The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, April 11, 1890, Image 1

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j , Favors Kqual Law and Ktpial
j Taxation, A Protective Tariff ami
TaritT Reforut, mi Alien I.aud Law
; Senator rlectd by the people ami
i alt other needed reform.
In Improvement should be
, made In Independence and vii ill
' ity, during the next two yearn.
VOL. vu.
( .00 rKK YRAU, )
NO. 23.
Li. STO C K T 0 fi
Is pleased to announce
Mohair, Seersuckers, Foreign and Domestic Satteo
Mne bnoes, Men s ana Ojhildren's Clothing, Hats,
Kt.trv4 U lit rVMlsiitWIa Udvpas'tanea,
Orvtvw, kfahhI Im nailer.
One Year j,oo
Six Month .... i.ou
Three Mouth . ' . . . 50
When nut pK lu aJace ; a $0
.. , .... .. ., ..
turiwintrnr U liwwiiht it lh (wad at
ailott (id AhI .rf-in .ar, b m
rir. awl w thr mala- lot ul Iha UN( auit
falthtrttta, kainsHisJ. roitUItt a fwifulailtHt M
m fmyr tm tht prUti-lptl ahlnut IXMIM to
it. r.Hititv..atil.'ri U oi.a tW Ihr Wkh(. tnol
valihr aut ihk kly foyiilaiftl te u iIUiu
!llljp, .- .1 .
- rt lrtllr Inontwlm etrfulalloa h Wo
ll W'CuJuvInf huMm II (ti W.nlta l( lit Wat
l Atlvrtituit tapUluuta.
: ik th :-
Latesfnnd Best Styles,
.; IMS T rui ;
,-I.KK & Hl'TU-R.
Physicians & Surgeons.
- VI SO' -
U. S. Examining Surgeons,
Oltire: t,l ilil ut Ualu SI ,
INtErCNtCSi'IS, tlHRtioN
W. Cm. w Ki t M l. V.. I.. Kr rent M M. I
Physicians ond Surgeons
Oflicc Oppuill Firal Satlonat Ban k,
DR. J. K. I.OCKK. .
Phystcian and Surgeonf
- v Bmtia Viktu, Qrrgon.
Physician and;, Surgeon.
Imlepenilenee, ' " Oregon.
HeNident Dentist,
Alt. work arranteil to tsive the best
of Satisfaction.
Attorney and Jomilor at Law.
' ' l.'Cil,f,i:C'TH MAKH.
Oltlee: Mill St., OpKj.lle Court iruu,, foi.k coi;srv, ohkoon
Attorney and Counselor at Law.
Office: Cor, Mali! nl Monmouth 8U.,
first fjatioralBarjK
President - J. S. COOPER.
Vloe Preafde'nt, L. W. ROBERTSON
Caahlor ........
V. P, Thempton, J, B. Cooper,
h. .W. Moberloon, W. W. Collin,
O. W,K WMUahirr.
Tranimcta 1 Kerieral 'tankln bnnlneiiii. Bujrn
tail sella exdiauge oa all tmportaal potuta,
Deponltii received tubleef to check or on
;ertlni:ate ol diiponlt. Collccttoui made oa all
iolut ou favorable teriaa,
aVOffice bouri: t A. H. to 4 P. M.
Hall' burglar proof tafe lecured by Yale
l ime Lock.
National .'.Bank!
CAPITAL STOCK, -$50,000.
H. HIRSCHBERO, - President.
ABRAM NELSON, Vice President.
W. P. CONNAWAY, - Cashier.
A eeneral 'liankltm and eichange butlnem ,
trammeled ;foau made; bllln dlacounted; coin- :
uierclaloreuita granted; deponlta receivea on ,
current account tubject to oliock; lutercit paid '
ou time depotiti,
Joshua MoDanlel, H. H. Jaaperson,
A. J. Ooodman, H. Hlrsohberg.
Abram Nelson, T. J. Lee.
. I. A. Allen, '
that he has Just received
S. P. Irviue, rutter. Cbulce meats
conatanlly uti lintul. KaviiUuo'l Brick,
his mRiTMa ui lam.
ti kill all tBUal!ft uxl lintallua. tad lath
al? tan iIUum at Ut'tubm tui vtwt Mia
t A' Price. 39 onta a Boa.
llli'tte lieal felnle fo,
Of Independence, Oregon.
TrauacU a Krnrral Real Ktte tliiiuel
buy ami aclla Projwrty, affect
luurauee anililoct;eiietil
Conveyance Buiuewt.
rarliea tiaviii); l.anil fur tale wilt find
it to their ailvniitage to
lVii rpniMn ni.niHM.'in'i
With this Company, a they are daily
eniliii); lint of In ml cunt, thua plae
iiig dexiralile property before the real
dents of the Fat.
