmasters are
recommended for appointment be
cause of their exceptional 'fitness,
ability, intelligence, diligence, and
punctuality.'" the order warns
the delinquents that there is trouble
ahead of them if they, don't do
. Senator Morgan, of Alabama,
whose conservative opinions have a
high value, is in Washington. He
said of the coal strike: "I don't be
lieve that the mining troubles in
Pennsylvania and other sections
will cut much figure in the election
As for the charge that the Demo
cratic committee was influential in
bringing out the order for the gen
eral strike, I don't believe it. Either
party would fight shy of getting
mix'jd up in such a matter. It will
bo over and cut no figure in Novem
ber, I believe from the outlook."
The figures showing the business
done by the post office department
in money orders during the last
fi?cal year are eye openers. . The
money orders issued amounted to
$255,670,027.98, and the money or
ders paid to $249,120,285.82, a total
of $504,790,313.81', being an incroase
over- the previous year of $02,306,-
849.58, or more than 14 . per cent.
This broke all records of the postal
service both in the amount ol in
creaso and in the percentage of in
crease and tells its own story of tire
proppcrity of our people.
- '
Prom our Regular Oiirrtotuli'n.
Parii, Franco, Sept. 17.
The question of roost political In
terest at the moment here is which
of two feelings, not to say two in
terests, will influence the French
government in its far eastern policy
tho alliance with Russia, or the
oft-repeated promise of Franco to
act in concert with the collective
powers. With the mass of the peo
tile the first feeling is by far the
stronger and in the end will pro'
bahlv prevail because, while the
ministry strongly desires to keeji
its plighted word, at any rate to
the world's ear, its fear of falling is
stronger still and oportuuism will
therefore rule its councils. Fremiti
ministers are of far too fragile
kind to risk knocking against the
iroii'pot of (wpular sentiment when
floating down the stream of polities,
aud particularly when, as in this
case, the ministers, as men, heartily
sympaltmo with popular predilic
tion. Whether the alliance with
Kussh can be called an interest ns
regards China is highly doubtful.
Controversy is always rife, even in
France, as to whtH her tho alliance
is of material benefit to that court
try or not; whereas it is pretty cer
tain that France is likely to get far
more of tho Chinese pickings from
tho powers collectively than from
Russia standing alone or in opposi
tion. Many iwuplo hold thut the
French aro simply "spoiling" for
war, and that once tho exposition
closes she wilt invite or make one.
Certainly, if she now throws in her
lot with Russia, there will be no
small chance that the longing will
lie gratified since exceedingly deli
cate complications are bound to
I was on tho way to the Chinese
and Japanese sections of the ex
position the other day when I was
diverted from my purpose by the
attractions of the Catholic mission
building. It is certainly one of the
most interesting and horrifying in
the .show. As you push back the
heavy curtains at the entrance you
find yourself in a dimly lighted
hall with wax work scenes on either
hand and visitors gliding fearfully
about. One of the scenes all of
them by the way are marvelously
lifelike snows an old missionary,
gaunt aud pale, but with the fire of
religious enthusiasm in his eyes,
seated on a chair, with a bible on
his lap, at the "very mouth of
loaded cannon to which an Arab is
about to spply the fuse. This is a
Jean do Vacber who in 1638 was
blown from the cannon's mouth in
Algeria for refusing to forswear
Christianity and adopt the creed of
Mahomet. Another group even
more horrible, is that of which the
chief figure is Monsignor Borio, who
in 1830 was decapitated at Tonkin,
but not till the sword of tho execu
tipnor had fallen seyon times. The
bishop is kneeling, after tho first or
second blow, with his head thrust
through a balk of timber which he
had carried with him from the day
of his captivity. A third grouj
represents a sister of charity dress
ing tho sores of a leper at Manda-
lay in Upper Burma, and is, from
the loathsomeness and terrible na
ture of the disease, tho most horrify
ing of all. One other group must
be mentioned since it relieves the
horror of the rest that of a mis
sionary, a great, strong, bearded
man, completely clothed in skins,
arriving at tho hut of a christian
ized Eskimo. The snow is all about,
the sledge and dogs are in the back
ground, and the splendid figure of
the missionary, as ho greets tho
convert in his simple Icelandic hat,
wonderfully impresses you.
Upstairs in the same building
are collections of charts, and wear
ing apparel, and miscellaneous ar
ticles of all sorts from nearly every
clime and region where the evange
list has penetrated. There is tho
figure of a Chinese priest, a convert,
and at his feet a placard showing
the Btato of the missionary enter
prise at the beginning and at the
end of the 19th century. Briefly,
at the beginning of the century
there were in the whole of China
but 5 mission (-tations and 200,000
Catholic converts; at its' closo there
were 40 stations and 1,000,000 con
verts.. Yet what a drop in the ocean
of Chinese millions. One of the
statistical charts is of interest 'to
Americans as showing broadly the
state of Catholicism in the United
States. . .
