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From All Parts of the New
eWorld and the Old.
Cmprhalva Hvvlrw of the 1 mKrt
ant ilappealnft f th l'ut Week
Cullnal rrum the Telegraph Column.
Th public debt Increased nearly ?3,
000,001 in August.
Philippine volunteer will b.'gin re
taming iu November.
There am 88 'us peotod ce of
plague in Glasgow, Seotlaud.' V i.
Charles A. Towue opened the cam
paigu iu Idaho lor the Demorcata. l
General Oti be bwu -eatigned in
cooimaud tli department of the lake.
The governor at 8iwn Tng bus 3D,'
000 iuu rai1j , to oppuau Uruiuu cs
Li Hong Chang i liitrfuuln to ot
tlia foruit(Dra to quamliatf amoug
tbamaolvoa. . f ,"
Tbirten person ro klltau nbiV
mauv iujnmi bv a lailruatl iHillitiieu ft
llatt'ield, l a. " 11 '
The Cbinexe lituatioQ uow dependi
on the wspousoa ' o( tbe, pon to tba
Kuu-Am'rii-tiu propoai.
V. W. Rockhifl. American .eomniis
iouer to llhiua, iiaya uow in the time
to aettle tbe atatuH oi lureiguora iu
' China. . .
The lrMauierrcpertiiiue, nituated
on Howe Souml, uoiir Vaueouver. li.
C, have bttn wl(l to l'.ulttb capital
itta for 13.000,000.
A 18-year-old hoy acclileutally hoi
and kilted . bia 16-yenr-old brotliar at
lliitohinwn, KiiMt, wliiU: attempting
to remove cartridtei Iroiii a revolver.
Secretary Foatera' huuiiuI report of
the cotton crp of tho United tate
make tbe crop for 1SSW-I900 .4a,
418 balea, aKainst 11.3J.840 hut year.
Abnnt 95,000 idle tinplate worker
of tha American Tiuplate Coiiipauy
bave reanmed work, oaiiiK to the, tin
pi te tuakera agreeing to a new wage
aeale. '
Fire destroyed the plant and yard
of the Otter Crei'k Lumber Company,
at Harnhletou, W. Va.. with ,12,000,
000 feet of lumber, causing a Ks of
$350,000. . : ;
' Sis hundred longhor!itieu who went
on a strike recently at tbe Fxie rail
way ore docks, returned to work, pond
ing a settlement of their grievance by
A serious couTlagratton occurred at
Oaaymaa, Sonoru, .Mexico, a few liayt
ago, which consumed the ufnoriil nier
. rhaudife etal)liihiiicnt-of K. A. Auoil
iar. Tbe bailding tovetfd hu, eutire
block and was theluqrwtof its kind,
on the west coast ofMeiico. K tire
stock of goods carri4 was valnkiCat
f 1. 000,000, on which low of 300,.
000 waa sustained. . i. ; .
A German gunboat has been ordered
to Amoy. " .
A plot to barn Shanghai has been
discovered. ,
Bryan baa , dec Med ou an lCastern
atomp tour.'
4 iJ -
Seventy niliounriet ?Knn 'China
reached Vancouver, If. C
Washington fimioni.its renominated
John It. Koger for goveruer-. - -
Nancy C.', gruit aunt o( iov
erflor (jeer, died at MaclettyJ-Orj V
hresei, the asmissin of . Kiug Hum
bert, was sentenced (o life'- itiiprimm
ment. ' , ',
Karl Li asks the appointment of kv
eral Chinese officials to the lint of peace
Yo, tbe governor of the province of
fihen Si, is reiorted to have invited the
foreigners in bia province to come to
bis protection. About Aagust 21, 'GO
accepted the.invittitiou and all were
luamiacred. " ' ' '
It in said that the standard Oil Com
pany will soon be parchnsiug the pro
duct of California wells, ' now having
obtained in the Kant a number of tanks
for tbe storage, whluh will he located
at ISakerBfield, where gronuil 1ms ' oeeu
secured fur them.
Tbe United 8tates trsnxport Thotnas
arri-ed at Sau Franeiaco, '20 duys from
Manila, via Yokohama. She has on
board 261 sick and wounded soldiers,
81 military prisouerH, 51 cabin pHSHcn
gera,173 in the steeraue, and seven
stowaways. Seven deaths occurred
during the voynge. '
Dr. P. 8. Kellogg, who has just re
turned from two years' service as a sur
geon in the 'bilippiuegr duijieH. the
charges' of neglect on the traUHport
Sherman, made by Captain Crenshaw,
of Atlanta, in bis unte-iiioftem tato
meut. Dr. Kellogg, who came home
on tbe Sheiman with Cieimhaw, ays
tbe captain was badly wounded; thut
it was only a question of tiina when
be should die, and it was at his own
request that the captaia was h I lowed
to come home. Dr.' Kellogg avers that
Crenshaw bad every possiljle attention,
including the best- physicians and
Russell Sage gave a picnic to poor
children at PoughkeepHie, N. Y, f
The native rebellion against the
Dutch in Sumatra is now said to be at
an end after lasting 27 years. . :
The sultan of Turkey has ordered the
construction of a telegraph ' line be
tween India and Constantinople. ,
J. L. Wilkinson, 81 years old, of
Tannery, Pa., has married bis 71 year
old sweetheart with whom be quarreled
60 years ago.
A Florida man has purcbabed 300
acres of swamp land near Swan
Bridges and will turn it into a breed
ing place for alligators.
Sergeant John It. Carrol, who has
just joined Warren Post of the Grand
Army of tbe Republic in Brooklyn, M.
Y., is 100 years old. - '
Count Boni de Castellane is finan
cially embarrassed., His' beautiful
summer place, Chateau de Marais, is
to be sold at auction. It is said in
Paris that bis wife, 'Jay Gould's young
est daughter, declines to give him
njore money. , ,'
j i ' ", ' 1 ' ' . " '' " Ti
I Olasgow now has 13 pUgot caswi.
'F.mporor Kwang Hsu is still under
Tbaie is an outbreak of yellow fever
iu Ilavaua.
Senator Wellington, of Marylaud,
will support Bryau. ,
tUneral Cbaffae reiMrts satisfactory
cotiditious iu l'ekiu.
