The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, October 16, 1891, Image 3

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T I H. I. ICLL I $0H, MflMuiTOM.
Wl DAY, OCTOBER !, 1801,
l.oT.-Oii gold watch, filled caw,
open face., Wm lost betwevu I.iioklfr
mute and Independence, A liberal re
ward will he paid to tlie finder, when
brought to th kht 8nK oftlce, SJ
Nkw Lakh PieoovKiismlioitori
r current that new Ink of the same
Ue m Priest lake ha hectt discovered
ten mile north of the latter. It t sup
posed that a few pKatpeetor have
known of tln VXMvmv of th Ink
ouw time ms but It lot not irt'iirtly
been kuown.-uiurd'Alvne Ttmi
Ohmion Against thk Would, No
lle! iitf an Item tu th OrtyoititiM that e
Minitower nfly-two Incite m etrctnu
fereue grew at (Inr field, Wash., this
year, correspondent writing firmu
CrawftirdsvUle, Iiun county, ty that
I. K. Mose. of that place, grew on of
these plant till year that measure
sixty incite In circumference.
MoKK l.AW STl'DKNTe.--Ill the ta
prctue court at Salem, the following
Jvr student were examined C T.
ltupcl, A. W, Johnston, Irving C
Hick, and It. JM. Smith, of Portland
J. 1 Wagner, of Forest drove; J.J,
Charlton, of AUiiy;(lcors M. Brown
uf Itoscburg; A, W, reverence, of Till
auwok ; J, C. Clack, of The Dalle; C. A.
Moor, of lk View; A. K. Wflmio, of
Iadla, and A. O. Ctmdlt, of 8tlem.
The das received their certificate,
Thk II a 1. 1, hamks. Th base Ml
game Inst Saturday and rUinday were
unusually Interesting, being lh best
tlmt have Ueen played atTaluiage park
this season. The game Haturtlny with
Urn Chemaw Indians rvult'Ul In fuvur
of the Indian boy with a score of 12 to
13 talllt. The game Sunday between
IheKaleiu Giant mill Independence
wm qulto clow, the score standing T to
8 In fitver of SiiU'iii. fttturtlay we do
not think our boy did their heat, but
Huntley they undoubiledly played
guild game an the score wm no Hoar
tie with tNik in' AM tenro.
"Oi,i Max Kumt KXT." Tim 0f
atmiitu ttf Siiturtlny my; "A H'advr of
tlinourrwut lievrnotiny tlmt Mr.
(ihuUtuno nnvntly wan iIImI th 'old
mn I(Mtititt,' but tlmt tb title dw
not bvlotift to Mr. (iluiUtoue, but to
John Qulncy Adam." Coiiiiiivntinit
on thU rviunrk, the tlltiroy the Utk
orlKlimtwl with Mlltnu, wlnro In one
of hUwmnvt, ht nmdo It In ulluidon
to Iwhtuim, a (irvvk orntor of th time
of Philip of MncxHlim. A render of the
Stuirmntm bcu this to imy about It:
u1it thin nipltniiiit was firt paid
to tho memory of John Qulnfcy Adant
bylU-v. E.H. Clmpln, the nnuterly
pulpit orntor, of New ork (Ity, lu hl
urt,t aermon dillverd by him on the
deuth of John Qulney Adunia the
"old4 man elmiuent.'' Acexirtllnir to
WeUntw, we And It wan au expnvdn
niiule une of by Milton, In hta tenth
MHiiiet, In an ttHunlnii to Iwicmteo, and
wry Konernlly apilliHl, lu Anierli-a, to
John Quluvy Aduiins sixth prexldent
of tho Unitcl Ktati
IIihtohv or a Casso,()ii the way
to Chicago at thli time la an old can
non with a hlitory. When Mr. F. A.
Otwr, the HjHxlal Commlwloner to the
Went Indlw, waa in Han Domingo, hi
attention waa called loa largo cannon
lying half burled lu the aaud on the
banka of the Oxama river. It lay be
neath the bluff on which atnnda the
great catl, the Honaje, the oldenl eaa
tle now atanding In America. The
city council calltHl tho commlndoiier'a
attentlou to It, ami declared that It
huitory waa second only In InU reat to
that of the city llaelf. When Don
Diego Colon, the aon of Colunibua,-waa
aentout with hi titled wire, Mario de
Folcdo, to govern tit Wand of Hanto
Domingo, ho began the erection of a
grand palace, tho view of which may
atill be ami on the right bank of the
Ojtma, which graduully wwumed the
appearance and proKirtloua of a for
treaa rutlnr thau a gubernatorial ril
dencw. The city authorlta. fearing
that Don Diego would neck to Intrench
hluiHelf In hla eoatle and defy the king
of Hpnln, mounted the eannon In a
fortlilcutlon hntitlly erected, and wnrned
Don Diego that he waaaulject to their
eommanda. The fortreas flniilly full to
ruin and tho cannon, one by ono, tum
bled over tho bank, and uow, after ly
ing iWO yeara beneath the walla of 8an
Diego, tliln piece of ruaty ordnance will
turn up at Clilcagn, pdrhajia to aend
forth a anlute to the memory of the
great CoUunbua, who) eon It waa once
uaod to threaten.
Opbninh Tub Coi-umiiia. The
chnmkurof coiuinerce met In I'ortlnnd
liiBt Monday night for the purpose ol
hearing the report of the committee ap
pointed to Inquire Into the different
pronations which have been aubmlt
ted for ojieiilng the Columbia river
above The Dalle. The committee
made two reports, a majority and a mi
nority report The1 majority reixirt,
which was adopted, recommends thai
the proposition of the Columbia IUver
and Navlgutlou company (Molor's com
pany) be accepted. The proposition In
brief is that the company agrees- to
build a portago road around the rapid
above The Dalles on the Woshlngton
side, and put on a line of steamer
above and below The Dulles, provided
the cltens of Portland will take three
hundred thousand dollars of the Co.'
bond. The minority report favored
the formation of a stock company by
the citizens of the country tributary to
the Columbia river and building tin
rood on the Oregon side. The minori
ty report claimed that if Mollr's plau If
adopted his company would sell out at
soon as the Union Pacific company
made them a profitable ofl'cr. The mi
nority report, on the other hand, as
serted that sufficient money could not
be rulsed by the cltissens, the amount of
each Individuals utock being limited to
a small number of shares. It was also
asserted thut the small holders would
sell their stock to the railroad companj
and nothing woult) tie gained.' Tin
majority report was adopted.
