The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, September 28, 1900, Image 2

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J 08. A. 0, BRANT, KtliWr mt pniurli'lor.
rwlv wnHn - -
TUrM luonllia, .
.l no
lias Toddy really recovered his
voice or has Mirk simply removed
his censorship.
ft it
Once more the wheat shipments
at Galveston are in motion, and
other main linos of trutlio will soon
be opened.
ft ft "
The best sign of returning sanity
in China is that the mithoritieB
recognuo the friendly attitude of
the United States.
ft ft ft
Only four of the forty churches
of Galveston are standing. The
fact gives the world a true sense of
the devastation of the city.
Galveston grew into an import
ant seaport because it had except
ional advantages, and not one of
those has been lost.
Gov. Roosevelt met a man in
Montana who was with him when
he killed his first buffalo. Teddy
has also killed bears and told the
truth about how it happened. . .
ft ft ft
The amount collected for the
Johnstown sufferers was 2,915,
340.30. Galveston's death list is
four times as large as that at Johns
town and the destruction of pro
is immensely greater.
ft ft
The public would not object ii
the coal strike made the price of
that useful pro net look like thirty
cents. But there is no chance of
Why shouldn't Germany float its
loahs in Wall street.. If reports be
true there is lots of water there,
ft ft ft
Oom Paul kept his promise that
the world would be staggered, and
he is as much staggered himself as
ft ft ft
Texas has suffered a heavy calam
ity, but the whole country stands
by her and offers the hand of fra
ternal sympathy.
ft ft ft
A cartoon represents Bryan
locked in the stocks with Carl
Schurz as keeper. Rather a grim
prospect for the boy orator.
The intensity with which Gal
veston has gone to work to repair a
great calamity 6hows its splendid
vital strength and indomitable
grit. -
ft ft ft
Not a foot of territory ceiled to
the United States has ever been
surrendered, and Bryan will be the
last presidential candidate to sug
gest such a proceeding.
ft ft ft
The Cubans have bad an election
without a fight. This shows that
they are not yet up to the high
level set by Tammany in election
ft ft
We haven't heard anything late
ly of that small bill that Secretary
Hay presented to the Sultan some
months ago with a request for
prompt settlement.
ft ft ft
The recklessness of tobacco smok
ers caused 1)12 fires in San Fran
cisco last year, and children play
ing with matches only 91. About
time to quit blaming the little folks
for carelessness.
ft ft ft
Marion Harland objects to pro
miscuous kissing. So do we all,
most emphatically when its our
girl that's the object of theHe insid
uous attacks upon her precious
Judging by the late accident in
California, steam beer kegs as well
as steam boilers need safety valves.
However, the pressure on the inside
of a beer keg is not usually allowed
to go very long unrelieved,
ft ft
Emperor William, it is said,
never allows his speeches to be
printed in Germany until three or
four days after they have been de
livered and he has had time to make
up his mind what he has said.
ft ft ft
Oregon has nine rural mail de
livery routes at the present time.
In 1897 three separate routes were
established at Turner, Marion coun
ty. In July, 1899, two more were
established, one at LaGrande and
one at Hood River. In June, 1900,
one was authorized at Shedds, Linn
county, and one at Dayton, Yam
hill covnty. In July of this year
one was put in at Newbcrg, and on
the 15th instant the last one was
authorized for Suver, this county.
There are in the neighborhood of
a dozen applications for new routes
in Oregon and Washington now
pending, but so great a demand has
been made for this service all "over
the west that action upon these ap
plication is necessarily slow, and
cannot be authorized until the pro
posed routes have been examined
"ty tin iaspwtor,
We dou't mean anything un
pleasant, but wo should like to
know, just for curiosity, whether
Senator Stewart has sold his silver
mines and invested the proceeds in
Philippine trading companies. Can
anyone inform us?
ft ft ft
Teddy is certainly nmiuing ver
satile. , Ho made a speech in Mon
tana and gave out his three column
le'ter of acceptance at Oyster Bay
on the same date. However, it is
possible that he did as Stevenson is
said to have done in ISU'2 accepted
his letter and gave it out without
reading it.
British scientists predict that the
bubonic plague will surely visit the
United States next summer.' Ab
we are already in direct and con
tinued communication with six
ports wheie it is epidemic, it will
Ih a proof of good quarantine work
indml if the disease i kept out.
Meanwhile, it might Ik) well to at
tempt to exterminate the rats that
carry the plague.
ft ft ft
Automobiles are being used with
great success in the French army
maneuvers now going on, and the
commanders are enthusiasteo over
them. It begins to look as if, in
war as in peace, the horse's day of
usefulness is past except to fur
nish filling for cans of "first class,
guaranteed army liecf."
It is claimed for a new process of
'carbonising" steel thai it will
make warship armor which will be
absolutely impenetrable to Bhot and
shell. It begins to look a.) if naval
warfare is shortly to return to the
conditions of the good old days
when one sailed alongside . his
enemy's craft climled on board and
brained the other fellow with an
ft ft ft
The Philippine policy outlined
by the president in his letter of in
structions to the Taft commission
is all right from the American point
of view. It offers the Filipinos all,
and probably more, real happiness
than they could possibly get under
their own rulership. The bother is
that they would rather make a
Uitch of ruling themselves than
have some alien make a success of
it. And in this, they are like some
other people ourselves, for in
ft ft ft
Germany refuses to make peaco
with the Empress Dowager until
the men who were responsible for
the outrages have been surrendered
to her for punishment. Nine-tenths
of the American people will back
Germany up in this. A little whole
sale justico against the ring leaders
in China will do more to guarantee
the safety of foreigners in that
country than will all the guaran
tees that Li Hung Chang can give
in the next fifty years.
ft ft ft
It is asserted, and pretty nearly
proven, that less than 10 per cent
of the goods kept in the grocery
stores of Oregon are produced on
the coast. More than 75 per cent
could be produced here if the pre-
per effort were made. Farmers,
raise your own bacon, beans, toma
toes, canntd and dried fruit, butter,
eggs, honey, etc. Then $8,000,000
will be saved to the Btate of Oregon
annually. This state will be afilict
ed with hard times as long as we
continue to buy largely from the
east and ship but littlo there to sell
in return.
