The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, September 02, 1892, Image 2

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    THE WEGT SIDE. 'eucohftV,8to(Hl nob,y byUwlMlu.
uiecfforw of Monmouth in building
4. 1. 1. ISU, HITOa.
M Tca,
All Mwrtac ut Ut nnlln Atl nwxl
Uf llMt Ut aa Maartaa tm. All o
fra Iim will ba tikrtd Hva wiW pt Una.
foetal? afctlvar rianluttnna will t clian4
iw mm !? an Mat lie
AMnbb all enmatualcatlnaa ftf anhlleatlnn
T Vvm fcMLUtd make lt rainlttanraa
wyJ at the Nik Uaaaty FubtlSDlnf Cum.
M Ui ItoatAnVa In !niliinn
For Prwldeut,
Of Kw York. v
For Vic Fratdent,
Pw rmhtonUal Electors,
W. M. CoMf.of Jatkaun,
Of K. Noland, of ClatMp.
lUtwrt A. Miller, otJaokann,
W.F. Butchar, of Baker.
A 10 OFFEh
From now till January 1, 1893,
we will nod the Wwt Sior oft
60 cento. That will give you the
peper till after election, and will
keep you poetd as to the course,
not only of political erenta, but In
regard to the news of the world ah
well Subscribe for four mouths.
Ths West Sidi
1893, for 50 cents.
till January 1,
TBI Ortgonia Is frantically en
deavoring te erawflsh out of it
statement that a tariff dove not raise
wages. But it can't
Till uspenalon of the Xorthwnt
JYogrtm was to hare boon eipwU!,
as Monmouth is not yet able to
apport a paper.-DaUm limiNr,
Tai Wwt Sins has been one
year under its present management,
and evidently it has mn ths nuy
suosastful year of the paper's esist
qob. Dalia$ Transcript.
THS JfsHoa County Dmocrut says
that "a newspaper that Is afraid to
speak its) sentiments because of a
fear of losing a little patronage, is
aos worthy the name." That is
our epiniea; cowardice is
and a sua who is afraid to speak
his opinion is a purchasable oom
Is another oolama will be found
an ertiele of the law phase on the
baraing of the steamer Young.
We would say in this connection
that the Dove brothers, Edward,
David, and Bethnel Dove, are in
no wise connected with the unfor
tunate affair, and these men are
gentlemen above reproach, and cit
tens of good standing in oar com
inanity. They deeply regret the
occurrence and the connection their
brother John had with the affair.
"OoBPORiL" Tanneb says that
the rebels got his legs, snd we say
that a Republican took off his head,
aad what is now Tanner's condi
tion! He is simply a dead duck
His legs and head both gone, and
he is now making speeches for
.Weaver. The Peoples party has
noose for Tanner. Harrison turned
Tanner oat, because he was a pen
sion fraud, and those are the kind
of bills Cleveland vetoed when he
wasipresident. Harrison and Clevc
land, la this particular, like in
fishing, are alike.
Thb lair at Independence begins
September 20 to continue four days,
If it is to consist principally ol
atrricnltnral and mechanical prod
acta and other such things as are and
will be a benefit to the communis
and country we wish it unlimited
snooaas, but if it is to be mainly a
demoralising horse trot, with a
audi afrricultaral appendage, the
fewer that attend the better it will
be. JMlat Itrnmemr.
"We do not agree with the super-aanctimonioa-mess
of the Itemizcr.
The speed of a horse docs not
involve gambling, and should not.
Yet the speed of horses shonld be
encouraged. If there is not a fine
display of agricultural and horticul
taral products of Folk and adjoin
Ing counties, it will be the fault of
the producers, and not the fault
of the Mr directors. Ths Itmleer
earn to be a kind of chronic growl
sr, anyway.