Oyster aoelnl,
Halny weather.
foggy mornings,
lllue Honp at Walker llrot,
The liacket !"r for gloves.
A new line of Honp t Walker Uro
J. I), Irvine, tlie grocer, la M hut.
Quit a nuinU-r went to Portland
last Monday,
Try Skinner A Wilson's upeclat gra-
Inuu for geiua,
Hock Candy Drip 8yrup at Walker
lihw. Try a can.
liemcmber theaiwial tomorrow night
at the opera house.
A girl wanted, apply to the Wiwt
lutelllgeni-e ortlee.
Call ami mhi thoae new blankets Just
mxhvihI at th racket atore.
Cliwt awni for. aale by MnwUl M.
Bloier, one tulle south of town,
Idlea, have you aeeu the Pur to
Shelley Vanduyn' windows?
IM everylxslv go and bave a gtHsl
time at the soidal to-morrow night
Kinoke tu Queen of Quwu cigar,
Tit beat ttv oeitt cigar In towu at J.
Just rewivod at Walker Hro. a uew
Hue of Decorated Ware. Drop lu and
Itev. J, It N. IWII will preach at Zo
na th ftmrth Hunday In tk'tolr at 11
o'clock a. m.
Drop In at J, D. Irvlue'aaud ace that
new line of quecuawarejiMt rveelved.
Soinethlug new.
H(i') around to the llavkvt store on C
ttrvvt and price thiaw undreaaed kid
gloves Justreclved. ,
Anyone wanting fruit lands In tracts
of from twenty to fifty acre, call ou
Moran, Mouiiiouth. tf
Skinner Wllaou'a siatlal graham
make the fliieot hot cakes of anything
lu the market. Try It
Dave Oelwlek always bus on hnud
fresh caudiea, Key Wt clgara and
tropical fruits I u season. 1
Those new blankets at the llacket
store are cheapest of any in town.
Call and examlue and get prlcea.
fjeorgo Welts, Jr. who Uvea near
Uueiia VUta, kllleila rattlesnake a few
days ago which had eight rut ties.
A Knight of Pythias kalge was In
tttultil lu llixshurg lust Frhlay aud
Suturdey with fifty charier member.
(lo to Hkluner 4 Wllaon' flouring
mills, In this city and get wan of that
iieelul grtiham for gema. It makes th
tlnest. (
J. F. O'Dtmncll will occupy Ills new
brick by Nov. 1, with tbelargwt stock
of hardware ever brought to Indepen
dent. AU persouadeairiug assUtance from
an experienced hand in tleliorulug cat
tle call on Hamilton Mulkey, Mon
mouth, 1
Say, now I the beat time to buy your
winter groceries, but be sure aud call
on J. D. Irvine and get Ills price before
making purchase.
W. F. Dwlton's team bsik a splu up
the street last Tuesday with th Wh"
Inggwrsuf hi wagon. No damage
to speak of was done.
The poiiltenllary recevled another
inmate last Sotuntay, one Joint John-
sou from Clultstp county who will serve
three years for larceny.
"Hlie seems a very clever woman."
0, she Is! I had au bour'aconversailon
with her yesterday, aud didn't bave a
hiiuee to suy a word."
Mr. Btuats has handed us twenty
ve uew subscriber to the Wnrr 8iik
Coiih'oii friends, we will try aud give
you entire satisfaction.
Little Itrother: "la IkmUin an old
eityT" Little HUter (wlto has lieen
there); " 'Ikntl, It la. Why, the streeta
Is bent tiKstt double with age."
If you want something nice go and
examine the stock of Haller Leweo
slioi's Just rvctdved by Khelley A. Van
duyn. They will try and please
Hie summer Is ended and the harvest
is post, and why not drop In at J. D.
Irvine's anil get a receipt for grocery
bills. A hlut to tho wise you know Is
11, F. Andrews, Prop, of the ltackct
store on C street received a stock of
casslmerc, all wool gloves this week for
to 40 cents a pulr. Call and exam
ine them.
W. II. Murphy, the Phoenix Insur
ance man, is muKingsome nuaiuiti
ulmbmtlal additions to Ills residence
near the Presbyterian church. All go
and do likewise. ...... ,
George White wiw taken to the asy-
lum from Washington county last Hot
urtday, also Mrs. Margaret T. Milne
was tuken from the sauw county to the
asylum for treatment.
Remember when In Salens to call In
at Strong' restaurant, now Westacott
Irwin, and get a meal not to l e-
oclled on the Puclllo coast for 25, cent.
1 271 Commercial street. " .
Well, well, tho Independence Use !
all team got It right in tbe neck by
the Salem 11. It. team, and why? De-
cause tliey am not uuy mat uoyni
Dutch Cocoa of J. D. Irvine's.
M. Ed. Casey, who recently died
at I'ortlnnd, was for some tlino the
publisher of a paper at Dallus.5 He
was a man highly respected In Polk
county, and his demise will lie sadly
lenlored by many of tho old oilman.
May hi mcrtnllty succeed to a glorious
Passing through Monmouth this
morning we could but notice the fine
residence nearlng completion.' Ira
Smith's new building Is being fin
ished as fast a good workmen cart ac
complish It. Monmouth Is booming,
and promises to be a "joy aud beauty
forever." We " noticed considerable
lumber hauled on the grouud for new
tldcwalks. ' !,.': !
