The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, September 15, 1893, Image 2

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HI. J t aHYAMCa.
taa Yw
tPf llSWS0
TVUaaa will Bt
talk netfcwa not m4
Mk lttartad fH& All over
atuurgvd Art wuta par line
frMtolf obUaarv faaoluMoa. IU ba barad
ma m Bva wale pet Una.
US flfcLIC hTHOOLft.
lnlarMt kit Tkaae
ThU taw,
iidWftt&v it to 6uWmM Au( tfwtm
poktomaeMnert4ht grand mo-
Mee power.Jtfaeat4fcwy.
TAertfaM o4 way obtaining & lvuw,ylvania.
-jHKrctfQy of OMwy Vom,i.- the West also mate up a consider
in 11 . . a i r
Vv-artiWfw.v-mowx. i ttbie lwlM)ruon of the number.
Conukghs 1 talking, that is all,
and not saying much either.
"Rom burns while Nero fiddles."
It will only cost half a million buikim
dollars or so to deport the unregia- You can get a uh-ely furnlahed tootu
twd Chinese, " hat Is the use of aty rattoumut-
speadinc She money! A few Jwiy wWey a Eakiu, at Dallaa, haw
month mnm nf 'thin adniiniatm- wmpleto t of be
tlnn.,,,1 ,h Phi,,. will im lk J- " u
a. .i..!..- it.. , Ihandatlowprfcea-
.v,..... - MUolmll A IJoliaiiuoii liava a verv
hard times! Even the Chinese complete plaulwj mill on Maluetreet-
eannot stand it
emigratiou, At the. offlee of the
North German Loyd line it was
said the flsrurea of tha Miulltnm. I riu at
otan service showed an iuoreaM oi
tow ir cent, ana those of the Bre The publlo arhook will open Man
men amec"at lew 10 to 20 per Nay, Neptetuber SB, In aoeordaooe
cent, over those of Immigration. wlu U aehoot law of Oregon child
The Werm. which mui,ht Mfl " t be six yean of an before
r.MHu ....w. 1 -in. WJ ha admitted toeohoul
9 Hi aTwi HTTV V, 1 llbrMy b. opn to aouolan
9J0, and loft 000 who oould not be ott Tuml.y J Friday things ftom
acoommoilatwl. Kmil L. Bons, (Our ton ve o'clock! thltohaon la mad
general pawmuger manager of the that It may be twty for tboaa drawing
Uamburg American racket Cow I boo to kunw when tha book ihmild
caor. said that whila Uia uuiuhN- turned.
of immigrants oarrinl by the Hue T?,flrl woom!' n Mi hlh
h..t .n .v. ..... l"" l owupy tba mum rooms at
, w e.u,gr..ui .t m yr. Tlw (bird gr4de wlt Mcup,
"uy w ymr una aouthwvat room on tht lower floor,
mm Bieamer, ne said, carried sev- Ut UitU and seventh sradaa the aouUi
era! huudred ou tlie trim outward. I wt iwhu on the umwr floor, and th
He ascribes this nnusuitl olrcum- su gratis is norinewt room 00 uie
alnmift tn Hin lttwl tt.... H, I "PPW wr.
i I " r",OT,"r 1 I Thar will b no iueral ei0H on
Z , imwnm m mm' " dy wd all Mholam will pro
Many of those who are returning Ud to ths room to whloh tlwy havt
are miners irom the coal regions ol ixwn algiid on the ringing of the
Farm workers fioui I od bell. The nrat bell wilt ting at
M and liluio o'ekKki tue iwwoiid at
8aatl I oVI.K'k.
