The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, November 07, 1890, Image 3

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r'Kll'W. NOYKMttKK 7. I BOO,
In charge of
,st lioli.y mam Mr. F, M. Galea,
of fill oily, while hurriedly eMaslng
the railroad bridge between old and
new town, uivldoiilly hl hi footing
and fell forward fXU length on the tie,
lacerating hU face lu m horrible man
ner. Surgical asalaUuctt, i,lr. K 1
Kel.hutti) was Immodlaloly called, and
upon examination It wa ascertained
that Mr. G, had ullnod aerlou
damage broken n.w, fractured
upper Jw, lo of a toolh, and both
lijM Iwlly cut, Tim auflVrer ww Im
mediately taken to home, and un
der the nuuliulUiu of the surgeons
kill hu Iteeaui com.aruUvely easy,
and at tills writing la doing a well as
could l expected. Mr. Gate I on
iif our mt worthy rlttwna, and U U to
K hotted that hi Inlurle will not re-
mill lit Ay permanent facial disfigure
Tlio Hif VAw ha made marked
Improvement lit luatyloand lo dur
ing the jwt year, ml It U now rewft-
nbwd a one f the leading tllus.
tr.ittnl paper of the country. It U prta-
wring well that a flue building I be-
liia erected ty the company to meet tin'
demand for Increased foollM fur trans-
lug business mul getting out the paper.
n win it in iu ih w nu ""'ly ,u
the year, mid further Improvements
, will ihou be made In the paper. Thl
publication la representative of the
urowlug north weal auu so tnorougmy
iiideiiilliod with tlio I.mgrca of the
country that evoryoue ought tulnke It
regularly. riHvil Inducements, lntor-
ii I nit to everyone who reads, are
ottered ty I'Virf for siitajcrlptlou.
Apply tu'thepurtmaatcr for Important
ti.iht. Steele. K.i . who lm near
stover atulhill. met with tiulte a serious
accident im last Monday evening Mr.
S. who U somewhat advanced lu year,
while attempting to rliK-a young, un
bMkvu hum w vl.ih'iitly throwu to
th gKll1 mul upon nurgli-nl ltl
Mux mltiAl It wtiM fouiiil tlmt htt (mil vinl wvoro lnjurUw, the
tul mrluu of whlcU w hrokvu
Mhoukk-r bUtUs Imt uiuk-r th nklllful
tuiii.U f lr. lhitlor, tlio froo
turvtl Uhn www uwrtly mljiwU-d, nd
Sir. S. I attliig on uil nkvly
Uh..Ui;h mt thowuglily hk.'iiHl
un Mr. Stwltf I wi-ll known mul
hiihlv rwivUil cltlu of this county,
mi,l hU many frlwmU will U vlmil to
Tlio liemiifT. Mim allow
"mum" iHilon to rio,"lut Uwt week
Mio ol tlmt Journal for IU uulgh
bor't "I li ioiiowih
f utliUm: " l'Utf ttlonuiiW or onlulou
of n vk-lou. rvjmlwe4, uim-tiuull
or uiin-lliititetHlitorao nut nl houhl
uot.hv much wtlghtwlth tho
' quulntiil with hl Un'tuiouU. The
g,.noml tone of pHiwr U alm.n't ure to
be a fulr Inik'X of U cIUom tva chnro
tcr" , n-will Slully, Kf., 'ulor im-nibcr
vflhv llnurihi'lly k Vmnluyu of thl
city, left on Tuwuluy' flu f,,r tbe
inirp we of enjoying a four w.k vuca
ii.,. Mr. t. Ilml
M-milUm ul)lui'ly ticcowury for the
l..i...flt uf hi. health, which hiw Ucu
.mewliut falling for n-veral month, or
n,.,rt.-. Ho will lirobulily vwi
FrancU-o, ami other ilnU Ufow re-
turning homo,
. I'liu VlT Hll'K inut coiieiuoeu iw
fhano lu oirerlug of rii for m-w
BUi-rlUw. The time wl ho Uo
week only. Three U of prize, will
to otrehil. Ucml the otrer for the next
tw.we.-U The prevloiwolterlutilng
until January lnt U .llscontluueJ.
Mr. It. J. V Item, of Mow-ow, Idaho,
nrriveU in town on hwt iMomlay, aim w
,,w making after a .ultnl.lo
tmutf for hl winter .piarU-m. Mr. W.
U to be connected with Mr. Hkinuor In
the Hour mill boxlne.
Mr Wiu. Mim'U, of Moiituua, hn.
.HiVcWd amnull fann In the(.r
Hollow neighborhood, and Inputting
un a neat nwldeiice. Mr. M. ta a of Mr. I. . WhltamiU
Mr tiiHiwo Heiiklo returned home
hiHt Tuewlay from a two week', trip to
.., Sound country. He roiM.rU biminewi
unite over In the country .
the ureal "Inland Mediterranean ma,
m- I'r.i Poni.lotoii who Inw been
-..i,.t.,iiojumomr uh for hwl
t.L .tv. denarted lant Tucadny enroute
t..r I'u.t Sound. viuCorvallk Albany,
Haleni mid other polnU.
11. w,..liliiiztuii Tom' little child,
...i' Ju .iwinliler bluilo WW fractured
.iiie two weekV ago, In getting along
very nicely under the treatment
IM. Lefe Butler.
H....I.1U Wolf i Htlll VlHltlllg
MeiidH In thl city
charming young lady,
and, of oum, in a great favorite of her
jnitny friend here.
t t V. rtobliiHon, of Cuhh county,
Jowa. who lm been here for several
....,ii-. 1 well Dimmed with the conn
,.,.,i nvneciM to remain for aomo
m ri.,.,l Viinahn. of Dixie, win
ha been vising relation and friend
;i till city for Hcvcrui uuy, reiu,.,..
I.nme oil last Tucwluy'il train.
f- 'c t Krvur's new residence 1
i.,'i,.' to loom up In tine .hape
The carmTitcr are now buy putting
on theoutHlilcflnlMh.
Macule Macaulay, who I now
i-n.r In l'ortlund, I vlMitlng among
her Independence friend and relative
thl week.
lr John McCalcb, who live four
mile went of Monmouth, made thl
office a ptciwant call on weuneuj.
Ituv Mr. Layeund Frank Mulkcy, of
Monm..utl.,lcftforCal,on lut Mon
,l,.v.aiid will beabHctitall winter
Mr J V O'Donnell and family have
moved into their new homo, the late
M. Heumcr property.
Mr J W. Leonard, of Oak Grove,
Kuve thl ofllco pl"mt u 00 laHt
A flue Hue of table and hanging
lamp ut II. A W'.-Holdatbedrock
Mr. E. K. Kreiigd l building aul
rtantial addition U hi residence.
