The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, September 15, 1893, Image 1

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    VOL. X.
$2.00 Ter Ifcar
Independence, polk county, Oregon, Friday, sEPr. is, leoa
Fivj Cents Per Copy.
day alght i I. -O.K bull. All "h"ro. T i. 1
$ brother, i art IN tlUOI Id 1
Kennedy, W O Wok, KeCvird'',
Bank !
Capital, Stock, $50,000.00,
41 I. d. o.
Me' in V ndujn hall every
faartday evening. Alt (KM MU 0w-
dxtly invited to m witbut.
Hubbard, N. 0, W. H. Crv,
J. K,
, ris.vwar
Ytee Prtet.
:, . CMfetar.l
Lxoh lodge, no. . a. f. & a.
3!J eora'inie'oua nnlur
before full moou ea.h
UuDth end two weeks thereafter,
Stmw.W. M LwCk BH, e.-
a lRml bkmi 4 uui metne
lrnwll; hwtw nwrte, Mil dlw.iuMted.eom.
ni.rviul ,-ee.tiu nuud: depotiM received w
-urrmt awouoi nuhjert to oh. lulerert BM
n uni t)MwlUk
ftf.HmKh, A, Netentt, I. A. Allen. H, II,
Jlr.n, K. J.UwHlmen, It. W. Sevan, II
fi7Tn II fmNall
8mni Jrrv
Ml M
t tiwtn LODGE.
M tnn Wednesday evening,
All knight re ewdiilljr invited. W. H.
u..i.,, a a M. O. Putter, k. U. A il
NO. 45 K. of P. CommBncod Business March 4. 1889
lUutt.llehed by Nikttnaal Aulhorltr,
of ludepeoWe, Oregon,
Capital Stood
I I ........ Kt. It. 8. Board of
Tdul Examiner. Offloe In Opera U.a.t'OoriSR.
Hoot block.
u w,
W. a HAWt.KT, CMblM
EL. ketchcxi. m. i. orncE
U. W. WklUwkw, W. W. CtAUat,
DeotitU All ork wtrranlwl U
giro the lxt f MiafMlio". ludepn
doioo, Or.
A lenrrm! bwiklm buliM InntwIM
Huyi nd vlU rl)Ui on oil lmrlt
IWwIU rrlvl tutijwl to pii-k or on cmv
llfl T( J'l't. t ullr'lt.4 irnul.
umit iMMtra; I . m. U) p. in.
L Ev. tr. Nw. n lirt. vr-
fled over Bush's book, Salem, Or.
Harkins & Fennell
L clan and 8urnoiia, iHeclil
tenUn paid to dlm of wonten . Of
a. nr I nlfwniliHW NatltMial Bank.
t I !.... b. W. Babbitt. M. 1
C." M., Fellow Trinity Meillcal Otllege.
Will prootico id all
aod fedora! eoarto, Ab-lmcU of till
faroiobed. Offloo ow ludepoodeoot
Hatiooal Baak.
ow al Uw. We ba tbo oolj
mi .f obotraot book la I'olk ountj.
Boliablo abitraeui farowbed. Money lu
looo; noooanilMiopebargea oo win.
Offlo. nJ 3 1',luu', ,,lock Dtl'
. Conuwlor t Law. Offlee. neii
to Indepondenoo National Bank, InUe
feudenee, t)r.
oy. at Law. Office in Bfb
block, between Stale and Court, on Com
mereial etrwt, Halero, Or.
Malu atrfet, Ideitideiio.
I At the old ttand of K- . Krengal,
wbere you an gut your
sffffn or Plnif Hnairn
HBVM l U" fUMVoj
or other Iron work do uo.
done In the moat approved manner.
At a Horsehoer. Mr. Harkmk
Is Well Known Througout
Polk County.
Proirlor ot
... r. nr iitih and doura.
imZ anrnil iowids. . Main atreel, Inde
pendence, Or.
nU. E. G. YOUNG, late of Netar,
V-t-rin.rt Hure.jn and Denti'i
k.. In Independence, and opened
o office over Hie Independence Nation
al bank.
