The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, June 24, 1892, Image 2

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well keep yowr ahlrt on.
Tkxas ia IVmomtio by 100,000
mftiority. Yet it w th Texiw
Tote iu the KepubUoAU couvention
which nomluikUnl Harrison,
EvRRYBODYsotmis determined to
go to Falht City this ywtr and cele
brate the Fourth of July. They
waut a good breath of pure nioun
tain air.
t... 'a
Mr, B la ink asks that ''all minor
difference" In hia party ahouUl be
forgotteu. This may perhaps be
doue. But how about the aujor
differences! '
TllK OnyoNMN quite cheerfully,
though we fear a little prematurely,
places an item describing the burial
of Father Mollinger under the head,
''Damaged by Fire."
, It is said Senator IKilph sent ft,
000 to Douglas couuty to elect A.
W.Reed.a bold-over senator. Couu
ty Clerk Taylor handled the sack.
The Democrats and People's party
together elected Henry Iieckly, a
Democrat Vallm Ktrwd.
We presume that it is not too
late to say that the Democracy ol
Polk county is deeply indebted to
L. C Parker, chairman, ami J. K
Sibley, secretary, of the Demo
cratic central committee, for their
efficient and energetic services dur
ing the campaign.
We hope that the Republican
newspapers which are always on
the alert to censure the eutire
twenty-five millions in the South
for the acts of Southern molts have
noticed that a mob at Port Jarvis,
N. Y., last week, hanged a negro
for the same outrage which is the
provocation in the greater uumber
of lynching in the South.
The Republican platform on the
silver question a a straddle, but a
very skillful straddle. It Is a reg
ular darky's coon trap, intended to
catch them both ways. But when
we remember that it was written
by the gold-bugs for the purpose of
deceiving the silver men, one can
readily understand what the out
come will be in case the Republic
ans carry the election. It will be
the same thing over ngain.
Should Benjamin Harrison and
G rover Cleveland be the opposing
candidates for president this year,
as they are certain to be, it will
be the first case in fifty-two years,
and the third in the history of tb
government, of a second race lx
tween the same competitors.
Thomas Jefferson and John Adam?
were the opposing candidates In
1796 and 1800, and Martin Var
Bnren and William Henry Harri
son in 1830 and IS 10. In both ol
those cases the man beaten tn tin
first race was successful in the sec
ond. Captain Geokoe H. Moffett.
editor of the Evening Telegram, de
serves much praise for the valiant
fight he has recently made, and in
leading the citizens' ticket to h
glorious victory last Monday in
Portland. The Portland plunderer
were literally driven from the man
agement of city affairs. The 11
elements of our yonng and growing
metropolis are, now in the ascend
ancy. Wonder why a great paper
like the Ortgonian did not years
ago bring about this change! It
opposed the Citizens' ticket last
Monday. An honest ballot holped
mightily in the good work of re
form. m
In an article written for the San
Francisco Examiner, while in that
city, George W. Childs said: "I
am a believer in trades' unions. It
is my opinion that they are of ad
vantge alike to workmen who be
long to them and to the public at
large. All classes are benefited by
them. Organized labor wins re
spect, greater respect and greater
consideration could possibly
do were it unorganized. I have
reached this conclusion after many
years' experience, both as an em
ploye and an employer. Of all the
unions, I believe the printers' is the
most intelligent. Theprinting busi
ness is one calculated to enlighten
more than any other." Turn from
this to the long fight made against
the trades' unions in general and
printers' unions in particular by
Whitelaw Reid. The contrast is
Cl. KVfit.A A7 VltOSKX. i
The lVmocratic national conven
tion, at Chicago, has again chosen
Stephen 0 rover Cleveland as stand
aril bearer for the Democracy.
This is a wise selection, as ho was
undoubtedly the choice of a large
majority of the people of the
United States. Although there
wen plausible arguments adduced
showing the strength of other can
didates and Cleveland's weakiics
on account of certain local issmy,
we think, fvom the fact that so
many state convention Instructed
their delegates to the national con
vention to vote for him, and the
vote he received on the (list ballot
is proof sufllcient to demonstrate
his popularity. Then, too, as the
tariff will without question I the
paramount issue of the campaign
again, It is but just that tho great
tariff reformer, the man who had
undaunted courage enough to pre
sent Urn issue in the face of defeat,
preferring rather "to bo right than
president," should have the glory
if successful, or sulrer tho defeat.
