The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, May 22, 1891, Image 2

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Pc!k Ccunly PLtlishirg Company
lid ttit'u lueur their lifetime ru
in itjf iu one. short ek by A wem
tug lig1tt. Ye, U't the fitctj and
jri can hurrah for candidate,
back Hit ftlt'iid, cuss hi enemies
and make i fool of yourself all the
a lliMMih. ttithutit, a thuuk iu
th end, to 11 mi when you are
candidate that lit U "wut u poli
ties," But them in one man tlml
don't forjjK j on, mid tlutt'n the
man you upHl. Kvelmnp'.
An latsrsstUf and tswessMt He
msraws Asses nt ( farmer's
Visit tetliet Institute.
(iU, . j l'ulilUher of iiepiier and
Ju-m; . nJ Mrrrhir i jxritdiottb uwy print or rlt upon
tnmU. ! their puliliontiona sent to regular
AkhJ mimmil U tm JmtWrilwrs the name and addrww
HVife rvtMr, nmi fl mvjitt ' "e nterlptiu expire, ami
may emit ttienlii bills and re
C ft Ike artrs, fJW -V - j fpU for atitfritiiH ibwto,
,kii t( IA a, without u.j.H Untf Mich public
'Humus trriU its Urm tM sritf b 'Vtm ltage..8Ttlou
,WWfcWi VtreeerrWt-r. 3.fWt of Kevied Statute of failed
.Ifirtly jfosr wiise, sol iwvrt- j Slul, -,iri
y'ur jihWAvh, lisf S
proitilio f Ik jii. CURRENT GOSSIP.
Oh. w: lxilillm had nuthlmt to tin
v pulIUh in thin Issue the re- jlUjtmutwiUiiiif (Uv. luyi, of
port of our city marshal ujwn the News, Wliotiumi to nui Uwliiu
condition of the sidewalk in tude-1 eh U'lnf?
pendenee. It may appear to some
that the rejKrt is somewhat barh
in fttuthtg that sidewalk already
built and patched up Mi that jtln
triatut can pass oterahalt be entire
ly !...:. .1. ; i,t
by oidiuaurr, but what w worth
doing at all Is worth doing well.
There Is too nint h laxity in public
matter. iome poor, unprotefted
woman, or a hard working hiboir
hM A good walk iriuirnl, whtlr
m more opulent ltilxr allows
his rented property to iiecome
dtlapidatnl. A-aiii, xm man is
allowed the use of the public MnM
for his buildinjr to project into,
while the same privilege is refus"d
to another; one man in allowed to
use the public Rtreet for borage o(
wood, lamlier. etc., while the same
pritilege Is dnkl anotlier; one
man ia permitted to tlisj.Uy hi
goods, and mother does the xinio
thing and in topped by the niar
Khal. There is a reason for all
thiuifS and the reason that public
matter become a reproach is !
c-.iusi' of too inui u lixtiy. IV nml liuith way Ilaliau lmuiluU
l'U-ttcrwdealkiu luih iHii.h inIM,!l",url', lloourjKrt it ioi.M
ny twnk ortk-laU are arrv)v4 fur
gvttlngttwiiy Ith othorppoiilr'itnmury,
but ft-w of thoiu rvvr fit-tin Jait or
pnnlleaUary. Why
l'.x-t. imltir Insulin wouKl W Uie
moot iliwptiuliih-U nutn In tli world If
tUe lirm -r to take htm at
lib wort) ami M him ltin.
Florttl bun lonit Urn koown tlie
"knd of flowerm," ami now it Usl
that It UU) "taml of ftunar" and
that the fane ran l eultlvaUit therv
ottiT thau In either. (.ouWiiwis or
A far (he eamtitiwy fur I lie rtt'
tleiiey lncotiwrtKsl Mr. Itlaltie U hohl
lujt touifue ery tiuwfully, but
til roowrteiidii ana totil-neiiii r
Joiug quit enough UlkliiK aimilt II; In
fart railier loo much.
. ..