Tailor, 0 afreet, near poUillloe
BoiU in anr atyl made to order at rea
tonable rate.
Manuruturanof and lalarylu
Rough and Dressed
J. A. WHEELER, Maniiger.
The Rector of Abernthney.
8, p. (tjntn, of TownI, Ft.,
whoa eonsUtutioa was eomplntoly
broken down, la cured by Ayor'a
aamparUla. He write:
" for otiibt yeaia, I waa, not ot the.
tints a (rrt attlfDrer from conatlp.
tloa, kidney trouble, and lndbjee
tloa, to that my eontlllutttm aoomml
to bo coranletal brvkoa duwa. I waa
Induced to try Ayort Banaiianila, and
took nearly eervn bonlna, with imk,
woUent roanft that my etcnaaeh,
buwobi, and kidney ar la rrltwl eon
dltlnn, and, In all tbolr funollona, M
vognlaf a eloek-wnrk. : Al Ike time
I began taking Ayef Raraartlla, my
wlgbt waa only I'JD ponmU 1 1 now can
brag of JW pnumU, and wa never la to ;
good hoalth. It you could tee m bo
fun and after wing, yon would want
nit fur a traveling odvertlterarot.
I believe thta preparation ot Sartaparllla
to be tb beet In the market to-day."
rrtptrWtiv Di.J,CA7t(V,Unll,lliit.
Cure othort.wlll our you
innEiiiE ci.
3l .4
(lua now lu (dock ami In conliuuftllv
iiiuuufiu turlng tiling of nil
biun for dniiim ftud
' JruiniiKP.
C. G. Gill,
Of Indcnemhince. bavinir 8tam
eiii?iiip. a brick miu'liiiioand wivcral
rtcrt s of fiint clny, In now prepared
to keep on hand a flue quality oi
lirlck, whicL will be sold at reama
bid priixw. , t
B. F. CHURCH, Prop.
Will deliver milk In Monmouth and
Independence every morning ror
S Cents a. Qiiaxt
Twenty -ticket for one dollar.
rMivo ordcra at Walker Bro., Iiidr-
pendence,or Mulkey A Hale.Monniouth
Fine Photographs
Crayon Wor
-Learn Telegraphy-
It Pays ::: Success Sure.
OMtonian Building. Porllan4.0ron.
ling tsromers
Meat Market
Choice Meats
Biiiheiit markut price paid -for
fiitstock, bt-ef, mutton.veal,
pork, etc. All bill mind ! nettled
monthly. ;
Free He!
Will eonwlt their beat in- ;
tereat by parobaaing tbelr
of the reliable manufacturer,
M. T. CROW, Shoemaker
. , ... P-H. Murphy, Practical HhtH,
inaepeuu"""". -t i . maKer, Main Hireei, inoepen
tortoFergnaon van Meet. , i I rtttnee, op poult tlio opera houae
nrgr pin" "- . i TlMflnetitor
.Uonband. UlrCnCli Calf
- .mm-m.. rxArtno iikmI in all the letter grade i f
SUhttlN UUUnO 1 ,hoe. Every pair warranted,
India Inks
Watar Gclors
-Go to-
Photograph Gallery
Indepond nc
i Threw rwriuiiia who deal re 'to lltVI'
rcrtM'VHtiick in tliolr ht-rdn are Invlteil
to InrfiKHrt the llioroiighbred bullowned
byT B. HUNTLKY, two miles eoutli
of town, on Buena Vista rond, s
With rrlvllrgo orniaurn.
I aliall nirer forget tbt tun nion
wblrhmyeyeaflrat fell upon Abornth.
i ney Ball Tlte ctage bad put in down
! by nook In the high way. I felt weary
! and wtoitod and Mtd inyaulf npon tli
trunk! which the driver lutd but a tuc
' ment before mutrappod from Uw boot
j But th wvariiiM all lft in, and tha
aietteuient ebangod to a qntet oaunnaaf
M I gaaed on tli leene befor m.
