The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, June 27, 1890, Image 1

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i Subscribe for tins
Paper until July 4th,
! 25 Cents.
In improvement bou!d be
j made in Independence and vf io-
Ity, during; the nett two year.
( 12.00 PEU YEAH. )
NO. 34.
Kl.l-red l U ruM-oWe. ti llilepNlae,
Orevn. m t'tf Ur
On Year . . . i.oo
Six Months ' I.sjo
Three Mouths . 50
When wot paid in advance 1 $c
lu.lepndee l te.1 al Ik k4 f !
talimi lh Ki'H wf tl !, II. WUIaat!!
rlvtr. fi n th mlj Mm Urts
1 tilir.ii P.llre.!: rll. ankakul l
W .lt, I. ih aiptu las tw J
in emunr, wmrn a i in it. iii
aetttht d i:k,i popjim. tuthWOIv
Tliilllv lrlii elreaUllo Ik M
t t.i n (ihMm II i be, at lit bt
wl AdiUliit M4lum.
1 111
Latest and Best Styles,
Physicians is Surgsons.
ii to
ll. S. Examining Surgeons.
UIHr: M.I li) ul llaiu aw.,
Physician nnd Surgeon.
liffle. Oppo.ll Firl National IKink,
Physician ond Surgeon.
Bueiia Vista, Oregon.
Physician and Surgeon.
ImktMidnc, a Oregon.
Resident Dentist,
All work warranted to (rive the bctt
-t Satisfaction,
Attorney and Counselor at Law
OIIW: Mill St., Oppolt Court limit,
Attorney ani Counselor at Law.
Otnee: Cor. Mil 11 and Mimmouth 81.,
President J. 8. COOPER.
Vice President, L. W. ROBERTSON.
Cashier W. H. HAWLEY.
D. f. rhnmptnn, J. K. Caopur,
X. If. ltulierfon, tT. V. Collin;
O. W. Whlttaktr.
Trmi!li ni-rl bnkln bnalntH. Buy,
dJ tt-ll. i(;lmu on nil linporttul points.
Ppoln r.iwlvtd iiibj.n to cheek or ea
ertitlrali iif dtpoalt, Colleotleal Btd on all
poluM on lavoubl term.,
Office hodn: , A. If. to 4 P. II.
If.U't burglar proof ( wound by TaU
Tiia Lock
National .'. Bank I
H. HIRSCHBERO, - President.
ABRAM NELSON, Vloe President.
W. P. CONNAWAY, - Cashier.
A (nrl binklnr n4 excitant boilnn
lraiiwMd; loan; bill. 4l.eount4; o
isietal r4ll f runted; d.poilu r.olrd
nnwt fw'otiut lubjeol to oh.ok; lntrtt pale
s dm dtpoilM.
Joehua MoOanlel, H. H.Jasperaon,
A. J. Goodman, H. Hlrsohbere;.
Abram Nelson, T.J.Lee.
I. A. Allen.
Dealer in-- : . ,
,. "? Vt' v"h r"- ".
Oord (, rof u, Via. pMMt aa t
In e.uca. ill audi d.llrer4 ra o4 akvi.
Jasperson iParker,
IndepeHdeuce, Oregon.
ArcMdcts, Mtn ni Ccairactirs.
Alwaffis ttr Saab aa4 feeurr. amd
wWi tr lr taal u, plea all.
-! THE 1-
Willamette lioal Estate Co
Of Independence, Oregon.
Transacts a neutral Real Kll ibulnesi
buys and Mil Property, rTecU
Insurance tad doe t general
Conveyance Ruaincas,
Tsrtiei bvlng I.siida for ante will find
it to their advantage to
With this Company, they trc daily
lending Hats of land east, tlitii plto
iK desirahU property bcl'oie the tcsj.
deuuof the Rsst.
J. W, K1RKUNH, ' President.
House, Sign & Ornamonffil
Paper Hanging, Oraiuiiij, Krctcoiiig,
lite. Paint rooms opue Jidiuton7!
Stable, Independence, Oregou.
Arcade Saloon
J. R. COOrER, Proprietor.
lies, Lips and Gjjb,
Ir;d?pe9ler;ae, Orego.
Manufacturer of :
And Dealer in
All kinds of Hames, Ji Saddlery Goods.
Carriage Trimming and Repairing
E. BUNCE, Manager.
Is now prepared to make any kind
of Casting tu
On short notice. Is now at work
Dunce's Improved Grain Crusher
AfkBnwWfd lob ttir hr RTln frtuh.rl
Amrn-a-ttrtii)ff.l. rhr and moM durtblt.
A full li.l of lb ctau ol work done at tht faua.
dry tit publuhcd is thia paper, An ptmu
in want of a
Can b .uppllrd here Krrirui( done for all
kititU uf machintrj. Main lr tl, Ind.ptndtnc.