Boers are making a staud in the pass
south of Lydeuburg. ,
The Chinaae government is try tog to
get the allies out of IVkin.
Utah liepulilicant uninitiated a full
state ticket, beaded by Governor Wells.
Foreigners in Shanghai protest
sitaiust the withdrawal of troops from
that place. ,
Iu the Vvrmmit election tbe ltipub-
llvau majority was atamt 911,000. a da-
create of 20 n t cent.
Three mills owned by the American
Reel A Wire Company, of Cleveland.
Ohio, which were closed dowu June I,
renamed operations, giving employ
meut to bet w eon 100 aud 600 lueu. It
is stated by the employe that there
has been a general cut iu wages,
amounting in soma caies to as btgbii
3 per ovut, aud also tlmt tbe hours of
labor have lou increased. . t ' ,
Johu 1). Rockefeller baa nude Shell
mab seminary, a uiyro vidlege of At
lanta, Ga., a presuut of IN0,000. Th
money baa lieea aid into the treasury
of the American Baptist llome Mission
Society, of Now York, which bai
charge of the eollrge. A new dormi
tory, a law (Unlugdmll, a resldutice
for the faculty, u lnwpttal and a beat
iug and light plant will be built.
O, W. Vail is the turkey king of
Douglas county, Or. llo has some 700
foul now. and many more coutnicted
iar. Recently bo leaned the 4.600 srrs
much of Feudal milierliu, near Gak
bind, aud will grae tuifcrn upon it,
j n.Ubly to the numlwr f 2,000. Mot
of these .ai!l be put iu conditioner
the liiMiiluy ' markets, only the idd one
being placed on thu market at piemHit.
Judge De llavi'i), in the Uuitthl
State cirvnit court at Sau Francisco,
held Julutu il. Arnold, thu Fotlish law
jer, ui of. F.dwiu Aruolil, acouHed of
iunlies7.Hug the funds of t-llttuU, fur ex
tradition. ' The primmer will l-e de
tuined pt-udiug the siguiug of the UCC'
efaary paprr by l'rideut McKiuiey.
The horse trausport l'relerlck sailwl
from Sau Francisco for Manila. She
has 43 horses and the guns and ae
coutrcinciita of ilsttcrie C and M. of
the Seveuth aitillerr, that sailed on
the liosecran recently.
The (wy of ollicial has beeu
stopped., '
. Kx-iioveruor Llewellyn, of Kansas,
is dead.
The ilritish garrUou at Lady brand
is invested.
Genmiu tioopt have been laudm! at
Wn Suug. s
Suveial lore 4 flrua aro raging (u Coot
county, )iegoiK . . , . : . '
An rnlbr.'iik hits occurred iu Itohol,
Phili4ipi;iio islaudx., . ,
Ih tsar is trying to frustrate Fin
petor ,Willism's plans.
War on- thev foreigners was ordaied
by the empress dowager.
The .entire Democratic state ticket
in Arkausax was elected, , ,;
Lord Roberts has issued a proclama
tion fojniatly ahuextng the Transvaal.
Labor day celebrations were held iu
many citie, Hoocevelt ana Jirvati
speaking in Chicago. . "
. La lailr day " ya celebrated in St.
L'mi'a by a labor parade, whereiii more
thau L'5,000 men of all trades partiui
pated. s. '
In an altercation near Walla Walla,
Kmauiiel Kdwards shot aud slightly
wounded P. il. Knight in the left leg.
The trouble is said to bave Staited over
a horse.
Labor day was celebrated iu Cincin
nati by a parade of work inn men. esti
mated from 12,000 to 15.000. It was
the best-apjioiutcd proeexsiou ever seen
there on Labor day. ' ; ; .'
Santiago, Cuba, is experiencing the
severest weather known since 187.
The lower purt of the city is five leet
underwater. The firemen and police
are aviating the sufferers. .
Having lived 20 years, Miss Emily
II. Trevor, one of the most popular
young womn of Youkers, N. Y bus
come into a . fortune of $1,1 58, 795.
This large amount represents Miss Tre
vors' share left by her father, the late
John B. Trevors, who died .Dueember
20, 1800.
At a sheep slaughtering ami rirciH
ing exhibition at Indinnatxilin, lud.,
Charles J, Gardner, of Indianapolis,
broke the world's record. In JHftB he
killed aud dressed 10 sheep in 6'i miii
otes and 9 seconds; this time he killed
and dressed 10 sheep in BO minutes and
2,2. seconds. . , , ; ,v ..... , ., ,..,,
So much of the general orders of
August 1 last as direct Light Batteries
J and M. Seventh artillery, for duty
in China have been amended so art to
liroct those batteries to proceed instead
to the Philippine islands for assign
ment to a station. Major George
ireeuough, Seventh artillery, ha beeu
irdered to accompany thu batteries to
the Philippines. ' ,
A NeW York man who was knocked
iusonsible by a brick during a parade
10 years ago bas'just received an apolo
IS froiri the man who threw it.
To relieve the poor of Dublin Buroa
fveugb' will build artisan dwellings in
a congested . tenement district of the
jity. The cost will be over 00,000.
TJlriili Rappeclit committod suicide
!)tj his wife's grave at Norwich, Cut.
lire latter died from poisoning' three
weeks ago and murder was suspected.
Mrs. Rachuel Terrell, who died at
Joncordia, Kan., had been ni a tried 61
years, and during that time bad never
been separated from her husband for
single day. - :y . A
Statistics in the forthcoming "report
3l the commissioner of labor show that
in four years there have been large
L'ains in the number of men employed
and the wages paid in Colorado. '
In the first six months of this year
5,974 more Britishers emigrated than
for the ' corresponding period of last
year, , Tbe total number was 78,138, of
whom 47,874 came to tbe United States,
Renominated John R. Rogers
j v for Governor. '
KARr Men farecd tn NumlnatltHt of
Knnartsnn, of apohaue, an4 Hunlil,
of SMI, fuf I'ongro.a.
Congrestmen-at-lariie F. O. RnVert
Sin. of Spokane; J, T. Ronald, of Kiug.
Governor John R. Rogers. '
Lieuteuunt-Goveruor W. K. Mo
Cioakey, of Whitman.
Supreme Judges K, C. Million, of
Skagit: RicUiani Wlusor, of Kiug.