Bout AO yard to my right, ani bo wared
' among IU UtU world of tree, itood tb
uianae. It wa a beaotlful building!
tlutft was bo dflidBa abont tb ttytt
of awbltenture It aim ply teemed ton
the erwttlon of an eiqulalte tatt. There
waa noUdng abont It ugireuv oi roru-
Bontlon ami defvuae, Ilk tbo or tue
Tudor or Elbutbetban ityleat It wa iwt.
ther of the open Italian order nor yet of
Dm modern pointed gotuio. It wa a
tort of ountprotuia between tb latter,
probably what might be called tb An-glo-lullan,
and a manna peenllarly adapt,
d to ti artificial lnmWape gardening
In the fnmt and the natnralneM nr uw
dunky wood and the frowning hllU In
tbo bnckgriHtua. luoro wa no aeenmo.
laUon ot bnttre and gable and tor
ret and uch other conceit that lower
tb dignity of a houaot true, there were
terrace, but they wer ornamental no-
couipnliut-Uty Imparted an Un.
noaing breadth to tbo wbol poup of
btdldutf. '
The annmach to the bona wa tnrouKO
a broad, eitenalv avenna, ttued on either
aide with a variety ef tree planted with
tlte moot dntkiit attention to n'. i
ititrtTtix! the ailverv areen of tb whit
poplar ntlugllng with tb dark green of
the native oak. blended hr and then
with the abnormal tint of the eyratnor
and tlio purple beech. The garden
glowed with tb earn inapirattoa or
beauty ana tame, rrom wnere i wm
iuv ova enuld not critktiee their reguUr.
Iiy. but I aw tb otttlined hedge or
MKMHimtim hawthorn, thetlowerbetbien
elnled with tbelr ribbon of bitiwood.
and the gay petunia flaunting beata tn
hnmble violet and the be haunted
. ... . a .
I felt that the plrlt whlcn preeioeo
over that estmlatte blending ot nature
ihd ort wa tboronghir an arnac, not
iHinl of tbo aunmUUve but of tb
mtiva aohouL, lie waa mor of an
artiat than the painter on eanvna, Tb
Utter eomraema witn a unuia raaai
hi pencil l vubject to hia will; be putt
down a rot k bttre and a brooklet there
and work in hi building and tree a
ttmy ugget or the law of per.
tpectiv demand. Then he can remove
with the earn ranuiv who wmco iw
matea The Unflwaii gaMener mnai
accept ktcalltlr aa b find themi h
moat conceal aerormuiea ana nw
beaotiea. The greater and mor numer
ous the dlffltmltiea he ha to tunnonnl,
the mor upcrlor to th landact
painter i hU taatn and genlu.
Be rare of the man, aaya torn one,
who luvea nvlther flower nor children.
Ther I (imply a tpeciouaneaa about
thai remark. It la tn emnoauuent oi
trnth. We are conecioa of th weight
and Importance of tb caution, no mat
terhow limited our eipenence. a
gated npon the acen before in 1 felt
convinced that th proprietor of Ab
emtbney Hall loved both flower and
children! that h wa a gentleman of re
fined tmiaibllltiea, a ChrtaUan ana a
acholar. I had com to act a governeaa
to hU children. I had mutKlvlngt in
reference to my new bom. My conjec
ture of harabnea and a want of appre
ciation at time made m Imoal ahrink
away from duty. But I waa aetlefled
and Wholly at eaa a 1 mere upon
the baggage which mad np th aum of
my oartiily poeaeaalona
And yet there waa mocn oi rrgnu wm
nected with itnot on account of my-
..lf. but on account of another. v
rwul ttiot William Morton. Rano menu
nil eoninanlon. itood alon when b
guml npon th nnfroen Polar aea (urg
ing and rolling beneath bun. The tout
of Do Hoto. when he flrtt beheld Ui Mla-
laiilplii, waa not touched with half the
grandeur and sublimity. Tb dream of
phlloeopny wa a reamyi we wuocuuiw
of mienoe a trntbi th open Polar tea
wu found!