F. J. MORRIS, Prop.
Fine Wines, Liquors
Whiteaker Brick, Independence.
(I!tblinhed by National authority.)
-: THE
M : Nati
CAPITAL, PAID UP, $5o,ooo.oo,
SURPLUS, SI 6,000. ,
Pr.ild.nt. Vlo PruldsnL
;. H. ALBERT, Caihlsr.
T Tmen ra whs aaa oilier mnbantab1s
prod.e, ovacasd arts (tors, t(br In prtvai
f nuurlaa or pabll warsbooss.
UnUi draws eh oa Mw Tork, Cblcaeo,
Urn Kraiw, rortkaa4, Loadoa, rsna, Brlla,
oaf Kong and OtlOBSM.
Commission Merchant
IrtudpEiiclencB, - DrBgan.
Auctioneer and Appraiser.
K'tiniutr. uf a'l Contiruc-tlvr work niaJt and
plan funtiMhrd.
At'fndt WrifnrMay and Tlniradar In County
Conn wcrk at t)lbi( Oregon,
Address, Dallas, Polk Co.. Or.
S. T, Irvine, cutter. Choice meats
eeostaaT o hand. Davidacs't Brick.
E. E. Krengel,
Manufacturer of the
topi's Iron Fence.
Mr. Thomas Fennel, late of Chi
cago, au experienced horse
huer, makes specialty
of that Hue.
Circular and. Crosscut
Saw Gumming
mi JOXES, Proprietor.
This Ferry I now In operation, and
prepared to transfer passenger aud wag
oua to or fiout the City.
It will pay person; uantlno
View of Polk County.
To cross the Perry and go to the
top of Prospect lttIL
Mi!t Ads Jodion. Mrs. Williams.
OUTTiriG Pitting
Ilkins & Co.,
rRonttrroRS of tub
Ilaulinjr of all Kinds Done at
Reasonable Rates.
Till feed, Oak, M 0 Fir Uood
IJrCoUectioiis Made Monthly.-!
C Street, Independence, Or.
A. W. HOWELL, Prop.
Flrt-c1M In every respect Special
attention given transient cuatomers. A
ample room for commercial travelers.
Mitchell & Bohannon,
: Miimifnrtuiers of !
Main Street, Independence, Oregon,
:I)ealer in:
Drugs and Medicines,
rtnving purcliMt'il tlie utork of Drugs
formerly owned liy L. W, Robertson, I
am prepared to niei't all the old custo
mers, and many more new ones, I'air
ind courteous treatment Lo all.
No Time Kitr Homo Dutlns.
"Mary, your dross Is torn iiRitiu this
nininiiijr. Now sUip up huro and I
will tlx it foryoil."
A pin was plutiHcl in tho olTimslvfl
(Ii'hmh ami tliucliild Hlcpimil hack into a
row ol sclioliu'H, wlio, oiiiiks In lutuil,
Htond in a diiiuiiiirolu uroiind tho kind
luiiolnir who had llxod tho dnw
"Now, Mary," said the tailor, as tho
pupil took lit; t place In tho oliwti, "I
told you yoslonlay to ask your motlior
to rnund your druns. Why didn't you
do iw I told you P"
Tho child hutdtiittHl a moment, tlion
niookiy said: "I'loiwo, tuuohur, niotli
er gos to cluiruh evory evening and
says that she has got uo time to 11 x
things for me."
Tho teacher bluslied yes, blushed
for the mother who parados her re
ligion mid neglects her homo but said
uot a word.
This s ory Is an actual fact, says the
Minneapolis Tribune. The Incident
ououiTcd in one of the public schools
of this city recently, Aru there many
mot hern like this in the oily, that
bousts of tier scholarly preachers, her
churches uud schuoUP
City Truck and
1" LeM V to
Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago,
8T PAUL. 8T. L0U9.
East, Nortli tf. South,
Ft further imrtltHitari Imiuln) of ny Rixnt
T. W. LEE,
tt. t. T. A.
Pnrtlamt, (iri'Snll
Uurl Naiiaswr.
Inilnpulir, Orig.iii'
Oregon Pacific Railroad
Oregon Development Co.'s Stest&era
Short Line to California.
Freight and Fares the Lowest
raoM KAgflNA,
Wlllawrlt Valltjr, Atirll e. 14, it
ranu am rn.ii.
WilUmcll Vallry, Uairh, to, i, tj,
I 1
h mniMtiy rrvin Hit tlam to cUangr Mil
Tialn. nuuiri'l wllh Ihr A t H K, enit ltf
boat, al C.iiv.lll. uj AltMtHjr.
