The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, March 01, 1895, Image 1

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    The Best Newspaper
U the one that give the moat And
fresheat new. Compare the WEST
glDB with ny paper In Polk county.
"v. As an Advertising todium
$2.00 lVr Your.
Five Cents Per Copy.
No. 4 5.
National Bank
Capital Stock, $50,000.00.
H. HltbVHBKlU),
Vie llrwdtteiil.
.1 k.i,kimnit iKhAinn bulurt
lrnk'lHt; loans made, bills dlneouuted, w
aitivlal credits irante deportm received on
eurreut account subject to elm. Uilrl paid
od Uiu depoalia.
a .1 m a II.. 1 It
jA4Mim, A. J.iMHlmitu, l. W, mr, U.
Commenced Buaine sMa 9
CiUilubd by atlooal Authority,
Of Idrpndeoee,OrCfOU.
Capital Stock.
ITwldeut, Vie ITeaideni
u 11 k u-i lev i..lit.r
J.S. Cooper. U . HoberUwn, UU Helutlck
0. W. Whlteaker, W. W. t"ol.
A letieral bank?' , ulnM trauaaeted
Buy and sella v ! uu all liuporiaul
Ppeilla received subject in cheek or on cr
UBinte or ilf txw'L CulteHiHi made.
um nuura; a. . h . in
Polk County Bank,
Paid Capital, S30.000.
J.H.RI.W, IM-Campbell, I.M.HIiupaon
J II. V. Butler. J. . Mump, t . H, 1'owell
J.m.IIi nttt'ti.
A general bankiug and eKlmuge bunlnew
trniH-lvd; kuni made: deptnOla rwrolvi-d
ubjtwl lo rhn'k or on oeritrlcBt of deponll
Inirrwl paid in time depoidtn.
-rtr uriwf vault and burijtar proof
lloumr a. m. U 4 p. m.
Prescott & Veness,
Proprietor of
MaDufacturenor unJ D. ulcrtln
Rou-h and Dressed
t tt tf n
J. A. WHEEuER, - Manager.
American and Eumuouiill'Hn.
THOS. GUINEAN, Proprietor,
- v
'Beventh and Wadblnuton 8W
Go to the CHt reel
And kco bnvr
You can net your
Work Done.
Wagon Repairing of All
L L FULLER, Proprietor.
If you want a Ooo(i;quare Meal tor
25 Cents
to the-
Tee Cream every duy during he newioti
Chicken uinnor evcrywunouy m "
.ii hour Main Ht.. Indeoendence.
LinfMli .iii
n 11
-born Oregonian the Choice
Fifty-ninth Joint Ballot
Derated to that
Hijti Position l) kntj-ta
Oregon Legislative Assembly.
Scenes and Incidents of One of the Greatest Senatorial
Contests in the History of Oregon The Great As
sembly Hall a Seething Mass of Excited and Bois
terous Human;ty Last NightClosing Scenes.
ViHiilurfml. .
Wllliaum ....
M. C. liiHiw,
Fulton ......
Ml!rUJ ...
piixs :;T::t7;:i7,:ir;tt;i:
U,HI 10 10 111 ID'ltUU
ii i; tt ti; tij tij U o
i; 1 i l, i i l; i
:mi ii ij ii it l! ij i
..! i v i..;......
1! J; 1; 11 11 1 1 1
... ..I l! 1... ..I.- ..
.1 i:r.iiv.H
11. .i lit
C.iwir W., TrUied 8iUn
nniator from CrvBn!
The republican Prty On-gtm hoii
tMVtn lt"l( wjual to th lnk of
braking th dmilkwk by flwtlnit a
fnlUnl Stab's, itnr. It dIJn't hv b
ifo oul)l.l Uin faintly cdrcl to flml n
honorwl son um whm It wi pxewlM
to unit. It tivk a Ion while fur lh
"thirty" am! rrty-two" t net tlt.-lr
h ! mstt, but wlur they finally
lid I 'a.n t"K"!luT th rtwull wu iui
jlw!l.n that will b an hormr to 0
tt. tho nation mj tin r-.ttblli'un
Tha e).w-UM of Sir. Mcllrtde U curry
i.iit thU truitt w a i-Hfiim inai win
hrliR about tho iffibnt K'xkI for the
tarty of Ui mat. Jt win iwrvo
t nut f-;v nolncUona coulu have done
irw-r thrf ainrrtvauoj cjrvuiiuiiwiii-n.
','o Buy t wit It l ft i.hokw that !tiete
'Hii thff aiirovnJ of the (tn riil public
1 1 n. mil J wutomcnt of th truth which
tie arrant! di'tmmrtrtitlun uiion tho
.tdijtlil by the "thirty" of .! nomliui-
t on mrn.itlly. flrniJy impnwwb
That tho .-n ilor elwt u In elo
inj :h with the jx'oplB anl th.nt he hi
tiie r frliiid and thavt th-y are hht wna
more clearly dimoiutratrl by thflr ac
t.ona lout nlfrht when he aiipeuml bo-
f wo th?in on tlw platform, than worda
cut tell.