There are 3,000 mayors in France
and all havo been invited by the
'aris municipality to the fetes it is
giving on the 2 2d and 23d of the
month in celebration of the exposi
tion. , One would hardly have
thought that any of the mayors
would refuse to attend so purely
festal and non-political gathering,
but refuse several of them do, and
some in no very courteous terms.
flie reason is that tho last Paris
ii. u ..icipal elections resulted in a
I ir;"6 nationalist majority, and
i.nmng ihe majority, Home of ; the
ehoiet demagogues the Paris
working classes can produce. Tho
Til It EE 0,1' I' KIDS ASVKUi:P.
Mr, Corbel t IMInm On-irou't Tori.
tion on Three (JtiealliMia.
The following correspondence is
"Boston, Sept. 28, 10(K).-Iton.
II. W. Corliett, President First
National Bank, Portland, Or,-
Dear Sir: In order for an intelli
gent development of our business,
it often becomes valuable for us to
know tho trend of public sentiment
in various sections of the country.
Feeling that you aro in a position
as a financial institution to gather
more or less of tho political sonti
ment of your section, we venture to
ask your opinion as to tho attitude
of your clients toward tho following
questions: '
' "First As to tho financial policy
of the country,
'hecond As to tho expansion
policy. ,
'ThirdAs to the question of
trusts. Yours very truly, H. W,
Poor Co."
The reply of Mr. Corbett is; '
"Portland, Or., Oct. .4, 1900.-11.
W. Poor A Co. Dear Sirs: Your
favor of tho 28th of Septemlwr is
duly rweived. In answer to your
first inquiry as to the finan ial pol
icy of tho ciuntry, I have ,to say
that the people of tho stale of Ore
gon and especially the city of Port
hind ore in favor of a gold stand
ard and sound and stable currency
and a permanent policy in refer
ence thereto.
' In answer to the second ques
tion as to the expansion policy, our
peoplu are in favor of expansion
and acquisition of territory as op
portunity offers for our expanding
and crowing population, aud they
are in favor of tho rctensiou aud
development of the Philippine Ar
chipelago, educating its pe iplo and
preparing them for American citi
zenship. "Third, as to' tha question of
trusts; Of course, all political par
ties are opposed to the trusts, as
they are termed, whereby they form
combinations for undue advance of
prices, and they obtain larger prices
loan they are legitimately entitled
"These are the views in brief, as
I understand them, and are advo
cated by our leading journals.
Yours very resHctfully, H. W,
A la UlKlit.
.-Independence, Or., Oct. 5. (To
tho Kditor.) A bets 11 20 that
1T..11 IV t ItVum, u.IviimI,,,) on,)
Hoil. . J. JiryaU ailVK!awu tntl
1..1 I..H. ......... (l...i IT..:,.I
hswi his influence that tho Uni
States should pay Spain I20.00U.000
for her interests in Iho Philippine
Wands. Who is right? W.W.P.
Mf. liryan urged that the treaty
of Paris be rati lied by the senate
It was provided in tho treaty that
'.JO.OOO.OOO bo paid to Spain in par
tial cotiKitlerntion of her cession of
the islands to the United States.
French provincial nmyor, as a rule.
is a level-headed if Moniewhat rustic
person, who sees in an acceptance
of the invitation an act of disloyal
ty to "Lilierty, Equality and Fra
lornity" as by law and Loubet cs
tahlished. The two most import
ant towns whose mayors have re
fused aro, so far, Lyons and Mar
seillon. Tho mayor of the latter
excuseil himself on the ground that
tho recent strikes loft him so sad
that ho has no spirit fur tho gailies
the Paris, municipality promises
and will no doubt brilliantly pro
une ol llie lunniest items going
the rounds of the Democratic press
is a purported interview with liar
vey Scott of tho (Jregonian, in
which ho is quoted as saying the
outcome of the presidential election
is doubtful. Not long ago a reput
able resident of .Kugtno was in the
Oregonian ollico and asked Scott i
Bryan would bo olected. In Ian-
guage moro forceful than eloquent
Scott replied; "Holl, no!" Regit.;
ter. '- ,.
tf. if. f.
If you have neuralgia, Scott's
Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil
will feed the nerve that is cry-
ing for food it is hungry
and set your whole body going
again, in a way to satisty nerve
and brain from your usual food.
That is cure.
If you are nervous and irri
table, you may only need more
.fat to cushion your nerves
you are probably thin and
Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver
Oil will give you the fat, to be
gin with.
Cure, so far as it goes.
Full cure is getting the fat,
you need from usuaffood, and
Scott's Emulsion will help you
to that.
If you have not tried It, end for free sample,
ita agreeable taale will surprise you.
Xon:" wiw
Notice for I'ulilleatlmi.
