The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, December 23, 1892, Image 2

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The tendency of the
toward a consolidation or inttuwi
in vrbiou the lahoror, the man who
is compelled, as is the farmer, to dt
hlsown work, is robbed. Hew is
what Senator lngalls fans to say ol
the situation.
Labor and capital should not be an
tagonists,allies rether. They should
not be opponents and enemies, but
colleagues and auxiliaries, whoar
co-operative rivalry is essential
to national prosiwiily. But I can
not forbear to atttrtu that a Ktit ioiil
system which under such despotic
power can be wrested fitm tin
people and vested in the few is a
democracy only in name. A fin
ancial system under which more
than one half of the tnormow
wealth of the country, derived
from the bounty .of uature and the
labor of all, is owned by a Huh
more than 30,000 people whih
l,tH0,iHK American eituens. able
aud willinjs to t .il, are liomeles."
tromjw, starving for bread, rwjumi
adiustment. A swial system which
offers to tender, virtuous and inde
pendent woman the alternative
betweeu prostitution aud suicide a
an escape from hegpiry is orgnniiml
crime, for which some day unre
lentiuK justice will demand atone
ment aud explanation. Mr. Presi
dent, the man who loves his country
and who studies her history will
BCiueh in vain for any national
cause for its appalling condition.
The earth has not forgotten to yield
her increase. There has been no
general failure of harvests. We
have had betiignaut skies and the
early aud the late rain. Xeithei
famine nor pestilence has deci
mated our population nor wasted
itseuergies. Immigration is flow
In from every land, and we are in
the lusty prime of national youth
aud strength, with unexampled
resources aud every stimulus to
their development; but sir, the
great body of the American peo
ple are engaged today in studj irifc
these problems that I have sag
gtwted in this morning. They art
disheartened with misfortune. They
are tired of the exactions of the
snwrnhitors. They desire peace
and rest They are turning their
attention to the great Industrial
niirtitlmis which underlie their
material prosperity. They are in
different to party. They wire noth
ing for republicanism tor for dem
ocracy as such. They are ready
tosav. "A plague on both your
houses," and they are ready, also,
Mr. President, to hail aud to wel
come any organization, any meas
ure, any leader that promises them
relief from the profitless strife ol
ftoliticians aud this turbulent and
.liHti-iutinc agitation which hah
alreadyculmiuated in violence and
. may eud in blood.
Such, sir, is the verdict which I
read in the elections from which we
have just emerged; a verdict that
' was unexpected by the leaders ol
both parties, and which surprised
alike the victors and the van
quished. It was a spontaneous,un
premeditated protest of the people
against existing conditions. It wa
tt revolt of the national conscience
against injustice; a movement thai
is full of pathos and also lull of dan
ger, because such movements some
time make victims of those who an
gniltles. It was not a republican
defeat It was not a democratic
victory. It was a great upheavel
and uprising, independent of and
superior to both. It was a crisis
that may become a catastrophe,
filled with terriblo admonition, but
not without encouragement to those
who understand and are ready to
co-operate with it
Is round numbers there are
3,500,000 scpiare miles of territory
in these United Slates. In u
square mile are C40 acres of land
therefore the area of the United
States in acres is 2,210,000,000. II
all other public taxes and income.'
were abolished such as tarilts,
sales of public lands, direct taxe.
of each state, and a tax of one dol
lar an acre levied, the incoim
would amount to the yearly sum
of 12, 240, 000, 000, The income
valae of good farm land being only
say $5 an acre, and of town lots
much more, the average tax on
wild lands could be made as low as
teD cents an acre, farm lands thirty
cents, and incomes in cities, aim
taxes on franchises of corporations
wake the balance.
It costa about $700,000,000 year
lyto support our general govern
ment, and about that much more
yearly to support our state and
municipal government. If lands
alone were taxed, giving an income
of $2,240,000,000, a full $1,000,000,
000 would 'remain to be used in
making the life of onr people easier.
Why should products of labor be
directly taxed? Why not place
taxes at the foundation and let our
people be tenants to our govern
ment instead of the grasping indi
viduals, now fast becoming syndi
cates of immense power.
Tntikfkndente has always stood
' '4 "'
M tMimotttU' lo i
;3h hnJ with
help el.tuiu'legislat Urn in tavor of
the Normal School; and has also
been lilwral in making money con
tributions. Monmouth tiectls no
more help, so now let us have a
meeting of eitiens and decide on a
course to pursue in having the
Oregon legislature pass laws to
keep the Willamette river opeu
throughout the year. It has been
estimated that only a few thnusaud
dollars expended in connection
with the appropriation by the gov
ernment will keep an open river
throughout the year.
