The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, April 04, 1890, Image 1

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j Favor Equal l.w mul Kqual
Taxatlou. A Protective Tariff ami
f Tariff Reform, an Alien Laud Law
Senator elected hy the people, ami
j at! other needed reform.
1 1
i In Improvement should he
i made in Independence and vicin
i fly, during the next two years.
VOL Yll.:
( 12.00 l'EU YEAH.-)
NO. 22.
Is pleased to announce
Mohair, Seersuckers, For
Fine Shoes, Men's and C
Hetibaenst t Ihe fnnl-orltw In Imtependeuee,
t irou, an mnkmiU flan aiatier.
On Year
Six Month ... I.oo
Three Mirotha - ... jo
Wheu uot paid In advance 50
"to"" advertisIers.
Independence U tele4 l Ihe head ol aevl
callott (iht ! nt the yearl, on the Willamette
river. and w tl eaela line ( Ibe Orei aud
('alllorul Katlmad: nntatiu a tnl' "1
MM e,le; I. lh prlO. Il lllllln pital M
lh MiU. Mi'h la u l Iht larl. I"l
wealthy aud thickly Mumtatnl la lh tt Ulam
til valley. . ,
Theiivadily laereliif rlreuteiloa the
Hitt Ii tiilnyliii enablee II Ui bt.iutt ul Iht bl
ui Adt-rlLlu Mrdtuma.
J. I Taa !
Latest and Best Styles,
s- o at taa :
i.i;k & SUTLER.
Physicians & Surgeons.
V. S. Examining Surgeons.
0ee: rl tide l Mala HI.,
W. c.arwau, I. K. U. Kartui-K. M. D.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Otltr. Opp"ii Ural National Bank,
DR. J. K. LOCK 15,
Physician and Surgeon.
Buena Vista, Oregon.
" Physician and Surgeon.
Independence, Oregon.
Resident Dentist,
All work warranted to Ktve the best
of Satisfaction.
Inikvkni)RSCK, - Orw.ok.
Attorney and Counselor at Law.
offief: Mill 81., t)iplle Court II.him,
Attorney and Counselor at Law.
OHIm: Cor, Main and Monmnulli Bte.,
President J. 8. COOPER.
Vice President, L. W. ROBERTSON.
Caehler W. H. HAWLEY.
II. f, Thnmptun, J. . Cimvr,
',. It". IlnbrrlKOIt, W. W, CMIn,
U, W. trhilmhif.
TmnctHt0ifiral 'banain. biilnef. Biiyn
snrl Mil exchange oil all Important Ht.
Depn.ll. rrflclved aiibleel to rheek or on
ei-rlinraOi ol depoall. Collection, marlo on mi
poluu on lnvorable tcrmii,
-Office honra: A. M. to i P. M.
Hall', burglar proof nafe wenrrd by Vat'
Time Lock '
National .Bank!
H. HIRSCHBERO, - Preeldent.
ABRAM NELSON, Vice Preeldent.
W. P. CONNAWAY, - Caehler,
A Keimnl banking and exchange biulniwn
trna!teililoii md:blll dlnfloiintort: com
merclaleriHllta granted: depolu received on
enrrent account eiiliject to check; Interest paid
oil lima aeu'mive.
Joshua MoDanlel, H. H. Jaepereon,
A. J. Goodman, H. Hlreohberg,
Abram Nelson, T. J. Lee,
I. A, Allen.
that he has Just received
htfn and Domestic Sattee
hildren's Clothing, Hats,
8. 1', Irvine, cutler, Choice meat
constantly on hand. Davidson's Brick.
AND Mali
U 11011 iBaunawlMi tot trrltaltas. nd l Iht
only tmm avmjmr vt MkMlM ul tUMt Hkia
I'm w prkse. 39 cnt So.
Of Independence, Oregon.
TrnnMi ti a i;rtirml Real Folate Ituniiie
bnya and arlla l"rierty, affetta
liiiiTttiu nd doe a Knernl
Convevniu'e Ilainc.
