The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, May 22, 1891, Image 1

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In the txmt advertising medium
in Polk county, and ronttantly
growing better.
vol. vni;
$2.00 rcr Year.
Five Cents Per Copy.
NO. 28.
Polk County Publishing Company
ltiltid at tin, rVwUnmea In Indepen-'
dour, Oregon, aa MniRlM matter,
rwAiu.K m auvaxc.
cn Year ... tt.M
Mix Month !.
Three Month -W
Aililrww all poniiminli'atlona Hr riutilteatlon
Tan Wbit Hii, ami make nil rmltln'a
,y(.tr hi lli lVlk County I'ubll.liln Cuih.
1nilpnaene is Im-alrd at th head nf nvt
(Hi ton ilh miwt nl Ih ywri.on lite WUIm
rlviT, and on !) main Una of Hi Orwron
A Callhiriila Hatlroad: ixnialna a iuiilailoo
of m iiln I. tha principal ahlppmt point
Kir Ilia enmity, whMi l una of Mi Ihuk-.i,
ni.wl wmlthv and thickly populated lit III
NO. nii-t every nionuay main in
Maaonli- hall. All nmlnf brothem Invited
I,. attend. JAM KH OutHON, M. W.
K. V. lUt.TO.N, ItiH-order.
A. lKU'TY. Rtcretar.
1. o, 0 I1' , limn In Ma.
aonle hll ev y Thupnl
ewiitn. AlllMd rllow
eordtaiTy litvttmt to at-
T. u. rill mi. . u.
I.YtiS LMKIK, No. 99. A. r
A A. M. mated roimuunli--
i ion on or wtorvmil moon
h month Mini l wo wwk
'ihominvr. l. w. Hnir, . M
Physicians & Surgeons,
U. S. Examining Surgeons.
Dlt. J. K. LOC'KB,
Physician and Surgeon.
Buana Vlata, Orflon.
Physician an d Surgeon
monmouth, or.
Resident Dentist
All work wurninlwl 10 five lb lwl
of MilUbtrllnii.
Hilillahd by NM'onnl Aiuliorlly,
o( tndfwliiWw, Onigon,
Capital Stack,
W. It HAWLKY, I'twhlor.
, . Oowr, U W. Kobf twin, Il HriniM
O, W. Wbluwkpr, W. W. Collin-
A wnnral Ixinklm biMlnwi tminuw'lwl.
Iluya and anil xihuiw ua all linirlaiil
IVpoli wlvl auhjaKt lo pIih r on Oillwtlonamadft
Omtbouri . m. lo 4 p. in.
National Bank
Capital SUKk, $50,000.00.
u. mitxciuitcKU,
. 1'rtialdtnt.
Vlra lrildrli.
A ttcuml iHiiiklua nd ch bu.liiwn
irantavliHl; loaiw nidi, bllla dlwounlwl, n
icivlal owdlla granted! dnllk iwelvwt on
uiwnl aiwmnl aubjtvl In eliwh. Iiileir.l VM
or time di'wll.
Drug Medne:, (snicals, Fuc? ud Toilet Articles,
Spenata, Bruahaa, Parfumary, Soheol Beoka ana1 Art!:a' Buppllaa.
rull Stooa of Watohaa, Ciooka and Jawalry. Rapalrlng Naatly Dona
Phyalclana' Praaorlptlona Caraftilly Compoundaa". . .
Attorney and Counselor at Law
lHJli" Si'xt W lndrpandM Snt'l Hauk.
W.IC. Ilolnif
II. F. Rontiam. B. S. Ilaydi n.
orrii-E ix iu:sii a iu.ock,
lathiuk MolanW, II. II. Jarnn, A. i
UtKMlman, It. Ulrwhtar-rg, A. Nalmni,
T.J.le. I. A. Allfn.
jjlal.tUlHil by Nailoi al Aulliorlly.)
Capital National Bank I
Capital put ;, f3OtO0Q.0.
Surplua, $15,000.
ITwitdBiil. Vlea I'renldunt,
J. H, AI.HKUT, C'ahlr.
To Carniara on whaal and olhor marcbanlabla
itrmluce, pnnlgnd or In torn.yllhcr In pri
vate granerlm or public warotmuavt.
