The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, October 12, 1900, Image 1

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'iutntiti,al. ItrvloM i,f h lmnrt
ut llaiioiili-, f llu I'K.t WiM-k
Cull4 im rho Tlegrnih Culninu.
The lloeni are active Iu Orance Itlver
Uooaerelt epoka to two bij meetinga
Iu Chicago.
Japauexe Utaipa are withdrawing
t'loiu China.
Ltourke Oickrau d bounded the inane
In Topeka, Kauaa.
The hattirahlp Texan may bepeiman
eutly rttiied (nun ncrv Ice.
A tornado struck the towu of lllwa
bik, iu Northern Minnesota, killing
nine persons, iujuriut everal other
ami doing damage to t!ie aiuouut of
The secretary o( the interior ha de
cided to riiiuoe of the luilian laud
celed to the (.'hippewaa in Minnesota,
amouuting to 74,1;'." acres. They cou
Bist of piue aud agricultural land.
Fire on the dock of the Atlantic
Trausport Line, iu the North river.
New York, destroyed oue of the pier
of tho conipauy, with all the morchaii
disc on it, entaiiiug a lo of $115,000.
The population of the city of Taco
na. Wash , accovdinij to the Canted
State censu for 100, i officially an
liouuced ai 37,104. HL'iun.-t 81,001 iu
18U0, au nioreaso of 1,708, or 4 S4 pet
It i officially announced by the cen
iu bureau that the population of the
state of New lumpxlnro is 4 1 1,584,
la 1890, the population win 37tl,MO,
the increase being 33,o;8, or 11.30 per
Li lluuiz Chang has ordered the re
lease and cafe escort to I'ckiu of five
Belgian eugiueew and 13 miisiomiric,
who have bu'U kept prisoner many
week at I 'no Ting Fu. Li Hung
Chang is apparently doing hi iitmo.-t
to please tho power.
At Trenton. X. J., Kd.lie McHiide.
10 year old, died from burn received
while playing "Indian" with compan
ion. Mciiriilo wa tied to a stake and
hi clothing ratnrated with gnsoliue
aud then iguited. The boy broke loose
and ran screaming to his home, where
he died.
The war department ha approved
an exhaustive opiuiou by Judge Advocate-General
Liebvr to the etTect that
absentees from a volunteer legimeut.
lave prisoner ot war, are uinchargeil
from the eei'vice on the miii date nion
which their organization is imn-tered
out. The decision was imitortHUt a
affecting the pay and statu of many
officer serving on detached duty.
Figbtiug ha biokeu out again iu
Shan llai Kwan fort surrendered to
the JJritish.
A plot to assiiflsinate I'resideut Mo
Kiuley ha been discovered.
In a train hold-up near Council
Bluff, oue robber win killed.
BasHPners on Nome
vacillated on account of
steamer were
new outbreak
of samllpox in Alaska.
Evidence claimed to have lieeii fonn I
which prove that Mount linker mine
are not in American tciritory.
Iu an explosion at the Corning l'ow
der Work at Santa Cruz, Cal., C.
Merier, an employe, was killed, and J.
Valenciu wii fatally injured.
Portuguese olUcial at Ijiivirenoo
Marques have warned President Kruger
to make no more speeches aud forbid
hi wearing uisigiiiu of office.
The latent report of cotton damage
to the state of Texas bv the recent
Hoods place the eHtiu.ales at 400,000
bales. The value is estimated ut not
less than $'.'0,000,000.
Boer captured a British convoy and
wrecked a train. (Jf the convoy'
escort of 00 men only 12 escaped and
in the train wreck, the Briton were
killed and 11) injured.
The population of Arkansas, as offi
cially announced by the United State
ceusua bureau, is. l.lil 1,6(14, an in
crease over the population uf 1800 of
183,385, or 1(1.25 per ceut.
(ieiiornl Wood, commanding tho
United States force iu Culm, ha miolo
hi auuuul report to tlm war depart
ment. It contains bis recommendation
that all troop in (auba bo mounted, to
gether with an account of tho with
drawal of the troop during the past
year. The health of the tioope, he
say, ha been good, und their conduct
is commended.
C. K. Gallaway, aged 89, died ut
Denver, Colo., from injuries received
by being struck by a tramway cur.
He was believed to be the oldest uews
paper editor in the United States He
was born in Portage county, ()., Feb
ruary 13, 1812, learned the printing
trade in Lawreuceville, Inrl., and pub
lished aud edited newspapers in Ohio,
Illinois, Miswnri and Utah.
White blackberries mid creen roses
have beeu propagated iu Lousianit this
Seventy-two new coal mine have
iieen opened in Prussia this year, .in
creasing the output for 1000 by 2,500,
000 tou.
What promise to bo the best apple
crop in the history of Canada nut
merely the quantity, but quality is
now fast approaching the harvest sea
Kin. During I be
Carnegie has
Lint two years Andrew
given $4,500,430 to li-
brariea. '
Kev, George Willard, a noted diviue
of the Reformed church, died iu Day
ton, O., age 82 years.
Admiral Watson, who recently was
in command of the fleet at Manila,
will make hi home at Louisville, Ky.
Florida, according to local papers, is
becoming one of the greatest tobacco
growing states, and the product has
been tome respect equal
to that of Cuba.
Bryan concluded hit tour of llllnoit.
Cecil Rhode will reeuter iiulltio.
Ilia mroMa dowager U said to It
Robert will until hi own tuocea
r. Colvllle ludiau reservation i opened
for Settlement.
Roosevelt spoke to au Imnietue a mil'
euce in St. Iaml.
Canada will null crowu mlulns
clam iu Klondike.
Geueral Brooke urge reorgaulautlou
of tlie army on modrru lines.
Cougar hat prepared a lint ol I'll I now
oilicial that ahould b punished.