' I'nnic haviiif t.aiida fur mlc will find
it to their advantage to
arnding llt of laud eaut, tlnia, Jilai"- !
iiK deirahle proierty before the reni- j
driita of the I!t. j
JAM li t'.IRSON, '
. V. KIRK I. AND, rrwidcnl. '
J Secretary. j
G. V. SI I INN, .
Hauae, Sign & Drnamsnfal
l'nrr IUn;iiii;. t'.rjiuiiiK, l'lrin (ilnu.
Kir. Paint rooms oiitla JoluiMin'a
Stables, Independence, t)reKn. ;
:- MatmfiM'tiirer of :-
And Dealer in-
All kinds of Harness & Saddlery Goods
Carriage Trimming ami KrpniriuK
J'. HUNCK, Manager.
Ih now prepared to itialte any kind
of Casting in
On short notice. Ia now at work
Bunce's Improved Grain Crusher.
Acknowledged tone I lit lit it grain cnmhcr In
America Mroogf.1, cnrapeni ano moi auraMr.
A full U.I of Ihr claM of wurk done el till, foun
dry will be pulllhed In thin pier. Any permit
In want of a
Can lie auppllrd here, Repairing done ftir all
kind of machinery. Main lreel, Indrpendrnce.
Arcade Saloon
J. It, COOPER, Proprietor.
s, Li
li?d?perder;Ge, Oreoi.
Incorporated under the Laws of Oregon,
n. T. STANLEY, IltA (!. I'OWRLL,
poea agenernl banking biiHlnnnn. Sight drafts
nu New York, Bhii Krauclaco aud Porllnud lor
any amount. Kncelven rieHwlts anbjenl lo
check or on certlfWta. of dcionlt. (lollectlona
receive prompt attention (liianled by double
chronoineler Vale time lock. .
Mia.l Adajuilson, Mrs. Williiims,
Cutting Pitting
much the Largest Stock
ns, Ginghams, White Co
Furnishing Goods, Etc.
ON, . -E.
E. Krengel,
-MiiinifiU'turvr of the-
Krengel's Iron Fence.
Mr, Thonift I ciuu'l, lale of Clii
cago, an exK'riciuv horse
mIukt, tiidkcs a sjvniahy
tf that line.
Circular and Crosscut!
Saw Gumming
' " 1
Citv Driii Store.
! ; A full line of :
j Driiffuists' Sumliies,
J C. W. Cruwetl, a roniprlent preacrip.
j lion clerk, will lie in charge, I'rlcra
; Reaaonable.
WM. JONES, Proprietor.
j Thia PVrry ia now in ojicration, and
I prepared to trnnafcr paaaeiigera aud wag-
; on lo or from the Citv,
j It will pay persons uarjtlrja a
View of Polk County.
To criiwi the Perry and go to the
j top of IWpect Hill.
HIkins h Co.,
Hauling of all Kinds hw at
Reasonable Kates.
Jnillpeed, OaH, 8b9 Fir Uood
for 5al?.
iMrCollccliouH Mmlc Mnutli1y."$ea
C Street, Independence, Or.
A. W. HOWELL, Prop.
I'irst-clnas in every respect. Special
attention given transient customers, A
sample room for commercial travelers,
Mitchell & Bohannon,
Manufacturers of -;
Main Street, Independence, Oregon.
:l)ealer In; ,
Drugs and Medicines,
Having purchftsed the stock of Drugs
formerly owned by L. W. Robertson, I
am prepared to meet all the old custo
mers, end ninny more new ones, Fair
and courteous treatment la all.
1 11r1 r i r, rr. uu m n
lillIJI IJ,llIJ.ILIi I lilllll I 'I n I
of Goods that he has ever
ods, Silks, Plushes, Lace
Please call and see him a
GEO. li. BREY,
Commission Merchant
Indipindinci, ngon.
Auollonaar and Appralaar. ,
KMimntr of all CmiMrudlvt work m4
Uui luiul.hnl. J
Altrll.1. Wr.ll,rlav unit TllurwUy tllCuUIUV
Cuuil Hk tt Ixllut, (.'. t
Adtlrvaa, Dallas, Polk Co., Or.;
F. J. MORRIS, Prop.
Pine Wines, Liquors
Whitcaker Brick, Independence.
(Kktaldlnhrd by National authority.)