The tlreuon I'm ille Steiimlioat on tin
WillHinettii Itiver IMviaiiui will leavr
Portland, aouthlioiinil, Mondny, Wednes
day mid Friday at U a. 111, Arrlvo al
Corvallis Tuomlay, Thursday ami ISatiir
day at ;l ;iO 11. ill. I.i'avo t urvnllm.
northlMiiind, Xiumlay, Wediieailay and
Kriilay at It a. tn. Arrive al Purtlund
TuHhiay. Thuntday and Satnrtltiy at 3 :3P
11. m On .Miimlay, I'lim-winy ami
r'rlday Imth north and nuttth bound
hoais lie over night al Holem, leaving
(hero si A a. 111. - .
C, II. Ilwwrll, Jr., C C-
l.ta F H. At O t Cu. Art. U P A P. A
ji Mi'nisnmrt j, ih,, II. Y. N K.
MS fiaiiri.iu ConallU. (Hraa
Northern Pacific R.R.
Ami all point" via
Bt Paul and IVIinnBBpolia.
The Northern Pacifio Railroad
I. the only lint iiiiuilng
Passeniter Trains,
SeoonU -Class Sleeper flrre of vhsnj )
Luaurlous Day Coaches,
Pullman Palaoe bleilnn Cars.
Palaue UlnlngCars ti'"! !S vi)
From Portland to the East.
See that your tickets read via the
Northern Pacific R. R. and avoid
change of oars.
I r.vf I'olllnml SI :oo A M II ml S 40 f M.
ilnllv arrive al MlnuHilMur ,Kt. I'aul al e 5
K W,
" Pacific Dlvllon.-Tralnlfar fronl ami
r. .Iicrl ilatlv al n y A. M ami H .o I' M ; i
rlvral New Tnctmia al 7:10 1 M. anil 4 ao A. M.,
i-uuiirrling Hh CnuiiNiny'a boat fur all hiu
1,11 I'ugrl S..U111I. A. II. IHAHl.TllN.
AM. 1 '.m l ran. Ak'IU, Nu. ill, l'lr-1 ttirrt.
I'urtlaiiil, Orrgtni.
Depot, Cor. First and O street.
Southern Pacific Company's
The Mount Shasta Route!
Portland and San Francisco
39 Hours!
California KprtH Train runs Iwily
lirlwtm I'ot tluiut ami Hau l iiintlM.-u.
4:1x1 p. til. I l.v, Piirllml Ar, I ms a. in.
i:is p. in. l.v. Allmny Ar, 645 a. in.
74J a. 111. 1 Ar, tan I'miiclwo l.n. j,u p. 111,
Local Passenger Daily, except Sunday.
Leave. I Arrive.
Porllaml S:J A. M Kugfinf mo I. M.
KiiKtne..,. . u:ooA. M. 1'uillniwl .,. 3 I'. M.
Pullman Buffet Sleepers.
Tor aecninmotlutlutl of Sccutid Class paswn
griM allnihril to cxprrM Iiiitu..
The H. P. Co.' Ferry winked connection wllh
all the regular trains oil the lisul Hide liivlalon
Iriiiu foot of V. Blieet.
WcstJSide Division,
Bet. Portland and Corvallis.
Mail Train.Daily, except Sunday.
Pnrtliiml ... 7:jo A. M.
nile'iltncc. .11:25 A. M.
Corvullls . .,l'. M.
link dence.. .:,)! 1. M,
lli(le'deiiie..iii4 A. M.
1 Corvallis ,. .u:s M.
I lllde'delic.. st:,V I. M'
Portlund ... 6; 1'. M
At Alluinv and Cor villi la connect wllh trains 0
Oregon Pacific K. K.
Kxprcss Train Daily, Kxcrpt Sunday,
Portland 4:50 P. M. McMlnnvllIc Han P. 1.
McMiiinvllle :s A. M, Portland, . . , 9:110 A, .
Through Tickets to all Point
South and East
"Via Calif oinla
I'ncKBT orriCRSi
Cltv office. No M4. Comer Klmt and Alder t
Depot office, Corner V aud Front at,, Portland.
Managar Attt li Pit I'.Agt,
The Polk County Bank,
I. A. Mil'ltHM. (Fortlandl Prenldont.
F. I,. i;AMIMIKl,l,, Vli'o Preldnt,
I. 0. I'UWKIX, CsHhtur.
Capital Sto.U, SSO.OOO. . SS.000 Paid,
niiim Tdin:
I. A. Mi'Crum, V. 8. Powell, J. II. Stump, Insnn
M. Mlmpnon, J, II. V. lluiler, A, II. OIkkkki l'
A seneral bunking niihlniiM trniiHnnteil. fie
pnnltM roi'olvi'd suhj.iet to on eerMncnto
ill depiiHlKi. Liihiih iiihiIh, hill illMiountad, cx
el Himc beiight mid wild, Intmeat paid on time
Fireproof vault, nud burglar proof safe, e
eured by Yale time lock, Olllrt) hours, a. in.
o4p, in,
Ha II Kl In ICurnn liarlne the MI4.
II Aim.
