The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, March 14, 1890, Image 4

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Train for the Rt levc Portland at 9:30
P. M. nt 7:43 A. M.
(ol from Prluelr-sl
PolMtt tu tlx lulled
HWIm, Canada tint
Elegant New Dining Palace Car
Pre family Sleepiug Cart run through
on Kaprea Train to
COUNCIL BliiFB : 7-;.
CkMMMtNi M for sa rrsnrlwo
. ,aoa ratM iMHiiiu aoiai. ,
All In Uvt Portland ami tan
rnuroiscsi svary rtturtsiaaya, mating
lh u(f la W hour.
Cabin. -1 , . . . J16 00 1 Steerage 3.oo
Round Trip unlimited. . . . , ,,, .fjo.00
For further particulars iuqutr of any gut
01 in vumpauy or
:-. 0. r. 4 t. A.
c a. SMITH.
titneml Nauagor
v Portland, Oregna
Oregon Pacific Railroad
Oregon DeTelopmentCo.'i Steamers.
Short Line to California.
Freight and Farts the Lowest
Willamette IVaUty, aUreh . 1, V
vaoM aa raaaciaco.
Willamette Valley, . March, it, 10, jo.
Th company tnrrvet the right to change tall
dates without aoticc.
Trains connect with tlit 8 Ml. B. and rive'
feats at Curvallu and Altstuy.
Tli Ornifoa Pacific Steamboat on the
Willamette River Division will leave
Portland, southbound, Monday. Wednua-
day and Friday at 8 a.m. Arrive at
Corvallls Tuesday, Thuraday and Satur-
ilay at 3 :3U p. m. i-eavo t orvaiim.
ruiithhftnml. MnmhiV. Wednesday and
Friday at 8 a. m. Arrive at Portland
Tuesday, Thuraday and Saturday at 3 UtO
?. m On Monday, vteunetutay enu
ridav both north . and aouth bound
boat lie over night at Salern, leaving
there at 0 a. m.
C. H. Hoswen. Jr., C. C. Hogu.
On. F. ft. P. Agi O. D Co. Art. U. f. & P. A.
m Moalgnmrry ., - Vt.. ft.'
aaa Francisco. Corvallls, Oregon.
Northern Pacific R. R.
And all poinU Katt, tU
Bt Piul ind MinnBspalia,
The Northern Paoifio Railroad
Is the only line running ;
Passenger Tralna. f- ,
Second-Claae Sleeper (Free of chsrge,
Pullman Palaoa Sleaplnq Care,
Palace Dining Care (meals 75 eta.
From Portland to the East.
Sea that your ticket read via the
Northern Paolflo R..R. and avoid
change of care. ,
1 mm Pnrtlanrl at Sioo A. M. and 1:40 P. M.
daily arrive t Minneapolis or ,8t. 1'aul at 6:05
r. . . s ..
Paolflo Dlvlelon.--Trlntea Front and
G street dally at 11:5) A. M. and S40 P.M.; ar
rtwe at New Tacoma at mo P. M. and i:A. M.,
rannina-with CMncaar't boats for all point
on Puget Sound. A. I. CHARLTON, .
Asst. Ueni Peas. Agent, No. ill, Plrat ap-eel
Portland, Oregon, j, s W
W Depot, Cor. FlratlandlOlatreeta,
, ,,viA ..
Southern ' Pacific Company's
Line, "
The Mount Shasta Route!
Portland and Ban Francisco
39 Hours!
California KxpreM Train rnna Dally f
between Portland and Ban FrauciHco,
4MB. m. I L. 1 Portland Ar. 10:4s a. m.
5: 18 p. m. 1 1.T.. f Albany 4 Ar. 6m a. m.
7 1. n. I Ar. Ban Pmnciaco Lv. jm p. m.
Local Passenger Daily, except Sunday.
Leave. " I Arrive.
Portland , ... 800 A. M. Kugene. 1:40 P. M.
Kugene,,.. I Portland 34S P.M.
Pullman Buffet Sleepers. , 5 ,;
For accommodation of ftecond Class paKii
gera attached to express trains.
The a P. Co.'s Perry makes connection with
all the regular trains on the Kant Bide Uivisiou
trom foot of F. Street. .
West Side Division.
Bet. Portland and Corvallls.
Mail Train Daily, except Sunday. ; ,
Leave. 5 1 '
Portland 7:30 A. M.
tnde'deuce. liiM A. M
nde'denca,. 1 1:2s A. M. ! Corvallia .. .12:21 P. M.
Corvallls. ....1:30 P. M. 1 Inde'dence.. 2:30 P. M
Inde'dence...i:3l P. M. I Portland.,... 6:20 P. M'
At Albany snd Corvsllis connect with trains fo
Oregon Pacific fcl .. .
Express Train Daily, ct j,t fu r'a
LKAva. I Aaaiva,
Portland 4:50 P. M. McMlnnvillc 8:00 P. M,
MiMlnnvllle .5:4s A. M. Portland. . ,, .yoo A. M.
Through Tickets to all Points
South and East
"Via GallfoxaJLa
TICKRT offices:
' City office, No. 134, Corner First snd Alder sis,
pepot office, Corner F and Front sta., Portland,
wiliager, , : Awrt. O. P. at P. Ag't.
County Surveyor and Auctioneer.
Dallas, Polk County, Oregon.
Will attend atjoffice in the Court House
each Wednesday and Thursday in Coun
ty Court week.
Ruling Prices of Poultry, Errs and
Diary Produce.
Wtal, (irawi Seeaa, CUtr SmhIh, XUrrlla
rHiaaSmls, Klc, Kl.
Koy fmtmery ........... Sft
Clioloe dairy .., SO
Cmnmon .I2H
I'lckutd (Cal.) lHf!
Kaatvrn o.eamr-ry fancy,.. . "f
Cal. fancy
Orvgon full ctwatn IK ,
Oregon Skims and old ...... 10
Swiss Chrwat), dottiesllu, . . . 15 to 10
Young America Dr.. . . .. . . . M
Orogon V doa 1!0
Kastorn do. . , W
Portland Pat. KolUr, l, bid. S 7ft
Salom do tlo ! Tft
Itayton do do , 85
Ceaoadia do do S A
Country HramU 50
MoMinnvillo . 8 75
riuwrtlne..... . KW
White JJIy........ 3 7
Graham 3 2ft
Kyer'lour 0 0.)