The platform adopted by the
convention is a masterly document,
handling the various questions iu a
statesmanlike manner. The tariff
and silver questions are treated
in nu exeeptionably able way, uud
will without doubt receive net only
the support of the IVmocracy of
the nation, but many votes from
the g. o. p., nuuiy of whom believe
a reduction of the tariff will be tho
beat thing for the people.
At the hist minute More going
to press this morning a telegram
reaches us that A. K, Stevensim, of
Illinois, was nominated for vice
president. TltK itVKDKX IS HKNK.
President Harrison congratulated
his hearers on Memorial Day that
'"we do not burden our people to
maintain standing armies."
Xo but we do burdcu them with
taxes for pensions which exceed the
cost of the largest standing army
iu F.urom.
Our list of pensioner exceeds by
over 3-J5,000 the great standing ar
my of BOO, 000 in Germany.
We support wholly or partially
from the treasury one iu twelve of
the eutire voting population North
aud S,)iith.
We added to the pension list In
ten mouths of lost year twenty-
seven years after the close of the
war 2W,4-I8 names, which is 70,-
000 more than the total I'nion loss
in killed, wounded and missing iu
the twelve great battles of the war.
The cost of pensions alone is now
more than double the entire ex-
pense ot the government iu the
year before the war. Peace in the
United States Is more expensive
Uiau the brunt of war abroad. .Wt
rion (huiitif Vwkktm.
It Is with pleasure we note that
in one of San Francisco's congres
sional districts the IVmocrata have
nominated Judge James H. Muguire
for congress. He is is not oue of
your milk and water ''tariff re
form" or "tariff redui'tion'' Demo
crats, but is a man who openly
advocates absolute free trade with
every nation on the glo!o. He is
as bitterly oposed to a tariff for
revenue as he Is to a protective
tariff. In short, he is an ardent
idvocateof Henry George's single
tax on land values. That he will
be elected goes without saying, as
he is not only very jiopular, but
his district gives a Democratic ma
jority of l.fiOO. It is gratifying to
observe the healthy tone beginning
to pervade the Democratic party.
Mr. Magnirewill lienn able ally of
Tom I. Johnson of Ohio, William
J. Stone of Kentucky, Joseph K.
Washington of Tennessee, George
W. Fithlau of Illinois, Thomas
Bowman of Iowa, Jerry Simpson
of Kansas, and a number of other
memlers of the present congress.
Twknty-I'IVK Swede girls ur
rived in New York Sunday, on
their way to the Northwest. They
wiine here to he married to men
who want wives. This is an out
rageous violation of tho protective
principle. Here in Pennsylvania
ire (i(),(MK) more women than men.
fn New York are 30,0)0 more sur
plus women. In the face of this,
m say nothing about the thousands
in other states, foreign women arc
permitted to come over here and
wed the available men. By the
halidom of tho powers in authority,
if women are ever allowed to vote
what a pretty vengeance will be
wreaked on the officeholders w ho
allow such foreign competition!
Twenty-five women coming here to
marry, and hundreds of thousands
of unmarried women of our own!
When Clakkhoh had his lust
talk with Harrison he told the pres
ident that he could not be elected
if nominated. Senator Piatt pub
licly declared that Harrison "can
not carry New York." Warner
Miller said in an interview afc Min
neapolis that if Harrison should be
nominated he would lose New York
by 00, 000 and would certainly "fall
oubdde tho breastworks" in several
other Northern states. Mr. Mc
Donald, of Fort Wayne, expressed
the opinion at Minneapolis that
Harrison will lose Indiana by 20,
000. These are not encouraging
signs to open the Republican cam
paign with.
