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What Our Reporter. Finds of In
terest to Our Readers.
.s.rj f Ik Imk f Week Twr l( TW
t4 CalhwtMl' f Islsrrst
Irrsst Kij:r.
A Impry Now Year to nil.
Nxt Monday dale It 1H04.
Miller A Patterou motto It cash
sales mid email pmfltM.
Mr, Molson, of Hlrkreall, made
short visit lu town lost Tuesday.
Remember that Miller Iatterson
are aolllng good at html time price.
Mis Uperllng, of llrrUmrir, speiit
Christum visiting her brother Here,
Ticket to the excursion Monday arc
good to return through the whole week
J. Bagley of Alrltf, hut hi KW acre
of Wl grain nearly town unci look I it it
Miller A Puttersmi will pay the lop
price for egg with boot ttd shoe Hi
cash prices.
Marshal Myers void an Impounded
cow Baturduy which Wan purcluwed by
llnitk Merwln for f.!B.
Mra, H. A. lilbeliu, the mother of
Mm. E. C. Peuthunl, epeut Christmas
visiting her daughter here.
Mm. L. Buchanan, who Ium bteu at
Woodburu, U here with her daughter,
Clara mid Lena, thin week.
Mb Let tic Mastersou who Is attend
lug school at MoMlunville, rpent the
holiday here with her pareula.
Last Monday evening ton members
of the Rick real I daneiug club came up
nd visited the club datiee here.
MIm lilrdle Wbltaker U vUltlug he
klster, Mr. Weaver, iu Corvallls, re
turning home with her Uut Tuesday.
J. A. Vetiea end wife mid L, Damon
went to Salem Saturday lu row bout
returning with the skiff on the Altona.
Dr. . A. Mulkey aud wife, and
brother II. K Mulkey, iMul Christ
ina lu Ykiuhlll county with relative.
A dinner aet will be glveu away at
McEaebern & Sandercock'a. A cash
purchase of one dollar secure a guea.
Ira Hiultb and J. M. Vauduyu with
their wlvee ale Christmas dinner at the
hoim of A. J . Gooduiau lent Monday
iu iws auua j linen, M.uig uxmt
here, wax v lulling Mr. Amoa Strong
nd Mm, W. (I. Lawler iu Halem last
Win. Tbellaen of Klckreall, leaves
next month to visit the Midwinter fair
m doe kino Mark Ilurcb of the Hiue
W. J. Klrkland kud wife and J. F.
Vaughn and wife, uf Hiekreull, tpeul
Cluisluiaa with Mr. and Mr. J. W.
The Oltrlen Bros, below tow n have
a flue eluud of fair-sown gram "M acres
iu extent. These gcnllcim-n are uo-
cessftil farmers.
Mis Dora Count r, who Is attending
school at Eugene, eut CliriMtiuiw
wevk with her parvnU licit', Mr. and
M re. J. 8. Cooper.
C.O.Orltru, the tile man, wert lo
rortlaud huttwevk returning Kuturday,
having purchuHed the nmchiuury for
(he new tlie factory,
The afreets of ludependiinefl lnt
Hum n I ay aud Monday pnnenled k
lively appearanee, to tnaliy people
doing their holiday trudlng.
llev. T. I Weaver aud wlfo (for
merly MIm Etta Whlteukur) npulit
ChriHtuiaa at the home of it. F, White
'aker, the futher of Mm. Weaver.
The reaaon Miller & I'atterHon are
enjoying a good trade hi beeautie people
flud that they can get belter values for
their money by buying of them,
Hugh Baldwin nt Huena VUta, lout
bin two-year-old daughter on f huraday
of laat week, from a complication of la
gTipie, being alck only a few hour.
Wilcox, liuldwin & Co. on Clrlntma
day distributed to the pinir of thin city
bread and cakes free, alto presented a
Chrixtmaa cake to each of their custom
MeHiira. Hierllng Broa. had a hog
hanging in their nliop luwt week, ruined
by Oeo. Wella of Dueua Viata, which
weighed tin even 6U2 pouuda. Who
can beat that?
Thoae persona who do not get their
ticket before going aboard the Altona
Monday moriilng are liable to be un
able to gut on board, an the capacity of
a ateumboat la limited.
' The young people preaent at the
dancing club here last Monday night
exprenaea Uiemaelvti m much pleaaed
with their treatment, and that they
enjoyed the evening very much.