Pranadrawa dliwton Naw York, Chicago,
tan Franolnwi, lorUr.d, tendon, I'aru, llnr
lln, Unng Kong and faU'iilta.
,ii I. A. ltritl'M
viraPrJdVM ...V..". P. I. .""JXrII
Millar HR1
Capital Stock,
Paid Dp,
II.Mwn-11 HlHte and Toiirt,
011 Com nit'trlal MU
MiimifHi'ttiri'r and donli-r In
Sash, Doors, : Moulding. : l:tr.
Full Ktwk nl in, U !. '"'P1 w""u
on hand. HpiKllal rate on contract".
Factory on M. It. alri-ct ar depot.
C Hf.. IrHlcppnilfiiro
Fimt-clua In every rrsr' fpccii '
atli-nlmii givwu Irinmient ruatotnera f
Bmple rcKim for rommerciiil (riivelera
brick Yard.
Of Indcpeiidmice, liaviiiK n Hti-tin
engine, a brick machine und scverii
acres of fi newt clay, is now prepurei!
to keep on hand a fine quality of
ISrick, which will be sold at reawni:
able prices.
A ontr.ral Utiln bnlnc tranaclfd.
iwalrad iiiblatd
10 cluck. r " cartlUcan
haiiga beugbt and aold, Intamat paid ou lima
Klmnrool tanltand burglar proof aala, tumtad
y Vaia Uma lock.
fay-0ffleabtunt a. m. to a. m.
V Iinvo nut yt't formally i'ihmI our
rt'til tutntn nftUt', lint t'XiHH't to have
our ahliiK"' t Ihl w'k.. It litkw
imliiU'ra ami 'H'r lianirwa mnw time
lo tiiilah ttii lr work. Still, wo oan ofcVr
yuu Buiiio clmlcB pUifa id" irity and
hIihII add lo our Hat dally. V ollVr
iiolhliig for anlii wltlwut actually hiiV'
liiK eoiiirtil of the prorty, an Unit any
prliti nnimtl hy ua U to I rollwl iion.
We have for wile for
f lik)--Twrt Iota ami a otimforlahlo ml
lU'itoo In IihIowmIoiioo.
1UIV- FIvp lot j$li'i oneli) tinlniprovej
In Moimioiitli. I iiokv lira-
lion, anil a Imrgnl n for aiiw-u
tut Ion or ue.
2.VV-Two Iota, unliiiprovwl, In Hlll'a
nilillttoli to imiqH'imeiii-i'
TDD A fiirni. of 40 aorw. luat Iwlow
liiiliMX'iiili'licf. Part of land
la clwirvil ami In rooiI conili
lion for lioiw; thti tmliuif la
hoavllv tlniU-n-d Homooiie
alioulil Ht-cure thla luirifiiln !
for. It la too Into,
Two fine lota on a imMiiliiont
mriior. wo l worm ri.kki.
Call oiirly to atfiirti thla, aa
our tlniB laahort.
Many Advantages
. and
We have the larpt and BEST
Stock of IlnniexH ever brought
to Ih in Section.
Ill Our Own Manufacture.
Our Whips are dlreci irom ui
Fii( tory and are the best
out of 150 Styh'f.
Trimming at roaHonable rricw.
Beamer & Craven.
i ash Grocery & Bakery
Frch Bread, Ple and Cakei on hand arary da;
axOMin Biiuuay ....
mil and lrth atook of oannad goad. OoBf.
aa. coffoa, tufar, candlaa, clgart and lobaxooa,
0. B. TAYLOR, FtoprlfWli
Independence to Corvallisby S. P. R. K.
Independence to Portland by "
Independence to Falls City by Motor Line.
Independence to Salem by
Independence to Astoria by A. & S. C.R.K.
Independence to Albany by "
U. I'. l,ArHllu.
-: THE :-
Willamette Real Estate Go.
Independence, - Oregon
TmnwictH a general Iteul EHtuto HuhI
iiPHH, buyaand sella Property, cffectH
InHurance and does a general
Conveyance BuhIiicsh.