The Willamette valley haB been
wheated with a persistency that
cannot be explained. From tin
earliest days in tho state's history
the soil has been repeatedly sown
to this product, to the exclusion of
all other cropaf until it is suspi
cioned and believed by some that
nothing else will pay. Almost any
other crop will yield better returns.
Clover will beat it dollars to halves
and, if managed in connection with
stock and dairy will readily quad
ruple the earnings acre for acre.
Perhaps it was "the best thing that
ever happened" when Western Ore
gon farmers met with a practical
failure. Whatever the cause, it is
gratifying to hear from our own
farmers of the resolution to "get out
of wheat" and into more profitable
agriculture. Stayton Mail,
ft ft ft
The death list at Galvoston con
tinues to grow, and the destruction
of property mounts up far beyond
tho first estimates. But the authori
ties are laboring with the greatest
energy to perform the first duty of
relieving distress and preventing
sickness. Amid such scenes of dis
tructions a herculean work miiBt be
faced, but everything has been done
that could be done, and tho agencies
of relief from the outside are now
in touch with the suffering city.
Those experienced in calamities
who have arrived on the scene say
the loss of life and the devastation
at Galveston are worse than at
Johnstown. It iB all the more
necessary then to extend the aBsist
ance needed in the promptest ami
amplest manner, and to keep up
the stream of contributions.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 17.
Gen. Chaffee and the American
troops now there are likely to eat
their Christmas dinner in Pckln, so
far as can bo seen at present. It Is
believed that tho refusal of Eng
land and Germany to will-draw
their troops, caused Russia to
change her mind, and that it was
liecauso of a knowledge of that
change, although there has been
no ollicial announcement, that this
government made a promise of pro
tecting Li Hung Chang, if ho need
ed protection, which makes it
practically certain that our troop
will be kept lit Pckln as long as the
negotiations which Li and several
other chinamen are to conduct on
Udialf of tho Chinese government,
go on there. Minister Conger bus
sent an important communication
concerning these negotiations but
tho department of Statu declines to
give it out. Unknown tint Mr,
Conger does not feel as much con II-
l.'iicii in Li Hung Chang, as this
government exhibited, and he has
probably sent a word of warning
as to the danger of trusting him
tOO far. i
Shrewd observers are predicting
that soon after the opening of nego
tiations with the Chinese, the allies
will split and that each nation will
endeavor to get tho U1 settlement
it can regardless of what the others
got. 1 hat u believed to lie the end
Li Hung Chang is aiming at. The
numlier of those who believe that
Germany and Russia will in tho
end ho found acting together and
that Loth will demand territory is
increasing. It may be necessary
for Undo Sam to show his willing
ness to ll ;ht for his treaty trade
rights in China, if not actually to
fight for them before tho business
is settled. Several of his allies are
his greatest trade- rivals and the
old gentleman' has need to be very
wide awake to escape being buncoed,
Mr. S. Iwaunira, who is a gradu
ate of the Japanese Imperial Uni
versity and Chief Secretary of the
Kyota Chamber of Commerce, who
is making a weiuiolliciul tour of
the U. S., with a view to increasing
business between Americans am
Japanese, is now in Washington.
Ho expressed himself as follows as
to what otighj to bo done by the
powers in China: "There aietwo
possible courses for tho powers to
take in dealing with the future in
China. One is Id make a confed
eracy out of tho country, with the
different provinces as independent
states, like tho German Empire,
the second course is to preserve the
Chinese Empire under jicw rulers.
The formation of a confederacy
would U no easy task for the pow
ers, and they would have to act as
protectors and general overseers all
the time. If the powers interested
in China would stand firm in tho
maintenance of tho Chinese Con
federacy, tho thing would be ac
complished. The present dynasty
has not sullicient support nor pop
ularity to maintain its authority.
Many of the ignorant and supersti
tious natives are led to believe
through tho "star-gazers" that the
end of the present dynasty is near,
and the multitudes look for a new
reign within a short time. A strong
army will be needed in China all
tho time, and Japan can furnish
this army if the other interested
powers will come forward with tho
Washington o plo havo alady
done much for the Galveston suffer
ers, but they aro to do more. Wod
nesday of this week has been set
asiJc as Galveston day. Every
theatre in the city will give a bene
fit performance, tho entire gross re
ceipts to go to the relief fund, and
there are few persons in the city
who will not contribute something,
directly, or indirectly, on that days
Ex-Secretary and ex-Senator Car
lisle was in Washington on legal
business for several days, but all
efforts to get an expression of opin
ion from him on current polities
were met by the smiling reply that
he was out of politics and had noth
ing to say at this time. Mr. Car
lislie is said to bo rapidly accumu
lating wedth in tho practice of law.