Tha ehillins trrandenrof theanow, to
palaoet of ice, ideal Alhainbra gUMor
La ilka a thouaand itari, tlie gigantic
Stairway of pearL urmountd by th
brilliant arch of th aurora but, abov
all. the oppreaalvenea of that hour of
..litiula and ailoiue tirrd hi oul
with a thouaand kindling (motion, aui
be stood there alone; be had no friend
nullu with him that half awakening
ii if tain of niamlflcenoei to whom he
nld rliv bia iurohurged heart by
tpeech to whom he could point out this
or that object of attraction. The op-
prewitvene of hi lonellueaa waa ux a
despair) it wa tb itruggle of longimj
uui reimit! he would ven have graetied
Irreverently at th ghostly hand of Blr
John FrankUn bad he com out from
his icy tomb to stand besiue mm mere,
tt waa aiimethlnir of this regret that 1
felt In my toul. My wind went back to
the cloeoi crowded city, with iU ea of
heated roofa, noiey factorlea, dusty
treets and interminable walla of ma-
aimrv. I thouuht of my Hater Alio,
with her dart spiniuai eyea, onguwr
than the hectio fluah npon her cneoa.
P. bivalld chtldl How I wlehea tww
h was standing besMo me, feeling the
eixd lireece fanning her brow and
gnxlng npon the same changing vista of
scenery; standing Doawe me o uun i
oould talk to Iterl But h wa nottliere,
and the tear cam into my ye as I
thoniht about it; the silver abele grew
IndUtinct, and there waa a abadowiness
about the bloaeoming lllao.
I waa aoon atarted ont or my reverie.
1 heard voices in th avenne, and m a
moment afterward Mr. Ashley reached
ont his hand to me in hi kind way,
while the servants ihouldered my trunks.
I read my employer at a glance there
was not much lnuivniuwny ncoeaaary
to do that. Hi temperament wu san-
mine, with enough of the phlegmatic to
rive him calmnos and dignity. He wa
still a young man, woll formed And with
olutr of china Iliac a beautiful child
of 10 Mtntinen, Bh had an abundanc
of dark hair, with (yea from th brib
llanny ot which nothing oould detract
but their sliyiteaa, whil her flgur waa
th very peiwiulftcatlon of grace. Bh
anrang forwanl and caught my hand.
"Ohl I shall Ilk yon very much," aha
cried. - .
My heart throbbed wildly a I stooped
down and kitted her white forehead.
; "I am glad to hear yoo aay that," I r
"Carrie ia both warm and impuWv m
hot frindlitps,H (aid Mr. Aahley. -Ther
wa a calm, steady look in hi gray eye.
"1 tlimwht von wer a great, tank wo
man, with such ya a maka on abnoV
An Interesting Exhibit of, the
County Resources.
TIm rttwM Umno la arawM Will U-iu
- CHtMti-Tke Hotrlra are foa. .
' lag l Napltllv.
dr and with a mole on your no," oun-
tlnuod th child, v
I laughed M that and patted hot owta
eheak. Mr. Aahley led the way luto th
dttinf room. Canto atul clung to ma.
t. wm,k the artUt of the Wkrt
HlitH dnl aome very fair work lu tbow-
lug aome of mm iiiietiiig waiunt
tiimeiiwd a lib our eounly fair wblob
ha-flum .ui tVrdn.alnv. Among mint
of lit moat eitiiiiiiff of lb mite at the
June intfiliig or me year were iue
trotting race, ami Ibe coming trotting
ovente will proiwttly exoel tbe of
uiw latt. -
Cmrlaeitlleleaotewa. -
"What l yonr nmr aba asked.
"Jenny Gray."