We have no ckHiiIii knowlmlaro as to
the manner In which leprosy was con
rayed. Into Kiiiiiki, say lliu furlmyht
I) llntru, but there Is evidence to the
elTi'ct that In the hut century before
Christ it had tblWird luolf In the
Itotiun empire, lis subsequent spread
throughout Kuropo can rnl!y be ae
counted fur; whnrevnrtlie Hoinan engles
went the (terms of the dUnitae would
neceasai'lly aeeoiiipiiny them. From
this source Spain, Jr ranee ami (iermiiny
Soouer or later beeaiue Infeeloil, anil
althoiitth there aru 110 record which
enable ua to truce the progros of the
malady In Kuroiie during several hun
dreds of year uftei'w'unf the steps that
wore taken to cheek Its spread In the
seventh and following ceniui lea sulll
elently Indicate the alarming freoiieucy
of the dUeiMo mid the virulent vharao
ter It had aaaimied,
Jptr liospltiils would appear to have
been established In Norway soiuewhai
later than in other European (oiiiitrle.
History tel a u that In Ilia r'rauklsh
kiiigdoin thesa liisiiiutloua wre found
ed In the night aud ninth reniuries, In
Ireland about the year Hlii), In Spain
in 1007, In Knglsnd In tho eleventh
century, In Scotland and the Nether,
land in the twelfth, and in Norway In
the thirteenth century, liming and
after the unmade Icproay spread with
extraordinary mnldliy, and lejier hos
lillul were rapidly multiplied all over
Kuroe. It la estimated that In the
twelfth century there were S.ihhi inch
liospllul In Fiance alone, and 19.000
In the whole of Clirlnteudoiii. 6a ter
rible were the ravajro of the dlseiue
that It seemed an though some alto
gether now plague liml loon sent to
iaiuUh niuiikliid. Imleed some lihtor
Ian have anrled tlmt the leprnay of
the middle agi was Introduced fur the
limt time from the eat by those who
returned fiifin tho cruaadea. A a
matter of fact, however, lccr hospiliils
existed in England soma sears before
any of tho riioder retraced their j
step wentwiird. Tim soldiers of tho
cross doubt l brought with them I
nmiir cases 01 severe leorosv. ami bum
exirenwiy virulent lonn tliim Imicuiiio
Ingrafted iihiii the tllscae already
prevalent througlioiil Kuropo.
Will We Have American yulnlne?
A'lolph Siitro U Irving
iiieutof raUiiijf cluclioim (reus at
ground above the Clitf Home. It u
from the bark of alHiiit a doxen vario
lic of Ibis tree that iiiiiiiiuu is extract
ed, and if they will thrive In this cli
mate the trees will beroiua very valua
ble. Moreover, the cinchona la a very
showy trite and highly ornamental,
some of them growing to a height of
eighty feet. The enormous medicinal
eouoiiinption of the hark of the cincho
na lias caused the tree to bo extensive
ly cultivated tu India and Java. U
grows In high altitudes In New (iietm
dt. Kctiador, Peru and liollvlo, where
there Is a great deal ot moisture. It
Uif bvelt tried Willi HUUV4 ill Alls.
tralio, near the scucoaM, ami Air. Nilro
thinks some of the varieties will grow
here, where there is a nioUiu In the
atmosphere all the year round- Sun
An Oitd Indualry.
Mine. Ynnard, a poor woman In
Paris, arrived al competency by col
lecting orangtt peel, nud thereby not
only helMnl herself, but gave occupa
tion to others. She became a rich per
son, a great patroness of art, and a
regular habitue uf the 0iera. Her hus
band was a distiller of spirits, and
w hen he died she Hied for some time
to carry on the distillery alone, but
without success.
Talking over matters one day with a
friend, says tltilujnauCt MiMtmjer, she
was much struck with a remark that he
imide, to the elfect that thai there was
a fortune to bo realized In the oruuge
and lemon peel which was dallv thrown
away by tho garcons of the cafes.
The next thing she did was to sell her
slock in trade and become a sort of
amateur chiiTotiiilcre, wllh this differ
ence, that the object ot her quest was
orange uud lemon peel only.
She had a tiresome task at first, but
as soon as she got to he known she
prospered so rapidly that sho was ere
long ublu to employ other hands to do
the dirty work of collcctinjj tho
materia! from the streets, ami also
from tho theaters, for the sweeping of
which she contracted.
She presided herself over some thirty
young women In her orange aud lemon
peel wnro-liouse, all of w hom were
busily occupied in cleaning, pressing,
and packing the peel us il arrived, 1111
occumttlou which she christened by the
word "master." Vast quantities ot
sostQ were daily sent away to all parts
of France nud abroad to form the basis
of Dutch cttracoa, orangeade, citron
adc, and tho. many kinds of light
drinks and aperients which are met
with over the continent, She has now
retired from business and enjoys the
fruits of her former liard-mu'iiod money.
