The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, September 14, 1900, Image 3

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    THE WEST SIDE Mr. and Mm. T.R Campbell returned
iruin vvrTaiue on neunveuaj.
P. II. Murphy ha. bought th. Mitchell
property to ttoulh Independence.
Ladle. bicycle for Mil Imperial
wheel-Inquire at ilia Wart 8lde otce. j
Mies Nettle McKlnley, ol TllUasook,
' ' TeteHe-.e, He. 141 '
knights or tTima.
. Mi
rnbvn will I
Oar (YtaawrT,
Mr. K. 0. EldrMge started lha mactii
nary la lha creamery on Monday mors
tag and lha operation ol separating the
butter fat from lha milk wai witnessed
by many bualnaaa man who are Interest-
As Onen Letter. .
To Wm. McKluley, rresiden. of
the United Statet, Wnihlngton, D.
C: -. .'. .. , ; .
In contcouence of of n defective
' Hntm (en Isfahan Was atlAM Mate. !..'
ad In aeelni thla latatl Industry and llkyliuht, mj itoatoOioe leaks WI
money distributor made a euccaaa. ,. I much whenever it' rains, and ibia)
1 Irnis Girl."
Elmer Maatereou died Tuesday seen. The Maooy Coiiifdy company, consist
lot iron tyuuold lew. after an lllnes. s 01 w "' rtMii, nana and or-
of fan day. Deoeeeed wm about 10 cueetre, will give two eiliibitlona only
year of age. " Mils olty, commencing Wedneaday
Bepteuitwr lOtli. nroduoinv the onenina
j .' . , uorm , , night tha uproariously fnnny farce a in
Dr. Butler report, that a ton wai born dy entitled "A Clroui Girl." Full of
aota, la viaitlng her aleter, Mra. Ro'trt
Simon, near Monmouth.
Miea Ida Mctechke, of 81. Charles.
lllnnaanla. la al.ltln k alataa Mra
U.K. tt I.. 'i.k.,.l . .
Auguat Sperling. : , , ; : ; v : ,
and fur at J. L. RtAratnii'a. I . , . " , 5?. i
" - w. I . . n 1 M. . IH . . .
mra. oaniuei turner, oi nation, i.
idling her daughter, Mra. P. M. Kirk'
land, arriving laet Saturday.- H . ;
Twenty head of choice yearling Cote
wold buck for eala. Inquire ol .
if ,,v . W,W,PMoini. .
Thuraday noreing opened op rather
diaiually, and before tan o'clock a hoavy
mitt commenced to fall." The rain, It
eeeme, cannot keep away much longer,
becauee the tuna for the elate fail it
coming on apace. . t
Clean cheat eeed for aale. Apply to
Benry Uill, Independence, 814-4t
Quite a uuwber of cowi hare already tina umiKmIU wuintrv 1 where N Mr. and Mn. A. Turnbuil on Sunday fun and laughter, not one dull moment
been promieed Mr. Eldridge and while u ... .n .l. i.n -i-u. ib. ' ' from the rlae to the fall of the curuln i
wa ware watching tha aenarator run a " ... " ' " It having a week'e run at tha Motrouoll
man from Airlia cauia In and laid he nd P"nI. WUKM. very un-jiwaf, 0f OUtmanla for CaUrrh tkat tan theatre In Portland to bin builneit,
bad ten oowa to furniah milk for the pieeM tuta ol anaira. i oava , . , i .wuuia Mercury Tbetecond night they will produce
creamery, and there are otbera. I made mrwatod efforta for nearly two ,,rw'rr ! wrti d.tro the ana ol tne up to dale and much talked of drama
Mr. Eldrldgehaa been too bury aa yet vara to aat tha nnoeaaarv .wnrJi "KSCT A great production j it being
to gat out among hie patrom but be J , ... ... , ' T Va. AfihT2i MliW,'.',: !'. "d bright, erl.p
will aooa be able to do ao. I " , . . . r aBua,,,,,,.. wlll do Uu fuiajand witty
Tha emmary bneineM la beyond tha oni to pay in advanca, ana me Sfa;7rWlSJ&na T7. taUdloui
TuMu, U., ooauin na iur
UkM iHUirnally, aollni dlrwtljr
Mr. and Mra. Carl Porter, of Corvallla,
are viaitlng Mr. and Mra. T. D. Camp. I doubt but It will grow until It ranki aa lam told by the carpentera that they Ue aiwHi n mm u..u.' .urio .i iixlial can, carrying all required ecenery
bell. Mrs, Porter nod Mra. Campbell one ol the chief luduetrtee of the valley I .jj .iik outthV:?."Ku They alao carrva
are eietera.
Other towna and ylllan are beginning
Hy, and mil u Toldo. Uhlu, by f. i.
Inlia nn Knil In I ant tliam IKfMi nr ll hoxf A lo. Th11uuibiU In
nana raaiigr run are tb umi.
Through a ruah of other bualneea, aub- ..rf,Ul.h lh- .... ftl . .K.i n. .M,h
ecribere to tha Evening Telegram ware k fruit waa nlaeed.
forgotten Wedneeday evening by the
train man at Dallaa. Tha expreei pack
agea of Telegrama were not brought over
by the motor.
Air tight heatere that will auit your
taata and fit your pocket book at K. M.