J. H. Cooir returned home from
Portland on WcdncHday'H train.
Thedublki LMnllally luvlto
prcent at tho Evangelical norvlora on
Suiulay veiling, Nov. 0, 18tW, which
WIU be held In tho 1'nwbyterlau church
oflhUclty, (kind niuulo by
uiiiwi vtiolni of the rrcabyterlaii and yt tr. .ry glad to Dole tbt IuUn.1
Kvngllil cungrvgatloiM. MUaAhoc tkn in our acliool by the ppl of
uiiaiiM ana in imir o. v. ruling Monmouth ami tloiulw.
win wug a uuou iu.i prccwwing uie ,. . .,. . .,i
I . , . . . iMVJ'tuitri wi'umni vi iuw ivnv
Twm. vo,rpmeiiW inimiHua.eiy h, ,....,, to uk, Mrt ,n lbi
wr, ii. a, no.ig.1, wno uvea aonie mlMMIHMrl ,. u.. aud
thrwmllM aMithur iown, baa a now lh,nJojK w- tMOoaaa. A ear load
?u.,'T7h .rT' InJotwidouoe frioud. camoov.r
m fruit lrw planted, M r. II. Intend.
to make fruit culture a bunlua. The
farment of till, country hava let their
orchard, run down until Oregon fruit U
ftwt loalng lu once high reputation lu
tho market, uf tho world.
lUv, T. (). Itroiiwui, pnmldout uf the
uirrlu.vlllo college, will preach next
Sablwth morning and evening In the
llaptUt church. Hubjuit la the morn
ing, "Do we want a Ik.plUt IVIIego lu
Oregon?" Kveuliif , revival wriuou,
Fjiwuu lima, are now pivpnml to
clean feather, with a renovator. All
permm who bave.uch work, would do
well to give them a call. Hnlbifaetioii, Dace of htmlncM n.r the
old town Mdi.Kil houw. Ut
The frame-work of tho Uew aawiulll
of 50,000 rwt wpaclty, at Full. (My, l
aud atlmulcd It,
The "Jabllmi Hiugor.' uf tha Wll
lamotlo univtmlty, are to gi? u. a eon
oert on Nov. lr.tU, by invitation uf In
alklctio auooiatlou,
IY.t, of El.ution-What u the wiuui
mg of tb word "pate." in the Hue
That a tat oo old bachelor' Dale.
.Iioahl be lakir
Mr. II. (promiith)-Tlie diota.iiar
ay. that It mean tbe akin oa a't
I'nif. l'ownll dohverod the ohapol ko-
lure Tuesday niorulng.
rrwiideiit Oaiuubull iu hi lootur
Moud.y muriaug .poke nf the advaut.gv
of oo-eduoalton, hut a)vUod III etudouta
to not coiigregrtte at the window, aud in
the ball. In itroiitM of two or three, Wt
.1,1 la.,li,rrHu Prof. Dunn IB a f ..)....... .-I"'" -
.wv v,...., ,v., .. p. JVt 0B MUiMiot nmU)t (pairing).
Young lauio aed gnutlomou if you
Momra, Montgomery 4 Hawtvlle, are
ptMhlng along the work of ouimtructlou
a rapidly a pomlbhs
Mr. L. C. Ullmore expocta to have
the city water work. In full operettou
by uext Monday. Mr, G. I a rtMtler,
a wide awke bunluve man, and he ha
the Wixt Hihk'. Ut wWhe for uixa.
Mra. T. J. Utile, wife of Kdlhir Htlto
of the Albany )rH.iKT,i,wbo waa vUlt-
Ing the family of Itov, A. J. Huiuaker
of thla city laat week, returned home
ou lent Monday1 train.
Hay! the Mad will be very had In
the near future, and It will be a good
Idea to call In at J. D. I,' at once, and
lay lu your wlutemaupplxof grocerloe.
lie ia eelllug way dowu.
have the melo (?) .pp'y to Dr. 11
tor a oure. Hie uoow with .peelRd
oaw I well known to the elaM In okoil
Tl). Ve.Nirtiuo met a ti.u.l Friday
.veuuig m I'nr. Numia Mom. iu
programin m rendered wa noown.rily
.boil a. a nuinber of tbe number wer
abmut to prepare for theeuuoerl. We
wre tioiioretl by a vUtt from three mom.
ber of tbe Eureka eueiety, Uo n
eome very encouraging remark. A tin
ha. been the flrat we hope it will sot Im
lbs 14 time that our brother will
IM, A eowttiilte be been appointed
from our eoeiety to oonfer with eom-
aittee. from tbe other eooietic in rerd
We would Ilk to ak our proUwtlou
friend wherein tbe McKlolcy bill pro
UoU UborT Eierythlng we have to
rurchaee baa ralewl in price; the far
mora wheat wa 67) ceiiU when the
hill neaaMl.Ut ba Kino dropped ft cent
ou the buehel. Will auyoii tell u of
any caw where the wage of the labor
ing obueue have been raleed oil bouoo.h
of the McKliiley bill? Wo are
waiting to bear of tbe anie.
A. K. Wllaon I hlpplug , brick
to Kherldan fur the new bank.
The Ilroadmead raneli taiya txi
on tM),o0 In Yamhill comity, and lu
90i) In lbi coiiuty.
Dick Daniel wa badly hurt by full'
ingfroiit aaoaflold on which he wa
painting Wedne. lay, at-Dixie.
Mm. Fanny Fraxler, a daughter of
White Hurnetto, died at the home of
her father-in-law, U H. Fnutler, ou
Monday, 27th ult.
Mr. H. A. Nlchola, a former old time
rmldeut of thl county, I running a
large butcher .hop at Kalama, ami ha
engaged Frank Collin to buy and hlp
fat .lock f. It.
Nat Holman la again hoiued up with
hi old trouble, an elteoea la the lower
part of the back. Thla week Dr.
Mauley performed ou him an operation
almllar to that of a year ago, and he I
uow feeling much better.-Itemhrr,
Narrow snuge train are continually
pawing up aud down the road at night
dblrlbutliig bridge iiuiuere. rirveeu
carpeuter are now puttlug a new pier
under the Dalla railroad bridge, and
will atreugthen the approach by adding
everal new bent. A crew la alao re
pairing the Lucklamut bridge. He
rn Iff.
ay 1 Where did you get that watch? to getting a e.te tu put tbe weekly pro-
Whv of oourm) I taaiubt It uf H. It
Patlerw.u and ou the euatallment plan
U Ho trounie to own a wnic n mai
way. ,
Mr. A.hlle Davkl.uu, of IHmierny
Wah,, I .till very low with malarial
fever. Her mother, Mr. U M. 1111,
of Monmouth, 1 attending herbedalde.