J. W. KIRKLAND, I'reaiilent.
Houbb, Sign & DrnamBntal
Taper HaliiiiK. Griiiuiii, Irecoiii,
Ktc. 1'aint nmin opxne Jnlinoii'a
Stable, Imiepriiilcnee, Oregon
Arcade Saloon
J. U. COOI'KII, Proprietor.
I I re
IV liilliltV 'Mill lf
Ji uii nuio aim 1 r'l
Ii)di?per;de73e, OregoQ.
:- Manufacturer of
Ami Dealer in
All kinds of Harness & Saddlery Goods.
Curriiige Triiinniiif; am) Repairing
E. BUNCE, Manager.
In now prepared to make any kind
of Casting in
Ou abort notice, Is now nt work
Bunco's Improved Grain Crusher
Ackimwlrl(ril inli thflirit (train cmhr In
America lrniifct, cIicmk'iI immI immt iluriililc.
A full 111 ol' the cIiim uf wrk ilnne lit thlH foiii).
dry will lie pulilinhcd ill lllin iier. Any prnwil
in wunt of a
Can lit M))!inl lirr. K t-puiriiifr done for all
kind ofiiiuchincry, Mnlu ntrcct, Iiidcpcuclcuce.
Incorporated under the Inwa of Oregon.
finen gciiprnl hnnkliiK biialncin. Slitlit dmftii
nu New York, Hull Kraiiclmm ami Fnrtlitnd fur
I any amount. Kwaiveii oi'imtniii niinjiict to
clieiik or on certlnAtin of diMmMit, Collorttlnini
1 receive prompt nticiiilon imarded by double
clirououieter vale nine loca.
Mi , . tmlMon
' junaoii,
Mrs, William.
(qUtting Fitting
much the Largest ' Stock
ns, Ginghams, White Co
Furnish I ng'Goods, Etc.T
E. E. Krcngel,
A N l
rnv dlm)
Mainiftteturer of t!ic
Krengel's Iron Fence.
Mr, Thomas Fennel, lute of Chi
cago, an experienced hone
ehocr, makes a socially
of that liiie.
Circular and Crosscut
Saw Gumming
Driiff Store.
A full line of
Druggists' Sundries,
C. W. Gruwell, competent prencrip-
tiou clerk, wilt be in charge, 1'ricei
V.I. JON'LS, Proprietor.
Tbi Ferry i now in operation, and
prepared to transfer paHneugcr and wag
on to or from tbe City.
It will pay perjoQj waotlnd a
View of Poll: County.
To croa tbeiferry and go to the
top of 1'rospect Hill,
Elkins & Co.,.
rn 1. i rr
Hauling of all Kinds Done at
Reasonable Kates.
flill Feed, OaK, UI? Of ir Uood
for Sal?.
HarCollections Made
C Street, Independence, Or.
A. W. HOWELL, Prop.
l'irst-clnm in every respect. Special
attention given truiiaient cuatomer. A
sample room for commercial trnvelera,
Mitchell & Bohannon,
! Maiuifnctuiera of :-
Main Street, Independence, Oregon.
Dealer in:
satid Medicines,
TTiivingpnrcluMTOl tin- stock of Drugs
formerly owned la h. W. RobertBOti, I
am prepared to nu ft all tlie old custo
mers, and many m ore new one. I'uir
ud courteoui treat tneut to all,
City Truck and Transfer Co
of Goods that he has ever
ocls, Silks. Plushes, Lace
Please call and see him a
geo. e. hrev,
Commission Merchant
InrfapandBncB, - Drsgan.
Auctioneer and Appralawr,
KMIiaaln uf all Cu.i.lpk-llv nk made lm'
iunt. Intnl. Iir.1
AttrmU Wnturktav and Ttiuitay IliCoimly
i'nufl rrk al tialla., (liini
Address, Dallas, Polk Co,, Or.
F. J.
Fine Wines, Liquors
Whitoahtr Brick, Independence.
(Katabli.lird by National autlimity.)
CAPITAL, PAID UP, $5o,ooooa.
$ AI.I.AI K,
W ft. UAKTIS. ;
Vle t'm.liknt. i
J. H AI.Dl;itT. Ca.hlor.
To Pamirs anahaalaaJ Mlier mvrrhaiilaMe
pfudtio. ffiaainad la .uira.altlirrla (irlvala
I riHnM of puhl i. warrMui
Uraru4raa 4iw o K fork. Clilcro.
aaa rmnataw. rti4. ioail'ia, farla, llelllu.
Ili4 Kou aai l'lrU
Itealer in
Wutt.tii, I tmb, ISirli, IUm, Hnrm,
lu tH-ftMu. All Ui-tMl illtiff lrul Oharstf
Jasperson & Parker,
ludeieiideiire, Oicgoii.
Alaav.ln Haali auit IHrnr Kaeinf, ami
v 111 try their bt lu Mna all tilv tlitin a I
trial aitd Iw rtutvluoril that Ilif y ar aur'.hy ut i
VMtir aatruiiaa.