Idaho Soldiers' llouia waa destroyed
by tiro. Ou inmate wa suffocated.
The American Bible Society lur
ulsln a lint ol uiissiuuariet VI Hod by
Boxer. 4 ,
John (J. Packard, a wealthy mine
ow ner ot Salt Lake, made a donation
of a site aud J; 3,000 (or a public li
brary iu that city.
(ieuerat MaiArthur reported lo the
war department that the tratmport
Rosecraua and the transport Argyl
arrived at Manila with Light Butteries
0 and M, Seventh artillery, Majot G.
G. Oreouougb.
j P. II. Gllhooley, counsel (or the
j Kliaaliethnort, S. J., Banking Com
1 piiuy, announced tlmt Williain Scltiia
j tier, a missing clerk of the hank, m
j defaulter to the aiuouut of $50,000,
i am! that the bunk director hud made
: good the aomunt of the shortage.
' Lord George Hamilton, secretary of
attite (or India, him received the lol
j lowing from Lord Curxou: "The gen-
aral eoiiditiou of crop la excellent,
; and except iu a pint of Bombay (Minimi
condition are distiiipcuriiig. The to
j tul number on the relief lint ha falleu
to 2,746,000."
The American Bridge Company
; closed a contract to furnish all of the
' structural steel to be lived iu the erec
tion of a lii arreual at Kure, Japnu,
, The inonev value of the contract in be-
: tweeu $250,000 and !f 300,000. It
: will require six month to itu'iiUh the
' material, and it must be delivered at
Kuro withiu a year.
Otllclale of the North Germau Llovd
! Steamship Company at New York City
' have awarded a contract for a monu-
i mctit to be erected In a plot owned by
' the company in a cemetery iu North
Hudson, in memory of the person who
: lust their live iu the grant lire that
destroyed the pier aud steamer of the
company at Hohoken, on June 30 hint.
i Bryuu made 14 speeches iu Southern
I lllinoi.
The Chinese court refuse to return
I to Pekiu.
j Franco ia am lout to auuex Yeunaii
f province. .
i UiiHuiun troops may withdraw from
i Chamberlain i meiitloucd a xi
klble mccewor uf Salisbury.
I The ministerial majority in the Itrit
, hh parliament will be from 160 to 100.
Trade Council order ttrike on Seat
, tie' buildiu)!, Uver 1,000 meu are
The Dorr now occupy Wepnor, an
well a Houxville ami FickHbtiri;, in
, Oiamte liiver colony, and tbo lliitiah
are atteinptiuK to aurruund them.
' Five pemona were killed and 75 in
' jured iu a railway oolliiiion at Karl-
thor. Germauy. The accident was due
to au error iu aiuuliu);. One oilicial
i ha been arrested.
! Andrew C. ArniHtronj, one of the
: foiiijders of Hcribner' MaKiiinc, and
: :fl of the oldert pulilinliurn in New
York city, died at hi country home
at Stamford, Conn., aud 71.
i Five thouand pilgrim axii'iuliled at
I the St. Xikandei inomiNtMry, in the
j I'orkholT diMtrict. St. i'etersburu, for
I a ruliiiiou (chtival. During the night
one of the upper floor collapsed and
iiiimv of tlioh HlpeniiiL' there fell no. ill
tw b))loWi A p.iuin W11 eHlliH(i y a
: false alarm of fire, and (our men and ,1(1
women were crushed to death, many
other being seriously injured.
j Arrangements for building 8,000
freight car for the Baltimore & Ohio
: railroad by the Follmitu Company, at
Pullman, III., ha beeu completed,
i The contract call for 2, BOO box car,
! each with a capacity of 00,000 pound,
and fiOO flat car. The total cent of the
rolling stock will be $1,805,000. Thi
j is the second large order for freight
'equipment given I y the Baltimore &
; Ohio management within the last week.
; The first order wa for 0,000 teel car,
! to cost $0,000,000.
i Having found the natives of Tutuila
fit to serve aa policemen aud maintain
peace and order, Commander 11. P.
Tilley believe they would make excel
lent soldiers to man the fortification
of Pango Pango harbor. In private
letter to officer oh duty he ha indi
cated that they would make effective
iirtillervmeu. To enlist a regiment of
j natives, it would be necessary to ob
tain special authority from emigre?.
1 he natives who are ucting a police
men were enlisted by Commander Til
ley as landsmen. It is likely, how
ever, that a force of marine will be
permanently stationed at i'ungo Pango.
Boad improvements has begun in the
Philippine, with money collected
from customs at Manila.
Lorin Pease, of lladley, Miihs., died
at the age of 100. His father lived to
be 00, and his six brother uud sisters
all passed 70.
James Ellis Tucker has sailed for
Honolulu to revive the ciiHtoms law
unJ service of the Hawaiian island so
a to bring them up to the stundurd of
those at homo. .
The moHt recuyt statistics show n
decrease of the birth rate iu every
Europeun country, the average de
crease being throe per cent since 1801.
Lord Avebury, speaking of England'
increasing demand for American goods,
paid a tribute to the commercial inge
nuity of manufacturers of the United
The women of Wyoming have pledged
themselves to raise $5,000 (or the pur
chase of a solid silver service (or the
monitor Wyoming, recently launched
at the Union Iron Work iu San Frail-cisoe.
At Least Nine Lives Lost and
Many Injured.
LoriiHtntlv Worn ahlrieil Krum h
Timii unit I'uiiiiiUiI lulu avraiilroii
MlHl Kl.KblKll,
liiwablk, Minn., Oct. 9. The tor
ado that rnged in tin vicinity last
vexing wa most violent. The storm
rut a pathway 161) feel in width
through the northwestern corner of the
town, completely wrecking several
buildiiit'. The proerty Ion 1 estl
mlted at $100,000 aud the knoaa fa
talities number nine, with e acute or
more fTijured, tome aeverely.