Tho government is being run just
now almost entirely by minor offi
cials, although the usual vacation
season is about over.- One roaon
for this is that tho president and
members of the cabinet spent more
time, than usual, owing to the Chin
ese troubles, in Washington during
the pasj, summer, and they aro now
getting some , rest and recreation
preparatory to the winter's . work
before them.' Another reason is
that the political campaign is now
fully under way and several mem
bers of tho cabinet are in demand
as stump speakers. The president
is at Canton, presumably for rest,
but tho telegraph reports him as
constantly holding important con
ferences with his political friends,
,'o he vidently isn't there entirely
mr rest. Attorney General Griggs
and Secretary Hitchcock, hoth of
whom have had long vacations, are
the only members of the cabinet in
How About I ho Knlililnif (itnnrit
"Every crnp game in Portland
has been vict indued by loaded dice,
an t one of tho suborners, Sam Rolf,
Is lit jail. Rolf is ft manufacturer
of dice, and in moments of tem
porary absent-mindedness, ho oc
casionally loads tho dice, Armed
with a pocketful of theso eulns,
Rolf and a companion began a
campaign against tho crap games,
and swindled every ono in tho city.
Rolls operations became known
this afternoon after tho chit f of
police had arrested him on First
street for failing to leave town
when ordered to do so."
The Portland Telegram publishes
tho above. What strikes ono as
very peculiar is that Rolf was
warped to quit town for robbing
the game, yet the police allow tho
games to do business and rob tho
eoplo who attempt to win from
them. Tho Telegram should in
form tho public what interest tin
1 ! I ! . , I . I .1
ponce auuioruies nave in ineso
games that they should become
their protectors, Eugene Guard.
Doesn't the Guard know that
Portland licenses this and other
evils? As the games are now sanc
tioned by the police, any Interior-1
eneo on tho part of another gam
is sure to meet with a hot rebuff.
What a common thing it Is for
man to work twenty yours accumu
lating a competency and then de
cide he can do better in some far
away state, remarks an exchange,
lie sells bis property at a sacra lice,
tries some other location, and in a
few years finds bis littlo fortune
scattered to tho four winds. Every
train that passes through his town
is loaded wild chumps. One half
tho passengers have beuii west or
east and got bmko and aro return
ing to their old homes to legiri over
again. ' Tho other half have just
sold their old homes and are run
ning away to become poor. Why
are people so foolish? Tho whole
world is alike all around. There is
no place where tho climate is al
ways pleasant, no place where con
tentment dwells; there is no place
where wealth is easily gained. No
place where work seems play. Don't
run to th other side of the world
expecting to find anything differ
ent. Tho writer of tho above has,
to a groat extent, tho correct idea,
but any man in drottthy portions
of the middle west may wiu by
coming to Oregon. True, every
state has its drawbacks, but Oregon
has tho least number.
After eonsitlering various samples
of last ditches, Oum Paul decided
nut to purchase any. "
What has liecoiius of thooctofus?
We haven't heard anything of it
fur several weeks.
a a
Of course ltussia objects to par
titioning China just now! When
she gets her railway completed she
hopes to gobble tho whole country
The horse abattoir at Linnton is
not to Iwi started up this fall, says
tho Oregouian, although there are
largo bands of cayuses cavorting
over the ranges of Eastern Oregon
litterally rolling in fat and longing
to be pickled ami sent on an Euro
pean tour before the cord, chilly
winds of December send thm cow
ering and shivering into some can
yon to starve through winter. The
managers of the abattoir, however,
know when they have had enough,
and have decided to quit. They
havo worked hard for several years
to rid tho ranges of Eastern Oregon
of useless horses aud to furnish the
people of France, Sweden, Den
mark, Germany or any other coun
try where horse meat is eaten with
a superior article, but the govern
ments of theao countries have put
every possible obstruction in their
way, and have prevented them from
making any profit, so they have
concluded to stop exporting horse
moat ami let those who aro hunger
ing for it go starve.
Set YMm
Get fat ; get nice and plump ;
there is safety in plumpness.
Summer has tried your
food-works ; winter is coming
to try your breath-mill. Fall
is the time to brace yourself.
But weather is tricky; look
out 1 Look out for colds espec
ially. Scott's Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil is the subtlest of
helps. It is food, the easiest
food in the world ; it is more
than food , it helps you digest
your food, and get more nutri
ment from it.
Don't get thin, there. is
safety in plumpness. Man
woman and child.
111 agreeable taste will surprise you. ,omp,e
BtUl l HOWNK, . '
fi. wi n.wju onpnv
Nolle for Publication.
pirn! jitili Set II. Ul (ml'. Nov 1
TIMIIMl I.AN l, ACT J UN l- , Wh.
' 11,1. UmlOltlit",
' h n t i 1 -. rioii,
' Sui,mbi r lath, luxO.
I' .lla. 1.. 'l. L t, 1.1 b 111, II, ut M .1.1 1 .1 1. 1 1 M lit,..
rlih lli"t""il"" 11I tlm I of r,itijii-M ni
jmin . IIiVH, viiIOIkiI "All "l 'iii- Oia anil ol
liiniH-r IhiiiIk in iin-i"' ill CmIiIomiI, nr. .
,,H, av.,,l, Mini IVa-lilntM.ill 1,-rrlliii r ,"
"uti-li'lul i'U l I'l'I'Hi' lain! SlHt.' Ii 'l
11I Annual l"''J, t'lmrlm MnilUnn, nl (ml-
IMllli'llta.POOllljr l rom, bihi Mmmii iirrvifii,
ililailnv flloil III I !) ullliw lilaawi ru Hiiir
mriil No, ton I, fur Urn luri'lm ill (lii-M K 1-4
' . ........ A I.. r..t.l,li, N. k M llultun
III p,,,,"!, I I....,..- ,
sii ft W urn! III ufTr prin.f In allow Unit. llm
lunil ncnmlit In mum vnIiiiiIiIh lor lu llnil'r
, ,i,m iliait f'ir nurkulliirnl .uri,'-, mol lo
rainlilinn. In I'liiloi lo Mill )"1 Muni tin-
i,.,. u,,.l I ( iu.kI witr i,f 1 1, l f,f1li i' t I Iri'imi
CUV, orri'Oii, on Wtcliii'.iliiy, ton JMh ilnjf n!
isovriiii"1!, ihw.