-'. THE :
t'lipikl : National : hi !
CAPITAL, PAID UP, $5o.ooooo.
v. , VC .. tf !
K. W AI I.A4 K, W. W. MAKTIN. !
j rrxhlenl. Vice mlltnl.
t. It. Al.HKKT, Cuhler. .
loans made.
To Parnwra nn heal and elher aierebamabl j
brncliiM, mnliinl ftf lit lu nrivaia
irenrrira or puhlle rehoii.r.
Drada drawn' dirwl nn New York. Chicago,
aau rranelwo, Cortland, London, Parte, Herllu,
llong ko( aud Caleuna.
)aler in
Unllnn. Umli. Veal, Pirk, Item.,
Cnriird Heel, tongue. tie. Pnuitrr
In aai. All IMid. delivered Ire ul eharge,
Jasperson & Parker,
liulcpeudriire, Oregon.
Architects, Bnildera and Contractors.
Alwar'ln Ihflr Huh aud linnr Faclme, and
will ur Ibelr heat In pleam, all. Olve ilirm a
trial aud I convinced Kiel Ihejr are ur'.hr ul
1 your winng.
Is prepared to print HORSR BILLS
and HOP TICKl'.T.H at the lowest prices,
Of all kiiids executed on short notice
by an experienced JOB PRINTER.
A. WILSON, Propr.
Kipresalre lleat.
It does not seem ey to retili,e how
cheaply you live in California until you i aiiiiia of t ho eiintei n notuis,
sb) the San Kranuisco Vhftmiile. K. J.
Baldwin went to a hotel in New York
for a rest. He was only going to stay
a fow hour In town. It wa about ii
o'clock whim ho reglaterod. aud he
wautod to take a liltlu sloop before he
was called at 10. The p;mitltunaiily
clerk lwogiilod the nntno and .the
limn, and looked pleased to have a
wliauk at the long purse of the Call
fotuitt millionaire. Baldwin had his
several hours' aleap, and waa culled at
10 o'clock as ordered. Ho went to the
olllce and asked for Ids L II. It Wit
bunded to hlm-130. Mr. Baldwin
looked Its ... .
"I am very much obliged to you for
wukinir mo at 10 o'clock."
"If 1 hnd ilept a fow hour more It
would have busted me."
Anglomania Iu New York.
Certainly there is a fresh outbreak
of Anglomania In the speoch of modish
Now York gills, says a letter from
Oothatn to the Pittsburg Diapakh. The
new influx of aotors aim actresses from
London lias caused it. The worst
symptom Is a lengthening and broad
ening of the lettor A,
"I'm sorry to part with you, roily,"
I heard a Fifth avontie maiden say to
her beloved pet parrot, "but I limit
have a bird with an English accent."
"I'm a d'lsy I'm a d'lsy,"tlie parrot
responded, pronouncing "daisy" in
the way that happens to be like com
mon to the Bowery and the Seven
"That ia very good, but unfortunate
ly you are altogether New Yorky Id
everything else you say."
"Polly wants a cracker."
"How often have I told you that
they don't have crackers nowadays
in London. Say "Folly wunla a bis
cuit.'" But the bird insisted thnt it was a
cracker he wanted, and ao he wits
doomed to banishment from the bou
doir, while the girl set out to Hud a
parrot with au English accent,
1 v 1
carried: consisting of Pla
s, Ties, Cotton, Zepher a
nd he will Surprise you, a
The Leading Dry G
A IIIobi lurprlaa Vrlf.
A gooil many writer have aHd
that an Indian ta a born ilulo, anil that
tlia raaaon ha dotun't lauich or cry or
e lres urirU or atoiiliiliniiit lioa In
the fact that nature did nut Ititwml hint
in. That'a all nnneaiHiM, howovtr.