Is prepared to priut HORSli HII.T.S
and HOT TICKliTS at the lowest prices.
Of all kinds executed on short notice
by an experienced JOB l'RJNTHR.
A. WILSON. Propr.
Hi-eat Mlutla At Hen.
Mnnv of Hit) preiilest minds of the
world )i:iv beitu upon lliu oceiin, but
liow few Kt'eitt tlioilKl'ln ''live been con
eolvtiil ul. sea, suya llio Uetan, Men ol
tlui liMiest jfeiilim seem to bu trans.
(iiinii'd as at to ii us tliey pt nl a dis
luuce from bind in it rollinj; vessel
There is mi luiibllity to eoiili'ol the
in i nil wbilti ut Ni'tu, u ililllcullY in con
eenti'iitini; the attentluii ou l)iu disk ol
liven wiitinjr. In oiut'a iliury, or rending
tt vmi (bo most trilling lictioii, Jmoiii
this experieliee llio best disciplined
iniiids inn not free. When ut liomu ou
bind they ciin, without friction or ill
tili biiuce, carry on mental opcnitioim
even while liiiiny me tiilkiiijr or plnylng
iiboitt tlieiii; Ibuir fuciiltli'8 am so well
poised that they obey tlui word of coin
iiiiuul. but ut sen they can do iiutlilujt
with tlui Inli'llettt. Wero ll not for tlui
impossibility of conliiilliii lint intel
leittiiiil foretts a ship on n Inn voyuu
woiilil lit) llio best colicoiviihlti I't'li't'iil
for thosu wlio wish to think, or write,
of lend.
(iold ot (10 Cents a Pound.
A Rirminfrlmni tniin, wlio iloes not
wish bis nnnio to appear Inn been oxpurl
niontinjr for a yeiir-on a ineliil rtiseinli
iinff gold, unit liiis tils discovery nearly
perfected. Io stumbled on tlui combl
nation at llrst, whilo aniilyliijr some
ninlitls, and wlion ho realizetl wlmt b
hud found he soon prodtieed n niutiil
which puzzles the best of jewelers. All
the aluminums before discovered a if
lacking; In weight or In some other !
gentliil point. This new niutiil is as
heavy as gold and, to ull appearances,
U the precious metal Itself. It can be
manufactured at a cost of about (10
emits a pound mid will make the best
foundation for gold-plated goods that
can be found. It Is easily worked and
can be either huniinerud or drawn.
The nielul la no compound, It being
only one kind, reduced to iw gold-llko
appearance by the application of cer
tain chemicals. The Inventor silts
there Is no use In taking, out a patent,
as no one can discover tlie secret of its
manufacture by analyzing it. N, Y.
A West Virginia man has patented
n Invniirnn for muk nir houses w It If
I'iipilal : National : Rank
out the ue of null.
carried: consisting of Pla
s, Ties, Cotton, Zephor a
nd he will Surprise you, a
The iJending Dry G
i mnnm XOTIX
Hill) Mifiirihy Hinl Jliiimy Ciirnil In
I .MfVI (Ills Moiilli.
iMKi;t:sTiMi.r;.sn;iiM am, rmvrs.
jJiiliit 1.. IihIiiIkh in n Stuniiiiis
I Ullll Will.,
J,illi a Sinilh, tlitf rliniiipiuli i liciki r
: ilnvr nil' nnliiMil, dii'il id puinlvKia ul
SiiiinniHir, 1' liii., 1 1 li. "I,
j Iv f. V, hiillivun
! iimiiBni'r ol ilif I n
Ihtx !', iippoiliU'd
I 1 1 : n n iii-tt ul liar-
yard t ulli uo.
! I'. (i. I'mk drliti'd I!. A. 'ulrN ill
1 (inir Hiiuida Milli kliiti'n, for u pin u(
i Tltn, nt Tmrvvilln, t'liiin., mi Aland, !i
llic bullli l.iMol tl iiiiimtcfi,
Jumra J. t'urlictt m ndllatated lit tin'!
.aili..ii ol U.viiiiii.lriici.iroi IhelHyi,,.
ilc t lull ly a pi'lilmii lmii wna aigneil
V lo llurda nl the iiifiiil'ia,
Tbe Viiiina Jih ki-y flub lm nitb
dtnttii nil il piicca and aloiail imuIi'v
lu rmt' luw'liliga, Iwruiiw the Aimlridi
.umiiiiii'IiI iinK,M., a tx i,n ).u.
v Mi t'iiilliv, of AiiMiiiSia. Mint Jim-
i my t'.itr'ill, ol UiiHiklyn, bvi higmtl
; arlirlea In cotileiid (or it puiKit o( ft, ran
III tin' ('nlilitiiiiii Atldi'lic Club tbif
: lli'iulli.
I ('bailey Turner, llu diiutui colun"!
