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West Side Publishing Cqmpanj
fuid.vy, .ugist &, mi.
Wivreik-A irood blacksmith auo"
horwhHr can find employment at
i - ISilk county. OiwiMt, In
quire of W. NV. Smith, lwlvllU SlMt
Nkw DimK,-J, lumper haa Jut
burned UU kilu of 3A00i brick. They
are the Is-st brick ever made in ISdk
county, and are now ready for delivery
at remmabu price, v
Haniwmb 1'knkm- l.ul Friday
hI Monmouth, the teacher prtwuled
KxSupt. W, I. lleymKls,aaniaik of
appreciation for lit ojuvllettt wIukM
work, a hundiomi' gold watch charm,
set ltl exquisite ruMt The I'm
feasor will always hold dear thl 4oken
of IVgaad,
HROK8 111 Utns,--Dlek Wilson'
team started hg It alone from Skin
ner's mill Wednesday aland noon, and
Urn further they went the sootier they
4 wanted to get there. They run aero
the railroad, and over into Henry
Hill' barn yard. Furik Wilson
grubbed tho line and altemped t stop
them, but wnly succeeded iu getting a
kUk In the ril. several of hieh ere
broken. w are sorry to wy. Dr,
Ketohtim dressed the wound, which
though wry painful, and severe enough
to confine Mr. Wtln to hi ld ftr
some time, are not necessarily dan
gerous, CTrr,
th.AB tj llKAk it Tin many
frletuhtof Mr, W. A. Uihuorv, of the
class of III, O. a M. S,, In ludtq-eu-
dene. Monmouth, and other titles of
the Willamette valley, will be phased
to hear of hi nomination fur superlu
teiidcut of k-IkhiU In Clarke county,
Washington Mr. Gtlnmre ha been
teaching t aucouver this past year
and although only twenty-two year of
age l rtwgnbit'd a oue of the U'illn it
teacher lu Washington. He U, w
nil MueiulttT liliu, y't the tww jolty
Will, Heltetlun li XovemWr Ut a-
urol, Msyf he gtt Hirre l tho Wi of
evvry iiormalitM lo Owgnn ntut Nu
Nkw l4At TO !i,i:m v hail the
vwy Brtifyln Infommtion from J. H,
1'iirhrr thijt win-k, itrltr on tl
wt'st Mul of thw ww riwil that U-imU
from lutlt'iwntk'Uiv loSiUfitt, thut lil
nwil lit uowokiu for tmvvL Mr. I"rkt r
hn th tlmitk of thin itmimuulty
for ht eiH'fx'tic work lu ownlnij thl
iww t our cntitnl rlty. Th ttnui
ta JuM ten ami om half uillv to fWui
fnru thl jtlmr, ami ( called tho Jrt
jwt Hill road. Mr. Moons tU iU'r
vlnorou the Hitifut end, him mnd
Khm road ther lm. Mr. I'urber ftl
much Indebted to the etiter(.rUUijj eltl
of Iii'l.-ieu.lemv lor lbt III"
tributtHt to umixt In oH'lllut! U) thi
Hew hlgbwuy.
IUbhkh 8rMi' IBut,-Every
otitw and awhile the rubtwr-Uiii muii
IH-r ou the mvne and uwdn In
paiiuliitf of? hi wanton the uuwury
busiite) man. The tiuii(nt r jmid
for ut a ood round figure, ud a few
week, when they Income blurred tuid
iioklyliHiklmt knd they ttre tlieti
thrown'. tjuite a numtwr of thews
can b fouml lu tho rubbljh lle i f
Euen. It bt eheaiwr and bi'tter to
gvl your letter heads, bill head, nuvvl
0HH, eli'., irluted ut ll ivliuliit' priming
ntlli and ive much dlsgiwt and wor
ry. Kubber iuinitHil k'tter head, bill
head and envelope, have a eheap and
dirty look not at all eoniplimentnry to
the firm usl n them. luitim (hutnl.
iJifrnxwi'i.-tiiKo Ywiroit!4.-The VtTj
Hikk wa honored by call from Irt- j
fetwor ititMH, prenbUml of tho Htate
Arieulturol t'olh'Ke, wid from Frof.
J. H. Homer, of the mtiiD Inxtltution,
litxt W'ednemhiy. ilr. Horner In al
ready well-k now n an one oft ht foro
most educatorn In Oregon, iu he. Inw
been Ideiitillwl with achotd work In
thin state for a number of yeum. Vtv
Ident HUh U lately from Topektt,
Kainuut, where he wimi wiperliiteudeiit
of that city's M'linols. Ho Ik an engng
Ingeonvermdlvnalixt, ami one can not
but feel that lu NelectliiK hint tho
b rnrd of regents iihmIb a eholiw that will
redound to the credit of the college and
state. The writer wiw a resident of
Towka for a number of years, and
knows from personal knowledge the
esteem in which tho eople of that
city hold Mr. liloss. Jloth geutletuen
left on the north-bound train.
School i)iTKKT No. W. Mr. Wal
ter Butler closed his sehool III district
number 4, on last Friday, July -MHh.
A larae crowd of the patrons of the
school and from the surrounding coun
try gathered at the nchool-housc, bring
ing with them largo basketsful of eut
ubles, which, at the proper hour, wifro
spread on a large table under thu tlr
trees, where due respect was paid to
them by those present. The crowd
then repaired to the grove, adjoining
the schoolhouse, where the program,
consisting of recitations and songs by
the school, was carried out, after which
diplomas were presented to Miss Miner
va Barney and Lorelta A. Hart. The
young men of the district then engaged
In a game of base ball with a nine from
Lewlsvllle. Kverybisly went to their
homes well pleased with thu day's
pleasure. Mr. Butler has been engaged
to teach the fall term,
Fine Lk(ti!KE.-Hoii, J, M. Jtloss,
president of the ritalo Agricultural Col
lege, lectured at Monmouth last Tues
day evening before the summer school
of teachers beiwg held there under the
supervision of Hupt. Reynolds, and
many friends of popular education were
present to listen to the address. The
subject was "Our Civilisation," and to
sav that President Bloss treated the
' subject in an exhaustive way would
not be saying too much. The president
is a flue spuaker, and his articulatiou Is
exceptionally fine. Professor' Homer
was present at the Institute ami ren
dered valuable servii. These gout lu
men were on their way to Eastern Ore
gon to engage In agrlcultural-lnsUtuUs
work. The college these processors rep
resent Is doing a noble work, and its
prospects are very bright for the com
ing year, We are pleased to see the
active interest these gentlemen are Ink
ing in their Institution of learning, and
their ellbrts will be attended, with suc
cess. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Hot for the m ldi to-morrow.