The IfarthxtfM frorem, of Hon
ouafc, has suspended publication,
and tails ths following sad story,
Which seems to be a common one
for reform papers, as well as many
others startedj withoat a field for
their labors. Benin Leader,
We supposed that our editorial
note in the Wwt Sidb last week
would be sufficient to convince any
reasonable man or woman that we
eertainlyhad not the slightest ill
will toward Monmouth or any of her
enterprises. The fact is we have
always rejoiced in Monmouth's pros
perity, and would be foolish If we
did not. Noons can gainsay the
fact, that for the last ten or fifteen
years we have worked "tooth and
toenail" for the school at Mon
mouth. The people oflndepeud-
up the school hitertwta there. Yet
it has been noticeable for the hwt
year or two, that there bus becu m
element in MonmouUi that hits not
reciprocated m heartily as the
merits of the facts would demand.
Week before last the Wkst Bids
IncidonUlly copying Mr. Rarree's
scathing valedictory, or rather his
autobiographical obituary, said,
that a newspaper of any preten
tions could not survive in Mon
mouth. We said this from a buM
ness standpoint wholly, aud not
from a selfish ouc, for the .Wkst
Sidk's patronage has always been
just as good when there was a
paper In Monmouth, as when, there
was none. A newspaper, to live
In any small town for any length of
time, must be ulmldlMd. The
West Sims was subsidised for
years In Independence, and has been
able only for the last few years to
stand alone financially, aud to toll
the truth, there are not "lullllous
in it" now. Now when we made
a simple statement of facts, some
of our Monmouth people flew luto
a rage, aud created such a "tem
pest In a teapot," that we almost
despaired of getting out another
issue of the West Side. They
traduced and abused us, they ma
ligned and boycotted us, the lmt
of which is a criminal offence, they
went from one to another to get
them to stop the paper, they told
alt kinds of tales about us, and Raid
that,, "the Wkut Side and the Inde
pendence people never lost a chance
to give Monmouth a sHot.'.-. And
they also said that we tried to draw
biwliiwa from Monmouth during
the district institute liwt March,
by giving, very actively, motor
tickets free to take people to aud
from Independence to the institute.
Now forlieamnce ceases to be a
virtue junt here, and we say that
my man or woman that tells or
peddles such statements as the
Above, utters knowingly falsehood
.is black as night and no one but nn
u multigated fraud will do it.
Further, we will give 100 lu gold
to any man or woman iu Monmouth
or elsewhere, that will show
one - scintilla of fact or one
line ever printed in the WemtSibk
under its present management
which was in the least derogatory
to Monmouth. We feel it our dut y
to defend ourselves from the mali
cious attacks of boycotters and
defamers. The citUeua of Inde
pendence during that institute put
ten dollars in Monmouth to ten
cents that the people of Monmouth
put into Independence. The motor
company generously donated 1000
or more tickets to help the work
along. President Campbell, Prof
essor Powell, aud Muss Maggie
Butler, who were on the committee
know the above charge is fulm.