: FEED. '
Bran ,r ton 17jUH00
Hay " balrd .. U&wlttOti
Ur'd Barley, iwr ton..... 22.VHf2l IW
Mill Chop r ton IMw20(X)
0U Cake Mtal Kr ton MOW 33 W
HliorU r ton $2Utr21 00
Applos... ...... ..........
liauanaa, l. btuirh
Union, Cal, j, In
do Sii-ily,). bt. nw.
I.Iiiips jier htm
Or. Orangv). Kivrnldta. ..
" " Swdltms
Peaw per bt . , , , .
PvauhtMi ptir bos
I'luma por lb....
Prnnoa per box
Watermelons dvut
. 3 Mli 4 (XI
, S 7.Vrf4 IH)
. 1 .".0
Barley, whole, p. ttl H H
Corn, pr 100 Iba.. 1 00
Uata, gooil, old, p. Im. . . . .
do, new, per bn. 42 ' ( V
Rve, p. UK) lb nominal. 1 2.'utttl 2ft
W'lwat, Vallcv, p. Ilk) II. . I KM! 30
do KaaternOro.... .MlSMilft
Chii kena, larir young V d. 5 00 1 5 ftO
do l.roilors.........
do old .-. JtOOoMM
Diuka V doa TOOt'MftO
(ieese, yotinit V da. tO IKH 1 1 0J
Turkey, young, V lb IX
Uroinw and Piiennauia, , ., . " 8 IK)
Orchard liriwt
tiliie Urana. ........
Kngliftlt Hy tirasa. .
Italian do . .
Australian do , .
Hungarian do ..
Mixed J .awn Uruns,
Clover Seed.e
Red Clover....,.,..
White Clover.
ilyske Clover
Ka Imported
Rape California.....
11 en a
Rough . , ,
T. A 0. Sheathing........
No. 2 flooring. ,,
No, 2 ceiling
No. 2 rustic
Clear rough
Clear P. 48....
No. 1 Mooring....,
No. 1 ceiling
No. 1 rustic
Per M 110 00
12 00
... s 1H00
20 no
22 50
22 50
.... 22;.'i0
25 00
)... 100
... 2 00
4 00
... 2 50
.4.) 00 50 00
Over 12 Inches wide (extra
lengths 40 to 50
Lengths 50 to 00 "
ltf Lath
M Lath...........
h inglea, cedar, per 1000. ,
: " red cedar, 101KI.
Eastern Oregon.
According to alirinkage. . , .
10 18
Spring clip...,,., .,,
" Imbs and full. ., .
Asparagus y lb.
Beana lb
Beet f lb....
Cabbage V lb.
Carrots per aack ; 1 25
do young lb dog ;, 15
Celery per do , ()0(g(l 00
Cucumbers don, ., ,
Green Peas $ lb..,.'...;...,,.
Lettuce f dor. 1
Onions 100 lbs 2 002 50
Potaloos per 100 lbs 1 ll.r(dl 73
do sweets, per lb,.,., ii
Radislies per duz
Turnips oer k., ,.
Tnioatoes per bx. , ,
Apples, Peaches, etc,
Applos sun dried qrs
do factory sliced Cal. . , .
do evap, 50 lb bxs. , . , .
do unblea
u . : i.
1 25
4 to 5
. 0
' o to io
5 to fi'i
13 to 14
8 10
Apricots., ., .' ,
Blackberries 50 lb bxs
Cherries pitted.
Peaches hks unpookl nuw.
do evaporated...
Pears much dried
Plums pitted Oreg.
" factory , ., ,
Citron, Currents, o.
Currants, in bxs or bills.
Dates In boxes
Fur Da ten, 15 lb bxs
Oregon French Petite.
do Gormun.
do Italian,
do Silver
One would think I hut a iltr wouhl
be lu pitln all the time with so iimny
fuloiu on hi hundAVrtrrii-y Jiuief
prist, ' i '
True frenhts much rwomblwi ritu
titrdtihter. The aeoret of ll imart
newt tic In olewe application." i'rrr
You cun uo more Jmlg )"')
dully walk and convtitnuiltm than you
en an electhiii-tlay saloon by tu front
door. Wrotf t'm I'ivm,
It'a fnrtunrtte Unit ft mini lcitrna the
'rule of three" when a ohthl, fur Inter
In life lie never pls beyond llio rule of
Do you uiii Vassal1 girls uo
wihI In afler life, Mr. Smiirty f' "Why,
of eounw, 1 heattl of one getting iuar
rlml ili oilier day," AH.
rrofeaHlouul Uwit (lo hotel 'jtroprle
tor) "-I" thorn any tlanirer bi a tire
horef" Proprietor "Not tf yon nettle
for your board in advance1 Horta
' Really this i awkward. What did
1 come hero for? Ah, yea, I rimmiler.
My deuv young lady, I adore you. Will
vtiu grunt Mitt yom' htntd," 'VfrjtMife
Milhr. '--,. '
"I itw a goblet to-diiy nmila of
bona." "Pshaw! 1 saw a tumbler
ninth) of lleith and blood lnt night!"
Wheruf! "At the uIiimi," Ihrr't
Our office-hoy aaseru Hint KiiglUh
tpnmiwa are liko rubber baud, he
Clitic they witt giuter-peivlier and havo
rewlved a great deal of -tension.
IMel Untitle. ;
Hrown"ltow time Illen!" t .Teitkln
"1 am not aware of tl teely p'
age." lt."Tlteo you have not a nuie
to pay." J. "Xoj J liohl jotii."
Husband (to wUu at the thenlt't )
"llttve you brought jour opera-glaw?"
Wife "Ye, but 1 cnn'timo it." "Why
not?" "I forgot lo bring my diamond
bracelet," Trim itijliny.
Fond Mulher "You sh'inltl remem
ber, my child, tltitt the little binU in
their nest agree," Johnny "Hut every
muni In a while oihi of Vm full out,
I'm that oho." MuHtcy'i ?
"The Ucv. Mr. lllgliy-"! dltl not
site ytitt among tlio cmiijregitilon yea
tertlav, Mr. An Kttli." Mr. An rull
"No,l waa HI; hut 11 sent my card
by the coachman." Lmertmy Aimer
eon. Suitnger (to iMititliluck) "('tin you
tell mo, my little fellow, the best way
lo get to tin) siatlon?'1 IWtlilnck
"De bout way I to take a back; but II
you're broke you'd better walk." .V.
J. Hun.
A man who beat the gong at a l':ill
way entlug-atatlon niukt'4 a big noise
iu the world, but he din' not get there.