A preacher In Iowa lost Ills pulpilt fot
telling the truth. He was a forcible:
preacher, but deficient lu education,
and occnslomtlly committed some grave
mlndonicauor lu grammar. On; Hun
day evening, while speaking rapidly,
he made a gross assault on Llndley
Murray. No sootier had the sentence
iscaped bis lips than be stnpied uud
mid: "I utn awure that my education Is
ieflclcnt. I regret that I did not have
the advantage of good schools while a
boy, If I had boon mora fortunate, I
would now be preaching to a more in
tclllgent oongregatlon," The minister
told the truth, but It waa th hut tint
h preached In that cliurch.-liotou
The HM'UI to-morrow night will be
proveded by a abort programme, oon
itttng of vocal and histruiueuUt aolo
and music by ihvowueatra, for which
ait admission of tuu ouuUwlll be
chargetl, , . .
Th niornlng and evening discourse
In th MelhiMllst church last Sabath, by
111 Hev, Isaac Peart were logins!, foreV
ble and loiUeut. The clasa-meitlug
waa a time of refreshing from the pre-
uoofthLord.,4 g . s; t$
All those knowing thumaelve In
debUnl to th Ami of Jleukl A Walker
will please come forward and niaketm
medial itaynieul a they wish to
sonar up all account. A word to the
wise la suntaleut. ; .tf
W wish to call th public' attentlou
to the fins millinery displayed at Ms
eaulay A linberteon'a. New York
gtsslsat New York price. Call and
examine them Is-fore purchasing else
where, Fn II lie of ltaby Cap at low
prices, -S 'vV
That valuable nroiierty oorner of C
and ltallrond streets, Independence,
Oregon, 00J ftet front, 08 ftt th-em
with dwelling born ami store, for
.I.Oliu-llxtiiivs of store, safe aud giasls,
la a bargain. luqolre ou th prenilw;
title perfect WiMf
Au octopus or Devil llh waa cap-
turctt at the government work ycsier
ttay by th em ploy es, It waa some six
A'etacroa aud quit a curiosity to
many here. It waa sent to Corvallls
for the benefttof the student at college.
Newport TVmr, 1
Stat Supt McKlroy favor the tat
furuUhliigatdnsd books at cost, aud he
la right There Is no sense lu allowing
the county superintendent to uggle
with book manufacturer. Oregon I
to-day paying 1.hiI4 what Issiks are
worth as a result of this unwise oure,
Itev. D. V. Poling will Preach In the
Christian chureh at 11 a. in. on Sun-
lay, Oct W, 1H0I. In th eveulug the
"Johnstown Flood" will be the subject
of a half hour talk, instead of a dis
course. The sisjaker was an eye wlu
nes of this calamity. You aro oor
dlally Invited to be present A special
program of music will be rendered also
Dr. Ine has written a very spright
ly and manly letter In reply to the at
tack upon the condition In which he
b ft th asylum for the insitne. Dr
Itowlaiid' ti'sirt bore strong Wdeuo
of uiifulrueNS and inju-tlix). It ihshI
tint be doubted tlmt he alo will wrestle
with bedbug In vain, and pas them
ou in his luru to Ids successor - Orjo
nltin, '
ltcport of Itureau of StatistltM ou tm
nilgmllon shows that aim IHA1 nearly
lu.txsi.wio Immigrants have come to this
country trom European couu tries, of
which over 4,AU0,(xiU were (lenuaiis, J,
Munym Irish, and 2..vm,ooo English,
Immigration for year ending Jtiu S,
isui, was lurgfst since VW. Total ar
rivals tM,m, an liiireai or 104.3A
over IB . ?
IteMirts say that a young man of Mo
ro, a few Suudays slut, luduecd a very
young lady to take her first buggy ride,
and when both-were scaled In tho car
riage, the you n u fellow concluded to k't
the top down, and, coiiscqueutty, I
reached ovi to unjolut the rmi. Titej
yoong miss construed this aa an at
tempt to enrlrile lier In tisimtildeu an
einliriui', and with a Comanche yell
she went over th daah-btatrd, and
struck for inane, never topj4ng to al
low the bewildered gentleman to ex
plain his Intention at all. Don't be
discouraged, young man she'll outgrow
that li's not malignant -Wasco AVics.
A Hand of Rut. AlS o'clock Tues
day K.d. Donalilaon, who n-sltlcs on hi
claim five mile northwest of (lienors,
Oregon, was siiirlned by a baud
of ah nit seveut-flve elk, which had
Iwcome Hlaniedi)d frtjin some cause.
They tine daslilng dowu through his
camp, wrecking hi cabin, and Mr.
IXiiialdson had a close call for his
life. As somi as bo could recover from
the fright and extricate himself from
thedeiirls, be seined Ills rifle and down
ed four of the best of them, Tbe shtxit-
lug evidently addled th animals, for
after running a (imrlor of a mile they
turned aud doubted on their trail, when
seven more were slaughtered, among
whlch-was a monster white una. .Mr.
Donaldson cam to town lat last night,
and this morning a pack train atarud
out to bring In the meat Tvlfffmm,
Casks ok tub AKAncittaw. In the
supreme court of the United State last
.Monday Moses Solomon, of Chicago,
attorney for FlClden and Schwab, an
archists, who were committed to the
hu for life at the time Spies, Ling, et
al, were condemned ' to deuth for the
murder at Haymurkct in Chicago, filed
papers In theWo cases to secure the re
tense of the two convict, aud moved
that the eases be Advanced. The prin
cipal point la the old Uchiifottl oneal
ready argued lu Illinois courts, that the
nic n were seutenid by Illinois court
when they were pot present and the
court power to sentence them,
(Jcuerid WutloT la associatod evlth Bob
nmon. - ' '
Aldakv'i Bro llKinoR. Th work
of bridging the Willamette at Alhuny
has been actually commenced, the first
piles having been driven Monday,
The brldga wl.l be all steel, aud will
consist of four span of cantilever style,
which is the bent that can be built.
They are all high spans so a to admit
of the passage of boats at any point.