' Secretary of State J. Mrady, of
Snohomish. " r '
' Attoruey-Geutral Thomas Vance, of
Yakima. 1 "
Treasurer W. K. Ruuuer, of 6pa-
tau. .". tr
Auditor L. Sllverthorn, of Douglai.
Laud Ctuniultslouer O. H. llul-
oomb, of Adams. '
SuperlnUmdoiit of Pnblio Instruo
tlon F. J. Browne, oi King.
, Presidential F.loctors James Mo
Neeley; of Pierce; N. U. Blallock, of
Walla Walla; J. G. Holm, of 1'aolflo;
George T. Cotterlll, of Ktug.
Seattle, August 81. John It. Roiin
was renominated for governor by the
union Democratic convention "ton the
elgth Ullot, at 1 o'clock this morning,
lie received 70S,1 votes, or 0 mure
than the necessary number, Th (ion
test throughout was most exciting, and
great d Under mauy times marked the
course of proceeding in tbe conven
tion. Roger on the first ballot re
ceived Oaa votes, and gained ou vry
ballot until hi final xktory. He was
actually liominated ou tbe seventh bal
lot, but in thu coufusiou and through
a misunderstanding a to tbe vote of
the Walls Walla Populists be lost lour
vote Intended to tat cast tor him. He
then wauted ouly 1 Si vote. The
chairman ordered another vote, which
as decisive.
Tbe unexpected turn of events in
Roger's direction 'came about with the
nomination of Hobertcou, ol SHkan,
ior cougreesmaa This state nominates
both rongreasmen-at-largu. It was the
plan of the anti-Roger faction to put
j. T. Ronald, of King, whom a great
majority undoubtedly favor, agaiiisl
Robertson, for one nomination, aud
thu kill off' Robertson,' it ud leaVi? the
way open to Voorhee as . a, ;caudiilt
for governor. Robertson proved a tery
ttroug candidate, aud lud Ronald, and
at the balloting proceeded seemed cr
tain to defeat him. .Many delegate!
voted for Robertson, expecting to give
Ronald the second nomination, The
King county man bad mada a comhl
uatlou with Thurston Duulel for the
other nomination,' and be could not
honorably enter the seuuiid content,
DduUI finally solved the pinl lnm lot
King cuuuty sud saved Ruoald's neck
by ofTering to withdraw. Ronald aud
Holiertaou were tbun nomiuated by so
olauiatloo. '
Th flairurm. ;
The following platform was adopted
by tbe convention! . h
We, the representatives of tbe Dem
ocratic, Peoples and Silver-Republican
isirties of the state of Washington, as
sembled in, joint convention this 29th
day of August, 100, rosiwctlvoly re
allirm our faith in tbe principle
enunciated by our resiwctive national
conventions; and we pledgeour earnest
support to the peerless representative
of the people, William Jennings Bryan
s'nd Adlat K. Stevenson.
We still bel love in the Declaration
of Independence, and therefore hold it
aloft in preference to the impeiialistia
folicy of tho Republican parly.
We oppose trusts aud combinations
which corner the products of industry
and levy tribute on the people.
We denounce these twin relic of
barbarism imperialism and militar
ism whether in the form of trust at
home or greed of conquest abroad.
We pledge onr repursoutative in
congress to work for the passage of a
measure providing payment for tbe time
consumed by our state volunteers in
the late war with Spain.
We favor just and liberal pensions
to the true and faithful soldiers of the
United States, including tbe gallant
Indian war veterans. " '
We demand such legislation as will
insure to the farmer and producers ol
the state of Washington a reduction of
freight rate and fares to a just basis,
We demand the inauguration ol
such measures as shall give tbe people
the right to express themselves, when
they so elect, upon all important ques
tions, by the system known as direct
legislation. . - ' '
We commend the official conduct of
all pur stato Officers, and call attention
to the contrast between the present ex
cellent financial condition of tbe state
and the blight and ruin prophesied by
the opposition to surely result from the
election of our state olllcers.
We commend tho wise, courageous
and patriotic manner in which the Hon.
George Turner, our' representative in
the United States senate, has defended
the honor of his country "and fulfilled
his duty to the people of tho state of
Washington. .
Lamd Eaploped.
Vancouver, B. C, Sept. 1. A.
Rescia, wife and child were burned to
death here this morning. Their two
story. frame bouse, was discovered on
fire about 8 o'clock and as soon as the
flames were partly extinguished, the
firemen entered and found the ' charred
remains of Mrs, Rosola on the lower
floor. Rescia was in bed' with the
burning olothes wrapped around him,
suffocated. The baby had rolled from
the bed to the floor in its agony.
Th ring iia In Glasgow.
Glasgow, Sept. 1. Eleven persona
are now suffering from bubouio plague
here and five others have symptoms of
the plague. Tbe post mortem examin
ation of the body of the person who
d,le,d fro.ra he P1806 AnSus 27 e"tttb
lishes the disease as bubonic plague,
This has been officially announced by
I Dr. Chalmys, the chief medical officer,
I and is supported by Professor Murl and
Dr. Brownie The foreign consuls aro
in communication with the medical
authorities and all Glasgow ships may
be quarantined- . '
rittplao InnatMbU af ramyrshaaUIW
,,-. Mw (Jaaaltlaa. ,, , .
Manila, dept. ft. The Filipino teun
incapable of rraliciug tbe ' scope ant
purpose of the legislative function d
th commission of peace. There I V
possi unity or eparating tne legiaiauw;
from th executive branch of tn
government, and,' therefore, the oom-
mlsalnu'a announoainaul of it assunip-
tlon of power has met , with ohlldWh
com meut at tbe hand of th Siau -
lards and foreigners, who sneer, at the
new arrangements, as they an apt i to
do, at every iHsnellolal innovation , on
tbe part of the United State authorities.-
- ' ! .
.The ctvuuiission enter upon the gov
erpmeutal. Held nnder the lollop 1 04
conditions:, A majority of the tilabid
r desire ao and th resumption! of
buslues uuder American nil, but fchey
are so cowed by a long series of mur
derous, atrocities and destructlouj of
properly by their armed countryman,
that they dare not actively show tbalr
feeling, especially because xperie, i
bat taught tbm what such aa eviMas
tlon of seutiment will bring upon tltern
from tbe nien ihwaly ravengefnt rebel.