; Mil. I. ill' Wi'ijjllt. lll Nm ktull, t'ul., and
, iK'liuy Krllilii'i ate in H -1 1 1 i:i tin tint, leu
J Halt' Atlitctii' t tub, Ntn 1 iiiiuiM O, on
! Vpnl l:i.
j All tiiiwt't ib'd'ittt d I'ted Sullivan hi u
coliti'i.1 mill gluvea at I iiml'iM, r 1 1 1." I u I ' I ,
on Kelt, I' nutlet n rmiiitts wt-rc
j ioiitdil in 'i'i miiiut'i. I'.tli lin n are
I (ettlber i'li;lil.
Tlie billiard mutt b, 'ti,'Nl imi'it up,
(or ."OI, la'tat'i'll J. tiula-rla, Jr., and
j. V, Mault'V, flub tl on IfU. Tlie
rbainpiitli allot d siiutley !l,t) HI ptiiutx,
mid anil by 77" tiut.
T'tiiiiuy Ibirns, tbe Aint'ii 'an atbli le,
wlm ri'iVntlv (lruM'i in a pamcbule
liuiii liuiiiiirii iii'le. ou lite Mi rwv, i
Jcuiuiiig f Aniciiiw tvitli Ilinry Abm
! Ibkiii'.Ii'Iii Miuv'koI'I iiiuiuiiii'r.
! Tbe Itill tiiKuli' (bill ,is U'tilen by
j Tom tiiuiliter in h itiuiitlx, fur tint, in
i Knglaiul on l cl. uttia Itot I'lll 'inili'
! a bo wan rert'iilly I't'tili'ii by Titlf Wall,
( but tbi' Ifiillitr Vifibt of I'-alti'iM-ii. Kug.
J I ritnk I'. Slaviu, t if t'biuiipioii t(
: AtiMtitlia. itt'liT s. ii' n bis liiiiii unoiiii
j at Muiitf I'ltiln vtitb I. a hritli' uiiil gen
llt llililily inumuii'r, ilol II 1.1'Hih, in il'.'iim
j In liuiin rs mid reiuiy tn ineel uil luuiera.
t littiny Nii illmin bn bis ribt b.iiitl
! in tbe liilli round wlifit be It.iinlit l'ut-y
! Kfrrifun at tin' t nlilnriiiu Allilt tii' lull.
I Tliia is oiii' rt'rtwiii by (lit I'ltlllc l;ilctl
11 Injurs o mmttlcr, lln;l"iip l on it rd.
Tbe I'iii'itors ul llio ('iilifoiiiiu Alb-
b-lic Club tlivldcil tbt' Kerri'iiii mid
I Ni't'dbiiiu ptirso mill gilw tbt in I7"
1,1'at b, lioiu n Itii It "a" tlrtlii' If I llic
iiinoillil advanced fur training enpeusea.
The '0"1 bun liiinieiit ill Synnnse, N,
Y., ended in. Mm ch lil, ami in inn wtin
llic llrst pnf, a illuinitiid emblem, uml
fli'i. 1'ottera ttoii si't itiid iimucy, if 1 1 nt ;
Clearwiiier ibird, : ; .M.iiuiiug- tuiiilh,
f it), and Tiiiniiiit litih, fit).
Chuilcy Turner, tlie ctiliiied ini-liHe-Weight
I'linliipiiill of the i'lti'llie Slnpe,
mid Hilly Alt I i thy , nl Aiintraliu, are to
biitlle acctinliiiK to "1'iilice liiieltt'"
rules, ill the (i'lldeii (into ( lull nil Ajuil
III. The winner will receive tfliHitl, uml
the Inscr .'HK).
.It'll! Mnlltttin, tltt1 I''k 1'eiill, ili
ieiileil Jem inj le III four rotimls, Willi
two-ounce itlnves, at a tpiiet smt nn t lit
lluiby Hind, I'liilinlfli'liiii, on Miirch II
After ilelculi'd I'ttyle, Cenliy
C'uiiary, n well-known pugilist, was
pitted 'alpinist him, and Miuilluli kuntked
t uiini y nut in lour idiiiiiIm.
.laines instill, .the billions driver of
trotters, w ho dieve Kinum It., Inilf-siMcr
lo Maml S,, ret urd '.' and slid the
property of Itiebiirtl K. I'ux, pioprietor
nl the Police t iii.i lle and owner of Sir
.Mohawk mid Nellie Soiling, litis been eu
g.igeil to arsisl ( -luii'ley .Marvin tn handle
the Iriilliiig division at 1 1 it' I'lilo Alio
Slock I'uriii.