Partk-n having Lands for aalo will
find It to their advantage to
List Their Property
with thin Comrianv. oa they are dally
umiliiiffllataof land eiml, thus plac
ing deal ruble property before the resi-
ilcnta of the luiat.
J. W. KIBKLAND, PrcBldcnl.
The present urea in IIopH, tribiitury to
aoon be trebled. The amount of income
years .nt least one million dollars.
will reach in t
TLe adaptability of our lands for special fruit-raining, such
prunes, pears and apples; will employ hundreds of men; bring
iuto the country thousands of dollars, aud make our farming
lauds worth from two to three hundred dollars an acre. Fruit
raising will bring canneries and fruit dryers.
Merchant Tailor!
Suits in Any Style Made to Order
The rich bottom lands of this section are peculiarly well
laptetl to raiscng sugar beotB, the profit, abo ve cost of produc
tion, being estimated at from thirty to forty dollars an acre.
One sugar factory will call into use over 3,000 acres of land, in-
nronlnrIta value half a million dollars, and employing laiior.
' Tha Montana alovalor at Botnnan liaa
lou Imriied, Loan, iS,n0U; luaurance,
Tli" ganaral eoiifrrence of the Mntlio
dlt Eplacopal church for 1W will ba
lidil at Ouialia. ;
lha Cliiiiraa ifovornniHit haa aeeaptml
the formal tnvitatlon to artic!at In
tha world'a fair.
Ex-Congmaman John Yonng Brown
haa Irfx-n nonilnated for goveruor of
Kontnrlcy hy tha Damocrata.
J. N. K. Wilaon of San Frantlaeo waa
MtHitnd grand mwbr by the grand Ulga
f Old Fellow held at that oity laxt j
Profwwor Ooaaiuan well known a a
eaclir of language, aud who waa con-
aid to Atliwia miiU'r President Lincoln,
John A. Lokiui, Jr., who U aufltrlng
from lung diaeaae, baa gone to Hcotland
with hla mother and hi wife to remain
during thtmimmer. ,
Honat4r Arthur P. Uonuan waa pre.
anitvd with a ailveraervicebythe
DcmiH-rata of Maryland at a banquet at
IJaltilnora a few day ago.
Jaokaud William Mtavin, brother of
Frank Slavin, the pugtliat, have arrived
at San Fraturiaco from Aiwtralia. They
will wain atart EMattoJoln their brother.
At Stauford. I1U., J. A. and Batnui'l
Klley and Hurry Fowler drank from a
bottle which they euppoaed contained
whiaky but which waa filled with aco.
niui. All three are dead.
Tha Philadelphia Academy of Natural
ftuiencea will aend an exedition to the
Arctic (xvan. The extailitinn will leave
Now York aUmt J umi 1. It will be nnaer
the coinuuiud of Liont. Peary, United
Slitti-a navy.
Eleven Anxlrlau eniigranta or held
at the &ue ollle at New York. They
dolifinKed tlm they wnra broaghttothi
country to work for a atreot car com
pany and the Una Conantner' company
at iht .. The nuthoritle' tx holilliiz
tin-in for the proMvnUon of the contractor.
Cliarle 8. Bark, the renreaeiitative of
an Engliah aymlieate, ha left New York
for Loudon wit li option on over 100 or
ange farina in California. He ay that
a iiniiilier of wealthy men In Lngland
have decided to go Into orange growing
aud iimke California their rewidenw.
One of the greatcel aule of thorough
bred ever held waa that at Sheepahuad
bay lat week when tha racehorse of
the lute Senator Henrit were aold at ano
tiou. Tweuty-lx head tinmght a total
of tt 28.100, an average of I.U27each.
Toiinmment, the great 4-yeaiHild, waa
bonlit liv Foxhall Keetie of New York
Manager A. L. V llbiir of the Wilbur
opera tninipaiiy waahonwwhlpped in the
lobby of a theatre at Mlnneapolle ny
Lida Darrell. a member of the chorua.
Mia Darrell aKked him to put a atop to
atoriea of a bad nature which were being
circulated aUmt her in the company and
Wilbur told her to conduct heraelf in
mch a' manner ax to give no foundation
to nniileaaiiiit talk.