The chHT that were m-nt up for
George W. Sli'Hrlde wero from the
hirt. The peopls who know him not
( lily resjxsct and honor himthey love
Tho hall of rerewntatlvra. the corri
dors, the Kllerii anl ev-ry other rn-
venlent iipai'B In the utate houne wan
r.,ver o orowdel with humanity aa It
u-as lajit nlKltt from 7 o'rbxrk to mld-
nio-h I'nl.lln rftimont had been
r.rouawl to auch ft pitch that perM.a j
romivlncd at the hall aJl the afternoon
and frvemlnjr, ftocomimnlfKl by their lun
ch' o a to geoure favorable ponl-
tlona arul swiIji. Umg before tho Joint
convention aaaenibled every seat, chair,
desk, railing, window seat and platform
sti'p, waa occupied, while nUuidlnif
rofm wm packed like a r.aruine dox.
Cut This OutI
You want the best and I
7A '
Finest Fowls in the Pacific Northwest.
L Brahma B. P. Rods, S, C. Leghornsv
And other varieties furnished. Eggs ready now for de
livery. 1.50 per 13. My birds are prize winners. Call and
see them. Write. your wants. F. A. WELCH.
381 Cottacre St.. Salem. Or.
I Firt-cl8 200-egg "Excelilor" Incubator for tale cheep,
Republicans of k
"S7 37,:W a: a7ia7i:n,:i7 a: :ui::m;:i7i:ui
10 010,JO: 10,10; 10,10, 10 HI, III HI; III HI
i l
tlj tl! III III III
Hi II! I)
! l 1
:i; a...
1 1 1 1
ii a, ai a
Ij 11 ;;!
1! II 1
i 11 i:).ni:ia:ia:ta
1 1 1 1! l l
Si ikxiii aa tho balloMnf began the
irrat-t touttlile anxl4y waa arouiti-d.
A muiifomofWa had ln made for Irwna
inlttlnir bulMlna to the mtTflary of
ktatv'a oltloe antl thmn-e to the mawira
In the outer rrtdor ad U'n racelpl
of tvu-h mioiwliiiu rmult tht hobw of
the pubtla dlmri.Hi of lt inrit etatld
be horl within the boune. (in the
ftrt Wn the IMph fontu wrn imt
ly oliwrml by the return to their rank
of Smith of ('Urkiuntia and Cowtut who
had b'ft them tetiiMirrrtly at tin' aftT
nin .ntlnii, and thwi th itenernl bo-
II. -f ww that the die wna rant and tltiTn
would be no clivtlim. Throtiuh all iht
wivry round of twenty-two tuillirt the
crowd remmlned, th imirKtmy lnltit
relieved at Interval by Oi 'Yhuniro of
Sunio at Wfh "relay" of the anil
iKdph nnmblk'wia 'l'hev led out f-r
tho eveulinj'a nue with William, but
dropped hltn early forjudge J '1, WuJ-
J'V of .Marlon, who they I ft after
two ballot for the younpT and
mora vlitoroua ateed Fultuit, to whom
they attiwhiM thniMielvc for ten Iui,
but wen comtMdUd Pi drop hlin. The
only twiwlon of iwite to the Fulton
Htnndard wtin .i-ntor Ilmwiiell of
t'lii 'kiuoar:, who broke from Holh on
tljo fifth Ixillot of the evening -the for-ty-fntt
of th tot il. The next man e.
eetil wna Tomrui. but Mr. Jlrownell
(hlfted to (Jeirife W. Mfltrlde, an did
Hi mat or Ilotwon on the nxt. and after
five ballot vI Miout R.iln the antl took
up liovornor L..rd nd two Ixtllota were
had an the rim k olutPl half an hour
of mlihilk'M. Thw iTuwd waa In K'm
bumr aiodally, na a few boxe of or
nni." had bom brought in and acat
ter,d and thrown nil over the hou In
tMiylah, iKrtiv irlo, a ahort time lie
fore. Kvwybndy waa hrppy and the
llmii wua rlHi for a erleki. The op
poriuntty waa fraHl by Clei'toii of
Columbia, who In a few well choum
words reolted the well known eon'U
ttonaand hla prevloua loyalty to llolph,
imdlnif with the aniummoment of hla
Intention to vole for tieorifo W. Sid
Ilrlde. The roll call proi-eeded and
the flint repreaehtaUve from tho Dolph
ranka lo atep u tho .Meltrlde column
waa J. I Calvert of thla county. The
ftrat aenntor to take a like atep waa
Dr. Calnnth of Yamhill. Henatow
H.Mm and rattermm and Mpeaker
More alwi took tholr porillin fr Mr.