Mr. and Mrx. Krowu dealre to return
many thank to the ladles' Hearta
eaite euclety, and . to the brothers
aud sisters of the Cliristlun church for
the many Christmas prcsente received
from them.
hast Tuesday quite a number of our
Polk county teacher left for Portland
to be In attendance nt the Mate Teach
er Association meeting there till
week. Prof. Campbell, Prof, (JiVi,
Prof. Itcyuolds, Misa Tulhell Miss
Ayera of the county take part.
Last Monday morning the Altona
left Independence having nineteen pas
sengers and ceventy-flvo tons of freight
aboard, Among the passengera were
T. Fennell, wife and daughter, Miss
Hannah Wcngunroth end Oeo. E.
Brey going to Portland, and Miss Lena
HUtibraud going to Salem.
All pviwum who atlvml the fimtUli
name next Monday am Invited by the
M. A. A. 0. to vlult It alegautly ap-
nolutod imtinaalum. At tho Mou
mouth band la to aceouipany life ex
euralon, It Ikauggealed that we go there
In a liody uiaiu landing from the
boat. Our people are luvltmt to go pre'
pared to "about" for the Oregon team
A liberal uae of liorua and oowa Uill
I lu oixk'r.
Mm, Ida Vaughn of Portland, upent
Ctirlotmat with Mr. and Mm, J
Cooper aud family. Mra. Vaughn has
held renponalhto ptwttion lu the Com
merelal National batik for wveral year
aa stenographer,
The otieatlon la fiwiueiitly asked
"Why la Ayer'a Cherry IVutoral
much more efteetlve than other cough
remedies?" The answer la, simply be
cause It l the iiiont sklimd oomhliik
Hot) of anodyne and expeelorauts
kuowu to uuhIIouI selenoe.
II. Itext, who Uvea on the Htaat farm
south of Monmouth, had Mis Motile
East, of Balem, and Mr. II. II Nathan
of Taeoma, a guests and on Christmas
day they all sat down to dinner such
aa only Mr lU-at can uMrmtend the
cooking uf, Mr. Ileal la getting tils
farm lu flue shape and adding many
valuable Improvement.
Last Baturday evening fifteen
round glove contest was held in the
skating rink building betweeu Ed
Lnugltney, of Idaho, and Kred lUmsey,
nf Yamhill, which I said to have leen
a very aelentlne contest, by those prea
eut. Fourteen round were boxed
Owing to the stringency of the time
our county court should nmk the tax
levy of the county aa low at pissdble
thl vear, even If we have to borrow
money, as county can do it better tliau
an Individual, "
J. L, Uushee, the Mason lo lecturer,
was killed at IVmileton by falling from
the ley platform of the Union Pacific
train aa It waceuterlng the city, Only
a few week ago he waa here In Inde
pendeiice drilling the Mason lu their
secret work.
The Stanford unWrmlty football
team defeated the Ivlemta team of
Taeoma last Saturday forty-four
In the Hal of fifty-six Oregoulans
who re at Htunford university, Mtse
Nell M.HIil 1 gireu studying lu the
law departineiit. Mis Hose M. Trum
bull, of I ji Oraude, whom many of our
readers know Is In the English ulnss.
Mrs. J. W. Fetaer, of this city, who
has been visiting In Portland the past
week, returned home Tuesday vetting
by the steamer Altona.
Mrs. Wm, Mcttordy, of Parker, won
the guitar at Clodfeiter Bros, given
away ou Tuesday evening. The num
br ol beans being li,'iH, MraMcCurdy
gueaslng 1,1 it, A ladies' fancy work
box will I giveu away on New tear'
Itev. I. II. Iltucl, late of Ohio, will
preach at the Christian church next
Hunday morning and evening.
Itev. I), C. McFarlaud, presiding
elder Willsmette district, will preach
at the M E. church South next Hstuh
day at 11 a. in aud Hunday at 11 a, ni.
nd 7M) p. m.
Wm, Mattlson aud wlfe.of Rtsaiburg
S'iit Christmas here with I clatlve.
Mrs. J, Mustard, wluau our oil liens
liberally assisted to go to friends lu
'ottoii, Washington, lias relumed to
ndeMndenea arriving with her four
hildren on Monday's train.
J. F. Johnson and wife, of Vamlil l
county, were vwltlug u C. U 11 more
here this week.
The hop crop of Oregon this year
was 87.1SH bale; Washlugtou 8M,?4(,
nd California 4;l,ti00 tiale. The total
Is 118,809 bales
Miss Pauline Hears, of Itetbel, Is teach
ing at Hberkbiu
Prof. C. A. HlUihooek, tlie'prlnclpal
of our public achiails, I very proud of
the ,avorable mention made uf our
educational exhibit at Chicago.