The river la getting down to bed-rock
Only $:t,2A to Ympilna and return
Willi pais In end low vttricty at F,
Aetlv prvmrHlUin tot threshing arti
iiw lu progn. ,
N'unieiMUs sidewalks about the city
R sadly lu need of r' pal IX
Jim UirsehlwrK Is eating a hop dry
er on his land mirth of town,
Ticket for thu Yaipilim excursion on
tl l the First National Hank,
Head "Protwtloit or Free Trlld.,,
W muid It ftir a IwimvuI iti.
A. 1. Ilouney la building larg hop
house oil his plaiv near Bueim 'lta.
HUnmion'd that utaek fever h
nuele Its appearuiiv Ml Hoda springs
Pitt will start a new black
iuith shop on Mailt street next Moil-
Ho timuy KHipli gtdng to th
mutt and every w hern vis that W
give It Up us to personals, '
Muipliy A Mndlsou hav start!
Uieir thrwhliig outfit i'hey go tv?r
th Mit formerly traveled by Ihiinon
Kev, It, U Mieltey l making tut'
proviueuts In wild about his itwideiico
that r iiulte notUvabl and coin
The regular nuarterly nm'llng fir
the M. K. Churvii Naith will U held
in that ehurvli lu this city over next
Saturday and Huiiday,
Htocktou k Hen Me arv rweh lug an
liuuieiM ktis'kof fall gooda, You will iu finding what you
want lu their large stock.
J, W, Jiunw' tiaiu Ustk llwly splu
over the tuldgw to North luuviwuuVucv
last Monday. Nuthlng hurt. A
traetlou vtiglutf caused tho mitaway
Frank Keiuu-dy and lkve Htpl-
ton, iu cimnpauy w ith Mr. and Mrs.
lllatiehard, slartiHl for the cln?s
Wediiwatay tnorulng. This Is no
Jok. ,
U, Hhelhy nturuei from IVirtlaud
the tatter rt of last wwk her h
had Ikh'ii for a wwk or two having his
y tieatwl. U l cotmidemtily im
T, H, Huntley and m bought forty
acres of ttw It K. llurvh farm, south of
Ituleieudeuw thk week fnan F, A.
IVtU-rsou, manager of the IVik (uuty
lutud Cunipauy.
Thu finest display of tropical fruits
ever rn'ii in this city a displayed in
W, U. Whivler's w indow Wedumlaj.
lllalr Miller U the artist wins giant
uitelleet evulvwl the pleasing vthvU
Dr. H 3. Young, veterinary surgeon
aud dentist, laid of Mcwtwrg, lias lo-
catil permanently In tudepi'udeuco.
The doctor wine highly recommended.
lllsofllce la over tlie Iitlejindeue
National batik.
W are sorry to learn that Win. Mor
row, lu the lida nelghborhoml, la yet
sulflrliig badly from the ointit of an
otU Uitrd getting lu hi laryiU. He
will not ilkcly be stile to do anything
twfore next fall.
Mrs, Bertha Move has the thanks of
the Wwr Sun fur some of ttw fluwt
blsi kts-rrie w have mvn this season.
They are large, sweet, and Juicy. Sh
will supply auyoiw wishing th twrrlw
at live wilt s-r pouinl.
Fwd Ihaity says his firm sold
binder recently that was so exeelleutly
maile that when Hie team ran away
with ll tiolhlng was broken necpt a
small pinion eiwliug otiljf a few wuta.
Of course Fred Is a second Washing
ton. Mers.1,el'gusoii A ValiMecr taks
this method of Informing the general
public that they now have on hand
thu very best sawed cedar xts, any
slw or length, and largo supply of
first class lumU r. Call and buy at
reasonable priw. 8tt--t
We shall Issue lu our next week's
tiumbera ultrly compiled business dl -rvetory
of Polk county nicely gotten up,
containing a good write-up of thecouu
ty ami the business men. We are in
hopes the business men will ixitroulxe
this enterprise liberally,
Johnny Ford, our elTlek'iit city clerk,
Is getting quite a reputation as clous
player. While blindfolded he can de
feat almost any of the local players. It
Is a wonderful feat to play chess when
one can not at the board, as the moves
must all ,be made entirely from mem
ory. A separator belonging to Heliulck A
Tom broke loose from the traction en
gine Just at the brow of a hill near the
Harry Christian place, and the ma
chine ran down the Incline. At the
bottom It tlms-d over, and wiw con
siderably smashed up, but not to an
extent sulllcieut to ruin It,
On Sunday, August 14, the Itidepen
Mince ball club will play the Salem
Oiants ou the Taliuago grounds, and
on the 21st the Itcd Hill nine, of South
Salem, will play the homo teum, on
the same grounds. Manager Irvine
says the games will be very Interest
ing, and Green says he will pitch
rigid Into them.
if you do not' find the usual amount
of locnl news for a week or two you
must remmis?r that we are short bund
ed. So hold your wrath, ami If you ure
unable to keep It bottled permanently,
wait at least until our local man gets
back, when you are at lilsjrty to Inflict
any sort of torture that will give you
the most satisfaction.
The, fighting editor of this paper
went to Salem Wednesday "to see the
governor," he said. It Is somewhat
remarkable that so many people have
business with tho governor on the day
John Itoblnsou's circus Is at the
capital, We say this In fear and
trembling, and our only hope that our
life will be snared Is that the afore-
mentioned fighting editor will not see
this Item. '
Mrs, Htlne opened the Christian
House to the public Monday. The lui
tul is located near the depot, uud Is
very attractive In appearance, both In
side uud out. Everything Is neat and
new, and without doubt the house will
be very liberally patronized. Monday
an elegant chicken dinner was served,
and a goodly number of people were
seated around the board. Mrs, Btlne
has gulned an envlulilo reputation us a
hostess and will surely meet with the
success she so richly niorltH.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
We an not resuislble for the follow
ing. It li from thu sn of our occasion
al contributor, mid Immediately after
"etllislng" H h itindu a hnmk for a
drug slow lu search of some qtiluliiiH?)