A railroad engineer wh haa juat ar
rived at New York from Chile aay that
the reports revived from that conntry
reiiardlngthe rebellion are all "doc
tored. " The inaurgenta have not won a
battle of any cunxoqueuoe and h id Iqiu-
mil aud one or two tualle' citiea
through the fncnttiinex oi tne uinam
tanta. The g.tvernment haa 40,000
trained and rfptlpptal aeldiora while the
inaurgenta have a uiob of 8,000. The
einrineor aay the war will end In lea
than ai.tty day.
The commute of fifty appointed at
Now Orleans to juveatigato the Mafia
haa made it roiort to the mayor. It
nay iu unit: "The flmt work of the
committee waa to obtain from the chief
of police a report of ninety-fonr aaaaaat
nation by ItiUlaua and Kiciliana when
the aci'itiMM oacatied for waut of evidence,
Then followed the aaalnation of ChieJ
of Police Uenneaay. The rwinlt of th
trial di!inont rated to the people that nc
one waa aafe from the niyt4rioo band
that waa oiicrating regardlea of law.
It waa only when thia fear grew iuto an
abanlute couviction that the people rose
in their might, took the law in their
handa and then followed the event of
March 14."
A London dispatch aaysi R. C Dull'
can of Watdilngtou, D. C, arrived thw
week ago at Benar View hotel, in
Walea. accompanied by a young foreign
lady whom he introduced as hi wite.
They left the hotel ostensibly to go to
Liverpool. That evening a farmer aaw
Duncan in a aecltided apot In the fields
leaning over the woman who was on the
ground. Duncau aaid she had fallen
and hit her he:wl on a rock. Doctor
were summoned and found that the In
juries could not have been o inflicted
and that ahe had lieen the victim of vio
ledee. Duncan, after being arrested,
confessed that he had lettered the wom
an' head with aetone. He did not ex
plain the motive. She is a native of
Finland. Duncan is said to be of good
family in Washington.
Alice Victoria Murphy, daughter or
Capt. Murphy,, once secretary to the
Prince of Wales Bnd a favorite of Queen
Victoria, has fnllen heir to a quarter of
a million of dollar while following the
the occupation of governess and seam
stress at Buffalo, K. Y. She is a tall,
handsome brunetto, about So years old,
and has visited almost every country in
the world during her romantic life.
Born and reared in London, her father
was an officer in the English army who
achieved fame during the Crimean war.
Her mother was a Spanudi woman and
a Protestant, while her father was a de
vout Catholic. While Miss Murphy
was quite young her father quarreled
with her mother and thereafter wonld
not allow her name to lie mentioned in
his presence. The mother then went to
Aust ralia with a wealthy brother. Last
January she died and Miw Murphy has
jnst received word from attorneys in
England stating that aha la one of the
four heirs to a fortune ot ai.iw.uou.
Hie John MnDonald is failingin health
His friends are trying to induce him to
take a trip to Europe.
Michigan has suffered greatly from
forest fires. The losses amount to over
14,000,000 and hundred of families are
Rudolph Slgel, son of Gen. Fran
Sigel, New York, has lieen sent to an
insane asylum. Overwork is the cause
of Ms derangement.
Austin Mereness, a soldier who naa
been in the Kalamaaoo asylum since
1875, has just received a pension
amounting to 12,800. His aged parents
were destttnte. "
By direction -of the president, the
military post at Mammoth Hot Springs,
In the Yellowstone National park, known
as Carno Sheridan, will hereafter V:
known a Tort Yeirowitoriff.
Over 80.000 people saw Tenny win the
Brooklyn handicap. It waa one of the
grandest race ever aeen at Oraveaend.
Jockey Barnes, who rode Tenny, wa
carried from the track In a floral horse
hoe. The Freethinker of Pittsburg desired
to hear Col. IngeraoU deliver a Bnnday
night lectnre, but the management was
notified that no lecture could be deliv.
ered on Sunday If an admission fee waa
At the Virginia BaptUt itate conven
tion, Itev. Dr. McVicker of Toronto
drew a gloomy picture of the condition
of the colored people of the South, and
said they were worae off than they were
thirty -five year ago.