A genuine ndgu of terror Is x ere lied
by instirgeitts and ladnmea.over pear-
fui country folk iu order to colleol the
revenue and recruits their operation,
renutre. anil aldesureait veuitesnea la
wrvaked In tho vicinity of garrisoned
town. For example, the insurgeut
General ( allies, In the province of La-
guns, put hi death th pretlilent ami
ltlceholdor ol tlia town of Bay, on La
guna da Bay, oflloial who bad been Iu
stalled by tbe American, and gave or
ders that a similar fate should be meted
out to other adherents of tbe American
cause. He also ordered that all Fili
pino soldier who sold their rifles to
the Americans should ! killed,
Any change of policy luvolvirtti' tht
withdrawal of tlia United States
w Itbojt sulxtltutiug for them til ado
quale defensive force I certain to
suit in oar of retaliation at the ex
pense of the "frleudlie." The ap
proaching return of the volunteer
tend to luftiieuoe th situation uufav-t-rably.
In Northern Luaon the etatut
quo i f-irly well inalotatued aud the
jHHiple in that quarter "fcr quiet and
engaged in planting, . except In tl
province of Neuva. Fcija and Bulacan,
where there has bwn recent outburst
of rebel and ladraue activity,' But In
Southern Lusou conditions are far Inst
satisfactory; Life there Is not vafe
outidd of the gairtsoued towns, Trav
elers ara subject to ambush by guerril
las. Rarely doe a day pas wither. I
so; eiicottuter between the Uuitcd
States trooopt and tbe insurgents or la
drmie, retailing in oususltle. There
are 18.000 troop in that district, Geu
eral Bates commanding, and in tbra
regiment over a third of the men are
sick. Tbe activity of tbe enemy ' in
creased last mouth. There. J evidence
1 irrr .
.... i wm... 'TTntmlamJtvuJur the outrages which
ct(oti of uw rifles ami that thev wish
to annihilate tni email Amtlcn
garrison.' " . . ,
Condition la'tha Visa-it , wthiu
ytrtually unchanged. i .i.kj 01
troops prevent aggressb .!. ' .grwf'
Romtdou, MasbuU, Slbuvau, Tsllais
aud Bohol are tranquil, all desiring
civil government. Mindanao also Is
tranquil, except the dlstrivt of Tea
gayau and Surlgaru, where occasional
encmiutvrs with the Filipino occur.
Tho enemy' flghtlug fore there u
limiuid but'it ba a number of rifle.
The surrenders, although they bave
notably decreased since- May, continue,
Tho experience of Northern Lmcon
shows that the American occupation of
any locality tend to Its pacltlcatlou
and well-being. An unsettled Ameri
can policy retard tbe investment of
capital. Nevertheless, the import for
tie last quarter and a half were greater
than dm ing any period of the Spsulnh
regime. No doubt, the needs' of the
army of occupation ate responsible for
a very considerable portion of this,
Tho internal revenue eollectioni are a
third greater than those made by Spain.
Tbts is duo to an honest system of ac
counts, to a lack of favoritism and to
impartial enforcement of the law.
The military official will tuiu over
000,000 (Mexican) to the commis
sion, and this w ill probably be expend
ed iu public improvements, notably lu
harbor devclopiuuieuts, ,, the need of
which is greatly bumpering the ship
ping industry., ' '
The commission w ill first oragnixe
municipalities iu tbe provinces, notab
ly In I'Hiiipaiiga province, Subse
quently it will torn it attention to
iieeilcuPforint in tbe civil aud; crim
inal code, passing, in due time, to
other fiwtoies of its instruction, with
tbe idea of establishing a central civil
government during the next 18 months.
Twelve Americans, including two
captains and two lieutenants, have
beeu killed dieting the past two weeks.
The official report of the euummters
in which these casualties occurred are
meager. ,
' Thouins J
. Powers Kl'iMi,
Sept, 8.' Thomas
Powers, commissioner of banking in
Pennsylvania, was killed by falling
from a train in the outskirts of this
city laNt night, Mr. Power was 65
years old, and was a conspicuous figure
aj Republican national convention,
aud was one of the 80 who bold ont for
a third term for General Grant, One
of , bis sous. Lieutenant Powers, la In
the regular army at Manila.
' To llrlng Hoina tlia Dsitllate.
San Francisco, Sept. 8. The United
States transport Luwton, which arrived
today in ballast from Seattle, is to' be
tout to Cape Nome if relieve the1 desti- j
tnte miner, many of whom have peti-,
tioned, through .General Randall,, for.
transportation south before the hard ,
Alaskan winter sots in. ' The Lawton '
will sail for the north as soon as she ,
can be got ready, probably within a
few days. She has accomodations for .
about 700 men.
German Troop. Kinlmrk for China. '
Cologne, Sept. 8. The embarkation
of the German Fast Asia army brigade
begun today. Over 7,000 men will be
transported, The work must be ac
complished within., eight days. The
vessols of the North German Lloyd and
doing j
the Hamburg-American linet are
the transporting,
Vast quantities of I
Btippliog and war
be forwarded. '
materials will also,
China proper bus an area of 1,836,
841 square., miles, with a population.
HRcordiug to a receut estimate of 880,
000,000 ' ."'
j . ',
Serious . Outtretk Reported
i in Bohol. : . 1
! lh, r.M..fria viuot..r. o.
Klll.d and
NI Wuuadail
tV Was ISO Kl
Vaibingtou, Sept. ft. The war de-
twtiiieut today received the (olluwlug
rlipeH fwjn tlenersl MKu Arthurs
' Muwi.s.j Sept. A. Adjutant-Gen
I at, ; WaslUngtouij. General Hoube
tfxjrt n Outbreak In Bohol. , First
JiniiMiua rt tivalf. l'0rt-fourth olon
t:ft inf. tilry, rert uu engagement
1 r iV.iuna. . At Bohol, our loss in
ill le was nie, wounded sU; the fee'
t b lt killed, 10. .JU't
-Ik',?a !q"tbr. detail.. .
- , f 'SJACARTUUn.
U hoi it a inland in tlia southern
pa .t "! th Mrtmlpolagr), mio mile from
j M Uilla north of the large
Maod ol Miudituao and la not far
uvm vuna.