Ih'iuiy rMthe huby;
lvl tends the Iwr tlicy say,
Johnny runs the Holiday school;
"And the itovcl has to pay,"
The preaching lust Sunday nl the
Prwbylerlaii church by ltev, Town
end, of Turner, was highly edifying
to the large congregation attending.
The Presbyterian friend and all others,
duly appreciated th work of IUv, 1).
V, Puling and his wife, and others that
kindly assisted lu th music.
The elegmil appearauc of the Work
from the hideis'iidem steam laundry
Is rtmturked by all who have scut their
11 lieu ther, With now uud Improved
machinery and skilled workmen Mr,
(fate I premred to compete with any
laundry on the coast.
'Oh, If 1 had only taken this medi
cine earlier lu lift, what yrara of suffer
tug It would havo saved me I" was the
touching exclamation of one who had
hewn cured uf rheumatism by the ue
of Ayer's SMmipartlbt, Score of such
mtm are ou rvcird ,
As au after dinner pill, to strengthen
the stomach, assist digestion, and cor
rwt any bilious lendeticles, Ayer's pills
ar considered the best, itcitig sugar-
eoated, they are as agrwabln as any
ouufectloii, and may Ixt tukeit by the
uitstt delicate.
alcrnieloiis at m cviils eu ari
rather costly hixurle veu for Oivgon,
an'ially when It would take three or
four of them lu satisfy the avwage -r-
The water eoiuatty ha just com
pleted three additional wells, making
seven In all. Ball A Hlor drilled
them. The water I yuw and sweet
The cannery Is in full blast canning
tsTrlin. Some of the Uncut black -1st
rieaever swn In IiidesHileiice were
bMUghtrto thecauuery this week.
The ba ball games which were
talked offer Saturday and Sundsy, be
tween the Independence and lafay-
ette teams, failed to tnaterhilUi.
The deuiuiid for flour at thu Skinner
flouring mill lu this city l au great
that the mill have le. n run ulght ami
day for I he last two' w eek.
It has bivii at least thrw weeks slinv
a new aitterprliMs was iwtabllshed in In
oVpttiioViic. Cait't we acarv something
Upv, M, J, llallairty ne will preach lu
the Calvary F.vangeltcal church on
Sablwth, Aug, lith, at li o'clock a.m.
The warehouse al llw Talma jt mills
I almost complcM, The niauager,
Mr, Klemseii, report business gssl,
Tht new nsid to Salem will prolmbly
rcdv tlicVulk of tlm travel, as It l
considerably the shortest rtiule,
I lev, l. V. Poling will preach both
morning- aud evening at l'uleoii this
coming Sunday, July T, li
As ssin a barvrat is over, the farm-
era shoulil luk to tne improveiui'tii w
the road aud bridge.
A good crowd will sHnd Sunday at
Yaqulna, taking advantage of the ex-
tirslon to-niorrow.
It is lime you wit for that tariff hook,
two oeut stamp and your addn
will get it.
Note the marshal's cow notice, ll
may ave you a few dollars' costs If you
wad It,
The llehnlek bpdhers had quite a
smash -up with their thtvsher the other
Prescott Vetless's saw'-lnlll has not
been muniiig thl wwk,
Try the Independence steam laundry.
Ileiiiemiieriiie excursion unaquina.
tti in. U..J i..i a.,ii
i lien at iok ihhi", , nvh i
I was taken with a very
a.vei attack i
of dlarrlioa, I never had It worse in
my life, I tried many uld-tlme rwniw
dleasuch ail Blackls-rry Wine, Pare
goric, and Laudanum, wit limit getting
any relit!. My attention was then
called toChaiutwrlnlu't Colic, Cholera,
and lMBrrhna IWmedy by M. It. C.
Tlusley who had beu handling It
there, nnil In less than five minutes
after taking a small dose I was entire
ly rellcved.-O, (1. Iturford, Harris
Creek, Amherst Co., Va, For sale by
all medicine jealera.
Krwilnllmo "I t ololilni.
No. ll, I. .(. F,,
Dai, i. ah, oh., July lK J
Hhotiikiw; We, your committee an
ptanted on resolutions, oeg leave to re
Krt as follows:
Wluymu, The (Ircat Creator and
Preserver of the universe has seen IU
lu his Infinite wisdom to remove from
our memlwrshlpmir worthy t'asttJnind
Thomas 0. Hli'hmond: and
IFViW'is, The loss thus entailed
upon us is keenly felt, not only In the
lodge room, but In every walk of life:
t herefore. Is) It
llmilvtd, That I'ricniiHhip Lodge
has lost a member whoso deportment
among his fellow iiieinls-rs was in every
wnv consistent Willi me uac gs oi
our noble order, and t lmt his loss will
lie keenly felt by us all.
Krmtiwii, J liar, uro. iiienmoiiu was
a (Itivoted DUHiiltnil, n loving uuii uioui
gent father, a kind neighbor, and a
faithful rriciui,
Jinmlvrd, That these resolutions no
sjircad tln our lodge Journal, a copy
tliereor miner tno war oi ounisigo io oe
furnished the family of our departed
brother, and they be furnished our
county papers for publication.
H,Mlm-il, That the charter or this
lodge be dritHid In mourning, and that
the members wear for thirty days the
usual badge of mourning.
ltoHpectluiiy suiuiiiiicii,
if. H. (iHAN'f,
C. tl, (VlAJl,
A. V, It. Hnydhh,
July Weal her.
Thos. Peitroe. signal service observer
at Eola, has scut us his report for July,
from which we make tho following ex
tracts! .
Mean temperature for the month,
Sn.7; highest, 8fi, on thfl ltd; lowoat
42, on the 5th, 7th, and;iith Greatest
dally range of temperature, illi0, on the
7th. For the past twenty-three years
the average inean teiorutui'e for July
has been Wi.lT; this your It is below
this figure 4.4. The total rainfall dur
ing the month was a half an Inuh,
whlcU Is slightly above the average,
Wliea Baby iu nick, we gav hsr Caitorla.
Whon nils wm s Ohlld.Sli orlail for OMtor;.