All perwina who expeet to atlnd
aehool and have not attandad here be-
fora ami who do not i (wet to attend
the nrt primary, should the orlnol'
Cieo. A. Hmith, the attorney, linn hli pa) Itefiira the aulionl eoinmanoM and
office In tlie Iud,ixndtn Nalloual beaMlitmd llulr olama In tha nmiwr
grattea. Ho can be tound at tho build'
Ingorat hla liouaa, Tltla will enable
wholan to take their places without
Hclmlnra must bniig their pmmiitloo
certltleaU'a the flml day; thiy will be
retind aflorwartl.
llvlow will be found a Hat of the aup-
plica tliat will be needed attlwo.uu
meneeniant of the year for each grada,
Anient Uve Bualnaaa Mae.
Pbipt v. vhn KiiV thn ninnov is I MoumouUl tmta
fir. 1. 1L Iilitun Ilia il..nll.l hiul . . . . . . . . .
- - - t i miui I Hum Mnfililfl tut ninilul,M.f mi
bbomceou Ueeomrof IbairoadandU, to Mhuut work may U(Id
Z V. . I promptly and no Unit bt watted. Ink
scarce ehouia have been at tne T . " win m rurnmuea ao uone need i
Portland raeea and seen the monev fT'"7uu w w ft0W brought; a apeetal penell with . hard
w 1 1 a raujHMi i i . . . -
bet on the trials of speed. Nothing , T. 7 Lea baa hla oflloe no stsua i ! . .PT .
likeithad been seen for years. It i the la,iH.d,n N.Uoual !Z,n! 'IJlSL!!!
proves that the people are carrying building- L tlm ytM mA much nm(v t,
weir money arouna wiu tnem, rna r ivbichoim hm ma omue m tory Wttrt jllk
Hv.ttuuUiVlHwuiiuiuuuiauvi Mrat 0de-Blate wltb oovared
uvr lUllniatt ' I rmiuit iutm.ii ni .. i.i
.... .... wii vt" nv,
4 V. vn.n 4 f F r-- 'I-""" ' - M
ww.gauitiuuuiuuKijaiuiiiu lh Waut" oolumu of Utla paw bltnk drawing book
jsxposiuon at isan Jb raucisco com- MUCK one luaertton, mt to txwvi uu
Show the I wtwi. i'aoU addilltmal word
are tempted to bet It ou horse race.
nienoing next January.
thousands of visitors our cereals,
our fruits, oar Umbers, our hojs,
onr bnilding stones, etc., and have
them attractively displayed.
Solomon, a wise King who lived
' in Asia is reported to have said.
"When the righteous are in author
ity, the people rejoice' but when the
wicked beareth role, the people
mourn. " Judging froaf the dis
tress now prevalent In the land
some awfully wicked men must be
ruling this country,
Whes Cleavland first was elected
President of the United States, the
surplus of " revenues over ex pen
dltnres was over one hundred mil
lions of dollars, and now under his
, second term the revenues of the
country lack 1140,000 a day of tie
Hoeood tirade New National Itoad-
out er No. 2, Language tablet No, 1, Trao
Ing book No. 1, and ruled praetloa pa-
W, II, C'mveu A t'o. aru turning outljujr, blank drawing book, elate with
aome flue aeta of harnDM which are covered frama, alata twiivil and aminini.
.... i . .
aarrautea toglve aatlafaiHtou I aud ktt peuoll.
The liuWpeodaae Tita t'e, ha Third Urada New XaUooal lUader
facultk fur turulng out, ou ahort -No 8 hs Arlthmetle No, 1, Lan
not lea all alwe of Uliug, Imiu tb UbU N'a 8, Iradug book N'o, t,
aiuallwt to tba lartnut. I and holder and practice paper,
bums drawing unik, aiata with cov-
U w. aiCAUama ta premrad to red frame, load aud alaUi iwtioll. Uan.
(UriiUh you an elegant uiouumenl wn'aplllng blank,
witnwnicn to mars the lant rwtlngl J.urth Orwle-Naw National Reader
place or your relative- No, 4. rtah'a ArltbmeUo No. 1.
D. H. Cravau allU turns out Lo, larnca, Laugauge Lcafona, Part I,
beautiful pboUajraplm, raia or abide- ""W book, No. 2, pan and holder, El.