Ktntt pub si P"1'. Nov VI,
. ... 1 U. P. Uiirl Ortli,
' WKuii rujr.Hrfiiiiii,
..,".. . " KtlHliilHr I.Kh.lwiu,
Nolloata brl,r sIvmi ttmt lu ninilamt
Kill, it.nnnivlalolia III til" l't of I'ollBII'aa III
Juim , 1V, fiUHInl -"An ant, fur Urn unlit nl
Hull AliVMilft. "Oil nniiinniii irriMiry, na
pU'll1i'l mull tltn I'lilillo Unil Hlnlra Ii m-t
nl Auiiul 4i t'lmrliMi Mlt!i'ti, or (mtv
iiitiiwr in"" "I
IHiAili'tim, rimmr "i nnii mm i wrinim,
m tlilailny llli"! Ill Oil iittWm III" wurn lnli
Bint No, &" tr Hit Hiri'liMn! IhrH K 1-4
ursri'llnil N. 4. Ill Tnwiinlilti Nil SH Khiim
Nu w., null milt uRr irmii huliuw Uiul U
in ml miiiHht In mum nlnnhlii lur lla tlinlwt
(irtluiid ilmn ft" mirlPUUuritl IMiriMiiw, ul lit
ibiti Ilia olnliii hi mlit U"U lii-furn thu
lltitir niiU limvlvvr nl lliln ollli' ' 1 1 r'n"
( Ii,-, uri'ii". " Wsiliii'il,)r, tln'JKlh 1kj iif
NllVI'IIIIM'l'. II1". - -
Hi. iniiM' wHtiwmrai
trvi nintiU, Idibiiwiii.iif KulltOliy, Orviim,
Mirlmul U. Klyiiii. ol Kll l lty.on nun.
Allx'rt Hiililiiaon. ol Knlla I'lly, Oti-unli.
Jurciiiiu lhirnir, of lndiiili-iiiH, omirnn.
a in mul ml iiBTnuiia oIh! ill Itia kUvmanly lliv
almvi' ili riliril Imi'l" urn ri'iM').'.( Id II Ip
llmlr i'IaIiii In tlilaiirtl on or liiMr all
IHIi tiny l jmuiWi imw.
t'lUM, H, MimtiiM,
Mullen for l'ulillraiioii.
fiU"itiHit Jl l.aal put) Nov it)
P.M. Imk Olllrw
( ri'K hi i'lly.Oriiini
siiiiibr i!iii, wv
Ntiilm t Iii'd liy lvdn tlmi In imkii,Iiiiii'i
Willi Uicl'riivllnn ol IMA ua uf I iiliurvaa ul
J mi" V, l"K, "HIIIIimI ''All net fur Ilia U'
nf i imlHir Inn In hi ma HlHina nl rlltiiritm
Op-non, Ni-vmU, Mint Wnahliiiit'in Trrliirv."
u iKlnudrd Ui nil tllfl I'ulillii I .Kill. SUilm In
m nl Annual 4, INVJ. I on Matllwui, nl Imlv
iHiinlcni'11, citility nf I'"!", alntx of Oregon,
lm Llilt tinv miMi in uiiaoini nvrawiiritiiiu
niciil No, I'JKI, lor llix inirchaaniil lli K. -i ul
N v. .,8 W 1-4 n( N W 14. N W 1-4 of S W 14
ii' IJ'i'llun No V, In To'iihli No, M, lUugi
ti, W.,nil will oitt-r prim! u aiiow tlmi
tlx ImiJ anna t la mora vnlunlil fur lla ilin
inr ir limn lor H,-fli iiiiiirnl nnrixwrii,
mi. I mi Hiouau naramnu vu uiii nuiu uo
Aire Ilia lli'KUU'r mul llwoimr uf tlila nltlif
i On'Knn llliy, (iinmni,. on Wvilnnailny, Ida
iiin uiiy hi Niivniiiiifi', iwu,
Hlia iiuitira a wiIiipmum'
r'rwiimii il. KiiIiIiihiii, ol Knll OHy.iiii'giin.
siii'iui.'i ii. riy mi. m taut I uy. on-unn.
AllmrlN HMiIiimiii, ol Knlla I Ity.llri'iioll.
Jiimine liuli iwinlc ni. (iriumi
Any end a' I iwruia clalmliiK ailvarauly tlif
ubni. li-MiillM il Inu la nra riilaUd In ftlt
llii'irolnliua In Una omra on or licfiirii taid
Mill liny ul No iuiii Iwr, 1IM).
, CU. II. MnollKH
' , IOlil'.
, Notice for riilillcutloh.
St'iitmiilmr I, l',i.
N'ollnn la liiTi liv kIvuii iliat Hit. lullnwliiir .(.llli r li nli'd Imlli'u ol lila liilviitlnii
I) inaku lliml priMii in aiiurt or tin ilaim,
and llialMld imnil will liu iiimln ki (ort On'
I utility l.'lorh of t'nlll Couiily, at Dallaa, nn.
1,011, nil i t'lulHT 14, Haaj. via1
Tliumaal'. I'liamU ur. II. K. Ko. 1 ll"i.