WadeACo'e.4;' ... . .j'..Kv . t
R. D. Cooper inform, the Want Swa
that he baa flnlabed hia aaaaon'a work
in the bop ielda and barveated 50,000
wrnnda of the cbutceet hope;, Wkila tha
Mr.. William Campbell on To-day, " EwI- .J am nuT off from
torn 71 of preserved fruit. Mr' ,nd ,n ' 'our week., and I am put off from
tbadalrylnduetry la talked and the aa-1 wooa w wees ana noioing accom
tabllahnient of dairiea and tkimming I bli.hed.
ttattona U being urged I have alwave been a Haunch
IV t .i . ii a i . . a
n uere uairiva navo ueen aianeo very n.Li,. ..... tl,. t.l (t.u ll.... a.i,i.l. I...
...L. . i. . . .... I ivhiiivii tv wui WiF"J vr'""T""
'amiZ Br. organl.od.and have never Tha cppunltie, ha. mad. all neoe.
time will be had.
Frank Kirkland, of Grande Ronde,
vialted lut week with hi. ancle, P. M.
Aoommittee bu been appointed to
arrange for a grand free dance at the
novelty In tha of their own can vat
theatre, Prloea oirly 20 aod 80 cent.
The tent wlll be pitched njmr tha depot,
M. L. Dorri.. for a number of veara L V 7. . . "J... 1 1 ni..l- ary arrangenient. and tha
i iirueai inowi fiun ear n mi latvnr tiiai naiirv i rvai utim aaa iuiuui wi a van uiiuvivivw i
connected with the houaaof R. M. Wade k-.! ,. , ' ... " " ' .... ., 1 ' . . ' l V1
A Co la thla city, later going
fornia, la viaitlng
Mr. and Mra
boat AatorUt on tha t anornlug tcala
Attract of lutramean I'lled la Polk
County dept. 4 te 10, 1900.
KliiaUth Nutter to E A Ivea and S E
c. n.-:," ;:;u; ; - 'r: "r"""'-: 7 p? to y r-. smith, jo. n,dar, u i e,
Meade i. Ihto'r.-;--; .J.;r'. r.0 r.T "r lWcaorcheatraaml thl. i. an 5 w-IWO. ;
atth. BrMvlltoen: rtTl?? P Bob. to J B MUa, 30. e
.M.E.Maataraon arrived never aaa an. dto.nnol.tad nattaaia n. t-.A. 10D lDin yw et,f. e-waw. , iP7M0W-fVW
iilw i-itivuvai - I rt..'.lii.-.1 .ui. l k i.i.e 1.. I
a newuey r. orueaniani"- .w "V ik.-Ufci .h.- k.ii .v.i.. fci.i!..
l.ll , . . i L a- , I t.X .L. .iJLjru I ) A . . . ... . . I I . A . . . .
l .L-. . ii.L..v w I v. .i u. ' it. kw. Ii i .l -i i b...... T . .. " I iDlrlL r ti amufi. tnem who are al
rz7'riTr:LnirJzrw : tt j tt w F"euanoy hn i rain mi m
batter and with the increeead price they
wilt obtain, mat tare will about even np.
Cabot W W calico at 6cU at f L
CiOCKlOO . ! ; ,; a 4 I f a
Victoria A. Wileon to T L Oitincer.
It JacS2,tpflif 8 w-124.
D 0 Satin Ao B t Ooald. lU 6. 7. blk
Elmer. ,w - , r,. tha amount of 4IWT noaarf. ... aellrar. f . " ' . T " ,wuf "i1" g, Baling, add Hallaton-40.
Qrand millln.rvon.nln. .tMr..Wd. adand SO cant, pir Ooiind w Mid. f t -"T1 . 7T. JV u-Titt!?'- T?2:T1 ' 'V.. rii1 : 10 ""
' I I i a i at aaiawi livn avii i ih. jnwt nix aw auin aiir awamaa nnam aiH in iun. u i t TV.-... a. . a
lace, oa 8atutday. The ladle, of J Butter be. advanced aboutSO per cent ;: .-y wu- : '---" " veieioipaara w-aaww.
danendaneaaraeordlanvlnvttll tofaafi and the farmer who ha. a few qod utuune that eilated lour or Ave CkamaerUla?! Caagfc' Remedy a Qreat unanuo Martin to Michael Becker,
When In Belea and m waalagood d .took of new M ti not worry about the failure yean ago under a democrat ad- ?J. j l.?JKr,,.'
meal don1 rurit to go to Btroug'. ionable gooda, which will be oa ditpiay. oi ni wneat crop-nt. cow. wiu wing hninUtraUon. when thnw waa from . XZX X::tK 7Za
On Tueeday the team of Jake Brown um om "l "a"01, . I three to liz tradeemen and labor- promtit and permanent curve have
and badly bruiaed him up. . ... '. . Iniadell a great favorite with
d I o, tp 7 . r 4 w-
KeaUarant, where everything the mar
ket afforda can be had.
Beat calico al 5cU at J. L. Btocktoa'a.
Don't forget tha hop picker.' dance at
the opera bona on Saturday evening.'
Two Albany firm, have bad forged
check, paaaed on them. The forger,
Wm. Smith, a farm laborer, ia miaaing.