'i'lia Indian put It all on fur Affect, l'va
hfard him IbiikH a hearty bj any wlilltt
wan, ami l'va anen thxtii wlmn thry
wera Kltlvuly lliiiiidtmtnirlc with
ainaeiniMit, ,
In the lmatllt'i ppl to attacking
on of the ajt miiti Into JuU-abui jt,
and after they bad killed a down ((- j
ula a part of hit eomnan waa tout out
toplvallia red man a aet-bai-k. W
rod a over a aeotlon of the route one
dav, and toward availing aeoretml our-1
aelvea In a lonjr. dry ravine, to aea, The nrealivtery of Jeraey City haa do
what would happen during the nljfht. (,, (-vur Jlh tr,1MMMM ,vahjii o(
Ihe ata9 waa due thaw about 10 . Ui wiifeaaiwn ol laltli.
o'eloek, and aoon after 9 we got a ur j
prlae, A band of tweuty-thriHi Indiana ' Hiplin(tn'a I'laoe, a hamlet on the
cama In from the Weal, atruok the trail ' MiKaiaippi In Arkanaaa. ia under waler,
luat above ua, aud came down ami 1 1'"' ! have been loat. k .
laid theniaelvea away almoat on top of
ua. We had our horaea down around : The Kiciu-li Kowrnmeiit liaa deeidiNl
a bend, with ttuanla to look after theni, ;totavupy Wbydab, a provimn of la
and the ludlant had left their poitlea at huiuvy, on the alave coaat.
....... I I, I.. I
while they wr at th mouth of the ra
.. mm. ., ni.v.w ...... ..,! .....
vine aud every man of them showed
against the aurlight aky. We kuear .. (. (J) . . .. ,j larea that
wlat they were after and w. prepared ! J, Z7iUl to mak.
ourselves awordlnjfly. Ihere were i.ww.o.giayear. Another blow at the
Inch by Inch until, when we llnally
heard Ihe ratlle of the stage roach, we j The city council of Toronto have de
were uoi only over tweuty-Uve wt eidod to inviiet the Woman's congreaa of
from the buuuh of niarandom. We ''' l!iHl Hates to huld its next meet
eouhl bear and see them making ( TomiiIo.
ready, aud Just aa Ihey were alK.ut lo ; T,(e M (Wk h )MiM ,0
deau out Oil the trail we gave them a ,m)rtne ,ie;,llmmvg . t,, north doitka . . . . . .1 ! at Liverpool. The iuiiirovemeiita will
1 alk alMiut an Indian not fmdlni; aur- r i.'m.ikKi.
prised! Why, they yellwl out like aoj
many old women seared by a row, and ! An advance of ten alidlinga a month
two or three of them shouted to the ; has lieen made in Ihe wages of Uver-
tireat Spirit to save them as they ran. ' l steauiebip firemen and seamen, and
We killed nine and wounded four with Ihe men a ill not elrike,
that one volley, and only one of the! ... , , , , ,
wounded lived beyond I wo days. The , A Hhortage of several thousand dollars
survivor waa the middle-aged warrior, hw Iwn diatioverw in the a.-eounta of
bearloir the scare of many battles. I f ' Twaaurar llanaher of U -orte,
was aated to queailon him. and aa he lud , alio die.1 rei-enlly.
aaw my purpose he shut hiiwwlf up like j Xhe fire In the Moraa ( Walia) colliery
a clam. 1 started oil with! ; la spreading. There ia no hoa of recov.
"lias my brother a ghuui lit which to ering the bodies. The l.tteat eatimate ia
see his facer' ! that at least 10) were killed.
"Why should 1 haver he
tereated at once. j The lowlands In Illinois, Kentucky
"To aea that Jour hair has turned as , and Missouri along the Miaslasippl are
white aa the snow," i all submerged, but no reports of snnVr-
"Nol It eau't bet Gel me a jrliias, ' ing damage baa been reorll.
quick!" j ,
At that the group around him burnt i A verdiH of munler in the first degree
out laughing, am! the warrior looked has been found against Base Ball flayer
up with rueful expression and said: Jmea J who mimlertd bis wife
"I thought It was true. 1 waa so In New ork on New ear a eve.