Hubbard 4 Btaat. are buav dole. Bw"w7 uv"rW al8
lead peuoll and blank tablet
MeaaraCleo Hklnner ACo. Uie mill- Fifth Grade-New National Reader
era, announce thma-lva ready to ei- No. 6, Elementary Geography, Baroaa'
change flour for wheat,audlorewheat, Unguatra Lwiia, Part II, rTah'a
for the farwera of Polk eouuty. - Arlthim-tlo No, 9 aud Urooka Mental
People are fool toauflVr when a rem Arlthmetle, Manaou'i idling Wanka,
edy can be fouud to cure them. Oregon ul"", ar1" wk and drawing peu-
on, o. copy iiooa, pan anu noider
Kidney Tea l no ex ocrtutotit. aud nut a
lntr vreat enouirh. Then tlie c.rir fake lo sret vour nioncv. W'hv will vou n PetlOB paper, alate and pencil,
was "reduce the surplus" but now hwltate, when we amora you that It In bknk nPlUn book and pencil.
absolute cure for all kldncvand urlimrv Blslli Grade-New National JUaulcr
ijin i rv im " itith list iiiiira miiiinv i i . . . , .
dlaeaaea so. 6, run 'a Artthmetlo No. 2 and
m . , ,. . Imwka Mental Arithmetic, Barm1
rivgixuiaiaaiuicnaiaio travel On Urnm Tnn ln Iir iv-
! l M..., I I ..l ... .... ' ' "
...... .M.ul w henslve Geography, Coniplate BpelUsr
Normal school L,i ..,,i ,,...fc i,.L
I ' Mama tr (Wn7tiiM MISUa VtMIIS
P. II. Murphy keep, pt-gglng away, I drawing book and drawing pencil, No
aud turna out boot, and allot fur blii copy book, pen and holder and mo-
clpal wlahet to tee, lie fore tlx aubool
commeDcaa, thiw who lulend to take
the second year work, aud advlawi not
to purahate the Phraleat Geography
until the atartlug (r a Latin elaea la de
cided. Thuee Wiahlug tha GeotaMtry
muat Wake arraiisemauu for it with
the book dealers, as It Is not kept In
llrooklyu, E, H., N. YH May SA, 'Ul.
Ma. Nohmak LtcuTV, DaaMoiuca, la,
Dear Wri-Kiieloaml pbuwe And 11.00
for which I wish you to send me the
worth of in KratWa Headache Cap-
uiea, Woma tliua ago my wife was In
Hartford, Uoan,, aud ateped Into
eawlltt's drug at row, where Uiey gave
her a sample bos of them, They ware
Just what aha needed, but we have
tailed to ttnd them hare, ao send to you
lortueui, Will you kindly seud them
at your earliest oouvoulencn.
' " V D. T, Huntkk.
For sale by Shelley, Alexander A Co,
Must bo closed out In
the next Qlxty Doys I
hi nn nRfltifiiao
CLA'S lOlOHvlVV Pat-Aurt vur l-f
sv toataasattaui litMis lvwvtstai a tistk. if mi iu
Dealers In
Crockery, :
' Glassware,
Flour, -Feed,
Fruit, Etc.
1 Urp SIc:t of Fruit Jars.
h) all Kinds of Poultry
d Faos' Produce,
Tke Ua4li
J. F. 0 DO.'JfJELL
The UeStMg
-Carries the leieetste ef-
Bring your each and got
yourgoodo for fall and win
ter, atpricco thot will mQko ntjn
you, happy.
J. 0.
There is no
feeder, Drill, ChllM and Ht-el
Ilowa, (tiding and Walking fultt
vatora, Plani't Jr. Gardrn Drill.
Hulkey and Gang Pbwa.Atienwali
Potato Planter. 1I, Lever, and
Hprlog-tootli barruwa.
