The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, September 15, 1893, SUPPLEMENT, Image 5

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lira. A. U. Ad kins is at Eugene visit
ing relative.
"Hard time" prices Id tablets at
The dw anil elegant boxes for the
postofflce arrived Wednesday.
Choose rather to puniefi your appe
tites than to be punished by them.
The party bleb went to ML Hood
from tbis city returned Ut Friday.
Rome Cbiuese coins are of but one
twentieth of tlie value of an American
There is the finest regulator In this
part of the valley at oar new jewelry
Eight counties In Missouri are
' named in honor of presidents of the
United States.
Tablets and school supplies at the
Normal Book Store. v
Mr. JT. A. Wolf, of Perry dale, and
family will move to our city for school
M ias Edit b Casavant, of MilWrsville,
Penn, one of tbe Normal teachers, ar
rived In the city Wednesday.
Mr. Bobt Foulks, of Portland, was
In toe city Tuesday, and called on sev
eral of tits friends.
Mr. Clauds Warren and family, of
Lincoln county, are visiting relatives
In town tbis week
School books at Haw ley's, tbs Kor
. mal Book store.
Prayer meet! or at the Christian
church meets at 730 p. ox. Wednesday
evening hereafter.
George Adkins and A. A. Bentley
left last week for a boat at Belli nap
Our rity is becoming lively again,
and quite a number of strangers are
seen on our streets every day.
The Sunday school at the Christian
church bad a rather small attendance
last Bun day on account of tbe stormy
weather. J . - .
MlssRIHa McCulloch, of Perrydale,
graduate of tba Normal class of '93,
will teach in Eastern Oregon during
the winter.
Henderson Murphy was so unfortu
nate as to have about 130 acres of
wheat in tbe shock during tbe recent
rain. ' '
i. I. Biggin and family have moved
to the room shove tbe postofflce and
will make that their borne in the
future. " - !.;..- t:
Tbe Perrydale Patriot want to know
"bow we found out that 4.000,000 pins
are need in tbe Culted States daily."
By reading reliable newspapers. :
Dr. J. Harry Gay will again be in
Independence for four days at tbe Lit
tle Palace hotel. All eye examined
free. Come and bring the children.
Tbe Odd Fellows' picnic which was
to have taken place here last Satur
day did not materialise on account of the
Inclemency of the weather, and will
probably take place some time txt
May. - ' .f
Dr. and Mrs. Harris, and T. JT, Craig
and wife, of Eugene, and Miss Bicie
6 be I ton, of Halero, attended tbe CVod-felter-Cattron
wedding In this city
I B. Frazer has purchased the inter
est of Mr. Ground la the hardware bus
iness, and tbe firm win be hereafter
Frazer A Son,
Root. Percival and wife, of Albany,
are visiting Mr. Percival's parents, Mr.
Win. Percival and wife, this week, and
also with relatives at Independence.
Miss Hattie Mulkey, who graduated
at tbe Htate Normal here last spring,
will be at the helm of the RickreaU
public school tbis coming school year.
The poKtoffice was moved to tbe cor
ner of Main and Knox streets last Mon--day
evening where a room had been
Axed up In first-darn shape for It.
Miss Emma Coleman, who attended
tbe Normal at Monmouth during tbe
summer, returned to Ashland 'ast
week. She thinks of attending the
normal school next winter. Ashland
On the receipt of a telegram the first
of the week that his mother, who baa,
been living in Eastern Oregon was
very ill and was . on her way to this
eity, Mr H. 8. Port wood went to Port
land to meet her and they retained
Tuesday, accompanied by his sister.
, About thirty students have already
arrived and are taking tbe examina
tions preparatory to entering the jun
ior and senior classes next Tuesday;
, but as the students are not required to
take these examinations no estimate
on the sire of these classes can be made
from tbe foregoing. We understand
the number attending the examina
tions this year is considerable awn
than at the mom time last year. '
FOULKo-UKOUKI). - At tbe resi
dence of tbe brides parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Xi. Ground, iu tbis city. Miss
Nettie Ground, of Uoumoutb, to Mr.