Axn how Independence Is soon
to be connected with Salem by
motor. Our merchants are already
beginning to think of the day
when all the trade of the town will
goto Salem. Monmouth thought
all its trade would come to Inde
pendence, but it did not, when the
motor lino was completed, aud so
will Independence Ui surprised at
the result Hundreds will visit
our tow n who never come now
and our county w ill fill up us never
before. We welcome the advent ol
the electric lino from Satem.
JamkmO. 1U..UNK, the greatest
statesman of modern days, a man
whose name creates enthusiasm
whenever ut let cd, a man whose
broad Ideas tu iiolitics made him
It lends among the masses, but
enemies among the leaders, a mau
who dared to go beyond the tents
of his party, is now lying at the
point of death. It may he weeks
before the dread messenger conn,
but he is slowly Kinking.
Tut: grand jury of IVlk county
At its last st-Ksioii recommended
that a new court house lai built at
Dallas. Whydidituot nlv re
euiuiiiend tatter roads through the
county so that farmers might savt
enough money on transportation to
pay for a court house and be abb
to get to it when it is built!
Is England the proiwrty of tb
rich is so willed that It cannot bt
sold, no matter how extravagant
the owner' uutv bo. It is called
ihoeuiuil. In America the same
system has commenced to a cer
tain dcirree. Ja.V would has so
willed his immense wealth that il
still remains as a unit In other
words it is a trust.
What a uice thing it is to la
in this day aud age. Kivh sy udi
eutes, or as some cranks call the
"monopolists" are making life
easy. Our wugou roads are iiu
ptissible, but our railroads can carry
farmer's products. Wevhoiildu
ctunplaiu of taxir roads, but spend
our time in blessing the dear rail
ro.ttla which so kiudly carry us and
our merchandise.
Ai.KEADY u few individuals ow u
all the telegraph lines of America
so-iti all the teleidioue lines w ill U'
uiider the coutrol of a few Individ; and the railroads are fast
being consolidated until the same
favored few w ill ow u them. W here
w ill il end.!
Oi K govern ment is the gi-andest
ou tiie lace of tho earth, and the
in t powerful, but so had Homo a
nv sil retmblic for lot) years ami
th iii it tell. The corruption of tiie
wealthy cuuaed it and will
America uubss we are alert
The Vi-xt Si K stands linn for
tho rights of the oppressed. What
we say does not strike a popular
vh-w but the time is rapidly
a pioaching when the truths ol
our every words w ill be verified.
Fok thirUH;a hundred years
Cd rist mas has bceun oltscrved by
all Christ mil nations, it is maile
a season ol festivity and joy; let it
also be made a day when tho poor
ai' reiiieiiilH.'ri-d.
A merry Christmas
mill a happy new year.
to you all,
SO HE OK tiik I'iom:i:iis OF I'OLK.
Mas. J. 11. V. Hermit.
Mr. J. .11. V. Duller 1 no of the
p.eliuer ;woliieil of Monmouth. Shu
M hi born In Hamilton County, Ohio In
ltd. Her kmittileu name was Wiza-
Isiii Insulin. Sim whs married to J,
li. V. Butler In IH.'SII in l'lke county
Mumls. Came to Oregon "tho plains
aerW In ISID. On their arrival it)
Oregon they (lrst nettled at Oregon
Clly. from whence they noon removed
r.. Portland, and utter a residemjo of
two year at that pl"C- they fame to
Kola, i'olk eouuty. After a resident
of a few years lu Kola they came to
Monmouth. Mr.J.D. V. Duller was
tin pioneer merchant of Monmouth,
and from WIO nearly up to the time of
Itix death, lie was a large dealer in mor
(hi.ndlse and made extensive purchase
of wheat. lie was also doing biiHlness
at I.iideK'.iideuce old town-durlng
the flH)d of the winter of 'OOand Ml, and
much uf bis K'K"ls were damaged by
the high water. The water raised to
several feet In his store hotiHe, a-id goods
had to be plawd on the higher shelves.
Mr. Duller was honest and generous
In hi dealings with hi fellow man,
and there are today men living who re
neWed benefits at bis hand which en
abled them t(; tide over a strained sit
uation lu .their worldly affair. Mrs.
Butler, now over 70, is In apparent good
health, and enjoying a serene and hap
py old age. She Is a true Pioneer, do
IIiIiIh In attending pioneer meetings,
ana; enjoys with great est social eon-'
erso" with those who like her have
tested the danger and trials or ine
overland Jouruey to this coast. Mr.