IIk iimiuw wltlipux-n:
Kri'i'ionli 0, Huliliinon.ol Knll t'lty, I'ri'K'MI
Mii'IiruI O, Kly tut. id r ail- i'll,V, Of' Hon.
AUii'rtN. lOil'ltnotl. ol Ktillnl'll.v, tifriioii, .
J, mum IxiiiikIib, ol linlopo' ili'iiru, tiii-iiott.
Any kiul H itriiit itui tit I iim mlvtrnly Oiw
...... it... vllart.t lit,lti kril ruiilifratitit 111 till1
llii'lri'lHliiu lu lln oitt, tin or tii'lur tl'l
2Mti HIIJ l .-MiviMiiurr,
Not lee fur I'lihllciitliiii.
I Flral pill) M"'l III I "1 lillb Nv t
If. M. I.niltl I Hlln
ori'uun i'iir,fir'iiiii
'ilviuir i:tii, luui
Niilh la lnii liy alvi'll Hull III cofiiiilltiiirt
wiih til iirovlaltMia ol Mtu Hut o( 1'ntiurt-aa ol
Jtitm a, l;x, outltli-il ' All tU'l for Ho- auk
i,l tutilwr IniiiiH in I'm simi-a til ruliloriint
iirMHin. NkviiiU. mil W'n.hlliiitail Tnrrllorv."
y. MltKlllll'll to Mil III rtililln I .mid Htuli-a III
m l ol Aiiuat I, NVi, I'm JlUlllaoii, of Imlii
imiiIi'Ikw, iiiiinly tf I'olkj ilnln of orevnii,
Ii dll.v llliul III lltlaoltiiw InT awnri.aliile
Im'lil No, Air lit Mlli'liu ill III K. I -'J ol
N W I t, S W Uiil N W 14. N W 1-4 ol H W 14
,,: Mtvlloa No. II. Ill TowiiiIiIii tt, II S, Knun.
No, ll W,, mill will ollnr uiiHii in ,iw Hint
Hi laml aoiiK I la tour vultmlilu fur lla tint
mr or aunt limit for uiirli'iHiiritl uri ,
Dili! to atnlilai ImrrlHlnl lo anl'l lull'l In
ft,r lh ilitl-ir mol Hixwlvnr of t hi iifflVr
al Ori'iiim t'Mv, (in, nn Wtllla,lny, Uta
ii aay ol ovioi'r, iuuu.
Hli imnira it witttKaai''
KitwitiNU u. holilnaoit, of Cttlla I'lly, Uri'riti
Mii'lou-IU. r'lyitu.til Kaliti ny, rtirii.
Allwrt S Itoliloaoii. ol Kalla t llv.tlrriton.
Ji'tviim linriiallfl.iil liii, ,,'i"lo iti, in.'iein.
Aity i no it t Hrnia i-iuiiiiinn u i vr, i tut
NtioYi'-ilMU' liitola hr ri'iim-MiiMl to ait
llmlr vluliua in una it.,w mi ,,r buiuro amil
will tlay ol .nommiiIh r, mo.
t Hi II, MiailllUI
'otlt for I'liMlt'idlon.
S'tiilllT I, 1WM.
Nolli'D It lii r.'liV ulvcii Out! Ili (iiIIhrIiu
naiili'il -til. r tiaa llli'il imtlmvol liU Itilcnll'iii
lo niakii fliinl ,rool In moiiiiirl of hi I'laim
ami thai aalil pro"! will ! mailt; Iwlorr Urn
i.outtty t nrn in t "i t utility, al iiii, tin
gnu, mi i i ti.U r 1,1, eu, via'
Tlmiiiaat'. I I In nr. II. K. No. IlltU.
It III.' S tt l4 "I N W k ami N W J, ul IV 14 of
Br, l. I 11 ,
II iiamia llm loUowlmi wlliii lo irov
Ilia tiiiti'lliiioua rraltltilirti uIhiii all'l I'ullliall'iu
ol Mtlil laiol. VU:
kuauii II. I anno, ill Sunnrlnaf. Or, ann
),orye lln-kvl, ol Htiitnrl'ial iik-iioii: iiiIu
Mlilrr, of Hiitf.iritml, Orinnii; Otl OI"ii, ol
Huaiirloat, Or. Mint,
Mullen lor riililltutlmi.
Si )li ittU'i I, Hw.
Nolle la lirliy vlri'it that the fnluwIllK-
liaiii, ,! at'tilrr Itaa Itliil tmlln'nf lila Ilili liMnti
to iiiako IIiihI proul In atiiHirl 01 lil- I'liilin,
ami Imil aiilil rml tll I until l-rfon! tlir
1 'utility Clark ol I'olk nouiity, al l ull'., tin--"ii.nti
in loiwr ,1, IMi, vim
liirlll N ol Is 'SK ol N W W mill
linnun lli-i ki'l. II. K 0, ll(l-ft.
N K '4011 W 4tilHi'.' lu I'tlS. UK w.