Col. John A. Cockerlll, for several
yeara managing editor of the New York
World, ha resigned from that paper.
John A. Dillon, for eight year manag-
ing editor of the St. Ixmls I'oat-dlapatcii,
ha taken charge of The World.
President Harrison i again in Wah-
Ington. On hi trip through the West
he travelled 10,000 mile and made 19
apeeoho. The preaideut and hi party
aieak iu the highest term of the recep
tion tliey received all along tne ronie.
Cliarle S. Young of Fort Madiaon,
la., went to St. Lonls to work. On hi
return hi about four week he found hi
wife married to C. S. ulck, a widower
of elalit week. Young' wife had got
a divorce the week before her marriage
to ynkk. Youtig )ia brought uit to
act aalde the divorce and for 10,000
damaites amount Quick.
Twelve juror at Syracuse, ft. X.,
have decided that it i good table man-
tier for a clergymen to remove eoup
from hi mast ache by licking hi chops.
Rev. Joaetih 11. Yonng im-d Ul. Will
lam Vehrirk, proprietor of St. John's
military school at Maiiilu. for aalary a
hanla n. The colonel set np aa a tie-
fenae that Rev, Mr. Young bail cor
rupted the maimer of the atudenta by
hi mixta of eating soup. The jury
awanled Mr. Young $'(W.
Oreen B. lUuin Jr., on of the com
mliuiioncr of pension, haa, npon the re
a neat of Secretary Noble, tendered hi
reHignatiott a assistant chief clerk of
the pension bureau, aud the same cas
been accepted. Secretary Noble learned,
nixin what appeared to be perfectly
trustworthy testimony, mat nanm jr.
haa been a party to certain Irregular
and unlawful proceedings in connection
with three appointment to minor posi
tion in the pension bureau.
Assignee William Nelson Cromwell
of New York, who straightened ont the
affaire of Decker, Howell & Co., haa
received from the firm, In addition to a
big fee of f'00,000, a magnificent dinner
aervlce of silver. Mr. CromwelPa fee is
aaid to tie the largest ever paid in this
country for aimilar work. He waa en
mured eiirht week on tne matter, me
amount received and disbursed by Mr,
Cromwell was il ,300,000, and the gain
to the firm during his administration
wal, 800,000.
Mr Arthur Briscoe was driving
team of broncho from her home, tlx
uiilos east of Aleano. Kan., and in
crossing the river, there being no bridge,
the team liecame unmanageable, incR'
inir and overturning the buggy and
throwing the lady into the water, where
aha drowned hefore help could reach
her. Mm. Briscoe wa 81 year old,
and leave twenty-seven children. She
had been married six times and had
thirtv-one children, four of whom died.
All her huslmnu are dead.
The heavy exports of American gold
into Enrol generally and Uermany in
particular have drawn the attention of
financiers to tne matter, nerr mown
roder. who shares Ihe Rothschild finan
cial power, said in an interview at Ber
lin: "All gold coming nere rrom Eng
land and France is shipped to Russia,
which country has been draining heav
ily from Berlin and still header from
London. In order to protect ine nana
of England so as not to drain it re
aonrces American gold waa cabled for.
Had the Russlau demand been met by
the withdrawal of gold from London
and Berlin, the rates of discount of the
banks of those cities would have risen
to 6 or 7 per cent. In the present atate
of affairs this would mean ruin to thou
sands. We avoided it by buying Amer
ican gold. "
The police of Landers, Fraoce, have
arrested a man named Mennier for mur
der and other crimes. Mennier, who is
an ex-officer of the custom and a wid
ower with two sons, courted a wealthy
girl named Jaotel. who rejected him be
cause lie waa poor. Mennier then en
gaged in a numlwr of robberies, and
finally murdered a priest and his serv
ant. ' Having got some money he renewed-
his suit but the girl s mother ob
jected to the man's children. Meunier
then set fire to the girl's residence, the
oceunants of which had a narrow es-
in anv
interview with the girl, who aeemod to
be willing to marry him, He amotnerea
hi eldest boy and finally shot and seri
ously injured the girl's brother, who ob
jected to the proposed marriage. When
arrested Meunier confessed U all but
the double murder. . ,
A man eating shark, ten feet long and
weighing 800 pound waa killed at Santa
Barbrra a few day ago.