Dutlef has 4 sons and 4 iiaugmor now i
HvtiiK near htr,
unit the kindly rtda
tloimrxixlbiK M wwii her ami chit
divn art noted by all familiar aciunluU
aim May her voyage f lift' tlll eon
lluuti a happy one until uiumumtl
Into tlm pnwnee of the "I Am.''
Mas. Caiukrink Hwmc,
A uother one of Oiem' pioneer
women I Mm, Catherum Hlump relict
oflatvld Stump, wboeanietoOivmtu
In IS4.V Mrs. David Wmnii mm to
Oregon with her ftither Anmu t'lmni'
borlmu la Istl, Mr, t'haiulwrluln net
tied ou the lmnkiif tlin Uu klaiuulo
w here hi mm Kuneh now relile,
Atirtm ChamlHrlulii tiled In ArUoua In
Mmvli ISNt, lu M hleh )lio ho had
mmle a vUlt to ht on Joeh.
Ills wait the first gtiMeu we ever saw
in Polk county, and fiina the pMtucli
of that itHltlell we feasted at hh hoilM)
In the Milliliter of 1H til, Catherine
Chamberlain wwh united lu marriage
to Ditvld Btumti Mwreh I'.'th Ihti, ami
hw been a well known nUhut of the
ottmty since that time- Mr. Htuui
litui a ulster In California Mr. lr
tXHimti. Dr. Ctmiiil win In early
lime anetlleleut prwetll inner of metll
elite lu Mmiuiouth. You who haw
MuuetoOnvon by rail, and with all
tint Hiiiilluiires nd nvtulenmi ol
modern time chii form but little eon
ucptlnn uf the trial aud arduuu latsir
l th.we who wtthHl tblKwumtry witeii
nutmlit but the wlley mvagv Mtuitsl
(he valley, Mr. ami Mr. Stump en
dured the trial of plmiwr Hie with
umlUmayed oxiiragt and ltlt, ami ty
liuiutry ami tHvmomy ww ueeeful
lu Hceumulatlug much of tbl world'
good. David Stump wa ehool
tetteber, urvyor and lelliitr by
turn In all of which ikwiiIoh he
exhibited all (be ouutttlc of true man
hnitd, aud hi earnest et!nrl lu belmll
of a htgU luKlltutlon of learning at
Monmouth w ill not im m forgutten
hv those who urvlve him. Mm,
stumii know what II 1 to mend buck
km breeche for her "liege lord," ha
iierfotiued the duty of Witlittlng bt
.il'iictlto w lib tstlM wheal, pea CiiHW
and owiim. and perlnti revitllH!t the
time when her fat iter had W bushel
f jHtw up lu til corral, threlud out
by bofse, and wluuowed ly lite ea
bre Wo nursvlf eu rettillly cull
llutltlme to Utliid.
Auoihwr imbletit Mr. Stump Kr
Imiw eait rwcullvet, one Mr. trout
jlliUpeil tier Mutuer Jowph's lll
olttllil, 111 tstum-sjui-uetf "f Wlltell, t'MSt
rewlvwl a eoat of tar ami feather pre
ti-d to liliu by the iii lghlstr.
Mr. Stump, aud her datightur Mnt
I". r Cumu'Ik'U r uuw living together
ileNmiy at Moniooutli, and liotibl
llH-Si'luie eoie under their optica,
ihoy will ibeii know that one mill live
hot-au renew la memory the cetit
ami imideutaof llen- early years.
We pniHw from lime to lime to give
a ketea uf the obnieer women or I'olk
A,t to them 1 due high honor for the
tiUMimplainlug luanuer In hleb they
uerfiirmetl tbelr arduous mlsm lu omt
tiiiiutlng to the want of the sterner
Often w ben tilking eamp on the
lMd plain have they utepped out on
the prairie in 0aali of tmimio cnipa.
and wbeu found, tilling ibeir apron
with litem to make a ilrt w hereby to
piviutre a hty meal for their ''www
half." U'hI bl the plnnwr woman
my her declining years be peace and
joy bile retrospwllng her pl trial.