M"H rid a and when the roll call wiu
completed hi! hud forty-two votea or
throe ahort of enoutrh to i-h-t. Follow
Inn la the vote a bolwen Mr. Dolph
and Mr. Mollrllo:
Dolph. Bancroft, IJeach. Hlundcll,
Hridifen, Card veil, Carter, Conn, DiUy,
Dnvld. Hawwoti, Denny, (.inner, (low-
an, Izmir, Maxwell, MeCIraken, Mdilnn,
l...i .f l A
M.rc-r, nioorneao,
My em, ruxlon,
rrlt. 8mlth of Clarkanum, Smith of
J.mephlne, Smith of I'olk, WbHwer,
'IVniplebin, Thomiji, Wixnliud and
Mcllride. Alley, In,ker. Hnraley,
Hoothby, Hrownell, Hurke, C'albreath,
CallxTt, Cleoton, Cole, Coon, Cooper,
Cralif, Curtla, Davla, Iunn, Cute,
Paste It Upl
have them. Hard-time
(lowdy, (iulld. (lurdann, llllbitaii, Ilob.
run, llofr, llpft Johimon, Keyt, I.ea
ter, l.yle, M'Ou itf, .Mliitle, I'atteraim,
I 'a titer HI, HlnetiwMl, Hoott, Hehlbrede,
ShutMiii, Moilih of I .Inn, rttanley, Tl
(rami, WHarM. Yalee and Mor 4'i,
The Drat to elm nun hla votw wna
Teiiileioii, who iiioiintid a mit niul
wild Iui wanted ft aoitator, lie wna fol
lowed by Kmltli of Folk, nml bo In
turn by Ilrblitea, who imido Ibo Inat
nun IKhmUhI, but anveral olhera, led by
(led. T. My em, nUo cliuniteil nud Hie
end waa that l'nxtou'a inoiioit to record
tho ronibllciiii 7a ni uimuliiioiia for
hlin wna adoijted ,011 til 'i'oud of
Sntintor McOlitn.
TlirottKh all thine Inlter ai-ene Joyful
imtidoiiionluiii reluni'd. Fliiiilly a com
mittee wim ai'iit after tin new aeimlor,
who a 1 n ted nud lumle a neat ftpwli
of npirH'lnllon, iroiulfliiK the moat
filithful wrvlce for tho atnte of bin
blnli. Tliito rlut'tn were Klven for
Mr. Meltrlde with euoh a rein aa Hindu
thu bttllitliitf nliiHMt alinke. Thou the
erowd yidliul for Fultou and that iteii
tleiiiiin beltitf found hla npp.nmiu'e waa
tlui almml for tlm wlldoat nud tnoat
hourly il.MMoiiHtmtloii of the nlk'ht,
ell'ept perh nw wheu tktuitr Urowtieli
inadu lit eloquent iewh autioundnii
hla chiin to Fulton aa x(04i of
above. Mr. Fulton anoko for a few
moment lit bU able, niiinly way and
aatired hla houaeftil of admlreni thnt
he waa never happier In hla Itfu thun
he win then In wltuiowliiff tho u 11 1 ted
piibllcanUiu of tireiton. llo waa
clioorod to tho iH'ho and at 8;Kaker
MMnW reqtleat, thrit' t'lieem wer
glveu fur"tlM united rcpubllejin party."
Thriii cheura worn tlkewlae aout up for
Stxviker More llllliaolf.
Tlioimw II. Toukiw waa eallil for
wkili aiu'h deU'rmliinUoti (lint lint
ictiittltutinti rauie forward with rw
wonbt of eonKrnlulttlloii oil tho b i"'y
etiilluif nnd vtonta of chovr for th n'
publlciin liimtH nunln iimrcliluit 11 1 f
a coiiiiiioti nif. He, bai, waa heartily
received and Ullllcd.
HepfeeenlittUw Hnikley. tin brlltlunt
orutor of tho Sliirlou county dol.-nmlou,
wiu culled out and aHiko In hla uual
plraalnir way. Ho wna lu blgli favor
with I ho lioilee, for lie bud aecomled
Mr, Cleeton'a nomination of Mr. Me
Hrtdo lu a manner which left no doubt
of hla alucerlty II lid that of the whole
of tho thirty nulla for any aoivptnhlc
republican, and that, aa much na any
thing had uuide denr aallluit fr Sir.
Clcobm'a favorite. Tim feeling w.u
.i giKKt tho crowd waa loth to ai'pn
mt but a motion to dtolve Urn Joint
convention lltiatly prevnlltil, and amui
tlm pint form waa crowded with frletuU
offerlnif hearty conirriiiulutioiia to the
new aenator, Not only thnt but In a
few minute iho bditmph wlrea
brotiKht from the aouihirn con II ma of
tho atitte n telc(trnni of like teimr nud
many other from all over tlm elate
Hiiirol In Inb r. The coiitetita of the
II rut onu will Ih an Imllcatkm of all.
It wa aa followa:
Metiford, Or. 'Ail hearty eon
uratulaikin. Itepubllcan and the
people nerally are heartily aiitlafleil
with tho cholc of the Joint aiwnlon of
tho tireipm leirlitlaiure. Cbarb-a K.
Wnlfimb, A. 8. Hanunorjl, Utoire F.