II inuiii'a llm IoIIowIhk Winn'.-,", lo prove
hla itonrioiiotia ri-lil,'ii'i iiimiii aitl milllvatl ul
ol aatd laml, via:
Tli"iiiu. t'. t'lmuilalnr, ol Nuuiriinl, urtteni;
hinii'ii It. mnttn, in KiiKanonr, itr"o:i;
Jttllii. Mlllr, of rloifarlmir, Oti oii; Uil Ol
aoli.of SiiKHrlonf, uniem,
t IMS. II. MtnntKS.
ot It for rulilirnllttn. . Jjul i.uli.Ot t. I.i.
Cnllt'il Slatva l.aiol Offlo, at Om koii I'll)',
Ongo.', A Italia I Mil, 1HM,
NiiUri' l Itcn-liy Kl vi'tl Hint In eoiii,tlHlni
llli Hi nroruiiin ol tint art o( ConKri aa ol
Jinuj i, l,a. etilltli d "An vl lor llio aUi ol
Innla r Intola in lit Mlali-a ol CnllluroU. Or-
itt, N'tvmlN, tnt V a.hltiiiloii Ti'rrllory," aa
rtli'tiiltil lo all tit riiDiit! Mini tat.,a ut a -l
ul Aiiuiiat i. IniiJ. hnrinaiili llirlilipiu, ol In, If.
I i ili'in-, I 1 only ol I'olk. hlMti- ul t Innoii, I mi
llita uav nli-tl In tola uitli'o hla aw.irn alnlr
aianl No. !Ji), lor III pori-h of III H ol
H I,, N W ', ol MW S' S ol N W i ol aw.
11,111 .o. 24, in tiiwii.lili No S H, rttnii No. 11
Kial.BllJ loflir priHll III allow Hull llmlail'l
.. itiuill la inor valtuliloliir lla limit Mir atona
II11111 for Mtlcttllural imriaoea, noil lni'xIuU- lila rltilm IomIiI laml Imlor Ilia ll,
anil IliH-i'ivi-r ol Hi la iiini c al uri'iiiii l liv onv
gun, ou r ritltty, litu ili an" or tvuiiwr. r,o,
II nailia aa wllm-aai-a: Krti'itiiiu W. II,, hill
cm ul hull 'Ity , or; MU'Iiai-i U. llynn, ul
Kallat Ity, Or : aIImti N. Knltlnaon, ol Kalis
lily, tir.j Jroini) iNirnaiiu, ol tinU'iii'Uit'iiiti,
Any a ml hII iMtraotia rliilmlim ntlvt'rwly ll'i-
KlHiiK.iiN.nUil Mini, am ra itti'lt'tl lo llir
llii'lr vlnlina In Una ulllio nu or liiforo !
,lli Uay uf OololHir, l'l.
I HAS, 11, MtHiltait,
Notice fur riililliallon.
Klrat ul. Auk. 11. Ul uh. Ot't. 1H,
UlilttiJ Slitti Lsiul Olllt'i), Ori'itoil City,
OrvKint, A UK". I H, HUU,
Niilli it l Itcrt'liy nlvt'it Uml In i'titiillaii'.
ivllli lh itrnvlaloiia of lilt! ant ol I'otiKri'iis ol
Jnint.'l, l,a. Olilllliitl ' An ant lor llm aaln ul
UiitliiT lamia lu tliu Stall's ol CnllloriiJn, urt-.
Kim, .NVvattn, ami NVaalilitKUm Tprrtun-y,"
i'lt'iitli'i to all Ilia I'tiMIc Mini siatua by mi
ol Annual . IWJ. Iti'liitiinlu K. I(titil. 11L Al
bitny, I'ounty of 1,1 tin. Slaitt oft)noii, Ima Una
iltiy llli'il lu tills olllit lila awoni ulutciiirn t
Nn. Hi.l, lor llm imrt'liaat! of llniMK ' of aw.
linn 1'.', Ill towualiln No. 7 S, ruiiK ,No S wnat
a tl will nirur troof to lt,ivv (till lint html
aotiktlil Ik luoru vnliiililt' (or liatltulinror aloim
Hutu for nu'rlrtillurnl iniria, 1111,1 lo lin. lila I'lului loaunl IhiiiI ituloro Hit) Kt'ttl lr
n 11 it lit'i'tiviT of this nlllc Hi llritoii I'lty,
iiri'Ktni, tin rrlilay, lit 'Mil uay 01 tiotutu'r
Mil 11 a til fa us wllnrsma: John J. f'ol'lns, o(
Alltany, tirt'itoni Krniik In vltto, of Alitiiny
Orinnii; AOIiivIl WllllHina, of Alltany, On-KH
I'uivln K. Ilnln'rl, ol AH'imy. On-null.
Any soil till (HTaoiia vlnlinliiK ath'vrauly 1 110
alitiVit-iliwrllM-tl Inuila art) n-ti ih hiimI l Iti
Uiiir tiiiliiia lu thla olllt'v on ur buforu anlil .tilli
day 01 Ocloliur, iunu.
Niillcn fur Piilillnitlnn.
Klral pub. Auk. 11 l,t puli.Ool. 1.1
Viillocl Slitlta Laml Ollliw, Orrnon l l ty,
Ori'KOII. AIIKUatBlll, l!IH).