AflOMi TIIK FA HM filtS,
A representative of the Wtxr Kim;
v I i ivd the fui ui of Ly man Damon just
abtiv Itnleieink-nee .Monday morning
ilt found him Kruubiim twenty acre
uflaild for hopM, JIu 1 1 us a machine
which hike out with caw slumps tw
aud three feel lu tllame er. lie I
erecting a water lower for the puriaitw
of furuUldug hla Inane ami grounds
with water, iiehaaaenxy home ami
everything, denolMt an ealiiestnes tut
his purl to have things mat ami com
fortahle. lu his parlor w a lire place
the huuilsomcst we have ever aeeii. Il
was brought from Texas by our tow nw
inuii 1.. C. tiilmore, and it wim well
worth traiiHiHirtaUon. tvmoii Is one
of ihe eiii-rgetie aud prospertaw furmer
of Polk, aud withal he U one of the
gunerotis and hospitable meu w ho nl
ah time Is ready to relieve dlslrewu'd
humanity. ctaiilng to I'olk he
was farm siiNrlutendaut for the
Indians at the Warm Hprlng agency
and served under three of our national
itihiiiiiMralloiiH. IDs Ueiily acres of
hop ground lie Is grubbing la remark
ablv rich, and "will iinshuti a crop, if
well cultivated, that can not Isi ex
Deitvliig the farm of I.yiniui Dnnioii
we came to the old donation claim of
Isreal Hedge lying between Damon
ami Independence, Isreal Hedge did
the llrst hlacksmiihlng In and about
liideHudeiiet' and during thu year 1S."0
he did much work in that line. Ills
son David III isfti when a boy milked
(heeowsand picked up chips for the
wife ol Htepbeu Hlaala when he was
called from home on bunlncss. (Steph
en Staats also nulled In marriage Dave
to Mix's Fudge when he made all elniic-
men! with t wo loved ones. They came
to his residence and she the to-he-soon-
nmde bride displayed much trepida
tion, bill when the tuniTlagti was com
pleted they li ft us happy as as old pio
neer full of cainas and boiled wheat.
I'lilliMlllli i-il tlnilc, I'll) SllU'd.
From a letter written by Mrs.Ada li.
Hurd, of (lroton,B. D., we ipiote: "Was
taken with a bad cold, which settled
ou my lungs, cough set In and finally
terminated In consumption. Fourdoc
tors gave ma up saying 1 oould live
but a short time. I gave myself up to
my Haviour, determined if I could not
stay with my friends on earth, I would
meet my absent ones almve. My hus
band was advised to get Dr. King's
Nw Discovery for consumption, oougha
and colds, I gave It a trial, took In all
eight liottlcs;lt has cured me anil thank
(.hid I am now a well and hearty
woman." Trial bottles free al any
drug store, regular size, 60o and $1.00.
fiull Oi'iiw.tii, Alltiiilliin.
Hlivim, drDec. ill, 1802
We the tinderslgners members of the
I'olk County Fruit Growers AhsocIiw
Hon, would respectfully" Invito the
members and all others Interested in
fruit growing to meet at Dallas on
Friday, January thelllu 181)8, at 10 a.
rn. for the purpose of reorganizing and
electing olllc.ers for the ensuing year
and to do other business that may come
before tha meeting. I). (). Quick.
i J. (1. Van Oiihdku
tic Wist Side Offers liqual Suf
frage to All
Ki.Kenox vmv.H of? im jam' ah v.
DihiI fopttliir I '! I liidrielriiw In
Ur HisiImw I'rrwlHiK rnw
lh WmtStil.
Commencing with the llrst week In
January this paper w 111 print eoutous,
w hich aru to all Intents slid purpose,
election ticket.
Kvery aulwcritH'r to the Wwer Hinn
la 1 ill 1 1 It'll to a vote; provided hi ub-
unpllou In paid to April tstfl.
Aoueaii voltijiist a many lime a
you gel coupon.
No volt will tw vomited when
leiaistti'd by anyone not ubtrllHr,
btdngpald tbiw mouth In advance.
Any lady living In Independence or
vicinity, may U a candidate
The list of all ladli receiving votes
w ill I published lu each Issue of the
The lady receiving the most vote
will l deelaiial eleeliHl, An elegant
premium w ill la given to the sihhh
ful candidate, which will hv announced
It tjonta you nothing to vole.
Kvery vote w ill bp preserved In the
WW Hiimi nttlce ' and recounted
February 1st.
IteiuemU'r that only those, haul lu
advance can vole. Pay your ult rl
lion now and 1st n-ady to vote with
the rttxt iuu (it January, Knamlio
tb date on your paprr and ee wbellier
you are liitillisl to a vole.
The most popular lady in ludcpeii
tt'inv will be lb fun u utile winner ol
the prl.
.Tha vote of ttiv reader of till pajs't
w III dii'lde Ihtt Ctmlest ,
rieud, or leave, your coupon at Ud
oniii' lieiiliiulllir with Ihe tlrst week (it
Von mil mil the ballot, write the
mmiuof the lady of your t-holee, and
Igu your name and send It to this
ulllee. ''.