Some oilier follow cat the dinner. He
Imply make the din. .Ww Oi kum
iVliyHIK!. '
"Going to vote?" asked (he furnace,
"I am registered all over the house,"
And the gna meter replied: "Wnit un
til the old man see !mw much 1 have
registered If you want lo hour music,"
Motion BuwHn,
Mother "Now you lutve broken my
cup. You deserve a whipping; come
here." Frit "So; I won't come."
Mother "Come, Frit, till I w hip you,
and then you shall have a slice ot cake."
Ftitijtndt Ultitlcr.
Flwt Juror "I toll you this bribery
of Jurors I a crying sliiuiiii, il's a dis
grace." Second Juror "You're dead
right The darn fool who did the brllf
ing never offered me a cent. He ought
to be punished," i'wA, ;
Wife (at ohurclt) "That iitun In lite
second pew Is acting very airniigely.
Do vou think he I cru.)?'' Hitilutiitl
"1 wouldn't be at till surprised,., my
ilenr; 1 nee hi collur button hits gone
down his buck." A'. 1'.
When it woinnii elinciie her teeth,
tliut up her lists, ami lvnnn ks iu
cutiectit ruled voice, "i wish 1 wa thai.
man's wife for rtltont five inlimicft." it
Is mlghly lucky for "thut man" that
site isu t. icrre imuic f.nre;
It Is a fuct worth pomlering that
thoiii;h the nii'lit fulls nroiiiul tit it
never brenks, w herens the tluv breaks
hut never fulls. We otter this deli
cute fancy to some struggling aspiruut
lor poetical Honors. irr lla:ir.
Ritrtwr "1 think this is the lirst
time I ever shtivcd you, sir," Victim
"You're mistaken there.'" Burlier
"Strange I full lo rcmcmlicr, ir,"
Victim "ion on lil n t Imi so likely
to remomiair it as i."-jivhim Hi rata.
Visitor "I hope, tny friend, that vou
now see ttm gn'iit error you have
made." Murderer "Yes, I see it
clearer every day. If I'd only 'r killed
do hired girl, too, there wouldn't have
been no one left to peach oil inc."
First Fcniuto Burglar "Get your gun.
Wa a.a m.itt.v tn ..l.l ,,,,
tiollur'shoiiso to-night," Sticoml Fe
male Hurglar "1 wouldn't go Into
Hint house ufier dark for tho worid. It
Is chuck full of inico." Teri lfaute
Jones "I boilers In eipint rights for
that fairest of Gotl's creation woman.
The gentler sex, so dear to the heart
of man, should have ull privileges Re
corded to ns." Smith (speaking to
ins irienu Hunks) "I wonder It that
man is married." Kearney Enterprise,
Short-sighted gentleman chooses a
pair of 8ectacls. "Theso glasses,"
lie says, "are not strong enough for
me." "Hut, sir, they aro Jto. 2."
"What havo you next to No. 2." "No.
1." "And after tlinlP" "After No. 1,
sir, you will wunt a dog!" In Voltuire.
Deacon Jones (solemnly) "My
young friend, do you attend a place of
worship?" Young man "Yes, sir,
regularly, every Sunday night," Den
con Jones "Pray tell mo where you
go to woi'sliipP" Young Man "I'm
on my wuy lo see her now." A', 1'.
Artist "I have brought you ono of
my paintings that I think tlie most of.
Now don't you think it Ought to bo
linng iu the coniingexlilbllion?" Com
niittuenmn "No, I wouldn't hang It,
I urn opposed to capital punishment.
Sontoncu it to solitary confinement."
America, ..... .; :.i -1 i
Crinkle ."I understand you own an
acre of ground In Blank Township,
Whits do you value It nl ?" Flckoll
"Well, it' worlli about f 150, but if a
railroad company were to appropriate
half of It I suppose a jury would find
that It was worth about ffl.OOO.'VAfotv
rinlown Herald, ,
Jimmy Ttiffhorn (to minister who is
dining with the family) "Didn't you
suy iu your sermon this morning that
there wasn't anything In this world
perfect?" Minister "Yes, I believe so;
why do you ask?"; "O, I heard niasay
before church tlino that you wore a
perfect bore!" Kpoch, ., . , jl ,
Mumsboy "What awful drunkards
those Romans must have boenl" Paps
joy "Where did you got that Idea? I
didn't know they were particularly in
temperate." Aliiinslioy "Why, over
tho door of every Roman a warning
was hung 'Cavo Cannm' beware of
the growler!" Harvard Lampoon,
"Mamie," he said softly, as he pulled
out the tremolo stop in his larynx,
t'Wilf you marry mo?" "No," she an
swered, with all the earnestness of sin
core conviction. He paused us if iu
deep thought, and then saidi "Strange,
strange), how a slmplo word revives
scones mid Impressions that have pass
ed away. I urn almost ooitulu that I
have Heard tliftt before," AfurcAanl
IVareeir. i
"Do you ever receive contributions
iwIiiiim mi luiili aide of the lianer?"
...b.ul miniliiiiian etilerlmr a news-
pititer olilee. "No, lr, never," em-
t. . II.. L .1. . II..... ..All
phaticiiiiy repnoti w wumi -mi
right; I was going lo Indorse this check
to your oitler, but t don't want you lo
break your rule." Thctt lin went out,
leaving the editor" In deep-greeu
study ."-1ohw'i tttatwmiiH,
' KlatHHt Her ftw the Clgare. i ;
"Pd glve tweniv-flvn cent for per
mission to kiss that girl," remarked an
Insipid-looking youth on an Albany
bound tralu last ulirht. Indicating with
amotion of hU hand nit unusually
hatidsoiua young womttu n-leep iu
a aeitt near by. Tho young man
wa one of a group standing In the rear
of the crowded ear. Another young
man saldi . , . , , ' . . . .
"You have my .. pinullon, air,
"'Frald she woiihlu't regard It as
sufllclent." Iniiglietl Hie lira!. ' f '
"1 don't know," replied the oilier; "I
havo a great Itifttieuve with good-looking
gil ls -I'll tell you what I'll do; I'll
bet you a'good elgnr t tan Its her
without waking her. , ' '
'IKinot" rrtt'd the Insipid youth.