Iu't Um-w too ninny Ium u the
WorM'i Kulr? It look that way to a
manupatrw. Tliln Uoueof the raw
where one man houkt be flveu ato
lute eutn.i and b held nKnH'le fur
What la ilone 0 k'ft undone.
has long bten remarked, ami now
that the niarohal has mado an ex
hanstire rejiort, it is to lie hojied
that if the council slwuld ortler all
the improvement contemplated in
the reort that the public will sua
tain its act by popular approval.
e may mink ncre tn urcgon
that times are hard, and ao they are
compared to one year ago. .Many
think that time iu ludejietideiie
are qniet, and no they are compared
to one year ago. Those who nne
from other states, and one of tin
states Ls Washington, report affaire
much mot desperate there, and
traveling men, who go trom one
town to another report Oregon very
nafe" and the merchants of Inde
pendence good customers, so that
no matter w hat we may think our
selves, others think well of us, and
as we can, only form judgment by
comparison, and they are bft pro
pared to compare, we may Isj sure
Ihey are the liest judges. .So ninth
for the present, and now a word for
the future. Thoso who are living
in Independence had a taste ol
"good times" hummer, and
they are going to ask for "good
times" again soon. As much de
pends upon individual eflbit as
npon natural location or nwtlts,
and we mistake the pulse of the
people of Indepndenee if leth
argy is to cause the town to stop
in its onward ma'ch.
An exchange says: A jwifect
town is that in which you sue the
farmers patronizing the home mer
chants, the laborers spending the
money they earn with their own
tradiKuicn, and all aniuiatcd by a
spirt that will not purchase arti
cles abroad if they can be bought
at home. The spirit of reciprocity
between man and the mechanic,
tradesman and laborer, farmer and
manufacturer results every time in
making the town a perfect one to
do business in, "rertVctiou" should
always Iks desired, even where at
tainment is barely possible, w e pre
sume; but such a perfect town must
be denominated a great rarity until
we reach a more advanced stage
toward the millennium than has
yet been (aineil.
Your euritKtideit, like umuy other
farmers wIhi II v sltiHMt Hi bmifltf
ill a net of the Aurteullural folios si
C'orvallis, luu often wondered wind
kind oft "eriller" ll was, ami with
thl wroukr (IH tilling iwr mlinU, a
ft-w of our party ctuieludetl to pay the
youtii "hay wl" a vWt
Now, miroptnlisi or llw t.vplntl frne
er of the swt, wm a limit with a heavy,
ml heard all over hi iiek ami fser;
0lgliili pri((s of hay earelewdy
Uirow u over the eolUr and Uek of hi
owl ud wheu uteadyluu the plow oil
I of the aubM-riWr and the date it mrrowleours In variably kept hi
tiHiiciie killing out on lh lk llw turf
wan fNtlliiirM when our aiiy kft the
railroad I her waa a great ileal of turn
lug up of pants, lay liit pkvtm of dande
lion fUM over our is mis and taking
fnh grl on isir hUtoriml umtm'ttan
(iwtsl fur mm liile.)
With "Hill lh" fniirePKlon we
nsiirtHHitssi amiillug Itinmiilt the
treta on our way tit the eulk jre with
an oreaaioual "Ity (turn" Irian Mini
nwiiiU'rof our iwity w ho chanced to
have hi thick luad pk-ft-Ctl with ad
The Mchuol hoUne la of orit k ami In
three atorlea high. It belli? riuudny
and th janitor on on a "high kue
otoe'1 w wen eianpelkst to tnki) a
view of theenterlor of tin? building and
entpjtr of the iitudenla eoutsrnliig the
luUir, There are Uwarti of a doted
Muxm lu Ui building beaidt tlie i bitji
1, w hU-h, If l am not toUtakeu, I mp
able of holding W lasole. I U flout i f
the nutrauoe to I bo College on au em-baukna-nl
uuula to Inrllmt toward the
elty are the luttlal of the Institute,
t...t'." lOn-gon Agrk-ultural t'ok
k-g), made to grow out of aoiiw klud
of light yellow HUM w hUU gav tlia
ground a very artUtk ettWl.