Al-('iimbridge, Mass., on Mnreli l.'i, al
the llitrviinl Alliletic Ar-snciiilinn gullies,
K, H, WliitbropilisiiiiKiiisbeil hiiin-elf by
ileleiiling W. II. Sluiy, In the heavy
weight boxing eiiinpeliliuii In Hie second
round. Wiiithiiip also won llic middle
weight spurring lu iibtmt two minutes by
it cleiin kiini k-ilow n ami liutt to he cur- .,, , ,, , ,,,
riedfi.mitlie ring. j , 1 beie wil be a colt show in Athtmii on
i.Iiinol l. 1 hose shows ahould meet with
John l Sullivan, tbe cluiiiipioii piuri- all piissiblt eiietiiiriigeiiient. lit is in-lii-t,
engiigcd in n pigeon slitMiling match ttuitloil tlmt- such exhibitions shall oe
with .lames Cusiek of No. In llrondway, ' cur every year. A good horse is as easy
N, Y., at West Side 1'iuk, Sliilen Island, to riiise as a poor one, ami a good breed
on March In. Kueli slml at 0 birds, j will never run out if properly kept up.
I tot 1 1 men killed S out of the ID, and on i
the run oh" John killed bis llrst ll birds, I 1'illmnre, general superintendent of
while Cusick niisHeil '.'. Score : Sulli- i tbe Southern Pacific road, lias relumed
van, killed 17; t'usick, hi. to San Kranciseo from bis visit to Cow
In the Hingln-sciill rt'piilta held In Sun
l-riincin'o, March 1'.', Jake (iaudaur, of
St. Louis, won lntl li the it ami the l inilc
contests. In the Jl-niile nice lut beat
(ieurgii 11, llusnier, of Hostou, Albert
II. llamiu.of Halifax, and James Ten
lOyck, of, Wurcesler, Muss. Time, 'M
niiiiutes 1!S seeondH, In Hit single-scull
ritco liaiidiiiir won in li minutes II sec
onds, Juke Kili'iiin uml bis ciimtiiimt inn up
peurcd at Hot Springs, Aik,, on March
VI. Over 2,(lll() persons paid from fl to
'l adinisNion to calcli a glimpse of the
ex-cluimpion. Mike C'leitry hml been
billed lo box with Kilriiin, but Clciry
was in New York before the show emtio
oil, and tlioH who expeeled lo see Kil
riiin display bis llghling abilities wen
American pugilists now springing up,
mo of an iniiuuving kind, and of holier
quantity ami quality than tint average of
tlie Knglisli pugilists, mid they are shirs
in their profession, ami will not compote
for pull i y purses in I'-iiglaiid, when they
can do butler. In Huh country without
running the risk ol a
voyage, mid llieu
taking the chuncew o( not receiving (air
t"ay, or Ol losing u imiini uy uio iiecmioil
I of a prjHilicd or partial ruferus.
in and Fancy Lustres,
nd Merino Underwear, T
t the amount of Goods an
oods House of
coast mm
IDinltin Wauls a System of Water
! Works.
S"Une rails Willl'ull a 1.000 Vuleal
j Ilia I'ily'i tiun.
T'dmlii sulwi lilied over IIOiH) In luiild
A Wilson mud lo Yuipiiim City,
'1 hti cxiiiliiii'iit ul lulling nit Hilcaiun
well al lli'ppimr Mill la lnv1'" aooii.
T.'l.- lioiili' I'liiiiiiiiinjeutiiiii liaa la'ii
HatiilihAliiil U'lMwii Yitiiiiliu and Now
I 'rot i'i'liirn are working In l-utm couii'
Iv wit'i llic !h'n. of llinliug valtialiK coal
(, ,.,,,,, .. ,)r,.veiiieiit ol
. nitui. i,,rttiii( uitru ih iiittiit in
u, .,t,,. r.da
Nearly IlsKI men are employed in tbe
nuil mi ilea at Kiislyii, and tlie tluilv out
put is (roiu 7 'ill to i"Ki toiia.
Tlie ptuplu of I'ott Townaend are tak
' log itdtuiilitgi of tbe pleHKaut weiilber
; uiid tifvtituu! butli innfify and energy to
I lie iuipiovfiiii'iit ut tilt street.
A liiiuiiillt'i'iit piece of Krunitfl bus
U't'ii set in tlu new Ss.ikai,o National
bunk budding, It slamls ovi r tlie iiuiili
t'lilruin e and weilia over '.() potilids.
Tbe i'li!il district ol Toledo lias
voted an t'litlit mill lux. I lut iiit tiiiin ul
n liicli mil Ih di'voled to tint erection of
a l.'O i h. lttt'1 hinltliini ; only one man
voted lio,
At Wulla Walla liur.y tona of baled
bay are !ii''l daily to points on the
.Ntiitht'in I'ln ilif, wlule baled buy for tbe
Ki'Vi'iiiiueiil use airives daily Irom Ne
hrurikit, A capitalist una' nt Aibena will Nturl a
hi if H iiiiiiiK mill if (be- M'nitt aliow
lin y vt mil it by iiraiitinit a reasonable
l.t. ini". Motiev wld out tins way ulwiiys
it'l.l- an t xct iii'til nttiirn.