. , I al...a a. I..a.a .a .I I..... . I .. m ;'
VaiCU lllflt HIT Ilt7l Ptl'l'innt lrTnilllt.1 l
11 " t
Itegonlas aa Window Plant.
ltegonlna to be grown at their best i
ahonhl have porous rich soil, with the
addition of a little leaf mold, be well
drained, not allowed to get pot-bound.
and have their roots kept moist, the ;
air should be kept moist hy having a
dish of water on the store, or radiator
If you have sUmm heat, or the water-
onn should bo kept full If you
ftirnaee-heat. A large coarse sMiigo
Illled wit i water and laid among the
pots Is a help, f he Hex typo of lie-
gonlas are a little dilllcult lo grow out
of the given-house, but If you will give
them ."little extra care , hey will repay
yon. ihev are worth It. io u oaunot
lind any plant wl h nrnrt .beautiful col -
orlngsaud iiiiuklngs. Ihev mitnl bo
kepi warm (not below 60 degree at
night), but do not want the aim to
shine directly on then, They will not
thrive If dust gols on heir leave, aud
do uot care lo have their leaves wet
lliey win noi innvo 111 urv mi. iiio
very boat pluoe for them is in tho fern
ery under glass; tlieco they are wrfict
ly at home. If you have no fernery,
tha next Iwat thing Is a round glass
globe with a lerra-cotta or ainu-miii.
A good sized plaut will grow undor a
globe twelve inches in diameter. Such
au one litis lived for three years under
a glolie of this slzo and shows no symp
tom of dying yet The pan is well
draiuud, soil largely leaf mold. It seta
on a small table at the back of a buy
window where It has no ill reel sou.
Tho globe la raised every morning and
the moffitiro wiH)d out. It needs water
but eeldoin. They do uot like to bo
turned, but lot the leaves grow in one
position. One can be growu iu the
open air of tho sitting-room, a good
stand plant In a well drained nix-inoli
,Ulf. run, ll I. OI.IIWW. ,,,,, v 1
ilght-lnoh pot, after a brick 1 put In !
It, Keep tie brick moist all lh time
pot. Hot It iu a saucer mauu lor an
bv nulling water in the saucer. It will
draw up 1)10 moisture just enough to
keep tho roots moist. The water must
be renewed every day so it will uot
grow stalo. Oood Jltmfliet,piMj,
What a Sea Cow la Like.
On my first trip lip tho Manatee
River I fully expected to see a mana
tee, or sea cow, raise her big hornod
head out of the black water and bellow
a warning at us, writes a N. Y. 2Vme
correspondent The name load one
to look for a great creature with the
hairy skin of a cow, with horn and a
frisking tail, a terrible animal big
enough to (wallow the boat and all its
contents, wading along the shallow
shore perhaps and nibbling at grass
and bushes. But the sea 00 w of reality
is a very dlfforent thins from the aea
cow of Imagination. 'I here wag little
danger of seeing one of any sort, for it
Is years since the last one waa taken iu
the Manatee River, except one solitary
specimen thnt was considered rare
enough to be taken out to the soml
tropical exhibition at Jacksonville. 1
eaw it there, and now my idea of the
tea cow is olearer.
It doe not roam about the country
bellowing and swallowing whole sheep;
it has no hair and no horns, nor hoofs,
nor angry tail. In appearanoo it ia no
more like a cow than it Is like a
chicken, and its name comes not from
Its shape, but from Its habit of living
on grass and green vegetables Instead
of eatlug fish or flesh.
Covington county (Miss.) folk In
dulge Iu "goober-parohltig, and baby.
Washing parties," ,
In and Fancy Lustres,
nd Merino Underwear, T
tthe amount of Goods an
oods House of
s, Kentucky and Missouri Low
lands Submerged.
Wire Nail Milla Claae D.wa.-Threa rrr
aaaa KIIM av I', . Trail.
Ta o Ihoiiaantl irraln orUni em ployed
on the dnrka at I4verwl have atrmk
iu. i.iui,,,. law ha. l-eo
' i,,,L.l l.u
Inn, ul the circuit tuiirt, at Ht. Louia,
a it t. I a t tl -
glass In the front oil a jewelry store and
! made his paean with a tray containing
r0K) worth of diamonds and rings,
, , ,
,'" Kalisbury baa notifieil Emperor
WUm tha bo . M. to favor
! to the legal real riction of the hours of
; labor.
" """ '" J i'T ""i
l mMh; K
! m)W srr(,M , wilU mur.