The hop sent by A. J. Wolcott
pposlte ludeiauideuce, to the World'
fair, took the first premium.
F. K. Hubbard, of Fall City, Is iu
astern Oregon ou business.
Governor Walle, of Colorado, has
called a special session of the legisla
ture to meet Jabuary loth to remedy the
fluauclal evils.
Miss Eva Arbrogaat, of Hiihim, will
peiir next week at the Miinmaui
rand at Portland In the opera "The
Chimes of Normandy."
Falls City Is the banner moral town
Of Poik county us they hnve no dancing
and no whist parties.
Farmer rcsrt grain aud stock look
ing well iu Polk county.
Jas, Ronco, of Peedee, Is under the
octor's care.
Thoy have a prosperous Sunday
school In Peedee of forty-five members.
Tlios. Ilatimdule, above Lewisvlllc,
recently cut his leg wit h an axe.
Mart Nealy has leased Ronoo'e sow
Ill near Lewisville. ,
David Craven made himself an ele
gant Christmas present.
One we1 k from tomorrow Mono
grange of Lewisville ha a public in
stallation. Miss Mary Collins spent Christmas
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L,
Collins, at Dallas,
Mrs. J. E. Davidson left on Wednes
day to visit friends In Portland,
Miss Dode Owens, of Portland, Is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. Wm, Baudercock,
remain several weeks.
L. W, McAduma and wife spent
Christmas with friends here. .
Miss Lena Butler, teacher lu the Mu
cin public schools, spent Christmas In
Monmouth with relatives. ;
J, P. Irvine and mother came 'up
from MoMluuvllle last Wednesday,
The IiutcNudeue dancing club gav
a very pleasant parly on Christum,.
night which waa attended by over a
hundred of our note! people, Among
thoae attending outside of ludepeii
deuce were W. J. Klrkland aud a If",
K. tiltwon, Mis Hudle Hlmonlou, Fred
Koacr, Mis Orr, C. O'brlen, U.Tatoiu,
Mark Iturch, of Hlekreall, Mis Phil-
port, ofEugsim, Ml Lillian Preston,
of Portlund, Chn. Hiullh, of Portland,
MIF. Calllu.orHalem. The ktipper
at the City rcfciattraut was very tine
and enjoyed by all. The dancing club
ha given our people aoiue very plea.
auteoclal itieetli itH.
E. It Adum, a rnal lih-nd of
W. II. Patterson, . f (his elty, wilte lo
UieWaxr 8inaa ft lloiv lu reginlto
the coming fsitlNill g ooa In porthmd
bet ween Htunford unlvesalty It am and
Multnomah; "Our team la Improv
lug dully and we feel coulldent thai
Htaud foul's have not 'a uiip," and
that ftir "mud player" v 111 show
them a trick or two, Astoria, Heattle
and Taeoma are to hve excursion and
tlokeia are going very fast ceis-elally
for (he grand stand. Men prefer to
line up ou tho roH and follow the
game down the Held.
Wm. Kaya retumetl Sunday from a
three-month slay In California, lie
aaya he aaw mora "broke'! nieu at the
Bay Dlsttcl race track than he ever met
tn hi life before. Oregon I the beat
state yet. There are eauVr tlna-a here
than In California
Dull at the New York ltaeket,
Excursion ticket on sale at bulk
banks, at Wkht Hu"! office and at the
twuk iu Monmouth. ItouudtrlpgtHHl
until Hat urdsy for t'i SiA.
Crash! At the Kew York Raoket. '
Preochlug at the Congregational
church, by Dr. Clapp, next Hunday,
both in nnlng and evening, and the
special meet nc. now In progress will
eloso with the evening servltv. AUiut
tweuty.flve eronf have proftiMrd faith
lu Christ at these meeting.
Indies flue shuea at the New York
The funeral of air. Job x Burn of
I.uekinmute, look place last Hunday,
J. P. Irvine ha the fiuwt stock of
crwkery wf brHight to Independence
that iai Isaelllng at the very lowest
prkwa, ,
J. P. Irvine ha Just received a lot of
flue syrup both In one and five gallon
buckets; bring along your cash aud try
J, P. Irvine I knocking the hard
time In the head by giving nmregm-
eerie for less money than any other
house thl side of Portland.
On New Year day next Monday
Hhetley, Alexander k Company will
give away, free, lo every man, woman
and child wiling at their store a drink
of fountalu eoda, any flavor. Call ear
ly and avoid the rush.
