The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, December 23, 1892, Image 3

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What Our Reporter Finds of In
terest to Our Readers.
Marr f hl t Ua Wwk Twwl TU
4 CullerM U.II,-.ltM, .f UMwl
Isreal littles how lit the eighth I
Ilvlug contentedly lu hi (tanning
year eared for hy hi mm David.
A, K. lvl rveeutly foreman f th
Wiwr uvit nttie la unw lu Topek
KiUiuut where he la working "u new
Bro. J. It X. Bell wtw Jt now y.
4ng "the demoemta did not eerry Ore
gon therefore he will euitgfwUt to
Henry Hill furuhdud the capital to
thoae lui llmt did tuerchandl-dnn lu
Independence, IVrty year ago, Hint he
imv 1 1 it lrgct part of that capital i
UitdUC. ,':
Our lady friend are tending ' hi oon
UlWutititi (or the January HouaehoUI.
lieuicuibcr that it take many mituU
to make papvr interesting and every
few tiuihl, We eullctt iniitv hluta
Heud them at onoe,
WtllUni Cockle of Linn county ha
puretuwd aou ere of the I,ock do
uttiioii claim, t'urctuuM trU i-to per
ore. He recently erected ulve cut
gt tu Mountouih. IU will probably
tuuvmou Ui land purehwwd In the
lu 114 Ell Hedge, uu uf Ureal
Hedge waa drowned while attempting
tu ford Ui Wlthuuette above Indepen
dence at plaee called the , "IVdly
Funl ef li , mm " a highly nwpeoted
ynUug num. and the ad (Meat ropto! of
lite death u Uuk'uM by U euiu
tuuiiity. '"-'hv.::.'
U. A. Well Jr. and J, It Bedford,
two of the leading ovlety young tueu
of Bitcim VI$U recently Uild ft. ivpre
eeutatlveof me Wrr 8uK that If It
would bud them each a young lady
who would do the prupiwing they
would promptly it't, A uotlw in Uit
jwpi'r bad th vtt'wt uf bringing In Un
iropoahifruiu yuuug UlUw at tlui-ua
Vit wltliiu ihrtti day. Vupn'
w umy imnuls our tvadt-r a duubW
wodldUig aoutt.
Ir. K.11. Youug, ri-U-rlury aurgwn
and dutit, lt uf XwUrg. baa lo
cated jHTuiauuntly In ludi-ixmuloiuw.
The diK-tor eoui bigbly n.ttmiiutnital.
Hiii ottlw I over Ibe udwuduc
NuUotml bank.
UitUillmt U'iut ewn the rent cwl
lector are to t lnd of liuxter &
Tlic X'W Year call on you to have
yourwtttili fti-am-d and tvgulated by
O. A. Kralln r.
0r.T.J. ollUf U atUie eud of
the ball, up ataira lu the ludcpeiidauw
Xatioual lbtna building.
Fur the nest two wevke Wielley
Vaiidu)uuirer oiie hundred and fifty
pair of pauta at -xot!y Untt wil.
tbe Uriif Iiuh ai ready been tedueed
un Jewelry and iilvrire whhh
Buter A Hheltey will take pleasure In
aiiowlug you.
Anna Aduiua, of McMlnuvllle,
waa 'vbitlug lur friend Ml J-i
Tttlom over Minday.
Hull. J. t). htaau wan lit town tixlay.
Itohaobeeu vWling uillireut iKirtlon
uf the Willi ty w ttb a vluw to the want
of the ptvpte.
Kloper tStttpellun paased thmugh
town wdwy with their welHwrtiig
uimililuery whieh wan gorgeoiia lu
a freah cunt of rnl pniul.
- Alias Lena Campbell," of Dallaa, who
haa la-eu viailing .Mrs.V. V. I'ereival,
departed tor her home today. She
exprewieJ herself a delighted wltU her
vlait ainoug frienda here.
T. b Durham, who waa In the
butcher bualueaa here a iew year ago,
la now located at I'eudletou. He, wear
ing a great wolf akin coat, baa been
ahakiug handa with frlenda here.
(Jw. VV bite, of Klekreall, who
recently auHluined aucha heavy tot
In the burning of the flouring mill
there, waa in .lown.Uxlay looking very
complacent. A larger and fluer will
than ever will replui the old one.
C. E. 8tauta, one of the ahluing ltghW
of Alrli, C. J. Hiuith, of HlckrettU, mid
M. Marilu, farming on hii place north
of H. 1. Brunk'a, on the Bulciu rond,
were lu town loilay. They find our
merchant are ecllmg g""! remark
able cheap.
Will 11. Hoaler, who la acting county
auditor In the great city of Hpoknne,
Washington, cumo in yesterday, aud
un,ried Ida frleuda. He attended
at the lied ineii'a mawiuerade bull laat
..i.,i.t. 'I'hia la Ida flrat vlait in four
yearn. He found many old acjualnt
atiees.but alao umny new faaa In Inde
A achool teaeherat Monmouth waaen
U'trogntlug her clni'HofboyainnienUl
arithmetic on which occupation i
n.ied followlUK. OllB
boy aald he wua going to be a banker,
auotiier, a preacher, etc., and one
lirlirht ved boy 'when Baked. "Whnt
re vou itoliiK to do?" uld "Jm going
to be a niurrled man."
flour, bran, aliorta, graham, germea,
delivered tree from the White Htur niilla
Leave ordera at any grocery aUre.
Freah Hah every Tuewluy and Friday
Ice ever' Aav at 11 cent. i- B. Jkiyd-
stun, opponlte l'te'i grocery.
The Wliite Htur roller flour, maim-
ru-.toied bv KUimeii & Chriatiuu, la
guaranteed to lie the very heat.
Kroin now to Chrlaliiiu la a ver
!,(, time, lunl long enough to have
your waahlng done by the Indepen
dence atntin laundry, and be happy.
e-r.un now to ChriMtinaa w a very
abort lime, but you need only spend
few minute t l'- --' J'atU'raou'a Ui aee
that you cuu buy uli yf'r chiKlren
tlitfr iireaenia there.