Wade A Co. are aelling farm wagon,
cheaper than any other hoove in Oregon.
See reduction in price, in our ad on
bicycle., don't mia. thi. chance. Camp
bell uroe.
ran away
The Oratonian reporter we. talklnt tvt tv"7 jb o! work 0 be done, mnwhen. It I. eaiMtoiljr nrlaed V.
damaged about the lace and wxij. , with a "hard .hooter" (whatever that and that too, at your own prioe. nwutere or maJl uUliUreo for oolda,
lie had an ankle dielocated and wm I
Will Eataa and Varna Bartlatt; at thi. 1.) tportemaa tha other day who com- Yea. I want to ao thoaa memorable "p.:3Bi,-r? ?.
city formerly, but now working at Walla plained about the ahooting aeaaon lor timea again iu.t Ion enough toget lalna do opium or other harmful drug,
Walla, were viaitore hare during the upland birda not opening until October ,n ita ,, " . It may be given aa eunltdenfly to a
week. They will probably go back to I. aayingi "There la no eicuee for filing ny, yl gbt fixed, and I will gua uby aa to an adult. For aale by Kirk-
thelandoteagebruahand alkali about the opening at aoch a late date. The nt wi,n thw nonthl land Dim Co.
the flrat of next week. young bird, are now about a. big aa the alter iryen i. deciareu elected. . Oeorn Harney, chief of the Iudian
100a E
i B Smith to Michael Becker, Ma it
W A Griffin to John Wolvertoo, tOa
aeo 27, tp . r S w 120. -
Willamette Real Eit Co to J W Ken
nedy, In 1, t, 3, blk IS, Tborpa add In-
dependence $260.
Sheriff VanOradel to Perry Conner,
Ua Wm Conner d I e, tp 0 . r 6 w-l26.
W II Fulkerton to Edward Burn., 1U
Dallaa on Monday greeting friend.
attending buainee. matter.
i . I Raymond "le. n former raaidant
There WiU be an old faahloned picnic Lfihl.i-ii. kntl.(.l.oinarnlli..nuMd
County Clerk Laughary wai over from 00 on, d wWIe .pornmen caanot can got ill oarpentort within all police tia' toe fUlet. reaarvation, who 5 Highland fruit farm., tp 7 . r 3 w-
at McLaughlin', yard, next Sunday.
Fourteen chattel mortgagee on bop
crop, were filed in the county clerk
office for the week ending Monday,
Boy yoor .hoe. out of J. L Stockton',
fine large atock. -
Remember the Oregon atate fair open.
through Independence on Monday en-
route to New York city where be pro- to attend a medical acbool.
;. Ed Roeendorf, who baa been working
la the paper mill, at Oregon City the
peat two month., waa m the city the
first of the -e-k. He left for Corvalli.
Tueeday morning where he will enter
go out to .boot tnem, pot hunter, all minuusn time to da mv work and badly injured oa hia way from tha
over the country are getting away with . MM , raearvation to the hop field, in thi. vi-
many birda and making tha other. " r' " clotty a week ago, died on Tueeday
wild.,r Mr. "bard .hooter" I. nililaken. Wow Mr 1 nwdent, 7 M how noning from tha effecta of hi. Injuria.
There 1 good reaeoo for the change, I am situated, and if I uae my in- The new. bromiht out bv John Havana.
mating Hie open araeou aa lata a. Octo- fluenoe a. above mentioned, it will ho notified all Uia ledler. here.
bar 1.1. The young bird, are not all aa from .i,oluta neceeaitv and not Twelve of tha Indiana atartad on Wed-
large a the old one.. Chinee, pheaa. . ... ... voll v aaeday fur the raaervatlon to attend the
ante laiee three litter, a mmoo, and the ,rom nJ 11 WlU lowrt;, J00' 1 funel o their chief and the balanoe
tnira oaten la now about the line ol one' "- -." v tuj ijjj not wwkt
fiat. If paraona were allowed to boot I know my true motive aod not be
the bird, openly now, there would aoon mialed by any falae reporte that
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
jgpecial Sg
l.U and Bralara Qolckly Braird.
M aah. .tv M V 7 . . 1 Chamberlain'. Pain Halm applkd to
T.? to threaten utter maybe.-otjn to you concerning a eut, brulM, bum, acaJd or Uke Injury
TTj'htL'trr. mypoiiticalpo.iUona.Doatma.tor. .CL S! rA1
next Mond.v. Pant. 17. end will eon- the airicultuia. college.
tinoe iz oaya. u win Da tne niggeet George W. HUpleton, o( fort land, ar- why tporuman from Polk county had J r""M' l,wu" " i ti patrU lo toe time
fair ever held on the ground, and every rived in town bright and early Monday the law changed. After the flrat of next I . ; J, A. WHEKIER, r. M. other treatment, Untoea the Injury
farmer thould make a atrona effort tolmarnln. H. cama b. whael from I mwth tKa liitia hi.i. ... k... .1.1. I P fl T T atwxnl.l anwa.1 In aavere it will not leave a eoar,
l l I " .-w hhuw w itwvwm .ut. trf I . . a vmww.w wwvw .M BVVT I Vain l -1 . .1-
....... i . a :i . .l. ..I j ul. . I . .... ..." IralO llalm aleo
huu a ivaat vui ua t uui uv wuviv i oaiem. A. luw wvmM
ttiao any
ourea rheuniatiam,
We have several
tbey must be aold
Bro. ,;
ad waa quit moldy uke care of thamaalvea. The fact that ting my .kylight rep-Jred before apralna. awelllng. ind lanVenZ rS
11?,. !? iX"?' "S iholecUonI .hall cerUinly vote klan3 Dru, Co.
meat in a auto of col- eat the game law. at defiance, ii no valid . . . ,,, iu "iZ I aTT"
be rallied enough to nmo. why ail .houM go lo and flniah or J J- A. W, ... Ibany Democrat, Sept- 6. J. K.