Nolle la lioroliy lv"U Dial In coinplliitn'o
Willi llm proylalonaof llio scl ol t'mik-ritaa of
jillinil, IhiM I'lillllitd "All act lor tho aitlu ol
tlittlntr lantls In Hi Stnti'S of Cnlllnriila. Orv
Bon, Nuvuila, antl Waaiilnulou Trrrllory," i
usu iiilvil to nil lliu I'liltlli! i.niltl Sliiioa by nrl
ol AiiKiiat i W.n, t'Klvlil K, Hobi rl, of Wsl
Stint r.or. vouiilv ol Uiuulii". Sltilu of Wlauitn
slu. has this ilnv II It'll In this olllt'u Ills sworn
slHlmiuMit No A'.'iij, for tho purrlianti ol lliu W t
ol IV 14 of Si'i'llull Nu. 8, III l oMiislilp No. 7 H,
Hhiiku No, S W, anil will offer proof loslmw
Unit 1 110 bind aoiiiilit la more vitliutliln for
Its llnibiir. or stouu tlisn mr iiiirli'.iiliiiriu
niiriiosita. anil to tinliililiah lila vltilin loaiiltl
Initil liiilorn tho HitKlatcr and Itmtlvnr ol this
itioo aiorraou l.'lty, tireKoii, on Friday, III
'A, III duv III ( It'll, Iut I IKK).
ill! iiainns aa wltiniaaus: John .1. Collins, of
Alliuiiy, llri'HOiu nuns Di'vniit. 01 AitiHiiy,
Ort'K'in, niiijtiiiiin r , iiucni'ii, 01 ,iimny, un
iron: AI1II11I1 i illlftins. nl Allwiiy. tlroaon,
Any ami all Hrsiiiia iiIsIiiiIiik ntlvitm ly the
abiivo-iltisuniM'ii iiiiiih aru nsiitt'siun 10 niti
llioirchiliiis in thlhollltio un ur buforu snltl -Hi It
day ol Outobor, linw.
Shasta Route.
Train lravra Indupcndvnqo for Portland nntl
way alatlniis at xu p. ni.
1 ettvo lor Corvullls ul 11 00 a
l.v Portland 8;S0a. 111.
Lv Albany l'J:H0p. ni.
At Asiiliiud 1. 12Ha.m.
' Hftiiriiuu'iito 0:0 p. 111,
" Hn.11 KranulKuo 7:15 p. 111.
7:IW) p. ni
10:Mi p. 111
1 1 ::to n . in
4 :i)ji rt. m
H;Ki!i 111
Kanias Clly .
5:11ft m, lli-tfui m
OiiiOit. in. uttifi n. in
7:25 a. m. 7:Vt a. 111
7:16 a 111. OiiO a. in
l,os Anuclus
Kl I'asn
i)r Worth
City of Muxlco.
Nuw Oiluiitia....
M it hlnKton ....
Niw York
1:20 p. in.
G:on p. in.
C,;:;o s. 111.
, l):fi-ia in.
, 4:tif) tt 111
(l:ar p. tn.
(1:1.) h. m,
, 12:ia p. 111
7:00 a 111
l:iill p. in
(i::!ti 11 111
l';.-,,i a. 111
1:(H u. in
11:2.1 p in
:J2 11. 111
12 l.i p. in
Pnllmnn snd Tourlht oiira on both trains
CUIrciiisHat-iiiniuntotoOKdnnaiitl Kl o
nd tourlat iiurs lo UliW-nyu, St. Ltml-, Now
Orluftiisanit Washington.
Pomtoftlitg at Sun Friini'laon with m vrrn
It'iiinshlp linns fur lloiinliilit, Jnpnii, Cblno
Fblllpplnes, Central and Sniith Ami'iti'ii.
o,Mi..n. A. wltPoxal lndopendnnee sta
tion, oraddrusa MAHKIIAM.
General PmengerAguut fottlaud.Or.
HKroitT t)F "III K (VNI)lTrjN
-tiK Til
flilSl UWM ML
Mo, Wi,
Al I ii1 iH-inl, 111 On. Hint of lirKi.n. l
II"' i ll, of In, aim , S"iu lulu f 0, Cum,
lawlia ami illaivililiU ... 1
,v,.ej) ji
4.IH2 71
llvrnlriiln, a, i-oiisii nn, I imw. tirtl,
I'.B. Itonila Hi ai'i'ilH" rlri'llHi'l'Mt
t, M M
ft 'm la
hiii iio
i,m vi
l. H lli'luta to ai 1 ii. Ij. H, U '"II.
I'.S II, mil. 1. 11 linn, I .
I'ri'iiiliiiiiaoii l, H. ll'Oiila ...
MH'kn, arnirlllia, ! . ....
liHiikiim. In iiiai-.ttirolior Hint lll l"
1 'llii'r nut Maltilii tiwio-il .
Imi from .Vntioiiiil limika (not Ice
atuvu Ail' ill).
lino lioniioiilti Ituiika anil huiiiii ra.
I nn' from u,roiMl roai-i nBii'iila ...
llrlllll KnVI'IIIOI Ml Ml 'M
I In rk tilt, 1 ullii'r i'oxIi lt-if,'loiltKi'a lor I'lr lit llttf ItotiM. -
Not, a ul olln r Nnl 10111 Itunka
K'riM'lluiiMl iir I'urn iuy, t,U-k-la,
HUtl ii'iila .
r-.aH'oana hiiiI litaiNM ,ii;l..d. .........
Iiaa ami (Itiiii .... ...
.iii i, Mositv UiHi nvir. in Hank,
Hiwin,.. f,: .,..,..,.,
l,t ait.iiiiiili r titiiiw..
ru iw
'j.titi 74
61 S '
4 18
r. . ' 1 1 1 n i .ii if
for Ii'kmI iiiiira ,....,.