"I'll give you a cigar If you dure do It
anyway, and two more If she don't
wttkn up,"
"It's a go." ,
The daring young mnn stepped up
to the tent where the pretty, girt slept
leaned oversoftly and kissed her fsmare
ttHin her niouih, She stirred, smiled a
little, but did not wake. The group of
mnn had watched (he proceeding Iu
breathless uieiif, ami a long and
simultaneous sigh broke from lliem a
?oiing Impudence straightened up after
he openiilon ami rejolued tlie group,
several passenger who had seett the
auduoloti Mrfot'iiiaiio slarlng at him
In astonishment. "By Jove! that wa
elegant!" Hie fellow of Insipid aHjot
exclaimed a lie handed the successful
kisser his three cigar.
Rut there wa amfther reckoning lo
be iiihiIo. Tho conductor came hurry
ing down Itie alste, and "went for"
tho daring paengor, metaphorically
ajieaklng, "hammer and tongs," pry
ing; "See here, young man, don't you
ever try that again! . Are you a 'gen
tleman, sir? Don't you know thut 1
can arrest you for such a performance
a that?" '
The young man colored, but laughed
nervously he answered, "No, 1 don't
much believe you can. 1 gues there
isn't any American law against a fel
low' kissing hit own slstur is there?"
It has not appeared yet w hether or
not the young woman learned of her
brother a astonishing exhibition of tils
resgiect. or whether. If she did, her
displeasure lessened Ihe gratification
derived front the cigar won in such a
ii(Mtloutthle manner. Albany Ztpm.
How She May lie Hecognlseil.
We have, lu our lime, adverted, ro
ve tied, anil animadverted to the fact
that when a young lady put on her
full ulster and her lVrhy hat one can
not it'll wlictlt r to olfer a caramel to
her or tn beg a hunk of tobacco from
lilin. The girls and the boys have a
way of getting themselves up so much
alike thut we have until now been un
able to tell t'other fin which. How
profoundly we, at the present writing,
rejoice may be Imagined when we say
we have at last solved thi vexing
problem, mastered Ihi perplexity
And It Is simple, too, when you go at
it aright. All you lutve to do I lo
watch l Im person lias a plato-gias
show window. If it Is A until ho will
sidle along sort o' sheepishlv and look
tn see it anybody I watching him; then
if tho coast Is clear he will tnke a uillck
sly peep at himself ill the reflecting
niuuow niioi ivst iiusmuij- muiimHHijr
may be wntchlng him, he will look up
and down tho front of the building a
if all he wanted to know were whoso
store till might bo. If It ! a woman
she will looK squarely itito the window,
atoii. look at herself leistnelv. ealuilv,
turn clear around to see tfiat every
thing is nil right, give tin a liiteti and
that a yank, press it all down smooth
ly, ami sail on, conscious that she ha
not shown any of that "tty little van
ity that the man display when he
want to look Ittto a mirror aud dare
not have it known that be waul to.
A tnitu doesn't object to being alone
with a mirror, but when It ooiuo to
standing before one right out In pub
lic ami confessing that it is a pleasure
lo look at one's self It takes a woman
for that. Ami this is how you can tell
litem npiirL Hrtsrtiniwit visf,
lien, Franklin lleNpoualhle.
Ren. Franklin Is lo blame for tho
sordid ami partial view of success thut
prevails lu litis country, franklin,
though himself not a parsimonious
man, dinned mnxiiiisof parsimony into
tho cur of tho American people so per
sistently, and did it In such a forcible
way. that ho succeeded in ingriiimng
tho" thought of the American people
with an oniiiiontlv material philosophy.
The moral of it all i save, save, save
for a rainy day. By dint of everlast
ing repetition of the vision of the rainy
day that has got lo bo laid up for Ren.
Franklin has succeeded in taklnir all
tho sunshliio oiilof the days that aro
now rainy for hundreds of thousand
01 people. Jlmtott TrunKonil, ,
1 A Good Plant Stand.
Several years ago I hud a plant table
made which has proved entirely satis
factory to myself and the plants, judg
ing by their looks. I havo never seen
ono like It, aud there Is no patent on
it, so any otto can ' "go and do like
wise." Jt Is a solid blnck-wnlimt initio
simply made, with turned legs, tlnlsh
oil with stout casters. Tito length,
width and helirht should bo determin
ed by tho size of your window, The
sides are oipt inches deep, there Is no
top; arouudtho bottom of tho Inside Is
a cleat on which rests slats, like those
of a bedstead, on these rest a .ino pan
unit jtisc ins tne litsiiio iiko a niiik, the
upper edge turned over a stout wire.
Tito advuiituiros of this stand over any
other tli ut I havo seen are these: The
plants stand on a level, so all share the
sun alike; tlie stand is easily tinned
around once a week, so the plants crow
evenly and not one-sided its wo often
see litem; can be easily pinned up In
newspapers on n boltl nlirht,' or when
swooping, to keep off tho dust. Mine
just goes through tho door endwise,
and having stout casters cun be easily
trundlod to the kltehon for a weekly
hath. You oan keen ulants in Dots.
setting tho smaller between the larger
ones, some containing vines neur the
edge to droop over. In this ease you
will need nu inch of course sand to put
in tne oo itom oi tlio pan to keep them
moist. The plants can be sot direotlv
in the soil. Yon do not have to water
as often; and the plants oan be arrang
ed to look bettor., i . -
You will nut in tho bottom of the
pan an inch of drainage nitido from
pieces of broken pots, or charcoal
broken small with sphagnum moss on
top, then till in a little soil,1 slip the
plunts out of the Dots, nick off the
drainage, and arrange ns you wish, Mil
In the soil carefully, " pressing It Into
every crevice so no airholes are left.
Leave an Inch at tho top for watering.
Give a good watering and shade for a
few days until they are settled.
You can fill this table with all flower
ing plants, or till it with plants giown
for their foliage alone, and have a
handsome- table all winter without a
Uowor. uooif Uousehecptiig. ,
The KliTcl Tower Has Already Paid
For Itself.
All His Cbartm f Caaadlaa Bank I
. KxBlrrlilSttl.
The Kronen army oftlcor are now
all armed wild revolver. During the
war of 1870 they hint noun. ,:
In a handful of Hover plucked In 111
yard. Ktlward Koehler, of Uutlilutictu,
, found fifty four-leaf stalk.
The lion. Haiinllmt llnnillu da sur
vived all but two of hi fellow member
of tli Maine Legislature of 1H.K).
There I sllll 10,000 In the hand of
the relief committee of Scuttle, Wash.,
and they don't know what to to do with
Tho plu factories of Ihe Untied Slutei
mituufiiettirtt about 18.000,000,000 ol
these diminutive but useful artlcloi
every year.