The institute was to have been
held at Independent;, but at the
earnest solicitations of President
Campbell it was changed to Mon
mouth without one dissenting voice
from Independence. No such a
thought ever entered our brain tlmn,
nor of any one In Monmouth,exncpt
it might hare entered into a thimble
ful of pulp, which Borne people
have, instead of brains. The Wkht
side is the only paper that ever
did give careful and current notices
of the State Normal school, and
ever since we took charge, we have
expended from f'2,50 to f 10,00 per
sreek to chrouiclo the prosperity of
that growing town, This is not
the first time we have len
"snubbed," but it is about the lust
time that such a thing cau take
place unnoticed. The people of
Independence are about ready to
call a halt, until repairs are
made. This may lm realized
further along the line. Personally
e put $100 into Monmouth hwt
fear, and expect to spend twice
that amount there this coming year,
and the thanks we get is "boy
cotthlm, boycott him." , Tho in-
grate is tlio most despicable person
on earth, and while we know that
sentiments of good morals prevail
In Monmouth,and just such a spirit
as should environ the young ladies
and gentlemen who come there
from all points of tho compass to
receive an education; yet we do
know that there are a few who live
In Monmouth that ought to bo
expelled from that society as a
healthy body expells all poisonous
excrescences from itself, up to
date, there are three prominont(t)
people who have boycotted our
paper, and in the same time we
have doubled over and over again
that number in' new. subscribers,
as our books show. We propose
to stand by the great school interests
at Monmouth and all of its enter
prises, notwithstanding it has a
few bigots and ingratos, as all towns
do in any country. We would say
in concluding our remarks for this
week, that the threats that have
coino to us ao not custom our
repoBe, and you will find us as
serene as a summer's morn. Now
we have said nothing but what was
true, and challenge successful con
tradiction. The .Mmcwjcr," the
Democrat, and the , rmjrm, all
were once at Monmouth, but are
no more, The Democrat had 173
subscribers all told, and the Prog
rent had less, locally, and wo pub-
Hshed the Oram School Journal
there four mouths last yoar, and ,
X Thnttr't Kiptrtuxm Ifltl
tMI ltMr It Ml Mk7, ktnf
to hir Rrwrt, VwrrMif fmf UtU
u titer? toeuM WoS HkratS k Imp r
Hn la ttmttuMloik HUnitwUt4Un
nbly, iu!f rMiMri FknioUunK
IMua k uputM4, mS mi Uo
kltmowywMiS n SmMTH OatStf
1 abMl a Mm4 vnrllw aw M n,1
mi wm imrprtMkl to lawm thai II t fr-i
r4 0. L Hl, WIU o 1 anS t
a lo khimi in vkMMa, VI. I ftoaa n
htrt mr fcor try aaC Uiaaaartlla. an 4
bbhi-b irtiiBM wta ll ia
liim. II fonllim la iw kana a a
fvhl Ih taraaittrllla. aa MTWf aa4
Muaillttaa(lrlroan4. AaHaada
iri'Mlll ai amMailllial ntk aa
alorfvA rwalu, 1 rmnimn4 ll all I
iwj an.M Jiaaiia U. Suaraa, Vfrar
The City TrMawrw
Of I.Awall. Maaa., aarai "Ta aka ta fma
lAMarllla. ana
IIwhI ACaaia ioniUaia aa pi Ua auwl
fy brother, vbuaaaiftiariira
am alua tlaS to twurt la Ifea an
t lltkM a Hal
ahla Irma la Ka Ibb-um4h Vaa a.
tuiarat, W w traawar, Uvall, llaaa
Hood's Sarsaparllla
iWval'tiaat Uti0 V AtattMaMaaa,
IOO Dosot On Dollar
not one Hue of advertising or
one subscriber could we get, and
we tried hard, hetioo, It ran for 11
life, and if this is not proof, then
the case is hopeless. But please
allow us to express ourselves, for
the Wiwt Sidb is of a temper not
to be frightened by a few unreason
able zealots, A paper can only live
dooently in Monmouth, or any
other town of the same also, by the
business meu sulialdUIng It, Mark
our words for it. Our contention
is simply against the vicious and
This Space Reserved for
& CO.
Successors to Goodman & Douty.
Pewl your Inumlry to llm Knlem
limm ttiumlry. Mr. Unit', tlrivtruf ilia
Httltxn iiks will lsk It for you.
!, onvt At Um it)Mr livery nlitlo.
We have ample Warehouse
room, and will store wheat
at most reasonable rates.
We will purchase
wheat at the high
est market price.
We will furnish sacks as cheaply as anybody.
Come this way and see what we have to say to
you. We ask your attention to our Warehouse,
Storage, Purchasing, and Sack business.
It. II. WIUsox having wtlnd from
the firm of R, II, Wilcox A Co., tho
buHlncwi will be comliiflccl by L, M.
Muttoou, and to our cuHtomura we will
make a new deal all around. You will
be treated with the urniio courtexy an
A It la our purpoae and aim to enter
to the Wtttite of the people, we will
crry everything In the Hue of groceries
that la carried by any llwt diws grocery,
and prim will be tu low ah lie lowet.