Ili'tli'inlitloii lund with U, H,
1 l.ifia
1 11 H.nii f (Ii 'i 11111 ul t'lrtmliiil'HH
I In tmin U. H. I'ri n-tirnr.olliur I hail
6 riiii ril inplloii iiiiiil .......
Wilt IK
t ii Ut
Toul.y ....... liniM ta
I'upllnl alork tiHlit 111. . WW fw
Hainln. Inn, I . RKIO HO
linllvl,liil iirullla tut W)
Nitlloliitl Itiuill Nuti-a iiiiUluii'lliiK,.. MM t
tl Hank noti a otit-lantllnK ......
ni In uilinr NiillntiHl Hitiiku ..... .........
I inn lo Niiili' HankaaiKl I'ltiiltMia ...........
inn- to 1 rti.t 1 nini anlt a inl f avlima
llallUU . , . - . .
Illvlilwilia 11111,1.1,1 . . ..... . 97 So
liull. nlinil ili inill anlili ! loi'llwK 3.4S I 'J I
I iflilltllil I'i'I'lllli llliw ol itiwlt Ity 'i'J
Tim (i,rtfli iili- ol tt " ll,..... .... .....
1 rrtllliil rliwka ... ...... ....... ......
t'ltli Ta i'lit'i:ha oitlalHiiillnif
It nil I'll Ml Ira llrli'Mul ..... .............
Iii'l.oalla ol ll. rt ilia .tif-ltn ollli'ira....... ....
Not mill blllt ril,"iuolml .... ,"( W
llllla (myalilu ..........
I.nti lluiva ollittr llian ihna ki'V
aUU il ...
Tolnl .. - lotvV U
Kiiiifiri'K"n, I,.
I ottmy 01 1 oik, )
I. J. S. t'i,,.fr, ininlilnit 01 tin' nimvr
nalltitl Imlik tin olilolli) awriir Hint Ihl'
nlatvn mill nii'iil t Irnit Ul Hi IflfM of 10)
kiiovtliKlgn Hii'l tn'l H i.
Htlltai'rlllltl llll'l Wtll toU'folT III lllla '.Mlll
Any 01 i u 11 'I.I-jum. J. W. Kini.l.sij.
t tiii.i't-Aiti t: .Noliiry I'ulilkS
.1, W I'.mi'Ku.
(,) luviot l itflMTII,
H, ll, t.lail'KII,
An Vli'Wfl Alitoail.
"An fxtrit f rMlt train passed
Uiioiiglt ruitliiiiiJ, KTtntly, liourul
(or llutli. Tint truin consisUU ol
folirUH'ii flat 1.11 is louilt'd with toll
huge j'ifW'H of .ri'gon nino. The
sticks ure to hi; tit-wl in vvw.U us
uutsls. fcjoioo i4 the sticks mi'tisuri'i
llJUfoiitin length hiu! it wjuimi
four lil fool curs for nich stick."
'Ihu nlovu is niki-n from llm Her-
ttltl, iullihlii-tl in Cuniili'ii, Maine,
ami shows llio interest taken in one
of Oregon's nniny I'twiucis which
are so woiitlt rful to peoplt farther
east. TI10 pej of On-gou us a
ruin little reuli,t! llie true value of
our vast forests nntl the advertising
this state is getting on land and
sea through eitsu rn ship huilding.
Tho greatest masts rid) the
oei-ans are nunlu of Oregon Ur, or
pine, as eastern people cull it, and
the pres rvation of our forests is of
vital importanee to tho future
wealth of ouo Htativ-Albitny Her
ald. TIKE SCHtOUltS.
I 'hit' t tfo
I'litlliinil M.clal
li l'i a in
Hull I, alto, .liiivrr.
Kt. Worth, iiinahft.
Knnana Illy, SI,
l.tti", ( lilt au'i aud,
Suit Lake, lit'nvi". I t
I lly, M lanua,
I'liUinvT'i aiv Kal.
4 p. m.
I' at
y.Ot) in
7 . m.
WmIIii liiliu, Linus
ton, Mtokot, Mill
llftlptilK. HI. l'mil,
I t tl u 1 1 t,M 1 1 .1 nu K.-f,
l'hlruiii and r.ttal.
All lllllll d ili'a Mlb-
Jni't lo I'luuiK"
r'or an Ki ii,tt iM'o
nlla t-i try ft ilnya
0.01) i III
8 n, in.
S p Itt
i p. III.
Kt Kiiiolay
8 p 10
-niur l ty
lo t III
I'lii-H, i'lnir
Htnl Hut.
C11I11111M11 llivtr
Sti'Minvra. 4 P. Ill
i-,. t.i,.rn int. 1 Wv. Kx Hiiiid'y
l.iindloita. j
W illi, 111, lit' uml j
V .ntlii t Itlvi-ra. j S.lvin
iinn.tii t'ltv. Onylon, Mon ,Wrd,
ail, I Wtt.v l-iiiitlina and hr ,
H a. III.
Ttioa. Tlntr
nntl Sitt,
fi ;ir, 11. to,
I'liHy '
Wlllniin'IlM Itlvur.
roillnntl I) fori tiilla
llllll W llV-.lllnl:lltH
Hnalu' Itlvitr,
ill tut tin in t,rnilou.
L.W p. ni,
nntl Km.
l.v. T i-wl.a
ton, dully
9a. in."