We now commenced u wend out
way along llio walks to the right ol
the culk'gt?, bent ou enu ring the green
bom; a our arty (t il a tinge of that
eulor In their boueuitid aa the lloaieop.
athte ayateiu la "Tliu like wilt cut the
like," we wanted omethlng gns ti, and
wbeu wulered w ftsiml thing gns-u
tu our heart' coutvot, with pkuty ot
auideiit to hvlp uut Um ell'wl aud ux
plain the illlUniuv U tttwu kuuk
cabbage and Frcueh pink, Tlie gns-u
boue U In Ita lufauey, tstt I an lut
nieiiw auetssM, aud would ret jure mot
auv U drweribe than we woukl will
(ugly ask fur, a perhttM 4oe one t-U-will
want to write for the Vir tfinit,
I hi Week.
hen we kit the gns-o botme we
ebaMsl, with a curia of ktudetit, out lu
the lueehanlftt! deiartnient wla-ra we
frtiod thing In very neat tsoiditlou.
The mlih-hop ha a floor rtsieuibtlug
atoue, hut I hot, a the advancement
of "t it uir would nut admit of Mich a
flour; It l "Imply coucretn. Tt- auvli
were lu a hlulug condition with ew-b
hammer hi pixltlon, and the blood ol
onto uufortuimto aim-tuer Kiulth'
thumb allowing on one of the ImudUw.
In the wood working department wt
ww where the boy hud Iwen making
be hlven, etc. Wo tlwu went Into tb
mrcbaitleal dntiighting mhu aud
fouud many piece of drawlug that
cwlled forth "lly (lumV t.y tlierrld.
The building are sunplitsl lth water
from a targn tank near the boiler house.
Wo did not go to the viable a they
told ns the horse were only four lu
ouiiilier and were not bloodtsl, aud w
were after thing that were "bUsKled,"
The cattle arc all ttuirtHighbnsbiand are
of mnny dirTerent kind. The raising ol
hiws they have Jut isuninem d. Tlie
(arm consist of about 3 acres, ot
which aliout tA acre art in pasture,
and W lu timber. They ralso over loo
dlllerent kind of wheat aud over )
diirervul varletie ot potatoes. They
have a alki, a au cxsTlimut, in which
they keep green fodder, renin corn, all
winter through for the stock, The
boarding and lliug tlcparlincnt
charge ! ' a wis k for bonrd aud the
ttudeuta nsvlvc I't ivdU per hour for all
extra work. We will now proceed to
give the uumesof the faculty and call
It quit, a a mo(Ullo I setting on the
luk Utile and Is ,eylug mo w ith hun
gry gin nee, and I am exMs(lng mi at
lack any moment.
Prof. It. L. Arnold hu Ixs-n prcsl
dcutof the college for teu year jmst;
Prof. J. D. U'tclicr, mlllUry titciim,
iiwtheinatlcluii, etc.; Prof. V. Jtin-hUild,
hbitory, drawing, music, langungi',
(eak five language;) Prof. P, II.
Irish, chemist, phyalcltiu, etc.; Prof. 0.
M. t'ovell, uiecbAnliM; .Miss MurKarllte
Huell, profeasor of speelul hygiene, cook
lug, aewlug, gytumuitlca, eUx; Prof. W,
W, Rrlatow, of the preparatory depart
nieut; W. H. Lampkln; assiataiit and
look after the weather rtjport; Prof, F,
L. HMMbburn.entymologlst, imturulUt,
xoologlst, taxidermist, (this gentleman
is the person who I making a study of
the codlin moth, keeping them In glass
cases and feed them and polsotia them,
etc.); Prof. H. T. French, pmfeasor of
agriculture; C. I). Thompson, foreman
of funu; Prof. Geo. Cooto, horticulturist;
Mr. 8wllow, steam englmsir. There
areuliout 11(1 pupils enrol Iwl, ami nearly
one-half nre girls. X
pear, reatauraut,
neetlisl and
We are comparatively strangers
among the business rncn of Inde
pendence and f!cl diffident about
offering advi;c, butsince it appears
that the board of trade here is not
prospering we may oiler a word of
suggestion without seeming pre
sumptuous. Reorganize your board;
place your dues at a liberal sum
each mouth, but Insert a clause in
your bylaws that prohibits any
assessment or the, appropriating of
any money not already collected
and in the treasury. Make a thor
ough canvas of the towu and enlist
every merchant and property own
er, and the work of the board will
proceed smoothly.