GuarauUwd the beat and llghteat
runnlng wagon made. Mr, G'Don
nell la, by a recent arrangement the
nmnufaiaurer' agint,aud will carry
Uie largeid aud iikwI eorniilete line
nf ImpWiuenta ever brought to Polk
Carry Ml lint f t
Saddles, Whips
Robes, Oils, ' Brushes,
a a
mm, Mian cd
The Druggioto,
Give Ut i Call.
: i.y. -
There are fifty ways
FiinilS CUT I FI
Independence ROLLER MILLS,
SKINNER & CO., Proprietors,
Wish to notify the public that they are now
Ready to Receive Grain in Exchange for Flour. Captions Stall hours of the day or night
and have an experienced pharmacist.
Have the Goods.
They Sell at Low Prices.
The Quality is Superior.
They are Accommodating
SchoolZBooks and Stationory,
They keep everything called for.
They will fill orders by mail or by
telephone. They keep pens, ink,
writing paper, in fact, a full line
in that p- 1 mn
That Shelley, Alexander &, Co. fill pre
We have al put In a New Improved Cleaner and will do a
General Wtirehoumi JIusIihms on the most favorolile term.
I lie highest market price paid for wheat at all times.
' bet"'
Hhuttlng your eyes U net one of them.
Skat Yewf Eyas
to the
ine cry is "give us more money
The people are undoubtedly in dead
earnest now,
Bora democrats and republicans
are now looking about to find good
timber for a governor of Oregon,
since Sylvester Pennoyer cannot
accept a nomination for a third
term. Prominent on the republi
can side are Hon. O. K. Denny
and Hon. J. D. Lee, of Portland,
Both these gentlemen are well
qualified for filling the guberaato. Lhuol'buoka and stationary-
run uuair. jio u. a, lienny ure-
gon Is indebted for the introduc
tion of Mongolian pheasants, hence
he has some claim to the gratitude
of this state, besides being a man
of inflexible will power and great
executive ability.
lutervlfw M. T. Crow when you
want anythluK In tho suhIi and door
Shelley Alexander A Co. the druira-
tola, have a eomplote tk of druim,
tloe paper, blank eompoaltJou book
Seventh tirade Naw National Read
or Na 6, tlah's Arlthmetle No. 8 aud
Urook'a Meutal ArltliiiwUe, Kill's IW
Ileal Letmoii in KnglUb, UoMiprvbau-
lve UeoKraphy, Complete Hpeller and
Maiwon's apflllng blank, blank draw
Entrtca I. Tl Mc Vat Wik
Hae No, I Biianlna, oaaJiair mil, num..
), w H AnaonMin'. .. i. ArriiKo, by WouS.
W (ynllwll'.li in Paunxaui ho ll,..,ni.
liioru. or. Hmny, unknown: K M Mi.rkM, .
A well informed railrcad man
InfApma no fhk 4f ia vtilcv
1HIV1HW ISO VUHV iV SO VISIT SSI 1 1 lTt ' I j . . ... . ,
v.. ,i i. ' J;ini,w Iwilli;yiVVIIIIiii'.r.l.B..,
three mlmtta dn,
most own the railroads. Why?
Because state laws on one side
limit the earning power to the min
imum and labor organizations on
the other side make the expeime of I
maintainance and operation at the
maximum amount. If an accident
occurs on the railroad it costs the
comDanv thousands of dollars in
damage suits. .The two elements 4-Runn,". "fourth .u.-
fllrfnfrWnt finally fl, Z&f!jKr.rk
onlv wnv the hondholdflr enn hnr, TMi lr" Vh"'" '.
..-r '.-""' """ ""rj ""Kliowui JUIJIl
to vet, haflk his monpv in to sxll f
a, . . .-.i n... . I RNo5-ai(3piice-nuri,.ila(io.
me government, ine governmeui nwi' bin. u. i uimu, by Aiumonti w
- i. i .'t. l-., .,?fcP0W,u,-inlla, two-
i. a V ' kwronrt ah. h. Vaapa Van, to Van
vuuiu uivo nwiucuia auu pay iceo
damages. The future points to
government ownership of railroads.
paiuts, oils aud kuiw; alao a full line of 'nB hook and drawing puuetl, Ko. 6
copy book aud practice paper, pen and
holder, ootupoaltlon book and panoil
aud pnpor.