Inr IIik H tt i of S W U and N W i ul H W !, ol
Hew. III. TUSK a W.
Hi. na iiia Ilia Inilnwliif wiliiMana In irnve
lila iMii'iiiiuma ri'alilniro umiu am) Gillllviilloii
o will la ml. lit:
Kiikuiiii II. ranno. nl himarlnaf, irt ann;
lliiiriie llM'tuI, ol Huiiarli'at urinnni iUlliia
XlliUir, v( Mliiiurumf, Ongulli Uual ulum, ol
-UKiirinai, tirriion.
" Hi-Ki.ii'r.
Notice lur 1'ulillrstlou,
8ni'!lllM!f I, l'.W.
Mntlna la ticimby nlv.-n II, jt llm rol'ott Inu.
iiaiiii'd ni'tilrr Inia flli'd ii iihti of lila I til mi 11 nit
Uiiuako fliml priMii i, aupiHirl ol hl rlalnl,
and aald .f.K.( will U) iiihiIv lit-furai Ihr
i iioiiiy I'trm ul t-iiia i utility, V I'nilaa, tire
(nil, ou UiiUilwr l.'i, Ul, lt-
(irniuii lliMkDl. II. K. No. llli ft.
lor iiiw ? 1, .v w ,hk ul N w it mid
M K -i nl ti W ol Ki-.i lur til, tuw.
Ilu na in.a lliv Itillimlnn wlllluaana in pruve
lila mtiiitiuiiiia rtwKicnrt) upon ami oiiuivaiion
ol aom iaini,vi:
KiiKrnn II. Kalliui, ol Sngarltial. Ori. am
Tliuiiiaa ('. t'handalur, ol HotaniHii, Iim..ii
jiillua Millar, or Miiiinrliml, urrtiiii; ijiial Ol
auii.uf Muuarliiaf, tlri-g.ui.
Notice fur I'ulilli'atlnn.
Klr.t pub, Auk. II. jut pub. Oct. 1.1.
UnllDil Slatra l.aml OtUixi, al On ifiin City,
Orvaj't.i, AuiiurtUlli, !',.
NnlliD ia tuTi'liv ulffii that In Miiii.llalirr
Hit lbi pro'ialiin ! tha act ol Cuniin aa ol
June 4, p,a nillllid "An tut, lur tho aa! nl
tlmlwr lamia In Iho Slama ol ( alirurnla, tin.
fun, MRVaua, auo waaintmioii ivrriiury." aa
tiuiudpd toall tha I'liliHulaiut Hiaua by
Kat'ti, lllllll IIINIIIl(,l HI.
;tl),inM. (iuiitynf-olk,himt.ofiirr.on,luia
aaWiitwav Blf4 In Uila oBliia lila aw. rn alali.
No, 6., for Ilia pnit'baoe of ilia H K ol
, NW W n r i i KW V of NW y ol In.
lion ivo. I4, in liiwn.lili Nu s H, rmiu" No. h
wal,and will ulJ nr prool loihuw tlmi Ibalanil
auiiKhl la niora valuuIilDlor Ita tlmi) ror atonn
IIiiiii fur amUrultural purpuara, and IowUIh
ll.l. lila i'IiiIiu to aald land In (urn tin, Iti-u luli f
aid Itittlvir ol Uila oincaHl tirrann t Uv 'ri'
K)lt, nil r'rliUy. tliu anil da" of lli-lnl.ur. Uaai.
Iln iiuiiii.a a Kroniiiiin . Robin
ui ol Kalla l.'Ky, nr.; u. Klynn. ol
'alia I lly, Or.! Aliwrl N. liulilnwm, o.' Kalla
t'liy.Or.i Jcruiim Dornallu, ol ludrpcuilutiuu,
Any anil all rlnliiilng anlvHraaly tin
niuM'.(lri'rllDil Uinta arti rtuin-ali'd to Mir
tlirlrciHima in Una oiilce ou or iH-loro unl
a-lli day nfOctobar, I'JOD,
CHAN, 11, JIuulllH,
Not Ice for Publication,
r'lrat pub. Au. II, Ul pub. Oct. 11,
UultDil Slatoa Und (ilBitf, OrtKiin City,
0lll, Allgtlat , l'.J.
Nolli'd t hi'irby lvin that In coiiiiillaiH'c
Willi Iliu lirovlalimaol thn ant of I'miKroaa of
Juitn 3, lii'H. eulltluil All i,t lur tliu aald ol
llnihcr lauda In tliu Slalt'a of Callfurula, tire.
Hon, Diuvuua, aim tvaamuxton rurriiory
Dtlciulid to all tliu I'ulillo Land Stalua by ant
oi Annual 4. w.'i. llunlain n r . Huan ll. of M
bany. t'ou lily ol 1,1 int. Htaleo(Unou, luia IbU
duy llli'd lu una ullliw bin awnru alnu iiicni
r i. f'Jil, ur llni purrbaaa of lhuK i' of !.