A newspaper can say nice and
pleasant things about a man and
his whole family for two long years,
thoogli tlie warthy macaroul enter
proposed getting even through the
ballot box. Or, perhai, the liiiml
grant are agent of the "Mrla," oo
vuijrcance l-ut.
1-ord IKtuglaatt, au F.itglUh iiohkman,
and a brother of the Marquis of Queen
i bury, suicided by cutting hi throat lu
fondon, the other day. Tub will be
surprising new to the shallow -paled
dude who Islieve that it hi the height
of felicity to Is-long to the nobility,
, V
Public men ho Iim their bcitiU aud
talk "sluh" to reporter have no right
to complain If the reporter print what
they say to him. It I hi btiitliicwi to
res)rt, and to reort mrnvtly w hat he
hears, and It 1 the exception to find a
reporter who wilfully mln-pcenb,
ami no reputable newsWer w 111 know
ingly give Mm employment.
The Xew Orleatt grand Jury says, lu
effect, that the lynching of the Italian
was proK-r aud justifiable, and it Inti
mate that there are others detective
O'Malky aud lawyer Adam that
ought hi be. similarly dealt with. We
rejoiiw that we resiilo ben Instead of
New Orleans. We Ilk a Utile excite
ment occasionally it tones up the y-U-tu-lmt
we draw the Hue at lynching.
Kev. Nun Mnall, tlie M.irincU new
(siixr nutn, who Us-june a follower of
.-iaiu Joiles, the alaug-sliuglilg revival
1st, several years ago, is having trouble
with the trustees of the Methodist Uni
versity at Ogden, Utah, of which he I
president, and for which he hu bccii
nollvitlng money, lie b.'ia resigned,
but the board refuse to accept the res
ignation until be has made a satisfac
tory statement of the money he bus
The most interesting event of the
near future iu Kuropcan polith will
be the re-entranco of liismarck into
public life, as a member of the German
rclcb.UK. That he is tbu greuu-sl
Kuropeuu of the age cau not be denied,
even by those who dislike him. The
question ls, will be cost his Influence
for peace or for war? Humanity causes
American to hope for peace, although
war In Europe would add untold mil
lion to American wealth.
"The treasury Is bankrupt," frau
tleully yell the democrat. "We have
millions of available cash In the trea
ury," retorts the shouting republican.
Between the two, people are bewildered
and would like to know just what is
the real llunncial condition of this gov
ernment. Of counte It Is simply non
sense to talk about bankruptcy. Uncle
Ham may be a littlo pushed for cash
(luring the next fiscal year, but nobody
doubts his financial soundness and
ability to weather the gale; still Hecre
tary Foster should at once glvo the peo
ple a plain, common sense statement of
their finances, one that can be under
stood without the assistance of an ex
pert accountant. '
I). . Wblloaker,
needs leveling up.
A. Nvimn, new alk
street needs filling,
A. M. Hurky, new walk, eight feet
W'lda ueetlwl.
F. E, Krengel, walk m-etl some new
jflfoU- '
X. J. June, walk lieetl rebulldl'ig
and to be eight ft-et w Lie,
J. X. V. IlutkrtussUoew wall;, huts I
tlie Walk to lirey's, corner is In In fair
repair, excepting it I t,xi narrow, being
two fts-t k than unlliiauee.
J. It Cooper, iKHsIa new walk on
both Main and I) street.
W, II, Wheeler' a alk Is lts nutTo,
but In gtssl rcpslr.
1. M. Matllson, on V. tntt m-itl
new walk entire.