I and Oeorge weighi
bike on hand and pound., be waa almoet
thia fall. Campbell lap. However
Uke the 11 o'clock motor to Dallaa. f tin thia tamtoat of blrda Mr. "hard
Deanite the double orloa demanded of t"xterbould ue. eo.e af hi. energy
the farmer for a fannina mill, the ned- ta thaae - pat bunUr.
jiai.k.M...u. . wi., I Wmplein. oleo loudly. A few
Mlling tliem.(both the mill and farmer.) J,1 twgraa are now recelv
A. good a mill ean be bought of the lo- ,B,. ,LD od Wnli. will aooa
cal daalan for one-h.lf tha monae tha ,M)P "'V DOOua Of WTOI.
imported article i. eoW tot.
CORDWOOD taken on aubacription
at the WEST SIDE office.
The weather looked ao threatening
last Sunday that the bop grower, be
came alarmed and in moat of the yard,
picking waa going on. the name aa on
any d'thefaay. r J i
Buy rout mill feed at the Col line mill.
Bran, 112 per ton : iliorU, 114 per ton.
Don't overlook the Ru.h ford wagon,
the beat ironed wagon on the market.
For .ale by R. M. Wade A Co.
and ice cream eoda at
Weatliarford and wife and W. W. Fran-
Ida left Ibia morning aa grand repreeen
tative to the eeveraign grand lodge, I.I
IO.O. F. at Richmond. Va. Thla trip
...a (,..' ,l
will be particularly laterett na lo Mr. I
- -1 i
Fraicle, Rlehmohd being hi birthpl.
We will eive extra soe-I
tcial bargains on Watches!
for a few days. Don tl
overlook this sale if youl
want a Watch.
0. A. KRAMER & CO. I
Jewelm aad Ontldaaa.
1 1 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
The endleii chain lyetem in poli
tic la a new thing and the Repub
lican, ere wondering how far that
W. C. T. U. chain will go.
i-oru nooerta naa i..uea a pro
clamation annexing the Transvaal
llut then, Hanna and Jones have
alao annexed moat of the doubtful
dates to their respective banners.
The Castle
Keep constantly on hand
ansortuient of
a flue
Ala 3 the famous Hop Gold Beer.
ED. GALE, Proprietor.
Admlnhitrator'. KoMce.
Notice la hereby given that the under
Igned ha. been ej.polntMj by the Honor
able County Court, of I'oik County. Ore
gon, l in I ii Intra tor of the e.tnte of Mir
anda Hill, dMwaaed, All .mon indlt
ed to .aid etate will make I ru mediate
payment to me, and all portion, haying
claim, agaiuit .aid eetate wlll prennni
the .aine to me, projrly verified a by
law reriuirl. Within aix muntlia (rnm
date hereof.
Dated thin 27th day of An"', 1000.
Administrator of the fRtate of
Miranda Hill, decerned.
Davldion Hcdact. Proot.
w i
Clgere, Clgarettee, Tobaoooa
Flrat Claaa Soda FounUIn in oon-
With every eaah awrehaae. von aat
a ohanea an a $60 Mltehell blcyole
ta be given away September 20.
For Draylnj
' ....Call on....
Orders for hauling
executed promptly
and at reasonable
West Side
" ' AND
Weekly Oregonian
Oae Year, (la advance) $a.oo
ia mAX ton okt whi von PATxoinzg .
Kuteb't Oarber8hop.
Iadependence Oregon
C. T. HENKLE, Proprietor
Hot and Cold Baths at all
. a
Ice cream
1 M
V i . -i .?
A. Dunn, late editor of the
I Cheney, Wath., Sentinel, waa a caller
on the Wfcr 8idb Wedneeday. Mr.
Dunn 1. traveling by wheel throughout
I the .Lie for the benefit of hi. health
I and atopa long enough in place, to do a
Tha circn. at Balem laat Saturday
drew many a dollar from Independence.
Everybody who could hire or borrow 4
rig went to the circu. and the town w.i
noatly depopnlated.'