J, l), Hurat, the well knowu miller
of Aur M, who recently vlalted riklnne
&CVa flouring-mill here,naid: "You
liuve one of tlio ntoHt conipleti' and lam
e.tuipHd nillla that I have aeeu any
where; not a bit too much machinery
and yet plenty to do all the work. I
am not surprised tu lm that your
flour I tear a gaa) remitatlon M
(I. I Kelly, uf MitOtty.wa vlaltlng
her Saturday. He haa recently bought
the Abrauw nirin lu Spring Valley.
Mlmt ltounl Swaim, MIm Anna
I.uter and Mlw lMta siulth are
prolU'Unt teaehem, and awm aiilmntiHl
With deleniiltuHi apt ill to advaiuw
the KhieBtloiml lntenta of thin under
their charge at Mntuunuth.
K. C. Vanderjaail, uf Well Mtatlon,
llentou eouiity, In company with
Henry MoKliuuty paid the Wmi' Httia
ufllw a aoelal v lal t ttalay , M r. Vander
1I la the win uf Huvld II. Vamlerpoid.
and nephew of Mr. F. A. Dotity, of
thla elty.
I'll varum deatrtnunl of tlia
putille aehtxit lu Mouuiouth are all In
condition worthy the eimiiiendutln
of Ita laitrona, rmfeaaur Murphy ha
now been prtneliad lu charge for the
Itaai alx year, and haa given aueh
aadafaotltin to the public that hla tn
llimaiuv In that ptwltloti laawimM.
There are ITt) atndouta enrolled, nt Mnii-
muuthall hrlghta, nmy, happy youth
Kindly regrd,and apeetliiualntnli ed
Ih'Iwih'U leaeher and pupil, Mild the
xeMi uf the aehud ure e-irrleAl on
In imler decorum and puut'timHty,
Wbllat vlaltlng Thunuluy the aeholar
wore ralkdou to go through aouie of
their varluuvKtrelaea,wl.leu exervlmw,
if pantiibi would more freijueully attetul
thwu, would beeniiw of more alworhlng
Intereat In all eoueerimi lu the aiiece
and proiarlty of the achool. l'arenta
vialt yur publlo actual), ami by hi
doing give encouragement to teaehera
and aludenta.
JimI atop and think, only fV H-r
lot, fl down and f I per iuoiuU;mo
lutenwt, no taxe. My lot are all
cleared and levvl, and nut ten lulnutiV
walk frota ih motor. Yea ean get
wtr wllhltt J ftet, Ther w
houae going up right a king, ehurvh,
euouland atowo eloa by. Ihw't nr
get that ywt bujf right from tb jwuef,
and h will arud you niu and lufor
mallon giving nameaof lNirtland bunt
nea men who have lunghu Juat
think, & lot for to. W. Kkiht.
4'J( Flrat street, between I'lue and
Aah, rrtlaud, Oregtin.
Ou Monday .January 2d IslUU Shelley
4 Vandtiyn wilt ehaat their tore -t
an Inventory of atock.
iteineuttvr that the children ifl-e
bya and I'. C. 1'atteraon luw all klu4.
lick V, C ratteratu' emifoctlm
fitHii your Cbrlatuiaa lanigha,
Hriug your eltlldreu to P. ('. rati"
aon'a and aeettie pietty toy.
O. A. Kramer dia not U g for tra
he seta It throuuih merit.
Fifty eenta will imy for the W
SitiK to April ISal.
Family waahlng la done at low raM
by the Indepcudcnee laundry. j
There I a uew atyle of piakellaaik
at Hunter A 8beltey'a lore, one th it
buya more than you thought It would .
Their low price do the tuyrtleal deed
A t'hrlatma entertainment wilt 1
elveu at the Kvangellcal rliurch i n
fhrlatmu eve at 7 o'tka-k, eonalatllig
of Interi'alliig exereim and tnualc by
the chlldivn and young people, fid-
lottml by the distribution of gift fnmi
the tree. Come all, rwh and piair.
The imator will diaeouixe on Siiblailh
evening a ('hrlatma m'nuou to the
young people,
There a III 1 service at the I'tvly
terlan chinch next Bumli.y at the
usual hours, tl a. in. and T p. in. Hun
dnv M-luad ul the clow of the lliomil
service. There will li Christum
tree In the church Hattirduy eveulng
l)iviiilar . 4th. Coniliiimli ii service
will 1st behl ou the Ural rtimday in
January, at 11a. m. The collection "u
that day will be for Foreign Missions
and Hunday actnad work.
Servktr at the Congregational ehureb
n Suiulav. were well alleudetl. I lie
ereulug song aervlt waa a very
Interesting one. The orchestar rendered
a pleasing selection eutltlid "Savior
Breath an Evening Blessing " tn
next Sunday there will 1st peflal -r-
vlw lu the morning ouly. The pastor
will preach appropriate to the accaalon
In the evening he will aid lu Uirisi-
m sa eutertiUnmeiit at Dixie.
Tbe Monmouth Baptist church waa
dedicated laat Sunday morning In the
nreaenoe of a large congregation, A
debt of over MOO atlll remained unpaid
but the amount waa all pledged before
proceeding to dedlcute the church.
Itev. J. W. Oataim preached the aer-
mon, and IWV, uunaaaer aim ivojbi
aatlstedln the aervlce. It la a very
. i it. i
ueat structure capable of holding about
two hundred persona.
Next Sunday morning at the Chris
tnlu church the theme will lie "The
human sympathy of Christ," and lu
evening "The Iloy of Hoihlehcin.'ThlH
wilt laj a Chrlatinaa service, aad extra
music, consisting of mixed and male
quartette, duett, nnd solos, will con
stitute the progrur e. ine yooi.K
people's society will tnwt In the even
ing ot 8 o'chsk , subject "The Hnbe of
Hethlehem." I-euder, Bessie Butler.
Prayer meeting Tuesday evening at
7:30. .