J'.jIIowIiij the dlK-olullim of the J'tlnt
eniiveiltlxu, Ixith bu" III their aepa
n,t chamUt adjourned a'ce die, and
ihua (he newt, remarkable aeiwlon of
the (refim ktflaUture ever held came
to an end.
The aolutlon of the deadlock waa cf
fectud at no bit mi hour that the I-k-
Ulaturo had no ilmo to elect the rail
road rommUxloii and 01 her olllcera.
(In tlm lint are tho following; Tbnt
railroad t'ouitnliwlo)ier, tame warden,
food cOIUIIllwiloner, Pilot liilllllll'ihlcjll-
era, etc., and atnte librarian. Aa the
preaetit Incumbent of thcao otllcm were
limned to ai-rve "until their micceiwor
were idei'ted and iMialllleir Un aatne
old railroad coiiiniUnlon and other of
ficer will Im lu the employ of the
atnte for nnothcr blennliil term, much
to their nurprnHc.
In the Kiat'tminn of Jaounry 1.1th
laMt, prtx-cillng the eonvculntf of he
lelflalature, tho foltowllla; appeared:
"(leorKe W. .Mcllrlde aleta out of the
neoretary of atate' oftlce after clurht
year of hnnl work, In which he tm
nwimiir'tl llw niulllfii.i'loiia dutlo of
that immIUoti with a aklll and bUHlneaa
(wit rarely equalled and not excelU'd
In any atate In the I'nloii. The na
ture of (ho oltli'o In thla atate thrrnva a
irnvtit amount of regional I) 1 1 it y upon hla
aliouldiva and It takca a Kod (leil of
Kluufne louraire ouul maiily gump
tion to iarry II ueeefully.
"With the exoeiHlon of a aitmll part
of tl laat term Mr. .Mc.llrldo ha pir
aonally dlriHited every movement of
the oftlce. During hla term of aervlec,
largij auma of money have been en
truHled to his wimloin and Judgment
for cxrK'ndlture anil In every Inatanre
tho roault. baa been aatUfactory, every
dollar ha been laid out with a view
to aecurliiH tho beat pomttble return.
Notable Inatancei of hi aecurtiiK ex
cepUonally good work for tho statu
may bn wltncHaod In tho plumbing 01'
thu atate houao and In the flxlnir ami
furnlHlulriK of the atate library. In the
lattur ciiao the mont modern btwk fur
niture waa obtained, arningt'd in a
yatem infinite In Ha aecoinmodatlnii
ponHllulltloa, of the beat Weatcrn Krown
material and at flRurc which could
only bo aeoured by the boat directed
ppraonal effort. In the decoration and
arrangomont tho noma happy remilta
were obtained and a large Hum of
money navel. Imttuncca might be mul-
Uplled Inmim r.i,bly but It la not noec-
nary. It I Bulliclsmt to nay that he him
lone hi full duty faithfully and well
and that no mat ha ever held olllce
In Oregon who retired with more nuin-i-rou
or more faithful friend than
tloorgo W. Mcllrlde.
"Ueorge W. Mclli-ldo la at 111 a young
man and will be mmny yctir an hon
iralilo figure In Oregon' bualneaa nnd
oubllo affulin. lie aaya ho will per
manonitly ratlre from politic, but
ahould his health permit It, tho people
vill be likely to oail him forth again,
llo waa born In Yan hill county, this
Unite, In March, 18.V1, and hn always
. I veil In O region, except two years In
lan FranclHoo. ll waa elected to the
'egtoliituro in 1SS0 from Columbia coun
iy and waa chosen apeaker of the hmwe
.he following at-aalon. He waa nmnl
i:vtid for aecrctary of atate by the re
pttbllnana In lHSlt and wan duly elected
ind attain nonilnatod and eleotod
in JHIK), both time by largo majur
llla." Burl commentary on our bonatcd re
publican majority, It required ft cull
of tho aonnjiG yestertlny to wive the
ruillrouxl coniiwlslon rldcir and the
getioral appropriation bill from lgno-
mlnnus defeat, and then It Just did
carry. Tlioso voting nny were': Cnr
tor, Huston, Johnson, King, McAllla-
ter, McClung, Smith of Clatsop, BmlUi
of Sherman, Van(lerl)rg. But sixteen
votoa were cnal for the bill.
Those who were absent from ths
sonato yesterday and thun caenped go
ing on rocora either ior or ogninBi
abolishing the railroad commlsfllon
tho geiMirnl appioprliUlon bill were
Dnwaoti, (leaner, Ilobwm, ami Itrown
ell. Hn'kley wn alweiit on aivoimt
of Illnewi, Tin wo voting In favor of
tlm f'Jo.iKid npprop1ntlon were: Alley.