-- j- .-.- v
kfen'i clothing etrictly np to date at
J. L. Stockton'.. , . , A
Salem wasblockaded, Saturday by peo
pie going frbm mile, around to tee the
circai,"4 Livery room waa ecarce aod at
a premium and-uany bad to keep their
team, in the. open nirt. Owing to ti e
lack of hotel accommodation', many peo
ple left for home immediately after the
performance at night,
At ftlhinann'a ant ...
fpmli lit vaiip
ieas aj jwwi vw t vim ' f' I ej -t w -wr i'
tv- MnA-iii- K.-t4r 'if1 Vh. oi pinged by the1 oreeence of a acrUbb;
'C alraaf ' "Annnail. Vlun. .mninr I Cat n.Died W. E. . Wlnetmrir)
Store, fjjr a haij cut,, ; ,. , .- wanted in. CaKfornia '. tot 'defraud ng I to the market
The cloud., which bungao threaten
ingly over the Willamette valley the lat
tor part of Jaat week, aay. lb. 8utea
man, hare 'cleared away and the weather
promlaaa to be favorable for the oitntla-
.L 11 i l I wa w a ji.i Toiimi turn
wvia k a. uiwvu. u? . . m. . . ... .
i. pickinc bop. k'th;! Sf Jb9!,'m!rii
yard.' did endamage to the yard., at least such
' la. a kaa MttA-J MHala. .f. Aaua. t.
. . I ''r"1 wixatis iivm kWP
A replevin case wa. brought before Urowina auction of the coantrr. No
Juatice Irvine on Tueeday wlterei J A. jurold ha. yet appeared ia any of the
uyer. aou wue were piainttn. ana wp,ljt4, and ft i eoafldently believed if Mr. Danil.,araerohantof Monmouth,
iei" ergweae, w wm, wm i me weatner remain. javor.We 0r an I waa oere on ouiineaa oaiorji.y .j
Nndant. Ao array of legal." talent from J other week, the danger from thi. eoune I Mr. Smith and wife, tha former a real-
Balem wse preeent ami aome 1rneHywll be peat. Thoaa who have .prayed '"t of thl. place, during it. day. of
legal point, are to be raveled. Tlie their yard, wall claim" there i. sbeolute- Pro,PwIlJ bl ,ow eJHw? of J'ertTand,
nl.itiff. ar raoreaantTf L'e Jndire Boo. I. .i. 1. i a..i.i w" ? 00 0U,,M"
ham while Frank Hoi
' v p. mwi pwp ww aiiw. I . i '
Ik. Ra ..n.l .! L. L . . . inOr.e.
...o uviviiu.t,.. a uauKwa. wu w m ...a
. ilia. Olive Harria, , of your city,
visiting, friend, .t thi. place. .
Mia. Bath Vaughn and Bird Bevena
of Oratfou fatv. are vi.itina tha l.ttar'a
mother. They will, remain until after He hi antUled, to ttbe trip, for daring
nop picking. ...... . - r - .. ' hweatvoM.yeata he .Ua miated : the
' Robert Steele who has been In Wash I Oregon . grand lodge.; only twice, then
logton lor torn, time,' dm returned to through ii neat,
hia home at this niece. . ,T"r -JZ-
' VI- U.,.....l.a ta-aaa l. L Mirth AfW
Chk!M Thundav vluri aha wlll take i 7 VPI lHn Safertaf.
the coat araduaU ooorae in muiio. . ' .wfrVred. for thisey year, with
G. L Hawkins
. leeteteSfece, Ore.
.4l..ftaa' a..j4 .Kn..k. f . 1.-1..
Mia. M.od Cole, who ha. been Vltlt-Lnra.1 " , a.av Jnh?. m m.ii!!!... Jr
log In Oregon City for soma time peat, French tWp, MUw. "Ihad .pent ao
returned to her home at, thi. place laat much Una and money and suffered so
MI. '" ' ' ''' '" ik.a I a
wuu iva, a um .i vau uu an uuuva oi
the ef-
Robert Walaon. who has been work
ina for Wm.Jtteele. waa allad to hi.
home in Albany to attend the bed.ideol
hm lather who Ii quite, ill..
Cemetery Work
Monuments and
The Independence
recovery." I wm ao feablf frnn
recuofthoduuvboaa that 1 eouhl do
no kind of labor, could not even travel,
but by adcldeut I waa permitted too oa
a bottle rf Cbaraeerlalu'a Collo. Chol
era and Diarrhoea iteuiedv' and after
wuu in, raenn mat i am auiioui that
UPelir reeon of all who aufrer aa I
i by Kirkland Drug Co.)
time. The hop crower. and dealer, are
caae waa continued until tbei IPth -in. i very aniiou that the crop may be hat
hava '
ana ttrown 'waa watennt bill iiiLin'.t.niu,u... i. .1,- a
Tiiaaila. Hia laam f . I'r. ' vrrvu
. 7 . itant when it will be beard, powibly be- Te.tad without any loss orfnjqry (. to lis ' quU n nt
!r-h ' '! vi ' f, '0r ' - . i ' ' : ' quality and they are urging all to put place attend
1q.navw9ro.Deo Oregon hiie.renk!ri been Uptheircrop aa clean and in as good fn Salem Sat
shape a. ia poaaible, ao that toe Oregon
I . 1 A .