Hull 1.', Ill towilalllp No, 1 ti, nnlKO No, H wval
d will ulliT pnml to abuw Hi il Itui l.uid
auuulit la mora valualilti fur lit tlinbiiror aiouo
t lna.ii fir aiiiioiilttirnl purvuana, anil to pMnli.
nan ma iMiiiiu io aiini lanii in'iuru ilia iwm n r
mill Knilvvr of Uila olllra ul ljritun I'lly,
oriumi, on Ifklay, ibo WU duy ofoi'luliDr.
Ilu iiinnpa na wllnna-iia; John J. Culllim, of
Aiiiiiiiy, wri'Koni f ran li'Vlm of .Miuiny
Oi Ki) : Al-llnli tt'llllaiiia, pf Albany, On-gon
Cnlvlu K, IIoIhtI, ol AH. any. Ori'iiun.
Any anil nil iHTaona i'IiiIiiiIiik udvcrai'ly tho
aiiiiviMii'ai'rim1!! iiinua art) ruiiii'ati'il to mo
Iln ir ('Ulum lu Ihla oillcu on or bururu aulil .lh
nay ol Uittoiii-r, limo.
' Kt'Xlatur
Nnllce for I'lilillialloii.
KIM pub. Auk, H l."t pub. 0l. Ill
Dulled Slntea Land Ofllcp, orcKoii city,
Ori'KUU. AUKIlallllll, IIKH).
Notice la hitrnby kIvdii llmt In ooiiipllauca
Willi llni nrovlalonaof thu ai't ol t 'nun ruaa of
Jiiiinil, ls entitled "An act fur tha hhIo ol
timber lamia In tho Stntea of Ciillfuriila, Ore-
lion, neraua, anil nrnriiiinKioti rerrilory," aa
ell'lll'(l til llli IllU I'llhllu i.llllll Htlltlia be net
oi.AUKUat 4 mn, t'KTvlii IS. tlolierl., olWoal
Siyh ruir.euuiity of imi((lai, Hlalii ol VVIseou.
am, luia tlila day II led lu Ihla ollico lila attorn
aiaiement No MB. lor the purebiiao ol tho W
ui m neeuuii rto a, in iriwioiiiip wo. 7 n,
Itanuu No. HW, and will offer proof tuahnw
Hint thu land aoiiKht la mors vnluublu (or
1U timber or atouu limn (or KLTleulliirul
liliriiunea, and to eatnbliali Ilia ehllm lu aulil
Void liulura the HKUtr and Kceelvor of tlila
oillio at Oreaoii City, OreKop, ou Friday, the
ith day of Oelober, 1UO0.
Albany, Ornuoni Frank lievlnn, of AHiaiiy,
OreKOiil lli'iijainln F. Kuaaull, ol Albany, Ore-
lie liamea aa wltniiaaeai Jolin J. t olllna. of
Kim . A bl Jab )V milium, of Albany, (Ironii,
Any and all perHona ulatmliiK ndveraely the
abovu-deacrlbed luiida are reipieated to Iliu
I hul re lul in" In thlNoflloe ou ur bul'oru snlil 2lilh
day of Oulobur, I'JUO.
(J UoKlstur.,
Shasta Route.-
Train leav il TndupimUnce for I'urtland unci
way MkIIoiib at. 2U6 p. in.
Leave lor i orviuna in. ij'.uu a.
Lv Portland , 8:30 a. m.
7:00 p. m.
10:fn p. in.
lhla. m.
4:llaii, in.
8:lfta in.
Lv Albany l'2:Wp. m,
Ar Aablanu ,. J'jJoa.m.
" IHaoromiilito Mm p. in.
" Sail l'ranulaao 7:lfp, in.
Off den
l)on .or. . . . ,,,,,
KautaH 01 ty...,
6-A'i n. in,
VM) ii. m,
7:'J6 a. in. '
T.Wi a in.
ll:4fi U m
H:iiii a. in
7:'.'ft a. in
Uiio n, m
7:00 a m
I'utio p. ni
11:30 a in
Hi.Vi a. ni
1:00 a. m
flrifip in
H:ft. in
lii.'l.l p. m
Los Angelun
Kl I'iiho ,
Knrt Worth
City of Mexico.
New Orleans..,.
V aOilDKton ....
New York
, 1:20 p. in.
6 :(io p. in,
. 11:31) a. in.
. Mi m.
, 4:(0a. in.
0:SM p. in.
, . 11:12 a. in,
, 12:i:t p. ni.
Pullman And Tourlat enra on both trains
CI air cars Hamamentotfl Oitrten ami HI 1 usn
aud tourist cars to Olilcaao, St. LouK Nuw
Orleans and WuHlilngton,
flminnnt.lnir at Pun Frnuulaoo with Kevora
tiuiinalilp lino" for lloiinlulti, Japan, Ohlua
I'ltllipplucs, Central and Mouth Amurloa.