The ttorni swept in a northwesterly
direction after leaving here aud struck
a llttla Finnish tettlciuetit uear l'lko
lake, where t number of building
were wrecked, iu oue of which au en
tire family, consist iug of husband, wife
aud four children, were Instantly
killed, so far their name have not
been obtained. It it believed wlteu
the more remote district are heard
from further oasualtiua may be re
ported. The house Iu which the Maiowtt
family lived wa completely wrecked,
aud the body of Mis. Marowlta a a
found 400 feet away, every bone lu
her body being brokeu aud her clothing stiinoud off. The Utdv o(
her lHband wa found amid thedebrl;
of their home horribly mutilated. '"
William llilstrom waa struck on the!
head bv a falling tree aud his skull i
crushed. He afterward died at the !
'Mia engine house of the IHilnth, Mis
sissippi & Northern railway wa com
pletely wrecked and a number of loco
motives aud car were shifted ftom the
track aud ioumled into ecraplron.
The engine ou which Murray aud Au
dura u were when the storm broko wa
blown from the track and the men
were pinned beneath it and horribly
burned bv the escaping steam. Sev
eral car were blown from the Dnluth,
Mississippi & Northeru track aud re
louml iu the lnilutli mine pit, hun-
moon wi irr, kyikt. .uhiit hi iii
buildiugi destroyed wore owned by the
mining companies, and teiisnted by
their employes, Tho hafthoue aud
building o( three iniiij were reduced
to kindling wood.
The tornado which lasted less than
five minutes, wa preceded by an un
usually severe thunder and raiu storm,
The rain ha flooded many of the open
pit mines, and they cannot be operated
for some time.
Ktploslon of T, dOO hiiiU of Dynamite.
Dulutb, Minn., Ot t. 0. A special
from F.vtleth, Minn., tonight, report
ft disastrous explosion. Seven thous
and live hundred ponud of dynamite
iu the aiwder mitgaxiue at the I'ruce
mine, situated a ball mile from town,
blew up ubotit 3:30 o'clock thi after
main. A hole 100 feet aquaro and 2S
feet deep mark the mt where the
magazine stood. The force of the ex
plosion wa to great that it smashed
every pane of glass within a radius of
two miles. The mine laboratory aud
warehouse were totally wrecked.
At least 200 people were hurt more
or les from being thrown down by the
shock or hit by shattered glass. The
explosiou was plainly felt at Biwabik,
'i mile distant. The cause of the ex
plosion is unknown.
Hurra Nliitrt of AiniimiilMiin.
l.omlon, Oct. 9. It i estimated, ac
cording tu the Pic termurttxhurg corre
spondent of the Daily Mail, that 4,000
to 5,001) Boers have retreated from Pil
grim liest, northeast ol I.yilenluirg,
tit!) four long torn and 22 other gun.
The correspondent understands that
th'dr long tout ammunition is almost
exhausted .
Lord Boberts, the Dail Mall an
nounces, will leave South Africa dur
ing the last week of October. The au
thorities have decided to limit the
number nf colonial troop who are to
be the queen's guest in Londou to 600.
t'rliim nf an Iiiaiine M.illmr.
New Yutk. Oct. 8. Mr. Lillian
Smith, of Inwonil, borough of Manhat
tan, while insane thi afternoon shot
and killed two of her children, wound
ed a third and committed suiciib.
The tragedy took place In the old
Frank Leslie iihiiimoii. Mr. Smith
wa the wife of Walter N. Smith, who
hug been connected with a large grocery
house iu thl city for 21 years, Thoy
had been married 13 year. Mr.
Smith had been in poor health of late,
and long brooding over the piopeut ol
death is believed to have uusettlod her
Amnrlcnn Colllar Flouted,
Suez, Oct. 0. The American steam
collier Emir, which recently sank in
the Suez canal w hile on her way to
Manila with coal (or the American
fleet, but wa successfully floated yes
terday, has atrived at Sueis road. She
ia unablo, however, to enter the port,
as she draws too much water. Her
cargo is being discharged, aud divers
will examine hor bottom to ascertain
the extent of hor injuries.
1'earjr Not Yet Cnmlng limits,
fit. Johns, N. F Oct. 0. Tlie (ail
tire of the Peary exploring steamer
Windward to return from the north
lead kical observer to bmieve that
the explorer will not attempt to get
back thi autumn. Probably the sea
son just passed waa an open one in the
fur north. Should that have beeu the
cane, Lieutenant Peary i likely to
have taken the Windward into some
high latitude, hoping to use her iu a
further expedition next season.
( liliiHiioin Killed llaiy Assailant
Salt Lake, Oct. 0. About 3 o'clock
thi moruiug three boy going from the
city to their homo in the suburb be
gan throwing; rock at the house of
Chin Poy, a Chinaman. Poy fired at
the trio, killing Charlea Holmes. Poy
ia under arrest.
The 20 plants of the American Tin
plate Company have resumed opera
tions. The mills, which emplay 15,.
000 men, were olosed for more than
three mouths, pending a settlement of
tbe wage scale.
triiiariilM( VN 4wrtlall
Tnkun lu IIhIii Our Trail.
Manila, Oct. 10. Four troop nl
ravalrj aud two companies of infantry
hare recently relnloned lieueral Yuuug
In Nortlieru Liixuu, where the lusor
geuta are onnceutratiug iu the liioiin
talua o( Nurlli aud South 11 icon pruv
Im p uuiler the leadeiiblp of Agllpav,
the ex-coinuuitiioated priest aud reuu
ade. Cieueral Tlnlo and Ceneral . Vlllaii
nave, whj had been unlet for pome
time, are uuw shot lug sign of beami
ng active a the end of the rainy sun
on approaohei.