Florida produce crocodile at well
as alligators, but tlmy are ttnrdur to
capture, being more wary aud "oiiuck
fufl" of light. ,
The two side of the face ' are mil
alike. A a rule, ny a Gorman pro
fttssor, the want ot symmetry I chip
lined to the upper part ot the fuce. :
The shareholder of the Eiffel towel
have got all their money buck from Ihe
prom ami win take nan me net re
ceipt during the twenty years the con
cession ran.
Bum Wheeling boy put up Job on
a user of the weed, concealing a piece ol
oap lu the plug. Tho tobacco cltewet
masticated vonie of ihe compound and
wa won for two any.
The Laueaster, Pa., police, unable to
tin any crime on a suspicious clmructui
arrested there, bought a railroad ticket
with Ihe money found ou hint and
shipped him out or town.
Prince Louis Naisileon, son of "Plon-
Plon" and younger brother of Prlue
Victor, has received hi commission at
Major in the Kuluu army and will go
on duty In the Caucasus. ,
Mr. Eva Hamilton, wlfo ot Ruben
Ray Hamilton,, divide her time In Hit
New Jersey Stale Prison between ew.
Ing billions on shirts, reading the Bible,
aud scheming lor a new trial.
Dont Pedro was F.mtmror of Drnxl
for tifiy-uight your, and yet ho is no)
an old inauti;i at Ills Inst anniversary,
HI reign has la-en longer than that ol
any living monarch. Queen Victoria it
Tho Queen of Italy la crowing stout,
lo her irreal distress. She has sever
limes tried to become a veirclatlnii, ll
hope of reducing her weight, but l loo
fond of good Hung lo persevere in such
a course.
Swooping down on a weasel a chick-en-hawk
at Manalawny ou fried the ani
mal uit, but before many nilnttpj I he
weasel pliinlud ll teeth iu tho bird'
nockand killed lu Tho weasel wa
not hurt by It fall to the ground.
' The Oar of Russia ha become, both
In appearance and manner, a Mtiscoviu
of the old i:osuck typo. He is
colossal figure, being a giant both lu
hclghth aud In girth, qufto Jmld, with
sliiietidoiii heard, which Hows over lib
Throe men beinir unable to drive ot
drag a 400-pound pig front II pen al
Kelnhuld, llerks County, Pennsylvania,
they called in the assistance of John
ltorklcy. a giant in strength, lie tie
lilieratoly picked the kicking porker ur
and curried it out unaided.
In 1801 the charter of all Canadian
bank expire, and the plan uisin which
they hll lie reissued will noon have to
be determined. Whether it is belter to
continue tlie old system or take pattern
by tho newer and simpler method in
the united stales is uiu point to m ue-
At Cincinnati a horse backed over thr
bank and fell down a declivity of lot)
feet, drugging his cart ami driver with
Mm. Toe driver did not get into thr
wtttor, but the horie plunged Into Ihe
river and swam across to Covington,
detaching the vehicle from Mm in mm
stream. -:
UiitU'tiiuiuted will) tlio game birds ol
this cotiulry, a newly arrived Herman
living neur'Scranluu shot a barnyard
turkey under the Impression that II
wa a wild fowl. He took it home and
had it cooked, and wa about to ill
down at the dinner table ami eat It
whn he wa arrested for killing his
neighbors poultry. ' " '
A sign that Is attracting hundreds ot
people to where It hangs, on a carpen
ter shop, lu Paterson, N. J., reads:
"Cofllna made and repaired. Extra
strong ones for country people." The
old man who owns the establishment
has hia own coffin on hand. It is made
of pine wood, and la covered with I
neat pattern of wall paper.
The most fashionable ben In New
York State I said to live at Winslow'i
Mills, lu tho town of Waldoboro. She
started In life a plain, dark-brown
pullet, but soon exchanged this for a
black anil white suit. The next time
she shod her feathers slio came out f
while ns snow, and last full sho appeared
in a uiucK, wiuie and tun uruss.
Goronimo anil his renegade Apacltcf
will remain al Mount Vernon Barrack,
Alabama, during the winter. Gcronlmo.
has become quite oiviliKod. He has
learned to twang the banjo, and his old
surly manner has left him. It Is not
probable, however, that bis education
will go fur. He would rather plav
curtls than leant to read, and lib,
former fondness for tirewnter remains.
Ho hits to bo closely watched or he will
get drunk at the first opportunity. ' He
has, howevor, nttttlo a bettor prisoner
Ihnu was expected. ,. ..,.
. A stipm'tiuttirul visitant, described as
a white llgtire in human Rlmpo of un
usual height, which stalks tlu'ough the
woods at night, bearing In lis right
hand a lluming torch and In lis left s
black banner emblazoned with skull
and oroes-bones, Is reported to have
boon seen tn Crenshaw County, Ala
bama. Ills ghostshlp is sabl to make
his iippcaranco every night at 1C
o'clock, emerging from a oavern iu ft
Bldo hill at the eastern extremity of the
wootls, and traversing westerly until
he disappears in the dense pino forest.
Henry Caby, whose real name U
Kish-ka-ko, lives up in Arotiao County,
Michigan, is A groat-grandson ot an
Indian chief of the same name, and lif
sets up a claim that in 1819 his royal
ancestor was by treaty with the gov
ernment, given seel Ions 28 and 29, on
which most of tho valuable part of Huv
City stands, and now his lawyers 'pro-
poso to get tne land for nun or got tne
money value thereof, It is alleged
that tlio treaty records show no furtnei
disposition of the land has ever been
authorized since the treaty of 1819. .
' Chief Josoph, tho famous chief ot the
Neil Peroe Indium, who dolled the
United States a few years ago. Is fully
six foet in his moccasins and weight
2UU pounds, tils loutures are tine and
denoto decided oharaoter; his forehead
is broad and high, slightly sloping from
a pair of hoary, beetling eyebrows,
above a pair of piercing black eyes.
His hair, black and straight is remarka
bly fine for an Indian's, and is glossy
without any bear's grease. His hands
aud foot are small and well-shaped; oi
the former he I proud ami spends
much time In manicuring them. His
skiu Unf a light uoppor color and lu
the sunlight take ou a beautiful red
dish hue.