Sua Mb. 0. A. Wilcox at independence, sta
tion, oraddruaa
,j, ii , niAiiaiiain,
Qoneral Paaaengtir Agnt f ortlantl, Or,
ararinr dullvi t mul eiilioi l in urvauii lor
old Mtabllabed imtiiuiHelttiliig hul,nli
riouw, llama year. iiim pay, Hotiray o.ore
hatl ai.ehi iwpiirrtl, our reto-fiiee, any
bank lu any ellf. tieiw wll artilnaa. d
aUmia'd inlii. Miiuutaiiluiora, 'll.lru
riunr, ivh )nru.,fU Mt.,Chliai(i,
1 liOtnl liiti'rcat.
The follimiim hbiih. M I'KurM In
rinlitli) lix'al iDiiiaiice td iiin'itr In tb
Wwrr hn.K next wwkl
AanTsylor J W K'rkhtnl
aii.ilN'll HroH Ii M Wmln A Co
PSWllm.n J L ftt.H'kt.iti
i.'l U'wcml'irf AHluku . -
Mm M W tt'nllHce W It Crnn-n
J 0 Collins ' Rpi.rlliiK Brun ' '
Kublosou A (!o A llnai lilxTB
- fc, . . .
Cull lor f'otmljr M'srrnnta
COtlNI V TltKAMt!llh;it'8 DFKH'K.
llMllim. I Ireitliu. (lelo'ior III IMlO.
"TICK 18 IIHiKHY ".IVKN 'I'll AT Al.l-
unpnlil eiiiihii im nuiia uf polk Couiily
lin nou, ahleli wore iraeiiiud and Piiiluraml
;'IMt pitnl lor want n( luiiil." trior to Julv III,
I "'it, will Ihi mi. I main 1'ieaeii lul inn at Ihla
luleriwt. will nut b allowed ou lliaaume
ader lhlluluf tlila ,,I,,,
K. V. I) W.roN,
del 12 8t TieaaiiriT, folk Couiily, Oregon,
Notlm-lo ( rt'illliii'a.
uinlerali( hu.u lieeu uppulntedaa tile
I' teoiiluia ol Ihi. luat will and leaiaiiietil ul
John Hlap'aliui, ilneriiard, by order ol III
Hon t'oiiuiy Court ul I'oik County, oioiiuii.
All perauiia knotting Ibnniaelvea liuli hleil
diaia payment to Ihe umlertluiied, and H.r.
ai.lla bulillim eljiluia auaitiat Ilin mlale iiiliat
l" in a.mi r.lale am rrapilrod 1 1 iiinh hiiiiid
pie ent Ihniii liTilie uiiileialKiiil nl luileptin.
deni',tirt'Kii, wllblu H nu. ml. a (rum Ihla
ilale, Dated tieiober Mb, Mrl
O. W. i-Tai t.K'lo.V,
Kaaeuloiaof the luat wi l and
lealtiiiialit lit .tulnl MlaliluUiu.
Oft lilAt . . Ueeiad
In County I'ourl of the Miiteiif tiregn,
fur the foiiiiiv uf I'ula.
Ill Ilia million,! Ilme.laie ofMiratidn Hill,
diwi a'il -tiliatioiii
I'd Malvlna krlau, UlUia Hill und oils Ken.
nndy, Uiwlliid:
I.N Tit .NA oK t'K TIIK Si' ATI! OF 0K.
(on, you are bureby uiled and re.,ulml to
appear in Die ('uonly I mhi ul die Himei.t
lirea'iin, lur Ilia e.niuiy i( I'lit al llm euil-
rmiiii them f, at I allaa. lu lleiuuiy o( 1',
uii halniilay, Ilia bull ilav ol .Vovi iiiIm r, l"t I,
at one it'i lui i. In lint ullpruuon o( tha' duy,
Ihi n u,,il Uii'ia 'o abuw enii-e il nut (here be
ttby tlm aduillllairat r ul aulil lalala aluiulil
iiui Im aulliurliu'd and ilini'lnl iv onliir ol
Iblaeourl Ui aall all llni real ealiile b.-..UK!na
t'.anhl naiiiie, fur the iuraiaooi pavluii the
iuitebl-oniHia ul niild t", luuiiilief "atili Ihe
papeuar ol luat ap'aiima and builnl o( aalil
dn onaetl and Hi" m I, ,uiii eipi tiar ul tlila ad
miiiiairuiliin, Ibertsi fur which an.
Iliulliy to aell la a.kril, !u ili ie-.i-rll,iil aa lot
Iowa, In. M il: lli-i;liinliia ul iho Noitlieaat v r.
Iter ol the allllll tv imir II. I., C. elniiii No.