"Hot 1 like that Von won't mak
m call yon MUa Gray, will you? But I
muitn't ask to many quoatlon. Only I
want you to Fred."
bh left th room, returning tn a min
ate or two with her brother. I wa on
npon social term with him. He closely
ratembleil his father-had the earn light,
ourlln hair, calm gray eye and
preaatv lip. H wa not ao talkative
a Carrlet be wa mora thoughtful and
reserved, mora obeerving and Urn tin
puUiro. I was in in time thoroughly Installed
fas mr nw home. I had much to blea
my heavenly father fori my line war
tat In pluawtnt idacea. Tha anmrner
went by, and th winter, in the nam
nuint. steady, happy way. But I do not
intend to sneak abont my duties at Ab-
(rnthney Halt, my tnUiwmn of ta
lovely children, and how ia beaotifying
their lives my own grew beautiful It
I with tli new awakening, th new El
Dorado of my eompanlonahlp. my inti
macy with the rector, that I have to do.
Ha wa standing at on of th win
dowt on tb morning that Mr. Aahley
Ittirednoedmetohlm. He turned round,
needed gravely and then gated ont of
tha window a abatrat'todly aa tf or.
wa not Dinned at that 1 am not proua
and fan mv friend tell me) put too low
an estimate npon myself, though hi
aurvev of me wa not a leiaurely one, 1
knew that bo bad already www a
much of my life and character as a bw
penetrating man would have lenroea m
a week. It took m that long to engage
htm even in the moot Incidental conver
sation, i S M. . f 1 : v. i
B waa a sedate, area tampered man,
Ra waa often given to fit of abeeut.
ntndtdtteas.hnd from this 1 learnel that
there waa tome irreat Borrow In bia toul,
It waa mdv in th uulult that lie proved
hlmesir mor tlmn an ordinary man. He
wu an analytical reaaoner, ubjert to
burnt of th moat captivating elotpienoe
and skrong In tba yearning for the salva
tion of hia fellow men. The light seemed
to go ont of hU eye and th plrttnal
lnrv out of hit face ao toon a h de
scended from tb pulpit Fw stepped
Into th able to graan him by tba nana
thav iiimlv liowwl their head With th
memory of tlio recttbtly tpokea word of
truthfulne in thrlr tenia and a ort of
tympathy for th secret torrowfulnes
which raised btm anova uie piano oi
tKalr oomnanioniluo.
But there came a time when tool a
deeper intereat in met when hi yea
would neglect hi IMoK 10 lotiow me
around th room; when ha would meet
inewlth a nosegay, or ask me to (troll
with him throuuh the gardens. I found
him a more agreeable companion than
had suppoaed btm to b. He would ootii
out of that half dreamy lemargy
which h Boomed to (it and convene as
If be thought aud felt like other men,
muHt aav that he even Uecaiue eomniu
nioativo. He pok 1 retervedly and
tee (paamodloally. At flrt I convertno,
and he listened, but by degree and un
annsciously, aa it were, our poaltion be
eame rovereud. Tlion it wa that I stood
npon the confine of the new U Dorado
In the world of thought It was some
thing grand to alt at hi feet, a quiet,
Imprest We pupil, v i
i I nuwt aav it (ooner or later, and so
will aav It now. I loved him! ye,
- . .. . i j, i
Warmly, fcrveutiy, paaatonaieiy. i uiu
not know whether my love wa reclpro
eatod. neither did I care. The knowl
edge of the deep love In my own heart
waa ennnirh for ma to aweu noon at anv
one time. To bt (ore, bis eye at timta
warmed np with a beautiful light, and
kt would txhlblt th most earnest oiu"
tudo for a temporary ach or illnes,
but beyond this I obstirved nothing. He
did not speak of love. What I had no
ticed might hav been meruiy cooaeunwu
by his strong friendship for me.
. i wa one aay roouuiK vum
tung nnd Wahrhoit" 0oetry and Truth).
Mr. Jackson observed vnt wor m wj
hands. . ,
Ia Goothea favorite or yourw n
eked. : .; - ' '''' . ' -f
(Very mnch so," I repuea.