A stream near Benton, Tcun., Is said
lo bo full of phantom llsh, Standing
on the rock and looking down Into the
water the eye oan see hundreds of
trout, some of them remarkably large,
darting about the pool or resting with
tho gentle motion pcctilinr to their
Hi bo. The angler east lit line In ono
of ttieso pools literally swarming with
llsh, to all appearances, and no mutter
how attractive the fly or how skillful
the tlslierman lie never get a bite. As
plentiful a thoy seem to be no one bus
ever yet iieeu attie to caicu a trout iu
that stream. Tho llsh liny no attention
to the hook or Hue, and when the bait
I thrown at incur or au attempt I
niudo to spur I limn Ihe Instrument tin
Ihe appearance ot passing through the
fish, but he Is not caught; wlieo the
barb or spear 1 removed lie 1 sun
there. .. , : , , -,' .' t ;?
' Mr. Docker Wa There. ' J
. We were about to leave Louisville on
a down-river steamer, aud the men
were but hoisting In the gang-plank,
when a tall, slim young man with a
great deal of cunning In hlsoompol
tloti, leaned on Ihe rail of the promen
ade deck, scanned the crowd ol 200 on
the levee, and culled out iu turn
volco; ;
"Suy! Mr. Dockcry there?",
"He Is!" promptly replied a toum.
"Then tell hliu Pin coming back In
about a week to sandpaper hi head!"
It wa Intended for a joke, but no
one laughed. Just at that inlnule the
gang-plank wa droped for a be
lated passenger, aud a man from the
crowd riislied along ll mi ino ueat,
dodircd tin-stairs like a monkey, and
next mluule apeured before the as
tonished smart Aleck. i t 1
"Sandpaper, my bead, will yon?" he
hissed, a he reached out lor nitir.
Oh, now, but you aren't Mr, Dock
ry!" mmted ihe young man.
"Areu't 1? Don't ( kuow my own
name, you luscious perslmniuu? Take
that aud mat anil linn:
Ami he bunged him right and left,
lifted hint up ami down, and ended by
spreading hliu over the deck a fur a
he would reach. Then he sklped off
to be received with cheers, while tlie
voting man gathered up the fragment
and splinters aud retired. He was on
the boat three day with u aud dur
ing thut time I never saw htm but
once! Then he had his heud outfit hi
state-room window lo view the scenery
on the Arkansas shore. One o' the
boy veiled: "Dockcry!" and the head
vaulsltcd. lo lie seeu ho more. A'. Jf.
Way oriheTlillietnn.
The chief agrlrolou product of Thi
bet I black barley; and thi serve a
the basis of the food of the entire imp
utation, rich ami po.r. say a writer tu
the DutMhitt Bin, 'lite 'ordinary re
past consists of fluttered tea and bar
ley mush. Meat I seldom eaten, and
then only as a delicacy. , Of fermented
barley they make a non-intoxicating
acidulous tit lull of rattier pleasant
taste. In some of the w armer valley
rice, vegetables and fruit are grown;
but these tlo not go far beyond their
linmadiate border. Hence, though
Thibet i rich in gold and silver, it Is
poorlu the necessaries of life.' Im
portation of food stuffs, except in very
small quantities, ut maduimpottsime by
the long and frightful roads that have
to lie traversed.
The Thibetans do not, like the Chi
nose, shave the head, but let tho hair
grow and flow over their shoulder,
coutentlng themselv es wilh clipping it
every now and then with scissors. The
ordinary head-dress I a blue cap, with
abroad border of black velvet sur
mounted with a red tuft. On holiday
they wear a great red hat. decorated at
the rim Willi a long, thick fringe. A
full robe, fastened on ' the right side
with four hooks, girded down tlie waist
by a red sash, aud red or jmrple cloth
boots, complete the simple yet. grace
ful costume of tho ineu. Suspended
from the sash Is a green taffetu bug. for
the eating now!, and two small purses.
of an oval form and richly embroider
ed, which contain nothing at all, be
ing merely oiimmeutal. i ,
The dresa of tho women closely re
sembles that of the men. The only dif
ference 1 that over the robe they add
a short, many-colored tuulc, and that
they divide their hair Into two brtlds,
one . hanging down each shoulder.
Those ot the poorer classes wear, a
small, pointed, yellow cap; those, of
he richer classes decorate their heads
with graceful little crowus composed
of pearls. : : i
i A Romish .missionary, speaking of
the Tbiholnns, says: , r"They are of the
middle height, and combine, with the
agility and suppleness or the Chinese,
the force and vigor of the Tartars.
Gymnustio exercises of all sorts aud
dancing are very popular among them,
and their movements are cudenccd aud
easy. As they walk about they are al
ways humming some psnlm or popular
ong; generosity and frankness eater
largely nut) iiieir cniunctci, urate iu
war, they face dentil fearlessly; they
are as religious as Hie Tartars, but not
so credulous." -' . -'
Setting Down on a Fire. ,
- An old story is being ' resurrected
against a usually quiet but somewhat
excitable resident of the suburbs. It is
alleged that the ceiitlcmmi In question
discovered thut a lire hud been started
In the utile of liis house, ..-through the
heat of tlio chimneys. Vt ilh rare pros-
once ot mind he rushed down stnlrs aud
seized a milk pitcher from Hie kitchen
table, rushed out to the cistern, threw
the milk out ot the pitcher, pumped
some water into it, and, rushed up
stairs only to find that his wife had
seized a lunro pitcher of water from
one of tlie ijed-rooms in tho upper
story ana extinguished tne incipient
conflugrntlon. As tliore were four large
ewers of water on the two upper stories,
the progress of mental reasoning which
induced the excited resilient to niuke
such a ferocious onslaught on the milk
pitcher would be extremely interesting
to trace, If Such a thing were possible.
He should have had the preseuoe of
mind possessed by another property
owner, who discovered that a spark
from a neighboring conflagration had
111 upon the slightly shmtiiig roof bt his
house, and hud set fire to the shingles.
All the buckets aud tubs and pitchers
hail gone for use in the big fire, aud
mere was no ono to senu over to onng
them back, Rut the ownor of. the
house, even In the moment ot peril,
kept cool-headed. He rushed to the
pond, which stood by the house, ' and
deliberately sat down In the water. To
race up stub's and out on tlie roof was
the work of a moment, and then he
sat on" the fire In more senses than
one! He saved the house. Boston Ad
vertiser. Advertising. In Parle. . ..
The latest development of the ad
vertising art comes from Paris, : where
an enterprising publisher has employed
a large corps of sandwich men to ad
vertise a book by walking down the
boulevards and rending it '. with rapt
attention. An inquisitive gentleman,
anxious to know now far this would
have an educational effect upon the
readers, orept np bolilud one who
teemed more rapt than all the others,
tnd found that, he was. reading the
book upshlo down.