Tbe I'liel Sound ateuinlajiit eoiiipiin
it liuve foiubiut'il on ail ittlv.tnii' of
about :til per twit. iit1iei)(bt aiitl paaseti-(jt-r
rutes, wbii li ta-taii April 5. 'i'ueonia
ami Scuttle are iiiutli' coiiimoil jsiints for
all ."onud strts.
AhIiIuiuI'h i biiiii uaii)! ordinance- is in
ellfit Hint the lent iv tramp will soon
learn to aleer uleurnl this eily. Several
viir:ints bitvt' li uiiii'il aheitilv wbut it is
tu wink on the slit'i'l viitli the bull ami
rbitlli oil then leg.
( iver l'n(l men in tbe tpuin ies at Hock
tin Weill nut on sirike, The strike does
nut alt'ect the Htniii'ciitters yet. The men
tit inititd Unit tiiue hours coiirititule a
day's work, ami demand the winm wages
ut, lii'ti'tolnie pui'l.
Tiiiv, lers liuve met with much dilll
cully in t ios'.iin! the Klamath tiverator
iieiir Klainalli City, siuee 1 1 it recent
ll-ii'il. l'hi'ie is iieillier bridge nor ferry
ami riders urn conis'lli'tl to swim the
Mii'.un ou their uiiiliiulH
Th'. steamer I'matiHa arrived in San
riiincisco, April 1st, tiltv-live ami one
bull hours from Piirllutitl. This is the
pin kest trip that has been mailt. On
tin voyage down the sister ol the store
kei'pei died fi oiii consumption. ,
The board of trada of tirunt's Pass is
ut woik endeavoring to induct capitalists
to locate a number of miiiiiifucturing
. enterprises in that town. It is icnntcil
I lntl a llniiriiig mill, furniture factory ami
bull cannery will Is stinted in a lew
The town of laytiiii"icliiiniH to need a
' system of waterwoika. ATOirding to
liie hint assessment bad there tint town
could bond itself (or f7-",HKI for the pur
, pun'. This sum would Is snllicietit lo
build win ks thai would supply all pres
ent needs.
Tint sloiy is published at Albany, N.
- Y , Unit I ester II, Faulkner, the' Pan
1 villi, (X. Y.) bunk wrecker, Huppised to
have died Jan. avuiletl liimself of the
, dentil ol bis gui denor to have, the body
. buried us his ow it uml then quietly went
to Mexico.
I Tlie jury in the case of Stephen F.
i Sherman, former uiiuiiiger of the associ
j iiteil elitvutnrs ut Itutl'ulo, N. Y,, elmrged
: willi gtiiiitl larceny in stealing S.'J.tO
, biisbelH of wheat, bus brought in a ver
dict of guiltv. A mot ion for a new trial
I will be matii'i
reek canyon anil oilier points on the
Oregon line, He says that in two weeks
the road will lie in tirst-cliisH shape again
and a return to the old-tiino Hihediilo
w ill bo made,
Nearly every nhlo-bodied Indian
woman of the l iuutilla tribe has left her
wigwam and gone ou a bunt for sheep
pelts, which they remove from dead
sheep, bring to town and sell. The
braves are compelled to lower their dig
nity by cooking their own meals mid
mourn the loss of their better halves,
IVpuly United States Maislml De
bility seized the schooner Venture, for
merly of Seattle. The schooner is of less
tban'tbiiiy tons register and recently
cleared for Niinuiino font cargo of coal,
which In prohibited by law. Tlie gov
ernment libeled the Venture, anil the
I rial will be heard at Olyuipiu April 17.
The freight committee of (lift Truiis
coiitiiiiuitiil association huld a long sen
sion at the Palace hotel April 1st, but
nothing but routine business whs trans
acted, and from the present outlook tbe
session will continue a week longer, A
iiuinbe ro( applications from merchants
for reductions in freight lutes were dis
cussed hut no U . I'm i tu untioii tukuu re
garding them.
Henriettas, Cashmeres,
able Linen and Bed Cove
d with his Prices.
Polk County.
Jim atl llBttner 'rltll lit 1'i'rrnrinanoa
Autumla, kiiiJ t'saaula.
The shades of night were slowly full
lug, tbe holy ie;iei) of a midsummer
evening w as in Hut winds Hud Holds,
when there slow ly wandered down the
green luiies a young couple bund lu
Their step were m elastic than
when they traversed (lie s.iinii road 111
the early morning. His pajM-r collar
was limp and discolored, his linen emit
less atui'clir. and the polish bud lung
since gone from his hoolt.
Her while irowu m somewhat lx.
draggled, her ciitlti lengthened out
considerably. nod her whole aspect Unit
of one w ho bud buruu the heat and dust
of an August day.
Hut llii'V w ere happy, I wo or three
copper wero all tberu went left out of
the ll.b'J lie nail when lie Irtt lioine,
but he wasn't thinking of that when he
as k I'd:
"Ilow'd vou like llio circuit, unvliowr,
"Oh. It was splendid.'"