Of late there ha been considerable
coutlng and skirmishing lu the prov
ince of A bra ami North I locos, though
without decisive result, It Uobvton,
however, thai the maneuver of tho
Filipino are more atkllfui thao former
ly aud that the field tactic of the
American are being followed by them.
Senor Mateul, the fonuder ol the o
called FilipfnO Hpvenmieut, who Wit
captured by the Amilons Inst Decem
ber and lodged iu jail iu Manila, ha
beeu liberated. A he had always par
slsteutly refused to take the uath of al
eglauce to the United State guveiu
nient he liaiLmalutatned hi reputatioo
among the Filipino aa a reaolute pat'
riot. They now believe that he luii
reached a private iiudentaudiiig with
the American' authorttiaa which line
secured hi release, aud consequently
he ha lost some ol hi popularity, al
though he i still considered the leader
of the dormant revolutionary element.
Thl week tho oominlslon will begin
the work of revising the tariff, making
j " " "e result ou the investigation
i the army lioard iu this direction.
" ''" luteutlou of the commission
u 'v Ameriuau trade a better chance
bau it ha heretofore enjoyed owing
to the high duties. ,
The transport Sumner aud Venn
have sailed lor the Island of Marin-
deque, off the went coast of Luxoll, car
rying twu battailous. The former ha
already arrived there. The transport
laigan will raiulorve the Tttent-iiiiith
United State iufautry now iu Mariu
I'rll l( i.iii Irs Mtrll la Itultil Tlisuf
tva lluua.
(Inhesion, Texas, Oct. 10. Mls
j Clara Barton, president of the Nation-
al lie.l mm hocietr, Imlity Issued ft
business meu of the country In which
she appeal tu them (or aid lu the way
I n I material to be used in the building
j of homes for those who lost their all
j In the nil cut storm. It I addressed
"To the manufacturer and dealer iu
! lumber, hardware, builder' material
! I I... I. ..II .l
uti 11011.1111010 goous nun iu inu uusi-
uess meu lu general of the United
State," aud says:
"We believe it 1 reliably stated that
there it nut oue bouse lu the area of
the storm uudaniaged by it. A large
proportion of those peraou formerly
occopiyug them are strictly eutirely
wlih:nit bonies or even shelter, ave
audi a per win nearly as destitute at
themselves can offer them temporarily
to their own great iuoouveluuce aud
"The imuilicr of this homeless clas
Is estimated at 8,000 or more. Winter
i les t li it ii two month away. Al
though a mild climate, still mow and
ice are known here. If tents would
protect, which they will not, the land
would not hold them diwn. Some
substantial shelter must be had at
once for these putqde.
"The havoc wrought bv the storm In
Galveston at once wa much lamer lu
loss of life ami property than at Johns
town, but the donation lu money o
fur have attgrpi'iitfil orTe-third les lor
both the city and mainland than wa
given at Johnstown.
"While the iKiuutiful outKjuring of
the people's generosity ha enabled the
general relief committee and the lied
Close to feed the hungry, clothe the
uaked and render the street of Galves
ton partially passable, nothing ha a
yet been done toward reinstating the
impoverished survivor In houses whore
they can escape disease and enjoy a
light measure of tlio comforts of
which the storm deprived them.
''It in for the purpose of awHkeniug
the sympathies of the American p. oplo
aud further appealing to their Inutiti
ful iustincts to rescuu tlicie stifiuvr.j
from the hardship (till coufiouliug
them that the foregoing st.duuaut
have beeu pet forth."
No Tt.mii uf Ctti'Uvcf.
Manila, C. t. 10. Tiia report o the
capture of abuut 00 men, of the Twenty
ninth United State iufuutry on Mariu
(luque island 1 coulh'mcd through com
in union Ions tu Mac Arthur uud KotupIT,
from Murinduque island, but details aro
lacking. The Yoiltowu't relief col
umn lauded at Ton i Jon, on tho Marlu
duque coast, and marched to Suutit
Crua, which wa tho proposed route of
the captured party, without eucoun er
ing the enemy or learning anything
doliuite regarding the captives, except
that they had entirely disappeared. It
la possible that the rebel have convey
3d the captive to Luzon.
Assam Tea Croln Danger.
Calcutta, Oct. 10. Au unprecedent
ed drought i prevailing in the district
of Cliaeliar and Silhet, province of As
nun, ca'using the greatest anxiety in
regard tu the tea and other crops.
I'hlladelplila Ment Over .100,000.
Philadelphia, Oct. 10. The cash
contributions mado by the citizens of
thi city to the relief fund of the Texas
tlood sufferer now exceeds $100,000.
This 1 exclusive of numerous train
loud i of provisions, clothing, drug and
other utricle sent.
PuilillaiV Btrlk Over.
Reading, Pa., Oct. 10. The UeartiuiS
Company puddlor have accepted $il a
ton, a reduction from $1, nud all mills
resumed todav after a brief ttriko.
big Mills ttutipiiiivil.
Juliet, 111., Oct, 10. Work wus re
lumed by 800 men today in liio couver
terjurid billet mill of the Illinois Steel
Company in this city, which were shut
J .1. , T ' t. ., t
aowu ,,. ,o. wu
jiimed by 600 men at tho plant of the
Another riniia Case lu lliLbano.
Eiisbauo, Oct. 10. A (reJ case of
bubonic plaguo ia officially reported
Patrick and Jones were charged with
forging the name of tho lute tuilliou. ,
aire Kice.
Chinese Court Will Not Re
tnrn to Pokin.
HAVE CONE TO SINAN FU riratatuit Wa MmUat Tai lumm,
but Ilia I'lMti Wa Nul I'ou.lilaraU
ftaf Oa.