Mr. O. It. Whitman dellvereil a very
able and Interesting kx'turo ou tlx
work of the A. O. U. W at the opera
li.Hi.He on lanl Wetlmwlay eveulug.
The mall aack uow leave ludopeu
deuce pt ulllce tvu mluutva before Hi.
arrival of each tralu. Make a note oi
thlaaud panto It on your hat
A eyndlcuto of Hagluaw, Mich,
lumU'rmau have repreaeutatlvee lio
at Falta.Uty, for the purpoae of InajHS't-
lug the limber of that region
t'harlie A. Hubbard kvc for Fldou
Iowa, to-niorruw,) aud wlh
be atmuit eoiuo two uioulli or more,
llou voyage, friend I'harlle.
Mr. Frank O'Neill, dUtrlet puaaeu
Ar .ureal for the N. V. It. wa
doing our city kuit Tburwluy, aud gnvt
till olilce a pleaaaul call,
J. L. Htueklon ha found It untwHar
to .till luriuer euiuriie l.w ux'k o
Uitliiiitf ana lut'UMIlliitt- KiU H
uow uu two alleuuve uivraa.
Your ut lent Ion la called to the Urn,
ili.u ,r iunuH.1. aud uuii.rella. tor aali
uv J. 1. hUikUm, i lic Hue lu all I
UMnicuiiirly meulioucd
A lirleU concei t troupe will uppoai
iu iudeiH!udonoi',Tuurlay, Nov. UUi,
aud oouliime elglil or ten coiiinillv
Tho WtaT Slim ulllce hua turned lbi
"ol.l lainer" uumt over to W. Jl
vtiiuuier. wao v. ill ell ul Hie aauie
UjI your wUin, picw, etc., fi
uilucc muav. at lleuklo Walaor'a;
I). 1. for
alao prepared mince uiet at 11. & W. lit
lluv. A. Hycra will pn-ach at Hie
, angelical cburcli next eluuday at 11
iu. Wuiid.iy ;hool at 10 A. M.
A Mr. Meek, of Cat., 1. hero on bul-
lie thl week. Mr. M. I a nephew oi
Mr. A. J. Uooduwu of till city.
W. H. Wheeler U alvjay ou deck,
u , i.l rmulv to uuw you laleHl
atiraclioii lu holiday good. It
lhaukglvlng U right on baud, aud
dou't you forget to call on J.
our mince meaU, ploe, etc,
n,.v i,.lurlek alwav ha ou hand
rr.i. ,1.1.(11.. Key Weal cigar aim
tropical fruit tu acanoii.
Mr. Mark Holme aud lUir, of
I'n.uI.o. Hii.llon. were vlltiug lu thl
ity ou lut Huuduy.
L.r ..U!in,r on wall. i)liu;liiit under
carpeU, etc., gci iue ..iu .v. ..v
by vvnceier.
time to buy rubber good,
and J. It. HUikU.ll ba a full unu com-
plotc .lock.
Mr. M. Mlnty, of McMlnuvlllo,
vlltlng her Bbtcr Mr. L. Damon of
thl city.
Mr. O. U. Whitman will orguiibsea
t.i of A. 0. U. W. next Monday
Mr. 11. Tharp from nourHuver elation
. , i.., li.uf To4.ilnv
WUH III lOWllOU 0B,uinn "" "
F. Heuing got hurt while at work In
tl, (lour mill, but not uangerouiy o, dlHiday of holiday uttracuoii
at W. H. Wheeler' on next Saturday.
Honkle .k Walker take a buck mat
for no one In soiling fine groceries. 2t
Don't forget to ace the latent Christ
ma novcltieu at W. H. Wheeler'. It
O. W. Johnson leave for Ida Grove,
Iowa, on next Haturday's truln.
Mr. II. 8. Kerr, of 1'urker station,
wa lu town thl week.
Mr. J. H. Burch, of Dorry station, wa
In town on Tuesday,
Come and see my fine stock of new
irroccrlcs, J. D. I.
Car load of new groceries Jut arrived
atJ.D. "
The Wbht Bidk Is eight years old to.
. wiw.tlv it Vaudiiyu are
cettlng In large fall stock of goods.
gave money by buying your groceries
of J. D. Irvine.
Finest stock of groceries In town at
Go to J. D. I.'s and get a good cup of
I,atet In the shoe llneat J. L Stock-bin's.
Beat tobucco In town J. D. Irvine'.
grHUuie wliare they may b eea by ll
uf the mbem. we hope they my
uooeed iu ni iking ..lufaoU.ry arrange.
uieuta,for if tbe pr..grammMre where all
,aay Me h i. oo duty, we think, It will
tw a iueeiitive to work,
Mr, Crowley ba built a ueat and
roomy burn on hi property ju Collide
Mi. Hull ba. ju.t ooiophtUd o d-
dilioD to br Iioum on OutUtfe trU
There wll he an ordinance u.troduoe I
at the next rettnlar roMtiug of tin eoim-
en to prevout cattle from runuing .1
large in lb Iowa of Montnoiith, A ginul
move u.l in tbe right diruoiiou fur euw.
.Undiug or walking on the sidewalk.
break 'iJ dotr iy tbom until It I uoi
Mf for penon to travel over tbeut,
A gnueral triukel .tore ba hen upro-
d oot in the Parrwh alditin.
Mr, L. Fraaer aud wife, of lMhel, were
vwitiug il.tiv over 8unJiy returning
borne on Monday.
Mr, Exra I'opplub.n, an olJ time nur
oknut of Mottoioutb but now ut Taooma,
wa. .baking baud witb lb old lunar
m Monday.
Mr. Duvk of Kat PortUad, I b.p-
ping in t4ii a few day.
Mr. Kibnrt D.iane lft ou Tul..y
morumg. train lor u.iuaa, wu ub
foni to fork at biatm 1 oarpeotenng
Aiiiwnrnlly oiu of our youug ldk
tru Mghiug for the rejoutiy departeJ
Oome bi'k lk.h It will yet prove .11
Mr, Tiioinw lljothby hi began tbe
nreotioo of bin b me on Monmouth
Al Mie lint m.wllug of the eotincll Ihe
mrbl was iu.tructel to beglu auit
mtiilnnl parti. who bd refined Ui py
beir laic. B it a. a.n a. the kicker.
learned that (he b .ard lo inot bunnex,
tbey nuliel In and pii 1 their tux..