I Ta Wr (lopsrtment received a ca-
blcg'nt thl. morning (rum Giiei!
MacArthur announcing 'that the trans
port Stephen wiled September 1 for
Seattle. She has inty master and army
wagon aboard for our force lit Chin
aud will put them ashore at Taku ou
route for this couutry.
Gsneral MaeArthur chronicle two
reovnl deaths", among hi oilioer In tlie
Pbilipptue in cablegram received at
the a at department today. Captain
George II. Bvtley, Fortv-aaventb lu
fnrr vohitn.r, liedl ou the morning
Of Auuust 2fl.ltom wgamla received Sit
actio" near Cainallg, Luxor, AuguM
SI. .Second Lieutenant Roy L. Fur
nald, T weuty-slxtb volunteer iulahtry,
was accidentally drowned in the Jan
bar river near i'ototaii, Pnnay, Kcptem
bcr 1. The body was not recovered.
lli.r Will Ha an Inanlrf
' Orioa' Mlnhaa,
Wsshington, Sept. S. Tbe report ol
Captain Wilde, exonerating everybody
rotiuected with the Oregon 'rom blame,
Is not likely to end with tbe ex-parte
statement of Ilia commanding officer.
There will be a court of inoniry to de
teriuiue whether the great battle-ship
bad the cam and attantiou which
tliould bave bran given it by the offi
cers who were alsmrd her. ,
Although there I a determined (
fort to prevent anything like tbe con
trol of CbluoMi territory by th United
States, the best-informed here think
that it will be Inevitable, or that this
,i...,nl llltll.i.l,iiiL m. all l.l.a
a'v.M - - "v
hv b"Hn
lierpctrated upon American
Tl-rr 1
,1u!ploton, now that the
' i(aMi t Inr .tlia wlUa
.h-awa' t troo wss made with full
kuow'eogtt the other power
woulil not founut, and that it I lm
ply a plea for another diplomatic post
tlou when negotiation open with Chi
nese authorities.
' Klrrllon In Arkanaa.
Little Rock, Ark., Sept. 0. The en
tire Democratic ticket, beaded by Hon.
Jefferson Davis, of Pope county, foi
governor, was elected iu Arkansas to
day. Ksrly returns ludicate that the
vote will be lighter than wa expected.
H. L. Remind, the Republican enndi
date for governor, made a good show
ina aud bis iucrcaed vote over two
year ago will piobabiy. reduce the us
ualfy large Democrat iu majority
There was no opKisitioii to tbe Demo
cratio ticket for any office except the
goverushtp, The uegroes voted in
larger numbers than usual, but their
vote is not largo enough to affect the
result. A fair estimate places the to
tal vote a follows: Davis, Democrat,
100,000; Remind, Republican, 40,000;
Files, Populist, 8,000; Davis' major
lty. 67,000. : : '
llont Cut In Two. '
Vancouver, 11,. C, Sept. , 8. Four
campers frotrj Vaueouver put out iu a
row boat 'from a point near Powell lake,
a short distance north of Vancouver,
last night, for the purpose, of boarding
the steamer Comox, for home. The
Comox lu the darkness ran into the
boat, cutting it in two. Two of the
four, Aubray Lund aud A.. Vaughn,
were drowned.
Klllml WhlU lluiitlnc.
Ppokauo, Sept. 5, Jay Carr,
12, wat accidentally killed this
uoou by hi 14-year-old brother,
The tragedy took place near tbe
homestead, at White Mud Lake,
mile north , of. .I'olville, Wash.
boyH were; Hunting. Hurt was oarry ing
a riff !, which in some way exploded,
the J'trUct taking off the top of Jay's
U,.P. '," ..:.Vl-.
, -. - ..i .,,....- ,t
Hermans Rikjiiiub Inillgnant, ' '
ti'-irlin, Sept f. Tlfti presence of the
hulxinirt plagtio at Glasgow is com
meuted.upou here indignantly as going
to show criminal begligonce ou the
part of the Britisb authorities. v
;: Manila, Sepl-XTho-Utrtnlftate
traiinaort CaHfohiian arrived here safe
ly this morning.. She was delayed 18
duys at Gniiifl wi'tli a brtjken lyupelter.
' ? ,4o7oio stint Atlin.'V A-
Vlotoria, B 0., Sept. B. 'Hie steatn-
er Amur, Irom Bkagway;: reports
the Imsiuess jipctiouof Atlin City, was
nearly wipod put, by. Urp Sunday, lust,
Ten of the J.itrgest BuHineRS ' buildings
weie destroyed. 'Theiona U over $40,
000, with 'dittle,-,if ajiy,,;irj9ttralice,
The; pfople. workei.l lilo Trojium to stive
the town abd prevented t,l)eflnmt)8 frotn
reHtililng ally governtfiWti property! ot
bnildljigs.' , Tba newt reached fckag-
way by telegraph and ,uo , detaila were
obtainable when' the Amur sailed.
t "" - y $ 1 ,
J. taadvWhir Mlno a jrrHr"
Lead'llle; Colo Sept! 6-'lW R.
A. VI, mine is on fire. It is Ijhe deep
est mine iu this diatrlbt, employing 150
men, fill Ol WhoiiiJ will' probably gel
out, as tbe mine has inanv connections,
B ."-""?: ArA-
.'- ; 4 IS Cholera' Daattis. . ,J f,';.
'.Bpiobay, Bent."f 5; Official returns
ho there were ,7,607, ..deaths from
cholera during tbe week ending August
.25. The numbers on-relief works are
decreasing and the nniubei receiving
gratuitous relief are increasing. '.,
",',''.,: I - ' ' ' 7.;. i.-.. '
A Brlil.h Iklpvar's Vlalt to th frtium
1 r ua Hupart MIII. ' '
New ' York, Sept."' B. -The British
iteamship Masitonourt), which baa Jus?
arrved from South Africa, touched a
t, Haleiia for repair. Captain Maun
was permitted to vi-it tbe Boer prison
ers on the Island. ,11 rude op the Ave
mile of winding road to the top of Ro
ller; bill, lu Deadwood plain, where he
found the prison pen of General Cron
Je'a 2,000 lueu. ? . : , . t
Th ltoer captive are confined within
barbed wire enclosure f quarter of
a nut qur. Twelve feet from the
fence ou all tide I a second trocba
like tbe first. . It is death (or a Bo
private to cross the Hoe of tbe Inner
lain. Ou Boer wa shot by a sentinel
for doing this. Th British voldiaf was
than tr!d and acquitted by a oourl
martial. ' ' ;' '
"While the Rrltwh soldier sleep 18
men iu a tent,' said , Capaib Mann,
"the Boer sleep only 10 to a tent. In
ordtr to afford tlien all th room pos
sible, the BrUlsb have allowed . tbe
lloer to out lmlKXJi fur aback, These
btviiboo frame tbe Boen have covered
with cauv and with dabtolitin.