IM, III TilWIlalilp a uulh of Uu04 A Vt eat ill
the Wllinitintltt Merl bin, and rtiiiuliiK tbno
H. II III i.M vballia; Ihelliaj ritat KM ilillllia;
ll.i-e Norlll Sl.i.i t'liiilu-: llu iiio W tn.L V.s'i
eliallia lu llie phut, ul UeKlliiiliiK, cool'OUlUK
aerra of laud inure or h;a.
H llueaa lll II. u. J, K, (. W. V, J illltff) of till
Ciiuiity Court of tha Mime ul Orrajou, Im I lie
louuiyof I'ula, Willi liia ami 01 aulil court al
rlaeil, Una Kb 0i,y ul Ih UiIbt, A, I). Iltl.
aeal 0, n, LulHlU AltV,
Oct lim ' Clerk.
..... - - -f -
Tl First Niiiiniiiil Bank of liuloin'inl.
eiitti, Dhvuii, Immii'il at 1 m Ja.aiialta(iv.
ill lliu riluiu ol Oft'sjoil, la rkiainn up ita
ufTiura, All nntti liul-lfia uiiU otlicrs,
i reililuia uf il.u Aasucimiuiii, nrw I ha-itf-fore
lii'ri'liy iiuulli'il to irtut il.e imtot
ittnl tillii'r eliiimi m;iiiiiai tl.o AHMicinlinii
for iiayiiiiiit. J. h. Cooi'HH, I'ti-a.
iMteil Seit. 23; I:, 1!MJ0. - 101'.' 4,1
V. B. i,una Oillce, Orekon City. Urwon,
K pti'inbrr J. Iml
Nutlee la bereliy Klveli Hull llie luiluwliiii
named telllrr Ilia llird liullienl bla InlenUuil
In inaka iIuhI pnml In auppart ol bla claim,
and that aald priioi will Ii mu'le belnre llie
i tiuul) Clerk n( I'. ilk unlit), ul lMlan,Oiu
Hint, nu November a IIW, via;
Jhn Dyr, M. E. No. 1067T,
fori lie eaatb all ol wiat bulf or mdIIoii H, T,
IN., U S tV,
ll na ni a Ihe ful owlna wltnuaaoa In prove.
lilacoiillituiiuruideiiceuh,u and colli vat ton
nl a 1 1 lau i, vli;
John V, Ibuie.iof i'edtti, Or,tKOui I'aut Kon
eool IV'H'u, "rvK'iii: Jei yomui pidw, Or
rfoi ; . M, Kaw ul 1'eilt.v, OKiiim.
1) ti n a
?. t
V I a lit
Hull l.alie. .lenvrr.
Kt. Worili, liniitliH. j
Kuliana tile, 8i,
Ixniia.t hleiigo nnd
Kaot, I
Hull l.nKc, Denver. I"t !
aa I'll) , Kt. iiii,
I Ii leu 4 i an I vi-1.
4 p. ni.
WW m
7 a,
U ullii llhlu, I e la
tun, ftiMiltuue, Mill
neapolla, HI. I'aut,
t lili iuu and l.iu.1,
All "iilllug dulea auli.
jiH'l tueliiiuiio
Kor -an Kihui ismi
iilla iivury ! Uu,v
Colunitiln liner
To Aalorla un i Wuy.
I jiiulliiua.
Wllliiiiii lle and
Vanillin Itlvora.
(iri Kon i'lly litvt,m,
and U ny-l.uiiillii(a
Wllliunelte Itlvrr.
I'ui'tlnud to l urviillls
Hint WM.f.l.iiiuiiva
Nnalto lllmr.
Ill mi-la lo l'itMun.
ftCO p in
It A til.
a (i m
Kt Mumlii)'
H p in
ill p in
7 a. ".
and Mul,
(a. m.
mul Sul.
l.vlll parlri
Tl W ll ill.
;l,:W p. in,
Mull .Wert,
and Kr .
J:l p. in.
Moil., Wad
mul f'rl,
l.v. I ewiiT
lun, (hilly
9 a. in.
Ba. in, Wlllnijioile. Itlver 4:.nin.m
unify Kx.Huri.i'y
Oreg in City, Newlieiu, rtuleiii. (lulu,
iieiideiiee A Wuy I.iihiIiiuh. aleainer Sloiloo
leave I'urlland uu Mini, Wnl, and Friday
l.euvea luilependetieu Tuea, Tliura )-at at
fil.NI a. M, Kir. Kill li leaven I iul. ieiHl,'iiee.
Kor I'urlland .tr wuy iHiidliiKt, Mon teil'
.e1' 9 A ' K"r '" vnlli 4 wm lumltiiL-ii
TliDij, Tliura. Sal, (y.'M) I' M.
Kor mil Inrtirmalluu enii mm h a vi.T.'
AL. HKHItO.V, iiideiciidi.H'e, or addroa'a
(lonertil I'lmaetiKor Agent . .