Whn she bwme Miss, she olang to 0Uiri.
When she hud Olilldraa, she gtte Uioin CaiUirl.
tlisk'A, Smith was attending court
iu Jktllaa Tuesday,
.Mrs, W, It, Whllcnker was ou the
sk'k list this week.
Mr. Thus. Esle la now recovering
from her late illness. s
Marlon Vamluyu and wife went to
the twy Wednesday,
Mia, K minor Is iniioh tadter and Is
now Improving nicely.
Ik my Bannister, w ho has been (luwn
with maluruil fever, is Improving.
Mr, Wash Shepherd, of Iowa, is
visiting friend lu this neighborhood,
Mrs. K. T. Heukle and (irauduia
Irvine went to the Soda siiriuu this
wei-k, , ;
I,. t ltell went hi Marsiilieid Tues
day, He will rustlcuui for a inunili or
I Kelso and wife weilt to Watcrlisi
Hprlnga Wednesday, to lie gone aland
ten days.
F, 11, lwis Is quite sick with mala
rial fuvr. He I some better, we are
glad to any.
Mr. Mark Potter aud family left for
Newisirt Tuesday to be gone month
at the sea side.
J. H, Cooper uud his daughter, Miss
Maud, went hi Newport last Saturday
aud returned Mouday.
Hon. It, F. Burcli, "I'liclo" David
Joliustoii, and their families, all went lo
the woda springs this week.
Mrs. Noic Butler and daughter, M is
Ihrnlv, n tuniMl fioni a very pleasant
Visit to Harrlsburg, Tuesday.
Mr, and Mrs, (knur Heliute.of Salem,
were vt!uttg their parent, Mi. and
Mrs, Peter Cisik, of this plaw, last Sun
day, Mimsra, A, Nelson and A. It Atkins
with their families went lJ the Mac,
kensle springs thl week to Ut gone
otiie time.
Dr. aud Mrs, Iskeof Itueita Ylsta,
were lu town last Monday, Mrs,
U k remalued over ulght with her
parent, Mr. aud Mm, James Oibaoii,
I,ee aud HollH'r Ihdl left this week,
the former for t'tssi tsniiity to be gone
a mouth, thu latter with Messra. lord
Potter, Iks', Palteraou and Clareuee
Heiikle, lor lower Smla.
A, M, Hurley and wife and W, E,
Cn-my's family returned from the
springs last Saturday, .Mr, Hurley
was not beiiclHed by his trip, but
must of the cmwd enjoyed the outing
Mrs, Frouk, of A!tatiy, itr-lu-law
uf Mr. A. J, tksHlman, I hr visiting
friend and relatives. We ri'iiieinlsr
Mm. Fronk espwlally a mm of our old
Jackson tnainty Irivtids, It I pleasuit
to revive old liimnalid lliwt old friends.
Miss Mamulay, of the firm of Macau
lay & Hobcrtwut, ha left for San Fran
cUoo to attend the full opeulng lu milli
nery aud aloto buy her large and ele
gant stock uf millinery, She will also
bring back with her an experienced
trimmer to assist her hi Ui work next
to(i. Ml lay will return
sUait the llrst of Hepteinber,
t in in n Miner..
Alt niemls'r of the Presbyterian
church of independence aw re.iiested
lobe pn-seiitat the Presbyterian church
Sunday, August 14th, to take some
act lou to secure "a iwstor. Service at
Ho'clm k a. iu., conducted by llev,
J. It, N. IW'II, Cougrvgatioual meet
ing immediately after,
JAMM (ilttMiK,
Ork ofSinshni,
tHR OH.l,0!S l-At inc.
Tli tniijr HIm Arilelr of Imw-
Hhlm, Or,, July 3H,-Th Oion
tPacltlo Itallwsv Coninany was Incur
- -
l'm'w' ,'w,''y ''v ''',,'lum ,,,M,ki
Wallls Nash, B. W. Wilson, g. Job, ami
Abrum Haekleiiian, with a cailtal
uk of l,ma,(Kj, The object 1 to
build and maintain telegraph, tele
phone or phoiiophone limn from Y
qulua bay to a point ou the easteru
boundary of the state, with the right
hi extend It to Boise City, Idaho; to
build and oarat all kinds of water
craft; the termini of the main lino of
said railroad within the state ofOregon
hull bo at tide water ou Ysqultia bay,
In Denton county, and at a point on
the eastern boundary line of said
state; the terminus of said navigation
Hues shall In Yaqtilim bay and San
Francisco, the mouth of the Columbia
river and Sun Francisco, Portland and
Sail Francisco, ports ou Puget Hound
mid HattFraiiclstst, the headwaters of
the Columbia and the mouth uf the
same, the head waters of Snake river
and the mouth of the Columbia, the
head of the Willamette and the mouth
of the Columbia, and Yiiqulna bay aud
such forclgii and domestic ports us the
oorM)ratloii may desire to rcaith, The
principal office will bo at Corvullls,
I have no hesitancy In recommend
ing ChaintKirlain's Colic, Cholera,
and Dliurliioa lU'iuedy to the public,
as I do to my friends and patrons, 1
used It myself after other well-known
remedies hail failed, und It cured me In
a few minutes. I recommend It can
didly and cheerfully upon Its merits,
not from a fliiauclul stand-point, be
cause I have others In stock ou which
I make a larger profit, hut because
Cliumherluln's Is the beat remedy I
know of for bowel complaints. There
Is no doubt uboiit ll, It does tho work.
Jiuiies Forgy, Druggist, McVeytowu,
Pciiu. For sale by all medicine dealers.