Nearly Four Hundred Arrests Made
In Seattle During February.
IWMou Paner A.teU Wi '
(a TaalClty.
"it 1 reported that U I'HJ 'a
u..rin m.m have lot anout
forty per cent, of their flock. ; f .
pany are maaina l", ,i . i line
nation with Ihe view of operating a line
to Auiria. ,- '
f-V .. .. .... .i. tl..,.w Aunniet Ral'
ston ont of a aalwm at N'. ''.
week ago, has laeit rquiiMu
laughter.. , , , , ...;
The Sacraumnto republican convertthw
, . i i ,:........ !,' iireaetlt In-
nomuiaicu . yir""ji 'V Itraw
cumbent, for mayor, and Warren Drew
for chief ol police. ' J ,
- 1 John iurfcson, 18 year old, an Ut
lisli sailor-on Hte ship tstanmtire, at )n
Francisco, full Iruiw Ihe topinast to
deck aud ya;.kllliLI..-!..(v..,1, :..'i" s;,
Tlie Seattle Xiilue fore mtM nearly
four bundled arrest during ItilfW
i ...... i.... H.,, who aav that
gambling should not be rooted out. V
The Ranker' Mutual belief Asatxtla
Hon of San Francisco ha gone to Idj-cw
and it tiltUtor have disapiteared. nm
victim will number several ifioiuwiiJ. ,
..)..:. rwi.l Oniliaui fclmion.
master of the British ship Rciiare. now
at Ban Francisco, died at ''.
sumpiion renruary u, anu w uu..v- ...
the ocean. '"
' Poatofilcc have' been eatablislird at
d k-..j! ,vinlv j Wash.. Willi
Ih B. Reck as ptstnoMter, and at Vega,
Pierce county, vtasn., won i
son a postmaster.' ( .
Tlie Mali Sloraire Train No. 47, e
bound, wa burnt.d al Blue Creek, I tali.
Tlie car and content are a total km,
doHtroyiiitf mail fur Sao Francisco con
sisting ol loiter and papers. . . ;
Tl, 1,,-t uunoml roiMiri ot tlie DOSt-
master general show that Washington
ha 7 mile of tcamtjoat man romen,
and the number of milts traveled annu
ally by tlie mail boata i 3O,lW0. ; , f
' The Astoria Plonoer I of the opinion
l. i l,.u.,i n.nntv will not have anew
wort honso this year, A building such
us is desired Would cost lt'.,5,00J, and
this amount I not likely to be raised for
ino purKMe, ' i " " - 1 '-'
It I reportiMl that 100 men are now at
work on thrtlClgiu branch of the Cnioti
Pacilic and 100 more are expected at li
t 1I..H.i.,. tlt.,U Al.
vrrniiov iioiii iiiiniiiiiwi.. ...
dticb baa obtuiued the contract for rock
work on tho branch, ,,.f .h f . i
The F.t Pueule mill at Kl Motile, Cal.,
Il.a i.l.lnt hia Al-iiftiiMat iVtllfltV. k-HlA
mc vi'Jvov iu awn
burned. Tim man who slept in them is
. .. . a . . . . i - ... i
nei lo vcu ui no iiurnen, an oe nun inn
been seen since. Tlie cuuae of the fire
is unknown. Loa. f 10,000; insuruncc,
lii.ll. P.ifidlelon nitiw.ra linn aijrMoil on
a topic for tlie Itrst time. Tliey advo
cate the establishment of a woolen mill
in that city. Tlio Kast Oregonlan offers
to subscrilMS I2o0 to any person who will
. I.,- I. . i. L t... .1.-. .:.IM ..I..-
esiuoiisu such imfiiiefMi tnnt nui give
employment tolSOhands. 1 - .
: The Pendleton Fast Oregonian say
thut Mr. Henry Wooley, who has a
ranch on Hotter creek, has originated
new and excellent method for feeding
his stock, lie ha wintered hia stock
on stalks of sorghum and has found it
sujierior to any other sort of provender.
, The California board of prison direc
tors bus decided to enter into a contract
witli R. Isaacs, providing for the pur
chase of lands, water-rights, reservoirs
and ditches for the prottosed reformatory
at lotto, .Amador county. The price
agreed uHn was I til, WW. ino site cov
ers MOO acres of land, and tlie water res
ervoi will have a capacity of 274,000,000
gallons. , ,
Tli city council of Kllensbnrgb grunt
ed a Irancliise lor a street rail? (elec
tric or cable). Tlio company at once
men a notni oi iiu.wu io begin work in
side of thirty day and to have three-
(ptaiters of a mile completed within (our
inoimis, on iienalty ol lorleiture of bond
rise franchise is grunted for fifty years,
and it is stipulated that all work 'must
be nrst-tius,,, .. .. , ;
. Two Belgian gentlemen, who arrived
recently in Pendleton, were sent to Port
land on the recommendation of Father
l Koo, Who is now in Belulum. and. It
is said, will bo followed by quite a col
ony it lavoraoiy iinpreamd by our cli
mate and resources, j Thev are lookinu
over tlie Hold and making estimates
.with a view of Btarting a large brewing
enterprise in Portland. , , .
" Mr. Sam Reynolds, who has a ranch
on the middle fork of the John Day, re-
nortft tbn lorn, nf atru-k nut thiM
great as might be expected. He has
I - - " 1.I11U , u
lost but twelve head,-,- Snow covers the
range to a oepiu oi ten inches, but un
der the rim-rocks Ihe grass is bare and
cattle are onabled to find sustenance.
Feed is scarce, however, and tf tlie snow
continues much longer the loss of stock
will lie great.
Seallle la constantly the subject of
libel and ridicule, but the following told
on ono of the gentler sex is indeed the
struw thut Breaks tlie camel's back: A
Seattle vonmr Imlu fmi.l - i
....... ... j ......... iiuirccuioe,
and wishing for good luck, placed it un-
iivi urn inuuw won iier wise teetli. in
tile itioriiino in tha l,,- ,.t .1 .
she substituted the shoe for the teeth
aim wore. 11 ur some time, before the
mistake was discovered.