Mr. J. 1.. Giiiu hi. purflbMd two
acre or lain or mt. viunn.i, uji.
Mr. Huoi Kramer ha emoted rei-
denc oo the Dently addition to Won-
Mim Mary Kliorer, of Iudiaua,wli J ba.
been viitiug to M .inunitU aud vicinity
.ince Jmi. will lartoo hr return next
F. A. Weater paid a flying vbdt to
Porthxud Wediiwabiy.
H.K. Y'ooom ha moved from IWllcvue
to til home In IUtlUu.ii.
nr. V. RJohuaou will soon move
to I'errydale to ojieu up a rcatauraut.
F. R Gould ba bought a lot In towii
and will .hii build a realdeuce oil IU
A jomIvbI meeting la now being held
at liellovue, by Ilev. Orlilini and F.ldor
Mr. Ackley, uf Amity, baa bought
the Ufollelt pM'Hy, and will euon
move hi family here.
Wm. Yocora wa very badly lanml
Batunlay ulght, by hearing a pnulhor
ream III the bru.h near him aa he
waa conduit to towu. H.iiiie boy with
dog went buck after the varmint and
chased It down into the river bottom,
but It iiuuaged to eajape them lu the
darkttee. Thl make l hv It lia lai'ii
tn here.
, iNtiKPKNi.fcNia, Or,, Oct. 20, 10.
To tub Eiitor:-1 ee an article In
theWKHT Hii.k, which commenceea.
follow.: "There I one point In the
ewMMiiieiit question which I nut under
stood by the general reader, and that I
why the towu, which are to-day pay
ing the least taxo of any location In
the alate, are the mort clamorous for a
tax law which shall make the total
amount of their taxes many time
what It uow la, The tiuwitlnn la, Why
do they ask for the repeal of the ludcb-
tedncas clause?"
In the ouUet we regard thUaaau
aMUinptlon, at least with regard to the
great mas of tho Inhabitant of town,
nil cltlo. There ba been no vote
taken and no ttatlstlc furnished to
warreut thla oonclusluii. Hut, If we
should admit thl. to be true, It doe not
change the faa.tthat the true system of
taxation consist In taxing a man upon
what he actuully owns.
To Illustrate: If a person should pur
chase real estate for a home for himself
aud family at an agreed prhttofflUot),
end paid thereon the sum ol aud
give security on the premise for the
remaining I); by thla transaction
thl tract of real estate Is Into
two distinct estates. A legal aud
euultable title I thereby created and
the purchaser huld. the legal title, and
bis Interest therein Is f 3l0,or two-teuth.
of the value of laud, while the one who
niake the conveyance holds the e.iilt
ble title aud hi Interest therein l,
or elght-teuths of the land; aud any
law that would prevent the purchaser
from taklnif out his ludebtedtiesM would
oumiM'l him to pay taxes on the V
or elght-teuth of laud which he did
not own. Again iu almost every In
stance the eight hundred dollars tlu
on the land would be secured by inort
gage, aud in that case tint mortgagee,
or person holding Mie equitable title or
lutvroat, would also be ou the
Jwoo, secured by mortgage, hence a tract
of real estate worth Hum, would be
taxed at f lMXt, Instead of IU true value.
Tu whose InmicIH would such a system
of taxation result, aud who would I
the rly to sutler? It l evident that
to tax a reon on worth of pro
perty owned by someone else, would be
to Increase the amount of money raised
at a certain per cent, or a certain num
ber of mills ou the dollar, aud would
almost Instantly reduce the per cent,
or uhmber of mills necessary to run the
county aud state; but It would be to the
Injury of that das whose home amt
farm are mortgaged, aud those who
hold their homes Uhiii contract with
but a very small portlou of the purchase
price paid, while those who hold the
mortgagee and sH-urltlea would reap
the benefit of this reduction brought
alstul by this unjust system of taxation.
If it Is true, as alleged by theWKHT
Hi UK, by quotation from the
Qirmrnhm, that tbe town and cities
have avoided the Just paymeutof their
-Hhclf, Builder nl Heavy-
.. , . . . . , , ... n..n..i, I
rnslilelll J,. namuBi.ui wiw i
Press Association, ha amwrtalnwl, by,
.. ......,...,l.,.,,u. il,t niiilnrlt v of the
Oregon I'res Assoilatlou nave aigui- Tj TT M A LX IV hy V
fled their Intenllon of furthering any j JJ I J Jr. XV J
cheme which may be unanimously ...
Stoves, Ranges, Tinware, Cutlery, -Wagons,
Buggies, Carts, Pious, Pumps, Pipe
and Fittings.
J. F.
to call on
decided on reelecting an appropriation
by theouHilug legislature for an Oregon
world' fair exhibit. A It would be
Impracticable to hold a sa-clul session
of the association at thl season of the
year, he ha appointed a eomniltlee of
tlfU-on Ui moot ana Uiscuse iue suujeci,
and hsxiiiimcnd their view to mem
ber of the association. In selecting
thl committee, he ha been careful
that it almfl be oompoecd of gentlemen
representing every sectlou of tho state
and both political parties, as ho h)
auxtou that neither sectionalism nor
politic shall be Intttsluoed Into the
The following mcmlH-rs will compose
this committees C. K. Jackson, JUul
Or)Jiml(M, I'endletou; Amiaw K, Jones,
,VwMf, Ifnloiii I. H. IJoweu, Jknwrrttt,
IlukerCltyi Johu Michel, Tim--Muun
, r, The Dalleaj A. Noltuer, World,
Portland; II. W. Hcott, Onyonhm,
Portland; 0. 1'. Mason, ilmwr, Port-
TVlllZt. ZIZZ, Oliver and Garden City Plow-, Monitor Drill-, 8t King Spring too
(BtKWjewr to CXX)1'ER BrtOS.) ;
and get Prices. Just received a New Stock
of Shot Guns and Rifles including best .
makes known. All kinds of Metal
ware made to order. Repair
ing done on short notice.