,erol Itennell, baa Wn heard from in
T . t ., . y,.i,A
J '1, have clod
. U(,ir Rntl tllRt ,ev will
: , oMr,0ni, BKnin until the
,241), 1Bt.
,. ., j,, ......1:..., ow furmimra
trust in the South
j ' J rf t ,,lt jf it
1 .j, ,e ,H tlllre win mme M
V....MI.. II -.l. . ...
Bell Allen and Witherford Trying, two
negna's charged with the munler of Con
stable Retailor at Princeton, W. Va ,
were, taken from the jail by a mob and
shot to death. '
NYtwitliKtamliiig denials it is stated
that llorr Tiaxa, the Austrian prime min
ister, has resigned and that Count Haa
piiry has formed a cabinet, iu which he
takes tho interior portfolio.
Frank II. Tomkina ot, Ronton, an artist
of liiyh repute, attempted suicide in the
street by ahooting himself In the head
with a revolver. Ilia chance for re
covery are favorable.
Philip teller of Loudonville, Ohio,
. , . - ,.
has confessed that he aan accomplice
' M; l'W. ' n
was shot and killed by Parmer Justin V,
rrongle near l roatliue, reh. ill.
The Frankfort (Ky.) lottery is making
a great effort to prevent the state legis
lature iroin pulling angcrm 10 iw oiwrn
Hons, It ia charged that its agenta have
been attempting fo bribe legialatora.
At Kansas City Revf David McOrew,
pastor of the colored Baptist church at
Armstrong, Mrs. Andrew Beyman and
Will Jackson, all colored, were run over
by a Union I'acillc train and killed.
A, A. Courier, cashier of the Equitable
Bank of New York, has been charged
with forgery and with having received
dcposlta after be knew that his bank
was insol ,'ent. He pleaded not guilty.
The alien labor law bill ha been post
poned indefinitely in the Canadian house
of commons. The cause wag that neico-
tiatlons are going on at Washington for
the settlement 01 international maltor.
Ten Cretan refugee have been sen
tenced to fifteen years' imprisonment at
Retimo, Crete. A court martial at
Canea ha confirmed the sentence. The
news haa caused a sensution in Athens.
me case against vv.r. Dickinson, a
prominent operator thought to have been
connected with the recent conspiracy to
rob Mr. Hutchinson, has been dismissed
by the Chicago board of trade directors,
An unofficial trial of the dynamite
guns of the cruiser Vesuvius was made
at Philadelphia. Wooden bombs loaded
with gunpowder were used, and the test
is reported to be eminently satisfactory.
Henriettas, Cashmeres,
able Linen and Bed Cove
d with his Prices.
Polk County.
TUaokeray'a Father.
There ii a picture we used to look al
a children in the nursery at homo, and
which my own children look at now, as
It bangs iion the wall. It is a water
color sketch, delicately penciled and
tinted, done in India some three-quarters
of a eenlury ago by Chiucrr.a well
known artist of those data, who went
to Calcutta aud depicted the people
there with charming skill.
This picture represents a family
group, father, mother, lufant child.
subject which ha been popular with
painter ever since Ihev tirst began
their craft. Long before Raphael's
wondrous art waa known, this patticn
lar composition was a favorite with
artists aud spectator, as I think It will
ever be, from generation lo generation,
while mothers continue to laap theit
little one in their arms, t his special
btouu of Tbackerav is almost the onlv
glimpse we have ol my father' earliest
childhood, but it give a vivid passing
impression 01 ma 11 ml Home, w lilcli
lasted for so short a time. My iong.
lean, young grandfather sits at such
ee-e as people allowed themselves in
those classic days, propied in a stiff
chair, in tight white ducks aud pumps,
and with a kind, grave face, lie was
Mr. Richmond Thackeray, of the Ben-
(fa! Civil Service, the then revenue col
ector of the districts called "the twen
ty-four I'ergaoaa." My grandmother.
a beautiful young woman of some two
and twenty summers, stands, draped
in white, with a certain nymph-like as-
ftect, and beside her, perched upon '
talf a dozen big piled books, with hi j
arm round his mother's neck, is her
little son, William Makepeace Thack
eray, a round-eyed boy of three years
old, dresaed in a white muslin frock.