"Faint heart never won fair lady.'
Don't lie afraid to call on her when
vou have had your work dyne by the
Independence steam laundry.
Ilemeruber to oall at tbe Nurtnal Book
Htore, Monmouth, ir yon owd anything
in the line of school hooks, ouool sup
plies, athletic goods, eto-
You can afford to buy your mother-in-law
a gold watch now, they are so
cheap ot BusU-r 4 Hhehey's.
The early buyer gets thd bargains In
P. C. Patterson' holiday stock.
I .lent. I'errv fulled to discover Santa
Claus at the North Pole. The fact la
the Jolly old patron has his huaii
quartcr at P. C. Piitlersoii's.
Will Hosier left for Spokane today.
D..., A t Ihuiaaker left for Mc-
i v. . v
Miunville tmluy.
J. E. Kirklaml of HarrWniig and
wile, are visiting relative here,
Unite a number of students at Mon
mouth have already gone noine ior u.e
Holidays. ,
ffi. (I. Shonhollster, of thl clly left
r. irnMimi. Mn. where he will
visit relatives.
vr u 11. Ilorsloe. niolher of Mrs.
' I
M.O.Potter, left for her old home In J
Ji ebrarka (mlay
Miss Cassle Wiley of The ltallm, who
I a student at Mouniutith, left fur her
home today to and th holiday.
The first snow of la fell hslay. It
w a only a few aeattvrlng flakea but It
served to show that winter was close at
Henderson Hliiipaou tf IShi IV w a
Interviewing old ftitmalutiiut'es here
tslny, He I making preparations for
logging on a large scale,
Alon! tlurlaitik, ami or Aaron
1 - ... .. . .
latnk, and nephew of Tom Bmhnitk
the first merchant of Inile'ideueo,
wa doing business tu the elty today;
John llrown, working a part uf the
Hiraebburg place iu'low towu, from a
few rods of sorghui j made 61 gallon of
flu syrup. He w ilt put lu one acre
next spring. The cultivation ami pro
duction of sorghum may eventually I
a very profitable business,' U-l uiore
try It, ' .
Kugeiw Cat iron has gone to Califor
nia to spend the winter. How butu
nute the peoi'le of Monuiuutli ar that
theyeati in ike enough money every
auuiiuer to spend the winter In sunny
CulltWula. H'uen he I not glng
for tils health, and exist'la to come
back and settledowu. If anyone tsiuld
s rsitade a California girl to come up
to Ihvuoii to live. Menu could d It and
probably will.
A small amount of money can la'
made to go a long way wheu you nwy
your holiday gisala of P. C. Patterson.
Flv naistr I . no lotiuer worn, but
Buster & Shelley have a neat line of
eliest ptotwtor.
A rt'iJffmr double team driver lu
Jewelry and silverware at Buster A
HhelleyS ,
The iudieailou of the weather ai
Uiat It will snow tomorrow
Copies ot IW.' BHrn-wiiieut Mil III elud.
lug tuortgages, In pHiuplilet urm, for
sale by V. P Flake, Italia, price 1st.
There III be uo Christina tree at the
Presbyterian church, but live will tie
at both F.vauhvlioal and Christian
Contribution to the January iliuv
hold Suppli'iueut a iv eouilug lu and we
anticipate making lla very iutere.;
lug iuiiiiUt,
ifyouwaiita dwelling hoite, and
a lot In Itueiia Vista for Ww, see the
Polk County Ijtnd Co. and tin y will
a ll It to yen.
yulte a iiuiuta'r of our expert irt
man will go down to McCoy and make
It warm, If the weather Is uot tai void
for the crack shots of Polk.
Tbe I'nele Joh Comedy CouijMiny
departed thl afleriHK.ii, for Italia, in
iiigb spirits, to present the play ttiere,
having U'ii Invlusl to do so.
Ogonlsas tardea New Knglaud
and Indian united, and twin' as lurc
hi F.i gland; and If o'tlled asdeinsiy as
uglaiid It would have i,mm,()
F, M. (lab, of the Steam tjuiiidry
llul no his own steam Isdler, (havliiK
rmerly Miteil power of the water
irks) and Is lu much lattter eoii.ll.
tan than ever to give the public Mil.
.ill the is'iMiu w ho lsrrowed the
to from this oMcit discilhlng Cnl
tionia. tireuoii ami asliiuuioii as
..i ......
stH'ti iy a uieiiiis'r ot mo .aiioiiui
I'.dllral Atsoiiatloil last May, please
Midi Iff
Tit Polk County Lam! Company
hm jVt Mcuivd the wile of lihtieu
acrmy.f tine laud atunstt w I J " 1 1 1 1 1
townjt a very tow figure. See F. A.
I'mtii xt alsiul it.
'f hl ity of Muuuiouih held an excit
ing cY'itou last Monday, and tht.
result is the election of the following
oftlcers. Mayor, ' It. Fulkersoii;
n-vortie J.J. HigK'n; treasurer, Ira
G. Poa I; marshal, S. 1), Coal;conn
cilmeii. M, Powell, II. J. Builer, L.
lteulli ) .nd 0. (). (irave.
Durln the four year of John Wana
maker s mnugeiiieiit of the pwt olllee
departui it, $jtil,tXHi,miM has bts'ii
hamlteilknd nut one cent ha laeu
loat. It rem as though the system
must be nrfect. The postmaster tleo
eral ad several very radical
change (1 make the service more
efllclent.j 'vV'e shall give extracts from
hi retail next week.,
'the lair millers, of the United
Slates, all Just uow of California, are
alarmed ii the rapid Increase of the
Mcdltteraiiu moth. It Infests Hour
and break U pnslucU. It gather in
the mill 1 clogs up the machinery
and even disc mills to shut dou n
for day toll them sclve of the pest.
Tills last Mcalled ephestlu kuhnellla
(Zlllur) ami Vine from Kurope several
year ago,
There well rumora " the street
today of thoWchaso of real csliiU
licre for the eilhlishment of a manu
facturing Indilry which will employ
twenty to thii'l men and cost from
tityXX) to PMC The panic arc
none of themVcsldonts of Indepen
dence, and we Ito unable to And uui
iiuytlilng ililliiV about the matter.