An official report on tlu plate
production lit the fulled Stales,
prepared by Sjum-IhI Agent Ayurs
at the tnshuico of Secretary Foster,
enables C. 8. French Jk tC, New
York tin plate brokers, to tell us
Just bow much tin plate and tei ue
plate is made In the I'nited Stat
now. From July 1st, 1801, to March
3lsi, ISO:, nine months, the total
American output of tin plates and
tcrne plales w:is fty.'IO.KIO pounds,
or less than throe day's consump
tion, Our average yearly Imports
of those plates is ;8,000,IKK pounds
The output In the throe, months
ending March III, ISO'J, was 3,001,
087 pounds. The prices are !
cents A pound for bright plates and
fU A box for roollug plate. A
those prices are alsive the present
post of import, even under the Me
Kluley duty, the article does not,
say French Co,, "yet sell In com
mercia) quantities." Of the nine
teen firms reported, but four make
their own steel sheets, the rest im
porting from England sin-els cut to
si ready for tinning. They im
port Welsh workmen to dip Eng
lish sheets Iu Welsh pots of melted
tin. Only four firms now make
bright plates; the rest make roofing
plates. "The consumption of tin
plate," say French & Co., "has re
ceived a very serious cheek on tie
count of the higher cost to consum
er w ho use It us raw material, Oue
fourth of a cent ou the price of a
pint tin cup may la small matter,
but what would It be on a million!
All fanners will agree upou one
fact, and that fliet is, that tinware
now Iu uw will lear no comparison
to that in use a few years ago, es
pecially n toils lasting qualities.
"Mm. FuKnuKH'K Bk,u, the
well know u druggUt, is back from
A ten weeks' visit to his old home
in Devonshire, England, after an
alweuce of thirty years," says (he
OivpoNM. "Ho lltids the old
country much improved. Town
property bus Increased in value,
while (arm have depreciated. The
Kplo are in a more prosperous
condition, and the old style cot
tagc and hovels have disapjs-ured
from the face of the land." Curl
ous. Is n't if, that "jwoplo ate iu a
more projerous condition" In that
free-trade cursed country. It was
only nUmt fifteen years prior to the
time Mr. Ileal h-ft his native laud
that England abandons! the tariff,
and yet he gin's biu-k after thirty
years and finds them Actually ls-t
tcr off! Mr. Scott's local reporter
inadvertantly punctured Mr. Scott's
high tariff high-wage cheap gmsls
bubble that time.
Jl'HT at this time, w hen the talk
of high tariffs making high wages
is ths chief argument the Upublie
an press ndvum-ca us a reason w hy
laboring men should vote the l!e
publican ticket, it is curious to note
w ith w hat unanimous silence they
notice editorially the reduction of
from ten to forty per cent in the
wages of Andrew Carnegie's em
ploye at Pittsburg. Carnegie Is a
Republican who has made millions
out of the protective tariff laws.
No wonder he favors a high tariff,
when it allows him to charge ex
horbitaut prices for his manufac
tures and to reduce w ages at pleas
WH AT sort : of just Ice Is it that
fines a man w ho builds a house, or
in any other way improves his
properly, and lets the man who
docs not impiove go scot fl eet Iia
provcmeiits Is-nelit everyone not
only the man who improves, but
his neighbors as well. So it would
bo but simple justice to tux the
man w ho does not improve, mid
let the one who does jjo scot free
Nee the cut!
To lm rittitloti in tint I'liitli-n of im-dl.
cIiim. Muny nrn Injuml ly trying i x
porlmonU with rumpmuul jiuriuirlliifi
to Im) tilcMxt fMiiitli.rH, tlin r-rl'!iul
ritrommi'tiilittlon of wlili li wimlil Ki'i in
tn 1m thnlr "clii'iipticiit." llnltiK umihi
up ot wurUiluiw, tlmuitli not iiIwiijk
Imriiilnnit, lnj(ri-illrtit, tln-y limy wi-ll
w "cheap;" but, In tlw i nil, tlicy nrn
(lour. Tlin miMt ri'llnlilo tni'illi'liit'S nrn
riMtly, nml citn bet retulli-d nt tnnil-i-nito
prlrrn, only w ln-ii tliti iiiiiiuifiM liir
lnj cliHinlut lut iitl I rH tlin raw inntiTlulit
tn Inrga (jiiuntltloit. It in economy,
To Use O
Aynr'n Rftrnparllltt, tlio vnlunhlp enmponcntii
of whlrli nrn ImpiirtKil, wliolcnulii, hy thn
J. C. Ayvr Co. from thn n-nliniii wluro thi'iiK
articles urn rlohimt In mi'illclnul proprtlnii.