Two ii i' W feet long each and two Sfifi
feet. They Will rest upon steel piers,
with steel cribs surrounding the piling
and solid concrete filling at the base,
surrounded by rip' rap. The bridge,
when completed will be aubstantlul,
there being no other captllever bridge
in the state., ',:;.', - " :
itaAHM'rW AlTOlNTRD. Ooernor
Pcnnoyer has appointed the following
delegate from Oregon to th Trans-
Mississippi Connnorclal congress, which
will be couvened at Omaha, Oct. ID to
24th, S. W. Blalsdell, M. D. Wisdom,
Frank Ctamo, Portland; F. E, Ilull,
Oranlte; J, K. Ilomlg, La Grande
This congress met last year, for the first
time, at Denver. Its purpose I to dl-.
cuss matters of interest to and take
action uKin mutters tlmt may add to
the prosperity of the western states.
h, 0. Ollmore spcut
metro (tolls tht week.
a day In
W are glad to learu that J. C. La
Ransieur Is much Improved this week.
Mr. J, K. HubUnl and Mm. Will
Madison went to Sak'iii Tuctlay for a
short visit
Mr. Tuck, ait old tlui printer of the
Wkbt Btm, called on )it last Tuewlay
Mrs, Hosier returned from Spokane
wher h Iim been for sometime past,
last Wednesday ,
W. W, Perclval ha been on th sick
list for awhile, but I now able to be
around agalu,
Mr and Mrs. I, Clogged and Mabel
Well went to Portland last Wednes
day fur a few daya.
Mis Itertle Llnvllle, wliose futher la
agent at the Sllwts reservation, I visit-
lug Mis lie! Ilutler this week, v
Our friend, Harley Alexander, a
linen Vista merclmiit, was In town
Tuesday. He resrt all lovely Id
Mrs,D, It. Taykir went to Allainy
Tuesday a a delegat from this place
to the Haptlst Assiwlatlou to lc held In
that city tills week.
M. 0. Potter went to Portland Molt
day aa delegat to the Urand' Iitslge of
tli Knights of Pythias which convumd
lu (bat city this week.
Judge Collins, of Putin, was In In
Iciwinlem Wednesday looking ror a
hiaise with a view of moving to our
town aud sending hi children to actus))
this whiter.
Mr. Sabln, traveling agent for J.C,
Ayer A Co. gave us a call ami made an
advertising ooutuMt with u lust Friday
lie la traveling through th country by
team In one of the neatM outfit we
have seen.
W. B. Cooper son of Harbin Coo r,
I a visitor among us. Ill home
Idem I on tlie Join Day's river, Sher
man county. He hits lived there
twelve year, and the present outlook
for Independence command hi admi
Tho. lUihanua, brother of John Ho
hiiinia. Is lu from Yauuln. He take
pride in knowing he was an old rest
tkut of our lively city. He hold
prominent position with the Oregon
Pacific company. He I well pleased
with tlie proelieel of ludeismdence,
and predict a bright future for theclty.
J. W. Muster returned from Portland
this week whither he had goue to have
a pterygium removed from bis right
eye which hail been growing nearly
fifteen year and had almost entirely
covered th pupil aud he had nearly
Itat the sight of It Tbe operntlon was
very successful aud It la getting along
very well.
Will, (iootlridge, living near tlie III'
tllan school, Salem, was accidentally
shut while III luirault of a wounded
beorou Itock creek, Kenton county
Ingoing down a steep bill one of his
companions, who was lu the rear, fell
and accidentally dlscbaged his rifle, tbe
ball striking tkiottridge In the knee,
eompletly ehaterlng tlie km cap.
A. J. Whlteaker, sou ol D. F. Wbit-
eakcr, and a natlv lsrp Oregoulau, Is
In town ou a visit to relative and
friends. He I uow nicely situated at
South IWml, Wash., and I engaged In
tbe real estate bualuess, which prom
1st to prove lucrative In th future,
He put hi name on tbe Wasr Hidk
list of subscriber, and left the "filthy
lucre" for tlicame.
Thk Whit Hoihk. The Presi
dent' house In Washington City Is
built of sundstone, and is painted whit.
This latter circumstance I pretty
generally given a the origin of Its
nam of White House. Hut there may
be other reason. Among the many
possessions of the Widow Custla, who
became famous in history a Martha
Washington, the wife of our first presi
dent, there was au estate on York river
Virginia, known a the White House,
from tbe fact that the mansloii on It
wits white. It is not altogether unlike
ly that the executive mansion was
named after this estate. The White
Hons estate on York river became tbe
proHirly of General Itotairt 10. Is'
wife who wo a great gniiid-thiughtcr of
Martha Warshlugtou by ber first hus
band, and was among the first of the
great Virginia houses to fall Into tho
hands of tbe Federals after the begin
ning of the war between the state. Of
course 'President Washington never
occupied the White House In Washing
ton City. Ho was Inaugurated In New
York City lu 17NI), aud Philadelphia
was the National capital during the
grater part of hi two term. Thomas
Jatrersnii was the first president lining
umgtcd March 4, 1801, tu Washington
' '4 'JJ-...... '
Not a hi, h Dkath. lllglit. Hon.
Win. Henry Smith, first lord of the
treasury, and government leader in the
house of commons, who bus been 111
for some time, died Oct Q.
Mr. Smith, who was one of tlio repre
sentative business men of Knglaud, Is
popularly reported to have left a for
tune of 110,000,000, Biilfour will suc
ceed Smith a conservative leader In
the commons, If the Influence of the
powerful Cohden club and the opinion
of the conservative party as a whole
rule in the decision to he made by
Lord Sal Isl hi ry. On tho other' hand,
If the negotiations now pending for tbe
reconstruction of the cabinet based on
the absorption of lilierul unionists be
effected, Goschen will claim tlie leader
ship, ' -
The Msw Mill.
D. M. Klcmsea, formally head miller
of MoDanlel A White, at Derry, In tills
county, has commenced tlie erection of
his rcsldcncelln Tulinnge and as soon
as the lumber and material arrives will
commence buildlug his large grist mill
about half way between Independence
and Monmouth. The mill will be run
by steam aud will have a capacity of
seventy-flve barrels per day. This Is a
very commendable enterprise and we
are glad to see so much ( ubllc Improve
ment going on in and about Indepen
dence as We believe the country sur
rounding our town would well support
a city at this point. Mr. J. M. Stark,
proprietor of the Little Paint hotel,
has already purchased the flint bivrrel
of flour tlmt is made by tho new mill,
paying ten dollars cash for thu same lu
t'Slillu S. Nul..