Ilnticroff. Jlutler, Calbrenth. Cigawell,
Denny, (lowan. Maxwell, Mctllnn, l'al
termm, I'fUis Haley, Hteiwcr, and HI
molt. At ft later moment In tin pro
ceeding Dnwaoii came In In time to
votii lu favor of reiealliig the law
creating tlm rouimlaaloii. All other
annntor voted on Hilt they
had doim tm tho Hem of tho appro
llovernor lord approved the following
bill yesterday and they are now num
bereit anion the new law of the legi
latur of JS!r:
II. H. asa, Forest Orove chart..
H, It. am, regulating the practice of
H, 11. 1U7, preventing the eale of poor
food, e4c.
H. It. IM, amending ortlm 3H.'7.
IIIH'a pcnle, relating to limited partner
H. II. .11, amending ctlon IM) relat
lllrf to III) diaehnrg of attaehmeuta.
H, tl. Ilia, Dalltta charter amend,
8, II. 2.1, tranafer and aatlafactlon of
8. it. Mil, protection native
8, 11. I I, exempt county road and
ptibllu highway rium aamwument and
8, II, Hid, (o dttormlnn the time of
holding circuit court In Unooln emin
K. It, .13. amending eoUm 153. Hill'e
oodi, nduMng l tiaeluiHi t.
K. II. 13. ; -. ling aw tlon 17 and
33 of chapi.- 11 of title 11, relative to
the age of coiumni.
8. It, lia, requiring to auurtntotidmit
of limane aylum to report to the toun
ty court.
8. II. 71. (unending eootagtou dlaeaae
aot, to prevent Ihe ud.
8. II, M, allowing mayor to buy at
tax aale.
8. II, 2, employment of oorUcta In
8, It. at, amending awtlou M, Iltll't
K. It, 111. amending cmi.ty natd act
8. It, 113, making atrwta and Jle)
pubttii highway.
8. II. an, amending aeiMlon 3 of the of criminal procedure, relating to
innlUoa of orlmm.
Th French 15.Uct 8triiualy Affec
the Nt.x'kynrdA
(?hlcag, Feb. ad.-8nklng of Uie
dH ris Jimt iHao.vl iy the Fm.t'he gi'V
eniineot pioriilblilng the Importation of
AmoeWn cat tie, Ni Umi .Moi rla, a well
kmiwn itttoker, an Id: "We altpied 1H,
imi.ikiiI wxtrih of cattle a4 iroduce lo
1 rtivo akutn kiat year, and thla great
t red 11 1 atwilutely dewtrojed by the
urdr f tho I'reiwili government.
knew thla waa tinning, and with the
exiiipUm of two vr three Uait load,
not any caitle or any pnaluet ha been
em to FrantMj in (he hurt Mi day,
'llie effiict of the (iiTtimn and Ili4glum
niulwcrsfi Iwi lH""n to reiluee (h price
of entile f the uJttNoe Klvi'M i,t ihvm
cmivtrt. by flu a head, and thla
Frotnh enllm will even miwe unJuMly
ttffwt Hie toi'kyarla.
"TUl boa been the effect on pricva
n-ii wHittslandlng lh fad that the up
ply of entile ha been cut down two.
third ttn astui(i of the lark of fa,
Tlm effect on the prndui'l I wen great,
er I1uu the effect on the live cattle
trade, cwtlally na far a France la
ciunvotd. We are whipping 7. MM) cad
tie a week and aa many mure In addi
tion In (he f rm nf product. France
biva lHn taking a great deal of lean
cAttlo t leuii, and thla el low will be
very lujurioualy affin-led by the new
eillot, wblli) iui to dniweil beef and
pirk pnaluul tlm reault will be even
more far-reaeliing."
Ulti'tlon of (Mllccr mi I Changi g In
WnMlilngtoii, Feb. ail.-The annual
btialuc acaalon of the National conn-
II of women wn held today. The
eliH'tton of olllccr for the etimilng ywir
took plnco ami a number of Important
hiiiiKc in (ho romnltuilou of the
council wero adopted, the principal
chungo being the creation of tin upper
and lower council. The new olllccr
am: rrcaident, Mary Iiw Dlckliwon
of New York, who la nlao preHldent
f tho organiatlon of Klng'a
Diinghtera; vice president, at large,
Antui It. Shaw, i'hlliulclphln; oorrcM
ponding mecretnry, ImiInc Itanuini
Hobblu of Michigan; Hint recording
Kccretury, Kinlllno Uurllngnnie Cheney
of Maine; econd recoiling acrctnry,
Mr. Helen Flnlcy Ilrlntot of Qulncy,
IIIHioIh; trcnaurer, lliiuuali J. llailcy
of Malm.
Dalton, 0., Fib. ail. Fire broko out
thla morning In tho Shuliz wagon
plant!, which Kiircnd to the l'reHbyto-
I'litn churcli and adjoining buildimpi,
N'o water wn to bo had nearer than
throo-quartcr of a mile nud tlm went
lid or tun town will apparently be
lestroyed. Fire conipnnli'u front Mas-
Hon and Woiwter nro coming by spe-
Inl train.