Think not'
yea. Indeed."
"(ilad you weiil?'"
'Awful glad."
"Then I'm glad I tuk re. I don't
mind lay-in' out money fur a girl long
as she enjoys what l'luy it out for.
t hat tl you like la-stf"
I.a, Jim, 1 don't know. It was all
o good." j
1 tell ye. that fuller tossin' no all
them butcher knives wa'n't slow."
"NaJUi t that splendid?"
"Aim that itemed (ool of a clown!
He like to have killed mo the denied
"Hoe, hee, bee!"
"1 thought I should split when he
tried to ride 'round the rlug on that
"I.a, Jim! Wasn't (hat funnv?"
"1 tell ye It beat the Dutch how
them feller in the traezo cut lip.
Take it all In all au' it was a bully good
show. I don't eure if It did cost me a
dollar to get In. Ilow'd you like to bo
them ludv riders?"
"I think it (I be splendid."
"I don't see bow they ever kicked up
their heels tlmt-a-way 'thotit tiimbliii'
off when the bosses w'a goiu' It (ull tilt.
PtiHV good lcin'nuilo that was I got ye,
wasn't it?"
"Ob. it was real nice, Jim."
'Hut I've et better peanut than
them was."
"They was a little worm v."
'I know it. and I'd told tbe feller so
if he d come round agin. 1 tell ve
ye've got to look out or them city
chaps II cheat you out of your eves.
Ilow'd you like them candy "kisses?''
"They wan splendid."
"I'd a notion to get pep'nilnt drops
Inste.ld, but I'm glad now I didn't.
Wa'n't that elephant a buster?"
"I never see bis bent."
"Hut I've seen lions that'll knock that
one all boiler. Them cussed little
Uiolikt'VS tickled me."
"Hee. hee. bee!"
"I'd just like to hare one o' Ilium for
in v own."
''So'd 1."
"I don't think llieni bannnuers are
lit to eat, do you?"
"I'd rather have coeo'nut."
"Well, I should smile. Hut I've all
ers wauled to sample one o' them bun
iinners, an' I'd thought I'd do it today
while you was with me. Next time
we'll git a cokcruiit. You likethut fun
I got ye?"
"I thinks it's lovely."
"Them circus peddlers know how lo
charge ask in' lo cents fur a fan you
can gel for 10 at the stores. Still, 6
un't nolhiii' tu me when I'm ton circus.
Here wo uir lo your gate, tiood-hy."
"(Jood-bv, nn' I'm much 'bilged.""
"Don't intuition it, Uood-bv." "
"liood-by." Time,
Tim Heml of the Family.
It's nwful bard to (oil sometimes
where (be head of (he family is says the
Sun Friinclsco ChrunMe. Wliutwith tlie
girl being nblu to do just what she likes
with her father, and the boy being
able to wheedle his mother into doing
anything ho wants her lo, society Is in
a I'm 1 1 way. Ah, well! Tbe authority
of aH'eetion is a very pleasant theory,
not altogether snfe us it is. The re
publican form of government is per
haps not the best in a household, l'he
house wants an emperor, governed by
an empress, The young people in the
family nownduvs vole before they come
of ago, I don't know tlmt the old gen
tleman I saw wllh his family in a
restaurant the other tiny is quite tlio
thing, but there could not. bo any mis
take about who was the bead of his
family. There were three or four of
them the oltl gentleman, bis wife, and
1 think two (laughters, lie Jnd the
inarch Into the resluuraiit and waved
the family to seats :it one of the tables.
He hung up his hut, ami then he took
his chair, spread his legs out, picked
up the bill of fare, and held it between
his hands wllh his elbows on tlio (able,
lie looked ut- it, and then he laid it
down, leaned back, and called the
waiter with a sweep of his tivni.
"Como here," he said.
The waiter came. He faced hisivife,
and pointed nt her with his linger as he
Marin, what will you take?" i
"1 think I'll lakesoine unit ton-chops,"
said Maria, mildly.
"No, you won't," with his linger slill
pointed ut hor. "Vim won't take no
tnuttou-ebops'. I know what you'll take,
Toast for her," to the waiter. "Lemma
see, Joiinio," turning and stretching
Ids linger out toward his daughter,
"Jennie! Yes, I know what you want.
A cup of oolfen and some cake for her,"
the lust sentence to the waiter "One tea
and toast, two cotl'ce ami cakes, uml for
me loin'nio see," taking up tlio bill ol
faro mid put-ting ou his glasses, "leinnie
see for me, a tenderloin sleuk, .a
bottle of nle, fried potatoes, and some
salad. That'll do."
A Iioiijt lieiicli,
A stretch of sand on tlie coast o)
Australia, tt) which the name of Ninety.
mile Pouch has been given, is said to he
fully as long as Its name indicates. To
the cjo It .seems perfectly btraiyul, th
curve is so slight.