, Wlist Killed drsiiley,
When Orcelcy was running for the
presidency ho resigned the editorial, for the campaign, to Itcld. 'The
morning after the election ho entered
the olllue ngulti to take editorial churge
of tho pit per which he had founded,
and which he prized mom than he did
his life. He wrote un editorial review
ing the 'campaign, Held, to his con
sternation, Informed him that it could
not appoiir, "What," gasped Greeley,
"an article of nunc catniot appear In
the Trilmncl" And us the old man
sunk back bewildered iu his chair lteid
handed hlni a nolo, signed by tho
Tribune directors, stating that Greeley's
services as editor were henceforth dis
pensed with, aud that he ( Held) would
continue In charge. Greeley left the
oltlee never to return. Ilewnsabrokou
hearted man. Less than a inptith after
ward, tho grout liiimanlturlnn, patriot,
und "friend of the people," was' dead,
Now Is the time this Is the ommrtunl-ty-i-ro
punish his nssusslu. Will the
people do it? Jf the printers of the
Untied States lend the way, they
will. San Framtlmo Star,
ItlMl TliK MrWMV UfKMIiKa 1IKI 1,4,
As Kttiit al Hi ksebsreh Kind Tliel
tlrlns MHit M
l.utlof Hssrls,
l,ssl Tuesday a the sun nm and
kissed the dcwdrot of Ilia morning,
aipt drove the darkness of night away,
so at least to two happy souls, as thu sun
stood at high meridian, an event was
ushered in which drove buck all doubts
and fiftrs of (he past, and these two trod
the stepsloim of a new future, aud met
the smiles of a rising day with lioK.ful
tie and pleasure. Exactly at twelve
o'ebs k in., at the bride's residence, Dr.
Frank 11. EaUni, of Portland, Oregon
Its! Miss I.lllhin Cooiicr, of Indepen
dence, Oregon, to the Hymeneal altar
lu the presence of relative and fiieiids,
IUv. J, It. N, lk'11 olllelatlug. The
bride was dressed lu d irk-brown cloth,
traveling suit, with gentleman's light
cloth vet. The groom worn the con -
vetitloual suit as usual. Dr. Eaton Is
one of the leading physicians of our
nietrojsills.lstheaoiHiftlen, J,H. Eaton,
a rctlrwl officer of the army, and the
dia tof Is spoken of very highly In all
department of lit school of materia
medlea, Dr. Eaton Is very eftleJeiit a
a lecturer before the studenla In the
tale university, and now tills the
chair of oculist and auiist In the rued
leal depart nienl of the saiiK university
with distinction, He was formerly of
the Willamette I'nlversity, and profes
sorof chrinUlry lu St, Helen's Hall,
He Is now also on the stall of visiting
phylclan to ihsGissi Samaritan Ho
Miss Lillian Ctssir is the daughter of
J. 11. Copper, a highly ressetwl citt
n-ii of Initeis'iideiice, Mlwt I.IIItau Is a
lady of splendid at'cumpllshmcut,
imich care having ln-eu hcslowetl iijm.ii
hcredileutlou, Shelooketl very heautl
ful a site stood umler the areliw ay,
taking the nuptial vows, and which
vow of herself and husband were
ie;iti'ni In heaven, Much might
oe said C"Ull inelitarv of the nride
aiurgrts'iii but the atsive will suffice,
TJIOHK 1'ltl.sKNT.
Tins present were ltev, J. 1!, S.
Ik 11 and w ife, Mr. and Mm, J, ll Coop
er, Master Pearl Ciisr, Ivy Cootier,
Mrs. Julia Matney, Mm. A.J, Cisqa-r,
Dr. and Mrs, T. J. 1, Dr. sod Mr.
O, D Butler, Mlwa Fie lUilrti'li,
Nell M Hill. Mr, aud Mrs. Kennedy,
Mr, aud Mr Mattlsni, Mr. 5r5J. lt"-
etidorf, W. 11. Hawley, Willis Hill.
tmk rnrsiKM.
HelrliHim, from the war of INI'J, a
silver ladle, by Hie mother of the
groom, Mrs, Oeii, I jiIoii; silver spoon,
,M1 Margaret N. F-aton; Silver and
gold U(,"ar howl and en-am pitcher,
io n. and Mrs I'jttonfsllver butterdish,
J. H. Otopcr, old-go!d trtat pin, by
mother of the bride; gold and sliver
salt and jsqqs'r act, Ml Metul Holsrt
ou;goid and silver wilt dishes, Dr.
Kenneth A, J. Mackenzie; sliver berry
spoon, Mr, Ibslcrlck Maketuie; silver
ten set, Dr and Mr. T. J. Iee; china
M, Mr d IW'tidnrf; silver cake
knife, Mr, W, 11. Hawley;ilvcr knives
and fork, (SiMslman A luty; flue
palntiligof Spokalia Falls, by Sister of
St, Mary'a Academy, Portland, palulcd
by ihemsclvcM; iniirriage tvriillcale,
ltev. Hell, There are other costly
ptwiil which w ill ts re'vlved by the
bride and gwom on their return from
their bridal tour lu California, by Dr.
0. 1), Butler and w ife and others,
TJie spread was hi rj ", and
Mrs, Ccssr merits the thanks uf all
present for the very excellent dinner
served, ThoWfcST Hi iK otlli-e kindly
acknowledge a bountiAil supply of
cake, and only wishes for more wed
ding and more cake. Dr. Eaton and
hi bride left on the aftcriiism train
for San Francisco, via Portland, lo 1st
alisent alilit six week. The Doctor
will lecture at the Stanford Cnlversity
while III California. The very lat
wishes of friend follow them, aud the
Ww Sil'K hojs'S that the winds of ad
versity may blow softly Um them,
and that the hrcews of proH-rlty may
EATON- fOOPElt.-At the home or
the bride's uirvnls nt DidependeiiiH',
on Tuesday, August 2, tfi. Miss
Dtlilaii Ctsiperto Dr, Frank B I-ion,
sin of General I jtton, of Portland,
lU'V. J. U.N. Ih-ll olllcliiting.
The bride Is a daiiKhter of John D,
Cooper, a leading ludi'is'lidetitv clll
ten, uud the Kiooui Is a nromiueiit phy
sician of Portland, The brldo and
groom have got!" to California on their
wedding tour, and while there Dr.
Eaton w ill deliver a lecture ut the Stan
ford Cnlversity. The Stnhnmnn joins
In w ishing them great prosperity and
unalloyed happiness. Stutfrniiun.
lmli.emlioi(ie llrfests Selo ia tli
lluioi (It-ttutot,
Last Siuidiiy fully l,6tK) soplo went
hi Tuliiiage to witness Mm base-bull
game ts'tween the liides'iideticc h'Uili
aud the chiimplous of I.lim county,
From llrst to last (he Interest was very
greai, ami an uniiou in prououuemg
Sunday's game tho best so far playe
n this city, The Intention was to play
for fifty dollars a side, but for some rea
son best known to themselves, the
SSio boys did not cover tho iiioucy that
the Independence team had on deposit.