It seems that uditlal Ions are uot yel
In shape to allovAdctnlla to appear It)
print. We only Ine the report may
be founded on lit. We need more
Hon, J. B N. Ill of Independence
la in the city Hetu a former clerk
of the Oregon ralli'll comiulsslun, for
ten day owned aultereat in the Hold
Willamette proper! has conducted
many newspnper,lonie of tlieiu to
more than local famhud some to an
early grave, Is a PreA'terlan preacher
second In ability onl to Father Dri
ver, and Is evcrywlle mlstiikeii for
CJrover Cleveland, tliAfh lie Is by far
a better looking niaii.Uialem Journal.
The most delicious IraUfust dish 1m
the germea made by Hinscu A Chris
tian at the White Star tier mills. Ask
vour irrocer for it ami lllston having
no other.
The graham inunufalired by
White Star ruder mills ll,f cxira ipml
Ity. Try It.
J- S. Cooper left for J'orlid ou hds
Wa are havlint a toiul of W. l
Civssy's New llamshlro wilier.
Mrs. E, K, Hewitt of PoVnul, ami,
baby, will spend Uhiisiiinlvvllh her1
mother Mrs. Davis, ut Monituth.
Tt, w.ii. a s-autlllll Blltni K)uv to see
If we till yau an , fw ru It o, and It not Breve
will be Tier MK.nni knt ar and wll maka It liehL
the train come In, throwing doud of
'' l" ft""' " '' f tliajtcjln.
Miss itose Itaiiton, who lia M lv,
Ingiitlt, Shelly', u'rthla elty twit for
her home In Aiwa today , to seud (he
Mrs. Dr. Futon, of Portland asni
iwii led by her timther John (Aaiiter. ar
rived today and wilt and (Christmas
with their father J. 11. lioopet,
Sylvester Uisalnlnht, uHy auditor
of Clarke enmity Wah. "eilniimnled
, "J" ' tltkl'y. "vl Ua, WK
u-lll .,,,,,,.1 rl.rl.ln.u Uillh I ......
will spend Christina
Smith of Monmouth,
The Uncle Josh Company did mil
have as gisid nil attendatnU t l)a
a they were led to rxMk and a a
cnuscmitmite the exptMiKfT were Sl.'l
iiinif than the rtwtpts fm ciiim
alone was M. H Is aalA that Ml toll
Kills gave the word mid the people
lunl l'i slay ai Home. i. -y f v,
Last ulisht we wem lnAud toa win 1
stoiui and snow storm eouvhlued. Th.
tliat Mew down nearly th ninth
u uit lu town and the hitler eovetvl
thcsurfiuv of the eiuih wlh how to a
di pill iifaUmtsIx Im.iu, nd welghled
the teiepieme ami Weotrjo Hjjht and
and telegraph win mi Jtaavlly Unit
iiu y iircnroKeii in an "iiWvtlon. Im
de)smleee will Is Without liht tonight
ou that account, nod our 'petml w ill
roallce Ihiw Inconvenient it I tu use
nuiy eisil oil. ;
' Kintileui .lim, eharnia aiid button,
libit ptvN'ut for gent. At Patterson
Bros. ;
Are you looking for sommhlng niw
for a gent for Xnm? See ttr silver
smoking net. Ask tlie prtoe Patti
sou Bnsi ., . , ; . ,
Ahamlmuat pluah box go with
every ladle1 H' watch- today and
toiuoriow. Pat lemon Bjroa, ..
Flv feet of snow alOlyiupU,
FourhstB lneheofnow lu Port hind.
The tllnnioiid Held of Idaho, lately
discovered, are very rich,
Alf. Cnlklii", of MoMlmivllle, was a
m tor to our elty Tuesday.
A palile I fiart'd lu the lillleil
Stnti a a result of the reeeut e lee
lions. Our people wanted letw piotcc
tiou and triey are to soon have n,
A we go to pre the snow measure
eleven inches In depth and still snow
lug, The morning train old not
arrive here until S u'ebsk lu the after-
Andy linker, a pioneer of 1K41, a
resident of Yaiuhlll etiuuty, ald this
city a flying visit Tuesday. He came
to the isiast with Cot. Nesuiith ami
in ly. He say Polk and Yamhill
i mi nt Irs are the cream of the valley.
The I in IM urns service which were
lobe given by the Sunday school of
(tie Christian .church will, un ac
count of the Inclement weather he
itespeliisHl with. Au eutcrtiduiiieut
will be giveu the seliixii lu the near
future which will partially atone for
the Christina disappointment.
Msrltsl llr(Mir.
Wheat, 1 1,13 per cental.
lla, 4U () 4;i iviit r busliel.
Barley, i7,ao (-i 1H.8U per ton.
I lois, lo u 1H els. r pound,
Poiabs-s, ill (a- ".'let.
I'Vifs. (iregoii3'M-U , luisteru 27J cU.
p.r dtwen.
Valla C lt.
- Several of ur boy w ho have Iss'ii
liuutiiiK In the liiouulallis lat wis'k
returned lust Sunday and report hav
ing seen three fwt of snow in the
wood, tleer and tsur aiv,gcttlog
very siiriv.
Our literary club had It first meet
ing lust Friday, The world docs uot
need to U'siuprlsed ff Polk county will
pn 'luce a secomt ih'inonllieues. the Is hem, nil It lack 1 the pro
lutioiiliig and development.
Although Fall City ha witnessed
for the pasi few week a financial crisis,
people do not lose coiilldeiice but liu-
inwe their homes and plaei and pa
tiently anil for Is tier times, which
uiuloiiblcdly will si on collie.
Hev. L. S. Fisher la holding a revival
meeting, He has several converts.
Stiver will have a Christina tree.
Everything Is being done to make It a
Mr. W. Miner and Mrs. J. F.