He has curly, dark hair, an innoceut
face, and a very sweet look and smile.
This look was almost the same indeed
after a lifetime; neither long years of
wora sou trouble, nor pain, nor cinii
winters of anxiety ever dimmed lis
clear simplicity, though his spectacles
may have sometimes come between his
eyes and those who did not know him
very well.
He used to take his spectacles off
when he looked at this old water-color.
"It is a pretty drawing," he used to
say; but it bis father, in the picture,
could have risen from the chair be
would have been about nine feet
high, according to the length of
the leg there depicted. My own
father used to toll ua he could just re
member our graudfutber, a very tall,
thin man, rising out of a hath. Ha
could also remember the crocodiles
floating on the Ganges, and that waa
almost all he ever described of India,
though la Ids later writings there are
mauy allusions to East Indian life. Iu
"The Tremendous Adventures of Major
Uahagan," for instauce.there Is enough
meaning and intention in the names
aud Uindustanee to show that he still
retained something of bis early impres
sions. A year after the sketch In question
was painted, the peaceful home iu In
dia was broken up forever. The poor
young collector of the twenty-four
rerganas died of a fever on board a
shlii, where he had been carried from
the shore for fresher air; this was about
1816, wlieu my father was live year
Richmond Thackeray was himself
little over thirty when he died. Ills
young widow remained in India with
her mother, and married a second time.
Two years after her first husband's
death, her little son came back to En
gland with a cousin of the same age,
both returning under the care of au
Indian civilian, Mr. James MeNabb,
who had promised to befrieud the
children on the journey home, aud of
whose kindness we were often told in
our childhood. from Anne Tkacktray
titumc.tu at, jsu-aouu.
A M eek Too Late.
A young man about 23 years of ago. !
dressed like a farmer, had his foot on
the car seat in front of him and was
reading a novel, says a N. Y".
writer, when one of the boys went over
to him and observed:
"I've just made a bet of to n you."
"On me? What is it?"
"I've bet 5 that you will suicide
within a week. I've been watching
you very closely for tho last half hour,
and all sigus indicate melancholy and
despondency. Have you selected any
particular line of killing yourself
poison, the rope, drowning or hang
ing?" "Did you actually bet fiP" auxlously
asked the young man.
"I did."
"Pay if you lose?"
"I have to." '
"That's too bad. I wish I could have
seen you lust week."
"Because I then had tho ager every
day right along two cows were sick
on my hands 'my girl had gone buck
on me, and I expected a windmill man
was going to beat me out of f 400. I
did kinder think of suicide"
"But now?"
"All is changed. Cows got well
ager all gone gal has set the day for
next Wednesday, aud the windmill
man Is straightor than a board. Dtirn
my hide if I hain't going to try aud
live 6,000 years!"
Iionltilana Creole.
The usual Impression obtaining con
cerning Creoles is that they are all of
them possessed of dark and swarthy
complexions, hair black as the raven's
wing ami eves of "ebon darkness." A
New Orleans acquaintance says that
many have lily-white complexions,
golden locks and eyes of "heaven's own
blue." The creole girl Is usually re
fined and dainty, sensitive ami sympa
thetic, light hearted and sunny tem
pered. She is usually brought up
quietly and is content to remain at
home. Of course the majority of Creoles
are darkthey are nut-brown maidens.
Denver A'cws.
A man In Sierra county, California,
who killed a neighbor's steer to save
bis own family from starving, declined
counsel, pleaded guilty, and was sentr
euoad to one your iu the state prisou.
Nuns Veiling, Albatros,
rs. Ladies' and Children's
A Landslide Near Yaquina Unearths
a Vein of foal.
Etlrtskarg, Carry C., Waits I Cksige
Bark to field Beark.
Snohomish Is soon to have a telephone
Lexington wsnta and urobahlv will
have a bank this summer.
The Indications now rxiint to a snlen-
did peach crop along the Snake rivet.
Mndflat property on Coos bay is now
sellin g at the rate of a little over $1100 an
A larger amount than usual of snrine
grain will Iw sown in Morrow county
ui is season.