' David Foulks, amiataut foreman of
the Oregon um at Portland, on Mon
day evening, Sept. 12, at S p. m.;
Rev. J. N. Smith, officiating. '
Tbe bride is one of Monmouth's
most estimable young ladies and will
be inisned iu our social circle. Tbe
groom Is one of tbe representative
youug men of Portland. At tbe cere
mony Miss Lottie Ground acted as
brides maid and Mr. Grant Phsgley, of
Portland, waa grooms nian. After the
ceremony tbe newly married couple
and the guests gathered 'round tbe
many guod things which bad been pre
pared and were heartily enjoyed by all.
The band boys went around at a late
hour and rendered a few beautiful
selections when tbey too bad a sample
of some of tbe good things. The young
couple departed for Portland Tuesday
where tbey will at once begin house
keeping. Ou Tuesday evening Mr. and
Mrs. David Foulks were tendered a
reception at the residence of Mr. Rob
ert Foulas and wife in Portland.
pruiftolp brvUrfor citaUBf tMstwe
(aftmad a fr'raaer turn dtaooived by mu
tual OMHcnt. sad SAal ail Bout and aeermnia
doe aaid firat are pay bi9 to L. H. Kracer a
aon. - ' . 1 OaofSiu,j
U B. raazaa.
MootBoalb, Or, Sept. U.WSX 4t
In the other days, not so very long
ago either, when part of life in the
far west waa shooting Indians, a
young settler went oat there from
the east with 15-shot repeating
rifle that he was very expert in han
dling. The old chaps, who still car
ried muzxle loading smooth borea,
had their doubts about the new tan
gled gun. and they also had more or
lees fun with the youngster and were
always telling him he'd have no tise
for a thing like that when they got
in a fight with the Indiana some day.
A week later their stockade was
attacked by 50 bostiles, and the new
man with the new gun was not
found wanting.' By one lucky shot
the tenderfoot sent a ballet clean
through two Indians and dropped
them both. He gave a yell of triumph
and expected tbe men with ott would
join, but they didn't.
"Here, young feller." said an old
hunter, tapping him on the shoulder
with his ramrod, "don't tret extrav
agant like that any more. I want to
shoot a few of them redskins myself
when I get this gnn loaded, if yon
aoni tear. r
However, it was not long after that
untO the smoothbores were set out
side for better arms. Detroit Free
I hare seen some fanny mistakes
at Hg banquets, such as eating jelly
and ice podding with a' knife and
fork, and even pouring sherry into
the soap finder the impression that
it was the sauce. ; ,
These blunders are made by the
most ignorant people, who, strange
to say, have the utmost confidence in
themselves, and very seldom think of
waiting to see how the various
cum sua are negotiated. As an ex
ample of this I will relate an instance
of a guest at tbe licensed victuallers'
annual dinner. This man was a fair
type of an upstart He took his son p
as long as he could with a spoon, but
finally resorted to the simple expe
dient of drinking it from the plate,
which he carefully conveyed to his
hp- -
The fish he ate with his fingers, as
being more convenient for extracting
bones, and he put up for being a great
judge of wine, a boast which received,
a cool reception from his neighbors
when they saw him squeeze an orange
into his grand old port, presumably
to give it a flavor. London Tit-Bits.
The men of Portugal are as fond ot
show as are the women. Their fin
gers are nearly always loaded with
rings, and about their bodies, which
are often as round as the bowls of
their tobacco pipes, hang rhaina as
thick as ropes, from which are sus
pended bunches of trinkets.
The Portuguese dandy is very fond
of anything that will attract public
attention to his much esteemed per
son. Above bis snowy vest he wear
a cravat of gleaming colors, while in
his buttonhole is stuck a full blows
rose of inordinate size. I think I am
pretty safe in saying that most ol
the promenaders I have seen strut
ting about in the chief thoroughfare!
on Sunday - with a riding whip it
their hands and handsome spurs ot
their heels have never set foot in the
stirrup. -The spur is to them a sigi
of nobility which they arrogate tc
themselves s'ftioot the privileges ol
the old obivairr.-CUrper's Weekly
is the
Great facilj KetTSjUfer
Polk County.
and only
S2.00 per year !
It contains all the
Lccal and general, lbs.
An interesting
Continued Story
is a permanent feature.
Always get your
done at the
at living rates.