Mrs. C. O, Lee and Mrs. Hotchlns of
Albany, are guest of Dr. T. J. Lee,
It. N. and C, N. Thorp, leading
farmers of Huver, were In town Thurs
J. W. Ftlxer I down with lagrlppe.
Mr. Iayton Hmlth, of the Monogram
saloon, gave a free Christmas dinner
Monday, which wn enjoyed by all
who partook of It.
Mrs. W. O, Lawlcr.of Hulem, I visit
ugMlsa Annie O'Brien at her home
north of town.
Parker's Item.
Wheat 1 being hlpcd.
Jam. Hetmlek, United Htates grand
Juryman, la spending the hollda) at
Festivities are at their highest.
Mr.. Nancy Kerr Is spending the
ollilaytln Portland.
J. L. Davidson I spending a week
at home.
Wm. Fuqimand J.O. Davidson are
getting along slowly with lngrlppe.
Home of our young men will be on
the New Vear excursion to Portland,
Mlsse Ague and Vlola-Cal breath
have been examined In the highest
st udies of our public school. Miss Mb-
by Vaughn Is teacher.
It does gall us the way some towns
get atuck up, as we here had the coun
ty seat once on a time aud have turned
nut county ofllcers, yet we do not feel
uncommonly elated but are manly
about our feelings but will get "nlfl"
at Buetia Vista If they do not change.
It Is ns plain as day to a mnu with one
eye that the Willamette river would
not have run past there If it were not
for the uuoommonly low ground and
the Iron heel of the Southern Paclllc.
Great monopolies naturally slum and
run around each other, but as It is
they cross. We can express ourselves
better by giving a conversation over
heard as we were pursuing the festive
nlpe over in the meadow of our sister
It y. A preucher and a farmer were
slowly swimming through the thin
mud being guided through the mad by
boy on the little mare Llddle, when
he farmer was heard to ejaculate sud
denly to the preacher; "Do you be
lieve that story that the Lord mado all
this sticky universe In six days, "Yes,
do." "Don't you think He could
have put In another day to advantage
on this road so they could either run a
bout or a stnge?" Just then the
preacher dived and did not come to the
surfuce for a minute and waa out of
bearing of the poor farmer who bad
sank to rise no more. P. 8. It was
ust such another Carllu party. They
tight not have tried It without a raft.
bey are drugging for the body yet.
Girl or woman to do house work.
Apply at Wkht Bids office, It
Indeiitniletiec Has Three Trees
and Hundreds of Presents.
IHnMliultuR at I'rutUluua, CsadlM, Mala,
Kl la lh Vuar uf Our ritr-MB
' Hsmss M4e lUppfa
, Perhap never before baa a Christ-
ma been oloerved in thl city where
more attention has been given tbe
making happy of thone who are not o
fortunate a to tat able lo receive and
give choice, gifts on Christines day.
Each of the churches made a polut ol
looking out fur the children who would
otherwise not be remeiulaired, conse
uuctitly there were many happy hearta.
Christmas day Wilcox, Baldwin it
Coniiauy sent out hundred of cake,
loaves of bread not only to their cus
tomer aa a Christmas gift but also to
the poor of the lowu. . P. C. Patterson
aent out a small boy with a basket of
boxes of choice candy aud these were
distributed lo his customer and the
Hsir. McEacbern A Haiidercock, the
uns-ers, also rvtueiuhared their friends.
Iu addition many individuals gave a
they were prompted by the goudnea
of their heart. Christmas baa come
aud gone but It has uiauy pleasant
memories and so many were made
On Kalunlay evening at an early
hour the Christian church waa crowded
k It fullest capacity, even the aisle
being tilled. The church waa decor
ated with ivy aud laurel, The tree
wa a laurel, la-lug a dearliire from the
fir tree generally used. It looked very
beautiful with it load of presents,
bright aud lustrous lu the strong light
uf the many Uinipa, The programme
wa an excellent one. coiislstinir of
orvlientrsl music, wing uf welcome by
the school, aud anthem by the popu
lar choir. J, W, Richardson offered
prayer anil Misa Mabel Ctsiper deliv
ered the opening addrcas. Willi Hill
rendered a tlutwaolo, "The It Rose of
Hummer," which wa very sweet, Mb
Nettle Hhelley nicety rocited "Praying
for Hills'," and Misa Jessie Damon
pleasingly rendered a recitation entitled
"Harry" Cnrlatnius." The dialogue
entitled "The Christmas Fairy," wn
well performed by Eflle Richardson,
Campbell aud a number of
small boy and girl. W, II. Hawley
and J. W. Rlchardsou called on tbe
prcaenta. It waa nearly leu o'clock
when the hsppy little folk reluctantly
left for their home.