Hop dealer., from ,u Pncee ana gooa, nop.
ay, rue team ran. a war. J .v. : ,...,. "
dragging him .averal yard, and badly : "T.J'. iem wawman.
orumng nia limue. ' -' ;.. pwjuw mm-vma -tm iuuuu
nmW el tnU fi thl. nJnMP wis or any other country.
attended the Ringltu Bri. circu. LX'!11 to not, be true of any hop
am Saturday. ..r..-,. ,...,r: I grewimr country elaewhere in the world.
the hop'trower. ato'giriieewln.Enf( elaewhere,
Capital Stock, 060,000.00 ,
, PreHSeat. Vlearaateeal
! eii.n: . product may command the higlie.t nrioe 1 J ?r,R"t proapecir oi targe the nicker are generally from what are
a , .. termed thedweViMaaeea-." In OretHSn
The Rev. Mottef.heai.. vanfiekv : lha lalaKtwirlna laptnava aH.I .tt.l f.m
..Ti VsI ' ; "-""a m.ui-
iT.."'!?. growers durlug pick
l . " .' . a . I atevuwiei witarvu am 'WW. ow v Viuva a?UI. I . . . . . .
i siinvn ara fhsa liaaaii aim ila a tiAna I ... f . I Incr Ittnai mnti anma nf tlias Ikwat vxawa.lA .1
ery w 1. verybodi will bm. bop w"vw' v -M v r L ' t ms ,1( :, u( .jiM, ... .( ,.i n JXrf'hL i ii. 1 7 ",.
.... ani annnrlafAr . I wantea. oiw, jc .Bippeu i rem nfaiora, ,r i --r y M a protperoq. time., i. oemg r.ied to I a-,?";- . ....
V-AC".1..0 laaetoa htoUttue and 26 tettetilraai H" WP oi im qoallty .of llle l the ground. - - - - - not nmmvm ncneet people, or the
i.u.VUAiUDi(io -t - . . - .: . I .i..... , in ' ::r..:'i'" I , .. .. .. r ,.'i.,. ... I (ijnA.i iu..i ai 1 i..n...
. women. He wa. arreataru TJenttal f" .. wiuiow an eacetr . ..Mr. Jenkini. nltftMtrarfa Grti'va on anu inwiiecv
ror aampia I . . , . I tin.,, .lau.a i n . r; . ..... 1 1... .... tvi...i '. .. . . j..y. n
mine anaiaaen (oneaaioara iron, i- " "..,!.. i.a .
Fronpreaent appearance, IdepenoV -n to whon, he wa. -engagM ;to be fe P
ence people will patroniae (heTetoto lalf rnsT- m"l,Dl'. ,w" "T.', ITV .
. t j . a a i iMtrvn wi n Lr nr riiKnannriai ana. izio in iraum i T"
averyooay wm nave, .nop " iTVJl
raw at tne Mann-' .
Bay spur cameras and .uppliea of
4 jr. x.. vti
Duriag the week requeat.
A P. Smith, A. K.latfe, A. R. Svik. . . la.
aerioa, J. a. Rke4-a, 5. W.SMN, ii. klnakkaif
A rBral Baakla. aa4 nekaage knrtaen
triaeule.; I mad, bllli .tMevaled, Ml
mrellerfdlti.raawd doilM reoelTe. aervunl .ubjeol te UMk. Iaute.1 aaU
a liBU d.pnoiu. ,
copiea of the Wkst Sioa have been
ceivecT from Arisona and Arkanni.
Steel range, at R. M Wade A Co'a at
price, that cannot be met by any can-,-
. Attoraey N. L.'tBdliV $aaJtostf ye
tained bv the city council to look "alter
the recalcitrant. citisen
av to Portland '.nent a eonbfa ofl USlly and. actaajly 'beat. At ona hoo
p ... . ... r. . . . . -rr Tmr-n - - , - i 1,. r . . . - r
." I K.fn. ai....1l i tl.. I. ' ..i .u. ilin vumntr hare. ' ' .. In,.. .. i .,!.i.i.. i
. , ..... , """"I" " iliawiy vi mai l i jj.iu uva. avMiv.p aia wu iiuiirari BUU
ineMregoR wauya wm oi ,ut gut reporte come of light yields 'Mr.Neleonof thaaoda-wOrk. of Al- their famllte. and neighbor.. In that
Portland, aire, the followina leaendt 1 . .1 i . . -a. w...i. . ..... i. lari.. wi.. ialAi V.jl'L.v' . j'It t . .
i . . . , , ireioaiij ,paCTitiiu luat now muenitn-Ji yh ",ny.i "'aani or near w, ooia morning ana
The Bhastosaserlbe their origin to he lhu y tjiit taJI.S'hoVt pihti', Is CV:;;;
.r...K.a..m., -7 tainty. Frobably 76,000 bale, lor -the S''. S"J... Tiii liTilW1
to its base, where .be fell among a Um. u Kloam ' 'lm.,. k. f)1???!. WAM ."IaUl.
I.. a e . 1 1 , I -f w-ww -ff-Haiv , MtHiraiiiNiMW niar'i rarm nr innnni. all. VtlBIIrUt W I w"
a in regard to ny 01 grtssiy oears. ymwwtwUtm 4 SL , . . lnr ;, .;;,; j , U,.Im, ttI ;"JL TS.7T:ZL
.1 1 .; t f . 1 -l . ui i 1 k 1 wn.i-.m r- ..!'
aiuowaiaj ouiiuidx - - - w uruB... uP .u iu...v. vi .. m r jp, , r4a;?'l)bwaWr I'to- Bh now VMltlnf
, For faeMa?iIe-6 larger,. ylwWa. that informer 'ff'
Hide, call at theofflce. Lu -K, k.h .i ha.i,,m ihr., K"'"'' -Deiotiging to (Jilbert u!, jJolli the Efts..)-. 01 i.- ,
' .., . ...... a"-v . .,r.t IVAiarir Tta VfWsrftWtfa-T" ,i. , . .. , :. .... . .!.!.., ,;,., ,
" :,k r::;.7 ;;"7kT: :.7.7r"":i.: e Portland Tekram .kes tbetoi.