Polk IVsuity IjiioI Uo., on eonier
near k 4, walk BeetU lew new Ustnt
ami ;elillliig throughout.
Mrs. tkifl', walk Dvebaome reiialliug
near barn, ami anew walkon Itatn-et
Jr. Keb hiim, team enmlng In lm
jHSNroii and, walk from!
sim r of Monmouth rtreet to hotel
tumid lie entirety new ami eight feet
whip, also higher above street, than at
J. 8. Ikihannnii, walk n sU reuniting
ami lovelliig. r
J. M. Mitrhelt, sill t lllit, uut ac
cording to ordinance, should be rebuilt.
J. K. IluMrd, should be new Walk,
J. Kennedy, reunlled aud kvelttl.
1). Ik Taylor, on V street, lamts-r on
the groutid for n-bullding walk.
I a Jtnleur, new walk entire ueetksl
on both C and rWond street.
Mr. Iklt, new walk entire.
J. W. Klrklsml, leveling up, I
Yau Xort wick, need repoirlng ami
renal ling.
J. It. .N, lU,ou 11 slnvt, leveling,'
impairing ami reiialliug.
eativtseo moM
roaiTHK cuhc or
- r, f.i;iHi
inactiveT liver.
row Aic my all
-Have Just Keeclved Direct From the Factory a Car load of the
-Ahio a Ijirge Assortment of-"
-And in 8 Few lav Will Keceivc a Carload of
j Direct From the KAHT.
I- fliiaanai
Ituilt to ORDER.
ftosaid Itu
wr, that
gnrateM of
Novelists, sad fat
tv spots atiH-s
truly, snd bt might
hs atldtd with tqaal fere, that awril
to the ewaet of socesas. Wiadoa's
Robenint is Ui $ynomym of merit, aa4
iu history Is soccras. The msgkal tt
feets of this preparation bits beta ansa,
sd by tboKMiub of the leading ladle of
society and the stag. It is tb only arti
cle iw discovered which girt a Nttur
I sad HtaHt tint to the complexion,
st the tarns tints removing all roaghntsn
of tl f s sod vms sod lesring th
.in pmooia saa veirtor. ll
. (.Il-on, repairing, and jrt f Uwg been tb stady of ebemUts to or
walk rebuilt to be eight feet wide,
it. I. tisipcr, reiialliug and rejwlrs.
UbrtstlMi ehureh, retialllng eiitliv
Walk, aud MSII leveling.
W. W. Williams, on Fourth utrret,
kveliiig sod renalllug.
T. J. Ih-, some slight redra.
J. L. Htoekton, on Third street, lieetl
walk rebuilt; ou V street, new walk en-
Mrs. --, next lUpttnt Jwntonnse,
ami relaying.
J. H, Uoojwr, residence, walk iicetls
retayiug and ome r. palr
M. K. church south, K-laylng of walk
Mrs. Wiuuull, u Mimuionib street,
new walk, aud crowing of alley.
J. A. Wltcekr, leveling and me
new boonls,
ilrs. J, E. JvU,it, .n lisirtb
strevt, titvsl realr.
!. O. I). Butler, ueett repairs.
Van Xurtw'lck, nstl repair.
I W. iUilsirtsou aud itagley, walk
otvtl leveling aud reiialliug ou Fourth t
Kvaugellcnl ehureh, litssta new walk
euliro on .Monmouth strtvl, also refwlrs
to walk on llfth street.
II. It Iattern, walk needs renalllug
and repairlug.
I-. Kelso, a few uew lsni.
Property neat KcImi', ueetl diall
ing and repairing.
I "si. Whlteaker,on Moiinimith stretH,
needs entire new wa:k, board being
ouly one Inch lu tlilckucs.
V. W. Ionarl, Walk should Is- low
i-rcd at south cud to conim-l with
J. L. Williams, C strwt, walk ntssl
leveling and repairing. Itrt of it
should be still rely new.
Mrs. M. P. I-rfs-kc, on C street, ticetls
leveling and renalllug.