Corvallls; F. 1J. Nulling, Vniutarui,
Allwnv; C. Y. Iteujamln, i'tuhulmtrr,
Ibsa-burg; Cliarlee Nickel, lkwrmtU
Tiiim, Jacksonville; K. 1 Infer, JnutwU,
Ailein;!. L.Caiupls-ll, Uuttrd, Kugetie;
F. A. Weed, Antiwl'ut, AsU.rla.
This tiMiimllUit la called to meet In
Portland at III o'clock a. m. Tiwuduy,
Xoiuitsr 11th.
ia now ar poaruao, eacaon.
Dis, Ketchuiu snl I'rudcu .would
rotfully eiinoiiiice to the public
that they have eutcred Into a opart
nershlu for the practice of medicine and
surgery In the town of ludepeudenoe
aud sumtutidlii seouiitry, and that they
will attend and answer all calls day or
ul rht for the treatment of dlsea.,.
Dr. Ketehmn Is a irradllate of the
University of Ann Arbor, Mich , one
of the H test mullcul colleges lu the Ktateaaud has been practicing
hU i.rofesslon In Polk crtillty for the
oast eight year. His reputation as a
physician and a gentleman Is too well
kin.wu In this locnllllty to require any
lengthy explanation at this time.
Dr, I'ruden Is a comparative stranger
iu this portion uf Oregon, but Is well
known lu Risteru Oregon where he has
devoted his time to the practice of med
icine and surgery for Ute past eighteen
year. Ho I a regular graduateof med
icine and bold dlplomis and certifl-
fnml dltlereut lll..tllu:loll of I
learnltig. In his pait life, at difTcr-
ent times, he has visited several of the
most successful specialist of tbe r-ust
for the purihsa) of uscertulnlng the best
treatment and inuth.Hls of managing
chronic d'.K'aies, Iiuviug in view, at the
i if
IJt of k.tter remuluiug in the In
depeudeu. st4.ftloe uiicalle.1 for M prsrtlou of the taxw by such subter- time, an olll. practice lu ;imc popu
i iwsi. If not called for In IW day f,d and fraud, as allcircd In that bus ovn or city. I'.Ie has U' en I
.. i .. . . .i. . i.. i.. i.. .ri
they will be cnt to the Head leiter article, ami have heaped the ounieii oi tboroiign course oi si uuy iniucoy w. the "Curability of Consumptiou," ana a
w ... . . . . i . . . i i.. ii,. ,m u. ,.ra.i i . ,t aI. . t &t
le lcs densely Kow Voia. ami w.w in um umcv u treUM on ".iarTn oi u
rot TRoai wao rAimoT poaaiBbf uu m
aoxiLLT, iohi TBumar rLinca wrra-
The most soeedv. oositive and perma.
nent cure for CaUrrh of tbe Head, Asthma,
ml all Throat. Bronchial. Lung, Heart,
8tomch, Liver and Kiduey Affection,
Vrvnul IVIiilitT. etc CoDiunipUoii. in
iU variou tage, permanenUy cured.
Da. AaoaR'a onginl mode of treatment
aud hi medicated inhalation give in
t.ntiiitou. relief, builds up and revital
ize the whole constitution and tystem,
thereby prolonging life. Weak, nervoua,
debilitated and broken-down constitu
tion, old and vounir. invariably gain from
tea te thirty pound in from thirty to
ninety day.
Da. Aborn's phenomenal .kill nd mar.
vrlous cure have created the greatest
astonishment on the Pacific Coast and
throughout the American continent, dur
lug the past twenty-five year. Aithma,
CaUrrh of the Head, and all Throat, Bron
cbial and Lung trouble 'nstantly relieved,
and Deafness often cured permanently at
first consultation. Da. Aaoaif a essay on
Notiee of Final Settlement.
In Ihemstterof lliellnal lUtient ofths
wutleofC. J.U,w,dMl. ,
N.IIUK U nweuy ivrn iph . m. ii.r,j flia him Oniii umunl la Hid mMte
sod tlx Uiite fur krUi( llw " ba been
el fur
Deoember let, 1890,
hi.h um. th bflra noil of kin. and all
peraona lnur)tcd In said UIC, are outined
he court lor Ui flnsl s-llleinent o( said
Sala, A.I.UlHkl.1,
Mpt. Slat, 1SW, Aain.nuT"r.
"tlia Joroay Ul)."
(lniUmn- Allho' It Is vrr unusoal lor
nwlouwany lullonsor In au
sier iu your rwjuwi, 1 bays trlMl Vi'lsdom's
VMK Crasin and Itoberlln. In iotoict i
euai(lr peiallr efnowSiu In oumm oi
niiiKluieMol Uie it. in, ana I nsva ixxu ummf
It every day Un lue uul d.nlfhu I have
tsind Uie Hoberllue so eioellent prejair
SII.HI lu csmsi "I Uoi, euuburn, elc,
asuaed by .exuusura to March wluds and a
July sun. Youmuilihfiilly,
To Messrs. Wisdom Co.
offlco. Parliea oalltng for tlieee letUir haxallon Ux.u the
will pleaae say "advertlsetl."
Bunrard. D J Ulrd, 0 A
Uruas, Jessie
Jobnsou. Uo It
Miller, Jack
Parker, 0
Tbomaa, W M
Dickey, N
Hauler, A It
lAwrenee, 0
Psttitt, W II
Sliely. Luther (81
0Mier, Mr Bird
Origshy, Ada
Howell, Z T
John, W J
U llrien, P 8
Mmith, 0 J
Berrv, E A
Oriffetb, 1)
Johnson, George
Moore, Hleward
Hhsrp, Jeuuie
Hatea, Win I.
Fwber, Jessie
Lawrence Mr 11
Yost, Msttie
M. A. KoaaMTsoi, P. M.
Iatci distilcta, then, their desires aud an eminent p ia 1st tu no on, aius ,
recommeudatlnu III n-gant to any for ten month, where he had rare op-
m.slltlwtlou of the tax law sh.Hild be hsirtuiilti.- for acjuirlng u iui anowi-
rrgardM with distrust Instead of favor, edgo, and gaining a p;ice oi ex,wr-1
It Is asserted, that these wealthy bank- leiut. well calculate! to ill mm lor n.e
era and merchant iirlucca. aud men of Uueccasful practice ol hi prof.-sslon.
wealth generally, would prefer to have The favorable advantage nc uas eu
lio Indebtedm-ss cluuae because a tax Joyed together with a good practice have
levy upon all they own would glveii him confidence lu bis aiilllty aa
airengthen their credit. If thl Is so I a 1 hysMau and siirg.wi.
desirable, where is the uecceslty for a I u consideration ol tnese incie mm
law to thla effect? Could they not l gtrntleuieii will not ncsiiuio m Kuara.e
honest at least, aud give In no more tec a reasonable degree of sat Israel lou 10
Indebtedness than they actually had, their patron In every ease,
Instead of wipingout their entire tax by
the Head."
with evidence of eome extraordinary
cure, mailed free. Call or address
reartfc m4 srrttai, rsrttsai, Oneee.