v. v.( r a Wf MIUWIU UVV 1 rptA .IJ.I, tl,a4 . AA..IJ k.HtiHk 4k.
ataa IK.a..l I I I . a I A JW WSJ WllllJH WS4t , fBU UJ U I IT 1 10 H W
m aWm war iaa. year, ana p,,.nt .t. t. lA. iu. nu N f
the yard of later hop. at Eol., ef ilrleea ij'T ...v IT. ..7' v' ""y - S
acre, the picking of which wa. fiuUhed T uJJZZZiZZTZ: -a . S . W t SJ
i awvavainiv.. ui vrwa.vwiaia oaiiu 'uuiiuni sauu I
Polk County Bank
i-.... , (INCORPORATED.)
. . I .
IHA rOirELI CMklv,
The river, on Sunday, wa. over a
above low water.
The Portland train came in Tuesday
with the pilot of the engine covered With
blood aa the result of ttriking a woman
After her marriage aha gave birth to
children who were the progenitor, of the
Indiana. Thia ia why. the Indian., liv
ing aund never kill a
griury bear, and whenever one of their
named Mr.. Nallpenear CvWJtilUng number t. filled Djr sucnr tng. ofe.
her almost jifaUntly. 1 f . lonuH, they are bnrned,Wbere' ther'4aliT
'1 4 . an1 all naaaarahetfilbw niv.n'thH' Wlaa
a rtona until a great pile is erected to
mirk the spot'.! ,
We are the printer, for the people and
you are the people for tbe printer.
Look over your tupplie. and. see- U you
are not to need' ol 'aome' more 'letter
head., envelope., circular., card., ete.
it mi JmweawalLy: wants. to aid
his party he had betters-put in his
dw reiuiuui .Dia.jQau..jrjeeoh. on.
Aid' f
n it;:;.)-
J.H. H.wWy, P. L, Cam
B, V.
3, J.
Butler, John
I. M
10 cent, off on every dollar', worth
bought of our 30,000 ttock (print, and
muslin excepted), until October let. J.
L. Stockton.
Hermann School and two other men
went pbeatant hunting Sunday upon
the farm of Deputy Sheriff Munke'ra, a
few milef from Albany. Mr. Munker.
ucceeded in capturing School, after a
hard cbaae, and he went to Albany and
paid a fine without contest, as the phea
ant. were found upon him, 1 Tha. other
men escaped, but will be arreatod. Every
effort i. being made through that coon
ty to enforce the law. 1 ' ,:' ''
About three month, ago, C. H. Friend
ly, of Corvalli., loat hi. valiie here. It
waa mppoied at the time to have been
stolen from from tha Little Palace hotel.
Tuesday morning L. C. Oilmore, while
rumaging around in the bu.hea back of
the water .tation, found Mr. Friendly,
valise. It bad .been, thoroughly ran
lacked, but wa. eaaily identified through
a 2000-mile ticket on the Southern Pa
cific lyitem. - J;
Sperling Bros., our enterprUing butch
er., brought in a drove of cattle laat Fri
day which waa aecurad hear Sweet
Borne, " -
11,872 pounds,: oi 2000 pound. to the , . . , .t
. ts 2 :. u ! t ivrncfjsjaiiiinsii mnn fFflnsarsii i v in inin r.ns.1
acre. Uit year, en the tome yard. 1900 l.ICZ . .. . T. T . T' . .
boxe., making 19,5oO pund.of thedried ffi S.7.W.
. I . .. ...i , . . i miu uuuu uir lurumiu ..iwu.iriaiiT. - xt
a thouaand of our leading men would
become Infuied with the, aplrit jthat
built the" darnival city there would be
nop., were narveated ana tuere waa no
loa. from rain or any Other cauae! Thi.
crop ha. been .am pled, , by local dealer.,
j, i l . v v..i. j . l uuuu mo uaruiTai but -uidto wvuiu uv
hop. There are about aixty acre, more
thing muat be going on; never saw the
- h'!i.-rUr'. '. h ill .if.
i jutuxs A AC? A i yJ, j'ij
7 moan, 8:86 to 6)0 II
B. Stump, F. 8. Powell,
t Joaeph Craven.
transacts a General Banking
' and Exchange Business.
dependence, Or.,'
Then olace vour order with the We.t i.i, i. 'a u i..u and , elalmt ."Well.. I swan. Borne.
nt t t . .. i i i. ii I - i
eiae wnere you get gooa ciean pnnttnir.
that tha remainder of ita vard. are , aa
. . .. , .' J , TxT. . i
jgooa aa inoae aireaay "Harvested. jtfU-
kaa. A P.ll..'. .1.1-
w.v m. ...wimu a wv.a jaiua WVIU .uta
year cultivated . under the management
of II. B, BrophyV. and the result, at
tained bear evidence of ba excellence of
hi. work. The increase1 ahown ia 40 per
cent in tbe number of boxes, fend 70 per
cent in weight, over the yield from (be
THE PUReST16 ywn
AND BEST,.... While: running opposition w the
weather clerk yesterday evening Newt
ones ion a tap on a iront wneei oi hi.
sprinkle wagon. Outside ,'of a Jittlel
scare to Newt, nodamaae was done. " '
lop Soli W
like) f it before.'