"Hi worka have never been faithfully
translated, and least of all the on yon
are now reading, i It w not oven second.
k.n,il it. ia what Mrs. Austin called
'a bad tranalatlon of a very oau renou
OBIRBISliLf "aaaa
Tliere la never more Interval taken by
.ioUtont In a running rat than there
la lit a liotlv AnnleattNl tnittlng Conttnl.
Not ouly I it a bmgfr rw. but the
ehauor of il bvlwg a change iu the win-
aliig lion on Hie aecotia mtti at
lb tteopb'exeltitl 1
Iat June there were nver 1U0 boraee
In lite ttable at the rtuwtrw-k, and yet
nu narade waa ever Hiatle. it la 10 M
boiK-d that title year ail the Ua k will.
ou a certain day. be brought out and
narattetl U'fore tlte graitd aianti, ontv
un ami nope I jack aualn. to that the
- ...... .........
i. into may mv auiue atw-a, iu
picture reprt'atnt the
Hlghett of all In Leavealog Power.-l-Lttett U. S. Gov't Rtpoit
climbing the gruaay i-oln wa a fcature
of every fair, and why uot liera.
Tint BrmiKP HoRnm
At lite Talmage track are at-wmnda-
tlona for nver on hundred head of
hot-He, and our artlat iwn dipicte
Rilry CooKr't Black I'luinoiid, taken
in front of hi stall.
i I
Tn Machiwkrv Exhibit
S Machinery for the fnrm, and labt
ttvlng appllancr are always being pat
ented and at the fair la the ptoce to go
and tee lb LiU-at Improved maebinery
Our dealer In agricultural machinery
will via with eadi otner in
ahowlng the r14! ix'luU of their spec-
BltH'K Pakadu
Our reatitr abouUt aak the mauage-
mni tiiaild the aUive fixture lo the
teoond day.
ihiit intellectual expression npon his faoe translation.' Two element enter -into
Which oomos to men who reivd and think 9Very translatlon-t-th author and the
much. His Hps and eyes betrayed ms
reuial nature. They would bav giwo
their Impressions or geniauiy w vwjr
anna, ....
Ho chatted gayly a we walked to
ward the bonne, ne did o partly to re
lieve me from embarrassment and part
lv liecauae it was hi nature. Perhaps
v . . . , . ... ,
ie noticed, too, inai i nan uwu r
na. I alrendy , folt as U t nao anown
iim fur veara. There wa no atmos-
tilwreof mock aristocracy about him,
.. ,j lJ.IMifnn
! "Carrie," said Mr. Asnioy, ore .
ruached the hall door, "this i yonr new
Ml rpo thetf earn qon oaunn
translator. , Thua, Hoole ;atioo u
nearer to Hoola than to Anoaio. do ui
'Hnmar .' The Greek is nothing,
ir.ninhman everything. Transla-
u. hnvi han called Dressed flowers.
If you want to enjoy uoetne in an n
frenhnes and fragranoe, you mnst go to
th original. In no otherway win yon
k ! thnrnnurhlv to anoreciaie mm.
'Tin von understand uerman, mi,
Te.Vann" I aaked. 1 . , .4 1 '
l "I hava been told that 1 am a perreon
naatar of the language. I have uoethe s
work in my library., Yon mnst study
! TiibCampy Stand
No niibllo gathering would be com-
ttleto wttliout the candy stnud. and tta
luixittiuiln ami tba aotla water, ao of
counte all tbnee will be on the grounds
Thk Fat Stock.
i All the grades of ImporM cuttle are
hmd bv our entcririnlwr fariuera, and
will be on exhibition.
(VxiKisa Exhibit
Nothing appeal ao forcibly to tha av i
uraxe man as an array of good thing ,
Ui rat, and Polk county ba good cook ,
and they are going to bav an exhibit
at the fair next week, and yon want to '
be there when the judge ask your '
opinion on tha cake aud pie aod
pronervea. ..