Kvery cotiHn ent lu by a ntld nuts
Kvery Mie In January will etrntdn
a ci.usiu.
This Is a fair ismteit and I open to
A tlinv mouth subscription tmtltl
you to a vote.
ole curly and often aa till run leal
ltet tint one mouth.
All voting nmt U-doiie on tHaim
taken fiom the NVtKikk.
The relillii of vole tip to Tburwlay
iiiHin of eaeb week w 111 lw publlabed.
(let your aulmyiptlmi account lu
haS' o that you may Vole.
The printed tag ou your jxus-r tell
you w bet her you arc a legal voter,
H that you are paid to April ssil,
al least
A Hint Tu IOiIIiIbj I'lin hrr.
land buy thing, because they are
cheap or beeatiMi Ihey itstlally appeal
to your Individual lasio. Think of the
.hhiiioii and Im-ll nation of the ones
for whom they are Inteiidid and pur
wluow aivordiugly, A Sac el bag,
rcdoloiii of violet Wier and pulled
up lu the pride of how ruftlt aud satin
rlblaiu may latn your eye ''JukI Hsi
we:l for auy thing," bill don't give It
to your graildliiol her ou Hint account.
To her a plain cloth affair In hold her
ieelaele and her knitting would ls
A gift generally appreciated. iKm't
buy one of those- swell silver tutk
ring for ymir father, he I lu all prol
(tlilllty uol a dude and mlgbl lake It
for a napkin ring. (et a pretty and
dainty presents a your money will let
you, hut don't buy inappropriate oiu-.
If you give your llauitj or some man
friend a sofa pillow put tut Utile woik
a la poM-lblu ami t'oiupallhle with
your ellervi-xceul aU'eelli'ii, on It, Ho
would prefer one of leather that
he could pound Into tiurecoKiiitble
wads to tit his bead or his I Kirk, a the
t'HMf mitiht Is', to a aiitln or plush hit
ofpretUm-ss loaded with embroidery
and trimmed with ribbon that Mud no
favor in his eye a they pciidi.t in gel
ling Into hi ear whenever he I cour
ageous enough to uttcuipl to rest hi
head on the overdeeorated uri'aoo.
11.(1 Men' Mnnk Hull,
One of the moal pleasiiul, the most
delightful, and In every way tne uust
enjoyable dancing parties of tha Heasoii
was that given last Friday night, by
the tribe of Itoit men, of this city .
Much credit Is given bi tvtr. A. D.
Cherry, who, having charge of allidrs
managed them so wed, Invitations
were losiied to those onlv, belonging to
some secret sis'lety.
At nine o'clock the grand march,
rendered by Professor Hebrlng's orches
tra of iicvcii polirca, eomnieuned and
nearly sixty uuiskora proui,'ii alod tlm
llonrof lheoK'ra house. Misses Olllo
Tbonipson and Ora rtpatiglcr, of Cr
valll presided in turns at thu pluno.
MIhhc Junule and Dlda McDanlel, of
Suver. and Miss Krnia Dawivuee, of
Coi vallls, were present but not masked.
Afier the unmasking at 10 o'clock an
elegant light lunch was served lu the
ball. Everyone was In a happy mood
and the hour passed awlftly away
until 2:I0 a. in. wiien thu masker
reluctantly departed. Uullo a number
of sK'etators wero present; among
In It Worst Form -WhlU
Rwelltnc" Cured.
Tin romnrkulili! effncl of HoofTi Htur
purlll In th following cm llhitrt.M th
p ii. ur of Uili attitUlne erer 11 blood Jit
mi'i, My mm, 7 yntn old, had a whit twrt
lln? coma fin hti rlflitlcic below tlukiif,
wliloh OMitranted th nnunliiieththl
li K win ilrnwa up at rliflil nle. Phyil
oliuia liitincfl Ui iwilltn, which dl
et iiiKud frcly, but did not nlphluiiut
rlily, J eoilloreel hint
A Confirmed Orlppl
I ni lmut to take htm toClnHnnttl for
i upumllim, eiiiw-tliiK hi, h-g wniililhiiT
tu nil Ul-Pn ir, anil bcitaii Rlvlnf hint
II .Krt'n Hrnirlll In oritur In gut tip lilt
iiri'injth, Tlmiiiwllnlin wiikoup hi" ipli
ti Id, iiml toiin pli'i' of bnn wr flit
!nii"l!i'il frnm Hi" sore, Weoniitlnueil wllfc
I'ikiI' ampotlll, ft" 11 ii-emril to h
d .liighlmiioiiiiii-liRoorl.ind thdliinhrga
fnim UtoHiirn iIminnuii-iI, tiie iwllln weul
down, thu lev rtralghtcned out, iid la
f iv month fie bd peifwitime ol hl l-if.
lie In now MHuaiiliy woll V
J ni.t I M( Mi'iiKit, Notary VubUe, K
Hood's Sarsaparilla
fi..MhydriiKj;liif.. IliilxforW. Prepred
en v hr
uly by 0, 1. U
Lowell, Mum.