Th tlu tby obtained iu a enrlou
way. Ther were on tbe island a great
number ol paraffin cans, which the
Boer carefully flattened out for tin
tide and roofs for their shack.
"Some of the prisoner ar permitted
to work for the fanner on the Island,
aud thereby earn a little money. T bore
were mauy men 70 years old, and just
a many others 18, 16 aud 17. Tbe
officers with whom I conversed speak
both Dutch aud Fngtish. Tbe privates
eemed rather a stupid bit. Tbey bave
the same faie a the British soldiers.
'I conversed with Cojonel Schlel, trie
Herman oilioer, who fought with tba
Boers. He wss very cantankerous still.
"Coiiimaudant Rouse, the Boer officer
who captured Winston Churchill, told
me that be thought tbe gam was up
sod hi (aiople ought to stop flghtUig. -
"The Boer officers ara allowed to du
pretty much a they please, and ihelr
name are posted at the St. Helena
club. The British officer entertain
thuin at eftcrnoou teas, aud General
Cronje it practically the steady guest
of tbe governor. ' ! .
" cable now run to the Island
from South Africa, and tbe bulletins
from thu seat ' of war are frequently
struck off ami told to tbe prisoner at
a peuuv apiece. ,.
"A Dutch ship anchored while 1 wat
there, but wss lequested to leave and
rid o. The British were afraid kome
of the Bri would get away on their
country' ship."
H Mu.amvni la Innraas taa Military
, Strength of th ltlaads,
Honolulu, Sept. 6. The stirring
event of the past week have resulted
iu a movement to increase the military
strength ol the Hawaiian islands, aud
arrautieiueuU ar being made to add to
the force now here. '
It la thought, In tbe event ol wine
sudlcn warlike movements, Hawaii
might bave to defend herself for a time,
as tint United State ha to far done
little to make the islands safe from iova
ion. It is proposed to have a full regi
iout of troops bote. There are plenty
f men sun eight companies are uow
iu existence. The uieu of the old citi
zens' guard will make up two more and
there are pleuty of meu available to
complete tbe regiment. Tbe principal
difficulty at present is a lack of ma
terial, There are not enough guns on
tbe islands;
It is found that nnder the new condi
tions of American government, Hono
lulu is a very heavy exporter of gold to;
the United States, and local financier
are thinking of mean to stop such
shipments. The exportation are due
to the custom-house collection, llouo.
lulu baa no money except what oomet
from the mainland and the heavy
drain, it it thought, will have bad af
fects upon the local money market.
F.ffoit are being made to take advan
tage of a United States law which al
lows for the depositing with assistant
tieasurers of money for duties to be
collected, in such cases vouchers for
the cash to be taken by the collect'"
here instead of money, As the ca'-
deposit at Sau Francisco would be kepi
up bv sngar buyers there, this would
put an end to heavy go d exportation
from Hawaii by tbe customs depart
ment. It would also result in saving
a considerable turn of money now being
laid for cunstant importations of gold,
only to bave the gold sent back to the
coast. ," , " . . ,
Trouliln O.or Wage Seal. .
Pittsburg, Sept. 8. Efforts are bv
inu made by the American Window Company, to start its factories
regardless of the trouble with the flat
tenerH amontters over the wage scale.
Officials of ' the ' combine report that
work wat resumed today at the factor
ies at Dunkirk, Ind., Greenfield, Ind.,
Newoastle, Pa., Hasaleton, Pa., and
Coudersporl. J'a. -The Phillips plant
in this city will start up tonight and
the large plants at Arnold and
Jeanette, Pa,, have been ordered to re
sume operations tomorrow. Telegranit
from Dunkirk, Greeulleld, Newcastle
ami Coudersport report the factories
working in full; . . 1 if;
j)n September 1 a new law went into
force in New Yoik which forbids prixe
lights withiu the limits of the state,
Hiiii Man 11 fan 1 11 rer Kttlad Hlinaelf. ,
"Milwaukee, Sept. 0. Jacob Gross,
IrtniHurer of the Gross Bros,' Soap Co.,
who shot himself Monday afternoon
while sitting alone in his office, died
luioTlaHt night from tbe wound inflict-
oil. It was thought by his friends that
buiduefi troubles Were the cause of bit
tivath. Mr. Gross was 67 years of age..
Livestock Agents of western rail-
1'ojmIh say , shipments of cattle from
rati dies will be unusually heavy this
full. "' " : ' ' "'', ' " ,"
T 3n,oeo fir at Spokane. :
f'poknue, ' . Wash., Sept. - 6. Tht
hree-story brick building occupied by
j Shaw-Wells Company, doalers in
pilules, agricultural implements ano
"TVness, was completely gutted by flit
,iis afternoon, causing a loss estimated
at $1)0,000 to stook and $5,000 to the
building.. The loss is fully covered by
iusurauce, The company will at once
rebuild, and on arrival of the new
stock will resume business. The fire
started in a wooden building adjoining,
il u t communicated to the interior of
rfbo brick structure before the alarm
( - 1 ' . 1,. 1 A . t. i . , . .
-was given auu tne ueyariment arrivea.
Chinese Would Rid the City
of the Allies.
Ont Telegraph Wlrns (or Fr MlnUtar
Wnnld Hurral th full gHent nMha
. tluplllr f tba tlavaiamaat
' London, Sept. 6. Today'adlspatchea
from Shanghai 'and Tien Tslu refer to
tlut liopeles confusion and itiismansge
uient of tint Chinese telegraph system,
which may probably account iu part
for the delay la getting new from Pe
kin.' Another reason for the delay
doubtless Is the anxiety of tho "Chinese
authorities to oour th evacuation
of, the capital. No effort is being
spared by them to bring this about.