Walk of II. Ik Taylor and J. K. Mil
ler on t" stmt, between First aud tfec
oml, uevds reiiuilirig and n-pulrlng.
Vauduyn and .niltli, walk shisild be
new from comer of store to alley ml
wltlth required by ordinance.
Ites-ttully Vour,
T. Fesniu, Marxhsl
dues aa srtkls that whit it would
tty the eowplriion wtmld also bav tht
mvnt oi oring Dawmlttt, hut tbess two
Important tjnalitk-s werti bever broaght
logethrr until crnnMned in
Tbesfl Rigs were onh-red early last Full aud built esjiecially for this tnwle, they are unwpialed
for Finish Durability and Price. '
We also have few of the ClndnatU buggies, which we can sell to anyom- wanting a cheap
Rig. We also carry full and complete line of First chow ,
A Full and Complete Stock of Hardware, Stoves and Tin
ware, Pumps, Pipes, Fittings, Shingles Etc.
Plumbing and Tinning Neatly Sone.
Has jmd received an Flegant Line of
90 IMP Pflfillfi.
rninb byUU
In all the Xew Styles aud raltenis, aud are now ready for the
spring trade. These growls are direct from
, t IWMMlUMktStll .'..
-NEW. .-. YORK-
' v ? rt ia
tr-wT mrm ,r'-:rwnrw -
"Jle gambled in tMk" Is simost In-
variably given as the cause of the dcful
cation or the truslett bank ofllcial or
private employe. It would bo hard to
calculate the Injury doue to the people
of this country every year by stock
gambling; the good it docs, If any, J
infinitesimal. Why, then, is it not
stopped? Bimply because, the stock
gamblers buve up to this time been
able to defeat all proposed Icglsletlon,
either state or national, against this
form of gambling. A great , majority
oftho people are unquestionably op
posed to this or any other form of gamb
ling, but in this, as In other mutters,
the legislative bodies have refused or
neglected to carry out the wishes of a
majority of their constituents.
Rsport of City Marshal Fsnnsll to ths
City Council to bs read at th
Next Msstlng.
At the lust meeting of the city conn
ell the marshal was ordered to inspect
all sidewalks in town nnd make a dc
tailed report on same, tlmt intelligent
action might be taken by the council.
This week Mr, Feuncll made his In
spection and by his permission we pub
lish his report, which will bo read next
Tuesday evening.
I.stiui-BNDgyci.;, May 10, 1801.
To tte Mayor mid City Counril of In
ebtjiendmuvt Gkotlbmkn: In accordance with
your Instruction I have personally ex
amined the sidewalks and beg leave to
report on same as follows:
Walk of E. 0. Pentland needs 22 feet
of stone pavement or new walk.
Mix Oarrigus, on Main street, need
some new boards and rcnuiling.
Mrs. Wlnnull, needs five new boards.
J. E. Davidson, at butcher shop,
uecds relaying and repuiring.
J. 8. Cooper, vacant lot, ueeds relay
ing and retialllng.
so toxom a txnitoB. .t
Wsdoni Treatment That Car Cmarlpaa
AoooTtj:sr to th Ban rnuwttra itVAm rta
lr bat tsna dlteerrl Uuu with alauwl as
ntag MttalntT tnmmt cmuttpatlea. It ll
U Hf teuUr prtnclpf la loft Vftbl
anapartUs. Th ffmrt rs full at ncnt o
svmM ceoflralBf It nclacr, aad ftis
plo vo thir ll wsiaUcsv a tvi trot 8u
mailra' wU ksewa l4r sualar. Is
my: "I wllttac I relat th (allwla
ywlar. I kartlorjrMr had a vk noaurk
MUd4 with coutllptiloa, tod Brr loopd bul
om impsrutaa that tlfl at sad thl loo
wsr out and l lu tffwt, nd I u (la
saffimr till I trld lot' VtiU lnphU
It klp4 la snrr r sad ku UMroafkli
inrgaatd I kd so ( U Bast jhUt
t doatack sod nil la coBllaaal dUtm, but
aa vltk Uwaid-ot iaf VtUbllnrUli
sow t r ad TCi7talBf wltk tar old as
otadfndomwttboalaarTUffes, !
kotk mprtMd and dL!bt4, snd flsdly rKoot
- Cua WsLna, lluloara,
UtKasrssf mkll
Our Clothing is Immense.