Two hundred ami fifty-five name are
enrolled lu tho d.fnreiit departments.
Supt McKlroy I ex istcled to isiid
day visiting the school In th uearfu
tur. ' '
Mrs. Nulm' department ha removed
from the southwest to the southeast
room on second lloor.
Tb director have authorlanl tlie
purchase of an unabrlged t'lctlouary fur
Mr. Nelius department, and a set of
chemical aptairatu for the high sehool
Th Tescliers leading Circle did not
liitv their accustomed meeting lost
week on account of extra aehool work,
Judge Collins, of Dullas, attended
tit niornlng exercise ou Wednesday
and favored the nch'-d by a abort tut
Instructive talk.
Mrs. Tuck and Miss Den man were
made happy last week, tli former by
tlie return of Mr. Tuck from a ty of
two year lu WIcoulu, and th latte
by a visit by her mother who remained
till Thursday visiting her many friends
here',., ;-' , , .'
Mis Savage 1 studying elocution un
tier MlasTuttleof tbe State Normal
The following is a list of tlie name
of tbe pupil who attained the . highest
averuuc In lust month' work, a
shown by report Issikat Second Grade
Gertie pruden, Glen Goodman, win!
Walter Fori Third Grade: Hattie
licit, Claud Hubbard, and Willie Fuieli,
Fourth Grade: Luvelle Kay, U4j W
ton Kavs. : Nellie Pumeroy, W, and
Nettle McductMith, m. Fifth Gratlei
Vena (loir, tH; Alto Ksles, wt; Klla Fen
nell. U8.aud Willie Ksles. M. Sixth
Oratlei Nellie Walstoii, In; Isaac Gtssl
ell, OS; Irfslle Van Mwr, ul. Stventh
Grade: ltosa ltschartlsou, 07; Aura
leverage, tW; Kflle Ittcbartlson, 15.
Klglith Grade: Kdilh White, K0.6
Pearl Coor, 87 6; George Whlteaker,
85. First High School Grade: Miss
Ida Ksles. 0C.ii Mis Itvrllu Whlteaker,
3 4 -6: Walter Pruden,
Ml Maude tVsiis r hu the lst av
erage In tbe third grade, High School.
Hutu Vl.l Julllhgs,
A. J. Hichurdsoii made a trip to
Portland this week.
Wm. Wells handed your eompnu
dent a radish this week that weighed
four and one-halt poumirt.
Hum. Wilson miute the rounds last
week of our burg with Id steam saw,
and as cousctiucnce, we all have our
wood cut and In tbe dry,
Mr. Turner, the foreman of our pot
tery work here, will leav f Missouri
In about a month, when tbe pottery
will close for th winter.
Hauiuel Baldwin arrived hero last
week from Khuni to make hi home
In Oreiitui. Ho 1 a brother to l' tide
Dave Baltlw ln, aud we are glad to see
ueh men eomo to our stale, a we
iietHt gtssl enterprising busluexN men
M. N. Prat her arrived home Satur
day from a two weeks' visit with his
brother Mart, In .Malheur county. He
Ismueh Improved In health, aud say
he hunted nawt of the time while
there, aud killed a wolf, porcupine and
a rattltuiiake, and saw eight deer, but
did not hurt any of them. Nute y
its brother lives at on elevation of oouo
feel, and while out hunting there last
week It auowed enough to cover the
ground. Stock were looking flue, but
everything wo very dry, and Nute
say that this valley bolt everything
else, and Is good enough for anybody.
A I.ivk Woman. The Marshfleld
iS'un says: MissMollle Uliniiiu Iscn-
gsgedas principal of the Haruey school
ou a salary of ll'JO per mouth, and has
au Oxford graduate for an assistant
She w as elected superintendent of pub
lic selitwl of Harney county , but under
the fool law s of Oregon she could not
quullfy aud bad to have a man stand up
and become sponsor or a figure-head for
her and h "deputy," only, lu name,
but iys she dts-sii't care so long as she
gets the pay. After her term of office
expires site rill visit the bay and then
go east for a season.
Vtoi.ATUt). The press Is calling at
tention to a generally violated Oregon
law which provides; "ItshalUie un
lawful to sell, barter, trade, give, or In
any nmnn-r furnish to any minor, un
der the age of eighteen years, any to
bacco, cigars, or cigarette In any form,
orany compcumt in willed toimcco
forms a component part.
It Was a Mihtakk. Worldly dim-
gcr is a condition beyond which not
even a preacher of the gospel can place
himself. This is u world of horse-pow
er. A horse-power Is 8,i,ikk) pounds
rallied one ftsit a minute, but a power
ful horse foot has Is-en known to raise
sisincr. Sometimes a preacher of the
wild West has to curb his horse as
well as humans, and while doing this
tiling last week, J. 11. N. Bell, editor of
the Independence WuhtSidk, broke
ils left arm. We arc glad to hear that
he Is rapidly recovering. A lumnlh
.SVnc '
, , , ,
QUIMHY.-To the wife of O. Qulmby,
of Men nimi th, Tuesdcy, Oct. lit, 18H1,
a boy. Weight nine pounds. All
doing well.
imUNlt The wife of Thomas Brunk,
living a few miles uortli of town, pre
sented him with a nine-pound boy
Wednesday -Oct. 10, 1MU. Mother
and child doing nicely, but tho fath
ers case is hopeless. .
HOWAHl). Suturdny evening, Oct
10, 181)1, Ethel I., Infant daughter of
Mr, and Mrs. J. F. Howard, aged 2
mulitim and 13 days. Wom burled
Sunday, Out. lltJi, In the Iullas
cemetery. ,
Tliofnmtly Ullkea bmili,
Tim elilltlren nro the loaviw, ' t
The parents nre the covar ' ' 1
That pmleellv besiuy give.
At flrat the pngoa of tlio biMik . ,!