Nnre Ham trftitmtRt. McunlT Mcked. slst br
SsprMft to ell putt of Um Pmsdc Costi, fee uiots wbo
cswM poMibfy oil hi penos.
Twe Weeke Competition.
Mysterious Disappearance.
, . Iliusi l.s.K n.rouier mumrauj imu
Our reader will VVmm note th& un miim,))rovllllng ,1,1, do.
tlio ciianne in uui -
for obtalnlug uew sulsnirlUT. bix
weeka yet romaiu until Jan. '01, and
we want our friends to bcetir tnen
selves miring mat wiib. viinr,.via
Uwlay and ending Haturday at noon of
November, 2!d. We otIVr live prues
for clul. The first prlxe la a I5 tyie
writer, the second f 10 In cash, and
third a b..k worth $2. IU-ad the ad
vertlsement on 4th page and aee If you
cauuot galu oue of these prince, Ito
menilHjr this offer last only two weeks.
The previous offer baa been dlsw.n
lUv. H. T. Hcott will preach Here
uext Humlny at 11 o'clock a. 111. All
livlU'd to attend.
Charlie Phillip and family have
moved on the Klder Itlchardson place
near Hethel this week.
J. II Bhopard returned from a busi
ness trip to Heattle, Wash., last fcditur
day evening. Ho report lime a
booming over there.
Mrs. P. 0. Henry unci her sister,
Ml Dora, have returned from their
visit to Mr. and Mr. W. 11. Walker's,
near (loldcn.lul, Washington.
Charles Purvlne has hi biiw saw
agoing cutting wood for his neighbors,
who are Improvlug this line weather
by preparing fuel for the winter.
We are luformed that the lecture ou
prophecy by Klder A. W. Btcors have
been postponed until runner notice, on
account of meeting to bo held III Port
P. V. Clark uttendod the camp Are of
the O. A. It. at rJaloni last mommy
night. He report tho bridge progress-
ing, and that they have the pipe stems
in position on the pier.
The trustee of our cemetery held a
meeting last Baturday, und concluded
to wait until gprlug to fence the same,
becaiiso there are not fund enough on
hand to puy for the fencing.
The covotcs ure making night hldious
with their yoliwi; it seems rather early
for them. Moot of our farmer who
have sheep, have bells on everyone of
their flock o the coyote may
Our stage driver ha taken a week off
and may be found rambling lu uie
mountain near Bberldan, where
ha a Umber claim which he wlshe to
dlsnose of. J. II. Dawson I handling
the Hue during miuumwiuo auseuce
W. A. Pike U hauling lumber from
the aoosoneok mill, and It take him
two dav to make a trip. If wine en
terprlslng person could get hold of the
Lincoln mills, and supply the markot
with lumber a of yore, It would be
great benefit to the community,
such fictitious means, when It would
so strengthen their credit which I of
such value to them. The fact Is we
........ i.u.b r.... 1 1..,,. i.,ilv.M lie
lliunt hp wv,,v. .......... -j ,..
i no iwo lilies wero iii. miu u,m
other, with only a short distance sep
arating them. A farmer rode Into the
Confederate ranin on a mule. Mot
of tho soldiers had been farmers and
were good Judge of horseflesh, so that
In eonremniion with the old faruiei
the merits and demerits of the mule
fame un nsturallv for some discussion.
It was a good mule, they agreed with
the farmer "but" ad.ksl tho owner,
"I've never seen auotlior man that
eoul.l ride him."
This remark brought on another dis
cnsslnn. Several of the soldiers pro
tested that they had never been thrown
from a mule, and were willing to bet
that thoy could ride this one. .Oneol
tlio most vociferous in praising his own
linrseninnshtp was a commissary. He
wore ho could ride the mule, and
fiimllv It was decided to lot him try
Ho had no sooner mounted than the
mule began plunging viciously, and
then he ran aroiindln a circle several
time at breakneck speed, tho coin
missarv holding on for his life.
Suddonly that mule mado a break
for the front. The commissary sawed
and shouted In vain. Every attempt
was made to stop them, but tho mine
was wild and the commissary kuow
that If once let looso ho would have to
be burled. -
Ou like a tornado and as straight
as the crow flics ou past tho Confed
erate outposts and bending; for the
Yankee lines. They watched him un
til the mule was lost to sight.
That was the hist seen of thorn, nor
has ono word over been hoard, from
. . .... it ... ... .1 tr.,u...l utl.,u ma iny iu .., v. ... j
immense roruine nave uceu iwimm. Wu emuanu.m m u. v.. t))e nu,0i Mama Vomitulton.
i.u tul.0,1,. of t iestairo Derformor are uttendod the convention, ana insirucv
sire Is a extensive aa assumed, and
tlmt Is to still farther avoid the iay-
uient of their taxes, which would be
tho uuturul result of the repeul of the
Indebtedness clause.
The real estate of Oregou, and even
the most valuable iiorliou of the per
sonal property are heavily mortgaged
to these very men, and tho only possi
ble object that they could have would
be the exemption of all this species of
nnmcrtv from taxation. 1 here Is as
much rvelstenoe Uwlay to the mortgage
tax luw as to the Indebtedness clause,
by this very class of meiij and the re
peal of the Indebtedness clause would
uliiioMt Instantly la) followed by a
I (urn bees tumbled sust tsts wJUi
iecae of the kidBeys aa4 luet Med
bt dinerrot "
waSaatRllet About UM isao Apnl
I m euSrrtnr from enr eleienl
sttsck th slaw prostraiid 1
v . tmmt I was bentorer.
b. t .. don a wu almoet tnipoeelble foe me
to set op eJone, or to put oa mr doUes, wses
ktnVFtSrM teal lr. Henley, wk tbt
Mel.' I Immedistely commenced
ailnf tbt tea. tt bad sa l'wost
Blneulous effect, sad to tbt oa-
tthmeat ofsU tbt ts st ut aom,
hi few dy,I sa bsppy to suit,
that 1 was aew sua. I wu
recommend tbt Ks la aU affile
St I bar bee.
Proprietor Occtdeatal llotel,
Waiui funiaii vtii 1
& 11
1 m
i 1 1
The history oflbmie recite, the vast vigorous atUck : unuii the mortgage tax
.La. which wa entailed by am- law. Hut I think the assert lou Is .