A lMitlii (ieriuaii Hlmvo.
in tho average barber shop of Ger
many you are scaled in a rudo chair,
with mysterious arrangements fcr the
head wliiuh you never liml quite in the
right place and tho olllciatlug artist
winds his razor about your faco with a
vehement sweep that would cause, I
should think, nervous prostration iu
one who had disturbed ids nerve cen
ters by forma of Industry not com
mended by medical advisers. The
friction of the swiff razor, keenly wip
ing the skin, is, however, sulllcimit to
lix tho attention of the patient closely
uud sparo him from imaginary evils.
One conlldenllal young (iemiail of
my acquaintance could shave tho aver-age-si.ed
American face with, I think,
six swoops of tho razor. I have known
him lo tlo tlili, and when tho deed
was dono ho Buomod lo think his work
was accomplished, but, on being ad
monished that the situation was un
satisfactory, he would dip the corner
of a towel, not selected from a pile of
fresh ones, in a shallow basin of water
aud rub tho sharply - cleansed and
smarting checks soi'lly twice, using
three lingers each time. When any
thing more was wauled he understood
It to lie the application of "vinegar,"
an aromatic and piquant Hold, which
makes a distinct linmusshm 011 the
skin just reaped. That young man
could never be Induced to dress the
hair unless after cutting or shampoo
In l'. There was a small comb iu the
neighborhood that tho customer was
at liberty to apply to Ids ovvu looks,
and that liulshod tho proceedings, it
is proper to say that tho price of the
operation was only 6 cents, and that
tho shave, though rapid and rough,
was not bad Iu itself, while the artist
was In his non-professional capacity, a
truly pleasant youth, who painted in
water colors wlien unoccupied by lilt
rasping Irudo. JUurut UaUkad,
SiimsNfiil SullH Against Hie Smilli
ern 1'adllc.
Itallruutl Xrws.-oiMl Frail 'reMMl.
Jtoiitoii County, Or., bus a paint mine.
Diphtheria- In prevalent at Colfax,
Many Oreidin (miners have three inn s
of wheal 011 hand.
Columbia Hiver f'liil'griiwera have an
abundant yield (bis senMiii.
M. F. Davia, a Polk Cmmtv liy, grad
uated lust week at, West Point,
Portland la promised a wedding in a
balloon ascension lor the Fourth,
The Tacoma Cracker factory was en
tirely destroyed by lire June Kith,
The time consumed by Hie great
lll the cuiilesl bos reached Ml si imiira, so
John Drib, Southern Oregon pioneer,
died si bis home In .lack-onville,' June
A recent Ureal Kittle i Co.'s oil work
In San Fruurim o cHiised a Iom uf (lot).-
McConibs, (lie Seattle forcer, has Wit
sentenced to live yi-ia in the peniten
tiary. California boy carried oil" some of the
blithest huiiom al Harvard College this
A half lnilliii:i it.ilbiru Lad lun. a.iil
from (iteyon to California Ibis spring for
beef cattle,
Frderi.k Miirtfl u tl etiMli.t.t l,,.tMlt,
lit Spokane Falls recently by a heavy
case ol plule glass,
l.illll (Villlilv luio.ireiiUMrtt tt'lll
money this year. Pn-paratioiiM am be
ing mude now to harvest I fie crop.
The coast defense vessel Monterey and
cruiser Sail Francisco, lieiog built in San
Francisco, w ill msin Ixi completed.
IWiiiuii A Holland, wholesale liipior
dealers at Itutte, Mont., have made an
assignment. Liabilities, about ftO.lKD.
San Francisco Is usinif evoty effort to
eo that the California display at the
World's Fair is as complete an Nwsible.
A committee of Herman dairvmen will
visit Oregon this summer for the purRise
of securing locations,, (or lierniiin col
onies. A railroad smashup in Montana, June
l')tb, killed the btakemati, injureil two
others, ami killed and crippled HtiO
The rulirt iwiliee fmce, from the 1,'ldef
to the jailer, lias U-en disiniftxed by the
city iiiuncil of F.I Paso, lor want of conll
iletice. Pndessiir D. T, Stanley, of Monmouth,
has sold out and gone to Chicago. This
probably ends the Slate Normal School
Kmauuel lieddiug of North Cove,
Wash., killed a cougar recently -measuring
7 hi'! (i inches in length and webb
ing l"a) ihiuihIh,
The San Francisco Cbifinicle cele
braled Itn twenty-llfth aiinivcmiry by 1111
iiis'iimg of its new building the evening
oi the Hit it iust.
Commencement exorcises of the 1'ni
versiiyof Oiegou eluwd last week ami
were the most interesting in the histoiy
of the institution.
Tim fruit crop of Southern On'gon is
saiiMo la the (lut'st ever grown. Ash
land will bip more fruit than ever l
fore, and lias prisS'cts for two large can
neries. Tim City Council of hw Angeles have
inserted a clause in stni't-work con
tractu prohibiting Hit, employioent uf all
aliens, or others not citiiens of I, on An
geles. In anilu uiruiiiul llwi Kitnlli.ti'it P,,..!n..