Our Hats are Complete.
Our Shoes are First-class.
Our Facilities for doing llusiness are Uncqualed in
County. GikhI Quality and Fair Price is our Motto,
welcome One and All.
Independence, Oregon.
The Racket Store
Wi rt not villus l cnt, bul w re wllln
chmiK-r tliun IIkwv who are wlllug M cu.1,
W e quoit Burnt of tmr prU-e.;
leriloo'Chano- W.TO.Sao, 2.40,1180,
LOUibO UHUbO. ' 2.7., 2.U0 and 3.7S
U:n' Uaaa. 1 1, ll
nilu5Co nUiC. z; cents.
Uaaa W. !k, -W and
LflUICd nUoG. nivnts.
Kverylhlng els prniwrtlonalely cheap.
l'l.r Ilsngins, Krmliig. Kte. Cumt room.
n.Ut. Jni-"' siuhlM, Intt'iitlrn,
IfymiirniilTIIE DKHT, buy
II I rye northern
If the Mcn linnt you dent wlih rtixunol koop
them send to At. I. EX direct, He jm.v.llifl
IKWIdRfl. Beftiilirul CntntoK'ie w'nt free.
A(l(lrrs.- E. W. ALLEN,
171 Second St., PORTLAND, Or.
July t.
The Highest Market Price
fald In eHh for wool by
Mitchell 8c Bohannon
Munufnoturen et
SAvSii and Doors
aiho s noi.t. s twiso.
Jtinttit .... Imteprndi'iicc.
Millinery Fancy Goods
H fit to Inrtrp.n4fnr N.llon.l Bunt
InDsrsKDSscs, . Oatoow.
Lewis Kelso,
Ladies and Gents Fur
nishing Goods. -
Most Complete Slock nf
Boots and Shoes
In the City
And be Convinced.
72 Steel tooth iron harrow, ?20.
5 and 7 tooth cultivators.
The best horse shoeing.
The liest in
or Wood
Best price paid fci
Old Iron and
Castings. )
Main St., Independence, Oregon.
You will find my store stocked with the best class
f ('"(cer'le!i and Car, tted Coods, and my prices are, as
they lure always been, the lowest.
I keep on hand Early Vegetables from California,
and also homegrown vegetables.
I pay the ' highest prices for produce.
Crockery department is fully stocked, and lam
offering some bargains in Ghtss-wurc. .
'' lz2I an(l Tolxiccfi department embraces only
the Best .Brands.
Come and see.
J. 1). 1RVIXE, The Grocer.
W. E. Goodell
Successor to H. D. Waller,
Foot Wear of Extra Quality.
1 Main St,.
New Hoods Arriving Every Week
My 8totk is now more comph-te than ever before. Shall be pleased
,v u.i,c mi iuo tusioniers oi me store conti
intluee many to trade who never did before.
In connection with my store is
tiiiue trading, and hope tc
Where boots and shoe can be repaired or ,i.i,
" ' .-. t v . U1U 1
management of M. A. BAKKK. 1
pAtivuinltAH fttA .
Main Street, - - Independence
Mlxt Ad JiulHon. Mn.WUllanta
New Bank Building, . ludtwndenoe.
Monmouth St., Independence.
Urmise niade to order, nnd entttnit done on
,Vr ' "itwwru ytem. A tiial
will convince thai my .ystem In ImacU
on acteultdc principle and I ura
ll, l,)f.A mu .... ..
Prices reasonable nd work fnrnlHhM) iu
Successors to
PifuTnml nnrl Trnnf ap Pa
biijiiubivanu iiaiioici iu.
Hauling of all Kinds Done al
Reasonable Hates. I
Mill Feed, Oak, and Ash Wool
fcCollection Made Monthly