IOO Dose One Dollar
whom wa noted Mr OK Wauls, of
Alrlle, sister of Mi WW William.,
ttudCW Cut her, of Port la ml, Mia
Anna Adam, of McMlunvlliu, Mr and
Mi J K Klrklaud, of llarrlnhurg.
Among those who masked we noted
the follow lug character!
Fire, Mr J M Vamtuyii,
MiHiiillght, Kiphla (loll,
Nun, lelti Dim-.
ADD W, Mr I. Damon
Old woman, Word Duller.,f;
Indian nialdcti, Ktiict Oiliuottt.
Jia'key, Ella Htta-kal III.
tkuuhin, Nettle Ityder.
Hnnw, Mm M O Potter.
Heoleii IhiwIii, Mr Will Madison.
DtittciYiip, Mr It Madison.
I O O F.Mr J K Hubbard,
lliiittrtwt, D taiekey.
Dalian s nmtiit. Mr 8 K Owen.
Mother llllliliard, Ktllia llaeoil.,
tHd lady, Mr W II Wlwlcr.
Himw flake, Ella Fennell.
Purity, Nannie (lllinnre,
Fancy dri-, Mm J W June.
Fancy di es, Mr M'H (loir,
Hpaulsb girl, Mr T Femicll.
IVamlnu, Mr W II Whiteaker,
Japauewa woman, Mr A J (haslmaii
yuwil of Diamonds, Jua Campl1!!
Mlmiebaha, Mr J r O Itouuoll,
Molht-r Hubbard, Mr I.ewl.
Midnight, Mr. J HTallhott.
Catbollo prlixt. Wilt Hosier,
flown, l' Tatoiu.
.., i i.i ., I Eugene Cattroii
Temil I'lwy'jfirHawley.
Monk, J KTallsitt,
Hr O D Itiitler, F V l'otb r,
Night, J JOalthcr.
Moiimotilh Tribune, J II Morau.
Fire King, M O Poller.
(leritian prince, J V O'Douiicll.
Dude. W It Wheeler,
lied meu, 11 It Patterson. J M Van
iluvn, H K Owen. J K Hubbaril, Z
Ibwiidorf, HeoU I.ughary, W V Hill
1. 1' tiilmore Damou A J
Noibv I hereby given to the legal
voUiraof.M'hisd ilistrietNo. ID, ill th
etamtv t'f i'olk, state of Otegou, that
lvlttl met ting of said district wliU
held at the school liout ou V street, In
the town of Diih pelideilC, uu Motldn
theWhdav of January a. l. lst3, at
JJSiio'clis'k I. M. for the following oti-
ject: Toainhotie ibe istard of thrift
orstolevy atajt for the pnynieiit oral
mrt or all tf the current Imlebt-J
tHlnewiof Nitd ehttl district Ineludlngj
lnteret ou Umds; also for tint niitliitt)
nane- of a fhf ts lnsd the reiualmter ol
the ehil year.
J.D. Ibvisk
iH.trli-t Clerk.
Jtat.-d lhUi.n4dayoriVtvmls-rwi.
Our lluuilrrd Ar ni'Ha,
-A small farm, two nud a half mile
from town which Is suitable for fruit
railing, vegetable garden, or geitenil
farming, can ! purehMsed on reason
ble term. Imptlre of I'olk Coituiy
IjiudCo., F. A. Pat tcrson, manager.
To thomt whom It may mmwrii.
All those knowing tbtuKelvew In
debted (o Mis A. Maeaubiy, w III please
rome forward and settle up U'fots
the first of January ami ohllgo, your
vli-t fully, A. Macai lav
!-'i-i..:..l l"f ....on i iwi!Ht
J. ... ,W'.l!iTM . Hl- Hi
v, Iih .... l'ii ('" m.rt l'v-l".
t)U(uiN J r S lUi liUulaii Ik
vi' i ii .irW' i to
M P'l Ml KliSI"il frV,
vsu'li no'. .-r...-oy m 1.1-u wfisnwi
4,1-t.Jrtl ,t 't. ..l!JIV!ll).,tf,.t,vlHi.