Washington, Oct. 10. The effort to
Induce the Chinese Imperial court to
return tu I'eklu ha failed, after ft
week's peulsteut effort ou the part of
the power, New to that effect was
brought to the state department today
by the Chinese minister, who reeelved
U&ja tit. ' Petersburg from Vloetoyt
Liu Kuin Ylh aud Chaug Chlh Tung,
under (Wte ol October 4. Minister Wu
received the message last night, , It
was a lollows:
"The departure of Uielr Imperial ma
jestic (or sheu SI (province) wa due
to distressing condition at Tai Yuau
Fu, There I scarcity of (d sup
plies lu the provlncB of Shan SI ou ac
count uf tho long continued drouth and
the provincial capital (Tai Yuu) is al
most deserted, the trade people having
leftou account of tho dUtuibanoe
caused and continued for month by
the Boxer rebels, who had invaded that
province with the encouragemout of
Governor Yu, Their majesties, there
lore, were obliged to proceed to Shea
Sim, where telugraphle communication
with Shanghai and other part o( tho
empire I open ami rapid communica
tion with their majestic may therefore
be curried on, thus court aud official
bu-iues may be transacted more expe
ditiously by their presence In Sheu Si
ra'her thau iu Shan Si.
"The tew miiis for the temporary pol
poneiueut of ilicir majestic' return In
I'akin are the oresencn of the allied
1 force there, on account of which au
Ihutous fear I doubtless entertained,
beside a danger of the outbreak of epi
demic disease, which usually follows
after great disturbance, destruction of
property aud military ostuatliui, It
is hoped that the powers will be con
siderate iu their judgment iu thi mat
ter." The Important feature of the message
i the coulcaaioii that the court i re
trained bv fer of tlie allied (ones
from returning to Pekln. The move
ment take the emperor and empress
now ater about !IOO mile farther away
from I'akin, (hough, according to the
statement contained in the message by
reason of the direct telegrephla com
munication with Shanghai tho court
practically will be nearer for the pur
Ibises of negotiations with the ouUide
world, thau It wa at Tai Yuun.
Il4'nratiea Mliiliia rmparlf That Wa
J- -V , l.rt ar IfilMg rune.
iV. Paul. Oct . 10 Throuiih the
publication nf a dUmtoh lu today'a
Pioneer Press, Mrs. II. F.. Buttcrfleld,
of thl city, ha discovered that she i
$.'00,000 wealthier than aha Imagined.
In 1800, while on an excursion to the
I'acltio coast, she became acquainted
with Tlioiuu P. Ilarklu, of Boston,
l.-o a member of tho party. They be
came engaged and the wedding date
was fixed. Shwily after Hiirkiu was
tukeu sick and died. Before hi death
he executed for hi afllauced a quit
claim deed to a mining property iu
lloiulurii. Communication with the
lluudiiraii government oilicial led to
the Miff that lite property whs not
worth the trouble of tiling foiuial trans
fer. Last winter, however, the prop
erty greatly Increased iu value and the
syndicate that had it in charge offered
I lurkin' attorney $200,000 for a quit
claim deed from Mis Gitllln. lu
some manlier, however, all trace of
that young lady had been lost aud not
even the name uf her parents colud b
found, v
Mr. Biitterllt Id, on reading tho di
patch today, at otico took step to
Identify herself and will shortly receive
the MUtig sum, which come to her lu p
romantic a mauiiur. Her husband is
clerk iu the Great Noithcrn Bailway
Tin I'liilw Mills Koauiuit.
Pittsburg, 10. The American
Tlu-Platti Company will h:ive iu opera
tiou thi week 20 of it tin-plate plants
out of 35 giving employment to at least
33,000 workmen. The tin-plate com
pany employ in all over 50,000 work
men, tun! within a few wucks, it is
said, every plant lu the country will be
working. The Monnugiihulu mill, of
thi city, the Demltr plant aud the one
i.t Kuuuiugtou started today, and the
other will follow as soon a possible.
Nearly every plant in the gas bult will
commence tonight, and by the end of
the week ovtry oue of the 20 will be
operating to their full capacity. The
plaut have been idle siuue the expira
tion of the scalo iu June last.
ailimtliin lii Nnnto Donilngo.
Sauto Domingo, Oct, 10. The gov
ernment has deuieed the suspension of
the constitutional guarantees ou ac
count ol tho revolutionary' movement
iu tho interior, bonded by Qjuoral
Kichardo, although it i asserted that
order ha been restored aud that Bich
ardo has buun captured. AU it quiet
Illslres In Cuba.
Havana, Oct. 10. Governor-General
Wood, who returned yesterday from n
tour of investigation iu the province of
San I a Clara, report only a partial re
covery from the effect of the war iu
that section of the island. Although
bo 1'juihI iio wuiit iu the district
of Sauuti Spiiitus, for instance, there
was great need of UH6intance to allevi
ate agricultural distree. This was
asked fur by tho municipality of Saneti
Spiiilns, and has been grunted by Gen
ual Wood from tho insular fund,
Minneapolis, Miuu., Oct. 10- Iar
ry S. Kuitppcn, a newspaper man, re
turned todav from o perilous trip to
the UudHou boy country in which with
uino white men und eight Indiuus bo
.aii8lU00 tnilo.1 up tho east shora of
h , , d M K
was uMsucerl lit; e ubliiina wlinm ho irmt
tiiata "skyboat" hud come lu tho re-
gion on the extreme northuaHt chore of
the bay two yours ago that it came to
the ground and that tho savage who
a.bbit tuil
wbite m,au 8' ue exp-uius.
wu8 a(ll,i0 starred expedition.
Mora Than Two Handrail Sfllllan Will
lla Aabad for I la Support.