COMiaKUATlO.VAl, nit'iion.
Monday evening, Christina night,
there were two tree, one at the Con
gregational and the otlietatthe Bap
tist church.
The ChrUlmoa tree at the Congregu-
tloiml church waa well Ailed with gifts,
and many could not be put upon It,
The exercises rendered by the little
folk of the scbtxd were excellent, la.
reua Clagget, Tom Owen, Deau Good
man, Edith Owens, Claud Estea aud
Alta Estea. all did well In their recita
tion. The song by the school were
above the average, aud showed careful
drill. Haut Clause created any amount
of merriment for the little oues, and
gave each chid lu the house a sack of
candy or peanuts. The church wit
crowded, but every one went away well
pleased with the evening' exercise.
The church began filling at 8 o'clock
and at 7 JO the hour for commencing
the exercises, was crowded in every
nook and corner, many standing. The
church w festooned with evergreen,
decoration, and appropriate motto
adorned ti walla. There were two
large fir trees, reochlng to the celling
and loaded with gifts, liesldea nianr
underneath, too heavy too hang on the
tree. P, W, Hawley wis martcr of
ceremonies. After a song by the olio I
and an Invocation by J, W. Maslerson,
Miss Edith Finch recited "Bessie's
Christmas eve Itrk " followed tv Miss
Euln Haley In a pathetic story iu verse
of "The Orphan' Christmas," Miss
Dollle Wllklus reulted nicely
, An anthem by the choir,
and Mr. H. 11, Natham, ofTucoma, by
siechd request recited "The Death of
Vlrgtnous," and added much to the
pleasure ot the eveulug, he being a flue
elocutionist. P. W. Haley and M. E.
Maslerson called off the present.
Mrs. L, Alexander was to have been
presented with a set of silver torks, and
other silver ware, In a prepared speech
by E. C. Pentland, In consideration of
her valuable and faithful service as
organist; also the pastor, J. Fred Jenk
ins, with n easy chair, by Supt. Haley,
but through some misunderstanding
the presents were given without the
presentation speeches. Over two hun
dred packages of candy and nut were
distributed to the little folk,
Go to J.F.O'Donuull
Bilver Wove Polish.
People ore fools to suffer when a rem
edy can be found to cure them. Oregon
Kidney Tea is no experiment, aud not a
fuke to get your money. Why will you
hesitate, when we assure you that It Is
absolute cure for all kidney and urluury
Mrs. J. 8. Cooper weut to Portland
on Wedncsdoy to visit friends.
Mr, C, K. Frouk, of Albany, wa
the guest of her sister-in-law, Mrs. A.
J. Goodman, this week.
Pink Patterson certululy does keep
the very best cigar lu town If you are
willing to pay a fair price. Go and try
hi new brands,
Council Proceeding.
December SU, lHU.'l.
Council convened In regular session,
Mayor Veins In tlie chair. Ali-mlier
present, Irvine, Finch, Young aud
Wilson; Dotity being absent. Minutes
of the previous meeting read aud ap
proved. The street committee, to whom
waa referred the petition of J. A. Knu
erts, et kl, reported that they had ex
amined the cause of complaint and
had ordered the marshal to that it
wm rcmaved. The marshal staled
that be had notlffed Mr. Crow toietuova
the outuulldlug, which has been done.
Mr, Young t eu Introduced an amend
nietit to ordlnauue No. M, entitled "An
Ordinance to Amend au Ordinance,
Entitled 'An Ordinance to Provide for
the Llapiislng, Regulating, Taxing and
Restraining the Hale of Hplritous, Mall
Vinous Liquors "' The ordinance bill
wa then read first, second aud third
time, the rules being auspemled, aud
the vote taken. All the nmnilwrs pres
ent voting aye, the ordinance was de
clared pasaed. It wa moved and aeo
nuded that tbe title of tbe act be the
title of the ordinance, w hich waa car
ried unanimously,
Tbeappllcatloiis for Iceiise of H. D
WSIIer.J . M. Cooper.H, E. Owens.and L,
Hmlth were read. Bonds accompanied
each application, By motion the
bond of each were approved and the
recorder ordered to Issue licenses to
ich. .
The Flnane committee reiKirted back
the following bill and recommended
that they be paid.
Kelly k Camplsill, repairing fiait
bridge, KSOO: Wmv Hit. Publishing
Company, printing ticket and election
notice, 110.00; Wilcox, Baldwin A Co.,
grocerleafor Mm. Mustard, W W; Hub
bard A Hlaats, hauling, etc., If.lU; It.