Special lodueenieuti Will be given to
cnidi purcbaNura; and ewh In whitt
tnlkti and drlvea biiHliicHn. (live iim a
call, and be convinced tlmt otira Ih the
place todoal.
The moat goods for the leant money,
and tha beat quality al way.
RnliH Cintrt
aWljl laIM ' '
f Gold Filled
T Silver
Silver Filled
p I Silverine
b j Nickel
H The ...
m I Largest stock to select
E from
Newest Goods
Lowest Prices
Ladies, read this, and do
not f org et it that
& Henkle
o'oorjfJELLa in
Are head-quarters in Polk County for
mis 1 m B W H B WM
toe, yrx iaW tire,
Tinware. v- Pq$.
Bain' Vsgons, ths Gliver hilled aid Steel Fbs,
lui te d Iter, Mx'a Wi d Si
Tour attention to onr line of cbtti:j,
which has been greatly reU t
our IS per cent reduction sale, tit
we are still able to satisfy our cus
tomers in this line, as well ' as in
Summer Dress Goods, fbite Gcids,
Ginghams. Parasols, Underwear, Hosiery,
etc., etc.
I bsve iu stock a nii I
aud p.oture frame inouKli: Uive rie a oalj. ' " IU"Ure'
llnvo much the llnesfc line of drcHg kooiIs over displayed
. in Uiia nuirket, coiiRisting of
Silk-warp henriottuH, . , , . 1 00l 35
Knglish diugunal flgured oreton, . 75(185 ,
At tho I'lmporliiin may bo had ooine lovely single dress patterna,
all ooIoch, 8tyk, aud prices.
AIho, Ladios' Cloth, Broadcloth, Tiveots, Uroadhead,
Flannels, etc., He., nt from 10 eonta
to i?l. 75 per yard.
A full line of beautiful furnishing goods for Indies and gents.
Oct our prices on everything in tho lino of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots,
Shoes, Hats, Etc.
h Oregon State Normal School
3EOlNrivOTJT23:, OTZ.
m dry mi mm
Stockton 6c Henkle, Props.
I ' n nun m i .'.,t:'''"
t-r- 1
Benjamin Seboflold, Pnwideiif; J. B.
V. Uutlcr, tSwretary, Ex officio: His Ex
wlloticy Governor Sylvester Fenooyer;
Hon, E. B. MoElroy, Superintendent ol
Vnliliolnatrnetiou; Hon. (J W. MoBride,
Seoretnry of Stnte: Hon-JawibVoorhco,
Hon. A.Noltner, J. 0. White, Hon. W.
11 Uolinea, Alfred Laoy, Hon. P. W.
Hulny, Hun. J. J, IVily.
Tlio Hliite Normnl is a live aehool, rap
idly Browing, mid oon-mnnlly adding o
t f.ieilitles for the special training of
lenoliorn. Its grndmitea are in demand to
till good positions. A gam of eighty per
cent in alttmdiince was made Jnat year.
u fliirnllmcut of 5(H) Is anticiiinted for
he next year. New memtiere have been
added to the faculty, and additional
nppnmUia lms been snpphed.
The Leading Normal School of the
A diploma from the school entitles on. to teach in any county in the state with
XT . out further examination.
Normal, Normal Advanced, Business, Music, and Art Departments. Special
advantages in Vooal and Instrumental Mnsio, H optauau
oer tXjtf rh"' f.r 81ir:0' 'ailT nK,.IM?d t0 86'25 Norn,Rl. n'l Subnormal,
f,'' "Slt0" "T148,, Normal D.nmg Hall, 1. 50 'per week; furnisheJ
tir?i?ti i ii ui i i " v Mm Pnvftte hnilK 83.56 per werk. Bean-
i .tnin- i ,00"tu,n' No saloons. v,rat term opens September 2a For
oRnedross : J" CAMPBELL, A. a., President.
Ur J. M. POWELL, A.M., Vice President,