Tti-ooklyn, N. Y Feb. 2(1. Fire In
tlm cHy ball Ulay wholly coiiaumed
tlm cupola and tho statute of Jualicc
which win-mounted It, and thu big bell
that' liun tlmro ft II tlirougli to tile
cond Hour. A number of valuable
painting and statuary tiro ruined. The
ofH la fj,lilM).
Ban FrtumlHco, Feb. 2(1. Flvp fur
long Thorn won in lioa'j.
Alimt kIx furlongBCnplaln Hcel
won In lilU'j.
Ono mllti ltmisso won In 1:11 .1-4.
Oua nnd u lui'f inHhvt, litu'dlca
Tlit'oo Forks won lu 2:5(Vi.
six furlongs Thidina won Im 1:1 Hi.
Ixundoci, Fell. 2d. Tlm miner Im
.irlsoncl ttit the b:i torn of tlm aha.'t of
ilm Noirma.nton c i'iltry by a colllvliin
ff wiflca ycHitwd iy have all 'b..wi
bcoiiailiit to the ai c.e. One 'man wns
i'lllod by the oollilfiion.
Madrid, Feib. 2d The govcrnmenit
loci noit vliw with alarm (he reported
state of affai'rs In Culm. The goverji
mont 1 of the belief that reforms late
ly applied In Cuba will prevent any
London, Feb. 20. Allotment of the
new American loan mode today an
the average of a 5 per cent premium
loan closed on tho xoliamg at 4 per
oent premium.
Strong Effort for Free
Congress and the Labor
Movement (or ft Hoard of Arbitration
to Settle Dlflliiiltlcg-Oliirr
National AtTairi,
WAKHINO'ItiN, I b. 2d.-ltoutln
mailer on the floor of the ruauw were
oveiahadinvml in InleceM today by the
liilimallnti of a brink tiutvement to a
cute a niajiirity of the dton ratlc mem-
br In favor of a flranctal polk-y hav
lug five allver for It ki)nie. A dec Urn addivwind "To the detnucnu
of the I'tdlul Ktatm," and outlining
a financial i4iy for the demoiralk
larty bn been diufied. Thl iaier bn
tnjen olreuliilml cm the di-oiocmtlo wide
of the houae and I being vigorously
dlaiHiaeed With the objii-t of ubtiUning
a tiMMtaaaia of otanim of the allver
d'iiwitais Um da xprvMl,iui. The
ilil of liwUgator of ah nxKViient are
MiMfM, lUii.ul, llcyan, HlWey and
Oorfoon. llietr pawr In at etit but
a leniaiive eic"n, they any, and
mil yet In fnn tr nil4kmtloi, aJnc
mum of ii detail have ben deflnUvly
hKreeil ujwm.
lit ttubwlano it vtatra that lb finan
cial iey uf the lawny ahwuld be for
five tuaoago of gold and allver on
1mw of eipiality at a ratio of 1(1 to 1;
for the bue of all paper money by tho
govirrment wH.h nit the intervention of
bittik. ami opiltltm to any bwun uf
mit-rent btktring bund without the au
thority of a ape dil act of congree.
Aitenilon I tabid to the movement
add to tie under way through th ef
gorn of the oppiien of free allver In
the party tu aw-urn the election of
gold men a d -bilt to Die party cai
ventliMw, anil iiArdi'Uiariy tn nf.xt
iiaU-aial conventlin fig- tha mmiln-ulon
of ft alngle g'lid uulnrd nuin for tho
prldny. Dmiaraui are churged to
opibi the to cunt and to m-e to it
that ni bu. f; allver men are
If ibe Hipp rt of a majority In con
gnu can be pledged t the financial
platform It l tmendwl to iwuea man
Ifeatu lu the dMiiiK-nita of the United
Staite wtlhln ft few day.
Wahlngtn, Feb. 2tJ. The oenate
tio given another day to the aundry
civil appcoiTiallon bill witlajut com
pleting It and wlihout taking up the
vital point ciaiferoing financial bn la
in ll hi. Tli lmiH1aiU feature uf the
day waa a ahort, aliarp, decialve oon
bi'l on the augar bounty qiuvtion, re
uniting Uie auocea uf a Ull advoimt-
Ing the pnyiti.'til of iho Ixainty irrnu-
turi'iy cut tiff by the iincment of the
tariff law. The iHtnKiaed bounty airare-
g.uj 9r..nMi,(Mi. but .Mitchell gavo it
aa hla belief Uiat II would n-ach SH.OOO..