The warm weather haa had (he effect
of reducing the price of hay In the Pa
loose country. .......
A four-masted schooner will be built
on Coo hay this spring. It will lie used
in the lumber trade.
Kllenshnrgh will aoon have a new
126,000 school building, which will he
erected in the public park.
iw.,.!iu 1... :-.i . n 1
.i.ji.,,kt vi. j iiih, vrpaninCT, a, u.jnru w
Trade, with A. W. McArtbur, president,
A I Wl. I . '
ami a, . ciierwuuu, necrevnry.
The total amount of taxes for the cur-'
rent year in Baker countv is $5.1,000. In
Union county the total is 78,000.
Mr. II. B. Luce, of Ilillshoro. haa imnn
: 111 ffin I niriiuind In bwM. nnMllt.m .
I aaaistant editor of the Leader of that .
A big land-slide two and a half miles
from Yatinina City unearthed a vein of
coat, wni; n experts pronounce to oe ex
cellent in quality.
TI.A A I) i. V U I. J iL.
Pacific system last week paid 18300 in
Union and (12,253 in Baker couuty aa
taxes for the year.
The people of Fairfield, a small ton n
south of Rockford, have expressed them
selves against the admisaion of Chinese
into the community.
Sheriffs of the various counties are
busy now gathering in the taxes all over
the state. On Saturday last Hieriff
Birdaey collected $0500 at Ashland.
Sixty men, ambitious for snch mili
tary glory as may be achieved in time of
peace, have signified their intention to
organise a militia company at Kllens
burgh. The progressive citixens of La Grande
are actively pushing work on a large
number of new buildings, the electric
light plant, the artesian well and the
new brickyard.
Vancouver needs a new school build
ing in the eastern section of the town.
I'lie city building haa been so crowded
that an additional room has been fitted
up in the basement.
The farmers of Crook county are con
fident of raising sufficient wheat this
year to supply all home needs. This ia
an excellent idea, as it will retain in the
domestic field at least $150,000.
Frankfort, in Pacific county, almost
opposite Astoria, Ib the latest in the way
of new towns. Its projectors hope that
it may be destined to become the
metropolis of the lower Columbia.
A number of capitalists contemplate
the establishment, of a $50,000 brewery
at Asldand. Tiie production of the nec
essary raw material and employment of
many men would prove a good thing for
that locality.
Stockmen have discovered a regularly
organised hand of horsetliievesnear Pine
City in the Big Bend country. One of
the gang, a young cowboy, has been
caught and confessed. A posse Is out
after the others.
The Harney Items, published at
Burns, has been enlarged to a five-column
quarto. It deserves its present
prosierity for the relentless manner in
which it has waged war upon swamp
land-grubbers in that section.
W. I Wright, the surveyor of Tolk
county, has commenced Die work of put
ting in mile posts between Salem and
Dallas. This example should be fol
lowed by every county surveyor in the
state on'every public road that needs the
The citixens of Kllensburg, Curry
county, are very anxious to have the
name ol ttieir town changed Hack to
I3ftld Ranch. A nntitinn for makintr ttiM
necessary changes in the postorlice has
oeen lorwanieu 10 congressman ner
mann. The Pasco Headlight informs the
world that 180 emigrants from the Eoat
arrived at Wallula one day recently, a
few of whom were headed for the Sound,
but the greater number were bound this
way. sonio having the Palouse country
for their destination.
. A gentleman acquainted with the
sheep industry of Lincoln county is re
ported as having stated that before win
ter set in there were 40,800 sheep within
the bounds of that county, and that
10,875 perished during the winter, leav
ing a remaining balance of 20,1)25.
After careful inquiry among residents
of every portion of the county, states the
Wallowa Chieftain, we have concluded
that stock losses in this county during
the past winter will not be more than 2
per cent, of horses, 6 per cent, of Sheep
and from 10 to 15 per cent, of cattle. .
Th Times-Mountaineer states that a
person attempting to plow his farm near
iiutur was surprisea to see his horses
sink in the soft ground almost to their
shoulders. He manaeed to set them
out, and returned to his house. He says
the ground is so wet in plans that it ia
impossible to plow and plant it.