Their ides la ibonld th foreign minis
ters In Pekln 1st allowed free communi
cation with their government, the full
extent of the complicity of the Chinese
government in the auti-foreign out
rag would be , revealod and would
cause the allie to decide to remain un
til retribution bail beeu exacted. All
telegram bave to be conveyed by cour
ier to Pekin, ami probably all, cipher
dispatche have been stopped.
According to ' (Shanghai advices, Li
Hung Chang wired tbe Chinese minis
ter in London, Sir Cblh Chen Loh Feng
Lull, as lollowi: "Our St. Petersburg
minister baa persuaded Russia to leave
Pekin, 4 You are n soles if you cannot
persuade England."
It It asserted that Karl LI lias prom
ised Russia three Manchnrian prov
ince if she secure the withdrawal of
tbe allied force from Pekin and favor
able peace tcimt from the power.
Both th empress dowager aud Li Hung
Chang ar said to tat lavishing money
to attain these objects. , , 1
There is no sign yet of any decision
on the part of the powers regarding the
Rosalan proposals. . The Japanese a
If r unreservedly condemn the idea ol
vacuating Pekiu, but hint that then
. a secret compact between GeTmany
and Russia to tbe dutrimeutof Great
The Moscow correspondent of the
Standard, referring to the horrible ac
count of Russian brutality at Blago-,
veetchentk after the bombardment,
says: .'"'.''"'' 1
"HI rumored" that the Cossacks
mercilessly butchered men, women
and children in the villages ou the
Amor river and flung their corpse into
the stream. These tories ar cod
firmed by an ollicial order just issued
ooucliod in a mild note admitting tbe
massacre, which are described a
caused by ..exasperation against the
Chinese for beginning hostilities and
threatening tbe utmost severity 61 mar
tint law for any future violence to un
armed, peaceful Chinamen, at the same
time ordering the police throughout the
Amor district to compel the toalf and
country populations to drag the Chi
nese corpses out of tbe river and bury
or burn them, in order to prevent ai.
mtbreik of infection. . :
"This order read like a free warrant
for the mawacre of any Chinaman
Whom the Cossacks may provoke Into
a quarrel or prove to be in possession
of arm." ,. , . ; " :
Rrhalllnu la Paraia. .
Chicago, Sept. 8. A dispatch to the
Record from Moscow says: A report
comet from Teheran that, after a des
perate light, All Mohamet ; Bey, the
rebel who, at the -head of a few iitin
dred followers, has boen trying to get
possession of the Persian 'throne, has
been defeated by the Cossacks hastily
summoned to opose bia march pn the
capital and has been thrown into an
underground dungeon.' When cap
tured, be emphatically denied that be
had harbored any intention of usurping
the shah's throne. ,
.if, ,
Trrmont Kleetion.
White River Junction, Vt,, Sept.' 8.
State Issues, of which thut of local
option was the most important, caused
1 20 per cent decrease in the Republi
can vote today in tbe state election,
and a large proportion of that loss wont
to the Demorcatlo party. The Repub
licans of course, carrie the state by an
Immense margin. ' It is likely to full
at least 10,000 under tbe vote of 1806,
but at the same time it is probably
about 8,000 ahead of tbe gubernatorial
vote of two years ago." 1 1 '
Yellow Paver In Havana.' ',.,'
Ilavaua, Sept. 6. The yellow fever
outbreak in Havana, although, serious,
is ooullbed to the Spanish colony.
The best quarters of the city are affect
ed, tbe lower portions being almost ex
empt. Tbe authorities contend that
cleauliuess is of no effect in pieyentiug
contagion and the looal . Conditions
toeuj to substantiate this, Kighty-five
cases ar under observation. , , .,,
' Chief Charger Dead.' '
Pierre, S. D., Sept. 6. Chiof
Charger is dead at his home on the
Cheyenne agency. He was one of the
party wbioh helped to rescue white
captives from the hostilcs after the New
Ulm massacre,. The surviving mem
bers of that party are Swift Bird, Little
No Heart, Four Bear and Whito Swun.
Three of them attended the funeral.
Rulluon Trip Over Kngllsh Clinuuul.
V Hew York, Sept. 6. A dispatch to
tbe Herald from Paris sayss !M,
Jacques Fanre, treasurer of the Aero
Club, has successfully crossed the chan
nel iu a balloori. He 'left the Crystal
Palace,, Loudon, at 8 o'olook Saturday
night and arrived at Alette Pas de Ca
lais at 8 o'clock yesterday morning.
The crossing of the ohannel ocenpiod
four hours. 1 During this time the aero
naut kept bis balloau at a height of 700
meters. ' ' '. r ',
'-'. Killed by .(ejected Ailmlror. N K
1 Denver, Colo , Sept. 8. Albine Bo
loveu, 18 years old, daughter of Hans
Roloveii, proprietor of the Metropolitan
mtel, was shot and instantly killed on
iixteenth street, by William 0. Bara
gar, a rejected admirer, who had been
employed as a cook iu ber father's ho
tel. The murderer was arrested. ' lie
had swallowed, a dose of poison, but
antidotes were promptly administered,
and he will recover.
Forty out of 75 counties in Arkansas
give Davis, Democrat, 80,000 majority
over Rommel, Repuh'Mw
A Belter Tone tn Dun's and Rradatreet'
1 .-I I Waekljr Hevlew. f ,t H .
, Brattreet't say-, .Distributive
trtd, that from jobbers particularly,
increase as th vacation season wane.
Report from leading Western center '
re more favorable and a large aggre
gate of buiiness in dry goods, clothing,
shoe, bat and hardware are feature
noted , thl week. Tbe iron and steel .
trade, too, note a decided gain in ton
and volume of sales, though prices ex
cept it 1 few instances harden bat
slowly. Clearing, reflecting part busi
ness snd dormant speculation, are very
small, but railroad earnings, reflecting
tbe really heavy actual movement into
consumption, maintain their old gain.
Relatively, tbe most quiet and least
satisfactory condition role in the primary-textile
market of the East, re
flecting the backward state of next
spring's business. Corn crop advance
are viewed a rather better because of
tbe ending of tbe late dry, hot spell at
the West. Cotton crop condition ara
till, however, only partially defined,
and leading state authorities are quoted
I predicting a short crop. The stead
inctt of (taple price is a feature la
present quietness of trade.