Company, both the widow of Engineer
Miller, and inlmiiiiHlrator of the estate
of Fiivman Hiilhrie, have Is-en awanled
ilaiuagcs ol fi.tXMi anil Cl.ll Ml, at Salem.
The supreme court of California bus
rendered a ilociMoo ivversing the judg
ment of the lower con it grant ing alfniuny
and eolinael fees to S11111I1 Altbca Sharon
in her well known divorce suit against
William Sharon.
Mount Shasta's is disappearing. On
its east side there are indications of con
siderable com mot ion and large quanti
ties of smoke and vapor am rising.
Quite an excitement prevails among the
iooplo in ilH vicinity.
A young man named Fred Close, and
a young lllleen-ycnr-old girl left their
home in Ashland, Oregon, on Friday
night, .lime 1 : tl 1 1 . A warrant has been
issued for the arrest if Close on the
charge of kidnapping.
In San Francisco, thn morning of the
l llh, Mrs. Dora Gamma, aged 111, while
while trying to light a Ilin with coal oil,
Was burned to death. The servant girl,
in attempting to save the unfortunate
woman, was Meverely burned.
Thne cuuiis, numbering l.OOil work
men of the Northern Paeillc, Union
I'acili'.i mid Port Townsend Southern are
at work on railroads itt Olympia, Wash.
The hitter camp is driving 18,1)00 piles at
deep water on the west'side terminal.
l)r f'ulviii It. (biriliner. John
and a boy named Full were crossing the
river at Spokane Fulls, Juno Kith, when
the ferry boat eapHiaoil. Franer managed
to swim ashore, but Ibe doeior and the
boy were curried over the fulls and
Captain William Warren, 0110 of the
most prominent fruit-growers of Santa
Clara Vallov, Cal.,died suddenly June
14th. Death is Hitpposeil to have been
caused by eating canned oysters which
were poisoned, Captain Warren was
the lirst white settler in Japan iu 185(1.,
Work on the magnificent Crocker
building to be erected in Sun Francisco,
will Itt'gin about July 1st. The building
will he eleven stories high and made of
sandstone. 1 The trimmings will lie of
terracotta. It will cost a million and a
half dollars, ,
Two children of Michael Kirby, a
teamster living in Sun Francisco, while
playing with mulches in a large dry
goods Ihx set lire to straw and other iu
flammutile material in it, and before the
younger ono aged 4'b your, could 'be
rescued was burned to death.
Another Trans-Conllncnlal Itailroad
to San Fianclsco.
faxialtir TbroMKhoat the Kaateri
New Jersey town are liclng terrorized
by Willie Caps.
The site uf the World's Fair will be on
tho lake front In Chicago.
Keventv riiia were ooisoiicd recent
ly at St. Jui'ob, III!, by eating ice cream.
Many lives have lsen lost in Indiana
aud Iowa by cyclones since the lirst of
Hie month,
A twine (rust In Iowa, which cost the
i dinners niaiiy llioiisaml dollars last year,
has 1st 11 broken.
ft,Cliristopher A. Hockley, California's
f well known blind olilicin, was married
in llostim June llllh to Mis Annie llur-
A I'.iriiiintflniin, Ala., Sunday wIkkiI
picnic ended in a light iu which one man
was killed and two others dangerously
The Mock of the Union Slin k Yard
and Transfer Company of Chicaxo, is re
Hirt(d to have Is-cn sold to an F'.nglisb
An exiibwion of the deadly (Ire-, lamp
took place in a Pennsylvania coal mine
near Dunbar, thirty-two miners losing
their lives,
DurinK a Ktnrni at (ilennwiaxl, Iowa,
the brick smoke stack at the institution
of the lei'ble minded fell through the roof,
crushing four inmates.
The National Furniture Manufacturer'
ttMtt.M-iul it... In tf.uiiin o al I 'li linu
ordered Mil advance iu prices July 1st.
The next meeting will lie held iu J Jos-
It it said that the Louisiana lottery
people are gaining ground, The opK
lienta id the lottery attribute ibis result
Iu th lavish use of money, w bicb has
iM'en going on.
While a vagrant tianied Tbomaa Wat
ers was norkltiki out a hciiIciuh. on a rock
id'e ot Albin, HI., he received word that
io was heir to aso.lKK) left him by an un
cle in Kokand.
The Oriental Mills Coinpany of Provi
dence, It. 1., has made an axsignnieiit.
I be linn became emharraiwcd a month
Huo. There an! unecured debts of W),
ftxi and quick assets valued at f 13-1,000.
The pu(Hr transferring 478,tH ai-re
of lund lias been delivered by the Sac
ami Fox Indians in Indian Territory.