New York, Oct. 11. More thau
1200,000,000 will be asked (or the sup
port of the army aud navy (or the fiscal
year ending June 80, 1002, says the
Washington correspondent of the Her
eld. Secretary Ixmg baa bt-ei) careful
ly oouslderlng the estimate uf the bu
reau of hi department, cutting them
wherever feasible, aud Secretary Boot
la sharpening hi pruning knife to that
it will be la condition (or Die ou the
war depaitmout estimate when be re
turn. ,
Chief of bureau of the war depart
meut are estimating (or expense on
the basis o(au army of 100,000 meu.
Under the present law all volunteer
and regular in excess of about 80,000
men, must be discharged before July 1,
1001,. and Quartermaster-General Lud
Ingtou i making arranaeweuH fat tbe
transportation heme of the volunteer,
Iteglutting next mouth. It will be nec
essary to recruit regiment to take the
place of the volunteer, In case more
troop are authorized, aud when they
are ready (or active service they must
be transported to Manila, So Quarter
master General Ludlugton ha asked
(or considerably more money thau he
needed for the present fiscal year. In
hi last annual estimtttes he requested
au appropriation o( $.18,678,640. This
year the estimate will be more than
Pay of the army will be what wa
estimated (or the current Usual year,
47.000,000. There will he heavy
bill (or clothing, modlual aud hospital
stores, ordnance, ordnance stores aud
supplies od tegular supplies (or the
quartermaster's department. The esti
mate made by Commissary-General
Weston (or subsistence store lor the
Current llscsl year Was $11,112,243,
t)d till W ill be exceeded
Secretary Boot' estimate
(or the
military establishment (or the onrreut
year aggregated a I vi, 1 70, una, aim tuey
will undoubtedly e larger for the uott,
fiscal year. Estimate will also be :
submitted for public works, Including
construction and repair of arsenals, !
construction, repair and armament ol
foi tillcstloiis, construction aud repair!
Of military post, river aud harbor illl- f
provement. maintenance ol the Na-t
liuiial Homo (or Disabled Volunteer
Soldiers, etc., which will
in uke the
wur department estimate figure up
nearly $2t)0,00l),0()0. Tho ecretry,
however, will, whenever possible,
largly reduce the estimates ol hi chief
of bureau
As an Indication of the growth ol
the nary, the estimate for Us Increase
i iligbtly above $21,000,000 more
than it ha over been before. Bear -
Admiral Crowuinshield ha estimated
for larger enlisted force, and unless tb
secretary determine, not to adopt the
recommendation ol the chief of the
bureau of navigation, it will necessi
tate larger appropriation (or pay,
equipment and maiutenauue of tbe
meu. , .
Four Fat-anna Hilled In a Street
In Uaayaiua.
New York, Oct. 11. A dispatch to
the Herald from Sau Juau, Porto Bico,
Four person, oue of them a woman,
Were killed iu another political street
riot in Guiiyaina. which lasted all last
night. The rioting started in a rafo
when a member of the federal party
shot and severely wounded a Itepubll
can. Several of the letter's party
'riends tried to lynch the federal, but
were prevented by eight American.
Federal from Arroyo hastened to rein
force the federal lu Guayama, and a
bloody street fight followed. The riot
ing wa kept up during the night aud
three men and a woman were killed,
while 20 others, Including several po
licemen, were wounded. Several of
those will tlie.
Armed band paraded
tho street later, shootina and shoutimr
and terrorising the town. The whole ;
district i arming, and the police force '
1 utterly unable to cope with the riot
era. The parties are alxnit equally -divided
in numbers. Leader of the Re
publican are urging their follower
not to engage in rioting, but tho feder
al are determined to avenge tho San
Juan affair, aud further bloodshed is
expected. Animosity between federals
and Bepublicaua i increasing aa tlie
time for the election approaches, and
all over the Island are evidence that
trouble amy break out at any moment.
Kliiod lu YVI.oun.hi,
Tortage, Wis, Oct. 11. The oity
levee ou the left side of the Wisconsin
river broke at Burden thi afternoon
aud everything ia under several feot of
water. . Aeros the river, resident
must come to town in lioata. With
tho breaking of the levee the water be
gan (lowing tu a raging current down
the Baraboo valley, emptying into that
hi reiv i n aaud through it bauk into the
Wisconsin. The river also overflowed
it bunk at the northern end of the
oity. With the rush of water, resi
dents began to move iu vehicle aud
boats. The rise came to a standstill
at 4 P. M. The water is the highest
ever known here. The oilicial gauge
shows 13.5 feet this evening, a hall
foot higher than the highest last spring.
Tonight there is about five inches of
water on the floor of the pumping sta
tion of the water works plaut. Water
bns covered the tracks of the Madison
Portage branch of the Milwaukee road,
aud traffic ia abundoued.
Two Hundred Mlsslug.
St. Johns, N. F., Oct. 11. Accord
ing to reports from St. Piorre, 17 fish
ing vessels that were operating on the
Grand Bauk during the gale of Sep
tember 12 aro dlill missing, with crews
aggregating over 200 men. A number
of other vessels that have arrived here
report a loss of from oue to seven men
each. The fatality list probably ex
ceeds 800, Serious disasters have vis
ited a number of New Foundlund fish
ing harbors.
War on Oil,
St. Louis, Oct. 11. Requisition pa
pers issued by Governor Sayers, ol
Texas, were served on Governor Boose
velt, at the Planters' hotel today, (or
the extradition of John D. Rockefeller,
Henry M. Flagler and other Standard
Oil magnates. Tbe defendant are
wanted iu Texas (or alleged violation
of the anti-trust laws. Governor
Roosevelt said he con Id not act ou the
requisition as long as he was out of
the state of New York, as he was
technically not governor. He Bnid he
would look into the case when he re
turned to NV,? York,
Canada Deoldes to Dispose of
Mining Lands.