, on
U(f(rliiu; on tlio Liuklniiiiite.
fiiwltling's longiiitf camp, which lina
boon in oporiHiou nil siimnifr up the
North Saiiliam, ia litinj removed to tlie
Lnckiiiinute. Two eiirlonds of loginng
out fit , im:lutliii(v to donkey I'liuiius,
wero brought down on tlm Corvnllis &
KiidU'rn train lust night, enye Ttit'sdny's
Albany Democrat. . -'
The force of twenty men Hint Iiiih been
lit work up tliu Sanliani will lie trans-
(erred to the upper wiueia. of the Luckia
mute, where opera' ions lmvo hern in
process all eunnnor. Tlie Norih Pan-
tiiuu eainp will he nhnt, lown for the
winter, but in to bo' operated next sea
S'i ei't'taiy (.ieoi''i! UinoHjof (ho Oregon
Historical Koricly, has obtained the fol
lowing inleiesiiiig item reuiiling an ef
fort, of the Yankees of "loiirf ago" to ii,;
duce people to settle in On gon : "A ten
eral circular to all persona of good char
acter who wInIi loemlgrHto to the Ore
gon territory, einhrucing some nccount,
of tho chsiaetl'r ih i mlvaiitiiges of the
country ; the right and means and opera
tions by which it id to ho settled, and nil
necessary instructions for becoming an
emigrant. Hall J. Kelly, agent. By or
der of the American Society for En
couraging Hie Settlement of the Oregon
Terriiory. fnswtuted in Boston, A. D.
182 1 "
. III.
tliai diili ami IVuiUiiitM ! in '
Opera House block, Haln
(Jool K'owU at Uight TriceH Mnko Easy Belling.
Our L'noilri uru liit-clfiHH, uur prico8 aa low aa the
. ail
lowoHt uality of pnU cuiiuiuorwi. f
All kintlH of country produce bought at the j
S Ili'ulicHt Market Price.- T
I il Share of Yaur Patronage Hsclfylly Solicited, m
Thurston Lumber Company,
Dallas, Oregon.
Dry Stock always on Hand, also Cedar Shingles.
NOTK:-Vo U tvu a tlrat jIi dry kiln wbloli eiubltn tin to give you Ihor
oukIiIj' tlry ItiiiiUtr, ,
Sarland Stael Ranges. I
The most extensive lino of Cutlery consist-
i'iJJ5f l'ockct Knives, Scissors and
g .Shears, Jiazors, Plated ware
to bo found in Polk
g County, at 2
B, Mi VADE & CO., I
A. J. Goodman, Mgr. 3
The Majestic
I IV ui irctip I Lijrttir Iff
i I wo. ca. M
g jr.uuii. 5I.UUI5. B g
Abstract of Insini men's Filed in Folk
Comity Oct. 2 to 8, 1JI00.
Martha Band I rendergast to D D
Hotline, land in J'W Allen nnd Cas
well Davis d I cs tp fl s r 4 w$(100.
M M Ellis to Geo W Sielurth and J M
Card , hOn sec 0 tp 8 a r 6 W $400.
Laura Hastings and Anna Heath to
J T Elkinspart of Its 6, 6,.blk 25, Hills
town, Indole $200. . '
J T ElkihB to J L Elkins, h of 2a
Patterson's ndd Indep $;!00,
L 0 Gilniore et uf to; 1 Add & BuBh,
Independence Electric Light and Water
riant with franchise- $13,000. j
El'a J Barkens to J J O Schultz, 30x
85 ft It 8 blk 9, riallHH $2500. ; -
End and B J Loose to School Diet No
31, Pnlk cmiLty, la C A Hof foid d 1 c tp
7 s r 3 w-$IOO. '
J G VanOrsilel to Mnrthn Sloper, 1 .68a
T L Unibank il 1 c tp 8 9 r 4 v$:)0l).
Electricians 'confidently expect that
their art will' at a future day bring the
cost of lliiiniination. down to a mere
trifle compared with what it now is. As
is well known, the most economical
mothoda of lighting involve a . waste of
nearly ell the energy utilised. Professor
Langley says that the ideal light is that
of the tirefly, which is produced without
heat or waste. If man could imitate it
he would solve one of the most inter
eating and important problems.
Street, Independence.
Steel Range
with a wmufrh'.-lron top
like the a?ddiere sell only
we well theru from ten to'
twenty dollar lens.
We will beat tha ped
dler at his own game
ami offer the same terms
Htid time that he does,
only we are here all the
time to make good our
guarantee, and you are
fori unate if you see htm
more than once.
Pee our Uangen- and get
prices before buying.
- -
SjBcial Attention to Commercial Men..
I. W. DICKINSON, Proprietor.
- , South of Little Palaoe Hotl,
KallroatlStreat, Independence, Oregon.
A Family Library
The Best In Current Literature
12 Compliti Novels Yearly
$2.50 per year; 25 ct. a copy
every number complete IN ITS E LP
Lipplncott's Magazine aud the West
Sidk, one year, $3.25. - -
West Side-
' - .' AND
' Weekly Oregonian
One Year, (In advance) - - $a.oq