Nuns Veiling, Albatros,
rs, Ladies' and Children's
A I', S. ('(inimisslnncr Horsewhipped
in the Streets of Chicago.
Prairie Fires Itnging is fulsraile and sear
the Kansas Liar.
The Glasgow dock strike has ollaieil.
Muny liritish Indian subjects are Im
prisoned at Mosiiinbiqiie.
The American squadron of evolution
has left Naples for Corfu.
A bill lias been introduced in the
Maryland legislature niakinic votinif
compulsory in that state.
The (iernian authorities have banired
a slave dealer named Swahili for trying
toembaik slaves at Hagumoyo.
It is said that Sheriff Hack of New
York Is fast breaking down mentally as
well as physically, and will soon resign,
Tbe weather in Florida for (be naat
few days lias beeu (be coldest for years.
and tit lu-lt damage baa been done to
Tbe grand jury at Washington lias
brought in an indictment against Charhta
I'.. Kincaid lor (lie murder of illutin P.
The Pol ton cotton industry is para
lyzed in cijiiH'tpiciii-e ol the coal strike,
and oOilHKJ looms are idle in llurnley,
The troops are fast running boomers
out of tbe Cherokee strip. (Several ar
rests have been made but no resistance
lias been met.
Kx-Stuto Senator Gillham of Alton,
III., was shot in the breast anil mortally
wounded in an encounter with a burglar
ut bis resilience.
Kuiin Pasha writes that an Arab near
MombaxKa bad seen the Isxly of Dr.
Peters and declared that the explorer
had been imirdeied.
Hen Gruel was lynched near Cynthia,
Ky. He defrauded several citir.ens and
led the country. He returned and paid
tlie S'iialty with (us lite.
Tbe bill providing for (be inspection
and grading of ull grain coming into Hal
limore has ts-en passed by the Maryland
house of representatives.
It is now thought that Dr. Fosdick,
shot ulsiiit a month ago at Kalamazoo,
killed bis brother Alla'rt, be believing
that Alltert would yet kill him.
J. W. Vootlrllf, a prominent business
man of Hiill'alo, N. Y., has left tbe city,
it is said, with a young lady tyiiewriter.
Woodrull' left numerous unpaid debts.
A large portion of Tiangueslengo,
Mcx., including the (own ball, contain
ing valuable old archives, lias been de
stroyed by lite. Four lives were lost.
Mr. Davitt, at a meeting of the strik
ing Liverjiool dockers, approved their
aim and assured them of the suptort of
the Knights of Labor and other unioiiH.
Gov. Smith and Postmaster Molloway,
of the SoldieiB1 home at Javeiiwonli,
Kun., have been arrested on the charge
of pui loining a letter sent to an inmate.
The cliMikmakers' strike that baa Iteen
on in New York for ten days has been
declared off and the bosses have signed
the agreement usked by their employes.
Chancellor von Capri vi has addressed
a note to the German ambassadors
abroad, in which he intimates that be
will continue tbo policy of Prince His
maivk. I'nited States Commissioner Simeon
W. King was horsewhipped in Chicago
by Mrs. Frank Kent, a widow, wlio
claims King had defrauded and calum
niated her.
Tbe bill providing for tlie inspection of
ail Western meats coining into Mary
laud, and practically excluding' that
product, by a tax, bus been killed by the
Maryland senate.
Prairie tin's are raging in Southeastern
Colorado down to the Kansas border.
Already a hundred thousand acres have
been devastated. There are no facilities
for lighting tbe tire.
Tbo United Slates Indian agent at
Muskogee, lntl. Ter., has not i lit. d the
chiefs of tbo Choctaw nation that any
one attempting to operate the contem
plated lottery will be arrested.
At Marshall, Mo., Judge
delivering bis charge to tlie grand jury
informed them thai playing progressive
euchre for prizes was a violation of tbe
law and punishable as such.
There is an agitation among the stu
dents at Petrotl'skoie, near Moscow, sim
ilar to und in connection willi tbe St.
Petersburg movement In a light with
gendarmes -V0 of tbe students were ar
rested. A meeting of tbe French cabinet was
belt! in Paris yesterday to consider the
protests which have been made by va
rious French el'inmbers of commerce
against the McKinley American custonis
duties bill. .
It is said that within a week or ten
lavs hall of the glass factories of the
country will shut down, as the supply of
soda ash is practically shut ott tty (no
striko an ong tlie dock laborers at- Livei-
pool, Tbe price of glassware bus ad
vanced UK.) tor cent within the past
month, and a still further advance is ex
pected. The Danish minister of war has an
nounced in the folkthing that Socialist
workmen would not be employed in
state workshops. This decision is based
on tbe ground that they are subject to
loreign iLlltience.
In West Chester, Pa., a young woman
made a desperato attempt to escape
from a convent, jumping from a second
story window in hernigbtclolbes. After
running a hundred yards she waa cap
urud and taken back.
- yaw
f;; - -