000, A point of older wna made n gain!
the anmndment but the enat voted
It not In onler, 40 to 13. After that
the ueoeM of the tHMinty tni)otUon
waa aecured, aUJiough effort were
made to load it down with free allver
amendment and other proadtiona.
r rye succeeded In carrying an Import
ant amendment provkling for a re
tired Hat for the revenue marine aer
vice, In J r lo retire many aged offi
cer who have dorws gvxKt am ice and
who now aland in the way of protno
Washington, Feb. 20. Tho houw to-
ilny pnsacd Oltiey' national arbitra
tion bill. Tlm purtmae of the bill Is
to provide a board of conciliation, con
sisting of the commissioner of labor
ami the chairman of tho lutemtnte
ccinmorco coiumbtslon. whoso duty It
slinll lie, when a controversy concern
ing wage, hours of lalmr, or condi
tion of employment arise lMtween
tlm carrier under thl net and the
employe of such carrier, aerloiudy in
terrupting or threatening to interrupt
the business of said carrier, to put
themselve lu communication with the
pnnlle to such controversy nnd ahull
use their best efforts, by mediation
and conciliation, to amicably settle tho
same, anil If such effort should he
unsuccessful, should at once endeavor
id bring ubout an arbitration of anld
controversy by submitting tlm mi mo to
a Ismrd consisting of three iXTxona,
ono to Im chosen by the employe, one
by tlm Qjnployer and these two to de
lect n third.
Washington, Feb. 2(1. Tho president
1ms sent to itho house ft measngts veto
ing tho bill to grant a pension to
Eunice I'tUnnm, daughter off John
rutnani,.who served In tho Into wnr,
on tho ground that her mother waa al
ready drawing a pension.
Washington, Feb. 20. The conferee
on the diplomatic, and consular appro
priation bill held ft second conference
today on the amendment for the 11a
walbtn cable and will! tomorrow re
port another disagreement to the pre
vious one. It they are sent to conr,
oiice It I understood the senators wi.
recede from the rule, a It la not cys
tomary for conferva to follow tholr ln
struotluna lHernilly In more than, two
oonferciwca, whore there la a majority
on the committee for or agalnnt the
dlsi utod amendmenit.
London, Feb. 2(l.-Tho Tall Mall Ga
iwtte says the decision of the New
York Yacht club In regard the meas
urement of yaohta competing for the
Amnrlon,' cup and the Blue of their
row la likely to civuko Eiigllsihmer
lo regret It. It dcclarct ft crew of six
ty men whully naodlosB.
Vlannat Feb. 20. A dispatch from
Coiutautinopa says In conequence of
iho oharire proftjrred by Turks, twenty-five
young Armenlana were arrested
and twenty-one Imprisoned, The ar
rest have produced ft pailnful lmrre
jUhi whlnh may lead In further dla
turbjunces, THE ritEMIEU ILL.
liondon, Ft. 20. Lord Rosdberry
pofiuc'd a elcepien night, and there Is
an lmoretRsa of won knees.
Paris, Feb, 2(1.-
Two person were In-
J Jured by the burning of the Caaino de
Pari lost night.
THE official reports
show that no baking
powder received an award
over jthe Royal at the Chi
cago World's Fair.
The judge of awards on baking
powder writes that the claim by
another company to have received
the highest award is false; that no
such award was given to it.
The Royal Baking Powder is the
purest and strongest baking powder
made, and has received the highest
award at the Great International
Expositions and World's Fairs wher
ever exhibited in competition with
It makes the finest, lightest, sweet
est, most wholesome bread, cake and
pastry. More economical than any
other leavening agent.
Georgia Catholics Get
And Make a Very Foolish
Break. - .
Tbey Ought to Have Staid at Horn
and l'ald no Atti ntlou to Uie
SAVANNAH. (Sa., Feb. 2l.-Tlila ha
becu tlm most exciting night lu the
history of Savannah. For live hour
tlm city has trembled on the verge
of religious riot. The entire white
military force of tho city except tho
artillery has been 011 duty; there are
ten Infantry companies and the Geor-
Kju .iiuMtir A mob cull nip ted at
from 8.0(a) to 5,ouo, tho greater por
tion being Catholic, has challenged
their furuvarauee to tho extreme. Hut
for the coolucrt of Mayor Meyer and
tho olllccr coimuaudtng tho troops,
blood might have been Hhed. lUiyoner.
charge were mndu several tluic to
clear tho Htreots, but tho mob, which
had gathered about Masonic temple
stubbornly refused to retire. The city
had been liberally placarded with no
tice that ex-l'rlest Slattery and hla
wife, ilemTlbed as an ex-nun, would
lecture hereon Catholicism. Member
of the Ancient Order of Hibernian at
otieo took step to prevent their ap
Iearnnx) liere. I'etltiou were clrcu
lutcd asking Mayor Meyers to refuse
IHTtulsalou to Uie ex-priest to hold
his lecture. When It was presented
to tho mayor by tlm committee bo
banded them ft written opinion from
tho eoriKirntlon attorney to the effect
that he, a mayor, hnd no power to
abrldgo the right of speech guaranteed
by the, coiHiltnition of tho United
States nnd Georgia.
In hi opinion, the city attorney aaid.
thore could be no disorder or trouble If
those who were offended 'by Slnttery'a
remark would May away from hi lec
ture. "I cannot stop this man from
lecturing," aaid ihe mayor, who la a
llobrow, "but I can prevent disorder
and 1 will do so."