Klghtb Grade FUh'a Arlthmetle
No. 2 and Urooka' Meutal Arltluu 'tie,
llaruea' Brief lftotory of the United
Htatea, Bill's Praetloal Ltwaou'a In Eng
llah, blank drawing book aud drawing
pencil, pen and holder, pencil and tab-
lot, MuiiMin'a spelling blauk, brlnv
I lor if you have it. The
copy book will be given
All scholar In the fourth grade and
tn gradiw boyond should have a amall
dictionary, aa it Is of great amtlatanoe tu
preparing leenona.
Thoee taking the high achool course
will need the following booka:
lrt Year Itoblnon'i New Ele-
WIIKtLKK ( 1,0111 Kl.TKK
Hava the Laigvt HUiok of
In Polk County
Miir w viimii ii
pei. siertnaca. tT-Q Q3gioj.11 ocr9St,
wiix ri'HNisiiTHBMtiHia '
Hwlal Features Will Fallow Thane of Any Previous
Salem mfJDEfillDEIfLTSaK
133 CorcLmoxcIal Street.
Eaatbllahed In 1NS4
I nteam ea
the atate.
line fabriui
lied lu im with lb. niiutt cumoM and expi-iiKive plant In
naolty. twelve borae-powrer. IKllea' and geota' clothing and
dhjned and dyed. CarpeU, Blanket Flannela, Wlk I
Uvm2T mil it . i 7 ,? V' l",rT nw'. dyed and renovated. Wlk Hata
Lnvt ,"U,8Uir,U",'n,1Stfl IUU clwM,ed. dyed, blocked and V
Hell their School Ihioka,
Hlalea, Peuclla, Inka and
other ai hiMil liecK-mrUu at
the very lowest pri
NTleave Ordara with Mnnn mmk j r.n. :... . .
l('un.UirtHttlnwliJIO,ugo.n.hmwliilh.mMi.dlUorw.iMlo.ilil,. n,I..ji.u.:i ..t ' vuj sii(i unt-
, - ... ... . ..,. w. , . v ww nll ur K KDr.ll,
CwnulnluK flat, of all varlvUM aunS la Uivgnn water, hav. bwn eonairuriwt .1 tnt
I peum.
w 111 witimin nuiw liiiii I i).lntiu "elwtl m.m 4. World'. Kulri Amona lbm Kilt I
Hum . wMiratml liilln Cu.l.f. l-.l Nlit. To piU nwl Kxpntlllua ana vl.w II.
wiindon 111 .v.rjr anrlin.m of Art ana Salvuoa, will be iu it lhln la a vlu tu tbe world'i
Fair at Chleago. '
; For further Information sddrees t it. w.allun,
I tl ' ' ':' :r ' . MHMMr,'MlM,l, A
Monmouth. Oreaon.
Leaiinf ..Derail School of tlie Kotatl
ttlaeSaea by Capt. J.nk: Jum emut Oomplete Hpei
o. h, H!lley Ayembyt)onnriJUMrlc ilf,1, f
HIl liudl.tVf W II, A Vol', t. u i,. (,
Race N. a-Tnittlnir.
duiw. list).
Mubr b. m. trehlnn, by Prtwhtnan: W
Urnm Mk, b. MiinMna, by M, minim Wlk;
Buori iim.'. b . UcUnn, by Miillnomah
elf. b, . Oliver Twl.i by Uraduatei Ur, i K
Young'. 0, ,11, Lltllun MocWly, by Mi Klin-nwrty,
Hum No. J-Trnltlnir vu.rlin
ty coll.) pum,. uo. ' ' " " """"
LKlw'. b.r; V.V.I.., by Oneco! VAPat """'"'"' i,0,r r'1
t2I?.'h S! whirt" 1 iM.'ll1i by S""".' w 0 mmtary Algebra, double entry book
br, t, Leoim K by Oinx-o.