Praparlla Nat
Thraaa Uaaa
FurenaMd Will
fur Ualueatlea
Arisr List I Fubllahad.
Seattle, Oct. 11. Advices from
Dawson, dated September 26, state
that the sale ol the crowu claims in tbe
Klondike country was to begin Octo
ber 3 aud iftst (or eeveral weeks, end
to begin ftagln November 2. The gold
com mi loner of tbe district estimates
tbe number of claims to be sold at be
tween 6,000 and 10,000. Men were
at work all the latter part ol Septem
ber ascertaining tbe exact number.
To do this the titles of all the claim
iu the district, about 20,000, bad to be
looked up. Tbe claims are nearly all
creeks and old timers at Dawson be
lieve that inauy of them are rich
All the claim that tbe public will
not purchase will be thrown-open for!
relocation 80 days after tbe list is pub'
Halted. N oue knows much about the
claims, as to whether they are rlcb or
not, but it is believed that tome have
thousands, and per hap million, hid
iu them.
The Haw In Dawson,
Victoria, II, C, Oct. 11. News that!
the Dominion government hat decided I
to offer for sale all government claim j
in th Klondike, ba linen received
wh nn(.h iu nwson, a it means
tlln Havalntmient of aims of tha best
property in the Yukou valley. The
i riaiiiis to tia nnttrnn luriitonn an ma at
, ..,. -laima that h.v rm..rtt ml
ila (!rnwn from various cause. It I
-limited that there are between 8,000
MU(j io.OOO uch claim iu the Klon-i
j,, j
i ' I
SCsapa af lunger llarmaaa' !
rih.r and T j
j Uilcago, Oct. 11. A dispatch to
the Chronicle from Phoenix, Arl.
1. B. Hauna, cousin of Mark Ilanna,
superintendent of forest reset ve (or
Arixona aud New Mexico; A. F. Her
mann, brother ol Land Commissioner
Biuger Hermann, and W. E. Price,
had thrilling experience and almost
j ot their lives un the desert between
! the grand canyon o( the Colorado and
the Utah state line. When within 40
mile of Lee's Ferry they camped for
the night and their horses escaped.
Pierce was lost from tbe party aud
after jonrneyiug over bnrning sandt all
day. Hauua wat to exhausted that he
could not proceed. Hermann contin
ued hi search (or water, wbleh be dis
covered Ave miles further on. He ie
turned with water to Ilanna who wat
iinconsciout and almost dead. The
following day a cowboy discovered
Ilanna aud Hermann wandering aim
lessly about the desert aud directed
them to their destiuaitou. A search
ing party later found Pierce, frantic
with thlrat. The three men were takeu
to Flagstaff Monday,
Mora High Chinese Official Harked for
Washington, Oct! 11. The rabluet j
meeting today, which occupied about
two and a half hours, waa devoted al
most exclusively to a discussion of the
Chinese situation. Special considera
tion was given to the French note, and
it i understood that a more or less de
finite conclusion was reached as to tlie
ture of this government's reply, but
'!. . a, l a. i jjt . .
11 n uot y I"1 " diplomatic
form- !t purport will not be made
Pul,ho ,or tne present-
it orio(nm voouy mni .ur. uouger,
ill compliance with a suggestion from
Secretary Hay, had submitted to the
state department a list of 10 or 12 j
nam)- of Chinese officials who were
prominent iu the Boxer movement
aginst the foreigners aud iu a great
measure were responsible for the as
saults upon the legations iu Pekin.
These officials, Mr. Conger believes,
should be included w ith Prince Tuan
and other iu any punishment which
are to be Inflicted upon those who took
a promineut part iu the Pekiu outrage.
It is uot uulikey that the position of
thi government in regard to the pun
ishment of these oilicial will be stated
in reply to the Frenuh uote.
Actor Instantly Killed.
Huntington, W. Va., Oct. 0. W. J.
MoCauley, of Philadelphia, an actor
playing with "A Woman iu tht) Case"
company, wa killed today by Pearl
Newmuu. MoCauley uud three friends
had entered a restaurant and were
talking to Miss Dorsey Brown, when
Newman opened fire, killing MoCauley
instantly. Newman escaped to Ohio.
Major Selilon N. Clark Dead.
Washington, Oct. 11. Major gel
don Noves Clark,' a widely kuown
uewspuper man, who had beou con
nected with the Washington bureau of
the New York Tribune for 22 years,
died here today of heart failure. He
w as au authority ou political and econ
omic questions. '
Flngue In India.
London, Oct. 11. "Bubonio
plague," savs a dispatch to the Daily
Mail from Bombay, "is becoming epi
delnio in many districts of the Bombay
presidency. Alarming increases are
reported from Poouu and Belmauui,
while the coast ports are infeoted. The
cotton crop has withered in Aherue
dagar and Bijapur distriott in oonse-
'ijueuce of the drought."
Kruger relics have been sold at auo
tiou in Loudon.
New Telegraph Company.
Denver, Oct 11. The, Mountain
telegraph Company waa incorporated
today ' with a capital of $1,000,000.
The incorporators are John L. Jerome,
B. A. Chappel and J. A. Kepler. Mr.
Jerome ia treasurer, and Mr. Kepler
vice-president and general manager, of
the Coloiado' Fuel & Iron Company,
and Mr, Chappel ia president of the
Victor Company. The new oompany
will build telegraph Unet to connect
the mines of these companies, and will
also enter the field for commercial
Mat Tt ftartul
by I'olllfe..
tiradstreat's lay: Deipite some Ir
regularity both a to demand and
prices, due partly to warm rainy
weather, but likewise a reflection of ft
hesitancy to embark largely in new
bniine, pending political event, tbe.
general tone of trade i favorable oue,,
aud confidence a to the outlook for
business iu the remainder of tbe year
is notable. Some diminution in the
volume of jobbing business ia noted at
large Western centers, and continued
rainy weather iu the Northwest alike
checked the movement of wheat to mar
ket, injures the grade of the same, and
discourage retail and jobbing distri
bution. Ten cent cotton Is the key to
tbe very favorable report wbiob come
from the Sooth and tbe character o( re
porta from thl sectlou it more nearly
favorable than (or many years past at
tbia time.