Aldrleh left Saturday for California, to
v Islt relatives,
An opcrallou was performed ou
Freddie Uulck, Tuesday. He has now
an aiisess just umicr ins ncari unci
tiiere Is but little hope for 111
l;. met at
W. (!. T
Mrs. Stonctt'i
Sitl unlay,
There Is talk of organizing a Masoiilo
hnlgw In town,
Lewis lliili'oiub la still (julto sick
with the lung fever.
The liniid floiiccrt has la'eii postponed
iniiill nrter the ho'lduys.
Jennie .McDaulel, of Sliver, Is vlslt
ng her eoiihlu, Mrs, White,
Suiuliiy schiKil next Sunday at
eleven j Xnnis service at night.
Andrew McDaulel was up from Port-
hind the Inst of the week, on business.
Mrs. N. M McDamel, of Dallas, has
been visiting relaives In this vicinity.
McIhinlolA White think the grain
saved from the fire will hiiiig about
iiOc.ta per
bushel, ou the original
The ptirlnerahlpheretofore existing he-
I ween J.F.O lion lielliindJ.D.Irvlne un
der t he (Inn iiniiicol O'DonncllAIrvInc
lias this day been dissolved by mutual J. 1), Irvine, retiring from
I ho 11 nil. All notes and accounts due
Hie linn will lie collected by J. t.
frvlno at. the Indiipciiilence Nntlonal
Hunk mid all bill against said firm
will he paid by O'Donncll & Irviiit1.
J. F. O'DllNNKMi,
J. 1). lKVlNK.
iiviiKi'UNDijNcio, Ok, Dec. Siat, IHU2.
The IiiihIiicsh will Iki continued by
V. O'Donncll and we take thlsoppor
lunlly cf thanking the ptibliu for the
lihernl p 'I'oiuigi' given uh during the
IpaHt yenr, and solicit a contluuanco of
It he Hiiinu to cur NiiccesHor.
Newsy Notes I'rom the
Towns In the County.
A fn$) Has! tlallaaTalh of OmsaUla Ms.
soils tMt It KlflirMll.- (SrI.IMu
Tw I Ik I'tsari t luHisnslk,
Youug Shi Moore ha returned to
itallii after an extended stoy In La
Sheriff Well and wife are at Port
land wliei he gs to attend the slier
III'' convention,
Henry Caiuphell ha charge of the
clerk's olllett whllu ( brk Mil I key Ih it;
the natros)ls on biisiiies,
Llii'ime to wed was today Issued to
II. J. Hvvt'usautl ami Miss Flla Stiny,
of th Llickiauillle rttglou. J.P, Jtev
n, witness, t
SherlffWfllsauil Ih'putv Farley are
busy on the ilelinnucnt tox roll of pet)
and 1WI, The court hii ordered col
lect s I Immediately. ,
The Dallas Lislgw A. F. k A. M. will
publicly Install their ottleer on next
Tuewiay coming ami wind up with a
ftncupHrl the Hotel Holmau,
A Christmas hunt will he Indulged lu
by the ulinrodMil thl place with J. O,
Belt and W. B. Davis tut captain on
Thursday ami the loosing side to pay
for a auppcr ou Christinas evening at
ihe Hotel ilolmiiu,
The nlleut uf Oerniantowu or
North Dallas are eotisblerably excited
over the pnwnce of a cruxy man In
their midst and would like to see hlui j
In eusUaly, He has U-eu hmiulhg!
around for ouw time and ou Sutunhiy
a vahse and oiue clothing was found
slrewu around ami paper found among
with th name of Buyer on them and
It I upaised that I hi name.
Monday- ; " """
Nina Ijitoiirette, of McMlnnvllle, Is
here on a visit to her sister Mm John
Sheriff Holme ami wife are here
from Kalama. They come up to care
for Mr. Holme1 brother Jim Smith,
who I dangerously III of pneumonia.
Misa Kiln Carpenter of thl place h
finished herehsil at McCoy, and gave
uch gisal satisfaction that she has las n
etignKctt to teach six mouth school le-
glnulug the llrsl of Jauunry,
TheSitotch euterlaluiiivtit given by
the Presbyterian lad lis under the mu i-
agemeut uf Miss Lucia Hell was a
grand utte and was far ahead of
anything of the kind ever given in
Theoftlee ( ehsl liM'rllltcudeut
Hutchinson will hereafter la In Faul
uew brick tiext to Yaugliu' Jewehy
tore. He ha It titled up tn first els
shape and will find It more comfortable
than hi oilier nlHce have been,
IltVOKCa (tOl'KT.
Cora Bock vsOco. Bis k, granted.
M. 1). Kills v Carrie F:ill divorce,
J, J i. La w ton va Carrie Ijw tou, ill
vorce granted,
Kd Shaw v M. K. Shaw, granted.
KllAiilath .MeUiiislloii vs Win. Me
IjnUUon, granted.
The Mitchell v Mitchell camt was
lilbUnu v tllblsins, sctlled.
Thealsive are In (lie
recent term of circuit court
A. ShulU has moved Into hi hand'
some new rcsldeliw et the end of
Main street.
.iara vapis issor tj niilic(el wltna
ealiiiinclc, and J. It. Smith Is driving
the Dallas-Sulciu sltigit.
Iraiik Howell am! Will Brown, of
thl place, have leased ten t.erc of
laud uf John Brown, near Hallos, and
will plant It In Imps.
Mrs. Scott Kings, of Sulein, and her
daughter Mis, Fannie Aititkcy.of Iude
pciltlcnee, have been visiting their
numerous relatl e here.
The aeml-moiillily doiigliuut anil
coffee social ulveit by the Kpworth
League at the M. K, citurch for which
they charged an admission of tcu ceiils
wa largely attended on Friday night,
While Win. Well, of Biieita Vlsl
was handling some holmlesut the Did-1
la warchoust Satmday thej tu in hied
down and two of I hem fe 1 upon him
and painfully If not seriously Injured
Jim Harris, uf this city, today sold
tc veil ly dive bah of hop nt ISe.