For the first few Innings the Selos led,
with a score of t wo to nothing, but the
home team hud not got warmed up
yet, They soon got ill their work,
however, and at the close of the score
stood tight lo fotir In favor of Indepen
dence. Tho work of both tenuis was
very good Indeed, and the huge audi
ence appreciated It. The home nine
now claim the championship of the
valley, and will meet any club who
wishes to try its skill uguliisl them.
There is talk of arranging a game be
tween the Indepondouoo and Solo clubs
to bo played In the near future on the
Salem grounds, . .
Happy llooKlei's,'
Win, Tlintnons, postmaster of Ida
vllle, Did., writes! "Electric Hitter, has
done more for me than all 'other medi
cines combined, for that bad feeling
mining from kidney and liver trouble."
John Leslie, farmer uud stockman of
the sumo place, says! "Find Elootiio
Bitters to he the best kidney and liver
medicine; imuiu mc fed like a noV
man," J, VV. Gardner, hardware mer
chant, same town, says: "Elcotrlo Bit
ters Is just tho thing for a man who is
all run down and do u'C care whether
ho" lives or dies." Ho found now
strength, good appottte, und felt Just
like ho hud a now lease on llfo. Only
fifty cents a bottle at any drug store.
Try Bli'ong's restaurant, Wiwlneolt &
Irwin, proprietors, when' In, Suloin.
Meals, first class In ovory way, 25 cunts
jvi.v at.
Henry llude. living la-ar Salem,
dropSHl dead. ,
O, C. Uiiuulsoii, of Halem, fell down
stairs and broke his neck.
Phil, J. Daws, a Healths ssloonkeeper,
was shot dead by a h-afer.
Near Wyaton, Out, a uall over
turned a pleasure yacht and six jiersons
were drowned.
Forty thousand iiidm are needed lu
South Dakota to harvest the Immense
wheat crop now ready.
Tatsinia , Portland none, atTacoma
Seattle 3, Spokane 2, at Spokane.
Seattle has first phue.
At Gaylord, Mich., a boiler In Hart-
nell A Smith's shingle mill exploded
and four men were killed.
Private lams will sue Major (General
Hnowdeii, Colonel Hawkins and Lieu
tenant Colonel Htreator for 110)0
The Carnegie reinismy has decided
to pay the Anialganiali'd asstsilatloij'
male, but will not, they any, reoognlw
the association,
Twenty -one oonduelor of the Wash
ington street and Htssjtid street electric
lines in Portlaud were arrested for
stealing from the companies.
1 he girls lu the central station of the
Indianapolis telephoneexchangs struck
against obnoxious rules, and talking
over the wires Is now Impossible there,
While crossing a bridge with a trac
tion engine near Uke I,ahih, Or., the
bridge gave way aud the engine and
men fell alsjut twelve feet. Frank
BoW will probably die.
A fur trust with a capital of $10,000,
kt is the latest. As the principal busi
ness of the trust will he In seal skins,
ll will not lw necessary for we of the
common herd to lose much sleep over
It Is now nsirttl that the dreaded
Asiatic cholera has broken out In
Yera Cm, Mexico, Thl would
not ba surprising, as on ac-
mum or its location that city Is pecu
liarly suoceptible to such diseases. In
lean or (tie milliner or cholera casta
decreasing, as reported last week, the
disease seems to tie making greater ad
vanciii than ever lu Asia aud Eastern
Europe. It has broken out in Poland,
lu the cholera-lnfecled districts there
were 2,Mi3 new cases ami 1.4H5 deaths
from July 23d to Iftlh Inclusive. Of
thoNC attacked oue-half die.
Portland ft, Taixmia 3, at Tamsua.
( will have forly majority
lu the new parliament.
it is announced that a French com
pany wilt complete the Panama canal.
Martial law will be continued in
Slnadioue county, lduho, for several
In New York forty aix jierson died
from the heat; In Bnsiklyn, twenty-
seven, Must of the factories In New
Brunswick, N. J., have shut down on
account of the beat.
Near Itackboro, Telin,, Andrew Ileal-
sou aud John W, Ellis outraged Mn,
Win. IMlke, after tying her husliaud
up so that he could s what transpired.
A iiioii lynched, the jtair.
At Plawn ille, Cal., Jacob Alcara,
with his thrwycar-old son lu hi arms,
throw himself In front of au approach
ng train. The engineer reversed 111
engine and clupvd on the air brakes,
stopping within six feet The man
and child were Iwdly Injured but both
will recover.
Five huudrcd Italian laltorers at
work laying pi pi's from the gssfieldi to
Cbicngo, ipilt their camp snd bxik his
siwion of Slur CUy, Indiana. The lu
habitants fled. Windows were broken,
feint's torn down, aud stores and sa
loons looted. The station agent was
stripped and beaten and hanged to a
tree by the arms. He huug for an hour
before luing cut down and may die.
The mob Is still lu kmch1ou.
Ji i.Y 80,
Two new smallpox cases have ap
peared tn Seattle. '
The usual revolution Is about to be
resumed in Veneuela. ,
Tucoina H, Portland 4, at Taooma.
Sikane tl, Seattle 1, at Sjxikaiie,
The Wayne Iron Coni)any, of Pitts
burgh, signed the amalgamated scale
Private lams is a boy of eighteen.
His attorneys will bring two suits
against the militia officers, one ou be
half of the boy and the other on hi
father's behalf.
The Glasgow, Scotland, trades' coun
cil has passed resolutions that "thank
Cnruegic that while enrolling bis name
oil the scroll of fame beside that of Ju
das Isciirlol, he has provided the world
with an object lesson of the actual rela
tions between capital and lubor."
It Is said that threatening letters
have been received by those highest in
the management of the Carueglo mills,
BlliHwedlv t nun anarchists In svn.oa.
'"".thy wltf
hy with Bergnmn, Two other men,
Kuold and Bauer, thought to be ac
complice of Brrgmnn, wore recently
urrested, and their ball was fixed nt
f2,i HH) each. In tho mills there are 83
men at work, S,(HK) less than the requi
site number. Tho strikers claim that
they will Induce nt least half of those
now ut work to quit before the week Is
3vi. 31.