The emiaer Omaha ha arrived at
Mare Wand from China after an absence
of six year. She will go out oi com-
M. Kaminakv 4 Co,, the leading dry
good house of Spokane Fall, have been
forced to clone their door, 'inenrm
lay the aiwpension will be temporary.
Sanvie'i island at the month of the
Willamette river ha lieen leased by a
Portland portlng club. It la considered
the finest hunting ground in the North
Attorney General Hart haa written an
opinion in which be conclude that tlie
act passed by the last utiuornia iegii-
tuie to oav a bounty or fit wr coyote
scalp is constitutional and valid.
Attorner General Miller baa appoint
ed Henry Gage of Loa Angela special
assistant diatriirt attorney lor tne ooniu
ern district of California to assist in the
nrosecntion of the owner, officer and
crew of the schooner Robert and Minnie
charged with violation of the neutrality
law. '
One of the largest shipment of brandy
ever made from Sacramento haa just
been sent to Europe. The consignment
consist of 812 package containing 18,
176 gallon which haa been on atorage
In the bonded warehouse for the Na
toma vineyard It will go to Bremen
by tea. ... .
The circular for April naa jnat been
issued by the California board of neaitn.
Report from sixty-seven ciUea, town
and localities having a population of
647,880, show 1,064 deaths to bare oc
curred from all canae during the past
month. This t a percentage of 1.57
per 1,000 per month, or 18.84 per 1,000
per year.
A Tacoma dispatch aays: A Russian
exile, Maurice Lopatecki, a resident of
Tacoma, haa received a letter from hi
inter, thirties Fedorwit of St. Peters
burg, stating that he is heir to 110,000,
000 bv the death of her husband. Lo
patecki says be waa exiled seven year
ago for political reason. He 1 86 year
old and i highly educated, speaking five
language. He married Miss Sparrow,
daughter of a wealthy manufacturer of
Victoria, two year ago. He wui not
go back to Russia to get hi fortune if
he can get it here. Tne uuke or reuor-
wita waa grand chamberlain to the czar,
The examination at Hollister, Cal., of
George Mankins on a charge of arson
resulted In hi betng held. On April 8
the bouse of William Kelly, a neighbor
Mankins, waa burned and suspicion for
some time rested upon a Spaniard whom
Charles Mankins, son of tha defendant.
claimed was aeen in the vicinity on the
day of the fire. A short ti me ago it waa
discovered that the boy Charles, who is
about 14 years old, had a pistol which
was supposed to have been burned in
Kelly' bouse. Young Mankins waa ar
rested and he testified that be burned
the building because his father ordered
him to do to. The elder Mankin denies
the charge. .
Tmckeels feverish with excitement
over the discovery of a portion of the
treasure buried by the Conner party in
1846 47. There is not the slightest room
for doubting the authenticity of the find
or the Identity of the money. Edward
Reynold found the money, which is all
dated before 1843. It consists of silver
dollars and is black and oxidized. One
hundred and sixty dollars have been
found and they wonld delight the heart
of a numismatist. They are antiquated
coin of all dates of the most obsolete
and forgotten markings. Aa relics the
find is very valuable. There is supposed
to $10,000 of the buried treasure and
thorough search 1 being made for it
Joe F. Dye, one of the most noted
characters of Southern California, waa
shot and instantly killed by Mason Brad-
field, a young man, who for years haa
beenou terms of intimacy with him.
Dye was punning down Commercial
street when Bradfield shot him from the
second story of the Hotel Arlington with
a shotgun. Nine bnckshot passed
through his body. Dye waa considered
a bad character. He was once con
victed of murder and sentenced to life
imprisonment but on a second trial was
acquitted. He had been the aggressor
in many fights and had killed three men,
He threatened to kill Bradfield on sight
and the latter laid in wait for him.
Bradfield gave himself np.