U 11. in. Wlllamott lllvriv l.-!i i. in
Kx. iiod'y , Ks.iiutt'y
Orfiftin I'lly, Nrwhom, Riili'in, ludn.
pfiid, ni'i" 1 W "' I iiii'lint, aloanu-r Modoc
loavna 1 r t lit ltd on Moo, Witl.iind Kridiiy,
.riivi'a Intli'in'iiilt'iii'ii Till'", Thuta, Sat, ut
fi;:m A. M. Hlr. linlli ,-uvra hiib pt'iidfiii-i':
Kttr I'ttrilinid ,t 11iv ImidliiKa, Mmi, l oil,
Krl, 11 A M. r t'to vnll s A win luudillK
Tuna, Thurn, Hn', S::l I' M.
Kor full Information rail 011 O. It. 4 N. Agt.
AL. 11KUK N, liidi'pcnib'iii'u, or addrt'KH
lltuu-ritl I'lisaonut-r Ais't'tit
I'OKTl.AN l rut
j' aiat'lcr to dnllvi r nntl willi't In Hit son for
old oslnlilbhud imtmiiiictuitnif wliolomilu
litniae. iW n yi'iir, atirn pn.v. Ilinu'sty nmre
than exiii rli'iii't- t;iili'fd, ourivfnn-ii' , n'ny
liiinlt In liny it y I nt l(iM) at'lf-aihlrritautl
liiinpctl I'livi'luim. M nn nfn-t u n.-rs, Third
floor, ;;:il littnriioin SH., CIUi-hko.
U. 8, Land Olllue, Oiontm City, Otoboh,
H(plt'lilli(tl'i!2, ham
. Nollrat 1 hci'tiliy glvn 'Inn. llm iniloivlnir
iiitimtd rclllrr Iihk llli'd nollftiol Ills Inlt'ittion
lo innke lliuil proof In mippm't of lli claim,
nntl (lint an Id jn'ooi v b iniidn before the
County Clinic of I'olk I ounly, al Diiibia, tiro
gim.on Novt'iiilit'i'il, Itllll), vim
John Dyo, H- E. No. 105T7,
for thnuaat llulldf wrut hull' of Bwllon iti, X,
9.1., U ll W.
Il iianicH tho fnl'owliitf wllnusnoa to provu
IiIm'oiii In nous ru .ltlttmto tipmi mid otiliivaUun
,,f anlil Inn I, vlr.:
John V, Hour-oof IVdco, Orcxnnj Paul Hon
co of I'l't uo, i.trnKon; .loscin Yonl of l'udtw, Or
Dgolii A. .it. Kuiv o! redtt'1, Ori'i'.on.
A Family Library
The Best In Current Literature
12 Complete Novels Yearly
$2.60 PER YEAR ; 25 CTS. A COPY
Lipninoott'B MngHZiiio aud the West
Siuk, oue year, $3 iJo.
y- ) ft' 1
(is , j'r
: .....
. Ut.l.t,,
1 Staple and Fanoy Brocenos-l
) Op;ra House block, lain
torn 11 1 wim mm
torn M? a .1 Um km mm wmi. vw
V m liiilf ww
(Ininl goodn at Uiglit 'Vrko rakn Kany Belling.
Our good aro Hnsl-elns, our prices as low nn tho
j lowoht quality of goods coinjidorixl. . yj
to All kitnlrt of country produce bought at the M
flVjlighiwt'.Mnrkfct Trice. Sj?
I Share oi Yaur Patranaga Bislfuil Solicited.
Thurston Lumber Company,
Dallas. Oregon.
Dry Stock always on Hand, also Cedar Shingle.
NOTK: W It iVD ,i llr4 tl us 'try kiln wbl!i enable in ti give J'(u tiiur
oiiKlili' ilry luiiilsT, - t
1 Cream Semiors, I
Th Unitetl Sutes Cream Separator is a first
el ,s iimchiut in e cry respect.
rallies wHhiui; to buy a Cream Separator
are refi lled to Mr. C. K. Eldridge, who is es
tablishing tho (,'t fiiiuejy here. He is a practical
lu ui and not inierccted in the halo of any par
ticular machine. '
JE For sale by
f K, iii, WE & CO,, I
A. J. Goodman, Mgr. '3
! the lajestic
5 U MB
T : MAJC51IC "JiwCEtic
C ma. to. ttto; nrs.n. J
J iT.mis, xid' ST.uus. I -
- '.W
s ' r it
L U. lil
V v- ' - - .
uooirmiNons. eitims ukvsonaui.k.
: Socdal Attention to Ccmmerciul Men. "
sd-Iffli7 ii M Sis,
I. W. DICKINSON, Proprietor.
Houth of Mttlo I'lilaim Holol,
ltitlli'oad Strent, Iniloiwuiili'iiiic, Orognn,
a 1 j j y
Street, Independence, ?
im MIM Mfl'I'fffl J Vf
1 - - -
Steel Range
with a wronjrht-lrnn top
like tin-H'(itiier8('ll only
we sell tht'tn from ten to
twenty dollars less.
13 will teat tin ped
g dler at his own gams
hiuI offer the sanw terms
2 it imI time Unit he doca,
.. .1. ...... ..II ,U..
"in,! armo urio nil 1110
II.. , .,,.,1,,. .....
n puarantee, ami you are
(A fortunate If you see hini T
H more than once. t
tunc in iiiiiivc Kiaiii uui x
Bee our lUnges and get
lirieea before buying,
vicgyn a
The HdIbI Eail
Has been refitted and renovated
from cellar to garret, and every
thing is new. Good sample room
for commercial men. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Kates, $1.00 to $2.00.
Special rates by the week.
, Proprietors.
Dan P. StouFFER.
Main Street,
Dallas, Oregon.
W. G. Sharman,
; iraiT tioB
Main Stroct, Independence