Several day iigo he sent to New 'ork
over one hundred bale to lie sold ou
commlsHion. Mr. Harris I of the firm
uf Hums & Stutsman, who have a hop
yard, near Lluclon,
Felix Nih-1, the miller ha been
down to the inclropoll on .busine.
Jiat Black, the other day,)whllo feed
ing some stis'k from the hay mow fell
from the door and suffered the fiacture
of two ribs.
While Charley McDonald, of this
place, wtis assisting In killing a beef
Monday In some way It fell on hlui
breaking his leg and hurling hlui
pretty badly otherwise.
The city council at I heir last meet
ing decided to fix Ihe levy for the
coining year nl eight mill, the mtir
slial to receive five per cent for collect
ing the same. They also propose to
lower the Hilary of the marshal Irom
MOO to $250 a year. .
The following are the few deeds
recorded since last week: Fl. F. Burcli
to Nellie Damon, S!U acres In Burcli'
d 1 c, $700. W, J. Mulkcy ct nl, to
John Jordan, lot In Monmouth, $l,l)!)D
C. 0. liiigsdiilc lo J. S. Cooper, lols In
Monmouth, S1
The court today appointed Walter I.
11 Or ford administrator of the estate of
U. F. 11 osl'ord deceased, his bonds were
llxcd ut l 1,0110. E.;sldniller, John Mor
ris ami li.Cileiin appointed ii)prnlici
of hi Polk count,vtiropei'ly and Dnvhl
Buiilc, Josltih Oldean and James Har
ris, of that In Yamhill county,
Those who were bo fortunate 'last
evening a to he able to wituiHstlie
rendition of Uncle Josh Whltcomb by
ihe ludcpciidunce iiiiiatucr (Irnniiillc
talent at the city hull, pronniiuccd II
an extremely creditable preformanoe
showlugthat our si iter cliy Is posseHsed,
CQMr IN TO -HAY " If"' ' for Xmaa.
V W lr I C IIV l J UHI ataoh to lao (rem in the city, ami
of fine talent III that linn.
Mr. K.S, Call rou left tislay for Cal
ifornia. Baby (lellsiill'eiing with pnetnuo
u la I fever.
Wo are Infurmvd liy Dr, row ley
that Frank Lucas' baby Is very low
with lung fevef, i
The Norma! will adjourn for the
lloild ,ys ThurMilay so that thetudeui
may have ample lime to reach their
honitta by Christ mn.
Our Wly election today wa the oc
casion of much comment ami excite
ment. Two ticket were In the field
nun gotten out by thucltlwii Ineoni.
mon, ami another by the Last side of
town, wlnwe di'ilru It wa to secure
eouncll that would rtither favor smii
uicaKunts a would bcllght themselves,
but the West side decided that there
siiould'lst but one ring and that It
should extend all over, and so ordered
by electing purely a clilzeu's ticket In.
eluding Hiss! men from every (jiBirter
of our cliy. There should U harmony
above all thing among the of
one town,
Will Irelaiiti is building one and one-
liulf mile of new plank fence.
Several tueuiU-r of Mr. Morebead
family are soiui aiuil Iinllip.w.d.
Aiinoi olinun was In tow n Friday
He ha a field of wheat the moil
luxtirant of any we have wri thl
It 1 feared that IM1 Ireland since he
returned from Pilnevllle, wljl capture
the ladle, of Monmouth. Uo In and
Will, Dell.
The Normal and the publlu eh
will J"iu '" 'Htpl'Oing a (iirUlmiis
tree lu the chapel on Hie eve of Unit
eventful day.
BufuH Smith butchered a hog Thurs
day, which be saywt lghel suiiids
ami from which he rendered out loii
isitiud of lord. Howl that for lard?
J.K. Miller hut. concluded torejectauy
ami all appointment umler the Cleve
land adiiiluUl ration, unless it I Ui.U of
Minister PleuliMiteutlary to St. Peters
Quite number mi tint sick lint this
week. Among tlieiu Is Mm. O. Waller,
who 1 wry much ilcbilltaicd. Souu-
thliiiilike the la tirliuat .,.iis to la-
prevalent. .
The Mulmerlpllou list of the Wkst
MPKla not greatly ou the tssmi, but
slowly, steadily, and with faith in Its
stability and sileccs liaiue are taing
sildcd daily lo it atreudy extensive
nill of suliserlU-ni here.
lllliini Mason, a pioneer of 12,
attained to the axe nfHO years la!
iiiursdny, and said,"! cuu Jump upatid
crack my heels together twictt before
I toueii tlie grotiiul its well a any
diiik." To display bis ability be cut
double shiillle,cxivliing the micleul
Jim Crow.
Wed next ay
Professor Duiiii, of the Nouual,
addritMisi the sludcuisou the theory
and protrtibilltis of Matbcmutlcs, this
mnruiug. '
Iti'iircMcntatlve D. K. Itouglimaii, of
I, inn county, visiltHl chapel this morn
ing and gave thesludetits a short talk.
He inxtliv Us he Is a faithful fi ielidof
the Normal.
Au ciiletiniumeut will be given III
the Normal elutjKi, Thursday evening,
by tlie sludenlii and for the studetils
and friends. After the entertainment
there ill Ik a gtsidtye stieial lu honor
of the students Uiktng their depiirluiv
houieward lor vacation,
Hectilar work of member of the
senior class, Wa taken Up III chapel
thin in,. niiuir by Mildred Jacob. Mr,
Klrhy and Mrs. WhimU'iiy.
Pinl'cssor S. Uisidulghland wife both
graduate ftoin the Normal, visited
chaisi thl morning Mr. tr,nnliillil is
the eouiity auditor ofCbuk, county
By a uiuiiilmoits vote of the student
school wa adjourned thl niorulug
until after holiday.
Ilium VIIh.
Ik-atitlful weather.
But a dry inoou;
We are having no rain,
But will have soon.