Fifteen Uoenion were stationed In
side the hall and thirty other were
manned in front. By 7 o'clock several
hundred had collected. By 8 o'clock
a howlln nvob of over 1,500 surorund-
ed Maaondc holl, In tho hall were an
audleniee of about 41)0, including a
number of ladles. Tha lecturer had
hardly begun before brickbat and cob
blmtxncH began to rain on ithe window.
The jsilk'e had closed all the heavy
shutter thu saving the audliwe from
injury, only two or three being Injured
by falling glass. The rest of tha po
lice force was called out and fifty men
wore aoon in front of the hall. The
"vO, mirti rnsihes to secure an en-
.,.1 c l.i .1 wire i rh a.i nck by the y..
ui.c. i...iur U o'clock the mob hud
grown to between 3.0(10 and 4,000.
Wlmlow after window in tho Masonic
temple was hroken
At the clone of the lecture, when the
ex-pritwt was about to leave the hall
with hi friends, the chief of police
stopped thsin and refused to allow any
one to go down the stairs. The mili
tary alarm, eleven taps on all the Are
bells in the city, vim sent In, but when
It sounded, the mob derided it. "Bring
m your mllltiairy." Brume of the leaders
monted. "To hell with them, they
n't mve Sl.nttery." Eleven compan
'es of the militia were Boon on the
rrosind and with flxod bayonets pushed
ho crowd bade. Finally, Slatlery waa
corted to his hotel by the military
ind a guar! waa left there.
Boiao. Idaho, Feb. 20. There were
two pairs today and one absent in, the
lotnt legislative session. The result of
the ballot for United State, senator
wna: Shoup 18; Sweet 17; Clng-geit 14.
Judgo J. B. McBrldo, brother of Sen-itor-elcct
Mcltrlde of Oregon, express
ed the oonvlcitilon that hla brother will
stand with tha silver men.
Vienna, Ftb. 20. The emperor of
Garmainy arrived here this morning,
lie was received with effusive cordial
ity by Emperor Francis Joseph, who
embraow' aim twice.
Ll I
4 - 'r"
10i WAtl IT., NCw-VOftK.
Two Decision Affirmed by the L. S.
Court of Appeftlu.
San Francisco, Feb. 20.-Tho United
State circuit court qf appeal de
cided two mall cae today. Peter
W. Larsen was drowned lu the Colum
bia river in May. ISM. through his
boat running agalust a ftsh trap owned
by V. J. McGowan. Tho United State
circuit court of Oregon allowed the
widow 13,000 damage and McGowan
apjiealod. The court of appeal upheld
tlm lower (tribunal.
Frank Tracey waa seriously Injured
on tho Oregon Short Line and Utah
Northern railroad. He wa employed
a brakeman aud while his train was
(Ring shunted on ft siding be signalled
once to go alow and again to stop.
Owing to the brush that grew along
the line, he engineer did not see the
Mlgnals and kept on, nearly killing
Tracey. Tho United State circuit
court of Oregon gave the latter f4,000
damages and the railroad appealed .
'Hm decision of the lower court wns
British Statesman Talking hi Favor
of Silver.
'Loudon, Feb. 20. In tho common
today Everett, liberal member of par
liament, offered a motion reciting thAt
ilia hoiwo rleivH with nniirobension tha
pro whig divergence between gold and
1; liver. Ho urged the government to
in,u,m u'ttli other rwwra In niac
ins gold and allver on a common ratio.
Everett further said bngiand wa
not Instilled in lvankruniine her debt
or by her courso regarding allver.
Ohnplu (conservative) seconded Ever
ett" motion nnd severely arraigned
the government for It courso toward
silver. He predicted that blraetalism
would be victorious at no distant date,
Ixx-auso It luul justice and truth on
It side
London, Feb. 20. In the commons
today a resolution urging the gojeru
ment to co-operate with the powers In
placing gold and silver on a common
ratio was adopted.
it is"all RETALIATION.
Cattle not Rejected Abroad on Ac
count of Disease.
Chicago, Feb. 20. Nelson Morris,
who controls the largest part of tho
export trade in cattle and beef product
from this olty, eaid today: Three
months ago I had a proposition from
the French minister of agriculture, of
fering to continue to receive our cattle)
If the United State would take off the
differential duty on srugwr. I was asked
to bring thla before the government I
went to Washington, but the govern
ment paid no BittenUnn whatever. There
is no truth whatever in nny of thla
talk about tha improper condition of
cattle shipped. Thore has mot been one
animal rejected In three years by any
foreign country on the grounda of ill
:i.w Fraavlnio, Feb. 2l.-"Xo. 1. ship
ping, Sl'Mic; milling gnulea, ST&o
(i, K2Vie; Walla Walla wheat not In
heavy supply; 78Vjc Q$ 81o for fair
average quality, 81V4c 85a for blue
stem and 72Vso Si 75o for daimp.
Liverpool. Wheat, spot, firm; de
mand moderate; No. 2 red winter 4s;
No. 2 red spring 5s 3d; No. 1 hard Man
toha and Na 1 CaUforaia 5a 2d.
Hops umihangjd.
New York. Hops steady.
Highest Honors World's Pair;
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,