Agricultural : Machinery
Good Grain and Stock Farms, and Choice Fruit Lands. Town Property of i
. .iiwra. sv ihjw who nave
How many E'a in the first Ave chapters of the Gospel of St. Mark t
$5000 for first Correct answer.
tSOOO for nearest Correct answer.
S2COO for next nearest correct answer.
920 each to lOO next nearest correct.
a l Ann . . l
ao eacn xo zw next nearest correct.
I -i" -- - "mir narnr tiwfcm fiiij itiij in imtiu itri tij im
Ts.wtll i-r. .T 1 1. IHA m th. rmr-twimy r' -n fc. pu-.i Wrrr MIST All pif!-wpVSUaflttO,uiHKIrivlaill-m
S 'II I ij lul iiIiiIiim hmmm Im tinihwm
ir voc ca3( cocsfT, roo max war a roKrntz. is it worth trying r
, Among Live Business Men.
L. D. Jones, the barber, is always
ready to serve "the next."
Otbo Will isms, tne Dallas tailor, is
an expert cutter, and insures his work
to be first-elaos. ;.
When yoa want to settle down to
live, buy a lot or buy a farm, through
J. H. Moran, the dealer.
C C, Lewis has the reputation of
doing good work, and his rh olographs
give satisfaction. ;j J. ,,
Chas. X. Woods, the shoemaker.
will tell you a little secret about shoes
if you wiU ask him. j: - " i 3 .
The Polk Co. Bank is ably presided
ever by J. H. Hawley president, and
Ira C. Powell as cashier. r
Dr. J. M. Crowley has bis office at
his residence on Main street neat Col
lege. . - ; ... i- -i : ,
Dr. D. H. Doty, the dentist, resides
in Monmouth, and is a permanent fix
ture. Call at his office when In need
of work. ';
Ground A I-rarer, the hard sTare men.
are also dealers in agricultural ma
chinery, and have their warehouse full
of farming implements. .
Dm Co Thm RjUmC
The Union Pacific now lead with re
duced rates to eastern points, and their
through car arrangements, magnifi
cently equipped Pullman and Tourist
sleepers, free reclining chair car and
fast time, makes it the best lino trav
el. Two trains leave from Portland dai
ly at 8:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. The rates
are now within reach of all, and every
body should take advantage of them to
visit tbe World's Fair and their friends
iu tbe east. Send for rates and seedu
les of trains, and do not purchase tick
ets until after consulting M. O. Potter
Independence, or W. H. Hurlburt,
Ass't Gen'l Pass. Agent, TJ. P. Portland
Purely ont of curiosity, we have count
ed the illustrations, some of them fall
page, In the current Issue of Thi Cos
mopolitan; says the Methodist Becord-
of Lsndon Kn gland. They numbed
129: but if there were none1 the literary
character of the magazine would amply
juftify its immense circulation. Some
ot tne oest Known names iu American
literature appear in the list each month.
besides English writers of such names,
for example, as Sir Edwin Arnold
from every point or view, we regara
tne magaaine as unique .
You can get the Cosmopolitan and
the WBBT tuns tor as a year.
& son,
- Oregon.
property lor sale, please call.
will be paid, to subscribers
I to the Household Circle t ! !
; THE ; ' -
Views of all kinds made to order
; Monmouth Avenue.
Opeit Monday, Bkptembeb 18th.
Just elnnm) tf rnntt nMcmMmi. -
....... v''.. TUiJ JCH
f it. tlt trT Willi n. n . n .... . .J -
Thorough instruction. Business course
added. Tuition free. Entrance fee,
$10. Board and lodging at reason abl
rates in the elegant new dormitory and
ooaroing nau on tne campus, where
students will receive personal super
vision. John W.Johssos, :
7-14-2m President.
Of Interest te Sportsmen.
Mr. W. H. Hurlburt. A. O. T a
TJnion Pacific system, Portland, Ore
gon, has just received a supply of books
eauea "uun Club Rules and Revised
Game Laws." This publication con
tain a digest of the laws relating to
game in the Western states and territo
ries. Mr. Hurlburt will be glad to
mail you one of these books upon re
ceipt of two stamps to cover postage.
W. H. Hurlburt, A. G. p. a, -Portland,
vRouses A Torpid