;5 I
W. aPSharrhan.
Main Street Iftdependence
: ' i
Corrected to date. - .
Bottled. beef for 00,0
family use to
be had at
aetar to deliver and oolleot la Orugon for old miiiiiiiKiunDi woomiiai. imiim
WOO a J ear, aura pay. Honeaty mors thaa el.
peiienee rtqulrad. Oar raferaiioe, any bank
Id any eity., Enoloie leir-addreued tamDed,
envelope . Itaoufaetarers, Third Floor, Ml
veacoom bv., vnieage.
StflU topn)fli School
! Monmouth, Oreiron.
Fall Term' Opens September 18th
t . .. . .
:; The the Normal School
are prepared to take the State Certificate
Graduate, readily secure good positions
ipenee or year from 1 10 to 1160.
Btrong :Acadwnlo aud Profeasional
oourseti. New Hprclal Department in
Manual Training. Well equipped Train
ing iDepartoaent.
, Far Catalegue oontsilnlng full mn
neunoamanta, adaYeoa
P. I- CAMPBELL, Frag., or W. A. WANN, Sec.' ol Facility, :
Leave. Indnpend
nea lor Monmouth
laadAlrlle. - -
a a
; TiSO a. n.
S:S0 a. in, '
Leave. Iadeaand.
nea for Monmoath
and Dalla.
Iliaoa. a.
TilS p. m.
Leave! Monmouth
for Alrlle.
1:80 m.
8i0 p. m. "
Leave. Monmouth
forUellM, ,
11:80 a. m.
Leaves Alrlla . for
Monaouth and
9:00 a. m. ,
. 8 UO p, in.
Leave. Dallas for
Monmouth and In-
leieiideiioe, . j
. I Oil p. m.
Leavei Monaoulk
for Iudepi-ndeuae, .
, S:45 a. m.
Ii30 p. m.
. Si40 p. Ol.
8.45 a. a.
SiOO p. m.
Leaves IndeiMind-
enoe fur Monmouth-
iOS p. m.
Free to Inventor. " .
The experience ofc. A. Snow Co. In obtain
ing more than 20.000 patenta for Inventor, haa
enabled Ihi m to helpfully aawer many quea
tlona relating to the protect I on of Intelleolual
property. Thia they have done in a pamphlet
treating Drieny oi tinned Hiaiea ana foreign
patent., wun ooet oi ne ana now to procure
them; trade marks, design, oaveata, Infringe-
tneuls, deelalona in leading patent easea.eto.
Thi. pamphlet will be sent Iree to anyone
writing to 0. A. Snow 4 Co. Washington, D.O
Are you looking
for a brush?
Not with Germanybut a hair brush,
tooth brush, or a silver-polishing
brush. I have a good all-bristle hair
brush for 25c. Tooth brushes, 5c up.
Prescription Druggist
Who said there was nothing
new under the sun?....
If you think so, you will have to change
your mind when you see that....
"Special Bicycle"
mmmmmmmmmmmt mmm
Campbell Bros.
Prices on all our Bicycles have been cut Twenty per cent
They also have the celebrated . , . 1
soiightly" Imperial for $22 independence, Ure-
Changeable weather between two seasons encour
ages your chronic troubles, and inflicts upon you
much petty sickness. ' Better ward it off. 10 cents
might prevent it when $10 wouldn't cure it.
Come to us to have your prescriptions filled, and
for everything kept in a well regulated drug store.
ii A Blf .Kick
A -
man nukes when bis laundry work Is
rent home with porcupine edits, and
spread eagle button holes. ' It be would
bring his linen to an up-to-date laundry,
where perfect method, obtain at all
times, suoh aa the Salem Steam Laundry,
he will receive his shirts, collars and
cuffs equal to new every time that we
send them home.
L.v. your orders at Kutch's Barber shop, or
with tha Salem
J.M.STARK, Prop.
You can get...
6 Meal Tickets for SI
Our Everyday Meal ;
is as good as our
Sunday Dinner, and
our Sunday Dinner
is decidedly the best
Meal to be had in
town. Try it.
Office and Residence Corner Railroad
' Monmouth Streets, '
Sand your biulnea. direct to Washington,
uvea time, eoat. lea, better aervice.
MVOflwdOM tAV. . Skftutt OflM. VllEK HMllMln.
arr uamlaaUou nutda. Att.'a fa, not ttu an&l paUnt
AOTUAi irPSirENCE. Book"HowtoobUlBr.tiU,"
rto.. Ma Bw, ratwt. proearad throafh I. a. allien
nea. ap.elal aotfoa. wlthont clurn. in th.
Ulaitntod Boathlr-Slmntli yar-twrai, tl, . yut.
p A MiftnrriA Latsoi c. A. snow a uo.
r h MhhrHN sr.. n. w.,
anythlnj you invent or Improves also iret
PROTECTION. Bend model, sketch, or photo,
for freo examination and advice.
Patent Lawyers. WASH I NOTON. D.C.