The Columbian liberty bell, which '
waa cast fMin the pennlea of children
in tvery part of the country and from
hiatorluttJ trinket from all parte of tba .
world lias started on it Journey. Th
bell ia valued at 110,000, and contain
78 per nent of copper, gold and Uver.
It contain tome of tb oldeat coin ia
exbttonce, two of which were In ctrcu
lalion during the time of ChrUt, and . ,
one bearing the date "181 A. D." Tha
bell was rung ix tit flret time on
Grand Army day, September 9th.
at the Warid' - Fair After tha t
fair cloa a, the bell W.ll travtl ,
Uck toWufblutton, where it will ba ,
cuutf next to celebrate the aunivenary
of the ratllloatlon of the constitution '
of Georgia. It will then be-sent to
New Orleans to ring in ttiemory of Gen
eral Jackwm's groat victory wer tha i
lirltiah. It will be rung again at the
California nildwluter exposition. AT- .
Ur that it will take a voyage acrasa the ,
ocean to England, aud will be used lu-"
celebrating the ' aunlveraary of the
battle of lUmymede aud th granting
of the Magna Cbarta by King John, f
It will visit Pari aud ring in tba oele- ,
lirai Ion of the fall of the Bastile. ,
StroagMt Ktad of Evtdeae.
A robust woman waa before Judga
MoAdam of tha iuperior court of
New York recently, asking for nap
aration from an evidently nenpockod
husltand. While the husband waa
timidly giving evidence that ahowad
the true state or anairs me wue .
scowled ominously. Aa he left tha
atand she went for him. A court at
tendant who waa about to restrain
her was called back by Judge Mo
Adam. The woman, who charged ,
cruelty, bit the little man a blow
that knocked him over a chair. ,
That will do, madam, aaid tha
judj; "your physical evidence at
much stronger than the oral teeH-
mouy. Your case ia dmiaiea."rT
Exchange. , -,
Rabbi Laadaa'.Wtfc . , '
Ei:ekiol Landau received hia call to
Prajjue while he waa atoll in early
manhood. Hia appointment evoked
aome jealousy on the part of older
aspirants, who had aeemea : uent
selvt better fitted for the high ap-
pointoient When he took hiaaoat
for the first time at a gathering of
the notablca, on a raisd daia, one of
these disappointed rivals observed
ironically, "Kabbi, -it aeemt to me
that thy chair ia aomewhat too high
for thee," Landau, turning to him,
answered with a good natured smile:
Friend, thou art mistaken. Thy
tabto is too low for me." Nineteenth
Century. , , , ,
, Bicvci.8 lUca
It might add to tlte Interest If such a
nice a una were w uw n nmn
tliHre are a iiuiiiIht of riders lu l'olk
Oounty and sullitble puna could lie had
If tnfflelenl lutereat were mnninwou ny
die wlwelrldum lii Polk ' county. Bay
the raw be bent two 111 three miiea, oi e
race to be run each day uutll deoiueo
The people mut be amused
as well
Conolnded next we s InsUuoted aod in the old couutryi
Our readers are familiar with the
various strains of Imported chickens,
ducks, geese, eta and will view with
Interest the exhibit made by local
breeders. ..
Odd LifhU In aa Eating ftaoa. '
I have aten a Frenchman clean hia !;,
teeth with the watof in his finger ,
bowl and then produce a tablet of
BOap trom a pocKeuatse wiui mo ui-
Umtion of vjasiiuig ms nanaa jjui
the liiont exti-aordinary of all in this
line was the conduct of a Russian
who removed his coat aud vest and
then deposited his collar and necktie
on tlio table. Not knowing whera he
wou u enu. iitisioucu vu iv uun
tw im wiui not in a lavatory, where- ...
upon he replaced his garments in the
same grave, quiet manner with which
he had disrobed and left without grv
ing me anything. -London Tit-Bit , i
A SoraSlpa. v
: Hobbs He'a madly in love, . , )
Cobbs Why do you think sot , .
Hoblw LOOK at .tna -variety oi
neckties he wears, Chicago Robord.
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