M. Wade A Co., nails, etc., I13.00; Dr.
Butler, visit to Jail. 2,l; W. I. Burma,
work on ae wer, 2.00, Tot si, f 48 m.
On motion the council adjourned,
Oko. W. Bkku, recorder.
A ChrUtaias Reunion.
Grandma Butler, of Monmouth, must
have been happy last Monday night
when she waa surrounded with her
family of forty-eight children, grand
children and great grand-children. For
several year past at the home resi
dence In Monmouth all of the children
assemble and have a most enjoyable
time on Christmas diy and this day
w no exeeptiou. The reception rixmi
In the Butler mansion will hold quite
a company, ftut with the large tree and
family it wm well filled. Those prea
enta were Mm. EH-aheth Butler, her
children, O. Butler and family, Henry
Butler and family, J. B. V. Butler and
N. L, Butleraud families, Mrs.lliH.tbby,
family, Mr. Wm. Mulkey aud family,
F. (1 rounds and family and grand
children, Mr. Frank Fenton and
family, of McMlnnvllle, Mr. J. F.
O'Donuelland family. Or, O. D, Butler
aud family of Independence, Mrs.
Nettle Fiailka, of Portland.'
The company cam tiling lu before
Orandma Bullet, first the little oues,
then thr'uext older, until all stood be
fore her aud together saluted the
mother, forty-lght In all. Then they
marched aud then had recltallotikand
music, everything Is-lng inside the
family, and finally the tree wa
emptied ol Ha load of present, (he
room wa el eared aud daueing was tbe
order of the evening-. O. Butler, of
Linn County, acted a Hauta Claus.
Of course It wm a Jolly party aud oue
long to be rcmemtwred.
Drain lour Land.
Wm. L, Burro, lately of Iowa, who
understands tiling land ou scientific
principles, so m to obtain the best re
sult with the least expenditure of
money, oiler his services by the day,
or will cotract to lay tiling by the rod
anywhere lu Polk county. Address
him at Independence, or leave orders
at IndcMjiidunce Tile Factory. 12-20 2t
Premature Announcement.
The travel by the steamer Itammm
has so Increased of late that the Ore
gon City TrauaiMirtatlnn company Is
colemplattng putting the Altona back
ou the Oregon City route aud maklag
Ave trips a day between this city and
Portland. The people of Oregon City,
like the prodigal son. are longing for
the return of the service that they so
short a time ago abandoned a be
longing to the past and having no
place In the transiKirtatlon facilities of
a progressive, town. The memory of a
warm, clean cabin, comfortable opera
chairs and quick trljw, with tho rogu.
larity not excelled ty lite ocat railway
service, hue aroused the citizens or our
town to realize what they lost when
they abandoned the Units for the wet,
cold aud uncertain o.cctrlo cftr. There
Is little doubt, Jiidirlnir by the onlnloiis
expressed ou every hand, that should
tne river service ue brought bacK to its
former excellence, the putroiuige would
be such a to make the laiats pay, even
thouirh the time are dull. Oicuon
City A'dferjirise.
The West Hidk 1 authorised by
Capt, Graham to say to the public that
the Altona boa made no arrangements
to discontinue Its Inde)cudeuce, Baleni,
Oregon City and Portland route, but
finds business gradually Increasing
both In paseengcra and freight. The
people of Independence have given the
boat a liberal patronage appreciating
It grut convenience and Just as long
m the route will pay, the boat will cou
tlnue. The captain told the people of
Oregon City they would regret throw
ing off on tbe steamboat line, a they
did when the electric road came In.
Oregon City's loss I now our gain,
Will Meet Competition,
To those persons who are so unfor
tunate m to need coding, caskets or any
kind uf funeral goods, we wish to state
that In Independence the prices now
made on these lines will meet compe
tition anywhere. The stock will be
kept oomploto In size, and flrst-cluss In A. Johnson of Lucklnmute, was pre
quallty, aud teinu of sale moat reason. 1 ented a three-year-old oolt Ins Monday
The executive committee of lh Ore
gon Press Asmllloii have decided to
postpone the iiewsHtar men' excur
slou to the midwinter fair, from Feb
ruary to March. There are several
reasons for this, chief among which if
the fact Unit the fair will be in a more
complete state. From all report tin
fair will scarcely be In stmpe before th
latter part of next month, although the
projector of the enterprise fount
hoped to have It ready for os'iiing Jan
uary 1, However, there will probably
be a formal owning, hut It will be
month or two later before the ground
and buildings are m shape aud the ex
hlblts all In shape.
Two IJre Naves'.