Fob the past thirty years Amer
ica has been the Mecca of every
ambitions person the world over,
and consequently during those
derhtlt; Tartar Bro.' b. m. Vuldn h u.
rau i moAriniir jonor u, 1. Mauetta, byHt.
rami No Name oh. t. Cnr .1 i,. n, li,.i
lln((toiii J BoMenner'l br.e, Hliukoxpfiare, by
Bane No. 7-Runnlnir,nve-elk'lH(u mil. duh
by Il.nk
ml. hv HI
b. h, Hlr Henry, un.
Bl .. 1
anirn, I
keeping blank, day book, Journal and
ledger, (the text book will be tbe latter
part of the book ueed In the eighth
rade last year), Steele'. Fourteen
Week'i In Phyelca.
Second YearItolilnaou'a Geometry,
Steelo'a Fourteen Weeka iu Physloa,
uuyoi's I'hyeleal Ueogmphy
If aauilldent number desire It, a chow
in Latin will be organized. The prln
purie tl'ih
rinii. nimiiu n. 11. i.iiii v rw mn.
nota: Jartar Hro..' h. ,n. Vhm t,n.i u.
p.m. r t ,i,.r. v. v r., ! ..
known: John Thorn's b. . Funny, unkn
John Kay.' b in, Hiiln mp, by (inhir: J;
er c. U. Bllley AvHr, byC'oiii,r Andy
" ' bf- ff'tlj.n(t Joy, by Mintuna; No
ie b. h, (jleniilKfl, by (lln Iiniliov .1 it I
vears our nopulation has increased Yr,? 1 "it AAl'.iln.:L v"uderbiH, w
very rapidly. According to re
ports the last few months has seen
change and more people are leav
ing than coming to the United
States. Dr. Joseph H. Senner,
Commissioner of Immigration at
New York, says that for the first
time in the history of the country
the emigration , from New ; York
greatly exceeds the Immigration.
While the Canard, White Star and
American lines, whose steerage
passengers are mainly English,
Scotch and Irish, reported that
their books showed a slight pre-
ponderance in favor of immigration,
those lines which ran direct to
Europe report a great increase in
Bane No. 8-TrotMng, MS nlnuw-purHe illio,
Moahitr'i b.4i. Kltnr Pataii. hv u.,ni,.ln,
1 1 If: W lyOtlli'. blk ll M11I1I.UI1 he M,..o....
j w .1 Ofirr. n. ir. Hari'v u i.v i
Damoniitiatfflr. by I
o. u. miiitno.
mam D Mohelllnir'. h. h.
Walkoll PunoR: Huuorn. Iln. '
mah, by Allainont: Tom Tonaue'. Panlono
not ajlveni U II Cooper's blk it, by lliwlmw; T
.y.iriTcii ur, K, .II
i'etr Dook'i b, i
'Ilvnr TwIhL bv (Iradimla.
. m, Uleo Mason, by Mason
Bace No. t-Trottlnir, 2:25 claas-pnwe, 300.
K V Norton's b, h, Kd Oak, by Bed Wood' D
Hnhllllng's b. h. Hleluird Almont, by Almont
Mediumj MdCuy.r's J Inn nock, not irlv.n'
Tom ToiiBiie's br, m, I'andora. by t'laiiter
wmviwu n , m, jyuny vyuuera, oy Aorodene.
Base No. 10-Runnfn, one mile piirse.JiriO,
Humphruy's b. g, Nipper, by Mason (llilet. J
flottengnr'i b. in. Uolly Hiiod, by Leou; J )
Bottemriir'B b, h. Hlr Henry.
Kays' n.m. Haln Iirnn. bv (
g. m. Ulretta, by Joe Hooker,
...;i. .r i.i -
r, uiikiiiiwii! .Minn
Opbert J O Mack's
Bae. No. 11 Paoe and trot, free ftir nil-
pnrne, '2MI,
Jobn Winter's b. ur. TleHnAi't'v. hv iiimvuuii.