In an interview at San Francisco Cen
sus Superintendent Porter aaid a great
many foolish people jumped at conclu
sions and condemned the census before
they really knew much about it In re
ply to a question about the figures on
California farming Mr. Porter said he
1 J 1 41ilii' iitutiuta aswna 4-iin
SWAT Hgoinaletter, The figures which some
people IUOK U ik tiro vt'iiaiiB aiAicuint,
on California farming were merely the
statement on trnck farming. When
told that many California doctors did not
understand why the census figures give
their state 80 per cent, of the insane pop
ulation of the western division the su
perintendent said: "That is another mis
understanding and arises, probibly from
the fact that the doctors do not know
what the western division' iu census re
turns means In the western division
there are only a few states! besides Cali
fornia and they are all ajwrsely settled.
The population of the whole division is
but 8,000.000 and half the people live in
California. Then, too, more insane
people are counted in large cities than
iu the country, and probably insane per
sons are sent from other western states
into California because there are better
facilities for caring for them. The fig
ures do not indicate that more people go
insane in California than in all the other
states in the division. It would be just
as ridiculous to nay that because many
people die at winter, resorta they are
unhealthy places. " Mr. Porter stated
that there has been a gain ot 70 per cent.
in population in the Paoifio states and
Good rne-KllllnThltle Paint
Ing Farm Heusea-Saltini Hama-
Ralslng Fruit fr Profit-
Steek Shad.
Kow 1 the time when not farmers
alone, but road supervisors and prop
erty owner In towns, should eradicate
that pest, the Canada thistle, and It can
be done very easily If our Informant are
correct Take a sharp hoe and cut off
the top near the ground, and sprinkle
little salt on the bleeding root or
else place a piece of vitriol the size of a
alnut thereon. In either case the
thistle will be killed. It la a cheap
and simple remedy.
Patterson Bros, keep the Royal Bau-
ner cigars; tucy are tue neat cigar
made. t
Mr. J. Tolhcrow, of Monmouth, says
he favors a board fence, aa being the
very best, and that hi plan of building
the fence is cheap and durable. He
place hi posts eight feet apart, and
ualla hi boards, alternating, so that
they require no trimming and the
Joint are not so apt to rot. as in the or
dinary fence. We should imagine,
however, that the ragged appearance
of the fence would od'net tbe cheapness.
A farm fence should be neat as well as
substantial. -
Smoke the la-Hi ou earth, tbe Banner
igar, for wile by Pattowon Broa.
We ofteu see, even In Polk county,
stock standing iu the rain, unprotected.
F.aeh year the farmers of this county
make a practh of luiniing their straw.
Why could not a frame of ouk grubs be
built, and a straw stack placed on top,
thus affording a nice warm shelter for
sheep, cattle, or horses, and at no ex
pense to the. farmer? After using tbe
stack for a few years it might be fired
on some dry day, and a new abed built.
It pays richly In health, thrift and
saving of food to provide shelter for
your stock.
Patterson Bros., sole
Banner cigars.
agents for the
The beat reeeirje we know of for cur
ing hams n old one, but it will bear
To each twenty pounds of fresh meat
make a mixture of one-fourth of a
rjound of brown sugar, and a dessert
spoonful of salt petre; rub thia by hand
well into tne meat; then witti coarse
salt cover tbe bottom of a barrel or box,
say balfan inch, put In hams and
cover with half an inch of salt, and so
on until the, box is full; bams should
remain in a cool place tour wecaa;
when salted, wipe and dry them, and
iret some whole black vernier, which
you must grind yourself, aud pepper
tnorougniy, especially aooui tue dock
and bone, and let the bams lie for two
days; then smoke for eight weeks.
For sale, "850 head of sheep. Inquire
at this office. 5t
A writer on "Care of Live Stock"
says that powdered charcoal is a simple
remedy for animals which Is valuable
In a great many cases, particularly dis
eases arising from poor digestion.
When a fine cow was said to be sick he
relates how the usual drugs and poisons
were suggested, for overeatiug, but a
teaspoouful of powdered charcoal was
given in water. It was mixed, placed
In a junk bottle, the head turned down
ward, and given the cow. In five
minutes improvement was apparent
In auother case a young heifer became
badly bloated from eating green apples.