Chiilriiinu Frlck Is practically well of
his Injuries.
Fifty deaths from the heat Is New
York's record to-day, ,
: Chris Hlch, of Halem, Oregon, was
drowned In the Willamette while but u-
lg. '
Archie Partridge, of Spokane, Wash.,
wns drowned at Missoula, Mont, while
fishing. t
Henry Pnpc, post master at Jackson
ville, Oregon, who was stricken wltii
paralysis recently, dlod.
An-elghUyeur-old boy named Parker
was drowned In tho Willamette nt Ore
gon City while bathing.
Portlands, Taooma 2, at Taooiua
Seiittlo 1(1, Spokane 6, at Spoknne, Se
attle und Portlund ure tied for first
place. '' '" ' :
Neur Ht. Paul, Minn., rrofessor Kobe
Jumped from a balloon while 8,000 feet
high. The puruohuto would not work.
Ho wns driven Into the ground to a
depth of ton feet so great was the force
of t he full.' ; . ' -v " ; '
, At Spokane an Indignation mooting
attended by over !,000 jwoplo was held,
the object being to denouuee tho treat
incut of the Conur d1 Aloue union
mulct's nt the hands of tho atiite and
federal authorities, ItoSoliitlons wore
passed bitterly donounclng the mine
fnwners' assnclatloo, the governor
Idaho, ami ail wuo were in any way
connected with putting duwit the out-
I'rosprotors lo the Olvllfe Indian
reservation, Washington, have wen
quite numerous, su much so that the
Indian are up In arms to drive them
off. The latter have fired the forests!
and will even go so far m to klit the
whites If they do not leave.
August I,
In a railway collision at Edwards-
vllle, III,, three people were killed,
The Akro'm, Ohio, Iron Company
signed the amalgamated scale to-day,
The president ha signed the bill Hrti
king the hour of lalsirers employed on
public works.
The election in Alabama resulted In
the usual Democratic victory. The ma
jority la 80,(W0 or more.
The Ironworkers at Hamilton, Onta
rio, have won their strike, and all the
mill will start up with union men,
An Insane German named Mtrobel,
at Oarvanxs, Cal., terrorised the nelgb
borhood with a revolver, , A deputy
sheriff shot and killed htm.
The eruption of Mt. Etna has Dot de
creased lu the least, The people living
on the mountain slopes have left fur
place of safety, Crops are destroyed
A part of the Starr block, on Front
and Plus streets, Portland, was partial'
ly destroyed hy lire. The lose will
reach $21,000. W hlttlor, Fuller 4 Co.,
and Wadharn A Co., are the heaviest
A freight train was wrecked near
Cold Spring, Ohio, and tlie naptha
with which four of the car were loaded
caught fire, A large crowd assembled,
when thirty tanks of gasoline, which
was In the train, exploded, injur
ing some law people, twenty of
whom will die.
C. I). Maxwell, living war Klmlra,
Or,, had a row with hi divorced wife,
II. Yates a brother of Mrs. Maxwell,
interfered, and Maxwell attempted to
procure a pistol. Mrs. Maxwell under
took U get a shotgun down for her
brother's use, when the gun was acei
deuUlly discharged and she was fatal
ly Injured,
Cholera ha appeared In Moscow.
At Beatrice, Neb., 1.1,000 people lis
tened to a tariff speech by Gov. McKin-
ley, of Ohio.
Iu the lams case, Colonel Htrealor
was arrested on a charge of aggravated
ult. He I out on $.VH) ball.
A mad bull near Schenectady, N. Y'.,
so terribly gored Martin II. Smith that
he tiled in two hours. The man's side
were torn open from his armpit to his
It is said that the Carnegie mill have
,300 uoo-unlon men at work. About
twenty-five members of the amalga
mated association went back, but have
again jolued the strikers. A party of
fifty-four laborers arrived In Home
stead by special train, and refused to go
to work, saying that they were de
ceived as to their destination. FYick.
Lovejoy, aud Potter, will lie arrested
on charge of conspiracy.
At'ourr. 3.
One death has occurred from cholera
n Ht, Petersburg,
Portland 6, Seattle 3, at Seattle. Ta
ooma 11, Spokane none, al Taconia,
The wall paper manufacturers have
formed a trust, with a capital of $30,-
It is announced that tlie Paris cham
ber of commerce will furnish the mon
ey .for the completion of the Panama
An artificial lake covering four acres,
iu su Paul, burst its banks, and several
houses were demolished. One woman
was killed and several other persons
will probably die.
rV'njtary Lovejoy, Vice-President
Irishman, and Treasurer Curry, of the
Carnegie company, were arrested on a
charge of conspiracy. They were re
leased ou $10,000 ball each.
In Northern Wisconsin nearly all
the saw-uiili men are now or soon will
tie ou a strike. The men demand that
ten hours shall constitute a day's work,
Instead of eleven aud twelve, as at
Hultitoa I !).
Wallace Y'ate has been rusticating
at Ncstucca the 1 st two weeks. ,
Mrs. Frank Oould has been very low
the past week. Dr. Smith has been at
tending her,
Mr. George Spotwood has bought a
new Doertng binder.
L. II. Helgerson has moved his fam
ily here from Ncstucca, He has bought
a lot aud Intends to build soou.
Hen Haabrook is building a dwelling
house on his place. Mrs. Atkins, his
mother, whose husliand was killed a
short time ago at Tillamook, is stop
plug at her brother's, E. H. Conner.
Two more Democrats arrived in town
last week. One at Frank Gould's, on
the 25th of July, and die other at Geo.
II. Bull's, on the 20th. Of course Frauk
and George have broad smiles,
"Two years ago two or my family, a
young man and a girl, hnd wry severe
and dangerous attacks of bloody flux,"
says Mr. John Cook, of Pilot, Vermilion
Co., 111. "The doctor here was unable,
after a week's time to check oi relieve
cither case, I then begau to use
Chambcrlulu'B Collo, Cholera, and
Dlarrhwa remedy, Improvement was
soon very soon, aud my children arose
from what I feared would be their
death-bed. It is a grand, good medi
cine. " For sale by all medicine dealers,
For Sals. Two smull tracts of land
near Independence mostly set to fruit
trees; also oue tun-acre tract with good
building, hop yard, aud orchard. In
quire at this oflloe.