1 be allotment of lauds iu severalty to
the Indians will he made in the next
sixty days.
Her. Father (Juiglev, uostor of St.
Francis do Sales Catholic churvli of To
ledo, Ohio, bos Is'cn indicted by the
grand jury ''for misdemeanor for
neglecting to report piqiils to the board
of education."
Kaiser, arrestevl on a charge of placing
the alleged dynamite bomb under the
llaymarket monument at Chicago, has
sueil the suHriiitendeiit and other ol li -ciuls
of the police departiuciit for dam
ages for false arrest.
Frank W. Mellvitin, cashier of the Sul
phur iVposit Hunk of Sulphur, Ky.. is
missing, and so is Mis. Ilattie Wiilkins,
wife ui the leading hotelkeiprof Sul
phur. A Unit flil.lHiO of toe bank's
money is also missing,
Jim Turner aud I'M Pace were killed
and Fob Staplelon wounded in Lee coun
ty, Va., in a light Ixdween ttie aheriirs
iMisse and a crowd of the Turners from
llarlem, Ky. The trouble was caused
by the shooting of a dog.
It i now generally conceded in Wash
ington Hint the session of congress will
last through August and probably until
the middle of Septemlier, uud tiieie are
some who predict that it will Ihi October
before limit adjournment.
Wharton Parker of Philadelphia, has
organized a great American and F.uro
iHan bunking company w ith a capital of
Jy'i.tK'O.IHIO, one half of which is to be is
sued at once. The company will conduct
a general liuunciiil business.
F'x-P'esident Hayes jssuid to be worth
nearly J ,tx O.iHHI, the greater H)rtion of
w hich be has accumulated since hia re
tirement from the White House. Who
says that farming esiHicially that part
of 'it which relates to chicken -does not
Mark It. Kens, who has within the
past few years done considerable toM
graphical' surveying in Oregon, lias been
sent to survey the region of Southeastern
AlaHka. His intentions are to ascend
Mount St. F'.liasif possible. His party
will consist of about thirty men,
A construction train collided with a
freight train on the St. Louis, Keokuk &
Northwestern on a curve near Hannibal,
Mo, Firemen Arthur Taylor and Harry
Nelson were scalded to death, and sev
eral other trainmen were seriously in
jutt d.
The Huggin sale ol horses took place
in New York, June llilli. L, J. Hose
bought seven for $10,40(1, and Pierre Lor
illurd about a score iu all, the highest
price being the Katrine colt for $ti,000.
Taken as a whole the sale was a grand
Shaking of tho arrest of two feinalo
biifw bull teams at Danville, III., for play
ing ball on Sunday, the New York
World regrets that the law does not for
bid girls playing ball on week days.
Tbi suggests an idea. It Bbmild be
made a K'nitentiary oll'ense to play ball
the way the St. Paul team docs.
The prospect ns of a newly projected
trauH-contincntuI railway has just been
issued iu Washington. The road is lo
run from Norfolk, Va., through Virginia,
TeiineHHoe, Kentuckv, Missouri, Arkan
sas, Indian Territory and Texas, to Isoi
lita, N. M., where it will make connec
tions with lines running to San Fran
cisco. Thomas J. Herbert, a wealthy young
farmer, and James Boyd, the twenty-year-old
son of District Attorney lUiyd
of Bronensvillo, Tcnii,, quarreled over a
hog. Boyd struck young Herbert, and
the latter armed liimsulf and gave chase,
Both were well mounted, and a running
fight waa kept up for two miles. When
both revolvers were empty llerliett fell
from his saddle dead.
Chief Kngineer Kendrick, ot the
Northern Pacific, awarded the contract
for building the company's new passen
ger depot at Spokane Falls June 5th, to
Decks & Witbeck of St. Paul. Tho con
tract price is f45,OiH). The building is to
be of pressed brick, with brown stone
trimmings, and two stories high. Its di
mensions are to be 100 by M) feet. It
will contain alt the modern Improvement.
El Klo Key Kellrcd from ibe
The 1'asxible Eid f Prix thlia it
Prof. W. Oldriev walked half a mile
on the water at Fairview, Md., on June
JmUo Kilrain will quit fighting ami re
sume tils former profession a an oars
man. I Blanche baa at last put up hi de
posit of aiOO to meet Young Mitchell on
Ibe 27th hurt.
The L'0,fKM) purse (ought for by Sulli
van and Kilrain was the second largest
ever fought for.
Peter Jack eon and Jack Ashton were
not allowed to box at the Opera House,
San Francisco, June 2nd.
TI10 National league base ball player
claim that the Brotherhood I already
living its signal of distress.
John L.. Sullivan announces that lie
will temporarily retire from the ring and
IsH'ome a member of the dramatic pro
fession. Saunders, the Knglish tenni chain
11I011. defeated Peltitt, the American, in
lxiudon, June liiUi, for the national
A party of l.r1 tier man shariwhooters
left New York recently to attend one of
the greatest, shooting matches ever taken
place at Berlin.