- e .1.1. ... .rouse tbe Utile and genera., that the
' : r,. 1. not...,, ,,i..r.aln.ncuts. t..w..s and cities desire the repeal of
'.. ..iLi of the the indebtedness clause. I am an tidied
. .i,,...i,i 1 ..oos.kI and tlmt a more careful examination would
v.., . .... ,l.l. ... .I...I. verv ..bus
nco those wbo could provme me ,.,..., ." - -
1.. wl.h the moat eutertulnuiellt refcrrtHl to lu Uie wry.mum ami .
ere welcomed aa puuno ucneiaciors.
t lit . ..c
Cicear anor ueing eiocicu AH kmiialminh
Itoina sneut vast sums of money in
public entertainment until finally In- Mr. II. M. Lines, one of our hauling
eored such dcbta as to amount at one business men, has Ikhju attending tbe
tlina to over ono million aud a half dol- Fuiieml Directors iwsoeli.tloii bcld in
lara. In these latter day the stage I a Portland week before last. ur. lingers
source of revenue and lu oine case of Hau Francisco, one or niie most no-
.........innl In dollars and ccnta. Many d a class (of which Mr L. was a mem-
iluiea men aud women with no reul tH,r) in the science of preparing and
.....rit ejuitlvato the nubile. People do- embuluilmr the dead. air. Lines Is
liiand novelty and will pay for It. To UOw propnred to place corpses
KST A 111.111 MKNT,
Making Over I.ace Dresse.
In making over a luco gown, which
1,,,. lu.nn imfnrtlinntu enollirll to be
11 life ,- i,Brn or thoro. iust romcmbor that
be amused they will pay inoro than to HUej apiKniraiice, and with very little the place can be darned and never
tie Instructed. It i on account of tins
Und OUlc at Orefon City. Oreon,
Ort. i, isna
Nulliw la berobr irlveD that the foll.iwlDS-
named aelUer bas tiled notice of bl Inumtbiu
U. make Hual prcarf In suiiport of bla rlalin,
and Uialuld proof will be made before Ibe
Clerk ol l'lk County, al iMUlaa, Oregon, oa
Moetmbtr , 100,
William Herren nren-rnDtlon IX n. -o.
fl for Uie a 4l K ui HecMTp , K7
Ut names the (allowing wl nestes to (tov
b. residence upon sua cultiv aiiou
ol, said Ian a, vik w. a.m.ey, in
UranelL of Kill. Valley, Helium I'ouuiy,
ureun; Knuik Kaw, of lewlvm, roia
Ouuuly, Oregon; Charles Newman, olivine"
alley, neouiu iwiuvy, wreguu. .v
In the Circuit Court, of ths Btate of Oregon,
(or the county 01 roia.
L. P. KRAMEK. PUUnUff, )
To Harriet Kramer, deiendant.
imn vi iu areherebr reoulred to appear and
auawer the complaint Sled anuliut you In ibe
above entitled null wllbln ten dayi Iroiu tbe
dale of the aervlce of tint nuinmom, upon
you, If served within thla County; or. If served
in any other County of Ihu alate, then wllbln
twenty days irom me uaie niiueari.iw mi
thla ouiinroiu upon you; and served by pub
lleatsm then by Ihe lt day of tbe next reu
iur ir,.i nf the ( Court of tbe Btale of
orer.n for Hoik Cainiy to be held on the 1st
Monuay ia ueeeuiner, wwiu
December lit, eo.
and If you la.fl so to appear and answer, the
plalutllt will apply to Ihe Court for tbe relief
demanded in Ihe complaint to-wll: Kor a de
cree ol the ouurt that the bonds of matrimony
now exlattng between piatniin ana aeienuauv
oe dlnaolved and for Ula ouU aud diaburae
diauu of thla aulu
This 8ummon is pUDitanea lor aix cou
tecuttve weeka by order of publication Issued
.tut of the circuit Court of aald County aud
Male and dated Hepuunber Uh, W.
At Al ni'lUJDi,
ocl3 Attorney fur Plalutlff.
Laud Ofttoe at Oregon City, Oregon,
bept. Is, iswx
Notli Is hereby given that the following
n.uned aetller baa filed notice of her Intention
m... uhal onMifln anuuort of her claim.
aud that said proof will be made before the
Uouniy Clerk ol rum touiiy at inuian,
un, tm
November tl, 1890,
vis; Martha E. Rohertwin, Homestead Entry
Su,iHU forUielot8landofaect,TH,B
Hhe names the following witnesses to prove
her continuous residence upon and cultivation
uf, said land, vl: H, J. Onu.t aud T. O.
Hovpiih, of Kings Valley, BenWn Oounly, Ore-
m; James turner anu v,. l. ,uiun,ia
Uwlavllle, Polk County. Oregon
J. T. Al'l'ElloO.V, Register.
7,rl Market U, Ban Francisco.
Admission 25 cents.
Oo and learn how to avoid
dinoaw. C'oUHuliatlon and
treuunent pemmally or by let
ter on permalorhea or genital
weakness and ulldlseaseaol men.
Hend for book. Irival olflcs
ill Ueary 8U Consultation free.
Notice to the Public
I have this day disposed of my de
liveries- outfit to tbe City Truck Oo.,
(Messrs, Williams 4 Oo.,) and on tne iai
of November they will bestu ticnveriuk
miodB for my store. Tlcase remember
ibat your orders will be as promptly de
livered m the future as 111 tue past.
Yours truly,
J. D. Ibvinb.
that to-day tho most remunerative
companies are negro mlustrels, light
ojicriui with well dressed (female)
choru. While- Home wa euwruunou
with the bull fltrht and the gladetorlal
arena, we of to-day are fondest of the
prize fight and best display or ucuuuiui
Attraction lu thl Hue are demand
ed and from tho demand springs a sup
ply. Applying those thouglite locauy
wa wish to atale una too weaui
inauugeiucut which brought LiberutP
baud here, with Its largo numbers and
skilled nerfonner, made a mistake. It
waa an attraction but too classical to
please the massea-lieuce the atten
dance wa less than at some of the
ucgro mlustrel show visiting tbe town,
vi.ia rtoes not iiioiin. however, that
first-class attractions will not oe
secured, but no management can aflord
to do It without a guarantee In uil
vance from the public, and such will
ha the case In the future There should
be enough publlo spirit manifested to
patronage really niorltorlou attraction.
novTjTir nThoII, of Roatiblirg, is
In tbe city,
extra cx,HU.e attached thereto. He Is .how it Is -onecrw , a pn . -
B.I IS 1IUI. ant".
also prepared to enbalm corjwes for
shlimicnt to all parts of tlio worm. sir.