"It In a wondor to mo that nny utln'r
than AyerU Sitrmiparllla him a ilmw In tho
market. II puoplo coimilli-d thnlr own In
termit, they would never una any other i for
It l not only the bent, but, on account of It
ooneentrutvil utrcnglli anil purlly, It In the
moftt oeonomlcal." .Tairic K. InilTy, Drnu
lllst, WanhliiKton nt,, I'rovlilenen, It. 1.
Dr. A. I.. Almond, DrtitKlt, Liberty, Vn.,
write): "Lending phynlelunii In tlili city
Samapnrllln. 1 have told tt for eighteen
yearn, and liavo the hlgheat n-giird for Ita
healing (uulltlei,"
"AllhoiiKh tho formula la known to thn
trade, thoru can be no aueceNNful imitation
of Aynr'a Haraaparllla. Without having the
enormouafaelllthiaof the, I, C, Ayer t'olt la
Impoialble for other purlieu to put toKOlher
audi valuable Ingredients, at thu low. eiwt
of Ayor'i
It atanda nt the head of all almllnr prnpara
tlona." Murk A. Jonea, 60 yearn a (li nguist,
W Cambridge at., K, Cambridge, Mum.
i-Rii'Aitnn bt "y
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Druggliti, 1'rlm Hi Hi bottle.,!.
TliR l!oHelniif iViwe Innocently
remarks that "it is doubt fill whether
honesty pays, In politic." We
wondor If there Is anyone Iu the
world who Is honest because It pays!
If there Is we lire wltlli g to make
the assertion that before they die
they will prove to be tho bluest
kind of thieves, Honesty Is not a
policy It Is a principle. Honesty
does not pity on so Invest incut ( but
there Is a xulUfaftlon about it that
makes a mini slronger, greater,
.roudcr, nhlcr, than anything dis
honesty run give him. Honesty In
polities, us oi'umtlxcd ut present, is
out of the tUeslion, because poll-
tics' stock in trade is policy, while
honeMy deals only In priueiplos.-
l.iorf OmtiHi(t.
''CiU'.ATiXtr' lusehmd examina-
(tons Is certainly a luiud, reprehen
sible praet lee. It has In It an em
inent of dishonesty which not only
betray weakness and poor scholar
ship, but shows that one Is trying
to sell hhiiM'lf for more than he Is
worth. It is shoddy, and when put
ou the general market will only sell
for it true value. It Is Inlluitely
Mter for one to say, that his stock
in trade Is only win lit oue hundred
dollar w hen that Is really his cap
Hal stock, for otherwise, sooner or
later, his solvency w ill Im tested.
A tilMMl ItAllli AIM.
r Ml" III Vit !iiie!Httdenev,
elslil hl'H'k nuit nmin nm-el ou .Mmc
moiittt ntn-i-i, ftr M. n four nmui
tiiitiKe, wtih tiion niiiliitlii r otitliolli)
hut, inrtly m l to jimiig oreliiird sttil
m ill fniii. j iu in n gtHttt tr!iln If
Uki'tiil. Initllrt ut ItiU olflee.
llilh IVOIK.
itti.pudi,ae and Uuaiuautlt t.ln
t 111
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i rccs. H."i'ii"'i. i
-iiv ri . t e, ,0 ni , hi in,,) pin-t i,,v, ir ,
K.H,1 'rutt.-. t,,ur, Ht M,t,,:r, ItlHl t ,,tl
i.r.,. 'i-Im,, 3i,i wir. 111 -.' M,i,-he,
im, iM-rt., nmni-, m-ri.'.,!, sii(, ii. -l!iiim,ii
'.li'ii . i.w--.-ri!-,it.HlMtiii',
lit ,,kaiii J . touil Oiw (itir-ln,rr, nt r, ',
tthlr Jilt. ,vltlrr. tl , . O'K,
mnt r, C"lk .uiit,, I'tra-ti,
ItH Tnlua Ut ruitlaud 1 nlf.