Money to Loan-Ou good improved
farms only in sums from $500 to $5,000
at six per cent per annum, C, P.
Wells, three miles south of Indepen
donee. , , 80-tf
Found, A lady's sack coat, lust Sun
day evening. The owner may have it
by proving property and paying for
this notice.
On the 2d day of Jflly, 1802, I was
appointed administrator' of the estate
of Bethuel Dove, by the county court
of Polk oounfy, Oregon, aud I have
aualltled as such aud entered on the
utlos of my said trust. This is to no
tify all persons having cluims aguiust
said estate to present them to nie duly
sworn to ss the law directs, at my res
idence on the Willamette river near
Hull's Ferry, within bIx months from
date hereof. K, P, Dovr,
0t;w Administrator of said estate.
of a HAairaoiiK orrm.
a Popular !iiutrii Hams 4 wmim
i ri.iitiMt rt. r u
I aaliwriiwr,
The Wtxr Sihr has fs-rfectcd ar
raiigtmients by which we offer free to
our readers a year's sutmcriptlon to
Wwmmkiml, the popular Illustrated
monthly journal published at Spring-
fli.l.l ll.l.. 1t' ...IO ..!.. . . -f ...I.
uiiiu, ttw win hit jear ssuo
scrlptlon to Womankind to each of our
readers paying a year's sulstcrlptlon lo
the Waw Hi uk In advance, aud to all
new sulsarlbers paying in advance.
Wonuwkiml will find a Joyous welcome
lo every home. It is bright, sparkling
and Interesting. Its household hints
and suggestions are invaluable, aud it
also contains a largo amount of news
aoout women In general. Its fashion
department is complete, and profusely
illustrated; It lias a bright and enter-
taliilng coris of contributors, and the
paper Is edited with care and ability.
Its children's leartmont makes H'o-
intinkind a favorite with the young,
and in fact It contains much which will
Interest every member of every house
hold in IU sixteen large, hsndsomely
Illustrated pages. , Do not delay In ac
cepting this offer. It will cast you
nothing to get a full year's subscription
to Womankind, Sample can be seen
at this office.
Uituir I.ll
List of unclaimed letters remaining
in the Independence post office, July
30, 1H02,
Bauer, J. C.
Davis, Doras. A.
Love, Val. E.
Cooper, 8,
Hurls A Son
Parker, F, M,
Smith, II. A. (2)
Sherman, John
Sterling, Ceo,
Steel, J. W.
Wellman, W. IL
Coffin, Nellie
Slater, Mr. Susan
Smith, F. J.
Smith, E.
Stanley, II. G.
Taylor, W. I).
Tcthcrow, James
Buchanon, Miss I.
Gray, Mis Ally
Woods, Miss Melviua
E. O. IU)BKkT80!t, P. Jf.
August 1, 1802.
Can't II HatB,
Loohridge Bros, received bv exoretas
Tuesday, a box from J. M. Stark, of
independence, Oregtui, containing two
buuehts of oats, two or wheat aud a
limb of cherries; the wheat heads are
about Ave Inches long and have three
and four grains in a mash; the oat
heads are about fourteen inches in
length and well filled. The cherries
were the finest we ever saw. They
can be seen at the bank. J'uattee 06
mw, (111.)
Mr. Stark is wide awake to the best
Interests of our country. If more of
our cilla-us would do likewise aud send
samples of our products to their friends
In the. I'M, much good would come of
it. .
Hurkleu'a Arnica slre.
The best salve In the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction, or money refunded. Price, 2
cents per box. For sale by any drug
All persons are hereby notified that
all cows or cattle of aay kind found on
the streets after 6 o'clock p. m. will be
impounded. This is positively the last
notice aud govern yourselves accord lug-
August 1, 1892. T. Fkn.nkll,
39-4t City Marshal.,
Luther Grounds having formed a
partnership with L. B. Franier, want
all old accounts settled by note or cash.
Hardware and machinery costs money
so don't fail to come forward and settle
immediately. 39-4t
8. IC Crowley offers his farm at Oak
Grove, near Kola, for sale or rent. Mr.
Crowley can be fouud at Moumouth
when not ou the farm. 39-2t
Shirts and collars are washed aud
ironed In a truly artistic way at the
Independence steam laundry.
Special rates made for family wash
ing at the Independence steam laun
dry. Perfect satisfaction guaranteed.
, I have a new parlor suite, six pieces,
carved oak frame, silk tapestry and
plush, latest style aud colors. If you
want a parlor suite you will do well to
see this one before you buy. F, Anstlne.
Send your laundry to the Salem
steam laundry. Mr. Goff, driver of tlie
Balem stage, will take it for you.
Leave orders at the upper livery stable.
Stocktou A Heukle have had a splen
did sate of clothing this season, but '
they still have a few summer suits that
they will sell very cheap. Call and see
Au elegnnt luster is given to linen at
tlie Iudopeudeneo steam laundry.
You can not afford to accept second
class work when this house will give
you the very best at au extremely low
price. ..
If you are at all particular about the
looks of your collars, culls, and shirts,
you will send them to the Salem steam
laundry, where they will be turned out
with a glossy finish that is elegance
itself. Prices very low. Leave orders
at the Suleui stage barn.
We feel proud of our side of shoes
this season, as we started In with a very
large stock, and now we have scarcely
anything, but will be stocked up again
in a few days with a splendid line of
the very best makes direct from the
factories. Stockton and Heukle.
There is no place iu Oregon where a
better meal is served than at the res
taurant of WestacoU& Irwin, 271 Com
mercial street, Snlem, Courteous at
tention, a fine meal, and the popular
price of 25 cents, have made this
house the headquarters of everyone
who has occasion to dine iu Salem.
Independent) and Moumouth Motor Liu
I Leaves leaves
Iudtnx'ndenoe. Monmouth.
7:00 7:30
8:10 8:25
9:311 10M)
11:15 rim
1:50 lift
8:45 4:115
Mi) 5:15
8:15 (SitO
For sale iu West Independence,
eight blocks from main street on Mon
mouth street, , four lots, a four-room
cottage, with burn aud other outbuild
ings, partly set to youug orchard and
small fruits. This is a good bargain if
taken soon. Inquire at this oflloe.