Mr. Shlvc ha Ihjcii ahlpplug wheat
All the houses of our burg are occu
Oraudnm Fickle Is having her houe
M. K. Tyler hits live tons of clay to
ship to Salt-lit thli week.
Mr. Miller bus rented his hop yard to
Mr. Powell for the coining season.
Several Individual have sold their
crops of potatoes for 40cls, per btisl.el.
T.C. Jones succeeded In digging only
5 acre til'hls 40 acres of potatoes this
Mr. Itichardsoii bought 18 thousand
bushels of potatoes last week, at 40et
a bushel..
Jacob Nash Is Improving his
place lu "Buena.i and going to have a
nicely finished college.
All". Hiirpool is in town visiting
friend und relatives, ll looks natural
to see our friend hick uuuln.
Mr. Murilut Kiunions, an aged lady,
being Hi) years old, is lying at the point
of death at her sou's house.
Harry Sttiire hud the misfor
tune to lose a valuable horse, which
received Internal Injuries hyiitlling In
a ditch.
J. W. and M. L. Baldwin killed
twelve geese and six duckaou the river
lust week and John Nixon sitccwded hi
killing thirteen, but. got only seven of
Our school is progrc.sln nicely un
der the skillful management of Prof,
Kiiimett, The number of scholars now
unrolled is 70' and 'other oomlnir in
very week. '
Our Columbian Literary Society ilia-
cussed a very Interesting iiuestlou lust
Siiliirday niwlit. Tlio tpicstlon was,
IfcKolvfi. That money has more influ
ence than education, Tlictjucstlon being
decided in favor of tlie ntUr.i, alive.
Could lie Mili-dlvlded.
A tract of 100 acres near Inilepen
'ivcc which could ho Hiili-dlviiled into
tcn-inw tract making homes for ten
onienteil lnniilles, iso leredior snle hv
the Polk Coiiiity Land Co.. F. A. Pat
terson, muiuigcr,
Balem, Orcson. W. I.
A lwu((li bunlniiM trlnln( r,tl. KiMlril
Five Departments: Butinm, Shorthand, Typewriting, Penmamhip,Englhh
Irlioul In umImi iU miiiw yinr, Hiu.lm- admliKd si lima t'.nlifiiir.coni.liilin
There will 1st a meeting of the stock
holder of the First National Bunk of
Independence, Polk county, Oregon,
ou Tuesday, January JO, isn.l, ut the
parlor of the bank, between the hour
of 10 o'clock r. in. und 4 o'clock p. m.
of said day, for the purpose of electing
dlrmior for the ensuing yenr and tran
sacting any other business that may
eoimt before them, '
Datel this l h day of Dcccmls.r, A. I).
Notice Is beieby given to the sha-k-holder
of the Independence and
Miiniutititb Ibdlway Company, that
the regular annual meeting for the
election of officers of said company
will be held at the Independence
National Bank, ou Saturday Decem
ber Hist, iKiili, and for the transaction
of mnii other biislucs a may come
before the house.
IndeiH-ndenee, Or. Dee. 7, 18i2.
Notice I hereby given to the stock
holder of the I'olk County Laud Com
p.ui v. that the regular annual meet
ing for thc-elvcllou of officer of said
eotiii any, and, transaction of such
other business a may come before the
meeting. ill be held at room of
the indopeiideiica National Bank, on
Saturday, December 31, 1HH2.
D. W. Skabb,
IndciM'iidence, Or. Iktc. 7, Wi,
The aiiiiuul niti'ltng of the 'inde
pendence Water and Klectrlc Idght
t'oniMiiiy, will be held at the I tide
IH'iidciice National btnk, on January
.nit 1 1 Nu;t, at 7 p. m. for the pui'i of
eliTllug oillcers for the ensuing year,
and such other huiueM a may come
before the meeting.
H. H. JabI'khkon.
Notice Is hereby, given that the
regular annual meeting of the stock
holders of the lndesrudfuee National
Hank for the diction of a board of
director will t held at the parlors of
said bank on Tuesibiy, January lot lr
I8SI3, tstweeu
the hour of 10 a. m.
W. P. Con.naw 'AW
and 4. p. m,
llUnolitllon Notli.
Notice Is heivby given that the partner
ship heretofore existing under the firm
name of Conier & SIoiht, ha Istetl this
day dissolved. Mr. Viol Sloper uc-
WnU to tlie (Irui, who will pay all
claims and collect all accounts.
C. L. Cisn fcn,
Viola Suipkk.
Indepenijeiice, Nov. 30, lii 41
Administrator's Notice.
Noilee 1 heroliy ulvt-n, Unit liy order of Itio
I'iMiiiiy I oi un, i.ii, oi oriKoii Inr I'olk
county, nmde sud t'litert-d ol riMiord ntt,iie
.-oivfii.iier oriti uieniti a. ik in'-, ine
itiidt'i-Kiiiiiril wiih iti'iioliitt'd ttiliniiilMimlor of
tliiMxtlHteot K, ,, I, nivi-ii deffrtii?d, and Unit
tetter ot attinluWtriitlon luivu Ihn-h duly
iKMiii'd lo hlui ttien. in, AU pemotnt liavlnif
vliilnis itsHttiKt suul rslHle. r lien'liy notl-
M.hI lo pt'twiit ltum lo tlie ainien,iiiiiHl hi
liidi'is'iidcnw, I'olk roiiiuy Oregon, willilu
U moiolis Irom till' di herwit.
1. W , W AS,
tliilod this Xny. 3D, ISM.
lleu.HU A TnwssKNii, '
AU'ysl'or AdinluiHlratur.
A Wimder -Wurki-r.
Frank llull'iumi, a young man of
Hurlltigtnn, Ohio, stales that he had
been under the cure of two prominent
physicians, and used their treatment
unit! ho wa not able to get around.
They pronounced his case to bo con
sumption and incurable. He wa per
suaded to try Dr. King's New , Dis
covery for .consumption, coughs and
colds and at. that time was uot able
to walk across the street w ithout rest
ing. He found, before he hud used
half of a dollar bottle, that he was
nitich better; he continued to use It
and Is today enjoying KhhI health.