- 1 ""KVST
i I
.;! A.
, 1 1 Hie. at
Mlt.l i At, n,m fri. I I
tn tt u. i,p Miln l I.-Uxwli' ii).-ii
, n...-" --')- .. vn ".
,i.!i,t'U HMI, All-,,,. I ttf'ttt, !pl,S., Ill-
uinir. Juiirti-u Liw. li.;i- i l a
flcscbuiy Mail. Daily.
I . i Arrive
l'nriint ,,. ' .i. It.-mtmr ..,. I, s.
iliiuiKity Tut I'.ttaiMt ,, I ) ..
Albany Unit. :.!; . t.. ,t itn !-.y
Corilaiiil 5 0) n,m. i M'-miv , ',)p m.
Altliv "I. .!,.l I" 4 Ml.
run. man r.n rirr si.n ii:ks
Sttoiiiktiss Sk'ci'inii' Cars
West Bide division.
Ilctvrt cn 1'orUaiid and t'ervtillla
MAIL THA'S Uill.Y tepl Pun.t.)
f,BXi.nrt."rwWil At. I p bT
till. Af, lBilell.l.-lie Ar. j t p tn,
ii mi. . i At. ci)aiit ,,vvl!Si;J2.
At AlUtiy aa lCnr,nJIIuiw't wlitt IrkHiaul
ftf A .
Tortlaud ,K)f. .
Mi'Miuiivllta tilt a. a.
HeVlnitvilia T. .
rurtlaud .a -A a.
?t ttekotaand Informattim n-jar-t'iir ralM
aiapa, tic, aaU oa wmptuj t a-aul at l-dp49
aUuMar. Ami. IA I. tmm. Agt
IDHTI.AS'I), liliHtlllN.
On sale to
D2ii72f5 Gtnoha, E:n:is City, ChicaD,
Si. Paul, St. Louis,
And All Colma
Stcamaia fruro t'urtlMil to San Hmiiclsco
Kvry 4 l.)aya.
I'"iir rati'iiiid Ki'iu nil liifurninll.tii oitllnii or
W. II. Ili'lti.mtlll., At. (Iciil. Alli
um VYltxIHllKlllll St.,
Cinrri.ANii, tiiiKdiiS"
Successors to S. A. PARKER.
T"R ('illeiis' ticket in Porthind
em i led with a clean sweep lout Mon
day. There are ulna Heintieials
aud sevei) Keitiblicaus now In the
city council. The Uepublieaim were
entirely routed. Tho m w ballot
law did thu w ork, This shows how
Joe. HI moil and Jim. Intuit have
done their dirty work. Lolan, HI
uum, lltiekley, and Tweed, have
all passed Into history, with repu
tations as unenviable as Jim of
lleiiedlct Arnold or Aaron llurr,
1), 8olis Cohen, Hepiibliean, for po
lice Cfiinmlsnlouer, and Theodore
U'yuunt, Democraf, coimiilioiicr
of fire department, will now make
a clean sweep lit these several tie-
p.irt im uls,
to Sailor and M Eegheer
All Mil. pmiiiplly annwird. .
Addrm me at IhUlna, t'ida nmiiiy, OhH"ii. I
i,.a, ...... .. .,.... .i..a,, t
shirts, neckties, ami hniHlkorchicls.
i, .1.1.. ..,i. ...... 1.
niiti-i m-if, muni wi, itn,-i t unti.ii
works antH'hlncso lanterns Ht lowest
still reimtlns an attractive feature, many novelties Im1ijk constantly
aihletl. Ivemeinher this offer is K'S'1! for only twenty tluvs. fall ami
examine our lkkmIh ami Met lirlecs. Shuu1 thsir sotit It of First National
Hank, Intlepentlenee.
The Plumed Knlgbt of Reciprocity was downed at
Minneapolis. Ws missed our guess, and it 's
Harrison. ALLE S!If to us. It .'$ free
trade and protection
loch like an acrobatic psrf arman ce trying
to ride two horses ping in opposite directions,
but it 's easy enough dons if you know bow.