.. .'-.I i ;mi ' t-j v. f( .,.-1 ...
In Our Window when you go by
between now and Xmas. See the
New Goods; Step inside and ask the
Price. Store open until 9 p. m.
We have in stock
A New Dine of
at low price.
Druggists and Jewelers,
"Ote -H0V1M
ffil LIVER
flresth hnd or Hnnrl RchhiBr Oho of thotio pi !
ttovuM (lUtri-ttN in Hie Hioiimch and cumn htMulnonr,
oiih on nh niKlit fill' awct'k wnttiH Uu- utoninnll end
pnvlltfg tlm hniKtli, l'ht',v limuTR pflvfttnt thKHhl Ion,
ri'tinlutrt lite buwnla ami puvo fionnnpnilon. Ttify
net prniiiDtly.ynt n lilly, Duvi-r (trip" or wickeD. liOO
irrutftfltiU or mull. Butmuko Mt U. CJo,t lliU.t I't.
For aide by J.' II. l'TtUI.
Subcoribe for THE WEST
SIDE. Two Dollar Year.
l k -san
IHnnuacaiHiil haoutes Mri'li it, ll
-tir tuk
At ladeiwarii'iuMi In aistfof oriii,at
tit vlun ut biMilanw,, A. O. ow
IjUIMH Mild (1 1 Hltt Ml II I .
ilv.irilnill. wH-unid mill lini'iirtiil
I'.M. Iliiililn Uiws'iirs inroiilulloil ...
pu Imui imivt-d rwmrvn iwi'iilii .
im frnm nm Una' l Iwaksr.
Iliinliliiit liiiiii'.iiiiuliii'M'l nt rm
. ,7'"
n ui
wt n-i
i iii o'iii biwii"i ami t pniit ....
I'reinlaawaa I1.
i h, I, mitl uilixr iwb li.'iii -(rwlliiinil
mjHir eurrtutey, itleksl
Htid ii'iii ..i. ...
K.i,i III
am m
1,1'BHI.Milllllif HtH..v .- -li'if A"
lli'.l. imimIoii riiinl with I' H. Tom.
aror t 'r watoi tiircuiiinj
Total .
I'ui.lii.l .liK'k pnld 111 on
siiriiiun nina
I iiilOililiHl un.nitf
Ill.tH to
NhIIomhI ItHtik Niitns ouUtnHilnni
lioUvliluitl di-tnaiUii iill",l toiflmek
Ihnimiiil iruili iill tlell,H-.
juiKUMiiliwrNalHilial lin
I lu. Mi SI"!'' Hill ami iNtaltDiU
'..liU U
Tutsi -'-" M
Slnli'iitllnunn, I
I. W, ll, IlKttlev, eiwlilrr ol tha !
.IV ... 1
anawd Imiik do wileoinly wi-r unit i
i.Imiv,; .iiiii.irittt t iru W lite Uti m
kaowliUids nail is'iier, ....,,,
HulMerlbnl tld W(r to Is-fiim la tills ll
W. ,, hah i.r. , wm"r'
,y o( l'iiilwr.
1J, J, W. KlHSMSM.
J,. time,
it w . w iiiinAkia,
ilm.Hii .
1'.iiiiiiii'iiihh1 biailutM Muri'li I, ti.
Al fiuli-iM-iulwo.w, In llie jiSeia" or-TfoB,
llio rUm ul lntlin, Unf . tim.
...... M.. ,ii...,i. . . .1IO1.MI07
,,L..lvll. .....t UHM,UId. t.Hll 91
V. R, IMido ai u-or rlrvululloli . nm p
Iniv mini neemuHl rervi miit,. Jj.iw J
lam frnm siuw Iwuth ttd lmkr ... t.i ?
lioiilnii-luiae, airiilinrx una tui'r l7,nH ul
i nrr. ni i-iii tool t tld . ' v
',.ilHlllln:-ill ti. b. ,.iui ....... J"
t i. ki and llir iwii iu-iik l.M JJ
IIHI ol "lli"f liik ,....-,.. IB W
iiuiumul IMiwr eiirfwtiey, Itlekel
tad n-aU ,m.
SH-W ,,...1.,.......,....,w...."..... IMrt
tnl'lrodsr noCmi m
ittluiiiKm lintd ilhtf, a. Tm
urrr ti err wail, irt wreullluto..
Tlt . P
t?iilml tk I4 la ...... IW
Si("lll ftllld M"
t'athvldvd ..., f
tivldi-illUliHtll ... .