Jack Dempsey ssvs he will make a
match with any Fnglish middle-weight,
and is willing to to for choice of coun
try in w hich to fight.
Dwyer' two-year-ohls, not itbstand
ing the big fancy prices they paid for
them a yearlings, have been derided
failures thus far this year.
As a rule, from a racing point of view,
there is very little difference in, the
season in Australia. Home are kept
racing from one year's end to another.
John Clarkson fa drawing a $10,0,(0
salary from the Boston league Club a
pitcher, but owing to a bad leg, can do
nothing to earn it except to sit on the
The 25 mile bicycle road race at Hil
ton, N. J , on May DOth, was witnetwed
by 4,000 sis5ctators. F. W. Murphy and
W. Van Wagner won the prize for the
fastest net time made.
Arab, the Canadian race horse, owned
by Oeorge Forbea, of New York, for
merly of Woodstock, Canada, won a
"-furlong race at the New York Jockey
Club, on June 2nd, in 1 1-",1,.
Although August Belmont' Fides won
the Toboggan Slide Handicap and beat
die record for aix furlongs 1 :tOi (for-.
aldine, with a careful, couiie(etit jockey,
can eclipwj Fides' record. Watch and
see I
In the competition on the grounds of
heSlaten Island Athletic club for the
individual general athletic champion
ship, Alex Jordan, N. Y. A. C, was de
clared the chatiioion amateur athlete of
tho United State.
It Is claimed that under the instruc
tions of Jimmy Carroll, John D. Spreck
les, the several time millionaire and
sugar dealer, I the cleverest gentleman
iioxer on the coast, and more than an
equal for his trainer.
A pistol match took place recently at
Munich lajlween Buffalo Bill' Johnny
Dalby and Prince Leopold of Bavaria.
Plaster eggs thrown in the air were used.
Prince 1-copold defeated his adversary
without the slightest difficulty.
A 'tor making a thorough examination
of F'.l Kio Key a veterinarian has advised
Mr. inters to take hi K10 Key out ot
training at once, and it is understood
that the unbeaten champion will bo
shipped to California to enter the stud.
The English Derby was run at Epsom,
Knglund. on June 4th. Kight horse
started. J. Porter' chestnut colt San
foin won the race by three-quarters of a
length from Lefevre's Le Nord. The
Duke of eatminster'g Orwell was tlnnl,
Since the killing of McBride by La Rue
in au impromptu battle at the Golden
liute Club in San Francisco, Uovermr
Wtttternuin has issued instructions to
the police to use their efforts to entirely
abolish all pugilistic encounters in the
A a iiifvaiw.fn nra fhnf nrlRA-fttrhrincr
will be prohibited in Caltornia it 1
ilwmi.hl (but Jackson and Sullivan will
never meet, as Jackson thinks that, out
side of the protection of the California
Club he will not have a fair chance of
l.'niiik K. Weaver, of New Haven.
P.miii trim iii multino a trio from that
city to San F'rancisco on a l.iey cle, bus
an 1 veil in mmiuiui, aio. no mis rumen
nearly nineteen hundred miles, or an av
erage of over forty miles a day, since be
lett jnow 1 laven, April zist.
Psotta, the American champion oars
man, should win the diamond sculls ut
the Koyul Henley Regatta on the
Thames, ivngiaiiii, line year, uuy ic
halls, the F.nglish amateur champion,
will not conuiete in the race. II. Gard
ner, the stroke of the Cambridge crew,
will row in the race.
Greek Oeorge defeated Romalow, the
Mexican, at Scranton, Pa., on May 2tth,
in a wrestling match on horseback.
Greek George challenges any man in the
world to wrestle bira at catch -as-catch-can
or Gneeo Roman style, Tom Cannon
and Muldoon preferred, the match to
take place fourteen days after signing
tho articles. ' .
Peter Jackson, tho colored champion,
had a lively round the evening of Juno
lAth, at a wayside inn near Oakland,
Cal. A party of twelve Germans return
ing from a picnic, dropped in, ami Doing
introduced to Jackson, after inviting him
to drink several times, began bantering
the chaimiion. In suite of the efforts of
Jackson, to avoid trouble, the insulting
remarks from the leader ot the crown,
oused Jackson's ire, and he soon found
it necessary to use his right. The eleven
others sailed into Jackson, when the
liveliest, tight ever witnessed on the Oak
land sido took place, Jackson waiaeil
back into the saloon after he had satis
tied each of the twelve that they had been
struck with a baseball bat. The drug
store adjoining had the appearance of a
receiving hospital soon alter the Daltle.
Fresh In Salt Water.
In Clearwater harbor, Flo., Is a
spring of delicious drinkiug water bub
bling up through the moss of salt water
iu tho briny deep.