To disappointing foreign advice and
the backward state of tbe demand for
cotton good are to be attributed tba
shading in raw cotton this week. Tbe
season in men's wear1, woolens, baa
been rather disappointing so far, wbile
tbe jobbing demand fcr dross good I
quit favorable, Manufacturer are
buying only enough raw wool to cover
orders fot goods and prices are weak at
tbe lowest point reached.
. Wheat, including flour, ahipment
for the week aggregate 8,248,818 bush
els, against ; 2,05, 168 bushels last
week. - 1 '
' Failures aggregate 163 for tbe week
as against 185 last week.
Canadian failure number 82, agalnsf
28 laat week.
Seattle Market.
Onions, new, IJtfe.' ' ' '
Lettuce, hot house, $1 per crate.
Potatoes, new. 815. ,
Beets, per sack, 85c(3$l.
Turnip, per sack, 75c. '
Squash 4o. : . . .-; .. .,-
Carrots, per sack, $1.00 , .
Parsnips, per sack, $1.25.
Cauliflower, native, 75o. - V
, Cucumbers 10(8205. -
Cabbage, native and; California,
lo per pounds. '
Tomatoes 40 50?. '"'
Butter Creamery, 25c; Fjojtern 22c;
dairy, 150 18c; ranch, llo pound. . .
, Eggs 24o.- ; - .-; ' - .; '. '"
Cheese 12c. k .
' Poultry 12c; drestted, 14c; (pring,
Hay Puget Sound timothy, $11.00
O12.00; choice Eastern Washington'
timothy, $16.00.J. v . ; '
Corn Whole, $23.00; cracked, $25;
feed meal;' $25. ' ' "A
BarIey--ltolled or ground, per ton,
$20.' ',,..!' ...
' Flonr Patent, per barrel, . $8.50;
blended straights, $3.26; California,
$3.25; buckwheat flour, $6.00; gra
ham, per barrel, $3.00; whole wheat
flour, $3.25; rye flour, $3.804.0O.
Millstuffs Bran, per ton, $12.00;
thorte, per ton, $14.00. '
j Feed Chopjied feed, $19.00 per ton;
middlings, per ton, $20: oil cake meal,
per ton, $30.00. . - -
Fresh Meats Choice dressed beet
tteers, price 7c; cows, 7c; mutton
7H; pork, 8c; trimmed, 9c; veal, 9
lie. - 4 ..." " ' "v :. ' .,'.'
Hams Large, 13c; small, 18;
Iffeakfaat bacon, 12c; dry salt sides,
. .. . , . r. 1 1 . 1 - 1 ' -
Portland Market. .
'Wheat Walla Walla. 6656ic;
Valley,67Mioi Blue8tein,60oper bushel.
Flour Beet grades, $3.10; graham,
, , Oats Choice white, 42c; choice
gray, 40o per bushel. .
Barley Feed barley, $15.00 15.50;
brewing, $17.00 per ton. : .
Miluttuffs Bran, $13.00 ton; mid
dlings, $20; shorts, $15; chop, $16 per
ton. . y. i ; . ' st .. .
Hay Timothy, $11012; ckver.$7
T.60; Oregon wild hay, $60? per ton.
Butter-Fancy creamery, 4650o;
store, 87 c. ;,: 1.. y
' EggB 19o per dozen. .. ; , , ,
Cheese Oregon full cream, 13c; '
Young America, 14o; new cheese lOo
per pound. , , ; t
' Poultry Chickens, mixed, $3,000
4.00 per dosen; bens, $4.60; springs,
$2.008.00; geese, $H.007.00 per
ducks, $3,0004.00 per dozen; turkeys,
live, 14016c per pound.J 1
' ."otatoe 40Q500 per sack; sweets,
88o per pouua.' -' - vi :
Vegetables Beets, $1; turnips, $1; ,
per sack; garlic, 7o per pound; cab
bage, 2o per pound; parsnips, $1;
onions, lc per pound; carrots, $1.
Hops 28o per jound. ; , ,.. ; f ;
' Wool Valley, 150 lOo Re pound;
Eastern Oregon, 15 lflo; mohair, ' 85
per pounds s f ; a .it Kia
Mutton Gross, best, sheep, wether
and ewes, 840; di-eseed mutton, 70
7 n per pound; lambs, 6 so. ' ; ' ; "
Hogs Gross,; choice heavy, $5.00;
light and feeders, ; $4,50; dressed,
$5.00 0 6.50 per 100 pounds.
; Beef Gross,' top steers, $4.0004.60; '
cows, $8.5004.00; dressed beef, 6
7J4O per pound. ' ' '
Veal Large, 6i07o; small, 80
8)sQ per pound. : t-
Ban Fraueiseo Market.'
Woolr-Sm-ing Nevada, ll13q per
pound; Eastern Oregon, 1014o; Val
ley, 1618c; Northern, 90 10o. ; - '
Hops 1899 crop, 86018o; new
crop, 1900, 10012)0. ;'; i, j ;.
. Butter , Fancy 1 oreamery , 23oj
do ' seconds, 21022c; fancy dairy,
20u'o; do seconds, 19o per pound. , .......
, Eggs Store, 17o; . fanoy mnobi,
23o. :
Millstuffs Middlings, $17.00 0
20.00; bran, $12.50 0 13.50. 1
'Hay Wheat $8 12; wheat and
oat $8.00010.50; best barley $8,500
alfalfa, $6.0007.50 per ton; straw,
2587Mo per bale. " -'
Totatoes Early Rose, 80O75o; Ore
gon1 Burbanks, 00c$l; river Bur
anks, 850660? hew. I,li02c. -"'
. Citrus Fruit Oranges, ' Valencia,
$2.7508.25; Mexican ' limes, $4.00
5.00; California lemons 75o$1.50;
do choice $1.75 0 2.00 per bo. " 1 -.
Tropical .Fruits Bananas, $1.60O
2.50 per bunch; pineapples, ; nom
inal;', Persian datos 806)o pe
1 ...
' .11
i i
t. i
"' 't
-. V
: 1.
, .1
.;) 4
' ,'i
.;s 'tr-,-1.' " '" ' '' ':.'C'r'..s;