Our doors are wide
goods at free-trade
we protect you against high prices SEC.
will soon be
ette, and San Francisco competition will be
shut cut fcr scfiie time, and in order to be
prepared fcr h fili SEASON, we have
fiHmi LBS. OF SUe&R, to be delivered
here by July 10.
SorcmcmUr, we can't he timlcrsohl. V will
not try to enumerate our bargains, but o are
decidedly in the grocery business. We've
pit the rust I in); fever, nml want your trade,
or ns much of it as possible, (iive lis a trial
ami be convinced.
H. H. WiLl
WALL P.M'Ell ....
(100DS DKLIVEIUCl) . . .
I hnvo in stock n nion line of nliniia, btxlroom sutu, unJ pioco furniture, wnll pnper
ami pioturu friiniR nioitliliiigH, Give me n anil.
?. r taalawakba, aa4 Ht
iMda to i.lf a..iniilS. Diarnai alia
aailna-, atrk kdaha fcaarttmm, Mi
atomaeh, mantaj i.preaalon, tu., art
rua4 If Utla farf " a4 Inaffaa.
Intdi.a. Ilood't taaraapartllaioaaatHa
ttnmara, er' an aptwIU. roiola db
e.i. wllavaa baadaoba. !' Ui -la
and aur.(l)rila.
In a TfrrlbU Condition.
nwt air Ufa iaa4'a Saraaparflla.
Ve Iw ywea I aa la tarrlbla eondltlea
with 1tKtwta I aould ml BoUiInf but
aoda r ara, and tay walglil fall In lit
lo IM jenii la, llond'aSafaapertlle balH
in at iae, and iff" aln II lu'a I M
tttirly rnriul, t ba oiwl ual
wrlht, ITU puuiela and bv bad aeal"
b-ul IimUIU'M alii"," T. i,
It l.t m,uiU iliiwl, nU ! t-".
Id ailai Im-llot riaahfi.
! aad haailaeha, S't Saahaa), aownaai
and illli' aei,am b"'l, p'a l '
r'ulii .1 1. llh ltuciil aIUu. I u4
. a., arllh Oia ba (aulla.
I am In Mt tiwillli Uian i "' f",
ii,d'a n.,..niiM la '. tellable au4
uia. 4. Ii. WiiA'a, Aaauru, ti
Hood's Sarsaparilla
"MavdniailCii. all ill for f-inr-l
iilr Ut C 1. UoOO CO., AptHhwm,
Lvwall, taaa
lOODoces On DolUr
4T ifwt i.i.i fr uUtt V tit ilrea
I will also offer .eolal prl on
1.. ,.l,l,.iy in,, I ii.llu .'unit Hli
- i p., niv.. .--.. - -
prices, Outfits for eamjiers u
W. REED, Proprietor.
both at our boose. Ibis
open, and we 're selling
prices; at tbe same time
suspended on the Willam
Are bead-quartera
pis in m m
Stoves, and
Bain Vagons, the Oliver
tab fi sa wft
It I. all rtahlUil..k AfTKIltlit.lln.lii If r.aar tUf d.lm of aavt Utem.yoa
III rxiriMi a llttlv a.rilit aiiJ buy f uur
School Booh, Tablets, Inks, and School Supplies.
from W. II. Whwli-r. tt ia nn prnfibH to M Oiat If ynu la after tlw dullara now. UwJ
will to-k alirr ).,u hni fuu w4 lln-ir aia,
Independence, O.
Mas reopened his Barber Shop at the old
stand, opposite Patterson Bros'. Drug Store,
and has fitted it up better than ever. He has
employed a first-class workman from Portland,
and will run two chairs. All patrons will get
the benefit ot an electric roller brush. Call
and giveCit'a trial.
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Cucaf.jr it COSTS LTTJ to run it.
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The best makes of watches, at proper
prices; guaranteed according to their
various qualities; some very low in juice,
to suit thin pocketbooks, but of fair qual
ity notwithstanding; some very fine, very
beautiful, for those who can afford the
luxury of the very best.
Independence, Or.
in Pollc County for
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Barbed I'ire,
Chilled and Steel fas,
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