If you have any throat, lung or chest
trouble try It. We guarantee satisfac
tion. Trial bottle free at any drug
Cakes Without Eggs.
Observing housekeepers quickly learn that Dr. Price's
Cream Baking Powder is far superior to other brands In
the fact that they never fail to mako the finest pastry, and
if they wish to be economical they can dispense entirely with
eggs and can use a less quantity of butter for shortening
purposes. The advantage is not alono in the saving effected
but in avoiding the trouble and frequently the great difficulty
of securing eggs that are fresh. This Is often a serious
Cakes of various kinds from the informal Griddle
Cakes to the stately Bride Cake can be made with Price's
Cream Baking Powder, which insures light, sweet and hand
some cakes; or when used for Griddle Cake3 to be eaten hot
enables their production in the shortest space of time, always
tender and delicious.
Dr. Price's is the only Baking Powder that contains the
white of eggs. None so pure ! None so wholesome !
'.',' -i ',
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is re
ported by all authorities as free from Ammonia,
Alum, or any. other adulterant. In fact,' the
purity of this ideal pow ' 'Has never been ques
tioned. , i Y
Wt hv tht laraett Hnnn
our price ara nuht. LJ2L2Ll
ti . Prlmlnl
by lh bualnsn nd Btulouluniil m.n of H.l.m.
Don't full to read thl, and remeiu
her Unit Mtocktou A lleukle have just
brought an Immense hue of blanket
and quilt at a big bargain, and art
ready to give you the Pest bargain
in that line ever nllered lu thl city
A full stock of Iodic coat, underwear,
dres giaals, uotiou, etc., etc Cheaper
thai) the cheapest.
i nere is no place in uregon wiicre a
iH'ttcr meal is served than at the res
taurant of Wcstaoott A Irwin, 271 Com
ruerciiU Mtreet, Salem, Courteous at
toiitloii, a line nutal, and the popular
price of 26 cent, have made this
house the headuurtcrs of everyone
who tin occasion to dine lu Salem.
Shs-ktoii A Heukle mil Sel.'s
Schwab', and C M, Heudttron'a Chi
cago manufacture of boot and shoe.
Kvery pair warranted lo give satisfac
tion. . . .
The collar and cuff Urched and
Ironed oy the iiide-iideuco laundry
area wlilteaud glosy as Ivory. A
well washed shin 1 half a niau's
Ui ess,
The next gentleman you meet Just looks
to see why be look so neat and you
will Hud that he get hi washing dona
at the Independence steam laundry.
The weary housewife should take the
n tded reel this week by sending all
her wasnlng to the laundry audsc
how nice it I, aud so cheap too.
There Is nothing ulcer than a nice
youiigmau, aud the nice young man
always gut bis washing doue at the
Independence steam laundry.
Happy Home and Brownsville cloth
ing, ine best aud the cheapest iu the
state, tor sale by Stockton & lleukle.
Throe new The new pnsddcnt, the
new customers, and the new good dis
played at W. II. Wheeler'.
Our new Christina goods are simply
ravishing. - "Come and take a view."
say VV. it. Wheeler.
"Oh! Mamma! I want one of tlwsui
big doll witn such lovely hair, at
Wheeler's.". '
J-:y (10 for an all-wool suit of Hap
py Home clothe at Stocklou &, llcn
kk .
The grand display of holiday goods
at W. it. Wheeler ! astouishing.
Sugar House syrup and Magnolia
drips, ut the Bakery.
Maple syrup direct from ' Vermont,
at the Bakery. ,
(irubs seed of all kind, at the Buk
ry. ;,
New Oi lcans Molasses, at the Bak
ery. Ambrosial drips, at the Bakery.
V..TKI.-lloy, ol Irani U to t jraraot
sietii luura Ilia msrljla nj granite cuimm
iHi.turaut, iu hii aiinutliw, hut Ujrin. and
uu:.aiily lu L. W. AloAdoms, liidt:a-
W'ANTfcll- Hutwirlbeni lo examine the data
after tlu-lr aninusua this ps.r and uu Uutt
Umy are not lu amm.
WAM'KU Merchants aud oihrrs to order
lellrrlirndK, Unleineuw, billliesilK, and all
their J.l work ut I lie W est elide ollnv. Kirl
rtiMB sulk and low urictsi.
WANTKU-Advsrtlwm In this column at
two eenu a word ilret lunvrlliiu, four ceuU a
WANTIUI Sulswrltwin lo this atr to aeU
tie all nrreurimiHi by January 1, Itmi.
WAN TKI Uordwood on subscription, at
WA'TKIi Purchaser for a luirnai-hlne.
I'esl "), lnuew. WUI mill for Addrms
X, care this uthee. ,4
Foil 8AI.E-A good horse, hands high,
icutle, live yenr old, well trained, and will
Uisotd iorcati. or traded for wtsid, hay or
oilier marketable irood. Apply for purlieu-
nirn m i w. dicAuiuiiK, luueponacncti.
FOB HAt,K-A flue Imported Kent"?
Jack, ftnir years old, dfteen hand high, Hua
In ood eondltlon for serviee. Will he sold
on eiiv tcniK, ur trade for real estate.
Further Information may be obtuluvd at this
FOU SAIiR Hpeee li this column toadver.
IImts at two irnu a word first lnnerttou, four
wins a month,
FOU SALE Old papers, suitable far placing
on "helves or under trHta, for ouly quarter
ot a cent each, at this uthee.
Settle lip.
All person owing the late firm of
Bcamer & Craven will please call and
settle on or before Dec. 20, or the ac
count will be placed in the hand of a
collector. We must have the money.
Be Amur & Craven.
Lat, Notlee.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to us will be sure and make set
tlement by January 1st, 1803. If this
! not done, costs will follow. Settle
with the undersigned at once.
J. it. N." BkllA Son,
Independence, Or., Dec. 2nd, 1892.
(2v.; k