' Aro hlimk unit purtily flilr,
Hut time noon wrltoth momorliw,
And puliitcth plot uros thcro, 11
l.ovc la the little golilon rlintp
, That hhidi'lli iii the trimti
till, break It not, lent till the lenvua
Hhall imtter nml bo Inst,
', ' Dui.ll.A llllAVKS.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Ei::r Current tk:t t
will EdptftjrtoWl
Russian Pc:;!3 Cr of b
pr-ln M:h lt
0 KsrltMiMBka In rdlfurnl.
NAI'A, (,'al., (Kit 11. Th heaviest
earthtpiake bijk ever felt ber wa ex
perleiiced at 10:34 o'clwk to-night
Chimneys toppled over and several
buildings were shattered and badly
shaken up. Drug store fixture suf
fared greatly, bottle wen thrown from
their shelve to the floor, and other
damage don. The Masonic Temple, a
flue building, wa shattered. At the
state insane asylum great excitement
prevails. The patient are almost un
controllable. It I reported that the
building Is crocked and that other dam
age lot been done.
SfiwiN, Oct. 11,-At 10:20 tonight
heavy shock of earthquake shook up
this quiet little city. The shock lasted
nearly half a minute. It wa tlie
hMavkrt earthquake known here for
years. The damage wa Mght, but the
fright to tbe people waa extreme .
San r HAXi tm), Oct II. A severe
earthquake shock occurred here about
10:27 to-night It lasted fully half a
minute, and was the most severe ex
pcriciiM'd tu this city for a king time.
lit iiok anoiT ulaink.
II l sow Said II Mm lelttl lo ltl
flrr lh Novombor Kleellan,
Sa FHAxnato, Oct 13.-A sja-clal
to au afternoon paper from Washington
says: it is a general rumor in wan
I lit; ton that Secretary Blaine lias decid
ed not to resume Ida duties as secretary
of state, end that John W. Foster, now
secretary of tlie treasury, will be ap
pointed to that position immediately
after the November enactions. State
department official decline to discuss
the mat ter.
food m Orsrc In KumU Thai K? the
Urlaof the AlrykruNtarTlRC.
Ixjjiisim, Oct 12, Advlwfroin va-
rlous Itiiaslau points state the peasants
aie iliskliig Into the towns from tbe
country district perishing for food.
Many are dying In their track. The
cold Is luleuse aud tbe w anderers bave
uo fuel. Incendiarism and pillaging is
spreading. Local authorities every
where are paralysed for want of funds.
Destitute jews expeiiuti trom tue van
ous pro vl net are swelling the ranks of
tbe starving thousands. The organ!
sat Ion of relief committees fur the dis
tribution of cum ha been uspended.
CsniilitnlM far Cnugm.
Ht noK, 8. 1)., Oct. l.-W. II. Smith
of Sioux Falls waa nominated early
this morning a an Independent candi
date for cougrcsa.
MrrniKM, sTiOct l.-The Dem
ocrats have nominated J. M. wood, a
wealthy cattle man ot Iutpid City, a a
eauditlate for congress, ; 4
riultta f Arl oii.
VA8itiNOToX,Oet 8. N. O. " Mur-
hy, acting governor of Arlioua terri
tory, In annual report to tbe secretary
of the Interior, expresses the opinion
that the population of the territory will
reach 70,000 before tlie end of the pres
ent fiscal year. There are at leant, be
says, 12,000 Mormons lu the territory
engaged In agriculture and mining.
Lsrtte Reward.
San Fhaki'Imco, Oct. 12,-The South-
rn Pacific Co. has offered a reward of
ve thousand dollar for tho arrest and
conviction of each party connected wllli
the derailment of tho express at Colfax.
Klnrk on tli Range.
Washington, Oct. 12. Tlie bulletin
Issued by tlie census ofllce on live stock
ranges show that in June, 18!K), there
were uimn tho ranges 617,128 horse,
'Mi mules, 1 100 osscs or burros, 6,828,
128 eattlo, 0,670,002 sheep, and 17,276
BWlllO. . f' :
Ueinoerat Tarry the Hay,
lNDlANAPOi.ra.OetlS. The city elec
tion to-day resulted In the election of the
iitlreDeniocrutlo ticket by majorities
t limited at from lQOOtoSOOO. ' Sullivan
r mayor, the present Incumbent, runs
thousand ahead of bis ticket -
Artlulne or lnoiirporallun filed,
EntiKNB, Oct. 15 The Crouch-Hous
ton Electric aud Manufacturing Com
pany of Eugene, has been Inoorpes
rated with a capital atock of 81,000,000.
The object of the corporation is to mail-
fncture and acll the Crouch safety
lyimmo, This is an invention of a
Sugeno man and promises a revolution
In electric lighting. Live wires are
bamiiosif by this system. , ' ;
New Illalinps Kloeted,
iNiiiANAi'OLis, Intl., Oct. 13. The
German Evangelical Association to-day
re-elected lUahop Esher and Bowman
and Itev. C. 8. Bryfogle, of Beading,
Pa,, and Boy. William Horn, of Cleve
land, editor of jRoUachofer, to the two
new blahoprlos created.
Itutlwity Aeeideut,
Colfax, Col., Oct. 12,-The west
bound fast mall train ou the Central
Pactllo loft the track three miles west
f Colfux, at 3 o'clock this morning.
Tho train .consisted of four slceplug
oars, one baggage, and two mull cars.
One sleeper broke from the train and
rolled dowu an umbuiikincnt about fif
ty feet. The porter of tho oar was bad
ly Injured, The train had between
eighty and one hundred passenger
many of whom were cratched and I
bruised, but no fatalities are thu far;
reported. The oiuse of tlie accident 1
wa in Msswiuiig in ran on a curve,
which I believed to have been the
work of the Dalton gang for tb pur
pose of robbery.
Mate fruit Orewere' AsMMtatlea Is amnio
t Dallas. .