L, sav this was one or tbe most suc
cessful meeting tho society lias belli in
theHtnto. The convention passed ros.
editions that they employ nt their next
meeting an emlialutcr Ui teach the un-
dertakcra of this state t he art of biking
cure of the dead. It Is the Intention of
the soclutyto use all possible menus to
raise the standard of tbe profession.
wenk places lu the laco and neoeasi
few stitches that thev look al
most like part of the pattern. Ihe
costume just described is in perfect
(rood taste for ordinary wear; but the
woman who want to make one gown
answer for many purposes 1b she who
Is wlso enough to have two or possibly
throe bodices to wear with her black
lace costume. One may bo of velvet
and oue of either moiro, or black gro
Kralu, as i most becoming. So little
nPiln la not mi lace skirts that the
l,n.llens are elaborately trimmed. The
Ths lliuwuneers ut Old .. f .ll.hnn about tll8 BkirtS, which
vi,,,.,.,,,,! Hia alciill and eniMN bron.ia. their 1 n,,,,,., an m.u.h liked lust season, do not
,ai,n. ri.nuiiilv ill the miHlheiul. Your ni,,un f .11 this vear. The one deco-
inoilui u pirsie, not on tlio high 'J, but uimn , ... ... t0 be favored by the
the high repuialloa of tiiiutiud renindlos nllon wnion sue iibvu uo j
kulks uiiiliirvurlmiaiKulsBs. HI. Unlearnt rronch mod ste I a sash 111 the back, a
mlllo Ium never U any degree altiHilvd
ll.mtetter's Hl iniiicli Hilton., onlt hough Unit,
atnn.liinl Invlgornnl and corrective luw long
been the ahliiing ..... 'K ul ivhli'h lilasliiuu
have hiMin .llmclnil, ('lump local hitters, com.
posed of llury uiireeiiuou HiiinuiHiiui, won an
Inl'ualon, or oxlrtiot. uosalbly, of some tonic
bulk, lire still soiiuitlines nHKimmendoil us
hlciitlciil wllh, or nliull..r to, or poiweatilng
virtues klailioil to IIiohc of Aiiiei lcu's uhoxou
family inwllclns. Thee uerlsh apecUlly,
while ths grout autxlucr iiiiil prevcnUvo ol
dlsnas imrKiKW Its successful career, over
uoiutug nislarlii, ilyHpciiala, nervousiuwa, kid
ney iriiillilea, ciilislliiiilliiu and rletiuulu sll
mmita, not only on "I1". u'll on mauy continents.
..i. i. nf vnrv broad ritition anu
ha both long loops and ends. LmUm'
Home Journal.
New Tlome.
Fifty-live million dollars of capital
have Seen Invested In the bt. lding oi
..o. Hnn,fl" durintr the last wx years.
rri. lnro-nat nart of thl amount WHS
We oiler valuable premiums for those !
who will work for the Wkht Bidb,
applied by mortgngo banks on the so-
Lf.- ihoi.miU suit housos. He-
tweoh 1882 and 1887. when the build
t. fnirnl urnfl Hf, Im hnlirlit. rants tn
creased enormously and are now much
higher than In any othor Italian dty
gxCept Naple.
We have the finest line of stoves lu
Polk couuty, Goodman & Douty.
sihx avail X.KOU
un.u ru. WaalUK Old Boy! I thought every
one knew that Mr. Jotiat was engagea w mj
pretty eouiln who It now suroau, a.m
1. .imr.iv an that he can find a patient
havener while he enthuses about his bent
'""ill regard to his saving 'the loveliest girt la
the world,' ss you so charmingly word It, I may
,. n ,ntn iu aeorei nun, " -
s practical Joke we girls planned. We rnwle
wagers to which maa would be the Brttto
r ... .... .nt.a rnv.ina
umn In ttor ins aupiiuavu-v-u. - -
n..M. hninff an exoert swimmer, I knew
the shallowness of th water. But the partlo
ttlsrt of all this will keep till I te you, which
I trurt will be-e" . ,
Now Tm no fool; at a glance I saw
the ohanoe to make myself welcome to
Poolado. I realized how he'd prise
the preotou letter, o seizing tho mls-
ilva I bolted after mm.
Talk about an enthuslasuo reoep-
tlonl You should have Just eon nira
hug me whon the letter tn my mouth
wa recognized.
"Oh! we felt on very gooa terms
with ourselves," and even to thl day,
Rosalee, or, I hould ay, Mr. Poola
Jo, hug ma whenever he think of
that letter.
Oht I may be old-fashioned and out
of style, but there are two people who
appreciate me. Two pooplef Whyt
there are three now I almost forgot
the babyl Will rhllllp Hooper, In
Dmoret' Magazine.
Blue vitriol for side by Heukle &
Butter and eggs wanted at J. D. I.
Grass seeds at Irvine's. -
Yon ran snend a nleasaut eveuiuir at
Dave Gclwick's, as he has a ttrat-class
pool table.
All parties knowing themselves in
debted to Cooper Bros, will please call
and settle without further delay aud
save costs. We mean what we say.
Oull at First National bank for account
and note. Cooper Baos. 10-4t,
Read the advertlsmcnt of the West
Siuk premium list.
Read the premium announcements
of the West Sidb. Help your friends
by giving them your subscriptions.
G. T. Waller has a neat store on the
corner near his lesldence in Monmouth
and be intends keeping on hand all the
school books and school supplies re-
quired lu any soliool in font county,
either public, private or normal,
prices are the lowest.
Hotter Thaa Government lionds.
The ordluary living expenses of a
family of five persons, ltviug iu the
cust-miary manner of the Amoricau
people, amounts to not less than $1500
tier year. It would require nearly $40,-
000 in govornmeut bonds to produce
t his income. Ten acres of land in the
Willamette vulley planted to prunes
with au ordinary crop at ordiuary
prices will net more than $1500, after
paying for all labor placed thereon.
You can buy the laud of the Oregon
Land Company of Salem, Oregon, In
tracts of ten acres or more, at from 55
to $75 per acre. Address, the Oregon
Land Company of Salem, Oregon.
Holm Businesa College
0fIV.rtl.ind, Oregon will open Sept. 1st.
J. A.
Weaco, the lending penman of the .cast, hat
hecome a purttier iu una ac...,.. anu
11 the leading Himlueiw College,
ill make
Build lor