Mrs. Phii'be Thomas, of Junction
City, III., wo told by her doctors the
bad consumption ami that there wa
no hope for her, hut two buttle of Dr
King' New Discovery completely
cured her and she says It saved her life.
Mr. Thomas Eggcm, 13H Florida street
Han Francisco, suffered from a dreadful
cold, approaching consumption, tried
without result everything else then
bought one battle of Dr. King' New
IMacovery aud In two weeks was cured
He k naturally thankful. It I such
result, of which these are sample,
that prove the wonderful efficacy ol
this medicine lu coughs aud cold. Free
trial bottles at any drug store. Regular
aliuiSOc. and ft.
Like ike I'rajer.
Dahiiv, Montana, Dee. 17, '03.
Editor Wkht Hunt: Having been
to Graulsdukj and after reading
the "Democratic Prayer" In print lu
your paper that you sent to Mr. O. C.
Cooper, 1 thought that I would write
to you for a copy or two of tbe same.
m we have so many dcmmtrals lu this
neighborhood whom I think it would
do so much gsid lo read the prayer. 1
am iu tbe sawmill busliicm here and
see a good many meu every (lay and
would dellghut lu showing It to them.
Your charges will be remitted by return
mull. Yours truly,
Wm G. Smith.
The Public Library.
EiiiTUH Wkht jsihk; All good eili
xeii should eucournge the plau now
under couslderuiiou by the 1,0. 0. F
of establishing a public library iu In
depeiideuue, It would be au Impor
tant Improvement for the city, and it
Is lo be hoped the lodge will carry it
out. Ao movement would be more
ixipolur or a iore widely Appreciated. A
well selected line of book would tie
used by all age Very few people call
afford lo buy all the books they wish
to read, nor is it necessary.
B sjkt arena Important element iu
education aud culture, Ttimugh them
we may have the best thougnt of this
aud (ast age. The uew we get lu the
paper I transitory the. literature
hardly worthy the name. The best
thought, the best stories of adventure
aud travel, the beat fiction Is found iu
book. .
The Influence of a good public library
for good, for education and Instructive
pleasure can not eaelly bo overstated
The long w hiter uights can thus be
turned to good account Not all of us
can travel but wu can read oruioae
who have, few of us call think deeply
ou great question but we can read the
thoughts of those who have, few of can
write masterly work of fiction but all
can enjoy the labor of those who have
done this (or us.
The lodge needs encouragement in
thl pndsworthy endeavor and should
have IU C. A. HmuiooCK,
A Herald of the Infant Year.
t up the lust thirty year or more
from the century, and the segment will
reprcHusut the term of the unbounded
popularity of Hosteller's Stomach Hit
ters. The opening of the year 1804 will
tie signalized by the appearance of a
fresh Almanac of the Bitters, iu Mlileh
tbe uses, derivation and uctlou of this
world famous medicine will be lucidly
set forth. Everybody should read it.
The calender and astronomical calcula
Hons to be found in this brochure arc
always astonishingly accurate and tho
statistics, Illustrations, humor and
other reading matter rich In luteritt
and full of profit. The Hosteller com
pany, of Pittsburg, Pa., publish it
themselves. They employ more than
sixty hands lu the mechanical work,
and more thuti eleven mouths In the
year are consumed lu Its preparation.
It can be obtained without cost, of all
drugglaU and country dealers, and Is
printed In English, German, French,
Welsh, Norwegian, Swedish, Holland,
aud Bohemian,
The regular subscription price of the
West Shk Is 12 a year and the Orego
nliuiil.fiO a year. Anyone subscribing
jor the WkstHidk and paying one
year lu advance can get both the Wkst
Hidk aud the On-gonlan one year for
12.50. All old suliscrlliers paying their
subscriptions one year In advance will
be eutltled to the siime offer.
Lneklamiito Notes.
E. Chambcrluln has completed his
new blacksmith shop.
James Harris and wife have returned
to Independence.
James Hiltlbrand and family arc 111
with the lagrlppe.
Geo. Steele Is very sick.
A Christmas tree was had at Suver
Monday evening which was heavily
loaded with presents.
evening which money onuot buy,
HlocstiuIdelV Meeting.
There will be a meeting of tbe stock v
holder of the First National Bank
of Independence, Polk county, Oregon,
on Tuiwlay, January 9, JM4, at tha
parlor of the bank between tbe hour
of 10 a. ni. and 4 p. in. of said day, for
the purpiaw of electing director for tbe
ensuing year and transacting any other
business that may come before them.