1ii,Iui.1uI.. -..uiiI')'I lit dawk.
tl.,iun,l rtllhlliMl ut ailHMlt,.M 3M.S17
Ihiii in olnor nuiuitoH itoii iw
line in aitilii IWiik. mul lmnkei... Il W
...ll- V
SUH'oi ilnvw,
t4imi m INilk. ( , ' . '
I, W, K I'.uiHMimy, o'lil"r of tlm hnv
liniiitHt Iwnk. do wriiMMaly r tlil Oh
m,v .inii'ini'iii l irim a tlm bml irf lay
kaowltliiti mid Ik-IO-I,
W. p,l1N.SAWAV,l'.lilr.
aalxerlhiMi mid .worn to Iwtbrii nm Mil" !ill
dty id ls-, ism.
i.try l-utitte.
I'urni'l -AolJ
A. J. (tiioe, 1
timMt Iuk.
(! iikare inure than skin deep,
depending UHin a Imallhy Colidltloil of
alt the vllal organ. If the liver b
Inaelive, yotihavra bilious Uk, If your
tomacti be diaorilered you have
itispcpiiu ksik and If your kidney be
atiected you have a pinched katk
HifureRoial heellh and you will have
gHl look. Kit trio Itinera a the
great alterative aud lotito act directly
on these vluil organ. Cure pimples,
blotches, boll and give a good com
plenlim. rWld at any drug store, 6Ue
a-r bottle,
nil i-t0'tm tn1 MaHmuuib Mol..r l.tit
llnl'li'tiilfunp. MuiniiMiilll,
IM 7:t
lll . Ii:l
1:90 :1
"1,1 .
nm tan
6:1 :
A large assortment of both Oetits' and Ladlin'
(lold Killed, Hllver and Wlveriiitj. Wa make
a specialty of watchc.
TKN DOLLAIW will buy a very neat
diamond ring. We have them from Ten
Dollars upwards.
Date Style at Itlght Prloe.
AVe hiindle the Hoth Tlmuiaa Clocks. We are
closing out a few odd clock of different make
Mone will b left after Xniiia,
What haven't we In iba-k that you want? We
have bought heavily o a to give you an ae
soi'tint nt to select from.
iueoin uimiQDolTUB
EHvea Serial Storiet. 14.500 Prie Storic.
Over 700 Lrie Paw. JOO Stofci of Adventure.
Itearly IltaitnttoM. Moihly DouMo Buntien.
The Bast Short Storie. finrmlne Chliarea' Taje.
Soumr tf th. Km HMIt In oolort,
2J Only
and JxTtit
in the
(jo lbs. to
io) rods.
Sole Agents for Polk County,
.Slit'lley it Viimltiyu art rtilt giving
Iktriiiu anil w ill twittinuu to run
SUUGHTER 1 III J11 1st, 113.
I ou' t Delay but avail yotimt'lve
uf thla Knro ()iiairtuuity.
Make this aa
Safojda IDecGmTocr 31, 1 B92
Glass Balls, Clay Pigeons, and Rifle
I ;
Itwguttennpbyaooimitteofflvtj, tbo rauai unnrRftio men of the community,
wo are goiiiu to uae ovry elTurt to have a
First-Class Time.
Thora yill not be notliiui loft imtiuucd to itimira ptr
fcot aatWMJ It will be ad vert wed In four of the leadini? pnoers of
botb Yamhill lutl Uoutoa euu'utie. Tbore will be lare aupiily of
Glass Balls, Clay Pigeons,
Peoria Blackbirds.
AIbo eral traps for shotgun
i-wj Hitil iiu.ig iltustruMl Vni) fij.ri tt lour. 4
IE Ywms $
COMPANION la MKK) oolites wceklv. 8cnd far
Features for1893. "
Tu Smvf MubmirlbBr wbo will cut uul mid tml uu
UiIh nllp wlib nana, aduiu nud 1.73 nil will
ind Tho (!omiuuln Krot is Jnn. 1, I),'J. mill f. i
a full ymr mm ifnit di, luoluillnir thn Uoabla
llullilny Nauiber ft CltrliHinu nml New Yottr,
42 mxu. mt m mtipl of fix wnh, or FREE to a nV
want to fence it in
With the
& Vanduyn . .
their lust himuI
loams, and tnrgcta fur rille team.
f J. O. FLKTCHEtt.
Htli. i'la.,i Fll A1,i,i.,.nm P,
Thu Youth's Comunnlon Nviw Building.
3-rfonrfj of Jtwswul mthvty ov "'nfYimiin''m-
om rn,MliBff tt mmte n nb