The bloat was so severe that the sides
were as hard as a barrel. HaUerattis, tbe
old remedy, had no effect. Half a tea
spoonful of powdered charcoal waa
given, and in six hours all appearance
of the bloat was gone.
Mliaral lUilrand Handa.
"I'll warrant you never saw a more
liberal set of men than those employed
on raiiroaas wnen n comes w uciju
out a family in ulstress," remarked a
man who knew what he waa talking
about "Go where you will in a rail
road office, shop or yard, with a sub
scription iu aid of an injured fellow em
ploye or the family or one aeceaseu, ana.
the men who refuse among hundreds to
contribute are few and far between,
You can gamble that they wonld 'also
contribute except for necessities of their
own. In comparison with their pay and
risk they run railroad men are the most
liberal of any class of men in the coun
try, not even excepting our millionaires."
Buffalo Express.
Water Warinar Than tha Air.
The reputation for hardihood which
haa been gained.' by the small party of
bathers who do not allow the thickest
ice to prevent them talcing tWr morn
ing dip jias been cheaply earned, if we
may trust a correspondent of the British
Medical Journal, who writes: "It may
lie stated that the water itself in the
spaces broken In the Ice was found to
have a temperature ot ih aegs. r. mat
of the air on the banks waa then about
86 dogs. F. During the day it was tried,
so that really the bathers were plunging
into water wanner than the air."
gha Saw It.
Alice Have you ever noticed the ring
iu Harold' voice?
Gwendolin Not particularly.
Alice I have. Last night, for in
stance. He asked me to be his. There
waa a regular engagement ring in his
voice. Jeweler's Weekly.
A Hitch.
"There was an annoying hitch in th
great ocean scene iu my play last mgotk
tuild a vounff Dlavwright with a sad smile.
"When the hero Jumped off the raft to
save the heroine he Kot off in the wrong
nf the waves kleked him In
the atoniach. It seemed to knock all the
sense out of him, for bo got p and walKeu
ashore." a
nwiwil .11,1 tha hnrolne dor"
"She sat on a wave and laughed." Tid-
Tha Laat Waipermta Baaonra.
M,.thrPainting. music singing; you
hn learned everything, and haven't got
a bruiband yet We must next try paper
flower making and wood carving, and it
that is no use. you win nave wj iwwn
rooking. Der Ulk.
Smoke Banner cigars.
James Harris, of Suver, is a very so-
ctulilc and intelligent faiiuei', aud has
been successful in business, which is
the very best proof of superior intelli
gence when his success has been as
much the result of bis effort as luck.
Ho claims that fruit raising will pay
more profit than wheat farming at
least twenty times over. An ordinary
apple tree will produce five bushels of ap
ples which when dried and sold at nine
cents a pound will net $2 40 profit to
the tree, and as there are 100 trees to
the acre, It means a profit of $250 per
acre. A fruit orchard costs only prun
ing, plowing and picklug, and in case
a crop fails, no seed la lost, uor need ex
pense be incurred iu picking the fruit,
for there Is non e. Considered from t he
standpoint of profit, it would seem that
fruit raising In Polk couuty must
eventiinlly be the leading industry.
We often wonder why farmers do not
beautify their homes by using the paint
or whitewash brush more than they do.
A rough board house if painted with
even cheap paint can be made very at
tractive. Barns, outhouses, fences,
trees, etc., can be cheaply colored with
whitewash and not only becomo more
attractive to the eye, but absolutely be.
more healthy for your family. The
following receipe for a cheap paint of
which the materials are at hand on the
farm may prove valuable:
Skim milk two quarts, fresh slacked
lime half a pound, linseed oil one-third
of a pint, white burgundy pitch one
eighth of a pound, Spanish white three
pounds. Slack the lime in water, ex-,
pose to the air and then dissolve in
about one-fourth of the milk; the oil in
which the pitch is dissolved to be added
a little at a time, then the rest of the ,i
milk, and afterwards the Spanish
white. This is sufficient for painting a
surface 10x27, two coats, a nice clean
white. If colors are desired add dry