A honntv of tarn ivtnla ! .
fored by the county court for the scalps
of squirrels killed in .Morrow count v
not. lfHkt than 110., ,...!.. ... 1.: .. . "'I
u " i" oe presented
bv anv one nerson ut m. :.... . m '
snow which fell after the squirrels had
wakeff tin and come out for their spring
raids will greatly diminish their num
ber, and the-bounty now offered will en
able the farmers to almost entirely rid
their ranches of the little thieves, as it
Wl 1 nnv fur m,... u.l ...... '"li"0 ,t
..... ,..v .w. i..,,,, iv uups, ( ,
T).a 1 .1.. ,
... v.uu..u , w, uih people , 01 Crook
county cannot bo very satisfactory: ZC
Ing fiotr, tlie Oehooo 'Review, wlikii
says. -''Some are advareing t ,e j 1
tliat tha onnrt oi.....i.i . "..
taxes for 18SU that hav not been S
octet . This would be a charSe 1
list 1 1 ine tn tif H, ...,. . "e 141111
pay the running expenses of tlie county
Iboiigh oouBuVcriiig the losses Crook
county has sust.tined, the noxt?legiX
toecan rtiaBonably Iss asked to S.
... .: - . -" it, ,1
Reliubln mnnii. l,a i .
Stmke river " 6 Wasl Scui XL
Flsbook Bond to Crab ctMf The sn"ow
continues a few days longer ti,t 1
dead botlies of 21.6 horses Tret,mt
st the mouth of hi&iver 6
named Ha!i bus lost 150 out of 'vm 1
and has given up all hoWtSft
crop? looWr fort rseaS 8t7
Prospects were never briBbe? VJ
larue acreage has Us ... nd .
A WMter Olrl'i WW
A Ih. tlrwl tH.w.1ar.
Cbauacey Dcpcw W H
EST S 6 on Mm and the
Atior H" I" . . nan tlvutlt
memory wilt mike one', .tore go
KfSey Mug guilty
to the am
th. dlwrctloo of even th"r.
fault at tha h
suffered beo ot it. The aiigiiir
of a wrtaio fumou. American who b
hlttoto made 1.1 hoina in ll wet ha
giting in N tor nu waaono
K. at r. dinner of my dl
HngulsU men and women last ; week.
ghlawomanocutomod to l In.
ilectual best of the men who go In to
dlS with her, and on thi. occa mi
effort OI we ww " " ,v , ," ,
"rj to dinner W amuae hr. Ho looked
"kaa trmm of ability, but .be gradn
Illy gained the Imprmtilod tlmt he wa
lalitirlng nnder the deliufofi she wa a
wild wSswrnerwbo w many tear
behind the time wj bad . J heard
Lni mislern iesU. ..When thk Idea lw-
came fJruily mited In '"" "'
wa at no furtlwr PJ" & couceal her
ludiffereniw to hi effort, - and at last
In AoMxlt !h? t"e'' companion re
marked: "Ml " . we don't ein to
get on. What tho m"" '1
?ou would tell mo frank y." "I will,"
she said, laughing Imla- ' I "
ero localise you have been telling me
Chaunccy Di-iw'a old storle all the
evening' 1 d'in't ktjow him mytelf.
bot I've heard all hi atorie over and
over again, and I don't think I caa
und them again." . If er companion
paused a moment, then book all over
with amusement and delight, and said;
MI - . "nr frankness hi simply
enchanting, "and I'll confes in my
turn. I thotiglit yon were a rery young
girlr and from o far away iu the wast
that you were not likely w have heard
these stories, o 1 was using old stock
on you. but I ee my error, and now I
will tell you omo torie of Cbaunccy
Depew' that I atn nre you've not
heard.? From that moment the west
ern girl declare that aucb a stream of
brilliant talk, hietdole, and wittii bm
forth that she never noticed
what aim w:u eating and was (Ii-sikt-
ately grievel when the bostese gave
the aignal to rise and she w a separated
from her1 clever companion. Going
home in a cab she said to her father;
"Do you know the name of Ihe man
who look me in to dinner? I didn't
catch It, but I found him perfectly
charming " "My dear girl," said her
father, "you uon t deserve your privi
lege. Of course you found him charm
ing. That wa Chauncey Dope!"
There wa a dreadful silence from the
young woman all the way home after
that, but she told the whole story next
morning at the breakfast -table with
much shamefaced nt4 aud her family
fouud It too good to keep, ,
' The Chinese Mlnlater' Ulna;.
, The Cliincso minister w ears an enor
mous diamond ring on hi thumb. This
stone i of Immense size and very
brilliant. The stating, Instead of be
ing gold, is of dark wood. The wood
from which the ring was made ia very
Old said to be 1, IWO year and ils
rat it v wakes it nmro eosilv limn gold. ,
Brook Farm.
- From a reinlnisoent article by Robert
Carter in the Century we quote the fol
lowing: "It wa a delightful gather
ing of men aud women ol siierior cul
tivation, who led a charmiug life for
a few years, Inhering in its field and
philandering in its pleasant wood. It
was a little too much of a picnic for
serious profit, and tho young men and
maiden were rather unduly addicted
to moonlight wuiutcribgs in the pine
grovo, though it is creditable to tlie
sound moral training of New Eugland
that little or no harm came of these
wanderings at least not to tlie maid
ens. So fur as tho relation of the sexe
Is concerned, the Brook Farmer, iu
epite of their free manners, were"aa
pure. I believe, as any other people.
"The enterprise failed pecuniarily,
after seeming for some years to have
succeeded... .. . and Rrook Farm
became the site of tho town poor-house.
Hawthorne, who lost all his savings iu
tho enterprise", has sketched it, lu some
resjiectl fallhfully, In hi "Rlithdale
Romance. " I mar remark, by the
way, that while ho wa a member h
wa chiefly engaged in tnkiiigcareof
the pigs, that being found by experi
ment to be the brunch of furm labor
to which hte genius was best adapted."
Til. Haw ii,....l..l . .
burg, just finished,., cost IGO0.0OO, and
is reckoned among the finest built by
the royal family of Prussia, '
It Is estimated that 230,000 porsous in
the Uuited States are engaged In busis
ness depuudiug solely on efectrioity.
. ... .,vn ,,,i,,viiiu nuiaea in .-ors.
IIFor a Valuable Article ol Commerce
which can be sold in every town and
... Diuio, atutresa with toferencca
aa to resiKtnsibllity to '
ulh pMk. " v B Francisco Ca'.
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ruiuaun oin-ril a rrami ........... ...i. '
t Mnnufacturers of
Primers Rollers,
:- and -
. ROil65llili!iilloii.
Roller Casting a Specialty. . ,
IIQ7 Fourth St., East Portland. Or.
P. N. U.
No. 15