Frank ('raiser's blk li.Chelialls, by Aliemont:
Moshor's o, h. Convention Geo., unknowni t1
P Norton's b. Ii. Jlonnle N. 11, by I'eyRiii Jks
lie Wllkins' b. h. Iloseinan, by Uolmriiit; Har
roui Urv.i' bl, b. Del Norte, by Altumonl,
, Mr, Mdiemrd Prathur
Complication of Diseases
."I wu t oiibl.d with ok biadubN a.4
palm In mj ..okandildea. I partially
deaf, and my iieryoui synteaa tu all rim dowa.
Finally, I wu islzed with heart alMua and
thouglitmyilayi w.ra nun'xr.L I ni.4
Hood's Sarsaparllla
and I am better In .very way, I liiv. gained la aud my former good appatlt hag re
turned," KnwABP l'RATDaa, Graften. OaU
Kooil's Sai'iitparlllk la sold by aU druggliti.
II ilx tor tfi. Prepared only by a 1, HOOD
CO., Apothecaries, Lnw.ll, Nasi,
Mood's PHI. ara purely Tigetabl. Jit
.Are Leading Dealers In
Independence, Or.
Ptrong Irtifuwional and Academic Cuntea, and well
v ihi iuihhh ociukii wr rracticHl Training of
Hubbard & Staats,
CityTruck and Transfer Co.
Hauling ' of nil Kinds Done
Koasoiuiblo 1CiiUh.
Agents for the O.P, Boats
All bllla niiiMt be nettled by the 10th ot
: earn iiiontn,
Independence, Oregon
And the.
The Best Plain Shoer in
the County
All kinda of wood renalrlnsr dona on
wngona, CarrlDgea, . and Machinery
witn neiuuew and dlapuloh.
Harklns A Kennell'i blaekiinltU .bop.
hin, Zop WtoV Maioes, Ik
Oregon. 43
I Horses Fed by tha Day,
Week or Month.
Best of Attention Given Stock
! Left In Charge.
j MIW..L. A. HUCIIANAN, l'rup.
I , ...... , : . - ,
Meals, - 25 Cents
For $3.00 a Tear.
.1 an ArtiS't? Son,i- nnslnm, Mu.
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llonnl at N.,rml l)lniK Hall 11.75 per
(1...I .rnlsh.-jO and fl.BS ArnWird.
W.0 1 H.W wwk, Tuition, board,
UhIk'Ii.k and hooka ha thn iM pel
Jem-, t miyi,(ory iifAiuslo-thorouBh
gratt illuHlratl ntonthllt
have lu tho post sold for
$4.00 a Year.
12 mllM from tha al.
I cheerfully awi ton application
7-21 2m . P. L CAMPBT'
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Mmuiiimth is wwlly aeceas-
.Till. TV.IO .m O CIlTITl . . LA.
Independence Stables.
in Readiness.
the stablos of J. ff.,
ueet the dommwlj nt"
'"is ana are piojiaring to make nnnv
The COSMOPOLITAN ia a monthly
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of the world, and 1200 IlluatmUoua by , nAV ik,i , . . "
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men a suocnutv. 5
1 SALEM . . ..!; -
un - uin .... . i inva. li'un. inA.'-'ir.y... " ."". nnnv slam ii ki n ....
" - f i ivavva IDdnlwiuliin
Friday, ontitHiua all the 1mwI newa aud
sells for f-lOO a year.
The total is $6.00 a year.
We Cut the Price in Two Parts
To get bsth fer S3.C3 1
Send in your Subscriptions this
, vj t p,n
: Independence Marble Works '
(In advanaa.)
n u ..1 1 1 .. . . , . .
Mce ana Granite Monuments
Headatones, Tablets, and Curbing
on Railroad St. L W. Kcldaas, Pre?