Daled thl 6tb day of Dec, 18B3,
W. II, Hawlkv, Cashier.
Regular prie Our
lor (wo prte
Wkht Hi r and New York
World 3 60 2 25
WwcrHiDK and American
Farmer J 00
Wkht Hid and Oregoulau. 4 00
8 00
V EST Hi UK and Kau Fran
eiseo Call....,
Wkht Hiujc and Cosmopoli
tan Wfcwr Hunt and Youth'
8 GO
I 76
Stockholders' Meeting.
Notice I hereby given that tbe regu
lar animal meeting of tbe stockholder
of the Iudeieodcnce National Bank for
tbe election of a board of director will
be held at Mid bank on Tueaday Janu
ary 8. 1H04, between the hour of 10 a.
ui. aud 4 p. m, of sold day.
W. P. CoNNAWAV, Cashier.
Independence, Or, Deo. 8, 1808,
lliicklea's Arnica Salre.
Tbe best calve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, suit rhem, fever
wires, teller, chapped hands, chilblain,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively euros pile or no pay required.
It is guuratiteed to give perfect atl fac
tion or money refunded. Price 25
oeutaperbox. For sale by all drugglaU.
Stockholders' Meeting. -Notice
1 hereby given to the stock
holders of the Independence aud Mou
mouth Railway Company that tbe reg
ular annual meeting for the election of
ofllcers of said company will be held at
the Independence National Bank on
Saturday, December 30, 1003, aud for
tbe transaction of such other busineaa
as uny come before tbe meeting,
W. P. Ooksaway, Sec.
Independence, Or., Jiov. 28, 1803. v . .
Camiikiixii M ahs., June 21, 1S00.
Norm an Lk utv, Esy., Dos Moines la.
Dkab Hi k: Enclosed please flud an
order for 11.00, for which tend me u
many Krause'i Headacbe Capsule u
It will pay for. They are very good in
deed, but cau not get any in Boston.
Your very truly,
. Aha R. Shepherd,
123 Norfolk St.
Lark of Exercise. :
Is one of the prime causes of headache
in the winter. Persona accustomed to
tbe pure fresh air during the, pleasant
mouths are subject to this terrible an
no vauce at this time of tbe year. A
boon la olfured in Kravsk's Head-
acuk Caiwlku which is guaranteed
to cure auy kind of a headache no mat-.
ter whut the cause. Headacbe caused
by overindulgence in food or drink late
at night, cau be prevented by taking
oue Capsule before retlilng and one in
the morning. 25 cents box.
A new in lien cow. Will buy with or without
calf. Addrets with price etc, to H. Honkins,
Suver, Or., or lva word at Uila office.
, Wanted.
A food milk cow, giving milk, irsatlnrao.
lory will pay fair price. Call at Wist Hid
Twenty Acre of Uop Land.
You con buy tills twenty acres, nearly all
cleared, spring brunch running throutb, above
lilgh water, IX mile east or Independence,
tor a reasonable prte. Call t Wist Bid
office for particular. jtMt,
Lost, Strayed or Stolen.
On bay mars and bay inaro oolt. Both
rather poor. Mora sllttln front legs. Lost
seen about a month ago being driven by two
men from Wm.Fvrd's place near Falls City.
Any person returning or giving Information,
will be suitably rewarded by J, K. Hubbard
Independence, or K, K. Hubbard, Falls City,
Dissolution Notice.
Mokmoittii, Or., Nov. 6, 1893,
Notice Is hereby given that the oo-partner
ship heretotoTO exlullng between J, H. Inlow
and F. Ausllne, under the firm name of Inlow
AiiKtlne, Is dissolved, F. Anatluecontlnulng'
tbe business lu conlecttonary. etc All IhoM
Indebted will please cull and settle at The
Kllte. J. H. Inlow,
F. Ansti.ns.
100 Acres of Land for Sale.
If you want piece of the best land in Polk
county, near Independence, and that will be
aura to suit you In location and price, call st
tuts olnce for particulars, 12 at
'ABTEIt ELDER. On Christmas ,
evening December 25, 1893, Misa
Maud Elder waa united in marriage
to John Carter, Itev. A. 8. Copley
officiating, at the home of the bride's
father, W. 8. Elder, in Marion
county. !gf.
Sunday Deo. 24, 1803, Miss Luclnda
Harris, of Salem, waa united In mar
riage to David Craven, of Indepen
dence, Itev. Qrannla of the M. K.
church officiating.
The bride Is the daughter of a re
tired business man of Salem, and our
people all know Dave, tbe photo
grapher, who has built up a good busi
ness here. Tho newly wedded couple
arrived here last Tuesday and will keep
house over the photograph gallery.
The West Bide extends oongratula,-tloua,