Tbe indisposition to contract heavily
as to the future is perhaps most marked
in tbe iron and steel trade aud here,
also, the most marked tendency toward
weakness in thi cruder forms of pro
duction is noted.
The Industrial outlook ha been im
proved by (he signing of tbe tinplate
scale, but the anthracite coal situatiou
(m tB, Mrfact gt ratnKf noM
unfavorable thau a week ago, more
mines and miners being idle and pro
duction steadily diminishing.
Special strength is noted in provis
ions and hog products, in which the
very strong statistical position is re
ceiving more atteutiou.
Wheat, including flour, shipment
(or the week, aggregate 4,450,107 bush
els, against 4,242,810 bushels last
Business (allure in the United States
! for tha ak ii,i,lr,t
177, a againat
109 last week.
fteallla Markets.
Onion, new, ll4o.
Lettuce, hot house, $1 per crate.
Potatoes, new. $16.
Beets, per sack, 85c(i$l.
Turnips, per sack, 75o.
Beans, wax, 4c.
Squah 4o.
Carrot, per sack, $1.00
Parsnips, per sack, $1.25,
Caulillower, native, 76c.
Cucumber 10(420o.
Cabbage, native and California,
8o per pound.
Tomatoe 80 50".
Butter Creamery, 2Cc; dairy, 160
10c; ranch, 10o pound.
Egg 20o.
Cheese 12o.
Poultry 12c; dressed, 14c; spring,
18(it 16c.
Hay Puget Sound timothy, $13.00
, 18.00; choice Eastern Washington
timothy, $19.00.
Corn Whole, $23.00; cracked, $25;
feed meal, $26.
Barley Boiled or ground, per ton.
"t20.-' t:
Flour Patent, per barrel, $3.60;
blended straights, $3.26; California,
$3.25; buckwheat ilour, $6.00; gra
ham, per barrel, $3.00; whole wheat
Hour, $3.25; rye flour, $3.804.0O.
Milletuffs Bran, per ton, $12.00;
horta, per ton, $14.00.
F'eed Chopped feed, $19.00 per ton;
middlings, per ton, $20; oil cake meal,
per ton, $30.00.
Fresh Meat Choice dressed heel
steere, price 7 He; cows, 7c; mutton
7.'; pork, 8c; trimmed, 0c; veal, Ovj
Hams Large, 13c; email, 13;
breakfast bacon, 12c; dry aalt aides,
Portland Market.
Wheat Walla Walla. 65(3500;
Valley, 69c; Blueetem, 59o per bushel.
Flour Best grades, $3.10; graham,
Oats Choice white, 42o; choice
gray, 40o per bushel.
. Barley Feed barley, $15.00 15.60;
brewing, $16.00 per ton.
Milletuffs Bran, $14.50 ton; mid-,
dlings, $20; short, $16; chop, $15 per
Hay Timothy, $1213; clover,$7
7.60; Oregou wild hay, $67 pertou.
Butter Fancy creamery, 45 65c;
tore, 80c.
F'ggs 20o per dozen.
Cheese Oregon full cream, 18c;
Young America, 14c; uew ohoeee 10c
per pound.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $2.60
3.50 per dozen; hens, $4.00; springs,
$2.00(Si8i'00; geese, $0.008.00 dux;
ducks, $3.00 5.00 per dozeu; turkey,
live, 14o per pound.
Potatoes 4055oper sack; sweets,
l?ao per pouuo.
Vegetables Beets, $1; turnips, $1;
per sack; garlic, 7rf per pound; cab
bage, 2o per pound; parsnips, 85c;
ouious, $1; carrots, $1.
Hops New crop, 12i'14o per
Wool Valley, 1516o por pound;
Eastern Oregon, 10 13c; mohair, 26
per pound.
Mutton Gross, best sheep, wethera
aud ewes, 8 Mo; dresaed mutton, 0s
7o per pound.
Hogs Gross, choice heavy, $5.75;
iight and feeders, $5.00; dressed,
$0.00fl. 50 per 100 pound.
Beef Gross, top steers, $8. 50 4.00;
cows, $3 .00 3. 50; dressed beef, 6
7o per pound. .
Veal Large, 6K7ro; small, 8
8bC per pound.
Ban Franotieo Market.
"Wool Spring Nevada, ll18o per
pound; Eastern Oregou, 10 14c; Val
ley, 1018o; Northern, 910o.
Hops Crop, 1900, 1214o. ' ,
Butter Fancy creamery 28o;
do second, 26 27 Mo; fanoy dairy,
25o; do seconds, 28o per pound.
Eggs Store, 83o; fanoy ranch,
83c. V ,
Millstuffs Middlings, ?18.00
82.00; bran, $15.5016.50. .
Hay Wheat $8 )i 12 ; wheat and
oat $8.0010.10; best barley $9.00
alfalfa, $6.60 7.60 per ton; straw,
2587o per bale.
Potatoes Early Eose, 80 75c; Sa
linas Burbanks, 70c$1.05; river Bur
banks, 8065c; new. 76c$1.25. -
Citrus Fruit Oranges, ' i Valencia,
$2.753.25; Mexican limes, $4.00
5.00; California lemons 75o$1.60;
do choice $1.752.00 per box.
Tropical Fruits Bananas, $1.60
2.50 per bunoh; pineapples, nom
inal; Persian dates, 6(g0t'o por
pound. . ' ,