Da M, A, Oct li-Tha Rtato Fruit
Growers' Association convened in Dhl
la last evening. Th exercise took
place In th city hall. Tbe building I
covered with a handsome display of
flower and fruits, which called forth
high expression of praise from be
holder. A large audience greeted the
fruit men on tlie opening of their de
liberation. Mayor M. M. Ellis called
tbe association to order, and made
neat speech of welcome to Delia lu
particular and Polk county In general.
In eulogistic term he referred to the
advantage of our county for fruit cul
ture, end hoped that the discussion
would stimulate Interest In the business,
extending to visitor the freedom of
tbe city. Dr. Oardwell, of Portlaud.oo
behalf of the society, accepted the wel
come, and spoke very flatteringly of
Dallas' beauty and of the wonderful
productiveness end adaptability to fruit
raising of the surrounding region. He
prophesied that tbe fruit Industry
would urs'rsetle in Importance the
growing of wheat and corn and oat.
Professor T. F. CampUII, of Mon
mouth, delivered an entertaining and
Instructive address ou the subject of
"Agriculture." Mr. Jennie Coad't
olo, "The Lauding of the Pilgrims,"
waa rendered in splendid volt, and re
ceived hearty applause. Mr. Quick, of
Polk county, gave eonie of bis experi
ence In raising prune, appk, pears,
aud peaches, In tbe valley, (Jtneral
Varoey, state horticulturist and (JoL
Allen, made pleasing remark.
The lweer Starter.
J. H. Stine, tbe editor of tbe new
paper In Yamhill county, the Wblteson
Advance, is a peculiar character In
Oregon Journalism. He ha brought
more newepaper Into the world than
any other man In tlie state. . Tbe ex
act number It would be bard to re
member, but there must have been a
doaen of them at k-ast, nearly all In
new town in Oregon. Nearly if not
quite every paper started by him ha
beeu prosperous slue tbe start, and are
now making a good living for their
owner. Among lueee maybe nieu
tlouod the Grant' Pass Courier and
tlie Independence Was? Bids, both of
which are good paying propcrtlc. Mr.
Stine' plan ha beeu In tbe past to
publish a typographically neat and
newsy naiier In some town not before
blessed by Journalistio enterprise, and
having secured a good subscription list
and advertising patronage, seek a pur
chaser and sell out "when the bloom
waa on the rye." He Invariably got a
good price, and It seemed to him that
he was doing bettor in this way than
he could If be bad settled down In one
plat. But It Is easy to see tbe mistake
now. Tbe paper to which he gave
an auspicious start lu life are now. do
ing better than ever. It is merely an-
other Illustration of tbe well-known
fact Uiat a man who wishes to succeed
In life must thoroughly identify him
self with one partlcularcommunlty and
work for It interest while working
tor bis own. Ex, t ,.
- The HubSr Stamp. :
Whenever a wholesale house receive
letter from a merchant written on
scrap of paper without anything to
indicate w hat sort of business he Is en
gaged in, or the sheet I ornamented
Itb one of those hideous daub called
rubber stamps, bis name 1 Immediate
ly checked with au "S," which Indi
cates sucker. ThU mark serve aa a
notice to the traveling salesman that
the said merchant Is a fit subject on
which to palm oh all the old, worni-
eateu, shelf-worn shoddy goods that
you possibly can. The poor merchant
then wonders why Ida customers uever
come back tho second time to buy
goods. Eugeue Guard, , .
Th Oregon I'aelBe Salt.
J. W. Whalley, who was appointed
iferce to take tosilinouy in the matter
of the contention of tbe bondholders of
the Oregon Pacific Railroad, and who
left for New York August 2tith to at
tend to this bualuess, has returned, says
the Orcgonian. Some of the bond
holder claimed tlmt there were $1,000,
000 worth of tbe bonds illegally Issued,
but when It came to testifying before
the referee, It wa claimed tbat . tlie
Issue of the bonds had been Illegal.
Mr. Whalley would not allow this
claim to be considered . or dealt , with
and adjourned theheariug to October
28, at Corvallls, at which time a flood
of light will probably be poured on all
matters connected with the Oregon
Pacific bonds. ..
Recent calculation upon the race of
the sun places It at about forty miles
per second. 1
3. F. O'Donnell was elected couucll-
man vice E. C. Pentlund resigned.' A
good choice and uo mistake.
The city hits oouoluded a coutmet
with Mr. Ollmore for ten fire hydrant.
bey are now being placed In dlftbrent
parte of tho city. Independence is
now reasonably secure from the rava
ges of fire. Tbe councel Is to be con
gratulate upond this good work.
It Is to be hoped there will be no ces
sation of the good work opened up by
tho grand Jury of San Francisco. ; For
years it has been a boss-cursed city.
rotligacy and corruption, bribery and
thievery have stalked abroad In open
daylight Democratic corruptloulBts
aud Republican bribers have for years
held high Car nival and fattened on the
taxes wrung from the people. Lot the
whole gang be shown to the doors that
open In upon Sau Quontin. i
, .... L. 1,1. LIU ' .1111.11.1 II II r , J ' 1
l Board of EdUftllEHtlnn will mtnt nt. 1i,u
Ins, In the county court nxnn thumif.on Mon-
errors sad eiiuulUlug taxes.
When Daby wa lick, w (ST her Caatorls.
When she was a Child, ilie orled tor CMlorut
When h became MIm, lhe olung to Castoria. "
When she bod Children, she gave Uunn Castoria
fie ha,
Not of the dude" specie.
Not of the kind that aland on street
Not of the kind that pride hlmee'f
upon being a "rowdier."
Not of tbe kind that think Christian
mild sort of fool,
Not of the "yea, ye" kind.
Not of the kind that call mother
"old woman" aud father "old man."
Not of the 'I can't" tribe.
Not of the kind that 1 better ac
quainted with pool than tbe fifth chap.
torof Dueteroncnny, 1 1
Not of the In filled Ignorant brood,
t Not of the iooburg variety.
Tli Marfcete.
;',' ; rutuLAKO, October I, tmi.
WiiAT-The market quiet with a
weak tone. Quotes Valley, fl .62;
Walla Walla, 11.42 per ctntal.
FJjOUII Quote: Standard, HM;
Walla Walla, 11.70 per barrel
Oath Quote new, 38 & 42Jc.
Ut!TTK-0,uoto: Oregon fancy cream
ery, 82ftic.i fancy dairy, 30c; falrto
good, ' ) 27jc,; choice C'sL ,22 ($ 24c
per lb. '
Emih Oregon, 25 STjc. per down.
PouivTBY Quote; Old .chicken.
1.60; young, 12.00 i 3M duck, fj.00
tjf 8.00 geese, 10.00 (?) f 10.00 per
dozen; turkeys, 15c per tt).
We quote price aa follows: Flour,
ttandard, 5.00 jwr barret; pototoe,
good quality, 8Ac. per bushel; but
ter, 30c. per tb., according to quality;
eggs, Sic. per dtwen; cablsige, 8, Q 10c
per head; wheat, (Hks. but choice lot
would bring shade higher; oat, 32c;
bop, 15c. per B; wool, lOJc.
Deafness Can't be Cure1.
by local applications, a they can not
retch the diseased portion of tbe car.
There is only one way to cure Deafness,
and tbat la by constitutional nmiediee.
Deafness is unused by ati Inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. Wlieu this tube gets
inflamed you have a rumbllngsound or
Imperfect hcarlug, and when It 1 en
tirely closed Deafness 1 the result, and
unless tbe inflammation can be taken
ouf olid this tube restored to Its normal
condition, bearing will be destroyd for
ever; nine cases out of ten are caused by
catarrh, which Is nothing but an in
flamed condition of tlie mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollsr
for any ease of Deafnes (censed by Ca
tarrh) that we can not cure by taking
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circu
lars, free.
Nolle to Tax-Payer.
Notice la hereby given that the
mayor, recorder and' marshal of the
city of Independence will sit a a City
Hoard of Equalization, at tbe city hall,
on Friday, October 23, 1891, at 7 o'clock
p.m., and will listen to alt demands
for corrections lu assessment or valua
tion of property nmdo in tbe recent
annual assessment of the city.
By order of the city council convened
In regular session, October 13, 1801.
J. T. Ford,
City Recorder.
'., - TIME TABUC - .
ladepeadeae and Una month Motor Una
Imw Leave
Indrix-nileuoe, Monmouib.
You 7::)
, 8:10 ..?...
11:IS mi
1:50 !5
S;rt '
(3U 6:11
1'IS : ..) :
From tbe premise of O. J. Bagley
on or about Aug. 28th. One Gelding
four years old, color, brown, branded J
alsoao About 10 bauds high. Any
one giving information leading to the
recovery of said horse will be- suitably
rewarded. O.J. Bagley,
Airlie, Oregon. 4w
The undersigned has thirteen head
of Swapshlre down bucks for sale, one
mile north of Parkers Station. These
bucks are the futlblood and of tbe beat
grade. Call on V
Swsll J. O. and E. Davidson.
Worse Than Leprosy
Is catitrrn, ana there one Out one pre
parniinn that does cure tbat disease, and
that is tbe California Positive and Nega
tive Electric Liniment. Sold by all
druggists. It also cures neuralgia,
rheumatism, headaohe, sprains, burns
aud all pun. Try it and tell you
negihbor where to got it
The board of school directors of dis
trict No. Si will hold their regular
meetings lu the director's room of the
Independence National bank at 4
o'clock p. in., Friday, October 2, 1801,
and ou Fiiday at the same hour of
every four weeks thereafter. ..Signed,
tf Board of Directors.
Of the Appointment of Executrix of
the Estate of Barbara Sloper, de
eras Ktahor htva boon siipolnted execu
trix of tlie estate of Barbara (sloper, deoeawd.
All pormma knowhm llu'inclves tndobtod to
Uie wild estate are rointwted to null If theeaino
Willi A. M, Hurley, attorney for Ui eald en
liitu; and all jwrsons having claims against
stilil esintu are notilletl lo present the suiue to
nalil altornoy wllhln sixty days from this
date. . LUt'KNA FlHltKK, Executrix.
A.M. HtJiu.KV, Atly. for the Rstate,
October 15, 18D1. 44
Notice of Final Settlement.
TO WHOM IT M A Y (XINCKItN. The ondor.
Binned exevatur ot the estate of Dr. J. !.
DRridsuu, Uteot tliet'ounty ot Polk, Htateot
Orviion, have tiled their husl account aa such
exeeatom, and Muadajr the 7th day ot Decem
ber, Irtll, has bwu t by Ilun. J, Htoufter,
t'ounly jiulKdof said County tor hearua objee
tiimsto the same. AU persons interested in
eekl aeconnt will tnke due notice ot said pro
posed final eettleinent aud be governed aeoord
tugly. ....
Kxecutors of said estato.
Independence, Or, Dee. U, ldW,
n ,
j. t i '
UedluBs" QUARTER, Ore-pin n
goo, near what w T It .
Is now Bolter City, a fP M Tl IDV
a man who has since VsCll I UlTI
become identhied with the resource and RAA
development of that country. This man 1V3U
Is no other than Mr. John Stewart, one of the
wealthiest and Influential cltisea in the
county. In a recent letter he says i " I bad been
uflerliift from pains in my back nnd general kid
ney complaint for tume time, and had used many
remedies without any but temporary relieC The
pains in tuy b.K'i h..d become so severe that I wa
prevented from nlt.-uiliit; to my work and could
not move about without the use of a cane.' Hear
Insr, throuEh a friend, of the wonderful cure ef.
) fected by Orcison Kidney Ten, I was induced to try
s box, and from that very Srst dose 1 found iustant
relief, and before uJhjt half the conteuts of the
. boa the pains tn inyb.icl; entirely disappeared.
I have every faith In the virtues of the Oregon
Kidney Tea, and ee.n conscientiously recommend
It to my fricuJi, 1 would not be without it for
Oregon Ktdtiev Tea cures backache. Inconti
nence of t Hue, brick dust sediment, burning or
painful sensation while urinating, and all affec
tions of the kidnev or urinary orgunsof either sex.